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A subreddit for anything relating to wild TV show host Karl Stefanovic, who is best known for his videos **long stabby thing** and for being really drunk one morning on air. **[Long Stabby Thing](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_fMN9kFm14)** [Daily Today comic strip [FB]](http://www.facebook.com/TodayOnToday)

2012.03.04 03:45 kinda_alone Today I Fucked Up

TIFU means Today I Fucked Up

2023.05.28 14:36 im-still-right My reflections on today vs. 15 years ago.

I always think about the 'endless content' we have now, and how it is so very different from what we had access to in our younger years. We had a very select amount of content to choose from as kids.
2011-2012 felt like the turning point for all of this. I remember that's when my family finally got wi-fi and I noticed a renaissance happen on YouTube. Instagram was very new, eventually we got vine, and I remember sitting on Spotify for HOURS on my computer being amazed that I could listen to all of this music for free..... And then Netflix, I just couldn't believe it.
We have so much endless content now. If I showed my younger self what we would have access to today, younger me would not have the capacity to understand how much content we have at our fingertips.
If I wanted to learn to make an entire video game from scratch and sell it to millions of people starting right now, there is nothing stopping me from doing it. No financial limitations, no (general) technological limitations. But instead I'm wasting time on reddit.
Anyone using the internet in 2023 can do anything they want. AI is going to make this so much more accessible. We have to figure out how to insert ourselves into this everchanging world that will not stop growing.
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2023.05.28 14:35 cozyeyed Things are getting better

I first got HPPD when i was sixteen after having tripped only a few times. It destroyed me. I was a good student, I had a decent social life, I went out a lot, but coping with the aggressive disruptions of my vision and mental state was taking an enormous toll on me and I buckled. I fell into an extremely deep depression, had horrible eating habits, I gained 70 pounds (I ordered crazy amounts of take out every day and would eat it all in bed), I barely practiced hygiene, stopped going to school, lost friends. I was a shell of the person I used to be and it felt like I was hitting a new low every month. I nearly killed myself on several occasions.
This lasted for about four years.I barely graduated high school and had already spent two years doing fuckall while living at my parents house by the time I got so disgusted with myself that I decided to try to improve things.
It took a while, but I got sober, started losing weight (35 lbs down at the time of this post), got out more, started making friends, even found God lol, and I’m registered for classes at my community college this fall. I’m turning 20 in a couple weeks and I’m entering this new phase of my life with an optimism i haven’t felt in many years and I can genuinely say that I’m happy. That’s not to say that I’ve healed - I haven’t. I still struggle with my visuals and find myself angry about the way things ended up for me a lot, but I guess I’ve changed my attitude towards these issues. I learned to cope. There are definitely bad days, but they’re not nearly as bad as they used to be. I didn’t think I’d ever get to this point, but here we are.
To everyone who’s recently gotten hppd, to those of you who are scared - you’re ok, you’ll learn to cope, and things will eventually get better for you. Just give it time and dont do drugs lol.
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2023.05.28 14:35 Speedball17 New field in SE Arkansas

So I just picked up 137 acres in SE Arkansas and have been tossing around ideas to make money on the property. So I have a few questions…
  1. Anyone who lives in Arkansas- what does the scene in Arkansas look like? Is it a pretty good size scene?
  2. I saw that there is no field in SE Arkansas. I figured this would help get people together more often.
  3. Those of you who live in Arkansas, where do you normally play? And why?
  4. If this takes off and people are really interested, what would a good field design be? The property is currently a pine forest, and I would like to refrain from destroying the trees as they are worth money.
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2023.05.28 14:35 Coeruleus_ Discord bitcone poker games (and bonus thought at end)

Discord bitcone poker games (and bonus thought at end)
Is there any interest in doing some poker games from time to time on the cone discord? We could play for bitcone. I think only 7 players can play at a time with 17 spectators. For example, buy in could be ⚠️500.
  1. 1st place (50%) = ⚠️1750
  2. 2nd place(30%)=⚠️1050
  3. 3rd place(20%)=⚠️700

Poker in Coneheads 'Lounge' Voice Channel

On a side note, who do we petition to get a traffic cone added to the universal emoji list ?? I didn't know what symbol to use in front of the bitcone numbers (a $ sign doesn't make sense so I was looking for a cone emoji--⚠️was the best I could come up with). It's mind boggling that there isn't a cone anywhere on the list with so much other random stuff. Is there an international emoji federation that we can email? Maybe this should be the next goal of this sub. I think if this sub could claim they got an emoji added to all devices worldwide-it would be a nice feather in the cap.
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2023.05.28 14:35 Wookie_Barber 38 [M4F] East coast/anywhere, U.S. - I know she's out there somewhere.

Hi, I'm a guy.
If you're a gal, and you're looking for a guy, then that's a great start, keep reading.
A little about me; I have hobbies, lots of hobbies.
I have a pretty extensive workshop where I dabble in everything from blacksmithing to bookbinding.
I have a thing for interesting historical objects and clothing. I make most of my own props and outfits for the work that I do at various festivals around the country.
I love hiking, kayaking, cycling, reading, martial arts, music, good food, and deep conversations about the mysteries of the universe. I'm far from being a health nut, but definitely trying to take better care of myself these days. I have a slowly growing tattoo collection as well.
I'm an entertainer by trade. I perform at Renaissance fairs, music festivals, and on the fringes of society. I'm known for eating fire, juggling crystal balls like David Bowie, and twisting balloon animals, but primarily I am an illusionist. A conjurer, prestidigitator. A Magician.
Yes, that's my real job, and it rocks.
I'm also teaching myself to shoot and edit video because I've always wanted to make movies. I have a few small projects out there, and just started a podcast as well, but there's still a long way to go.
What I'm looking for in a partner:
I'm a long-term relationship kinda guy. Not into hookups. Maybe that's strange, but it's just how I am. I've been single for a few years, and I'm ready to find something serious and meaningful.
I have lots to give and I'm searching for someone else who does as well.
I can appreciate different types of women, but my ideal match would be Caucasian, medium to fit build, 25-38 years old, with no children (I don't have any) but might want them someday with the right person.
She should be self-motivated and ambitious, but not too busy to spend time together. Sorry gamers, life is too short so spend it in front of a screen.
I'm not into hard partying, anymore, for the most part. Social drinking and 420 are still cool, but I've outgrown my wild phase so I'm hoping you can jive with that.
If you are kind, adventurous, loyal, unvaccinated, and at least semi-traditional then you should definitely consider getting to know an awesome person like me.
My goals for the next 3-5 years include learning more about natural/herbal medicines and horticulture. I have a green thumb and I would like to find a place to settle down and start a homestead with a special lady and grow most of our food and medicine in the garden.
I have a few business projects in the works that will supplement my sometimes-seasonal income from performing, and my hopes are that I can do much of my work from home in the future. I travel quite a bit, and I love it, but it gets old sometimes when you HAVE TO do it.
So, I guess that's a start anyway. If you want to know more, you'll just have to reach out and start the conversation.
Maybe attach a pic as well, so at least I know you're an actual human and not an assassin android from the future. I learned my lesson there.
My name is Jesse. Have a great day!
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2023.05.28 14:35 Due-Violinist5278 I'm here if you need me.

Idk who is struggling, having a tough time or need some advice, or want somebody to listen? Dm me if you do. Him and performed His work well.
"Established on such a footing we became less and less interested in ourselves, our little plans and designs. More and more we became interested in seeing what we could contribute to life. As we felt new power flow in, as we enjoyed peace of mind, as we discovered we could face life successfully, as we became conscious of His presence, we began to lose our fear of today, tomorrow or the hereafter. We were reborn......" pg. 63 (the words I read that changed my life forever)
Love you guys...Truly
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2023.05.28 14:35 Guyonstockmarket Ceo of greedycell

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2023.05.28 14:35 myspacedotromcom Is it possible to display a location you are not currently in without using Travel Mode?

Hey, I haven't used Bumble in awhile, but think I may have gotten catfished by a match if someone can help me out...
My match and I had been talking for the last three days, and she was very responsive and engaged in messaging. At the moment, she claims to be traveling and we said we'd either do a video call or meet when she returned, and she would send pictures from her travels along the way. Pictures all looked real -- mostly selfies of her at the beach wearing a hat and nothing too suspicious. Last night, she inexplicably exited the conversation and when we had last spoke the night earlier, she said she looked forward to talking soon.
But then it hit me: If someone is traveling, then they would need to be using travel mode to show up in the location they typically live in to match with me locally, so doesn't it display that on their profile in blue textv with a luggage icon? Her profile's radius stayed within the same city and radius despite her travels, and it did not say travel mode. According to Bumble, it says "Your location will show as being in the center of the city you've chosen (at this time you will not be able to select an exact location) and an indicator will display so other users know you're using Travel." Out of curiosity, I Googled her first name, the job title listed in her Bumble profile, and the location of her Bumble location, and I was surprised that it very easily brought me her professional profile on LinkedIn and various professional contact sites since she works in the healthcare industry. Still, if she was using travel mode to keep her local matches in tact while away, then her profile would have stated that she was in Florida yesterday and today and then a travel mode distance of the city within our state she otherwise lives, and it did not. There's no work around on Bumble to cover that up that I know of.
I'm wondering if the person was catfishing, but nothing from the conversation felt particularly "off" at the same time. Is there a way to display a location you are not actually in without using travel mode?
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2023.05.28 14:34 KlutzyDisciplines Freefromwork

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2023.05.28 14:34 Andsoitbegins0 Is it true that most Asian Americans have Asian friends and most Black Americans have Black friends and most White American have White friends?

I read a comment by an east Asian man on another website before he visited America he said he thought that Americans have friends from different races because he watched American actors in films and TV shows playing characters who have friends from different races but he found out that most Americans hang out with same-race friends when he came to America
Is it true?
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2023.05.28 14:34 Fun_Row_9945 Big presentation in a couple days. It’s sending my anxiety through the roof.

I’ll have to be presenting in front of the chairperson of an important organization. He’s very critical and strict, won’t think twice about humiliating you in front of the audience. I haven’t been able to sleep or eat because of how much it’s been stressing me out.
I’m generally not a very confident person. Public speaking makes me anxious and the fact the head isn’t nice is making it worse.
Any tips on how to approach it?
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2023.05.28 14:34 medu_nefer Lent books to a friend (and borrowed 1) but then the friendship ended. We'll see each other for the last time in two days. What do I do?

Sorry if this post is all over the place; it's my first time posting on reddit. I thought I might describe the whole relationship we had and what went down, in case it changed the etiquette. I'll put the beginning of the current situation and the actual issue in bold if someone wants to skip the massive backstory.
So, the thing is, I (now 24F) became really close friends with a girl (now 23F) from my grup at university 3 years ago. We were both good students, liked similar things, watched some of the same movies and shows, loved cats etc., so we quickly bonded. We became nearly inseparable, we studied together, shared all our notes, hung out after classes, I met her gf and spent time with them, and when they unfortunately broke up, I did everything I could to support my friend (and I was really really worried about her mental health, I got like 3 hours of sleep that first night between physically staying with her and then texting, I started inviting her to my family outings etc.), eventually (near the end of the friendship last year) I was even invited to spend a week at her house with her family and while I was there, I was also invited to her older sister's wedding that was happening about a month later (a lot of people started saying they wouldn't attend so the thought was that if I came, then at least some of the money wouldn't go to waste, I suppose).
While things started off great, they changed over time. Like I mentioned, she got that gf and I didn't have the time for dating and wasn't even particularly interested in the guys around me to begin with. She also got cats and then fostered kittens. So her life got busier while mine didn't, and I understood that. The workload of sharing notes started shifting to where I was doing increasingly more. But I was doing it mainly for myself anyway, so I saw no harm in sharing what I had.
But I'm not going to lie, it started getting more and more irritating. Sometimes we'd agree to split the questions between the two of us 50/50 and the day before the test she'd text me saying she wouldn't be able to do her part because she had had a migraine (I got that) and then she took her cats for a long walk, and also her new gf showed up at her place too (that I didn't get). By the time I finished the whole thing, she was asleep and read what I had prepared in the morning. Whatever.
Things started getting bad a year and a half ago, around the time of her sister's wedding. I live in the city where we study but she only rents a flat for the two semesters and goes home halfway across the country for any longer breaks. She was looking for a new place and I went to see one of the flats for her but ultimately, it fell through. Later, she found a place and decided to take it without sending me there to look at it - but she did ask me to get the keys from the owner. It happened the day before I was leaving for that wedding so I could take the keys with me. I agreed no problem but then she changed her mind, calling the whole thing off - only to change it again after a few hours. I told her it's okay but to please let me know earlier if we're ever in a similar situation again (I still had to pack, also it was quite some distance for me to travel so I lost about an hour on public transport, and ofc I had to buy myself tickets - but I didn't mention any of that). Which apparently was a wrong thing to say 'cause she got mad and started ignoring my text messages, including the ones where I asked what time I was supposed to meet the owner (I didn't have the lady's number). When she finally responded, she said she didn't know. Always one to placate others, I started politely asking her to please find out because I didn't want the owner to wait for me, blah blah blah. Eventually, we figured it out, I handled it and went back to preparing.
The wedding was a disaster in itself. It involved her absurdly creepy cousin who clearly had never spoken to a girl and after just 1 day was convinced we were in love and would be together. I understand she found my following her irritating but I didn't really know anyone else and I was freaked out by the cousin - and her egging him on didn't help xd One of the instances was when he kept openly staring at me (y'know how when you look at somebody and they look your way, you look away? well, he didn't) and I decided to kind of show him I wasn't there specifically as his plus one, so I asked my friend's plus one (he's gay and we had met a few times before) to go dance with me, and he was happy to go with me - but my friend said that no, he was there with her and I could go dance with the cousin. And when I finally snapped and glared at her and said firmly but quietly (so no one else could hear) to stop (she was laughing about how he and I should get a photo together for the wedding photobook), she got mad at me. Well, fine, it was just a few hours, I could sit at the table and endure the creepy staring, it's not like he'd try anything with everyone watching. My friend's plus one had a cold or something so I decided to leave with him. Apparently, she was upset that we left so early. The next day, she wasn't speaking to me until we had to leave for the afterparty and did some shopping together etc. But during the party she kept to her sister and her bff and I didn't want to cause any more trouble between us so I stayed on my own - until the cousin showed up. Now, I'm the type of person who freezes when in a sudden, stressful situations, and that's exactly what happened. He tried holding my hands, again stared at me, didn't realise my constant fiddling with my phone was an indication that I didn't want to spend time with him, and generally made this whole day miserable for me. I was so stressed out I couldn't even eat anything. In the evening, hours later, my friend realised what was happening and decided to drive me to her house early. Ofc he tagged along but she made sure to take him back with her. He kept texting me, saying he was going to go to the train station the next morning to see me off and that he would soon come to my city to visit me, and he could stay at my place while he was there. The next day, my friend's mom drove me to the station (my friend woke up too late to go), and once I was on the train, I blocked him. I also texted with my friend and found out that she, as well as her other cousins who sat at our table at the wedding, had approached the dude to tell him to stop but he ignored them. They eventually got his parents involved and that was why he wasn't at the train station. It made me feel much better about the whole thing, since she didn't abandon me like I thought she had. And again, I understand I was kinda a nuisance - a shy stranger at a family gathering.
After that, things were good for a while. But then, the classes started again and it was becoming stressful and taxing again. We have extracurricular classes we have to attend, and our group needed to prepare a short "article" on a topic we chose. I wrote the whole thing but asked the others to please read through it and let me know if they were okay with what I managed so I could send it to the teacher (they did). I also reached out to my friend and asked her specifically to let me know when she had a moment to read it because I valued her opinion a little bit more, since she would tell me if she didn't like something and the others wouldn't (it wasn't even 2 pages long), and she told me she would. Well, she never did, she started sending me memes and talking about the tests she re-took instead. So at the end of the day (the deadline), I asked her how her test went but because I was quite fed up, I didn't stop myself from adding, "thanks btw. next time, let me know you don't feel like doing something we agreed on so I won't have to wait unnecessarily". Should I have just ignored it and went on with my life? Yeah, sure. But I was angry and I don't think what I said was all that bad. Well, to her it was.
I had already noticed she didn't like any sort of critique of herself, even if it was something like us disagreeing on how to perform an experiment (the difference between us was that I had read the instruction). I suppose we both instinctively assume a bit more of a leadership role and sometimes we clashed because of that. She would get very defensive, and I suppose I did too. But in this particular instance, she clearly misunderstood me and an actual argument ensued. What I wanted to say was that I didn't like what our dynamic was, how I was doing so much and was held to those previous standards while she changed her mind whenever she felt like it, was much less reliable and I had to accommodate her almost all the time. But she seemed to think I was looking for gratitude for some reason? That's not what I care about at all; whenever I had some notes or excel sheets or whatever before the rest of the group, I always shared it on our group chat, and never expected thanks or anything. When I discuss a question that may be on a test with somebody, once I find the correct answer, I send it to them, even if it's days later, simply because they wanted to know at one point. I don't care about gratitude and in fact, it makes me uncomfortable. I want to have a good relationship with everyone and if my openness with sharing means that in the future when I need some help, I can go ask one of those people and they will willingly help me, that's an added bonus. Idk why my friend would ever think that but once I realised there was that misunderstanding, I tried to explain what I meant before trying to placate her.
She, however, was really mad, and said a bunch of really hurtful stuff. That, in turn, made me remind her of how she had treated me at the wedding (apparently I was still salty about her initially egging her cousin off), and that prompted her to say that she never wanted me at that wedding in the first place and that I inject myself wherever I can. Now, I never told this to anyone other than my very best friend, but I think I might be somewhere on the autism spectrum and I really don't know how to read between the lines. It's not clear to me what's appropriate and what isn't. So when her mother came up with the idea of me coming to the wedding, my friend's sister gave me an invitation and my friend encouraged me to go, I simply thought it would be okay for me to do so. Now I know to keep to myself and to turn down any offers unless they come from my closest friends and family. But once I got those texts, I got really hurt and was desperately trying to just end the argument, let her be mad at me for a while and we could go back to normal again.
Well, she was apparently done. She ended the friendship and blocked me. Honestly, while it made me realise just how lonely I am, it also did me some good, I think. I focused on myself, my own studying, and haven't had to retake a single test up to this day. She, on the other hand, had to retake almost all of them. Idk if it was just her being used to me doing so much for her or if something else came up in her life, and frankly, I don't care anymore. I wasn't going to go out of my way to antagonise her or anything, we just ignored each other. Eventually, we had to work together on some project and that led to us sometimes talking to each other during a chat with other people from our group. We say hi when we see each other. But nothing beyond that. She unblocked me (idk if she needed to do that in order for us to be able to create a group chat with a third girl for the project, or if she just randomly decided to undo it, don't care) but we don't text or talk when it's just the two of us. I realised that even if she wanted to make amends, I wouldn't want to be friends with her anyway. I got burned and I learned my lesson. Sometimes I feel like I was being used, sometimes - like I overreacted and was too self-centered. At one point, she saw me crocheting something for a colleague (I picked up crocheting fairly recently, she didn't know about it) and asked if I would make something for her (a specific project that she'd pay me for). I was a bit hesitant and mentioned it to my best friend and she told me not to ever do it. She said my ex-friend treated me the way she did but wanted to still gain from me. So I decided not to do it after all. If she wants it, she can learn or find somebody else.
Now. After some time, when I was still blocked by her, I realised she had two of my books, and I had one of hers. I have been struggling with what to do since then. They're my books and I want them back. I have read one of them and the other one suddenly disappeared from all bookstores here so I couldn't get it if I tried. I'm upset over the fact but at this point I'd rather buy them again than have to reach out to her. But on the other hand, I have that one book of hers - and it's supposedly her favourite.
Now, we're probably going to see each other for the last time for an exam on Tuesday. The next time would be at our graduation in March of 2024. So here's my question: do I bring her book on Tuesday without saying anything? Do I hand it to her and tell her to keep my books or give them away to a library? Or do I keep her book as a hostage in case she ever wants it back?
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2023.05.28 14:34 uietc Kanki's Question

I recently reached a chapter in volume 64 of the manga and a great question that was asked had me reread an earlier one within the same volume. In doing this, one fact became abundantly clear that I will speak on later.
Undoubtedly, an event that unfolded in Qin's camping around the time of this series put a major blemish on its relationship with other countries they wanted to amicably wrap up affairs with, thanks to the newly assigned Kanki. Almost anyone on the periphery of these events would look at him as the worst person in current history. I as a reader was almost inclined to agree until I remembered a few key statements when we got to know better how he processed affairs. Note that I claim to not pardon his actions on here or other cases, but that is not for me to judge.
First, he is among the most emotional soldiers on the field, very likely shouldering his past life to influence how he uses his liberties as a general. Someone once disclosed just how angry he actually remains while fighting. While that does not fully justify his actions, I have respect for how thorough he is about conducting war for however limited his understanding may or may not be for its cause. To paraphrase something I think Ghandi pointed out, if you decide to kill a man then you must also commit to killing his son and so on, like when the coalition army rolled into Qin's property. War crimes aside, can we say that certain Zhao commanders around the time of these chapters would not have done the same?
Second, while he comes off as crude and may fail to know how to respect others how they generally want to be treated, Kanki actually has a good eye for people. Even earlier before his emotions were laid bare by one of his former men, the man himself scoffed at how terrible the ambitions of his own state were before unification ever came into play. It is not a surprise that one would begrudgingly serve their state yet not respect its figures. Riboku feels like a loose example of this because he serves his home but not whims endangering her (Zhao). I believe there are other examples I can speak to, like when the Hi Shin unit was sent ahead as a key move in capturing one of five hills in a forest, but I do not think I can use that and other examples to drive my point home about how well he gets to know people.
Third, even he has limits . Back to the Hi Shin hijinks above, he was much less than displeased with the results of their unit's performance, causing the loss of more men than what was expected, I suppose. Another example comes from his criticism of unification, recognizing the ambition as worse than his own actions, which I believe is saying something. To good credit, I suspect that the current king may have failed to relay how he was to realize his ambition fully so that his intentions are not mistaken, even for what he owns up to. But I feel as if I am reaching here. I would still argue that, as the former bandit some of his peers and rivals keep branding him, Kanki has limits. Beheading generals takes skill for working with and against people and consideration for how many lives would be spared, like his best feat during the war against the coalition army.
So, as I woke from a much needed rest and began to read into the seven hundredth chapter, something dawned on me that may keep me from finishing that chapter for today.
The question...
After Kanki brought other key figures in on the news of one of his most trusted men being another key future, chapters before he poses the question "How many?" to seemingly no one in particular for a member of the torturous but effective Saki clan to reply. Unsatisfied, he repeats the question, but distinctly to his trusted strategist, Maron, "How many?"
Of all the anger he held in his heart, can I tell you that, as one who claims to not be a Kanki apologist how heavily I felt the ramifications of that question he had to repeat? I need a bit more time to process this. And, I just may be reaching but, going from having almost an entire army surrender with so few troops to ending then all may not have been the original plan. He took the loss of his comrade HARD and responded in kind. For such a man who shows so little of what he thinks to even his trusted few, that message was as clear as day for me. This war was no light affair. Not even all victors can process the cost of victory. And I believe it was with these events that...
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2023.05.28 14:34 jakeisjacked Anyone know how to fix your defense when h2h players start motioning / flipping the play?

I’ve been playing competitively on players lounge. Everyone is a cheeser but you eventually can figure out how to stop it. But every time I play someone who starts motioning and flipping they’re offense it screws my whole defense up regardless if I’m in man coverage or zone coverage. Any fix to this? Always end up leaving zone players on the opposite side of where they’re supposed to be and man coverage ends up with a linebacker covering the 1 receivers
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2023.05.28 14:34 PaulaFelder Secret3 DAO: Enter the New Era of Digital Media $SRT3 Brace Yourself for the Spectacular Fair Launch Today at 3pm UTC! Only 5,000 Tokens Available KYC & Audit in Progress

Welcome to Secret3 DAO
The platform that ushers in a new era of digital media. Powered by decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Secret3 DAO breaks free from the dominance of centralized media giants, offering a decentralized structure and limitless possibilities.

How it Works:
Discover the driving force behind Secret3 DAO: $SRT3, the token that empowers the entire platform. With a limited supply of only 5,000 $SRT3 tokens, each carrying a voting right within the DAO, we forge a fully interactive and inclusive system. Our passionate team of web3 enthusiasts from Singapore, the Philippines, and Lisbon spearheads the movement, transforming the concept of decentralization into a tangible reality.

Join the DAO and Embrace Opportunities:

Secret3 DAO presents a world of opportunities for its members. Experience exclusive access to web3 deals, featuring discounted fees, web3 product credits, and early bird privileges for NFTs. While curated content is handled by selected editors, the "DAO" section welcomes all members, encouraging idea-sharing and embracing diverse perspectives.

Ads on Secret3: Unleash Your Potential:

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Fair Launch: A Momentous Occasion:

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2023.05.28 14:33 corndogfile Did a lil' drawing, please give me more ideas on who to draw

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2023.05.28 14:33 ArchangelAshen Could Rykard Have Taken Maliketh?

The Blasphemous Claw's description reveals that Rykard was another co-conspirator in the Night of the Black Knives, alongside Ranni and Marika. Specifically, it reveals that his part was to fight Maliketh as a last-ditch effort if he learned of the plot, with the Claw being made to give him a chance.

Is there anything to indicate Rykard could have won that fight? Maliketh is an Emyprean Shadow wielding Destined Death. Rykard (at the time) was a demigod praetor who wasn't a renowned warrior like Radahn.

At the same time, Rykard doesn't seem like the sort to sign up for a suicidal mission. So does anything in the lore suggest he stood a chance?
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2023.05.28 14:33 voxapins_ surprise correctietarief charge from NS

i was using the arriva trains for the first time with my ov chipkaart. i have the NS flex dal voordeel, and checked in at the station at the little card scanners, then checked out at the larger card scanners when i arrived at my destination.
i got an email today that said i didnt check in, when i clearly remember seeing the check in message on the little card scanners. its called the „correctietarief“ and its €50 and im kinda panicked because i really cant afford to pay it and im 100% sure my card beeped to check me in and out. not sure what to do?
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2023.05.28 14:33 AnnieO0308 Question for Recruiters from a Recruiter

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone can relate to this. We've been recruiting now for over a decade, were primarily remote first but now have 2 (soon to be 3) hybrid offices in two countries since covid. (Ironic, I know!), so we aren't inexperienced in remote recruitment.
We've recently had a slew of applications that have got to the final stage, to suddenly be hit with salary expectations that aren't just excessive but beyond ridiculous.
For example, a position we marked between 34K and 60K dependent on experience (34K being entry level), we've had someone who had about 4 years maybe of administration experience with perhaps 6 months of marketing asking for upwards of 80K. Another, role entirely which very much was entry level asking for 70K.
I spoke with my recruitment team, they've all said the same thing (I've only been helping them out again recently due to volumes of applications). That this is a new phenomenon. I'm trying to work out if people are trying to take us for a ride (these are all people from the exact same country) because they've learned about our remuneration packages or if there's something broader going on.
On checking online, those roles in that particular country have an average wage that tops out around $500 a month at the most. I only checked because I started questioning myself whether they were asking for it in their local currency not USD, that wasn't the case either.
Thoughts welcome!
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2023.05.28 14:33 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - With Celtics on verge of historic comeback, it's hard to see Heat winning Game 7 USA Today

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2023.05.28 14:33 smartybrome Free Courses for Sunday, May 28, 2023

Courses for 28 May 2023

“Education is the key to unlock a golden door of freedom.”
Note : might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.

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2023.05.28 14:33 Lonely-Discount4735 Top 3 Portable Power Stations with Longest Battery Life

📷Best Portable Power Stations: Top 3 Options for Long-Lasting Power As technology continues to advance, our reliance on electronic devices grows stronger. Whether you're camping in the great outdoors or experiencing a power outage at home, having a reliable source of power is essential. That's where portable power stations come in. These compact devices can provide power for a variety of devices, from smartphones to laptops to refrigerators. In this article, we'll explore the top 3 portable power stations with the longest battery life. 1. The Power of Solar: Solar-Powered Portable Power Stations Solar-powered portable power stations are a great option for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint while still having access to power. These devices use solar panels to charge their batteries, which means they can be charged even when there's no access to an electrical outlet. The Goal Zero Yeti 1500X is a great example of a solar-powered portable power station. It has a 1516Wh battery capacity and can be charged via solar panels, wall outlets, or car chargers. With its long battery life and multiple charging options, the Yeti 1500X is a versatile and eco-friendly option. 2. Power on the Go: Portable Power Stations with High Battery Capacity For those who need a lot of power on the go, portable power stations with high battery capacity are the way to go. These devices can provide power for multiple devices for extended periods of time. The Jackery Explorer 1000 is a great example of a portable power station with high battery capacity. It has a 1002Wh battery capacity and can provide power for up to 7 devices simultaneously. With its long battery life and multiple charging options, the Jackery Explorer 1000 is a great option for those who need power on the go. 3. Power for Emergencies: Portable Power Stations with Long Battery Life In emergency situations, having access to power can be a matter of life and death. That's why portable power stations with long battery life are essential. These devices can provide power for extended periods of time, ensuring that you have access to communication devices, medical equipment, and other essential devices. The EcoFlow Delta 1300 is a great example of a portable power station with long battery life. It has a 1260Wh battery capacity and can provide power for up to 13 devices simultaneously. With its long battery life and multiple charging options, the EcoFlow Delta 1300 is a reliable option for emergency situations. Conclusion Portable power stations are a great investment for anyone who needs access to power on the go. Whether you're camping, experiencing a power outage, or need power in an emergency situation, these devices can provide the power you need. The Goal Zero Yeti 1500X, Jackery Explorer 1000, and EcoFlow Delta 1300 are all great options for those who need long-lasting power. With their multiple charging options and high battery capacities, these portable power stations are versatile and reliable. Related Websites: 1. https://www.goalzero.com/ 2. https://www.jackery.com/ 3. https://www.ecoflow.com/That's interesting. Don't watch what happens next best portable power stations.
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