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2023.05.28 14:22 ConstableDong Is this a good deal?

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2023.05.28 14:21 smaller-god Got panicked phone calls because I forgot to text “good morning”

Title says it all. I always text my girlfriend of nine months “good morning” but I forgot this morning as I was highly focused on work. Two hours later, I have missed calls and several messages from friends trying to reach me. I felt very uncomfortable. One friend didn’t believe me that I was okay and insisted on trying to call me while I was at work. It was unbearable. I strongly dislike having attention on me and I especially hate it when people act concerned for me and don’t believe me saying I’m fine. So this was like a nightmare. I spoke to my girlfriend about the overreaction later, especially about involving other people. It was very stressful. But I feel like I can’t even tell her how distressing it was, because I don’t want to punish her for caring about my well-being, or her own trauma where she lost a family member without warning. It’s just hard having this disorder and feeling totally smothered by others’ good intentions.
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2023.05.28 14:20 Wandamaxipad The Misogynistic Writing in Multiverse of Madness

The more i think about it, the more I realize how apparent the misogyny was for Wanda's character was. Like, in the duration of the film, we're led to believe that the end goal is to keep america alive. KEEP. HER. ALIVE. But in the (disappointing) third act where we see zombie strange fight Wanda, as wong traps wanda in the magical sphere, he exclaims to strange to "take America's power"... I'm sorry... but I thought the whole goal of the movie was to keep her ALIVE. so that only leads me to believe that the goal wasn't to keep her alive, it was to keep her alive long enough to make sure STRANGE GETS HER POWER BEFORE WANDA DOES. cuz GOD FORBID we give the eMoTiOnAl and UnStAbLe woman power. I'm not saying she hasn't displayed traits of being emotional and unstable in the past, I mean, wandavision is literally centered around the fact, but its the fact that we didn't NEED her to be emotional and unstable again... because WandaVision had already perfectly wrote her to be those things without the feeling of her being a CARICATURE of a grief-stricken woman. she just felt like a grief-stricken PERSON. Plus, wandavision wrote a perfect send off for her to be the OPPOSITE of those things. It was such a good opportunity to finally give her growth from her trauma and grief become who shes been destined to be for eons.
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2023.05.28 14:20 annizka Is this a big issue or should I not make a big deal if it?

Tonight we were invited over to a friend’s house. My husband was there before me and I came there with my car.
When I get there, I park behind the friend’s (male if that matters) car. My husband tells me to move the car and park on the other side of the parking. The friend says, no it’s ok, let her stay there. Husband again says just move it there and the friend say no it’s ok, it’s fine where it is. So I leave the car there. Because it’s the friends house and he’d know best where I should keep it right?
I get out of the car and notice my husband is quiet and staying to the side, not speaking to me. I go to him and say what’s wrong. He tells me he’s annoyed that I didn’t listen to him. That I should listen to my husband.
Seriously? Am I missing something here? Is it that big of a deal? The whole night my mood was ruined when I was excited to see everyone. And had to act all cheery when I wasn’t.
When we get home, I told him I didn’t think something so small like parking a car would be that big of an issue. I don’t understand why he’s making a big deal of it.
He says it is a big deal that I listened to what someone else said and not him. And says there’s no point in talking about it and we should just forget about it now. So he wants to sweep it under the rug.
Problem is, we do a lot of sweeping under the rug. Just dismiss issues because he doesn’t see my point or I see his.
Like the time we were with friends and my 4 year old was having a tantrum and wasn’t quieting down with me so I asked my husband if he could try. He spoke to me like a child in front of everyone and said “I’m talking”. I got caught off guard and said ok when you’re done, and again he said “ok, I’m talking” embarrassing me in front of everyone. When we talked about that, he again said we see it differently and to just leave it.
Or when he got upset that I wouldn’t accept his ex’s friend request when we were newlyweds. Turned his back on me all upset because I said no.
Our marriage has so many of these little things that have been swept under the rug.
Should I just ignore them because they’re small and my husband in general is a good man?
I feel like tonight I’m just getting over it all. I don’t want to sleep in the same bed. Yeah what happened today is a small issue in the grand scheme of things but they keep piling on.
Any advice is welcome.
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2023.05.28 14:19 rd_choudhuryXoXo Help finding student accommodation

Hi! i recently got an admit from TUM and am looking for student accommodation. Can you please suggest some ideas which helped you get your room in Munich? What rent is a good/reasonable deal?
As my course starts from October I would prefer to move in mid-September.
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2023.05.28 14:19 LeaLoo85 Good morning!

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2023.05.28 14:19 kkfluff GOOD MORNING DECKARD! Ahh! (Netflix)

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2023.05.28 14:18 Hot_Neighborhood2349 Good morning to the people who actually work for their money and are doing something with their lives💋💗 Ik you seeing this shay with ya old bum ass.

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2023.05.28 14:16 F_Sagan Friend is slipping into right wing conspiracy land and I don't know what to do...

So, one of my (3-m) good friends (3-m) moved abroad a few years ago with his then wife. They had a messy breakup not long after, then he immediately rebounded into a serious relationship with someone else, with whom he now has a child.
I remember him as a good natured, creative, curious and kind optimist, who cared about people and the planet. He grew up in a wealthy part of my country and has parents loved and supported him; he had a comfortable childhood and he was popular and well-liked as an enthusiastic, playful person, and he's got several siblings and they seem like decent, well adjusted people too.
I've been chronically ill for the last few years, so that's been on my radar front and center: first with an infectious disease then with some kind of fucked up reaction to the c-19 vaccine, which I've always recognised might be related to some kind of immune hangover from the previous illness-it's just impossible to know (TO BE CLEAR-I SENSE CHECKED THIS POST WITH MODS BEFORE POSTING IT BC IT DISCUSSES THIS). Adverse reactions happen to lots of medicines, for lots of reasons, and always have. Anyway, we've stayed in touch while he was away, and his life seemed to be going really well: good job, promotions, nice house, money and space for passion projects, his partner built up a successful, popular business. I met her briefly when they visited, and know she doesn't drink and was into 'wellness' but not much more than that; she seemed pretty stand offish among his friends but ok, it can be overwhelming meeting lots of people for the first time like that too.
The cracks seem to have started because of Covid and lockdowns: he told me she was dead set against the vaccine and that somehow it was not covid but people's fear and negativity that was provoking the ill-effects of the virus. Looking back that seems aligned to 'manifestation' and all that stuff, which it seems she is big into. That's fine if it just related to her, but it turned out she was also against him getting vaccinated, to the extent where she'd become angry with him. The vaccination of their kid-not just for covid, for anything-had also seemingly become a bone of contention too, and I could tell he was uncomfortable and concerned about that at the same time he seemed to be playing devil's advocate.
It pissed me off that my negative reaction to the vaccine seemed to have been used as some kind of justification for this. To be clear: I'm pro science, the reaction i had was the reaction I had, and I can't say if it was a direct, off-target response to the shot or some latent immune dysfunction I already had, but equally, I can recognise that peer reviewed studies have shown my experience isn't *so* rare and there's been questions about the integrity of the data obtained from the pre-trials as well as their effectiveness. I don't see it as being indicative of a conspiracy theory in any way: more like corporate greed and governmental panic in the face of a serious public health threat and global economic meltdown, and any discussion of wider impacts should be an evidenced based, expert led discussion. To be clear, while i've had the experience I've had and feel I've the right to talk about it, I've also never used it as a way to discourage others from getting vaccinated: if I was anti-vax I wouldn't have taken two doses to begin with.
Anyway, at the point these discussions were happening I worried about him getting sick and dying with a new kid, and felt he was being manipulated not to get it, and during long conversations, I did what I could to recognise that it wasn't risk free, but stressed my reaction was atypical and that nobody else in my family or friend group had experienced it, and that it could prevent the worst case scenario: in short, he was more likely to die from Covid than have negative impacts from the vaccine. It became pretty clear at that point he was parroting talking points he didn't really understand, and fundamentally, he did not understand that the vaccine wasn't there to prevent you getting the virus, but was instead intended to prevent it killing you if and when you did get it.
Eventually, he got it, but because he would have lost his job otherwise. She didn't, and has since given up her successful business in favour of pursuing a career as some kind of personality 'analyst'/parenting coach- something I didn't know much about but from everything I've read, seems to be a load of pseudo-scientific bullshit. Since then, his outlook has become far more combatative and paranoid: first talking about people like Jordan Peterson, then about government oppression surrounding covid restrictions and vaccine mandates, and most recently it's morphed into right-wing influenced theories that are essentially climate change denial and conspiracies relating to that, as well as 'lib bashing' and anti-trans memes. I no longer recognise this person as the tolerant, kind, and compassionate one I was friends with, and I can see where it's all heading.
The thing that confuses me the most is that fundamentally he's a winner in life: he's had a good upbringing, loving friends and family, a free choice of countries to migrate to, does what he wants to professionally, and has chosen to live in one of the safest, most liberal democracies in the world with good worker's rights and free healthcare. And yet, in this liberal, healthy, comfortable environment, he's fallen into some weird bubble of conspiracy, paranoia and hostility, and not only that, but he's now punching downwards at groups of people that when I knew him in younger life, he would never have done. I woke this morning to another shitty right wing meme about Ukraine being used by America as a stick to beat Russia, and immediately asked him what the joke is and if Russian war crimes should be allowed to stand without intervention.
I literally can't summon the strength to talk to him about it or speak to him at all now because it feels like to do so would only open pandora's box and formalise the end of our friendship. I've tried forwarding him some links that debunk the climate stuff he was ranting about but he didn't respond to any of them. At the point where I've been really ill for such a long time, and with all that does to the number of friends you have, the loss is perhaps a bit harder to bear and I've just not had the energy or strength to take on that sadness and stress. I think it's pretty clear all this stuff has been emanating from his partner and her group of friends, and I'm sure it's easier to roll with it than rock the boat when you have a child with that person, but can't really highlight that without basically seeming to be shitting on their relationship.
So, what to do? I feel like if I take a principled stand and say i'm not going to remain friends with him because his views are fundamentally incompatible with mine it might just solidify his stance and leave him completely under the influence of his partner. But equally, my influence obviously hasn't been enough to stop him getting worse anyway, so drawing a line under it might make him reflect a bit about where all this stuff leads to? He's supposed to be visiting again during summer which would be the first time I'd get to see him in 4 years and meet his kid, but as things stand i don't want to meet up if it means just holding my tongue if she/they start talking shit: in short, instead of looking forward to it I'm thinking of the quality of our phone calls over the last year and it's a source of dread.
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2023.05.28 14:15 ChampionshipFew120 My hopefully positive IBS / SIBO experience (so far)

A Brief Introduction

I used to struggle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). It got to the point where I was afraid to eat, as every meal, even small ones, would trigger brutal heartburn. My skin was peeling off my hands, almost to the point of bleeding. Constant stomach and intestinal pains, bloating, belching - I was like a gas machine. I couldn't do any sports because any physical strain would provoke gastric acid reflux and severe heartburn. A perpetually irritated esophagus caused discomfort whenever I ate.
But, it seems, I managed to heal all this. Everything is good again now: I eat almost whatever I want and don't suffer.

Part 1: Backstory from 2017 to 2020

Rash, Blisters, Stress, Didn't Pay Much Attention

Part 2: 2020 - 2023. Symptom Worsening

COVID-19 Pandemic and the Downfall of Businesses

In 2020, COVID-19 hit. My businesses were crumbling due to lockdowns - restaurant chains, coffee shops, and educational schools. I was paranoid about the health risks and potential loss of relatives due to the pandemic (several of my close friends and acquaintances had lost relatives to COVID-19).
I was working 24/7, sometimes eating whatever was at hand, and that's when my digestive problems began. Heartburn, discomfort, and lower abdominal pains started occurring more frequently.

Health Issues and COVID-19

I got vaccinated, but still got infected with COVID-19, and it took about a year and a half for my sense of smell to return.
My immunity was feeble without vitamins and proper diet, and there was a lot of psychological and physical strain (I tried to exercise 4-5 times a week, running, to somehow compensate for the work-related stress with sports).

Seeking Medical Assistance and Temporary Relief

Eventually, I started visiting gastroenterologists to understand the cause of the heartburn. Nothing critical was found in the stomach, except for an irritated mucosa.
I went to some doctors, and they prescribed Omeprazole and similar acid-lowering medications. They gave some relief for a week, but then the symptoms worsened.

Health at its Worst and a Slight Ray of Hope

After several courses of Omeprazole and similar drugs, my condition only got worse. In the end, it got to the point where I was afraid to eat. I eliminated everything from my diet except water and simple boiled dishes, but I still had constant heartburn, gas, skin peeling on my fingers, etc.
Ultimately, I was fortunate to meet the 4th or 5th doctor, after whom I began to see small improvements.

Part 3: Getting Slightly Better, But Not Much

The Different Approach That Started Helping

This doctor's approach was a little different, and in the end, it started helping.
The doctor ordered some tests, and we discovered that I had a chronic E.Coli infection in my intestines, which should not be there. Usually, it causes acute poisoning and quickly leaves the body, but it also produces pretty strong toxins (which, as I would understand later, caused inflammation in the intestines, which in turn caused skin problems on my hands). (link to wiki and articles)
Symptom 1: Skin rash - Check.
This infection, as I understand it, (correct me if anyone has more detailed knowledge), by receiving nutrients, begins to actively produce an excessive amount of gases. This causes constant (every 1-2 minutes) burping and the desire to pass gas, which in turn creates excessive pressure in the intestines. This pushes stomach and intestinal contents towards the esophagus and disrupts the proper functioning of all digestive processes.
Symptom 2: GERD - Check.Symptom 3: Burping and Farting (sorry) - Check.Symptom 4: Abdominal pains and cramps - Check.Symptom 5: Stones in the gallbladder and slight pains in gallbladder area - Check.

Attempting to Balance the Microbiome

So, this doctor wanted to try to balance my microbiome. He prescribed diets like Fodmap, a lot of supporting medicines to feed the right bacteria, and at the same time, he wanted me to take antibiotic-type medicines to kill E.Coli. It was also thanks to this doctor that I found out I have confirmed lactose intolerance and Gilbert's Syndrome.
We started with bacteriophage, as one of the most gentle ways to kill E.Coli without disturbing the other "good" bacteria.
During the time I took bacteriophage, the symptoms were getting better (the skin and everything), but when I stopped it (after 14 days or so) things returned to where they were before.

Recurring E.Coli Infections

After that, I retested and we found E.Coli again.
Now we tried the antibiotic rifaximin (in small dose), the effect was the same: better symptoms, everything got back after I stopped taking antibiotics.
Now, I took the test and found out that I didn't have any normal E.coli in my intestines, apparently it was replaced by the infectious E.coli.
The third time, it was prescribed to take bacteriophage first for 10 days, then rifaximin in small dose (200 mg twice a day for 14 days or so).
The result was exactly the same: symptoms return, E.coli persists in the test.

Struggling to Balance the Microbiome

During the antibiotic treatment, I took supporting prebiotics, probiotics, and other drugs. However, the probiotic with E.coli was not available in my country, it was not produced, and there was none in pharmacies at all.
After that, I moved from the country to another country and lost contact with my previous doctors.
Since I had been suffering from this for 5 years already, I was almost desperate to cure it all. I collected all the information I had, everything I discussed with doctors, everything I read on medical resources, confirmed by verified medical research, and decided to take a risk and wage a final battle with E.coli and my problems.
Disclaimer: I do not recommend and even warn against self-medication. I am not a professional doctor and I was lucky that it helped me. I initially consulted with literally dozens of doctors, read all thematic resources, acted on the results of my current tests and analyses.

Part 4: Relief

Having moved to another country, I decided to do the following:
  1. Take a large dose of rifaximin for treating E.Coli (550 mg x 14 days).
  2. Support the balance of the microbiota during the entire intake of the antibiotic by taking Saccharomyces Boulardi.
  3. Follow a fodmap-diet throughout the entire drug intake period.
  4. Completely eliminate sugar during the antibiotic treatment, for 2 months from the start of the antibiotic treatment, and limit sugar intake after that (i.e., no sodas, chocolates, sweet drinks. I clearly noted a worsening of symptoms immediately after their intake).
  5. After the end of antibiotic treatment, I took Mutaflor for a month (starting with 3 tablets twice a day for the first 3-4 days, then two weeks 2 tablets twice a day, then 1 tablet twice a day). Remember, according to my test results, I had little or no normal E.coli in the intestines and instead, the pathogenic E.coli was actively hanging out and enjoying life.
  6. I restricted, but did not completely remove, the consumption of lactose.
I finished the treatment a month ago and so far, I don't see any symptoms of the disease: skin problems are gone, heartburn, rumbling in the intestines, gases also disappeared.
I may feel heaviness in the intestines after consuming dairy products in large amounts (for example, Greek yogurt with berries before bedtime), but if I limit the consumption of dairy products, I do not feel any problems with the intestines.
Now I am trying to solve problems with the gallbladder and smoothly return to a normal active life: I'm not afraid to eat, exercise, I don't wake up with pain in the abdominal area at night or in the mornings.

Part 5: Final and Good Luck

I hope that such a detailed story will help some of you not to despair, find the right doctor, the right approach, and the right reasons for your problems and to wake up without pain in the intestines again, eat any food without fear, and enjoy life again.
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2023.05.28 14:14 dserverd8 Hall Pass before Swinging

Hi everyone. I (26m) started dating my now wife (24f) 5+ years ago. We are really happy, but we are the only people we have ever had sex with.
Maybe a month or 2 ago, my wife had a conversation about possibly swinging. We have talked about having a threesome 3 years ago, but she was the one who didnt want to go through with it. She comes from a conservative family, and it was definitely not a deal breaker for me. So it surprised me a little when she proposed it, but it made me excited as well.
Anywho, some groundrules we laid were: we would start with a female threesome, then a male threesome, and then take it from there. We laid a ground rule that we would have to be in the room with every swinging adventure.
Nothing has come of it because life has been very hectic for us lately. This is not a problem. However, I am nervous about introducing someone into our mix without either of us having much experience.
I want to propose a limited hallpass for both of us. We could each sleep with a maximum of three people, we cannot bring the individual back to our place, we have to use protection, can not sleep with the same person multiple times, etc.
I don't know if this is unreasonable, or if the whole thing seems like a bad idea, but i want to propose it to her so she knows where I am at and how I am feeling.
Could you all give me suggestions? Do you think it is a good idea? Are there any other ground rules that would foster a feeling of security in our relationship, while not stifling the experience for the person i/she would have sex with? Please let me know your thoughts.
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2023.05.28 14:13 dotarollercoaster 8k MMR Nature's Prophet SUPPORT Guide - 62,5% Winrate - Master Prophet In 11 Minutes (Or Less)

So you want to learn how to play Nature's Prophet hard support?

With 1,6% pickrate in the Immortal bracket and 40.9% winrate. You must be crazy to think this is even a thing…or are you??
When patch 7.33 came in, I thought Prophet would be insane. I mean, really, now? 40% bigger map and global presence ain’t going to be strong? But as it turned was not.
If you are a support player, you probably learned the hard way that in 7.33, experience was a luxury.

Now, Valve invented something insane in the last patch.

They added more objectives other than Roshan, like Wisdom runes and Tormentors. But for such a huge map, the lack of sentries and observers turned all of us into a non stop 5manning.
If you’ve seen this video on how to play support in 7.33 you probably know what I am talking about.

So, in reality, more objectives=less objectives.

Everyone is grouping up and 5manning. And then 7.33c came….And I saw this…
Wisdom runes in 7.33c give double the experience to your team
So I started playing Prophet support with only 1 game plan. Steal the enemy wisdom rune not only at 7 minutes in but every single one of them, and play around with this 5-man idea by buying all the needed auras depending on the game.
Sound pretty stupid. In fact, it is pretty stupid.

Currently, I am 10-6 with a 62,50% winrate with prophet hard support/support.

The games were played in the 8k bracket in the Europe region. Honestly speaking, it could be higher, but I am not the greatest NP player... at least for now.

In this video, we will go through.

  1. Starting items
  2. Laning Stage
  3. Skill build
  4. Gameplan
  5. Mid-game Itemization
  6. Friends & Foes
Oh wait! This only works only for you because you are "higher" rank player and players play better up overall.


In fact, I could be better at the hero overall. The last time I played prophet was when I was ancient, back in 2019, and I was trying to snipe couriers.

Yes, I was THAT guy.

As a result, if I can pull it off versus the "higher-rank" players, you can also do that.
Before we start the video, I need to say that you need two requirements to play the hero:
1) Low level of micro
2) No skill
If you fulfill the above requirements, get prepared to learn how to play prophet support.

1) Starting items

Prophet is a right-click-dependent hero in the lane. I suggest picking up a blight stone, a sentry, a grenade, x3 tangos and filling up the rest with stats or faerie fire. Even if you play versus some kind of spammy hero like a Skywrath mage, I suggest you start with blight stone and bring the stick right after.
Exceptions for a stick are heroes like Bristleback (super spammy lane)

2) Laning Stage

Laning stage as Nature’s prophet is super simple. Here’s what you need to do, and this is the most important thing. You might need a bit of micro for that, but the more you play, the better you’ll become
Step 1: Summon treants
Step 2: Hit enemy heroes while treants are in front of you. Be really careful not to overfeed treants or position your hero wrongly. We are not as tanky as we would love early on
Step 3: Repeat. The idea is to push them back and slowly win the regen war by out-trading them.
Nature’s prophet is a great hero in the laning stage to push enemies back effortlessly and pick up the lotus that will give our lane extra consumables to apply the pressure. I really want to emphasize that for us to pull a Nature’s prophet, we need to deliver a solid laning stage.
While in the laning stage, you will get teleportation level 2.
Now teleportation, on level 1, has 36 damage on the first hit, 30 on the second, and 24 on the third. While the numbers are not great, having that much damage for 2-3, right-click means you can connect anywhere on the map, even early on secure the kill(midlane pre runes, is usually a good place to search early on)Get back to your lane by using scroll

3) Skill build


4) Mid-game plan

Mid-game as Prophet starts really early on, even from 5 minutes. So the first idea is to see the situation in the mid-lane or the offlane. If it is going well, you should connect with him, your treants, and the catapult and try to take down the tower. The blight stone will also contribute a lot to this attempt.
Regardless if you succeed or not, it is super important to steal the enemy wisdom rune at 7 minutes in. Usually, players are not there at exactly 07:00.
The plan is to TP at 06:57, pick up the wisdom rune, then teleport to your offlane T2 to pick up the other rune. This will lead to a huge XP difference between the 2 teams and might even give you level 6. If not, connect with your team and try to siege a tower while trying to get your level 6.If nothing happens, retreat to the jungle, try to pick up some jungle items for your team, and always be ready to connect in case of an emergency.
In the mid-game, you always play around 5manning. You can TP to the enemy jungle and place some vision so you will see where enemies are and try to snipe them.
The way I think of Nature's prophet is more or less like my beloved Chen. A find Prophet slighlty better due to his global pressence, his global abilities (a fast level 6, can provide many kills early on) and the ability to pressure more early on as well as slighlty more gold than a Chen


Overall, you could use Mek, Drums, Solar Crest, Crimson Guard, Pipe, Atos, Halberd and a good alternative to help you with team fights in Aghs! Nature’s prophet shard is really nice if you can get to pick it up for free, as the slow on the opponents is pretty annoying.
Lastly, never buy boots UNLESS you aim for Guardian Greeve’s or Boots of Bearing, and even then, pick it up lastly.

6) Friends & Foes

Overall, unlike Nature's Prophet core, you don’t have many mid-game “bad” matchups, but you really have a lot in the laning stage matchups.
For example, NP core has many "bad" matchups like Storm, Bounty, Spirit Breaker, and overall anything that can mess up with him globally when he tries to splitpushNature’s prophet has a hard time versus high armor heroes like Bounty Hunter or Legion commander where his Overwhelming odds get to deal more damage due to the extra treants.
In the mid-game, Spirit Breaker and Bounty Hunter are annoying, but I would not call them counters as support mainly because the amount of sustain we provide easily overlaps their damage. We focus primarily on grouping up rather than splitpushing
And this is where the guide comes to an end. I understand that people might be negative about that, and this is the reason why I played that many games. I felt 16 games, on my bracket with a hero I have no experty would be a good sample to see if it's even a thing,
Feel free to comment on the video.
I would be more than happy to answer any questions and explain everything in-depth in cases needed.
You can watch the full video here:

Looking forward to questions and discussion!
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2023.05.28 14:13 EquivalentOption0 Bugs all over my astilbe - not just weevils!

Bugs all over my astilbe - not just weevils!
Maryland, zone 7.
Something has been gnawing on the leaves of my astilbe, but the plants are looking pretty good overall. I've seen some may beetles (aka june bugs) around and thought that could be it, but the damage has been happening since before they emerge. Internet told me maybe weevils, and I was showing the flowers to someone the other day and noticed it was COVERED in weevils and also some ants. Yes, ants with weevils, not aphids.
They didn't look like black vine weevils, but to be sure, I went out this morning to shake some into my hand and snap a pic for reference since weevils don't harm people. Well, two other kinds of bugs also fell into my hand besides the weevils. I also think there may be two kinds of weevils, because some look spotted (and they have the weevil snout, unlike the carpet beetle things) while the one in my hand is all black.
  1. some itty bitty yellow-ish thing that I fear may be thrips;
  2. a black and white beetle which looks like a carpet beetle for all I can tell. Apparently they do feed on pollen and nectar so that could be what it is?
damage example
more damage, this on a younger astilbe
carpet beetle?
weevil yes, but it is a black vine weevil? Probably also yes. :(
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2023.05.28 14:12 Rutile130 TIFU by relying on auto pilot

Well this is slightly embarrassing, not that anyone saw, but it's embarrassing to know I didn't realise while it was happening.
To start off, I am NOT a morning person, never have been. And my work thought that me, an 18 year old who has a sleep schedule that any normal person would be ashamed of having was the best candidate to be the new baker and start at the ass crack of dawn. So when I was given shifts at work to start at 5.45am I wasn't thrilled but didn't complain because I'm an over thinker, and was scared if get in trouble.
And for context, I work at a co-op shop that has a small 1 person bakery.
So I have 4 of these shifts in a row, and I'm on day 3 now. Everything has been going fine aside from me being absolutely exhausted by the time I get home. But today, today I thought I was good enough to rely on auto pilot.
So I get into the shop and start setting up the bakery, putting bread, donuts, croissants, apple pies and cookies in the oven for the customers. I finish everything bar the donuts and cookies at this point, and it's gone flawlessly, I'm thrilled that I am way ahead of schedule and I'd get my break sooner then expected. But here is where it goes wrong.
As I get the first batch of donuts off the cooling rack, the ring donuts, I start moving on muscle memory and rely on my body's auto pilot, it's an easy job, I suger the donuts and put them in the bag. Nothing to mess up right? It's easy as hell to do.
So I suger the ring donuts and put them all the bags, onto the trolley and onto the next batch I go. As I'm grabbing the custard bags to date them I had a realisation. I'd already grabbed these bags today, but I hadn't packed any custard donuts yet.
I look over to the trolley with about 10 bags of donuts on it, custard bags. I put the ring donuts in fucking custard bags, all sealed up as well. I then spend the next 15 minutes unpacking 40 donuts and putting them in the correct bags while trying to make it as unnoticeable as possible. Phew, crisis averted, I fixed the donuts and all is peaceful again.
Wrong, I pack the rest of the donuts without worry, but them comes the cookies. The bloody cookies. At this point I'm all happy with myself because I cought my mistake before the donuts went to the shelves, I was happily packing the cookies thinking to myself when I went to bag the double chocolate cookies and realised I'd done it again, I put the milk chocolate cookies in the double chocolate bags. I'm a moron. So, again, I spend a little while fixing my mistake. Thankfully I hadn't sealed the bags yet this time.
I put 40 ring donuts in custard bags and sealed them without realising. Fixed my mistake, crisis averted.
Nope, did the same thing with the cookies.
I need a fucking nap. Badly
So yeah, I'm an idiot and I'm doing this all again tomorrow.
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2023.05.28 14:11 Siminsfens Good deal? Can't find comparison online.

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2023.05.28 14:11 sh00t1ngf1sh Should I do a CFA?

I did a bachelors in a science related field, worked in that industry for ten odd years but everything was more business related and sales and now I run my own business doing well and do property development and day trade/swing trade as a side investment. I do everything fairly well, I don’t do another field because I wasn’t good at the last industry. I’m very fond of finance/investing and would probably want to pickup on a job in this field once I get tired of the business and more more towards private equity which will deal with a fair bit on with some projects. We do quite a few investment property projects already and I help a lot as a consultant for other businesses. I know finance may take more connections than anything else but would doing the CFA Level 3 help job prospects at all?*****<——Question here. I’ve looked over the exams and is very much consistent with what I’ve been self learning over the past 4 years. I’ve read about 30 odd books in finance and will probably buy the CFA resource kit that is about $250.
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2023.05.28 14:10 azmat_system $CLOV – Biden and McCarthy agree to raise the US debt ceiling. The deal, if enacted by Congress, would take the volatile issue off the table beyond the next presidential election. President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reached a tentative agreement to raise the debt ceiling.
President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reached a tentative agreement to raise the debt ceiling, ending a three-month-long standoff that threatened to trigger a US default.
The deal, if enacted, would boost the nation's borrowing limit for two years and take the volatile issue of America’s credit worthiness off the table until after the next presidential election.
The pact would also put in place what McCarthy described Saturday as "historic" spending limits that are also expected to be in place for the same period of time.
The announcement comes just days before the US government is expected to run out of money to pay all its bills. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that could happen June 5.
Biden and McCarthy ironed out the final details during two phone calls Saturday. "We still have a lot of work to do but I believe this is an agreement in principle that is worthy of the American people," said McCarthy late Saturday.
Biden, in a statement, said the "agreement represents a compromise, which means not everyone gets what they want."
"It is an important step forward that reduces spending while protecting critical programs for working people and growing the economy for everyone," he added.
But Wall Street can’t relax just yet. The leaders now have a difficult task of selling controversial provisions to skeptical lawmakers on both sides of the aisle so the agreement can be enacted into law. Deep reservations have been evident from both the left and from the right for weeks.
McCarthy only offered sparse details to reporters on Saturday, saying he wanted to talk with his members first.
President Biden also spoke Saturday with Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), two men who will be tasked with lining up Democratic votes in the days ahead.
In a statement Saturday night, Maya MacGuineas of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget noted that the deal, if it passes, "would be the first major deficit-reducing budget agreement in almost a dozen years and would signal Washington is serious about making progress in addressing our mounting national debt."
. . .
Not financial advice. Do your own research and do not rely on anything that I have written anywhere, to make investment decisions.
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2023.05.28 14:08 anonymousailurophile Your experience with eating disorders

hey everyone! I'm doing a pyschology project on eating disorders and thought it would be a good idea to actually read about people's experiences with them. of course, i found a few people talking about it on the internet but i thought i would ask this question here. i just want to know how exactly did eating disorders affect your life? how did they affect you physically, mentally and even socially? if you've recovered, how did you realise you needed help? and how did you finally end up dealing with them? Of course, this is all anonymous. It's more for me to understand eating disorders. This is my first pyschology project and i really would like to hear about your experiences to help me understand a bit more about this issue. Thank you!
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2023.05.28 14:08 TatGemes2000 Dance of Celestials--Chapter 1

The east wind was frigid during this time of the year. Walking through the streets of Winterport slums was a young man with long silver hair and violet eyes on his handsome yet haggard face. He was about 6 feet tall with a lean and muscular body. He didn't have a lot of fat and looked a bit skinny in his jacket. As always, the man had a listless expression on his face masking any emotions.
“Morning Cal, up to the mines again?” said the portly old street food vendor while setting up his cart.
“Hmm,” replied Cal.
“Always so diligent if everyone else was like you then we wouldn’t need that many enforcers. Be careful out there, I heard the shades are more violent and restless this time of the year. See you tonight,” said the old man.
“Not tonight. I have to monitor the deep mines.”
The old man gave him a worried look. He knew how dangerous it was in the deep mines during the winter. “Your terms have all been fulfilled, Callahan…. You are no longer a slave, remember?”
“Then why continue this treacherous occupation? I know the money’s well but there are other jobs which won’t kill you just because you stepped on the wrong stone,” he said in frustration.
“I wonder,” Cal said quietly to himself and hurried on his way.
He couldn’t remember the last time he had done something that made him genuinely happy. All his life he had followed orders. First his mother, then his masters, and now his so-called captain who never bats an eye while sending him to the most dangerous sections of the mine. Not like he can blame the captain as he never objects to any of the orders. To him, he must be the model enforcer. Always on time and never asking any questions.
He could never understand himself or his own actions. Maybe living on the edge of life and death is what’s keeping him alive and distracted from all the pain and grief hidden in the deep recesses of his mind. Or maybe he just likes to fight.
Either way, there was something in the mines that kept calling to him. Something that could move his long cold heart. Maybe it could give him a solution to all the nightmares. Or maybe it would be his end. Well, that was also a solution.

He arrived at the mine where he could see his captain handing out orders to the new recruits. All of them had hopeful looks on their faces like they were ready for a new page in their lives. All former mining slaves freed from their previous positions after they awakened their mana. The big smiles on their faces were obvious. They knew that this was their ticket to total freedom and exoneration from their previous crimes. Once they complete the basic service term of guarding the miners against the atrocities that surface from the deep mines for 2 years, their citizenship to the empire would be restored.
‘Naïve idiots,’ thought captain Reginald. ‘If it was so easy then we wouldn’t make former slaves into enforcers when there were so many awakened in the city guards. Only one in ten ever survive past the 1-year mark and out of those survivors, half get corrupted and must be put down before they kill everyone else.’
“Reporting for duty captain,” Cal said in an apathetic voice.
“If it isn’t my best enforcer on call. Why I was just waiting for you to get here. You don’t know how relieved I am to see your face,” replied Reginald with a tone that failed to betray any sort of relief. “I was just teaching these new recruits about the shades and their duties but now that you are here, I was wondering if you had room for a few more enforcers on your patrols?”
“Sir, I am going to the deep mines today they would only get in my way.”
“Come now don’t be rude to your juniors how will they learn anything if they don’t experience the real deal,” Reginald replied with an icy tone daring Cal to object.
Cal looked at the captain’s eyes for a moment and guessed that he must have made a bet with his friends on how many new recruits would survive past the first week again. “As you command sir.”
“Good. Good. Now don’t be that disappointed I am assigning you the three best recruits of this month. I’m sure they can hold their own in a fight.”
Four years of serving under the captain had made him aware that the only way to hide from his attention is to never get under his nose. He had made that mistake once and the captain has still not let go of that resentment to this day. Always finding a way to make his life harder. Not that it mattered to Cal if someone hated him, but it still annoyed him when he had to put up with his whims.
Cal looked at the three new recruits and wondered if the captain was lying to him. One look at them and he could say with certainty that they would not live past the three-day mark in the deep mines. Not like he cared anyways.
“Follow me,” he said before walking past them and going towards the mine shafts. Several of the miners looked at him with awe in their eyes as he made his way to the deep mines. The three recruits following him like lost puppies.
One of the recruits with brown hair and black eyes suddenly spoke up.
“What should we call you sir?”
“Cal,” he replied.
“No, I meant your rank, sir. The captain just said that someone will be here to teach us how to deal with the shades, we don’t know how to refer to you without offending you, sir. Oh, I am Bryan by the way.”
“Nothing you say could ever offend me. And enforcers don’t have ranks. At least not officially,” replied Cal. “The longer you can survive here the more respected you are. Seniority is also determined that way. You are first-years and at your most vulnerable time right now so try not to die.”
“Heh, stop exaggerating I have fought shades with my bare hands before, they aren’t anything special. Now that I have a flamestone sword nothing can beat me here,” said the blue-eyed and black-haired recruit with a grin. “You can call me Phil and that’s Safid,” he pointed at the last recruit with burly build and average looks. “Which gang are you from Cal?”
“I don’t like gangs,” replied Cal.
“You must be some weakling who no one wanted,” Phil said in a mocking tone. “How about you join my gang? I am going to make a new gang here once I get the hang of things with Safid. We are going to turn this place upside down and become the best gang. Ain’t that right Safid?”
“Yes boss,” said Safid with an enthusiastic voice.
Cal looked at Phil like he was watching a clown. Forget a gang these fools won’t last two minutes in front of the senior enforcers before being slaughtered like lambs. He shook his head and didn’t bother talking with the soon-to-be deceased.
Phil didn’t like how he was ignored. “Your loss, don’t come crying to me when I am done taking over this place.”
“What year are you sir?” Bryan asked after a while.
“Fourth,” Cal replied coolly.
Before he could ask anything else, Cal motioned for them to stop. They had arrived at the deep mines. Before them, everything was pitch black with only hints of light coming from the occasional flamestone lamps that were on the mine walls.
“It's so dark here,” said Bryan. “Why don’t they add more lamps? I am sure our jobs would be easier if we had more visibility.”
“They don’t last,” said Cal. “The shades consume all light. Only warded Flamestone lamps can be used here. And even those don’t last long in the deep mines before being consumed.”
“The fames inside the stones are consumed by whatever supernatural phenomenon shrouds the deep mines, that’s why we enforcers always have to regularly change the flamestone lamps. Whatever consumes the flame stops it from recharging,” Cal stopped explaining and said, “No more questions now. There could be shades anywhere, have your weapons ready.”
The three complied with his words and pulled out their swords from their sheaths. Cal started surveying his surroundings before making his way deeper. They didn’t have to walk for long before coming across the first shade.
It looked almost indistinguishable from its surroundings. They only recognized it because of its white eyes and darker-than-black fur. It had a humanoid figure with a tail that ended with a sword-like structure and a height of 1.5 meters. Cal stepped forward and slashed his sword a few feet away from the monster before it could react. A long slash-shaped white light jumped out of his sword and went towards the shade. The moment it touched the shade it exploded into a bright white light which illuminated their surroundings and blinded the recruits for a few seconds. When they could see again the shade was gone. In its place was a small glowing stone. Cal picked up the stone and showed it to the recruits.
“Flamestone?” asked Bryan.
“Yes,” replied Cal. “That’s why the shades try their best to go to the upper mines. The flamestone lamps here are warded so they can’t consume the flames themselves and there are no active flamestones in the deep mines, but the upper mines don’t suffer from the same environmental phenomenon as here so the flamestones mined from there are all in their activated state. If they can somehow break past the enforcers in the deep mines, then they can go up and consume as much flamestone as they can before they evolve into shadows.”
While Cal didn’t care if these recruits survived, he never half-assed his job so he would train them to the best of his abilities. Whether they were capable enough to follow his instructions was up to them.
“What’s a shadow?” asked Phil.
“Something you don’t want to meet,” replied Cal. “The dropped flamestones are how we make our living. We can exchange them for our salary from the mine administrator.”
“Was that light mana that you used with your sword?” Bryan asked.
“Yes,” he said.
“So that’s your aspect. Must be handy in this area,” noted Bryan.
“It has its perks,” replied Cal. “But that’s enough babysitting. You are gonna fight the next one.”
“But we can’t release our mana yet,” Bryan said.
“I’m sure you learned how to use that sword in your training camp,” Cal said.
“Yeah, stop being a wimp it's only a shade, boss could handle that with his bare hands,” said Safid who had been quiet for a while now.
“Even if we can’t release mana our internal circulation is enough to considerably increase our strength from ordinary humans,” Phil said with some disdain in his voice.
As they were arguing with each other Cal heard some noise in front of them. “Quiet,” he said. “Get ready it's coming.”
All three took up proper stance and looked ahead. ‘At least they aren’t completely amateurs’ Cal thought as another adolescent shade approach them.
Phil was the first to lunge forward and slash with his sword, but the shade jumped back before he reached it. It growled before swiping its claws towards Phil. Phil reacted quickly and blocked with his sword, but the claws were just a distraction as its tail swung from behind and hit his side. Phil screamed as blood dripped down from his abdomen. It was cut by the sharp tail sword.
‘Tch, not even a few seconds.’ Cal was about to step forward when Bryan stepped in and stabbed his sword directly into the head of the shade while it was distracted with finishing off Phil.
“You alright?” Bryan asked Phil.
“Just a small scratch I will be fine. I would have got him if you didn’t step forward,” replied Phil.
“You were never hit by a shade, were you?” Cal asked.
“No,” Phil replied.
“Well then pray to whatever deity you believe in that you don’t get infected.”
“Aren’t we immune to that after we awaken?” asked Bryan.
“Not weaklings like you no,” Cal replied. “Only once you have fully assimilated your mana onto your blood vessels are you immune to that. You only have internal mana circulating in your veins. You have to slowly assimilate mana in your blood vessels so that you can fight off invaders entering your blood.”
“I won’t die just because of some fucking scratch,” Phil said though with some uncertainty.
“Patch yourself and get ready to move we still haven’t reached our patrol area,” Cal ordered.
They began moving again once Phil took care of his wound. After an hour of walking and three more encounters with shades which Cal took care of due to Phil’s delay, they finally reached their patrol area.
It was a fork in the road. One of the caves lead to a large cavern while the other went deeper into the mines.
“We will set up camp here. That cavern to our left has already been fully mined so there aren’t any flamestones over there. Hence more young shades are born over there. The lower the amount of flamestone, the easier it is for the deep mines to affect the surrounding environment. But the shades aren’t as strong since young shades don’t have any flamestones in them,” Cal explained while placing the flamestones picked from the previous shades around them to provide a better view.
“So, the ones we fought earlier were very strong. That must be why I had a hard time dealing with the first one,” Phil said regaining his previous confidence.
“Just one step above the weakest. The more flamestone they drop the stronger they are,” replied Cal. “We will be guarding this fork for 18 hours before the next shift takes over. Don’t let your guard down just because you will be facing weaker enemies. Shades are very smart and will group up when they are young. We can’t let them go deeper into the mines or towards the surface.”
Bryan raised his hand. Which was weird as he didn’t do that before.
“Yes,” Cal said letting him know that he could ask what he wanted.
“Why can’t we let them go down?”
“Because they will be a nuisance and distraction to the other enforcers up ahead,” Cal replied.
“There are others down there?” asked Phil.
“Where there are flamestones there are miners. Even if they are in their inactive state here. You are lucky I was told to patrol this section of the deep mine today. Young shades can’t infect the awakened. If we went deeper, you would not survive for long,” Cal said.
What followed next for the recruits was an excruciating hurdle of disposing waves of shades for hours upon hours until their bodies started to give in. Cal watched from the sides while taking care of most of the shades. Even still the recruits were having a hard time staying alive. Most of their bodies were covered in scratches. If they were ordinary humans they would have already been infected, maybe even corrupted. Cal was slightly impressed and realized he had underestimated them.
‘Huh. They could at least survive five days rather than three,’ he thought. However, he shouldn’t have tempted fate as it turned out.
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2023.05.28 14:08 PurpleSolitudes Cheap Flight Ticket

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2023.05.28 14:08 Jeansus_ [WTS] KAC E3 CQB complete upper with extra, new Aimpoint t2 on scalarworks 1.57

Good morning GAFS, Bills to pay. Another sad sad day.
Selling my 1 month old KAC CQB mod 2 upper with e3 bolt, notched upper, and (most) box contents. I’ll be swapping the magpul type 2s for the four G10 railscales 3 slot panels and 1 slot panel attached as pictured. Upper currently has a FCD 6315KM keymo flash hider, I can remove it for you and replace with the kac FH in the box. Modlite PLHv2 18350 light setup with surefire DS tailcap, and modbutton lite with the button guards, the light body mounted to a KAC scout mount for extra KAC. Charging handle switched to radian raptor SD. Sunshadow SR15 Reaction rod included. KAC HH buffer and sprinco white spring included. KAC micro irons included. PicRail attachment included.
I am sad to say I’ve only shot a couple of magazines through it and then larped around the house before getting hit with family medical expenses.
Upper with light: $2050 shipped/$1750 without
Aimpoint T2 (new, once mounted, no rounds) with scalarworks 1.57” - $700
Paypal f/f preferred, higher flair g&s is welcome with the coverage of fees on the buyer.
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2023.05.28 14:07 Aggressive-Roof-6862 I just remembered my 13th birthday

My 13th birthday was the worse day of my life. It started off with me just being excited about it the whole week and counting down the days. Friday was the day and I was so excited. My dad,who was married to a different woman and living in New Jersey,sent me money and again apologized for not being there to spend it with me. Okay,that’s alright. I took a really great shower,put on my new shoes and my new clothes,put on the nicest jewelry,smelt extremely good and had my skin glowing. I have never felt more excited for a day even tho I spending the day at school. I rushed to the van that picks me up for school. I got to school early and had to stand outside the gate that lets us in,there was really nobody else there yet except and the other kid that got dropped off with me. 20 minutes later,a few of my friends came and realized that it’s my birthday. More came and after they realized it was my birthday,you know what they did? They all gathered around me and started giving me birthday punches. the punches quickly turned into me getting beat up against the gate by at least 7-10 people,I was on the ground and got pulled from them by 2 of my other friends. I was crying and smiling through the tears,I thought I was crying because it was so cold outside but no,I was crying because of how they were waiting to do this but I let it go because I didn’t want it to ruin my day,okay that’s alright. I was a bit sore since that morning til lunch time,I was sitting next to my best friend and putting my head down til other people came and heard it was my birthday. Guess what? I got beat up again by even more people. They even started recording me when I was crying and begging them to stop. I kept saying stop and they kept punching me. My other friend was defending me and pulling me away and took me to the bathroom. I started bawling my eyes out and stayed in there the rest of the lunch time,other girls came to console me and help but I was so upset and tired. some of the girls went to confront the people who beat me up and their excuse was that I was a violent person in general and give the worse birthday punches. What? I give soft birthday punches and half the time none at all. Sure me and my friends play fought and I used to fight a lot last year but I have changed and just had problems. I was nicer to everyone this year and gave so much things to people and apologized for my behavior last year,knowing how bad and horrible I was. But even the some of the people who beat me up didn’t even know me and just wanted to have fun. I was sore the rest of the day and crying,I just wanted to go home. When I got home,the door was open for me with my stepdad smiling at me. I immediately broke down and dropped my bag and my stepdad said it wasn’t good I was crying on the day I was so excited for and reminding everyone about with a smile on my face. the rest of the day I was so dull and unhappy and just went to sleep. I have never hated a day more then my 13th birthday. When I remember it,I just burst into tears because I never knew what I did to deserve that to happen. I just wanted to enjoy the day I was so excited for and instead of ending that day in a smile,it ended in tears.
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