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2016.12.15 01:06 -kizza- A place to share your terrible Gas mileage

Welcome to SmilesPerGallon! A place to share your vehicle gas mileage and discuss the joys of owning a car that drinks fuel faster than a fat kid at a cake buffet.

2023.05.28 15:40 Yourcallis Jesus Godly Impowered Spirit

Jeremiah Mosley1 minute ago
I like driving and I like road blocks because my rout becomes scenic, I need not the Gps but a new rout Wisdom and ,Discernment , Gas is good so is Strength to Keep pushing , Count it all Joy not the price per gallon , Meek Mileage, Love is the License , Unplatted Truth, YIELD Peace Red is the blood of Jesus Our Lord and Saviour who Gave Up The Ghost On The Cross For Our Sins On The First Day Of Resreuection On The Tree For Our Sins So We May We Repent Of Them
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2023.05.28 11:13 Primobryan Thoughts on the Fluval Flex kits?

Thoughts on the Fluval Flex kits?
Okay so my local Petsmart has lots of Fluval stuff on clearance. Normally I would stay away from kits and try to mix and match my own set up according to my budget. They got the Flex on clearance and I happen to have a $15-$20 discount depending on which one I end up getting, with the clearance price and discount is this kit worth buying?
I honestly have zero plans on what the next set will be I have over 5 brand new tanks awaiting for future set ups but I feel like this kit is a good deal. I did feel instant regret walking out the store without buying one. I always wanted a Fluval kit since they released the Edge. Who knows I may just go for a betta or shrimp set up, 15 gallon of course.
I also picked up some Stratum I already have more bags than I could ever need but at $27 per bag its the cheapest deal I've seen this product so I had to at least get 2 bags.
Idk I was so excited seeing pre-pandemic deals I wanted to keep looking around but I was running errands and only had a bit of time to spare.
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2023.05.28 11:09 Silent-Practice-2231 feel like my easy pace is way too slow for the times i run.

I do all my easy runs at around 10:00 per mile pace, sometimes under that in the first mile but mostly a bit over. i’m a female, 15 years old and i run a 5:45 1500 and 2:40 800. I’ve gone on easy pace calculators and they all tell me i should be going around 8:40, and this is what my teammates who have around the same times as me run. There are girls who I am ahead of in races but a mile behind in easy runs. Should my easy pace naturally increase over time? Because no matter how much I improve in races, I’m always at 10:00. I was also running at that for all of xc season. I’ve never really tried running at 8:40 for mileage. During my easy runs i don’t check pace often, i focus more on perceived effort, but should I be trying to improve it? Is it weird that it hasnt improved? I just feel like as I get faster in races I should naturally be getting faster in easy runs.
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2023.05.28 10:14 helplesswithcars Starting off slow.. will this setup work until I can upgrade..

So I can't afford another PW right now.. picked up a Kranzle 1622 PW for some car wash/detail work.. figured I could kind of sort of use it to practice with until I can afford a 4gpm+ gas unit.
Ordered a 100' 3/8" Flexzilla. I have a 50' Kobrajet hose.. not sure if the Flexzilla is the same sort of hose.. or more flexible. Hoping its a little more flexible.. the Kobrajet is solid.. but a bit hard to work with sometimes.
I have a 100' hose reel (manual).
I picked up a turbo nozzle, and am looking at the M5 clone on Amazon that has great reviews and some who own both say it compares to the M5. As I am not sure if I am going to go all in yet.. I figure that's fine to start off with.
I ordered this surface cleaner since my PW is only 2gpm/1200 psi.. I read the bit about 4" per gpm.. thus 4gpm should use a 16" or so wide.. but this was the smallest one I could find. this I figured for < $100 its good enough for some odd jobs and while it will be slower with my PW than a 4+gpm.. it should work I believe.
Not sure about what SH and surfactant to get though. I figure SH there are a lot on amazon.. saw some 4 gallon packs of 12.5% for $80.. is that good enough? Haven't tried the local pool store yet.. but as long as its 12.5%.. it can be mixed down to 3% for post treat?
I was trying to order elemonator sufactant.. but apparently the company doesnt ship to California.. so not sure what surfactant to get/use. I see on Amazon the Oxy stuff.. but doesnt say its a surfactant.. so not sure.. any suggestions?
Got the MTM ball joint 3000psi in my cart.. with that M5 clone.. just waiting on figuring out if I can/should order sh and surfactant on amazon or not before I place that order.
I am thinking of the Harbor Freight 4.2Gpm unit that a lot of people bought. Can get it for like $800 when its on sale. Is that good enough? Assuming so.. does it make sense to swap it for a General Pump setup.. or would it be better to try to buy a 5gpm General Pump PW for like $1500 or so out the gate and will that last a long time or what?
Also looking at one of those downstreamers on amazon.. the one for $185 seems kind of super high in price.. compared to the ones for $30 or so on amazon. Couple of them got 4.5/5 reviews and say it also compares to the much more expensive one?
I'll worry about a better surface cleaner once I figure out the right gas PW to get.
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2023.05.28 10:03 amitshenoy Just me or you guys too

Just me or you guys too
How many of you’ll miss cleaning your windshield at gas stations? 😂 I did a long road trip and had bugs all over my windshield drove 2 days with them and then pulled over at Chevron and cleaned it 😂
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2023.05.28 07:31 blackjackmark T-boned and had minor injuries. $1,000 offer for pain and suffering.

This is a friends situation.
Other driver at fault, and their insurance (Esurance) has offered $1,000 for pain and suffering plus is covering the ER visit. Friend is asking me for advice. Should he take it? Ask for more?
I was surprised they volunteered anything for pain and suffering, considering the way they treated the payout for the totaled car, so I just wonder if he should try to ask for more.
They stonewalled him on the settlement for his car, which was totaled. They appraised his car as “fair” condition, and sent valuation showing around $1500 for fair. Per the condition “wizard” his car should be considered “good”. He asked them to reevaluate. They said the only way to fight the valuation is to provide THREE examples of a same make/model/sub model with similar mileage within a 50 mile radius. Since the car is ancient (2006) there are ZERO vehicles that meet the same criteria.
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2023.05.28 05:47 q_Lord Is this a good deal?

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2023.05.28 05:11 CocoaBoas Substrate For Northern BTS

Hello everyone! I'm trying to navigate through the chaos that is finding the best and most economical bedding for my BTS and thought everyone here might be able to help. I currently use Terra Sahara for my leopard gecko, eventhough her tank is not bioactive. I really like everything about Biodude soil, except the price tag lol. I was thinking about Terra Firma for my BTS, but I'd have to buy 4 36qt bags (~$55 per bag before shipping) every 6 months for a 120 gallon tank to get roughly 6 inches of substrate. If there's a better option, I'd love to look into something else before dedicating that much money into a product. I've read up on making my own 60% topsoil + 40% play sand mix, however I'm worried about the purity/safety of this. Yes, I know I can bake it and all that, but that'd be incredibly time consuming as you have to bake a thin strip of soil for an hour at a time. The size of tank I have would mean hours apon hours of sifting and baking.
What's everyone's experience with the following: 1. Coconut husk 2. Zoo Med Forest Floor (A.K.A Cypress mulch) 3. Lugarti Natural Reptile Bedding 4. Reptichip 5. Zoo Med ReptiSoil 6. Eco Earth 7. Aspen
I'm looking for something that doesn't mold, won't hold too much humidity, and that will be very good for burrowing.
Any and all information is greatly appreciated and I'd love to hear if you use something not listed above etc.
Thank you!
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2023.05.28 04:32 Fun_Foundation_9274 Big belly on new betta

Big belly on new betta
Our betta joined us just a few weeks ago. He has been very active and loves making bubble nests. He seems happy, but I noticed his belly looks bloated and scaley. There is also a white dot where he poops. Is this something to be concerned about? Any and all advise is welcome!
Tank size: 3 gallon • Heater and filter? (yes/no): yes • Tank temperature: 77 degrees Fahrenheit • How long have you had the tank? 2 weeks How long have you had your fish?: 2 weeks • How often are water changes? Biweekly How much do you take out per change? 1.5 gallons What is your process?: siphon leftover food and poo from the rocks • Any tankmates? No • What do you feed and how much: Omega One betta buffet pellets • Decorations and plants in the tank: terracotta house, fake leaf hammock, live moss, silicone(?) mushroom decoration, driftwood
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2023.05.28 04:30 Scarletfox_ My moss keeps molding

My moss keeps molding
I put moss over the pot, but it keeps molding within 24 hours of me putting it there. I put thick soft cardboard to keep them temporarily safe while I find another solution. Does anyone know if there’s moss that doesn’t mold so fast (I have sphagnum moss), or a safe place to get cheap soft cork hides (not sure if I trust Amazon).
I am trying to provide a good home for my snails, but I find there to be a severe lacking of reliable information on the internet. I have the following additional questions: 1. Is there a guide to snail diets anyone had found to be useful, that has more detail than just “a variety of vegetables”? 2. How often should I spray the terrarium? It’s a closed jar with a cork top that has some holes drilled through the cork, should I spray once a week? (It should be noted the terrarium is much larger than appears, it is a 5 gallon tank) 3. I have three adults and two babies in here, and I’m working on moving the babies to their own smaller terrarium, so babies need a gallon per snail like the adults, or so they need less cause they’re smaller? 4. Do I need to put moss over my cuddle bone, could it hurt the snails if they fall on it? 5. Is there any other suggestions for responsibly take care of my snails that y’all may see from my picture?
I would love as much input as possible, thanks so much!! <3
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2023.05.28 04:07 DurkDigglar Unknown Deficiency - Can any veterans/pros/Canna-Savant's help me narrowing down what my deficiency/problem is? Please and Thank You ahead of time

Unknown Deficiency - Can any veterans/pros/Canna-Savant's help me narrowing down what my deficiency/problem is? Please and Thank You ahead of time
Okay, so I planted a Northern Light's Auto, seed to pot, never transplanted. My medium is 70/30 FFOF/Perlite. It's in a 6 gallon AutoPot, with Hydroton layer on bottom with AirStone and Dome over the top hooked up to an air pump. However, this go around I decided to water the old fashioned way as opposed to utilizing the auto-water system that fills the AutoPot base from reservoir. I did some LST and topped twice before going on a 2 week vacation. My sister-in-law watered with PH'd RO water every other day while gone. I top dressed with Gaia Green 4-4-4 and just a smidgen of Gaia Green Power Bloom before leaving. I came back to discover a huge plant that clearly didn't get the AutoFlower gene lol. I had lights running 24/7 bc It was supposed to be an Auto. I have now reduced it to 18/6. I want to go 12/12 but want it to be healthy before doing so. Also, I top dressed with worm castings 6 days ago.
MY PROBLEM- My PH is between 6.2 and 6.6, my VPD is around 1.15, I started noticing the tippity-tips of the leaves, some old and new turning yellow and brown. The edges of some of the new growth is a light lime green color while the rest of the leaf is "Normal". I have just been watering with PH'd RO water and today I hit it with some Cal/Mag, Dutch Science water soluble Cal-Mag with Humates, 1/4 tsp per Gallon of water. I am stressing because I don't know if it's a Magnesium deficiency since it's on new growth?? At first I thought Nitrogen deficiency and top dressed with worm castings 6 days ago. Any feedback, advice , answers are super super appreciated. Thank You!!!!!
Tent - AC Infinity 2x4 Controller - AC Infinity WIFI Controller W/ Temp & Hygrometer probes Exhaust - AC Infinity 6" Exhaust smart controlled Fans - Qty:2 AC Infinity Oscillating 6" Fan smart controlled Humidifier - AC Infinity 15L Smart Humidifier smart controlled
Light - AC Infinity 2x4 IonGrid 260W Full Spectrum LED with IR, 2' above canopy @ 100%" Will add 1 more 2x2 IonGrid 130W when I switch to flower for a total of 390W
Testing- Blue Labs Guardian, wall mounted PH meter with Temp and TDS/PPM
PH'd 6.2, RO "Great Value Purified drinking water"
70/30- Fox Farm Ocean Forrest/Perlite W/ Mycorrhizea
Gaia Green- All Purpose 4-4-4 - Dry Amendments Gaia Green - Power bloom- Dry Amendments Dutch Science - Cal-Mag plus Humates Dry Water Soluble Brute- Earth Worm Castings
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2023.05.28 03:37 spleef35 Losing scales

I can't get a photo of him without him moving too much and it coming out blurry. But basically, my male betta has been losing scales.
He has no open sores, no visible worms or parasites. There's no ich on him or epistylis.
I recently acquired 14 other nano fish (this is a 16 gallon), which he's been fine with temperament wise, he even joins their school sometimes. The scale loss was a problem before I got these new fish. Two of them had ich, so I treated the tank with API's super ick cure, and yes I followed the directions exactly. (The new fish are ember tetras and chili rasboras. They are peaceful and don't bother my betta).
The nitrite, nitrate and ammonia are all at 0ppm. pH is 7.6, dKH is 3, dGH is 5. This is a Walstad tank, so there's no mechanical filter, just a couple air stones, a water heater and UV light.
Regarding the heater, there was a glass one in the tank but it wasn't bringing the temperature up properly so I replaced it with a heater that has a plastic casing, and better control over the temperature. I had noticed my betta hanging out by the heater a lot and swimming between it and the tank wall, right about the time his scales started disappearing.
I've been adding API's stress coat every day. Some of the scales are growing back. But today I noticed a whole new area behind his side fin that's devoid of scales, and noticed he was hanging out by the new heater. I've always kept the water at 75F, but raised it to 76F today. I'm planning to raise it one degree per day until I see him not hanging out by the heater anymore. All the animals in the tank can be at a water temp 80F, so that's the temp I'm aiming for now.
Should I be doing anything else for him or am I on the right track? Thank you!
Edit: I wanted to add that he's eating, active, and very reactive pleasantly to my presence. He's not lethargic, not swimming vertically or leaning sideways, not flashing or fanning his beard frequently. The only thing he's not doing is making a bubble nest, which worries me, because he used to make bubble nests all the time.
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2023.05.28 03:14 boiler95 Two weeks outside in 30 gallon living soil bags. I fed 2 oz Alaskan fish fertilizer to 4 gallons of water split between the three once per week and have tip burn on two plants. Careful with the nitrogen.

Two weeks outside in 30 gallon living soil bags. I fed 2 oz Alaskan fish fertilizer to 4 gallons of water split between the three once per week and have tip burn on two plants. Careful with the nitrogen.
Time to put the cages on and start training them.
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2023.05.28 03:07 AreYouBoredAtWorkToo Race report: Milk Run 5k

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 26 Yes
B Sub 27 Yes
C Try not to pout if fail N/A


Kilometer Time
1 5:07
2 5:07
3 5:24
4 5:27
5 4:44



Tapered for 5 days. Was feeling pretty beat up before taper. I think it did me well. Took a deload week in gym as well. I woke up, had peanut butter on toast, banana, and glass of Gatorade 0 and also took a 5 hour energy… I probably took this too seriously. I arrived at race insanely nervous about everything. I was oddly super fixated on if I could do this in 26 minutes


I needed to average 5:12 per km, had voice notifications on phone (to my headphones) for every km with current pace and split pace
Km 1- just running at fastest pace that I thought I could maintain, worried entire time on if good enough… I hear 5:07, and I felt really goood, had an “o damn, can I go faster???” thought. Quickly shut this down with goal to maintain exact pace
Km 2 - tried to maintain km 1 pace exactly, apparently I actually did this perfectly, ran km2 with exact same time.. at end of it, I was starting to feel tired, I went from insanely confident I’d meet my goal, to “meh, probably”. Current thought by end: “I’ll really try to maintain this pace if I can”
Km 3- this km seemed to take forever, I tried to maintain same pace but started feeling pretty damn tired. I think I ended this with phone saying I was on exact pace to finish exactly at my goal of 26 minutes. At this point I was torn on if I could do it, eventually I came to conclusion that I’d try to really maintain pace and see where I am after km 4
Km 4- this was kind of a blur, it didn’t feel as long as km 3 but I ended up running it slightly slower. I remember just feeling curious entire time where I was pace wise, and wondering if 26 minute 5k was in the cards….
Km 5- I got notification that I was a little off pace, but I had it in my head “it’s close, I can still hit it”. This was crazy technology assisted, I pulled phone out entire time and every 5 seconds was just staring at current pace, wondering if I could make up enough time and legit doing math throughout. I started to really grossly huff and puff to point it was borderline making a scene but was slowly making enough ground to reach goal, and eventually it was a huge mental game of “fuck I can do it another ____ minutes”. Ran as fast as I could for as long as I could when I saw the finish. I collapsed the moment I finished, laid in grass for a couple of minutes. My gun time was 25:58, I met my goal.
Pacing stuff:
I expected based on googling / Reddit that people line up relative to how they’ll run. This didn’t happen AT ALL. I tried to line up somewhat near start but behind elite ppl. No one of the 2,000 registered runners were in front and I accidentally ended up really close to front, at gun and was feeling really bad. Despite this, I got behind massive packs of pure walkers for multiple rows in very front who were taking up almost all of the space. I was weaving off course to pass and became very annoyed but started to wonder if this meant I was the dumb idiot going too fast as it was a km of passing people.
Km 2-3, I started getting steadily passed more than I was passing, the field narrowed so I was no longer having people in my way and I wasn’t in other’s way, but I was definitely getting passed more than passing. I wondered again if this meant I’m the idiot that went too fast and was slowing down as others picked up
Km 4- sudden switch in my peer’s pace. I objectively started passing a decent amount more than passed me. I actually kept noticing I was passing people that flew by me earlier, this made me feel better, despite my pace actually slowing down lol. I guess others were the ones going too fast??? But there was still a non trivial amount of people passing me
Km 5- I was now passing people that passed me at nearly a 10-1 ratio, but I kept wondering entire time if I was about to collapse during my push. The final sprint, I saw clock right at 26 minutes and passed a bunch of folks at the very end. I somewhat felt like dick a cause of last second desperate passes, but was just just making a desperate attempt to beat the clock haha


Race finished on state fair grounds. Super unhealthy evening. Went to breweries, lived it up too much. I’m so happy with my time. I know it’s meh finish, but for some reason this meant a lot for me… I’m running another 5 k last Saturday in September, and wondering if I can get stretch goal of sub 20??? Let me know if unrealistic
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2023.05.28 02:04 AccidentalSister New 50 gallon urban mini-pond, guidance on number of goldfish fish using surface area calculation?

I posted this over at ponds and was recommended to post here too, so appreciate any help! I have been keeping fancy goldfish for a year now and really love these little guys and wanted to upgrade their habitat.
I’m in NYC and have a small 8 foot by 18 foot slice of outdoor space between buildings that stays surprisingly well insulated. I just setup a new oblong shaped 50 gallon pond sized 57”x30”x18” - this is the pond with a large waterfall filter feature, in addition to my previous (heated) smaller 24” diameter x 10” shallow bowl waterfall “pond” aqua gardenscape - which has been thriving amazingly well over the last year.
I roughly calculated that this new larger 50 gallon pond has a surface area of somewhere between 1450-1750 square inches (depending on measurement) since it’s a bit hard to measure an oblong organic shape without accurate measurements in CAD, so it’s a bit of a guesstimate.
Given this surface area, using the lower estimate number 1450sq feet, and using the Harvey and Hems goldfish per surface area calculation of 24 sq inches per 1 inch of gold fish length - it seems my new 50 gallon pond should be able to support a surprising number of goldfish comfortably - does this sound correct to you more experienced pond/goldfish owner folks?
According to this, 20 three inch goldfish fits 1450 sq inches of surface area, so I could theoretically fit 20 smaller 3” goldfish?! I was thinking of adding another 3-4 friends to my current 3 oranda & fantail who are in the smaller pond currently (I felt they outgrew the smaller 415 sq inches of surface area roughly 23” diameter pond)
Thanks for any guidance!
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2023.05.28 01:59 UnfairAssistant45 Has anyone got their miles adjustment payment yet i still did not get i contact the uber they are saying next eligible date is monday

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2023.05.28 01:46 coffeeeandcats Lice and Ivermectin

My chickens have lice. I have been using DE in the coop but it hasn't helped. I want to put some ivermectin in their water but I'm not sure how much... I've read 4ml per gallon of water for two days but that's all I've found and it didn't give what kind and for how many chickens. Any insight would be appreciated. I feel that treating them individually would be very difficult.
I have 15 chickens - 12 regular sized and 3 silkies. I have Ivermectin oral liquid for horses 10mg per ml.
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2023.05.28 01:42 overlycommonname Help Me Find Food/Drink-related Magic

Partly because we're going to do a Kingmaker game where we focus a little more on the survival side of things, partly because I just like exploring the weirder side of games, I'm trying to get a fairly comprehensive list of magic in Pathfinder that creates or preserves or seasons or interacts with food and drink in any way. Here's what I've got so far. If you can think of other magic -- items or spells -- that interact with food, please reply!
Magic Items:
See anything we missed?
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2023.05.28 00:20 renarde33 Taking an existing *very* analog spring water business digital!

Hi all, I'm a customer for a local spring water business, and the (single, childless) sole owner is rapidly dying of cancer. Now that some of his customers have rallied and gotten his daily care coordinated (an ex-girlfriend, retired nurse is taking care of him with at home hospice care) I'm turning my attention to bringing his business infrastructure into the 21st century! I'll be taking it over and continuing the deliveries and business after he dies in the next few days/weeks.
I *desperately* need advice on which accounting software to use. I've used desktop Quicken for years for my personal finances but know it's old, cludgy and has plenty of competitors. I'd also welcome recommendations for an inexpensive but customer-friendly web payment processor and website authoring platform/software (his website was written with MS Frontpage 2002!!). I'm pretty comfortable with computers (I've done IT tech support for an ISP) but am hoping for a very short learning curve.
Here's his business model:
He has an artesian spring on his property. He sells up front shares in the spring to new customers, essentially a one-time membership fee of one share per bottle of water they will receive at each delivery. He based his business model on the way owners of goats, sheep and cows sell raw milk.
Each customer buys their own 3 gallon bottles, either from him, or they can supply their own. He delivers full bottles of water to a pre-arranged location at a particular time every Monday, so the customers have recurring subscriptions for their water deliveries. The customers subscribe for the number of bottles they want per delivery (1 - 10, as many bottles as they provide) and choose how often they wish to pick up their water at the delivery location. Customers can choose to pick up their water:
He accepts payments by credit card (through PayPal subscriptions), or cash or checks on delivery. Customers can choose to pay:
He also sells empty bottles and some one-off items at a negligible markup either at the pickup location or through his website.
He pays quarterly state and county sales taxes.
Currently he's running this business using a notebook, old style receipt book, paper customer files, PayPal, his personal email and a *very* antiquated, confusing website. I'll pull out all of my hair (and I have a lot of it) if it continues like this!
Thank you in advance for your advice!
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2023.05.27 22:53 mamamaureen2 Attention Kroger shoppers

Kroger Boost memberships are $59/ year (free next day delivery) or $99/year (free delivery in 2 hrs). You get double fuel points. We have the $99 and they deliver through instacart. I tip well and my order almost always gets shopped immediately. We get $1.00 per gallon off every tank of gas. You get special coupons! There are recipies you can choose and click to add all ingredients to your cart. I have the app on my phone and add items to my cart as I go about my day. I order once or twice a week. It is the best I have ever managed my food shopping!
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