High school basketball player rankings

Run the picket fence at em'!

2011.12.14 17:51 wardsac Run the picket fence at em'!


2022.04.03 15:39 Jolly_Gur6755 W`A`T`C`H High School Basketball Live @ High School Basketball 2022 Live On @!rEddIT

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2010.10.17 16:47 mcdvda Fantasy Basketball

Welcome to the NBA Fantasy Basketball Community. Get started by reading the wiki. Make sure to flair up before your first post! Join our discord here: https://discord.gg/kZYbGBWU2P

2023.05.28 14:52 Dependent_Regret_250 Passports are really expensive (but it’s worse in these countries), study reveals

If you think the U.S. passport fee is high, see how it ranks compared to some other countries
The cost of travel these days seems to get more expensive, with gas a never-ending yo-yo and hidden fees in your flights. Planning on traveling out of the country? Then you’ll also need to factor in your passport fees. If you think a U.S. passport costs a pretty penny, you might be a bit more thankful for the price compared to a few other countries. We have the passport study results to get familiar with.

Countries with the highest passport fees

So, how much is a passport? The initial passport fee for one might seem like a lot, but remember that it lasts for quite some time. When you break it down over the 10 years, you’ll hold it before it needs to be renewed, and it becomes a great investment.

The expensive ones

Australia is the only country where a passport will run you over $200. It could be attributed to the security measures on it that make it the priciest one.

The affordable ones

There are countries where the passport fee costs less than a tank of gas — and that is saying something these days.

Budget-friendly passports

Where the U.S. ranks

What you really want to know is where the U.S. passport falls in the rankings. Well, it comes in as the fifth most expensive passport in the world. When you blame the fee as the reason why you still haven’t gotten yours yet, remember that it could be worse. With 12 countries running $100 or over for their passports, the U.S. isn’t too far off with the price.
But the U.S. passport does have its perks. Compared to other countries, in terms of the passport index strength and visa access between countries, the U.S. passport lands at a tie for number 12 in the line. We can’t really complain about that.

Tourist visa

A passport and a tourist visa are not the same thing, so you might have to get both, depending on where you visit and where you are visiting from.

Extra visitor fee

But let’s say you want to visit the U.S., and you need a tourist visa to do so. The U.S. claims the spot for the most expensive fee for a tourist visa. We love to be the best, even if that means being the most expensive country when it comes to visa fees.
While the U.S. passport isn’t the most affordable one, at least there are four others that beat it. If you want to travel outside the U.S. this year, get over the initial cost and get your application in. You could have a whole decade of seeing the sights ahead of you, making your passport only $13 a year to get out and see the world a little.
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2023.05.28 14:52 OutlandishnessNo2338 Strange priest deck past diamond 5?

I have been getting my legend for the month and in the last couple days have suddenly seen a strange tony priest deck at high diamond. I hadn't seen it before and haven't heard anything about it.
In case you ahvent seen it the player just runs res-priest with Tony, Ghunn and Alabaster, plus some control option. It just tried to res tony the whole game to steal cards.
Is this just a meme deck, a bit or is a viable deck cos I have had no problem dealing with it (highlander XL blood dk).
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2023.05.28 14:51 jipax13855 Another stupid question: put in 200 units of bac water, pinned 50 units 4x, now why is there still a dose in the vial?

I don't know how this happened, but I think I have been underdosing myself for the past 4 doses:
Used https://www.peptides.org/peptide-dosage-calculato to figure out how much to reconstitute, and I thought I put 2 ml of bac water into my 5mg vial. I pulled 200 units of the bac water when I reconstituted, from the same package of sharps I have been using this whole time.
I am microdosing at what I thought was 1.25mg each time, or 50 units, which should have used up all the reconstituted solution at the 4th dose (which I pinned just now). But there looks to be 1 more dose still in the vial. It occupies about 1/4 inch of the vial.
So I don't get how 200 units of water turned into 250 units? I can't imagine the powder would add that much volume to the resulting solution, or really any volume at all? Or did I just forget too much from high school science class?
If I'm getting bonus doses for free, I am not complaining, but I want to know how much I am actually dosing!
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2023.05.28 14:51 hhhh64 I Am Infinite!!

I Am Infinite!!
Weeks ago, I made it into the 90s when The Peak was featured with a Super Skrull-Negative deck.
I've been stuck in the 90s ever since until High Evo finally clicked for me in a Lockjaw deck, and I climbed 10 ranks in one day!
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2023.05.28 14:50 Rifzy MMR change ruining solo runs

Since MMR changes it's even harder to win a game as a solo For every single solo game I played as a solo in last days all players where 5* MMR as I am. Being single (even with buffed perks) is already a major disavantage, and encouters with players one rank above (especially when you're 5 or 6 MMR, you will play against 4* MMR players, most of them know the game pretty well and know how to play) is already hard. But being solo when all groups are made of players with ~ your skill level ? Come on
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2023.05.28 14:50 beardedgandaulf I year into moving to rural Japan and playing tennis, notable difference in tennis culture and play styles.

A little over a year ago, we moved from regional southwest Western Australia to a small tourist town in rural Japan. For the past year, I've been playing at two different clubs here in Japan and thought I would share some notable observations.
Club facilities in Japan don't extend far beyond courts and a small shed to gather between matches. Both clubs I regularly played at in Australia had a tavern attached to the sporting club where players would mingle after a day of social/competitive play. Zero-tolerance drink driving rules in Japan and the lack of such facilities result in less socializing off the tennis court (and more catching up between sets).
All courts in Japan have been Omni-surface over a concrete base. In Australia, I was able to play on a variety of hard, grass, and synthetic courts. Japanese courts are playable in a moderate amount of rain, and play tends to continue even well beyond what I'd usually consider playable (and I thought we had played through some shocking weather in Australia, but... wow).
The quality of tennis I've found in Japan has been remarkably high. The small club I play at, about a 30-minute drive from our house, consists of skilled players who have a highly developed grasp of not only techniques but also the tactics of tennis. Many are former or current coaches, and two regular players have children who compete at a professional level nationally in Japan.
In Australia, the general level was more social and less technical, but there were also a few standout players who would easily compete at the highest levels here in Japan. The range in skill level I was exposed to in Australia was far greater than here in Japan (while the average level is higher).
I have two kids who also play, and I would also rate the technical ability of children playing in this part of Japan as significantly higher than what we saw in Australia outside of interstate tournaments. My middle daughter was able to compete in Australia, regularly reaching semifinals and higher in her age group at the tournament level. In Japan, she has struggled to reach the same level (partly due to the slower courts). I've been impressed with the footwork and technique of kids in Japan.
The lack of political infighting in Japan has been refreshing after years of watching crabby aging Australians bickering over influence and position.
Social sets in Australia were organized by the tennis captain, who decided on pairings. On weekends, these sets were 20 minutes, with play stopping upon the conclusion of the last game after a bell had been rung.
In Japan, pairings are random, and skill level is not considered. Full sets are played. Players draw a playing card and will play in the position according to which card they have drawn (1 and 2 vs 3 and 4, 5 and 6 vs 7 and 8, and so on). Even in cases of heavily loaded matchups, I've yet to see this being overruled or disputed.
Perhaps cultural, but also aided by the fact that Omni court markings are very easy to read, line calling in Japan is refreshingly honest.
Don't expect to get your first serve back if a ball from the next court rolls into yours in Japan. This was a given in Australia.
Men and women play equally in Japan were as in Australia sets were often organised along gender lines. In general I would rank the quality of women’s and mixed tennis in Japan far higher than what I had experienced in Australia.
That’s been my experience so far. I’m curious about other countries and your experiences.
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2023.05.28 14:47 OneBloodBerwickMafia [RECRUITING] Berwick Mafia lvl19 #9CYYLV08 Master League 3 30vs30 cwl few spots available TH 13+ All heroes must be available

Hey guys come check us out!
We are an active easy going but competitive level 19 clan. Most of us are from the US, UK and Australia
We are looking for active TH13+ players
ALL heroes MUST be available during CWL. We expect 7/7 attacks
Currently we are in Master League 3. Townhall 13+ can participate in cwl.
What we offer. - high level of activity - fast and max troop donations - no bullshit donation ratios - max clan games. 100k points+ - capital hall level 10! - busy raid weekends 1300+ raid medals a week - regular wars - chill, friendly easy going long term members.
What we ask of you. - Contribute to our clan, Games, raid weekend, wars and CWL. - war preference on RED when heroes are down. - we have a Discord channel so must be willing to use discord. - all heroes MUST be available during CWL.
We hope to welcome you in our clan! (please mention Reddit in join request)
Cheers OneBlood leader of Berwick Mafia
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2023.05.28 14:46 jcbsoccer Modified Campaign Coming to an End

I've posted several times here about my STK modified campaign, and you guys have been a ton and we are soon coming to an end. My true BBEG is Slark, with Iymirth working for him. In short, Slark is collecting magical artifacts to empower himself in order to ascend to godhood, taking Annam's place. The players just stole The Eye of the All Father (I made it an item in the temple) and had to fight and kill Iymirth on their way out as she was there to retrieve it as well. They are now going to be teleporting back to Waterdeep to put the Eye in a safe place, and all hell is about to break lose. As this is the end of this arc of my campaign, I would love any ideas anyone has on the following (even though they are vastly different than the book).
  1. One player is a son of the Eltorchul Academy (wizard school) and his mother was kidnapped by Slark and one of the players brothers. Players rescued her and he just learned the brother is evil. As they go back to Neverwinter, I need an encounter where the brother is attempting to re-kidnap or kill his mother, but the players get there just in time.
  2. Slark is going to be unleashing a hoard on the city of Neverwinter as getting the Eye is essential to his ascension. It is the final piece of his puzzle. What could be part of his army? I know he will be launching Kraken Hatchling's over the walls, and will have merrow, kraken priests, and various other monsters. Just looking for cool ideas to make this final piece of the arc epic.
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2023.05.28 14:46 Moelock33 How obnoxious.. not only is it local only, to decrease your chances even further..

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2023.05.28 14:45 NightCities13 188 Years Later-Game 1-Rest of PreGames

Rosa and Julio were dressed in their sheep outfits, and had the horns put on. They chatted with each other, and even started a conversation with Laurelina and Rosetto (both 11).
Meanwhile Horus and Amabilia were dressed in their suits of armor, and saw Randy (1) talking to a small girl, revealed to be his district partner. Horus and Amabilia decided not to ally with District 1 this Games, and to just work with each other.
The tributes entered their chariots, and began to move down the Avenue of Tributes. Horus and Amabilia held their hands up in the air together, and Rosa and Julio smiled and waved.
Rosa and Julio’s outfits were seen as a bit boring, and they did not place first. Horus and Amabilia were ranked high by all of the judges, but ultimately Lunette and Haruki (both 5) placed first due to their moon outfits.
The next day, Rosa and Julio arrived at the training center. They walked over to the animal station, and learned about a variety of animals. They also threw knives whenever other tributes weren’t looking at them. They also swam in the large swimming pool, but steered clear of Cray and Finley (both 4). They walked past Circitina and Roth (both 3) who were working in the electrical station, and past Wanda (9) who was working in the cultivation station. They finally worked with Laurelina and Rosetto in the botany and toxicology station. Joya (12) accidentally bumped into Julio, who apologized to her for being in the way. Joya was the youngest and shortest tribute this year, at just four foot eight.
Meanwhile Horus and Amabilia changed between the sword and spear stations, and walked past Londyn (6) camouflaging herself, and Twigg (7) throwing axes. When Fabrica (8) started to cry after pricking her finger with a needle, Horus comforted her. He admitted to Amabilia that he knew she would die during the Games, and wanted to be kind beforehand, as he had a thirteen year old sister who looked a bit like Fabrica. Amabilia asked Horus his sisters’ name, and he said the youngest, Annabelle, was eleven, the next oldest, Talia, was thirteen, and the oldest one, Zhalia, was fifteen. He asked Amabilia what her brother’s name was, and she said his name was Lucien.
After six hours of training, the tributes were taken to the assessment room, where they showed their skills. Amabilia used a spear, scoring a 9, while Horus sword fought a peacekeeper, winning 11 to 15, and scored a 10. Rosa threw knives and scored a 5, while Julio also threw knives and scored a 7.
Amabilia and Horus were at the top of the pack, along with Randy, who scored an 8, and Wanda, who also scored an 8, while the bottom of the pack was Fabrica and Joya, who both scored a 2.
Panem Today, a news show, discussed the odds that night, with Amabilia receiving odds of 3 to 1, while Horus received odds of 2 to 1. Rosa had odds of 15 to 1, while Julio had odds of 11 to 1.
Amabilia wore a sparkling golden dress, and had a gold barrette in her brunette bob cut. She talked about wanting to bring honor to District 2, and how she wanted to win for her family.
Horus wore a gold suit, and had a gold fedora on his head. He spoke about how he volunteered in order to have money to keep his family afloat, and how he wanted to support his three sisters. He earned some respect for this speech.
Rosa talked about how she wanted to try to win and be an underdog, and prove the odds wrong. She said that she was proud to come from District 10.
Julio spoke about his life in District 10, and said that he was nervous, but ready to win. He also talked about wanting to help his family live without working.
Game Maker Juliana Ricci said that the top 10’s family would receive a quarter of the victors fund, but the top 4 would receive half for their family, and the victor would earn the full victors fund. She gave a hint word, that was “lake”.
The next day the tributes were flown by hovercraft to the arena. Halfway through the ride, they had their trackers placed in their arms, with Rosa notably flinching.
Tube Rooms
Upon arrival at the arena, the tributes were taken to their tube rooms.
Gladius visited Amabilia first, and gave her a big hug. He told her to stay with Horus until the final two, and allow a worthy fight to happen.
Gladius then visited Horus, and told him the same thing, except he told Horus to win for his late father and sisters, hugging him.
Daniel visited Julio first, and gave the boy a quick hug. He wished Julio luck, and told him to stay with Rosa.
Daniel then saw Rosa crying in her tube room. He comforted her, wishing her luck, and wished her luck in the Games. He told her to stick with Julio.
Once all 24 tributes were in their tubes, they rose up into the arena.
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2023.05.28 14:44 Practical_Will8296 What is your purpose in life?

Last week I was having my daily conversation with myself, and my brain decided the subject of the day was, well, myself. For context I will enter my last year of high school next year, meaning it will be my last chance to get excellent grades before university registrations. The problem is I have no motivation; I used to be one of those gifted kids. Up until last year or so, I used to get the absolute best grades without working the slightest bit in any subject. Some people worked super hard and never got to do half of what I would achieve. So I never got used to working, to put in effort. To this you have to add the fact that I’m kind of a lazy hoe; sloth is the reason I’ll go to hell for sure. And finally, I’m a nihilist. My life has no purpose anyways and i have no reason to keep going, and certainly not to make effort. I easily live with this, I am not saying I struggle with suicidal thoughts or that I think I’m worthless and don’t deserve to live (I do, it’s just not a problem). The thing is I realised my lack of motivation is the problem. When I have spare time that I could spend doing my homework and then even some to relax, I just lay around and do nothing. Sometimes I even WANT to work, I just can’t bring myself to it. And I haven’t even mentioned procrastination yet. So, fellows, what is your reason to keep going? My grades are not terrible but they are not good enough either for what I am capable of doing or for going to a good Uni. (Overall average 12/20)
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2023.05.28 14:44 Eaglenger Hurry up limited time only Free Courses for 28 May 2023

Free Courses for 28 May 2023
“Education is the key to unlock a golden door of freedom.” —George Washington Carver
Note : might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.
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2023.05.28 14:42 Comet0784 EternalsMC [Towny/slimefun survival] 1.19.4 [Java/Bedrock]

EternalsMc 1.19.4
Bedrock Compatible
Looking for something new? Tired of the same old vanilla minecraft? Come join us at EternalsMC we are a towny server with a focus on Slimefun. Started by long-time friends, we are focused on building a lasting community for adults looking for a place to enjoy a grindy experience. We have custom enchants completely unique to our server, and more in active development. Owners are active and welcome suggestions and new additions or tweaks to the server. Skyblock server in development. Most store bought items also obtainable through in game grind. What are you waiting for? Grab a friend, or come meet some new ones! Are you really still reading? Come join us already.
Key features
Dyed Backpacks
Infinity Machines
Soul Jars
Foxy Machines
Simple Material Generators (vote crate)
Electric Spawners
Fluffy Machines
Mob capture
Silk spawners
Chunk hoppers
In game ranks
In game permission purchases
Pyro Mining
Pyro Fishing
Custom Enchants
Elevators (Ore blocks)
Aurelium Skills
Player shops
Player warps
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2023.05.28 14:42 Classic_Card_6057 Toilet cleaner high school sneakers

Could you recommend me a pair of sneakers to work as a toilet cleaner in a high school?
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2023.05.28 14:42 Shadow108571 very nice 👌

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2023.05.28 14:41 Curious-Month7727 22 [M4F] UK - Online, Hoping I Can Find That Special Someone One Day 🙏🏻

Intro and what I'm looking for

Idek where to start tbh. I wanna make a post that isn't too boring, long / short, or irritating to read as I have a habit of talking about my emotions + feelings and unnecessary venting about my life in several setences when it comes to this sort of thing, that's mostly what I talked about in my last post... I'm hoping I can get at least someone's attention by writing the right and necessary words on this subreddit... So, where to begin?
I guess I'll start with what I'm looking for in terms of dating. A fresh, warm, healthy and positive long-term relationship is what I've been craving for the last 4¼ years, not as in desperate or obsessed with it, more as in yearning for that right person to come along and bring sunshine to my life for the first time in a very long time. I'm sorry if that sounds a little cheesy but it's true. Someone who'll accept me for who I am and not care about what I have / don't have, someone who'll understand and accept my insecurities and flaws, not to mention me doing the same for her too. I wanna have that happy and bright future with that special someone, similar to all the couples I see on Instagram, laughing, joking, teasing each other, flirting, doing fun activities together both indoors and outdoors, purchasing matching items for them to wear and hold dear, holding hands... the list goes on.
Come and stop by so we can get to know each other first and see what happens if you're fascinated in this post enough, and if you think I'll be that sort of person you want in your life.

Personality (100% the truth)

As you might have guessed, I am a hard core introvert. Although I get along well with people irl; I briefly chat to them by saying the usual "hello" or "alright?", I then usually keep to myself from them most times to avoid feeling ignored / unimportant / irrelevant in their eyes. This is because I'm not that great at socialising in public places like the club or in the street, and also due to the fact that I feel extremely shy whilst meeting new people. All I feel, every single day, is irrelevant to everybody I come across on a day to day basis and tbh, I've gotten used to it over the years. However, if others ARE willing to get to know me and want me in their presence, I will perk up and be quite the confident individual once enough time passes :)
Other things you should know about me is that I'm extremely loyal and will never hurt the people I love and hold dear, no matter what. I care too much about the people in my life, including family, and I also will never let them down or disappoint them in any way.
Just a little fun fact about me, my zodiac sign is Cancer ♋️🦀 for those of you who are interested and if that matters to you at all. This is related to what I've just written above in the second paragraph.
[This is me pretty much nearing the end of this seemingly never ending post now]
Now that all the soppy stuff is out of the way, I will now talk about what I like doing on a day to day basis :D:

I'm an indoor type of person. I like:

•Watching TV shows like Doctor Who when new episodes come out, The Simpsons and Hollyoaks 5 days a week, and binging on a ton of movies.
•Listening to music pretty much every single day as I'm a huge HUGE fan of it.
•Gaming on PC games such as GTA, Red Dead, and Minecraft.
•I may stay indoors most of the time, but I DO also enjoy doing outdoor activities like spending my days out in places in the UK like Scarborough, Blackpool, Hornsea and Withernsea.
•I'm also interested in Photography, taking stunning photos both indoors and outdoors to store and save for later. Wildlife, sea life and everything else in between is what I'm most interested in :)
•Playing different sports such as Badminton, Bowling, Cricket, Dodgeball, Tennis and Volleyball on the beach are activities I really enjoy doing, but I haven't played them recently thanks to a lack of others playing them with me.
•Gardening and working with plants is something that really fascinates me, planting and watching plants of all shapes and sizes grow is everything I've wanted to do since my late high school days. Also getting a bit of sunshine on my neck in the summer does me some good lol.
•I occasionally like doing artistic activities like card making, paper crafting, drawing and painting, but only on special occasions.
•I also like to read from time to time.

Physical Appearance

My appearance is quite normal:
•I'm 5'8 in height
•I've got quite the decent body shape
•I have no tattoos but I'm considering getting a few in the future
•I've got a small amount of facial hair (but I've shaved recently so I'm not quite as hairy on the face as I used to be)
•I've got quite a lot of hair on the top of my head but keep it in control most times with hairspray
•I've got an average to slightly above average face imo (pics can be exchanged if you're interested in knowing what I look like)
•I'm healthy with no health conditions or concerns
•I wear normal clothes such as buttoned t-shirts, hoodies / denim jackets, jeans / tracksuit bottoms, and leather jackets in colder weather.


I'm not too bothered what kind of women I talk to / get with tbh. Just as long as you:
•Live in the UK, or at least in different countries that are close to the UK like Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, France, or perhaps even The Netherlands, since all have shorter time-zone differences to the ones in the UK, (but you can message me wherever you are on the globe)
•Don't smoke or do drugs
•My age limit is between 18-23, but people that are past that age range can also message me.
•I'm not religious, by any means, but I don't mind dating people who are.
•Come as you are, no sugar coating, be real, be genuine. 🚫No NSFW content please🚫, that's all I ask.


Welp, this is me finally signing off and seeing what happens. If you've read this far, then I appreciate you for taking the time out of your schedule to read my post all the way through :) I hope you have a nice rest of your day 🙏🏻👋🏻 Come say Hi if you're feeling up to it! 🙂
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2023.05.28 14:41 TheseDarkStreets Move from Los Angeles to the Bay Area?

I’m on a burner account here.
I’m a screenwriter with some moderate success, currently on strike as part of the Writers Guild labor action against the Hollywood studios.
My wife is a senior manager for a Bay Area FAANG, currently working remotely but traveling a bunch to her team’s HQ. She’s got about 3 years of tenure and has been told sky is the limit in terms of her career growth.
Her employer hasn’t pushed too hard, but I know it’d be easier on her if we lived in the Bay Area.
So the topic’s come up often… should we move up to the Bay?
My career is based in LA, but screenwriting can be incredibly unstable. Nothing’s guaranteed and it’s very much feast or famine.
And with the studios tightening their belts in content spend over the next couple of years, jobs are going to dry up.
The stat I’ve heard quoted most often is that 2 out of 3 currently working screenwriters won’t be working in 5 years.
OTOH, my wife is in a high-growth area for her company, with a possible path to director-ship. Financially, her path is much more secure and a more of a sure bet.
As we try to plan for the long term — we’re both mid-30s — we’re wondering what’s the best move.
Stay in LA or move to the Bay?
A few other considerations — we own a home in LA with a sub 3% mortgage in a great school district that we’d likely rent out over selling, we have 3 little kids, and both of our families (parents, siblings) live nearby in Southern California.
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2023.05.28 14:40 Kamiyanstinx Care to explain why as Plat I do play with legit (rank/MMR) Silver player?

Care to explain why as Plat I do play with legit (rank/MMR) Silver player?
Is it a bug? Actually felt like playing 4v6, and then I realized he's actually a legit Silver player, HUH?
IDK, it's not even a new account. Should that be even possible? I'm really confused.
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2023.05.28 14:39 confusedstudent_uni Very confused with life - no idea what to do

Hey!! So it is my first time using reddit - thought I would give this ago. I’m a f(19) and a university student. I’m a first generation and a native English speaker. Can’t speak my parent’s mother language. Ever since I’ve graduated high school, I went straight to university and completed an academic year of courses under an engineering degree majoring in software. I thought I enjoyed it, turns out I didn’t. Or maybe I didn’t study hard enough and got bad grades. (I’ve always managed to get good grades in high school without actually studying). I got good grades in coding all throughout high school and enjoyed it very much. So I decided to apply for a different university which was ranked higher than the 1st and also change degrees. I got accepted and ended up doing 2 courses under a science and commerce degree over summer school. I enjoyed it. But I didn’t want to stay in the same country. So I ended up applying for another university overseas which allows me to complete a commerce and science major under a science degree. I ended up accepting the offer and moved overseas. The university is top 30 in the world. Part 1 - more in the comments
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2023.05.28 14:39 Puddlejumper_ Citrus MC [SMP] [VANILLA] {JAVA 1.19.*-1.19.4} {DISCORD} {UK/EU}

Server Discord: Discord
Server Map: MAP
Version: 1.9.x - 1.19.4
Looking for a thrilling and immersive multiplayer survival experience? Look no further than Citrus MC! Unlike other semi-vanilla SMP servers that bombard you with pay-to-win ranks, intrusive leaderboards, and an overload of plugins that detract from the pure vanilla experience, we prioritize your gameplay enjoyment.
At Citrus MC, we've cultivated a community-focused vanilla server that fosters lasting friendships and lets you explore a brand-new world with other mature players. Our commitment to providing an authentic experience means we stay up-to-date with the latest versions of the game, ensuring compatibility with every new release from Mojang. And thanks to VIAVERSION, players on older versions can still join in on the fun!
Our server boasts a fresh map started just 4 months ago, allowing you to embark on an exciting journey alongside others right from the beginning. To enhance your experience, we've carefully selected a range of basic quality-of-life plugins such as RTP, SETHOME, TPA, and even Discord chat integration. These additions are designed to improve your gameplay without compromising the pure nature of the vanilla experience.
In addition, we feature a diamond-based economy that seamlessly integrates with the vanilla theme of our server. Trade and thrive in a player-driven economy, where the value of your hard-earned diamonds shines through.
Join us at Citrus MC with over 100+ members on the discord and see what adventures await!
NEVER Pay To Win
Grief protection for all players
Discord community
Responsive staff members online 24/7
24/7 operation 20TPS/Lag free
Below is a link to our discord server, read the rules and react to automatically receive your member role.
Make new friends and enjoy a true Minecraft experience, here at Citrus MC, All of the features of Minecraft, are fully included, with no catch.
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2023.05.28 14:39 Clear-Alternative262 How do I tell someone I don't want to play games with them?

I have a friend that I know personally from school that is very good at the game VALORANT and I'm definitely not as good so he has to play on a lower ranked account to play with me. But the thing is that I don't want to play with someone who is going to artificially boost my rank because he is clearly better than the opposition, and everytime we play he just tells me I'm doing something wrong and gets toxic and annoyed on the mic. I just want to play this game for me and focus on myself and keeping a good attitude and improving, but he constantly wants me to play and it's really awkward to tell him what I think because I have to see him at school afterwards. How do I get around this problem?
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2023.05.28 14:39 ToTransistorize A bizarre relationship with an employee, and dealing with loneliness, power dynamics, and genuine care for people.

Hello strangers,
I am looking for a bit of general advice on the topics in the title, based on a specific situation at work that I find myself in. In short, I (24m) have become far too close to an employee (18f) (we'll call her Ella), and it has caused me to realize how lonely I feel, it has caused my professional reputation to fall apart, and I don't know how to move forward because I genuinely care about the employee but I am also realizing that I need to fix my life.
Last year, I graduated from a competitive engineering program at a large university, but decided to stay working as a manager in the service industry because I am passionate about the work and I found the leadership aspect very rewarding (despite the lack of pay and prestige relative to engineering). During school, I found myself very depressed and overwhelmed, and I found that the only way to create enough time to work and take a full-time course load was to cut off many of my personal friendships, which I valued deeply because I am very introverted and have a hard time making friends before my social batteries die. By the time I graduated, I had disconnected from all but one of my close friends, and the only relationships I had left (outside of family) were a few decent ones with my coworkers and employees.
Fast forward to now, and I started becoming very close to Ella because I manage a department that she works in as a top-performing shift supervisor. We get along well, and at some point I started driving her home because our shifts usually go to 1am, and it is expensive for her to call an Uber. These drives started to end with her not wanting to leave the car so we could chat more, then she started asking me to drive her around the city so we could talk without being outside her house. The stupid decision was when I started letting her drive my car so I didn't feel like I was responsible for how late we were together, and now we're at the point where we'll do a small road trip one or twice a week, or we'll park the car somewhere pretty and eat/chat for hours. A month or so ago, she started touching me a lot (which I don't think much of because she's a very touchy person with her friends at work), but this quickly evolved into her wanting to hold my hand for most of our drives. Recently, she started placing my hand on her knee or leg in what seems like a welcome to leave it there. I'm not sure if she sees this as platonic or not, but there are a few problems:
Excuses I tell myself to feel better about the situation:
Bad things that I can admit to myself:
Ella ties into the loneliness topic because I am realizing that much of my dependency on her is probably due to a lack of personal connections that I have. I am deeply connected to my immediate family (mom and sister), and I have 3 great friendships (two are coworkers), but that's it. All of these friends are in relationships, and I feel very lonely when they are out with their significant others, and I am alone at home. As a result, spending a ton of time with Ella has created an unhealthy way to fill that emotional want. Also, I used to love my job and I was intrinsically motivated to be a well-respected top-performer, but now I just see the job as a way to spend time with Ella, and my motivation to perform is dropping dramatically.
I'm at a point where I'm not sure what I need to heado to take the most wholehearted next step. I want Ella to be happy and be successful in her personal and professional life, I want to adjust my own life so I don't feel so lonely and depressed all the time, and I want to go back to the level of satisfaction and respect that I had at work before fraternizing with Ella. On the other hand, I am selfish, and I enjoy spending time with this girl too much to make a real change (mostly out of fear that there is no healthy way to end our relationship that won't damage my ability to be her coach at work, and there is the fear that I will be feel even emptier after, which I'm not sure I could handle).
Thoughts, input, or guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.
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