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2013.10.14 15:58 Brogress

"Bro" is a state of mind and attitude. Brogress is representative of that: The place to show off the ongoing pursuit of a better you, step by step!

2011.06.23 20:54 mindspread progresspics - Show us your body transformations

post those awesome before/after pictures of yours!

2019.02.09 00:02 _th3gh0s7 GirlsxBattle2

Official subreddit of the game Girls X Battle 2.

2023.05.28 15:40 Cool_noona Last 15 days for IPMAT indore!

Coming out straight from the exam hall (jipmat) and posting this here! Last 15 days tell me how I should practice the quants and verbal for indore (I didn't really wanted to tell this but I'm from sc category humesha socha general maan ke padhungi but ab fuck it!) And one more thing I'm a non maths student arithmetic ik but lack of revision and question solving because I was busy solving LR (rohtak n jipmat ik I'm dumb but no gaali pls) and lightly le liya endono ko ab expectation jaisa paper nahi gaya hain and It is scaring the shit outta me. How many Mocks ab last days mein? How to attempt Mocks? How many questions to solve and practice? Conceptual lectures mein how much time to invest? Pls help guys!
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2023.05.28 15:40 Meme_asaurus Looking for an inexpensive sedan with modern features

Hi all, I'm in the market for a new car and am hoping to get some model suggestions. Here are some of the things I'm looking for:
One model I've picked out as a potential candidate is the Elantra N-line. Although it is compact it does seem to have a good amount of headroom according to reviews.
I like the reliability of Hondas/Toyotas but am not a huge fan of paying the extra dealer premiums on top of the MSRP and would prefer to avoid it. I expect to trade the car up in ~5 years so super long reliability is not the biggest concern for me.
Are there any other models that are worth looking into?
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2023.05.28 15:40 Raiste1901 Lesson 1. Phonology

The Thulnuson phonemic inventory is described, based mostly on the phonology of the Kohosányis dialect. Despite the native speakers using the traditional writing system, common for all Hinuus languages, I shall provide a much more convenient romanisation system, based on the Latin alphabet, modified to represent all phonemes of the language. The spelling may look overwhelming at first, but it is rather simple and regular, once the reader understands the basic rules. There are no silent letters, but there are digraphs – two letters that represent one sound (such as the English combination "sh", used for the [ʃ] sound). In Thulnuson, however, each letter or digraph always represents one sound (with the exception of "n"), thus the letter "a" always correspond to the sound [ɑ], unlike in English, where "a" in "father", "lake" and "about" represents three different sounds.
The dialect of Kohosányis has the following vowel phonemes:
ii /iː/ üü /yː/ uu /uː/
i /ɪ/ ü /ʏ/ u /ʊ/
e /ɛ/ ee /eː/ ö /œ/
a /ɑ/
The inventory of consonants is given in the following table:
m n /n̪/ ny /ɲ/ n (ŋ)
p t c /t͡s̺/ k
ph /pʰ/ th /tʰ/ ch /t͡s̺ʰ/ kh /kʰ/
s /s̺/
w d /ð̞/ y /j/ g /ɰ/, or Ø h /ɦ/ or /h/
l ly /ʎ/
The sound /pʰ/ is recognised as a separate phoneme from /p/ for the sake of symmetry, but its presence is marginal, being found only in loanwords from the lowland dialects.
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2023.05.28 15:40 IchbinJonqs Just finished my second model ever!

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2023.05.28 15:38 Agile_Sea5781 Does this guy like me? Or is he just playing with my feelings?

In February (2023) when the new semester started, I started noticing this guy in my gym class. It was the very first day, and I couldn’t tell if he was looking at me because he was across the gym, and I was standing next to the teacher who was explaining how the class was going to work. I just had this feeling he wasn’t staring at the teacher. But I grew up being bullied by boys in school, so I didn’t think anything weird, I summed it up to him listening to the teacher.
But things started getting weirder. The second day of class, the class were doing the daily walk around the gym. And this guy turns around, and we make eye contact. Now, from just words, it doesn’t sound like much. It honestly sounds like nothing. But I had this feeling he was trying to take a peek at me, because of how fast we made eye contact.
I noticed he changed his route home. Instead of walking home, he would take the bus. He always went to the bus stop across from mine. It was weird how often I saw him compared to last semester. I almost never saw him, and our school is so small, if you wanted to hide from someone, you might as well stay home.
My first class is across from his, and sometimes, if he was too late to go in, he would wait at the end of the hall for the bell to ring, then walk by my class as I’m walking out. I knew that was weird because his second class is downstairs. Also, there was this short period of time where he would skip the whole day, but he always made sure to make it to gym class, even if he was 40 minutes late.
The things that happen in gym, are what I call “small moments” because I didn’t really tell these details when telling everyone about this situation, because I didn’t wanna come off as delusional. But when he played volleyball with his friend, he always are sure to get a clear view of me. If he didn’t have a clear view, he would make his friend switch places with him. There was this other time where the class was playing volleyball, we were on the same team, and he was standing in front of me, and he kept doing quick 360 turns every few minutes. I thought it was just a weird quirk at the time. Anyway, at some point, I give up playing and sit on the benches behind the players. The other team are filled with the classes best players, so the balls kept flying at me. This girl spikes a ball so hard, and I can see it flying towards me so fast, so I duck and hide my face. But this guy ends up saving my ass, risking making his friend fall back in the process. I think that’s when I started to feel things lol.
There was this other time where the class was playing lahockey (mixture of lacrosse n hockey) and I almost accidentally bump into this other dudes chest, and right after that, this guy finds a way to swerve past me, like so close I could smell his cologne. That confused me, because there was so much room, there was no need for him to be THAT close.
At some point, I started doing things to see if he might actually like me or if I was just seeing things. I changed my usual spot in gym, to see if he would change his spot so he could see me. He ended up switching spots, where he could see me. Then I started hanging around my brother more, and that’s where I saw some things.
My brother liked to visit me in gym, because the teacher is chill with visitors, and all the fun people were in my class. There were only a few people at school that knew we were siblings, and I’m 100% sure he wasn’t one of them. He didn’t seem like himself whenever he saw me and my brother hanging out.
This one time, my brother walked in while the kids were playing keep up with the volleyball, and I turned my head for like 5 seconds, and when I went back to watching them, the guy wasn’t there anymore. He was sitting away from my view, using his phone. I didn’t even know he had phone- he never brought his phone out, like ever. No even during lunch.
During that same class, my brother and I play with a basketball, and he was making all these trick shots and I was cheering him on. When it came time to put everything away, this guy takes a basketball, makes a cool ass shot, and leaves. I didn’t even know he played basketball, he always has a volleyball in his hands. That was the first time I saw him with a basketball, then after that, I would see him play with a basketball by himself, when he would usually play volleyball with his friend.
Before spring break, he stopped trying to pretend to seem like he wasn’t looking at me, and just straight up looked at me. Head turn, body turn, eye contact. It was no longer “hidden” glances.
He would purposefully try and be closer, whether it be him going to the areas I frequent, or him running beside me in gym. There was this one time, where he kind of just stood next me. No reason for him to be there, because his friend was already leaving. (These two are always together)
It was the last day before spring break, and he comes to gym. He stands beside where I was sitting for a few minutes, then leaves. Did he just show up to class for 5 minutes? Why bother showing up if you’re just going to skip? and on the LAST day? I thought that was weird. I would’ve left during break lol
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2023.05.28 15:37 carajean2725 Any advice on loose skin?

I have lost about 60 lbs since November 22. My trouble area is my arms and thighs. My arms still look big to me but are starting to sag. On 15mg, but the coupon is ending, so will be my journey. I have started to space the doses out because I would like to lose another 40 lbs.
What have yall done to combat this?
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2023.05.28 15:37 Overall-Estate1349 Eras of Internet Memes starter pack

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2023.05.28 15:37 PokeNaj1 How to get battle pose N

I am createing Black Frieza Cac and I wanted to give him this attack. I googled it but nothing came out
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2023.05.28 15:37 w3sterday If you are in Enid, there are planning/zoning meetings in June/July that affect weed businesses

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2023.05.28 15:36 chronicdreamze Three team trade for Dame’s last chance.

If the Blazers truly are going all in on a championship or bust build.
Trailblazers receive: M. Bridges (BK) P. Siakam (TOR) O. Anunoby (TOR)
Nets Receive: S. Sharpe (POR) N. Little (POR) J. Walker (POR) ‘23 #3 pick (POR)
Raptor’s Receive: A. Simons (POR) J. Nurkic (POR) ‘23 #21 (BK) ‘23 # 22 (BK) ‘23 #23 (POR) ‘25 1st top-10 protected (POR)
Salary matching and contracts work according to 2k.
Blazers would have a starting lineup of: PG-Lillard SG- Bridges SF- Anunoby PF- Grant C- Siakam
I feel like everyone wins in this scenario.(Exception being the obvious very high-risk move by Portland trading their future away to win now)
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2023.05.28 15:34 DigitalMio [WTS] Three Holts (Refined Haptic, Prestige Morpheus, Carbon Fiber V4 Specter); PM2 15V

Further trimming down my collection. Items will be shipped to CONUS via USPS Priority and insured on Tuesday. YOLO > Messages. PayPal FF (no notes).
==================================================================================== Holt Carbon Fiber V4 Specter (Selinko, Video)
Price: $2100
Perfect condition knife. Do not see any imperfections at all, it is like new in box. Knife has been well taken care of between myself and the past two owners. Blade is centered with factory edge. Comes in original pouch, Selinko, and detent tool.
==================================================================================== Prestige Holt Morpheus (Selinko, Video)
Price: $925
Perfect condition knife. Do not see any imperfections at all. Knife has been well taken care of. Blade is centered with factory edge. Comes in original pouch, Selinko, and detent tool.
==================================================================================== Refined Holt Haptic (Selinko, Video)
Price: $825
Perfect condition knife, dual anodized by Holt. Do not see any imperfections at all. Knife has been well taken care of. Blade is centered with factory edge. Comes in original pouch, Selinko, and detent tool.

Spyderco PM2 15V (Video)
Price: $275
Modded knife, with Flytanium bronze hardware, backspacer, and black micarta scales. Blade is centered with factory edge. Extremely sharp and no scratches/imperfections on the blade. Comes in original box, which will also includes original scales and hardware (minus lanyard hole hardware).
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2023.05.28 15:34 Clear_Loquat_1105 i(18)think my brothers friend(22?) likes me but he has a gf

i really don’t know what to do, like it’s important to me that i respect his girl and i also don’t want to ruin the long friendship he has with my brothers. i have 0 feelings for him as i see him as my brothers friend who literally is not single, big no no.
i didn’t know he had a girl till about 2-3 weeks after he added me n which i kept the convos very short or casual until eventually we haven’t talked for a few months. i thought he had broke up with her recently because he was posting kinda angsty heartbreak stuff. but my brother mentioned her yesterday so i guess not.
we have really normal conversations, but he will say things that make them take a different direction. nothing sexual but more so like wanting selfies and saying he wants to see me. i feel pressured to answer because it’s my brothers friend so i just try to move past it a little and talk about whatever game or show we were talking about. i do respond but i wouldn’t say i ‘entertain’ it as my first instinct is to just act like it didn’t happen and blabber on about something else, i also rarely text first.
my mother thinks i should talk to my brothers about it, my cousin says ghost him, but i think i should tell him to refrain from saying that sort of thing as i don’t want to cause anything or give the wrong impression. my cousin said if i do this it may make it a bigger issue.
how should i go about this? i don’t want to give off the wrong intentions or ruin my brothers friendship
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2023.05.28 15:33 ZengANiu23 Thank you God of RNG!

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2023.05.28 15:33 lamiaDepp Broken nail 😣😣

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2023.05.28 15:33 WholesalerElite Shurhold Hammerhead Quick Release Brush

Shurhold Hammerhead Quick Release Brush
The Hammerhead
Fits all Shurhold Handles "One handle does it all"
Quick Release SHUR-LOK II Fits all Shurhold handles
Ergonomic For comfortable hand held use
Bi-Level Design One brush to clean hulls & decks
Over 300 Soft Tufts The thicker the better
Integrated Bumper Protection from any angle
  • Type: Tools & Accessories
  • Box Dimensions: 5"H x 6"W x 9"L WT: 1.15 lbs
  • UPC: 703485221105
Buy now : https://www.wholesalerelite.com/collections/winterizing-1/products/shurhold-hammerhead-quick-release-brush-2110
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2023.05.28 15:32 0gravitea [F4A] (Playing M) Horror + Dark Romance

Hello!! I’m Mina. I’m currently looking for a partner. I adore horror and dark romance themes, so I would like someone with similar interests!
About me:
I’m 23, so I’m looking for partners who are around my age. No minors please!
I also write exclusively in 3rd person, so I would prefer people who also do the same. I really don’t like “i” or “you”, so we might not be compatible if you use these POVs for writing!
I only write female characters, sorry!!
My writing length varies, but you’ll always get around 2-3 paras from me, so I would like a similar response length. I love romance, SoL, adventure/action, fantasy themes. I also write on discord!
Themes and Plots:
Themes I love: Horror, unstable romance, power dynamics, stockholm syndrome, eldritch entities, yakuza, gods and goddesses, monsters, one-sided love, love triangles, hanahaki-like themes, yandere, opposites attract, otome games, etc.
Plot ideas, with my character being A and yours B:
Some other things I would love to write are: Good Girl (A) x Bad Guy (B), Fan (A) x Idol/Celebrity/Band Member, Civilian/Innocent (A) x Mafia (B), Priestess (A) x Demon (B), Angel (A) x Demon (B)
Fandom Prompts/What I’m currently into:
I also am up for other fandoms! I know a bit but not a lot, my era is really 2010’s anime and magical girl shows!
If you’ve made it this far, please tell me your age, which plot you liked most, and what kind of drink you like!! If you have plots of your own that kinda vibe with mine as well, i’d love to hear them!
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2023.05.28 15:32 GingerPolarBear Match Thread: Eredivisie Matchday 34 - Simulcast

Last matchday of the Eredivisie of the 2022-2023 season.
Champion and relegation battles have already been decided in the prior weeks. The main battle is for 2nd to 4th place between PSV, Ajax and AZ. Another ongoing battle is for 8th between SC Heerenveen and RKC Waalwijk, which is interesting for the play offs for European football.
FC Volendam 3 - 0 Excelsior
D. van Mieghem (10'), S. van Gassel OG (23'), F. Antonucci (27')
FC Utrecht 1 - 1 FC Emmen
Van der Hoorn (2'), Romeny (35')
FC Twente 1 - 1 Ajax
D. Tadic (31'), Ugalde (47')
SC Heerenveen 1 - 0 Go Ahead Eagles
P. Bochniewicz (43')
FC Groningen 0 - 1 Sparta Rotterdam
J. de Guzmán (25')
Red card: N. Musampa (24')
Fortuna Sittard 0 - 0 NEC

Feyenoord 0 - 1 Vitesse
M. van Ginkel (43')
SC Cambuur 2 - 0 RKC Waalwijk
R. Uldrikis (50'), D. Sambissa (52')
AZ 0 - 0 PSV Match Thread
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2023.05.28 15:31 Sankta_Koroleva Feeling n at work

I’m at work for the next five and a half hours. I just started feeling n, and I think part of it is cause I chugged coffee earlier because I’m not used to being awake this early. But now I’m regretting it, and I’m getting super anxious and feeling worse because of the anxiety. Please help!!! I have no one to relieve me if I need to leave early.
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2023.05.28 15:30 Brandyscloset9 Question about Increasing dose from .25 to. 50

Hi. I'm currently on. 25mg and will be finishing my 2nd injectible pen this Monday. My Dr told me to stay on .25 for as long as I could only because he thinks I may have nausea, which I get waves of every now and than, mostly in the mornings. I've lost about 7 lbs but feel like I'm at a plateau now. Any suggestions about increasing to .50mg? Thank you.
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2023.05.28 15:30 Snipeesnopee gender crisis plz help.

hello everyone, it's my first time posting on this sub reddit, but it's for a serious reason;
a little background, I am from a country called Morocco, those familiar with it probably already now it's stance on LGBTQ ppl, illegal.
As of now, I am in the last year of highschool, like a week away from graduation, and 4 years ago when I was in my last year of middle school I came out as trans (FTM) to myself as well as to a couple close friends that I trust, I was so sure of it all, growing up I always exhibitied those signs that many trans ppl exhibit (not saying U gotta have those to be trans) but for example, I used to tell my cousin I wished to be a boy, refuse to play with girl toys my parents bought until they started buying me just "boy" toys (cars, nerfs, idk lego city or ninjago 😭😭 u get it)
So obv ik these sorts of things don't rlly determine gender, but it was way more than just that: when I had the realization at first, I was going through a really tough part of my life, dealing with depression I was really suicidal and anxious all the time, all that fun stuff.. I really hated how I looked and felt this sort of pure disgust towards my body, when I realized I was trans I felt much more happier, I cut my hair, dressed more masc n used tape occasionally (obv my parents didn't know) and many ppl used he him pronouns for me, yes even here in this country (younger generation is cooler ab stuff like this) it even came to a point in second year of highschool where like, my ENTIRE class knew I was trans, and were nice and accepting except like 2 ppl (one of whom sexually assaulted me cz m trans and he wanted to fix me? it was rlly traumatizing and I couldn't tell any adult cause he'd out me :/).
Anyway I guess everything was going relatively good, that until, my mom went through my phone, still to this day I don't know how, her attitude changed towards me, she woke me up at 6 am and told me to leave the house immediately after yelling and crying and having like idk a panic attack?? I felt like she'd drop any second and I WAS freaked out, she kept saying I was corrupted by evil LGBT agendas or whatev😭😭 (my parents r conservative muslims, just to clear it up.) I left, and went to school that opened until 10 am that day, so I just stayed in front of the school crying thinking my mom was gonna kick me out, I decided to come out to the chillest aunt I had, just to make sure I had somewhere to go in case things go to shit, she had a relatively good reaction for adults in my country (she said I might be confused N I should think more, but she always welcomes me in her home N accepts me however this turns out.)
Anyway I deleted half my phone that day n came back home in the evening, my mom just didn't talk to me for a month, and from that point on, she prohibited me from cutting my hair (I have long ish hair now), she threw away so much of my wardrobe and started examining me TOO much. so yea, it's been shitty I was forced to stay fem presenting for this past year and a half.
so flash forward to the present, I am one week away from graduation.. thinking I might finally move out of this hellish country, probably to germany, if it's not next year then the one after. For the past year I been fantasizing about finally socially and medically, but that brought about other thoughts too, I'll never be able to come back to my country here, that even w all the crap, I still love, my parents will most likely disown me, most of my family actually, and just thinking about this all makes me wanna vomit. idk if I can survive alone in a foreign country with no one. what makes all this worse, is I love my mom to the moon and back, and this hurts too much.
I have thought of suicide alot lately, but I figured even despite all this, I don't want to die, I have so many dreams and things I wanna give, and do, I don't wanna be pushed to die but it feels like it's happening.
but yesterday, and also like another random day 2 weeks ago, there was these new thoughts that started popping up in my head, what if I am cis?? it sounds ridiculous after all this, but the more I thought about it the more serious it got, suddenly I could imagine myself as a grandma or as a girlfriend, I still feel utter disgust for some words like mother or woman, and feel abit weird about my tits, but it's not all that bad, I think it's possible for me to be a girl, I don't know. I thought that maybe I should just seriously try being a girl and see how that goes.
but then on the flip side, I can easily imagine myself being a man as well, as a father, or boyfriend, or man or grandpa... I can see it too well.
but at this point I have NO idea what is right any more, both sound so convincing, I don't know anymore where any of my feelings come from if it's just my depressions that R messing with my head, what the hell is going on, I don't know at all who tf I am anymore and it's really trippy. idk man. I feel horrible.
ik I should prolly talk this over with a gender professional, but I don't really have access to that right now.. so yea sorry this is insanely long but thx if you read up to here.
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2023.05.28 15:30 vortexkeyboard 🎉𝙋𝘾𝟲𝟲 𝙞𝙨 𝙗𝙖𝙘𝙠 𝙞𝙣 𝙨𝙩𝙤𝙘𝙠!🎉

Great news! Our PC66 is now in stock again!
For those who don't know what our PC66 is, PC66 is a keyboard that was inspired by IBM PCjr keyboard. We have modernized it and it could be used under wireless connection! (Bluetooth and 2.4GHz)
If you are looking for a vintage looking, hot swappable, 65% layout and with wireless functionality keyboard, PC66 is the one for you!


PC66, a modernized PCjr
✅Triple-mode (Type-C, 2.4GHz, and Bluetooth 5.0)
✅Hot-swappable design, could choose from a wide selection of Cherry and Gateron switches to personalize your typing experience
✅Programmable via Vortexgear GUi, allowing for customized key mappings and macros to meet individual needs
✅Silicon dampening pads, absorb and cancel the unwanted noice, and makes the keyboard THOCK.
✅N-key rollover, ensure every keystroke is accurately registered.
✅OEM profile PBT Dye-sub keycaps
✅Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems
✅Barebone version available

ᴊᴏɪɴ ᴏᴜʀ ᴅɪsᴄᴏʀᴅ
ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡ ᴜs ᴏɴ ɪɴsᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍ
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2023.05.28 15:28 Blue4Eternety College Of Brainwashing - Because Why Work When Others Can Do Your Bidding?

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