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2023.05.28 14:49 cblankity Chris Morris explains the state of General Practice at the LMC conference

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2023.05.28 14:49 ITSupervisor24 BPI Credit Card Inquiry

BPI Credit Card Inquiry
Hi All,
I’d like to ask some help regarding BPI CC. I applied via BPI app last Saturday then I received via email the attached photo together with the attached photo the email state to wait for 5 days for the delivery of my card. Does that mean my application has been approved?
Thank you in advance.
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2023.05.28 14:47 tube_radio Brodin heals the man by the pool

''' One day, Brodin was walking within one of the many Temples of many purpose, and bore witness to a man holding his back in pain, grimacing as he entered the pool. Brodin stopped, and asked the man how long he had been in such a state. "Almost 30 years," replied he, "but I will go back to my chiropractor next week". Brodin asked of him "For how long have you been visiting a chiropractor?" The man replied "Since I was but a lad, almost 30 years!" Brodin spake, saying, "Pick up your towel, and walk!" The man did so.
Brodin spake again saying, "Now, warm thyself up with glute raises, lunges, and overhead squats!" The man did likewise. Brodin spake yet again saying "Starting this day you shall do sets of squats, planks, and standing row. The following day you shall pick up thy bar and lift as if lifting the dead, follows by lat pull-downs. Now, let us see thy form!" The man performed a few reps of each, taking heed of Brodin's instruction and correcting himself. Spake Brodin: "Thou shalt attend to thy posture and form at all times." The man believed, and the man's back became strengthened! ''''
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2023.05.28 14:47 Fit_Heron_6783 Wow! TwoXIndia is a toxic shithole

Damn! The members there label you a man just because you don't want to join them in hating men. I made a huge mistake of commenting without realizing how toxic it is. But soon, I got repeated replies telling me I am a man, asking mods to ban me because THEY THINK I am a guy.
There is name-calling, abuse, shaming on the simplest things. I refused to hate on men. I took a stand that not all men are creeps and the ridiculous "19 out of 20 men" are creeps philosophy, random comments of "RAPE" on a thread nowhere near to it.. That sub is some real piece of shit.
There is outright bullying by women. On one comment, I supported the stance that women are initiating divorce but no, they are still no convinced. Because they want to hear bad stuff about men. Out of nowhere, there are accusations of being westernized, misogynist and a larper. I had to read my comments repeatedly to notice what was so wrong? Nothing! I had an opinion and it did not involve hating on men.
That is it! It is clear that hating men is a prerequisite to participate in that sub.
As much as I agree that I have personally not known many nice men, but I have met quite a few of them. It does not allow my conscience to label all of them as creeps, bring out random story of rape. It is because men bring out stuff about false cases and feminism in women centric posts and I hate it equally and try to practice what I preach by not doing it to the male gender either.
Wow, I am overwhelmed at the quality and mindset of women on that sub. Toxic af!
I have not had to prove my gender nor state it anywhere till now but this is just frustrating.
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2023.05.28 14:47 shunted61 SLP-CCC to provide teletherapy in US from abroad?

I find information scarce about providing speech virtually in US while residing abroad. I realize that many teletherapy companies require that the therapist be licensed in both the state where clients reside as well as the state where the therapist is located. Is this law or just company policy? I've been told by E-therapy, one of the companies at which I work, That I would need to be licensed in the country in which I would reside. In my case, this would be Chile. I have had zero luck getting information about licensing for SLP as an English speaking SLP. Isn't anyone in the world doing this? ANY information re: this topic would be most appreciated.
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2023.05.28 14:46 DerpAnarchist Could it be correct that Chinese hold the term "Manchuria" to be "offensive"?

While talking with some Chinese on the internet, "Manchuria" seems to be considered incorrect in some sense and was met with hostility.
From my previous knowledge it was used just as a geographical term, to describe the area north of Korea inhabited by the Manchus (Tungus).
According to them, "Manchuria" is a "artificial" term, first created for "Manchukuo" (Manchu nation), a Japanese puppet state. Some of them use "Northeast China" instead, which seems very political.
The modern PRC uses "Heilongjiang", which is a Chinese translation of the older Jurchen name "Saxaliyan Ula" (Black water dragon river).
Is it true that (Han) Chinese hold the term "Manchuria" to be inacceptable?
For historical purposes (pre-modern era) it's use as a convenient and direct geographical term leaves if with the least political implications compared to alternatives, while it is more specific of a term than "Northeast Asia".
For anything prior to the 17th century, "Northeast China" would make little sense, since the area clearly was not under the control of China (Ming dynasty) or any Chinese political entity, while it also was not populated by Sino-Tibetan speakers like today.
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2023.05.28 14:46 ThrowRA-alreadyannoy My (25F) husband (29M) denied texting escorts and claims his phone was hacked.

Hello Reddit users!
Throwaway account & my first post ever. Please don’t rip into me too much.
I (25 F) moved across the country to marry Sam (29 M). Because of culture, Sam and I didn’t have a long time to get to know each other before getting married. Our talking stage was about a year and long distance. Sam wasn’t willing to leave his home and move to my state, so I packed my bags and moved here for him. We’ve been married for two years and a few incidents have happened leaving me unsure of how to move forward.
About four months after moving with Sam, I was trying to plan him a surprise party. So with his permission I went through his phone to find his friends numbers. Instead I found messages to escorts and a few payments that were made to them. When I confronted him, and even now, he denies doing this and claims someone hacked his Apple ID - allowing them access to his messages and money apps. I found. That hard to believe because whoever “hacked” him sent some pretty personal information.
After looking through more of his phone, I found that he was messaging women on social media and hanging out with his friends (who openly cheat) when he told me he was going to work.
Besides telling me it wasn’t him who sent the escort messages, he didn’t do anything that made me feel like he was really hacked. He just went on living his normal life and said he was too “scared” to pursue the hackers for what they’re capable of doing to him.
Beyond not having closure, Sams friends have all cheated on their wives in front of me and give me some excuse for their behavior. His family is shady too and doesn’t find his behavior to be a problem. They also aren’t very fond of me and also go out of their way to to show me. For example when we let everyone know the date of our wedding party, Sams oldest brother booked a vacation AFTER we told him. His flight out was the day before our event. Sams brother doesn’t have a legit job and therefore travels whenever he wants. He wasn’t limited to that timing and didn’t even have a trip planned before we announced the wedding.
My own family thinks I should just hunker down and be a good wife, that people make mistakes and should be forgiven. They don’t think Sam is capable of doing those types of things and honestly I don’t either, but I saw everything with my own eyes. With everyone telling me to forgive him and move on, I wanted the perspectives of people who aren’t directly involved in our relationship.
I’m wondering if I should stay and try to work things out or just go back home and leave? Am I so young and naive for wanting to leave? Most new couples try to work things out but I’m over his behavior.
Tl;dr- My husband denies cheating after I found stuff on his phone but his friends and family also participate in those behaviors leaving me untrusting.
Thank you Reddit :)
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2023.05.28 14:46 Moelock33 How obnoxious.. not only is it local only, to decrease your chances even further..

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2023.05.28 14:46 rookieswebsite JBP’s recent musings and penned missives about news media

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2023.05.28 14:45 Katanga_ В ответ на пост (УКР, EN, Рус):

В ответ на пост (УКР, EN, Рус):
У твіттері набрало вже понад 16 мільйонів переглядів коротке відео з київського McDonald's опубліковане вчора. Здавалося б, нічого особливого - просто 21 секунда з клієнтами, які сидять за столиками та ходять у залі.
Що ж так здивувало західну аудиторію? Багато хто з них вважає, що війна - це коли всі до єдиного щомиті тільки страждають.
Коментаторі дуже різняться за рівнем адекватності:
- "І після цього вони кажуть, що війна в Україні не фейк?" (про таких конспірологів ми нещодавно розповідали у відео (
- "На це пішли мої податки, чудовий спосіб витратити 400 мільярдів, які США передали Україні"
- "Тут краще (чистіше, безпечніше), ніж у більшості McDonald's у Штатах"
- "Що вас дивує - що в інших країнах є McDonald's, і вони добре виглядають?"
- "Київ - не прифронтове місто"
- "Хіба під час війни люди не можуть їсти фастфуд?"
- "Це можливо завдяки ЗСУ та американській ППО"
Дехто також нагадує, що Лондон 1940-1941 років, коли місто регулярно бомбили німці - це не лише руїни та бомбосховища, а й спроба жити нормальним життям.
До речі, ось трохи знімків, які це доводять.
Фото: Imperial War Museums.


A short video from a Kyiv McDonald's posted yesterday has already garnered more than 16 million views on Twitter. It seems like nothing special - just 21 seconds with customers sitting at tables and walking around the hall.
What surprised the Western audience so much? Many of them believe that war is when every single person suffers every moment.
Commentators vary greatly in their level of adequacy:
- "And after that they say that the war in Ukraine is not a fake?" (we recently talked about such conspiracy theorists in a video (
- "My taxes were spent on this, a great way to spend the 400 billion that the US gave to Ukraine"
- "It's better (cleaner, safer) here than most McDonald's in the United States"
- "What surprises you is that other countries have McDonald's and they look good?"
- "Kyiv is not a frontline city"
- "Can't people eat fast food during the war?"
- "This is possible thanks to the Armed Forces and American air defense."
Some people also remind us that London in 1940-1941, when the city was regularly bombed by the Germans, was not only ruins and bomb shelters, but also an attempt to live a normal life.
By the way, here are some pictures that prove it.
Photo: Imperial War Museums.


В твиттере набрало уже более 16 миллионов просмотров короткое видео из киевского McDonald's опубликованное вчера. Казалось бы, ничего особенного - просто 21 секунда с клиентами, которые сидят за столиками и ходят в зале.
Что же так удивило западную аудиторию? Многие из них считают, что война - это когда все до единого ежесекундно только страдают.
Комментаторы очень разнятся по уровню адекватности:
- "И после этого они говорят, что война в Украине не фейк?" (о таких конспирологах мы недавно рассказывали в видео (
- "На это пошли мои налоги, отличный способ потратить 400 миллиардов, которые США передали Украине"
- "Здесь лучше (чище, безопаснее), чем в большинстве McDonald's в Штатах"
- "Что вас удивляет - что в других странах есть McDonald's, и они хорошо выглядят?"
- "Киев - не прифронтовой город"
- "Разве во время войны люди не могут есть фастфуд?"
- "Это возможно благодаря ВСУ и американской ПВО"
Некоторые также напоминают, что Лондон 1940-1941 годов, когда город регулярно бомбили немцы - это не только руины и бомбоубежища, но и попытка жить нормальной жизнью.
Кстати, вот немного снимков, которые это доказывают.
Фото: Imperial War Museums.
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2023.05.28 14:45 un34vigilant Was Rambo a MACV-SOG Operator?
While the movies never explicitly tell this to us, I believe that Rambo was MACV-SOG Operator due to numerous reasons, reasons such as:
While we never had a fullblow corfirmation in the films (only in COD), it was probably due to the fact that MACV-SOG was only declassified in the 90's and Rambo's first 3 movies were made in 80's and he was not doing military missions in the last 2 movies anymore. Since the existence of Macv Sog still was a secret in the 80's, Rambo and Trautman probably never openly spoke about it, to maintain its secrecy.
More Info on MACV-SOG.
What do you think about this?
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2023.05.28 14:45 _noIdentity Woah! Used Used Pioneer controller at Guitar Center super cheap!!

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2023.05.28 14:44 RipskullGaming Did my first big ride

As title states, did my first big ride yesterday, a total of 500km and 6hours of riding with absolutely not enough stop in between. Anyway, i can barely move my right hand today but it was such a nice lil journey with the last hour being the most painfull as my headset ran out of juice so i was riding with no musics, only the intense fatigue of my right hand. Any of yall got some tips to not be in the same scenario as today? Outside of stopping more frequantly as i learned that the hard way lol was thinking of maybe getting one of them cruise control thingy that locks the throttle in place for future journey but in the meantime ill take whatever tips you can give!
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2023.05.28 14:44 Imaginary-West-5653 What if Hitler was captured by the Yugoslav People's Army in 1945?

In this alternate timeline Hitler decided to visit the Independent State of Croatia in April 1945 as the war was winding down to give them morale on that front, unfortunately while Hitler was visiting the Syrmian Front, it is broken by Yugoslav forces. Hitler then tries to withdraw along with the rest of the Axis forces back to Austria. In that the Soviets would attack Berlin and take it, and since Hitler was isolated in the Balkans and could not be contacted at that time and Gobbels had committed suicide, Donitz would order the surrender of the remaining German forces, Hitler would have been with the Commander Alexander Löhr, when both are captured while trying to escape with what is left of Army Group E from Croatia to Austria. What would Tito do now that he had Hitler in his hands? Would he hand him over to the Big 4 for trial in Nuremberg, or would he try him at his own trial in Yugoslavia? How would the Allied countries and the rest of the world react when they found out that Yugoslavia had captured Hitler? I'm asking this because I've already read many answers about what the Western Allies or Soviets would do if they captured him (basically they would take him to Nuremberg for sure) but I've never considered what Tito would do.
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2023.05.28 14:44 autotldr China's 1st domestically made passenger plane completes maiden commercial flight

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 37%. (I'm a bot)
BEIJING - China's first domestically made passenger jet flew its maiden commercial flight on Sunday, as China looks to compete with industry giants such as Boeing and Airbus in the global aircraft market.
The C919 plane, built by the Commercial Aviation Corporation of China, carried about 130 passengers on the flight, according to state-owned newspaper China Daily.
The flight was operated by state-owned China Eastern Airlines and the side of the plane was emblazoned with the words: "The World's First C919.".
The inaugural flight comes as COMAC looks to break into the single-aisle jet market in a direct challenge to Airbus and Boeing.
The company plans to build 150 C919 planes each year for the next five years, according to earlier state media reports.
Over 1,200 C919 jetliners have been ordered, COMAC says, with China Eastern Airlines under contract to buy five of them.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: C919#1 China#2 flight#3 jet#4 year#5
Post found in /aviation and /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.05.28 14:44 Senior-Campaign-6571 Best VPN For Hulu In Moldova

Why is VPN important For Hulu In Moldova?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is important for accessing Hulu in Moldova for several reasons:
  1. Access to geo-restricted content: Hulu is only available in the United States, which means that if you're located in Moldova, you won't be able to access the service without a VPN. By connecting to a VPN server in the United States, you can bypass geo-restrictions and access Hulu from Moldova.
  2. Security: Using a VPN can help protect your online activity from prying eyes by encrypting your internet traffic. This is especially important when streaming content, as it often involves transmitting personal information and payment details.
  3. Privacy: VPNs can help protect your privacy by masking your IP address and location. This can be useful if you want to stream content anonymously or access content that is restricted in Moldova.
  4. Improved streaming performance: By using a VPN to connect to a US-based server, you can often improve your streaming performance, as your connection will be optimized for the distance between your device and the server.
  5. Compatibility: A VPN can work with a wide range of devices and services, including Hulu, making it a versatile solution for accessing geo-restricted content.
Using a VPN to access Hulu in Moldova can help you access a wider range of content and protect your online security and privacy.

Why Do We Select CovermeVPN?

CovermeVPN is a reliable and affordable VPN service that helps you stay anonymous and secure online. With CovermeVPN, you will get the best services at a cheaper rate. The key features of CovermeVPN is given below :
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2023.05.28 14:43 Idiot-Ramen Jokes aside, WTH

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2023.05.28 14:43 mathiaS0n Looking for some advice?

Tl;dr degree in my state was recently switched to a bio med degree, can do blood, but anything beyond that gives me chills. Need to find way I can get over it bc I really want to get this degree.
Hello i have been in school to get a neruopsych degree for the past 4 years. I was getting all of my pre recs done at a cheaper school before transferring to uni to get the actual degree, but last year the school I plan to transfer to changed my degree and it became a neruoscince biomedical degree to include working with neurosurgery and more in depth than I planed to go. I'm actually happy with this as I intend to do research so I would love all the knowledge I can get. Problem is I am more squeamish than even i enjoy being and it is a med school program. (I had a hard time in anatomy class in h.s) has anyone else experienced this and gotten through it/over it? I caconsciously tell myself that its fine and still think clear enough to fuction as ive had to provide aid to some pretty bad wounds before, I just get a pricking feeling up my spine and my stomach turns. I don't care if I have to volunteer at a morgue at this point I just need to get over it. So any ideas?
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2023.05.28 14:43 Eers_172 shadowing experience

i have a week of shadowing a prosthodontist i knew in the united states, while i was writing my inbde exam i’m an international applicant and not sure if a week of shadowing is sufficient to include on the caapid application pls help?!
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2023.05.28 14:43 meadows1906 A thank you to Qatar

A thank you to Qatar
Today, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful people of Qatar and share a special memory that will forever hold a place in my heart.
the World Cup, I had the privilege of being a guest in your incredible country. From the moment I arrived, I was captivated by the warmth of your hospitality, the vibrant atmosphere, and the wealth of cultural experiences that awaited me at every turn.
One of my fondest memories is strolling through the bustling souq, taking in the sights, sounds, and scents that filled the air. The vibrant tapestry of colors, the intricate handicrafts, and the genuine warmth of the vendors left an indelible mark on my soul.
And oh, the food! Qatar's culinary scene is a treasure trove of diverse flavors and culinary delights. From traditional Qatari cuisine to the fusion of international flavors, every bite was a delightful journey of the senses. I find myself missing those amazing food experiences more and more every day.
In sharing this post, I also want to extend an invitation to the Qatar community. If you'd like to see more about this post or enjoy captivating watch photos, feel free to follow me at TimexTales1854 on Instagram. It's a space where I share my watch-related adventures and stories. However, please know that my intention here is purely to express my gratitude and share my appreciation for the memories I hold dear, rather than promoting myself.
Once again, I want to convey my deepest gratitude to the people of Qatar for welcoming me with open arms and providing me with unforgettable memories. Your kindness, generosity, and vibrant culture have left an everlasting imprint on my soul.
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2023.05.28 14:43 ucorp0123456789 Where can i clean my upholstery in Tashkent Uzbekistan? A guide for guests and local residents of the city.

We clean your furniture at your home, on the spot. Extensive experience in working with materials such as silk, ikat, dermatin, leather, velour, jeans and others. The furniture is classic, loft-style high-tech minimalism requires neatness when cleaning. We clean sofas, armchairs, chairs, kitchen corners, transformer corners, ottomans, mattresses, beds from Italy, Moroccan, local, any. No streaks and stains. We don't talk much, we work fast.
Among the numerous companies we recommend you "GAYA UZ". The main advantage: quality, versatility of cleaning and friendly, multilingual staff in the state. They speak the local language Uzbek, Russian, English.
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2023.05.28 14:43 Idiot-Ramen Jokes aside, WTH

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