Project 1: Hand Pump & Hand Wash Station E. Jonathan Goodridge School

Project 1: Hand Pump & Hand Wash Station

  • Location: E. Jonathan Goodridge School, Barnersville Estate
  • Community: more than 4300
  • Problem: open unsafe wells + distance to walk for fresh water.
  • Construction Date: May 16, 2016  to  June 11, 2016


Impact (Testimonial): Project Impact: The intervention of Montan FDA in this vicinity brought numerous changes to the lives of community dwellers. This community has over Four thousand three hundred dwellers that used some open wells (not treated and safe) to fetch water for drinking and household use. With the aim to strive and make Liberia a better place, the Foundation constructed a hand dug hand pump to eradicate the spread of waterborne diseases, such as diarrhea, cholera, etc. Through the implementation of this project, community dwellers were encouraged to fully participate in community services and a brief lecture on the importance of safe drinking water to a healthy life. Respondents of the community testify that they will always keep their water safe in order to live longer.

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