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The Montan Foundation Development Aid Inc is a Local NGO founded in 2009 by the late Liberian Citizen, Mr. Chris Flomo. The Foundation is named after Mr. Nils G. Montan, a Swedish Businessman and Philanthropist, who lived and worked in Liberia from 1978-1988.

During the organization’s formative stage, Mr. Chris Flomo met his untimely death in December 2010. After Mr. Flomo’s passing, it was Mr.  Montan’s desire to continue helping to meet the needs of the Liberian people, led to the reorganization of the Foundation.  After meeting all legal requirements the Montan Foundation’s office was dedicated on November 1, 2015, and officially opened to the Public on November 2, 2015.

Non-profit disclosure: Registered under the Liberian Law as a Local Non-Governmental Organization.

How it was

Up till now, our people have to walk long distances to get water…. whether it is out of untreated wells, open creeks or streams – water that is often unsafe to drink.

Montan FDA  strives to relieve our communities from those hardships and  to ensure that our people have access to safe drinking water.

Non-profit disclosure: Registered under the Liberian Law as a Local Non-Governmental Organization.