Montan FDA Liberia Hand Wash Projects

Montan Foundation presently provided projects to communities in 3 counties, Montserrado Margibi County and Bong County and hopes to expand to other counties of Liberia, for example, Grand Cape Mount, Barpolu, and Lofa.

The need for safe drinking water in Liberia cannot be overemphasized.

The need for safe drinking water in Liberia cannot be overemphasized.

Has pending requests for 20 hand wash stations in Margibi County for 20 Government Health Centers, 2 hand wash stations for the Booker Washington Institute, a vocational School in Margibi County and 2 hand pumps in Montserrado and Margibi Counties.

All of the communities that have been served still need additional hand pumps.

Montan FDA Liberia Hand Wash Projects


Project 13: 2 Hand Pumps

Location: Booker T. Washington Institute with a student population of about 1800.

Project 12: Hand Wash Station

Location: Dolo Town Health Center

Teams support the health centre in Dolo Ado town, which offers in and outpatient care, maternity care, pediatric care, nutritional assistance, vaccinations, and referrals to Mandera hospital.

Project 11: Hand Pump

Location: Kissi Quarter, Sinyea Town, Suakoko District, Bong County

Impact (Testimonial): With great excitement by the introduction of a hand pump constructed in our community by your NGO to eradicate the use of open wells and difficulties in getting safe drinking water, we are proud to have you informed that we are highly grateful. We can assure you that we the community dwellers will maintain the Hand Pump in order to meet the needs of the growing population. Sinyea Town has a total population of about 6,200 persons. The Kissi Quarter which is the beneficiary has about eight hundred growing population.

Project 10: Hand Wash Station

Type of Project: Hand Wash Station

Beneficiary: Charlesville Clinic

Location: Charlesville, Mamba- Kaba District, Margibi County, Liberia

Impact (Testimonial): We express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the implementation of the project implemented at our facility. The donation of the Hand Wash station was timely and is used by patients, visitors, and staff members as well. Unlike the past, the bucket capacity was very small thus making it very strenuous keep water supply. The facility constructed by you for our use eliminates the strenuous daily supply of water to the hand wash station and has helped meaningfully to decrease the spread of diseases.  This Clinic has fifteen (15) staff members and daily enrollment of (43) patients.

Project 9: Hand Pump

Location: Phebe AirStrip, Suakoko District, Bong County

Community: Zone 5 Community

Impact: Apart from improving phebe Airstrip (Zone -5) community access to safe drinking water and a functional hand pump, this initiative has enhanced the lives of the community dwellers. That is, now they will have free access to safe drinking water from the hand pump constructed by Montan FDA. This vicinity has over eight thousand inhabitants. There is a need for more hand pumps to serve the 9 zones of this community.

Project 8: 2 Hand Wash Stations

Location: H. Rennie Hospital

Community: 14 Road, Kakata

Impact (Testimonial): On behalf of C. H. Rennie hospital staff and patients, we are very happy for this WASH project. This project reminds us of the EBOLA situation that killed thousands of Liberian. Moreover, if this project was here before the EBOLA epidemic, people would not have died like that. This hospital has forty-nine staff and daily enrollment of one hundred fifty patients. This project has slow down minor cases because patients are lectured on the importance of hand washing. 

Project 7: Hand Pump

Location: Sackie Gbhomo Community, Kakata, Margibi County

Community: Sackie Gbhomo Community

Impact (Testimonial): With the deplorable condition experienced by us (community dwellers) in getting water from the swamp and the high cost attached to getting water from a hand pump donated to the community by one NGO, we are not only financially challenged but also constrained to get water from open wells and swamps. We are very proud and highly grateful to see Montan FDA making safe drinking water affordable to this community that has over five thousand inhabitants. We are very proud of this hand pump project donated to us by your Foundation. We hope that the Foundation can assist us with another hand pump in the future.

Project 6: Hand Wash Station

Location: New Destiny Medical Center, Kakata, Margibi County

Community: Bong Mines Road, Kakata

Impact (Testimonial): This medical facility is privately owned and operated by Liberians. We are extremely proud of your intervention by putting our clinic on the map. This WASH project has reduced minor cases that citizens once suffered from. Meanwhile, they are able to properly wash their hands thus eliminating bacteria and germs between the fingers. This project has attracted many customers and resulted in a reduction of minor cases. This facility has nine staff and a daily enrolment of about twenty-four patient.

Project 5: Hand Wash Station

Location: City Clinic, Kakata, Margibi County

Community: Benda Community, New Kakata

Impact (Testimonial): The construction of this hand wash station project has greatly improved infection prevention and save quality service at the facility. We want to assure you that the project will be managed properly and will be used for the intended purpose. This facility has a total number of ten staff and a daily enrollment of patients is about forty-five.

Project 4: Hand Wash Station 

Location: Banjor Community School, Montserrado County

Community: Banjor

Impact (Testimonial): While is true that a school is a place where people learn, let us express our profound gratitude for the donation of the hand wash station given by Montan FDA. This institution has over two thousand five hundred students from both morning and evening sessions. With the introduction of this project; students and teachers are able to wash their hands in order to protect themselves from communicable diseases.

Project 3: Hand Wash Station

Location: Joseph Manyango Clinic, Gbarnga, Bong County

Community: Gbarnga Main Broad Street

Impact (Testimonial): Patients and Staff of our noble Clinic are very proud of your hand wash center project that was erected at our facility to eliminate the spread of diseases. The process of washing our hands is paramount. In addition, this project attracts customers to our facility, because everyone wants to live a healthy life. The enrollment of patients is about thirty-five to forty patients on a daily basis and a total number of eleven staff members.

Project 2B: Hand Wash Station

Location: Kemuel T. Mahteh Medical Center, Bong County

Community: Maimu, Community

Impact: We are very proud of the hand wash that was erected at our facility to eliminate the spread of diseases. It has attracted more patients to our facility. Besides it being exciting to use a modern hand station, it has emphasized the continuous need for hand washing to safeguard against the spread of communicable diseases. The enrollment of patients is more than one hundred on a daily basis and a total number of 15 staff members. 

Project 2: Hand Pump

Location: Sugar Hill, Bong County

Community: Sugar Hill, 6,000 dwellers

Impact: This community had not experienced any hand dug hand pump project since its establishment in Liberia. Montan FDA as a local NGO who aim is to bring smiles on the face of its beloved citizens, took the challenge to provide safe drinking water to a population of about six thousand seven hundred occupants that usually fetch water from swamps, creeks, and open wells. Furthermore, community dwellers expressed a satisfactory concern for the installation of the project that will give them safe drinking water and promise to take good stewardship of the facility in order stop the rapid spread of waterborne diseases.We hope that the Foundation can assist us with more hand pumps in the future. One hand pump is not sufficient to serve this big community.

Project 1: Hand Pump & Hand Wash Station

Location: E. Jonathan Goodridge School, Barnersville Estate

Community: Area T

Impact (Testimonial): Project Impact: The intervention of Montan FDA in this vicinity brought numerous changes to the lives of community dwellers. This community has over Four thousand three hundred dwellers that used some open wells (not treated and safe) to fetch water for drinking and household use. With the aim to strive and make Liberia a better place, the Foundation constructed a hand dug hand pump to eradicate the spread of waterborne diseases, such as diarrhea, cholera, etc. Through the implementation of this project, community dwellers were encouraged to fully participate in community services and briefly lecture on the importance of safe drinking water to a healthy life. Respondents of the community testify that they will always keep their water safe in order to live longer.