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Mr. Göran Montan was born in 1946. He is a Swedish politician from Kristianstad, Skåne County, Sweden.

Göran Montan

Mr Montan lived with and without his family from 1977 until 1988 in Liberia. During this time Montan launched and ran his company Liberia Aggregates Corp, Lagro, in the Liberian capital of Monrovia. MrMontan managed his crush-rock business successfully. It was only after the military coup in 1980 that his crush-rock business became more difficult. However, he stayed on for many more years as he was extremely resourceful. No matter how he fared, Mr. Montan always had the greatest regards for the needs of his employees.

Besides his family and work, Mr.Montan was involved in many social activities. Be it for the horse riding club, the school of his children A.C.S., the Lakpazee Zoo, and his interest in Liberian wildlife and folklore.

His house on Sugar Beach was a place where friends, be it Liberians or Expatriates, were always welcome. Being an excellent cook and host you were lucky to be invited to share dinner with him and his family.

Since the 1998 election, when he was elected to Kristianstad city council, Montan has been politically active on the municipal level and served as the group leader for the Conservatives in the municipality.

In 2006, Mr. Montan was elected to the Swedish Parliament and was a member until 2014. He served in the Parliamentary Culture Committee and Tax Committee and the Nordic Council’s Swedish delegation. In 2010, Mr. Montan was commissioned by the government as president and vice president of the Foundation for Swedish-Icelandic Cooperation Fund, which aims to promote cooperation and exchange between countries.

In 2010, Montan’sre-election campaign for parliament was highly acclaimed by the advertising community and media. Campaign posters consisted of pastiches of the known films Forrest Gump, Gran Torino and Rocky. The campaign won a second prize in the category: “Best print/media for the Southern Swede Region.”

Mr. Montan has a great interest in the breeding of Icelandic horses and was for many years chairman of the Swedish-Icelandic Federation. At his farm Margaretehof in Everöd in Southern Sweden, Mr.Montan and his family run an Icelandic horse center. The breeding takes place mainly at the family farm outside Reykjavik, Iceland.

During and after his time in parliament, Mr. Montan continues to be engaged in private philanthropy in West Africa and in North America.

Chief Executive Officer Esther K Ricks


MBA International Management BBA Accounting

Over 20 years of professional experience as an accountant. Over 8 years of experience as human resources professional and administrator.  



Operations/IT Lead – 

Paye Bill Gabie

B.Sc.  Economics

Diploma Computer Network Engineering Certificate HR Training Over 7 years of working experiences as computer Network Manager and consultant. Over 5 years of working experiences as a construction supervisor.  

Project/Finance Coordinator – 

Arthur Jao


BSc. Accounting, Economics Minor

4 yrs experience in Finance and Administration. 2 yrs experience in Projects

Göran Montan & Anja van Ditmarsch - Rotterdam 2016
Göran Montan & Anja van Ditmarsch – Rotterdam 2016


Anja van Ditmarsch  DVM

Lived from 1978 – 1989 with her four sons and adopted daughter Esther ( now CEO of MFDA) in Liberia where she ran her own veterinary clinic.

Now retired and living in Rotterdam.