CWC Training

CWC (Community Water Committee)


CWC is a sub component of the sustainability aspect of the WASH package. It gives community dwellers the opportunity to learn basic pump maintenance of the WASH Project. That is, replacement of u -seal, bush bearing, and management of cash box system.

Participants are opportune to learn about waste management and basic hygiene practices during the CWC training.

Seven Participants per community are allowed to participate in the CWC training as per the requirement of the WASH sector of Liberia.

Montan FDA as a partner of the WASH sector of Liberia did three (3) WASH projects (Hand Pumps) in three (3) communities in Margibi County, Liberia and trained twenty one (21) participants from those communities in Margibi County. This training was coordinated among three (3) WASH partners, namely: Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Health (Margibi County) and Montan FDA.

During the training, beneficiaries of those communities were given tool kits to take post project maintenance of the hand pump throughout the life span of the project considering minor repairs of the hand pump as enshrined in the MOUs that were signed by beneficiary communities.

The closing ceremony was attended by the CEO, Mrs. Esther K. Ricks during which time she encouraged participants of the training to make use of the knowledge acquired and go back to their communities to impact others.