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A subreddit devoted to showing Ted Cruz in all his insane manifestations and pointing out how wrong this man really is. By sourcing facts, many of which Ted Cruz himself had stated in the past, I hope to make this a bit of a political siren call for anyone who thinks this man is a danger to American politics.

2023.06.06 18:36 Emotional_Media_819 Do I have PCOS?

I just read about Tim McGraw’s daughter taking ozempic to help her weight loss due to PCOS.
I then went down a rabbit hole..
I was randomly diagnosed with hard to treat hypertension at only 22. I’m on 3 different pills for it now and nobody knows the cause for it.
I work out so much and do intermittent fasting, starve myself, I’ve done it all!! And cannot lose weight! I workout and eat so healthy more than anyone I know but still have 15 lbs I just can’t lose.
Is there a correlation here in anybody’s opinion? I’ve always been on the hairy side since before puberty. I shaved my legs for the first time in 5th grade cause I was getting teased for it! But that was before puberty.
Anyone here get diagnosed due to their unknown caused hypertension?
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2023.06.06 18:36 salomekit Feel like my moms the reason I’m hating my life

Im not the person to point fingers and say he/she’s the reason why this and that. My brothers fled the nest, my dad left. I’m the youngest sibling and only daughter. I feel envy towards my brothers and even my dad because I feel as though my dad stole what I was meant to do. He left when things got “too difficult” with the family business. I’m the one that’s supposed to leave and discover life, go to school. Instead I’m my moms only support system it feels like. I can’t even talk to someone without her getting angry that I’m not putting enough effort in helping her. I’m not doing enough. I really just want to jump on a plane to India. One persons happiness is not your responsibility. Just wish she understood that. I’ve never been so unhappy. I’m drowning. I deserve much more.
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2023.06.06 18:35 ernie3tones Thrift store Molly!

Thrift store Molly!
So while shopping for clothes with my daughter the other day at a thrift store, I spotted a pair of dolls behind the counter. I asked to look at them. One was a Felicity marked “American Girl” on the neck. The other, I took to be a “Girl of Today” doll, with light brown hair, grey pinwheel eyes, and the classic mold. I got her home and inspected her more closely, and I found that she had the little short hairs on the back of her head…just like the Molly I got for my 8th or 9th birthday (‘89-‘90). I was shocked, to say the least. I paid less than $8 for her. She was wearing some generic clothing (no tags) and a pair of white AG sneakers with lavender trim. I had originally purchased her to try my had at cleaning and customizing a doll, but now I’m unsure. Should I go ahead with customization, or should I attempt to restore her? Her hair is like straw, and her left eye has a bubble in it. She needs to be cleaned and restrung, which isn’t difficult. What would you do?
First picture is the doll next to my childhood PC Molly. Then the back of the head and the face. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 18:35 SnarkyLola Shiny Happy People….I have questions

Overall I found the docuseries to be well done and very interesting…but disjointed in some areas. I wonder why the producers chose not to explore the following….perhaps there will be a season 2?
  1. Stay at home daughters…one of the ultimate examples of control under the umbrella of authority. I would have liked some coverage on that, it’s not just a Jana issue….
  2. The letters written to the judge before Josh’s sentencing. Those were made available to the public and are classic IBLP-speak. I think an expert could have broken them down to provide insight for the viewers. Excusing Pest’s crimes continues to this day by people around the diligent crumb sweeping, fort building, widow supporting piece of crap he is.
  3. Who is running the IBLP today. No mention of Gil Bates or the Bates family. Some might find them a more palatable fundie family, but their show was abruptly cancelled and he is currently on the IBLP board…..I think.
  4. The Joshua Generation infiltrating our government by attempting to place Christian homeschool graduates as high as the US Supreme Court. While I definitely found this information interesting, it was disjointed to me. This series was about the IBLP…..I thought ATI was the equivalent of educational negligence? How did we jump to them attending Harvard? That just confused me as a viewer, seemed out of left field.
I’d love to know if anyone else noticed these things or did I miss the mark on any of it?
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2023.06.06 18:34 Putrid-Maximum1569 Vent: Dealing with my daughters stepmom abusing her, started a custody case, while being a SAHM and managing everything else with no help

I honestly just need to vent because I feel like my head is going to explode.
Since the fall, there have been multiple incidences where my daughter comes home from her dads (50/50) telling me her stepmom (let’s call her Mary) has abused her either physically, emotionally or both - as well as her mom and grandmother.
Multiple reports were filed, it made coparenting a hostile almost non existent thing.
I tried speaking to her dad about my concerns but they were just met with gaslighting and more hostility. So I retained a lawyer.
Since then, her dad has not even managed to meet me at exchange (he has me going to the corner store between our houses, we live a street away from each other) and instead has sent Mary. There has been no coparenting, no communication at all, which is fine considering the alternative wasn’t great either.
My daughter told me that Mary has now resorted to talking badly about me to her, saying “I tell her to misbehave when she goes there,” and “I make her have trauma responses when she’s there” (impossible). Mary and dad are also trying to get information from my daughter.
I’m a SAHM with my 8 year old daughter, 2 year old and 15 month old sons. I manage the entire household, groceries, meal plans, my daughters school life, our animals, everyone’s appointments etc. my husband works until 5pm and so when my daughter has a therapy appointment I need to seek out someone to be here with our boys, and we only have two people who can do that.
On Sunday I ask my sister if she will, she says yes, and then the next day asks me to ask my mother in law because “it’s in the middle of the day and she has stuff around the yard she would like to do.”
Which is annoying because she already said yes, she lives closer and she knows I don’t overly prefer when my mother in law watches them. It’s also annoying because we have little to no support system and now half of it is seemingly unreliable.
It pisses me off because I am carrying the weight of all of this. When I tell my sister about what they’re doing to her, she says she’s “so mad and upset,” and encouraged me to take it to court and that “she’d be here for me for whatever I need.”
Although my husband is in the same house and involved in this legal situation, Mary and dads attacks are only toward me and I’m hearing from my daughter what she’s going through every Sunday when she comes home - which is heartbreaking and then obviously causes me to fill with anger and sadness. So the emotional weight is on me alone.
Everyone is apparently so upset by it all, yet I’m dealing with this specifically while trying to manage everything else in our lives. Everyone is so upset but no one asks me if I need anything, and when I do they’re unreliable, no one is checking in with me to see how I’m doing when I’m here alone with the kids for 9 hours (my kids scream, a lot and are very high needs).
I’m just so drained and really envy those who have a village.
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2023.06.06 18:32 LoveInTheLight Did Rebecca foreshadow total football in S1, E10?

Doing a re-watch of season 1 and Rebecca says this in the last episode of the season when Ted is in Rebecca's office and she says he has a different perspective because he has never coached football before:
"But who cares? There's a great saying in Dutch football. "Every disadvantage has its advantage". Sure, you don't know what you're doing, but doesn't that mean that you see the game in a different way than any other football manager? And shouldn't that empower you to cause complete and utter confusion? Cause confusion or create chaos."
Thought this was a good wink at total football in S3 :)
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2023.06.06 18:30 Capital-Complaint502 What has someone told you that really stuck in your brain?

Open ended question.
I had a close friend (on the spectrum - not trying to be hurtful or funny) tell me before my daughter was born he hoped I could get my drinking under control because he “never met a woman with an alcoholic father that didn’t have daddy issues”. As if it were inevitable I would give her trauma.
This was two years ago and I think about it in many different ways/feelings at least once a week. Sometimes I think F that guy. Other times I think of my sisters and mourn, other times I use it to not drink out of fear he is right. He said it in passing and probably never thought it would impact me but it has.
I don’t think this is the most helpful or true thing that could be said to an alcoholic but it sure has stayed with me for better or worse.
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2023.06.06 18:29 dibbiluncan Would you take a vacation with your SO but without your LO?

I’m a single mom newly dating someone, and everything is going really well. He recently hinted that he’d like to take me on a weekend trip sometime this summer, but we’re not ready for “family” vacations yet. I told him that based on the only baby book I’ve read (Bringing Up Bebe) that it would be perfectly fine for me to leave my three year old with family or close friends for the occasional vacation. And I mean it. I love my daughter, and I love taking trips with her. I hope someday we will be a family and we can do family vacations. But I also think I’ll always want to do at least a weekly child-free date night and a few trips without her. It helps me decompress and be a better mother, and I think it’s also healthy for her and healthy for a romantic relationship.
He seemed glad to hear that, since he’s very adventurous and she’s too young to do a lot of things he does on vacation (paragliding, kite surfing, scuba diving, etc). I’m definitely into that stuff too, as well as just having quiet evenings with a glass of wine and plenty of alone time.
Having said that, we both remembered that our parents never really did this. All trips were family trips. They rarely if ever had date nights (my parents are divorced, so that’s not to say they got everything right). I know date nights are more common in American society now (he’s British, so I’m not sure about things there) but what about date vacays?
What do you think?
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2023.06.06 18:28 Big_Shot_Fancy_Pantz Friend(37) came back into life only to create drama and block me (37), opinions?

Backstory, I had a friend who ultimately blocked me last November for reasons unknown to me.
Last week, she showed up at my house with her two children wanting to make amends. She realized that her boyfriend blocked my number and said that she didn’t know and was told by him that I blocked her. He told her that I said some awful things even though it wasn’t true. Told me that she just got out of a domestic violent relationship, showed me a picture of her with a black eye, said that he was controlling her, blocked her friends and families numbers, and isolated her from everyone.
She said that she called the cops on him because she was scared that he was going to beat her children. also said the cops escorted him out and he never returned. That’s when she said they broke up. Additionally said some damning information about him being a murderer back home and all sorts of stuff.
I gave her a second chance, we made amends, and her children and my child had fun playing. Said she was happy with reestablishing our friendship and then left my house.
Fast forward a few days and she sends me a message summarizing that my daughter said something mean to her child and that was going to be a big problem. We couldn’t be friends and that she wished us well and blocked me. Didn’t give me a chance to respond or work things out.
I called her trying to get an explanation, nothing. I thought that if she wasn’t willing to listen to me, then maybe someone on my behalf could talk to her because I was concerned for her safety but also to work things out. Nope, as soon as my friend said my name, she hung up and blocked her. Then, she called the cops on me fabricating a story that I was harassing her, she was fearful for her life, and that my husband who is ex military with guns was going to kill her. The officer told me that when he talked to her that she had a man living with her who was her fiancée and said that he understood my side of the story but told me to stop contacting her. I agreed.
Does this sound like a mental illness or domestic violence? I know, with hindsight being 20/20, I realized that I shouldn’t have tried to reach out to her but considering what she told and showed me last week, I was legitimately concerned. I am wracking my brain like crazy trying to figure out what I did wrong.
TL/dr Absent friend tried to make amends and explained that she was in a domestic violent relationship, then ghosted me again.
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2023.06.06 18:28 Ok_Translator_7026 Our 15 ( almost 16) year old God of War

Our 15 ( almost 16) year old God of War
Kratos has been our daughters baby since she was 5. He may be a bit slower and not have the ability to jump as much but he still gives the best snuggles and loves our daughter like crazy. The bond they have is amazing. He will cry all night when she isn’t home .
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2023.06.06 18:25 KeriGergich Sorry ur sick bro hope u feel better soon

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2023.06.06 18:25 alilclassy situationship/best friend is lost, did I (M19) fuck up with (F22)

tl;dr fight with best friend, arguments, blocked, had plans to marry her but due to family politics and our fights she cut contact
Hi guys, I feel like this sub is best for some advice and insight I’m looking for. Anywho, I was born in Pakistan, 19 but in Australia for a while and a Aus citizen. I’ve been talking to someone who’s in Pakistan, in the motherland. I point out the background because it’s important due to it affecting family relations, culture, dating etc.
I’ve been talking to my grandfather’s sister’s daughter, aka my dads cousin. She isn’t meant to talk to me, since her family has a long history of not getting along with anyone in our extended families etc. her mum doesn’t even talk to her own brother, and the girls mother has beef with my grandma too. Now, there isn’t something special really, it’s just that the chemistry is nice and we are like-minded. But the family issue is a big problem, my grandma has already said no to our relationship, and my parents has also said no. I didnt say were dating, just brought it up, but they immediately said something further is not happening. When growing up my dads family used to be poor and when they visited this girls city for Uni, her family didn’t even ask to accomodate or meet them or help them in anyway, esp since they were rich and could’ve helped. Now it’s the opposite situation, I’m wealthier so I feel it could be she’s been trying to talk for the visa / my fortunate circumstances maybe. But if my dad got treated like that, it would be very awkward if I married that girl whose family was like that.
I’m not sure if the chemistry/being so close/ like mindedness is worth the family politics and drama that will probably last the whole of our lives. Not to mention I would have to fight for her and it would be very messy. My grandparents raised me and me going against them + my own family would be huge. Yesterday however we got into a heated argument and she blocked me, her brother raged at me and basically she doesn’t want to contact. Me and brother had a fight too. I basically said some swear words to her, which we usually do to each other anyways in a joking manner, but she didn’t seem to like it last night. She said things like mind my language, don’t do this or that. In return I teased that I would tell her mum she’s talking to me, so better delete my pics.
Have I lost someone special and important, or is just that it’s early 20s early love phase? Because 90% of the time it was just flirting, no real discussion about anything. we started talking first time 3 years ago in HS and then stopped and then contacted again in Dec 2022. Like idk her hobbies or fav colour etc even. It does feel like a breakup, but I feel I can find someone more compatible here in Australia. Someone on same wavelength, someone who’s raised here and knows the western culture better. These guys in Pakistan are religious and conservative.
Just need some thoughts and insights.
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2023.06.06 18:25 ASGfan A few observations about Season 7

Has anyone else noticed a lack of St. Olaf stories in s7? In fact, I'm up to the Jeopardy episode (which is about 2/3 of the way through the season) in my latest rewatch and there hasn't been a full, true St Olaf story the whole season yet.
Speaking about the Jeopardy episode, here's a goof! The employee says he's been with the show for 11 years. That's pretty remarkable since the revamped version of the show had only been around for 7 or 8 years by that point.
Also, as Dorothy rightfully pointed out, the Sophia "you got knocked up" lines are really wearing thin by this point. It's like Sophia is essentially wishing her grandchild hadn't been born (?!). Also, how much would you want to lord a "mistake" your daughter made at 17 over her? Literally decades have passed by this point.
Dorothy: "It would be like a day without orange juice, wouldn't it?"
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2023.06.06 18:25 SuchPig Failing Upwards Chapter 24

Universe by U/BlueFishCake
Previous Chapter
I don't look like a sad orphan! I think.
Sean was frantically looking through his extremely limited supply of "nice" clothes. Haali had reminded him that while they were proper business attire, they weren't exactly glamorous or flattering. Sean had no use for fancy clothes, so he really didn't have any. Now here he was kicking himself for not having at least one nice shirt.
He leaned over and looked at himself in the mirror and groaned, "Damnit I have no idea what I'm doing. Reflection what do I do?".
He and his reflection both shrugged, "Ugh, some use you are.".
He stuck his head back into his closet, hoping that somehow a perfect article of clothing had somehow appeared there. Coincidentally he remembered an old shirt he had "borrowed" from his dad. He hadn't noticed it before, he kept it tucked away in a box at the top of the closet and he often forgot it existed. Besides, he virtually never looked through his clothes with this level of intensity.
As he reached up to the box, he began to feel increasingly ridiculous. It was one of his dad's old shirts from his partying days back when he was a little younger than Sean. Suffice it to say, the garment could be officially qualified as "old as shit".
Sean initially took it as a joke; something to wear to 80's parties or when he just wanted to look absurd. Fashion was an ever-changing force and so much time had passed since this shirt had been woven. You could turn a lot of heads for all the wrong reasons wearing this thing. But it did have one thing going for it: it strangely reminded him of something Haali would wear.
It didn't look like his fluffy pirate shirt or anything, but it had that same "I'm here to party 'till I die look". Sean fumbled around until his hand met the box, with an odd degree of reverence he slid the box off the shelf and he sat it on his bed. He flipped the lid off with one finger and winced when he saw it again.
I forgot how outrageous this thing is...
The "Turquiose Menace" as he had come to call it, would arise once again. He held it up; he smiled, then cringed, then weakly smiled once more. He held it over himself in the mirror and tilted his head from side to side, trying to make a decision. After a few more seconds of looking, he shrugged, nodded, "It'll have to do...". He gently laid it on his bed and went to take a shower.
Haruk had been enjoying herself getting ready for tonight. She was smiling and running a brush through her hair as she hummed to herself. She had invested in a full body mirror and was enjoying the sight of herself looking so good. She was ecstatic to have an excuse to get all dressed up and look sexy. While she was quite satisfied with her appearance, she had a growing sense of dread in the back of her mind concerning Sean and Xerya.
Goddess I hope those two show up wearing something half way decent.
She stopped brushing her long hair for a moment to rotate around and check out her back side. She smiled and giggled a bit, she loved getting everything about this. She spun back around and pushed a lock of hair over her ear, she then resumed brushing her hair. As she raised the brush for another stroke, she froze.
I... I better go check on Xerya.
Xerya wasn't used to this feeling, and she really didn't like it. She was someone who always had her shit together, and now was one of the very few times in her life where she didn't. The sliding door to her closet in her room was wide open. She had her arms outstretched, resting on the opposing sides of the closet. She had a thin sheen of stress sweat coating her face and her eyes were widened by a low grade panic attack.
Nice? What does that even mean? I think a tank top and sweat pants are nice. I know that's not what they mean, but shit, I don't really have anything to work with here!
She frantically shoved her hangers from side to side as she searched for some forgotten article of clothing. The real kick in the tits was Haali's specific ban on wearing uniforms. When she had first gotten word of their dinner date, that's exactly where her mind first went; hell, that’s what she always wore when she had to dress up. They might have been a little stiff and up tight, but it gave her a decent set of clothes that were accepted in most places.
That devious little imp had now starved her of her silver bullet for fashion. So now she was trapped in a clothesless wasteland of her own making, and she was running out of time. She was about to double down on her growing anxiety by panicking about the time but was interrupted by a knock at the door.
Several aggressive thuds on the door were followed by Haruk's voice. Her tone was a blend of teasing and legitimate concern, "Hey Xerya you alive in there? You didn't get crushed under your own tits did ya?".
Thank the goddess!
Xerya bounded over to her door, her massive jugs bouncing around with every step. She had been topless while trying to decide what to wear. She flung the door open wearing an uncharacteristically neurotic look of fear. She was greeted by the image of an irritatingly sexy and well-dressed Haruk.
At first, she thought Haruk had magically grown several inches, but then as she looked down she noticed the shoes she was wearing. A pair of high heeled sandals were strapped to her feet. She was adorned by a cobalt blue dress that clung to her hips and ass and flowed freely as it cut off just above her ankles. It accented her flat tummy and the curves of her breasts as two straps tied together behind her neck to hold the whole thing up.
She had shiny earrings on and her hair had been expertly curled and styled. Her long glossy ponytail cascaded over her left shoulder. The blue of her highlights blended with the blue of her dress...and at that point Xerya realized she was staring. At Haruk of all people.
Haruk grinned and gently slid her ponytail over her shoulder in a practiced motion, "Damn I must look good, I'm even making girls stare.".
Xerya's cheeks became tinged with blue, "I-uhh- no I wasn't!".
Haruk rolled her eyes, "Yeah ok whatever.". Her eyes then crept downward to the blue capped mountains hanging off Xerya's chest, "So uhhh", she pointed at Xerya's tits, waving her finger in a little circle, "What's going on here?".
Xerya's blush intensified, she felt vulnerable. Not because of her tits hanging out, but because she didn't have a plan. Not having a plan was not how she lived her life. "Haruk I don't know what to do! You and Sean said no uniforms and I have nothing else but my awesome comfortable clothes.".
Haruk pushed past Xerya and invaded her room while shaking her head, "My goddess...".
For such a clever and punctual person, Xerya really did live like an animal. There was clutter and random bits of clothing all over the place. Haruk spun around in place marveling at the duality of Xerya's existence, "How do you live like this?".
Xerya swung her door shut and stepped to face Haruk. She ran her hands down her cheeks, "It's worse than usual. If you can't tell, I'm sort of freaking out. What the deep do I wear? I don't know how to look good!".
Haruk didn't want to ruin her makeup, but she managed a modest face palm anyways. She chuckled lightly, "You already look good you idiot. You just need to learn how to show it!".
Xerya flailed her arms in frustration, "With what though? Look in that closet? Would you honestly allow me to wear anything in there to dinner? We both know you're going the be the self-proclaimed fashion police here.".
Haruk smiled and pointed right at Xerya's face, "And don't you forget it.".
Haruk quickly spun around and began to pick through Xerya's closet. A mere few seconds later she spun around looking like she just saw a ghost, "You're fucked.".
Xerya mirrored Haruk's terror, "...what... do I do?".
Haruk looked at her omni pad, "Well we could try to run out real fast a-".
"We don't have time!" Xerya shouted.
Haruk stood silently with her chin resting on the thumb and index finger. One of her long legs pumped rhythmically as if generating thoughts. She looked up to Xerya with a somber expression, "There's only one thing we can do then.".
Xerya was desperate, she'd try anything at this point. Sean would be arriving in a few minutes, and she was out of ideas. Her voice was full of desperation, "Whatever it is, I'll do it!".
Haruk nodded, "Come to my room, it’s up to my closet to save you.".
Haruk strode out without another word. Her mind was focused solely on the task at hand; and it was quite a task. Trying to fit Xerya into her clothes sounded impossible, but tonight they needed to accomplish exactly that.
Haruk opened Xerya's door, then her own a few seconds later. Xerya stood there looking across the hall with her hands hanging at her sides. She whispered quietly and fearfully, "But... how will I fit?".
Sean was powerwalking his way through the corridors of the building. The black eyes of the marines were glued to him even more than usual. His shirt did not button up all the way, so he had been flashing his chest to everyone he crossed paths with. His face was burning red from all the attention.
It had been a constant stream of cat calls the whole way there. Many of the faces he recognized simply from being on the base a lot, and then there were the faces that belonged to his students. It was easy enough to ignore the strangers and run away. It was much harder to ignore Shinal stepping out of her room and staring at his chest while licking her lips.
Sean watched her nipples harden as she cooed, "You're looking... sharp today Mr. Warwick.". Sean felt obligated to say something on account of being her teacher. He smiled weakly and gave a quick, "Hi Shinal, see ya tomorrow.". He didn't even stop moving to say it. He blew past her as she leaned out her door to shamelessly stare at his ass like many others were.
Shinal pivoted back into her doorway and whispered to herself, "See you tomorrow...". She smiled up at the ceiling and disappeared back into her room.
Sean was grateful that he could see Xerya's door coming into view down the hallway. He never thought drowning in pussy could be a bad thing, until now. He laughed internally at the thought of a giant blue vagina popping out of a door somewhere and swallowing him whole like some sort of "Penis Fly-trap". He felt safer already as he gently knocked on Xerya's door.
His budding sense of safety quickly faded away as no one answered the door. That was very unlike Xerya to not stick to the plan.
I hope everything is ok. What if she's sick, or in trouble with work? That would fuck up the whole night. She better not, but she's better than that. What if something happened to her? Oh fuck maybe she's hurt... or worse!?
God damnit why does my brain always go straight to this insane shit!?
Sean looked to his right and saw several marines mingling about farther down the hall and trying very hard not to look like they were staring. Sean wanted nothing more than to disappear into Xerya's room, and now for some unknown reason he couldn't.
Fuck it, plan B.
He turned around and banged on Haruk's door in a decidedly more panicked fashion. A few seconds of insane daydreaming later and the door opened, revealing an exceptional looking Haruk.
Sean looked up extra high to meet her eyes, "Woah...".
Haruk smiled brightly and blushed, "Hi, Sean you look so...".
She bit her lip as her eyes glued themselves to his chest, "...good".
The reality of Sean's situation then dawned on Haruk. She leaned past Sean and looked into the hall; her suspicions were confirmed by the presence of the unwanted competition out there. She wrapped an arm around Sean's waist and quickly pulled him inside, "You beautiful idiot, get in here!".
Sean paced forward a bit and turned to watch Haruk push her door shut. Haruk put her hands on her hips, "You should have called one of us! You went through all that alone?".
Sean looked at the floor, "Ehh yeah, to both of those things, sorry.".
Haruk bent down and hugged Sean, "No I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be mean. I just want you to be safe.".
Sean turned and kissed her cheek as he wrapped his arms around her, "Well here I am in one piece, also, holy shit you look gorgeous!".
He broke out of her hug and stepped back to fit all of Haruk in his vision. He looked at her from head to toe, "You look so good I almost just wanna skip dinner.".
Haruk swooned, "If any of us looks good, its you! I've never seen a shirt like that. It's very se- um it looks so good on you!".
Sean laughed as he remembered how he dressed, "This thing practically came out of a time machine. It used to belong to my dad back when he was my age. I kept it just for fun, oddly enough it kind of reminded me of the shirts Haali wears.".
Haruk winked, "Well, whatever it is, it’s working.".
Sean couldn't help but to run a hand along Haruk's tight thigh, "Yeah, so is this.".
He looked up at Haruk and they swapped not so innocent smiles. Sean then membered why be was here, "So where's Xerya?".
Haruk looked to the corner of her room where her closet resided. Their rooms may not have had bathrooms in them, but they generous closets. She gently and quite reluctantly guided Sean's hand off of her thigh, "Let me go check. We had a bit of a clothing situation.".
Sean shrugged and chuckled, "Umm, ok. I hope she's about ready.".
As Haruk approached the closet Sean heard Xerya's voice, "I almost ready I swearing! And hi Sean!".
Sean smiled and looked toward the closet, "Everything ok in there?".
Haruk looked into her closet, "Oh my goddess!".
As she rounded the corner, she was greeted with the sight of Xerya annihilating her stretchiest dress. It was the only thing she had a hope of fitting into, and fitting was a very relative term in this case. She was spilling out of the top and bottom of Haruk's poor white dress.
She was frantically stuffing her tits back into the extremely low neckline. Doing so caused it to ride up her legs and damn near cause her ass to fall out the bottom. Her tits took up so much room in the dress there really wasn't much room left for the rest of her.
Xerya looked at Haruk with a worried expression, "Hold on I just need another second.". She reached down and pulled the bottom to cover more of her ludicrously thick thighs.
Haruk's looked shocked, "You're exploding out of it! By the Empress! You look like you're going to an erotica convention!".
Xerya turned to her looking terrified, "So, it's not working? We don't have time for anything else! And I feel ridiculous!".
Haruk was exasperated, "I mean, it's working, but not for the right reasons.".
Sean overheard this exchange, and he couldn't help but have a look. He peeked around the corner and his jaw hit the floor. Xerya was rocking a beyond skintight white dress that honestly couldn't contain her assets. He got there just in time to see her adjust her bra straps which made the dress ride back up her thighs again.
Xerya saw Sean emerge and blushed like she did the first time they met. She shyly put her hands behind her back and put on a nervous smile, "Hi".
Sean smiled ear to ear while fucking her with his eyes, "Hello to you.".
Haruk rolled her eyes, "See, he basically wants to fuck you right here. Only problem is, now we gotta go have dinner with our boss's, boss's, boss.".
Both Sean and Xerya wilted a bit, but very quickly their eyes began to slither all over each other again. Xerya huffed, "How do you wear these things Haruk?".
Haruk crossed her arms, "Well not like you, that’s for sure.".
Sean squeezed by Haruk, he was compelled to feel Xerya's touch. He literally couldn't stay away, "Xerya you look incredible.".
She quickly responded to his approach by kneeling down and kissing him. Sean allowed his hands to roam all over her, "Just uhhh, try not to pop out at the dinner table. I feel like that would make things maybe just a bit awkward.".
Xerya looked mortified, then relaxed a little, "Yes, I really do not want sex dinner.".
Xerya stood back up and Sean guided her and Haruk towards the door, "Yeah sex is for dessert, not dinner.".
As he said that he made eye contact with Haruk and licked his lips with a devilish smile. Haruk turned blue and bit her lip in anticipation.
They got to the door and Sean put his hand on the handle, "Ok, are you two as nervous as I am?”.
Haruk enthusiastically said, “Oh yeah.”.
Xerya, looking quite nervous, quietly and rapidly nodded.
Sean turned the handle and swung the door open, “Alright, lets try to survive this thing.”.
The exo hangar was a loud, well-lit place. Most of the time. Now it was dark except for the lights in bay one. The building was eerily quiet except for the occasional clang or whirring of hand tools. As always, the place stunk of grease, coolant, and sweat.
There was one other sound that broke the pattern of mechanical noises.
Khe'siri leaned against the wrench and shoved with all her freakish strength. The sweat poured off her brow as she grunted and strained. She adjusted her footing, tightened her grip on the wrench and pushed again. Alas the stubborn bolt refused to turn.
She stepped back and shook the numbness out of her hands, "Goddess damned piece a shit! What crawled up your ass?".
She sat down on a crate and took a long sip off her water bottle. She scowled at the bolt; she hated it. She wanted to defeat it... to destroy it.
I don't care if it takes me all night. That little fucker is coming out of there.
Anyone else who saw her like this would assume she was miserable. That wasn't the case though. It was dark, quiet except for her, and there was no one else around. No people, no bullshit, just her and her work. This was her happy place.
Happy of course was a relative term. Khe'siri didn't have the broadest spectrum of emotions out there. She was angry more often than she wasn't, she was infamous for her fiery temper and foul mouth. A quiet calm was about as close to happy as she could go. Despite her swearing and endless threats to the inanimate objects around her, she was almost enjoying herself.
She stood back up and wiped her hands on her coveralls. As usual the top half was tied around her waist leaving just a tight black tank top covering her chest. Sort of. She once again glared at the bolt on the exo's ankle actuator, "Ok smart ass, you just earned yourself a date with the breaker.".
She reached behind her toolbox and retrieved a five-foot-long purple metal bar. It had a modular slot on the end to fit virtually any kind of nut, bolt, or screw in the Imperium. She had made it herself and was immensely proud of it. She was the only one who ever used it. Not only were many others afraid to interact with her, but they could barely even lift it anyways. It even felt heavy to her, and she loved it dearly.
As she wrapped her meaty hands around it, she looked at it with true affection. Love never brought her anything but trouble in the past. Love with people anyways, but the breaker only ever brought her joy. It was basically her boyfriend.
She had a joyous glint in her eye as she approached the bolt once more, "Alright you little shit, looks like we're doing this the hard way.".
She found herself holding back a smile. Despite the joy she felt wielding the breaker, she really hated that bolt.
Without any preamble she slotted in the proper head and placed it over the bolt. She had the bar angled across her chest so she could channel all her might into it. Between that and the massive mechanical advantage provided by its length, no nut or bolt had ever resisted its power. She was confident this one would be broken like all the others.
Her biceps swelled as she dumped all her power into the breaker. This was the part where the bolt was supposed to turn. Where she got to win. To have at least one little thing in her life turn out her way. But it did not.
She grunted, those grunts turned into growls. Her frustration and rage crescendoed into outright yells, "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!". Almost as if the universe wanted to kick her while she was down, she caught a glimpse of herself reflected on a deactivated data pad as she screamed that question.
She let go of the breaker and thew her arms into the air. She was still looking at her reflection, "What the fuck is wrong with you?".
This was supposed to be the one thing she was good at. Her current failure reminded her of her abysmal scores in that stupid English class she had to take. Not that she really gave a shit about it, but she needed to pass. After a prior incident involving a gratuitous lack of self-control and a dumbass fellow mechanic, Sergeant Revni had creatively punished Khe'siri by enrolling her in English classes on base.
Now she was stuck in that class with a bunch of hopeless cunts who think they'll be able to fuck their teacher. Not only did she not like her classmates, but that human language was stupid. It's hard to learn a language when you hate it and the class.
Then there was that teacher of theirs. He was always parading around the room acting like he was everyone's friend with his tight little pants and fat ass. Guys only ever brought her trouble. Now she had to sit there and listen to a preachy little human male teach her his primitive language.
And now this bolt.
Thinking about the mountain of failures that was her life caused her temper to flare once more. She stormed over to the data pad and threw a punch fueled by her searing anger. The screen instantly cracked into a spiderweb pattern, and the entire back side now domed outwards. Not feeling satisfied, she grabbed the tablet and launched it across the room where it exploded against the opposite wall.
She stood there panting and looking at the floor while the hurricane in her mind gradually wound down. She turned to head back to the breaker for one last final try when she noticed something.
Oh my fuck.
The entire casing for that ankle joint was bent. It would be impossible to pull the bolts now. Fixing a broken arm had just turned into brain surgery. Khe'siri gritted her teeth and sneered, "Oh just wait till I find the bitch that drives this thing..."
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2023.06.06 18:24 Todomungus Newly Born

April 26
 With the arrival of my friends newborn daughter, it dawned on me: where is my own life heading? We all come to that thought after some significant event that makes us reevaluate our own existence. It reminded me of the depressing and dull room where my sister had her daughter. The bleak grey of the wall contrasted with the soft whiteness of the bed and pillow. I remember my sister sitting there leaning back happily and tired, with my niece in her arms. They were the only lively colors in that room. A tiny thing she was. Hard to believe someone could’ve been that small. She’s grown for awhile now, she’s about to have her Sweet 16. Makes me wonder where all the time has gone. New life thrives and it always find a way. And in some way, the rest of us are reborn. Reevaluating. 
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2023.06.06 18:23 LateToTheParty737 Found this little guy in the garden, do I need to be worried?

I found this little guy running around the patio this morning before jumping into a crack in the patio concrete. Until August last year, I've only lived in flats, so have zero knowledge of what kind of mouse this is and how to get rid of it? I've got a daughter that is at an age of exploring and would be worried she'd pick it up, therefore, want to get it out of the garden as soon as possible. Any advice would help, thanks.
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2023.06.06 18:23 S2Sallie Would you send a gift to SO’s daughter that you haven’t seen in 2 months?

I’ve been in my SO’s daughter’s life since she was 2 weeks old. We were extremely close. I did a lot as a girlfriend that from reading this sub was way beyond anything I ever should have done but I loved her so I did them anyways. In saying that I also want to say, I never wanted to be her mom and I never tried to, I just did the best I could to help BM and my SO as much as I could and a lot of things fell on me because my job is more flexible. Even though it’s been 5 years since SO and I have been back together (we have a 13 & 11 yo together) she still thinks one day they’ll be a family. We’ve never liked each other but faked it for the sake of their daughter. I know she doesn’t like the relationship I have with their daughter and I understand that but when she needed me to constantly have her idk what she expected. She’s been trying to get a rise out of me for years but I just always have kept my cool. She lied about my SO wanting to be with her and me being violent around their daughter. I couldn’t take it anymore and confronted her. That led to me not being allowed around the daughter. When my SO’s mom tried to talk to her she admitted her problem is that she doesn’t just want to be his baby mom. She’s never been able to handle having her child for a whole week so I honestly didn’t think this would last more than a week but now, it’s been 2 months. Her birthday is this month and it hurts me I won’t be at her party but I had already bought her summer clothes for our house before this happened. I’ve never missed a party of hers and I even hosted her party last year. I still try to respect her decision as her mom, so when their daughter is on ft with my SO or my kids I don’t try to talk to her. BM is also doing things to not only turn the daughter against me but against my kids, but my question is should I just wait for court to be resolved or send her gifts for her birthday to her moms house? I don’t want to overstep even though I stand by what I did and think I did nothing wrong.
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2023.06.06 18:23 dibbiluncan Would you go on vacation with your SO but without your LO?

I’m a single mom, newly dating someone and everything is going really well. He recently hinted that he’d like to take me on a weekend trip sometime this summer, but we’re not ready for “family” vacations yet. I told him that based on the only baby book I’ve read (Bringing Up Bebe) that it would be perfectly fine for me to leave my three year old with family or close friends for the occasional vacation. And I mean it. I love my daughter, and I love taking trips with her. I hope someday we will be a family and we can do family vacations. But I also think I’ll always want to do at least a weekly child-free date night and a few trips without her. It helps me decompress and be a better mother, and I think it’s also healthy for her and healthy for a romantic relationship.
He seemed glad to hear that, since he’s very adventurous and she’s too young to do a lot of things he does on vacation (paragliding, kite surfing, scuba diving, etc). I’m definitely into that stuff too, as well as just having quiet evenings with a glass of wine and plenty of alone time.
Having said that, we both remembered that our parents never really did this. All trips were family trips. They rarely if ever had date nights (my parents are divorced, so that’s not to say they got everything right. I know date nights are more common in American society now (he’s British, so I’m not sure about things there) but what about date vacays? The only other reference I have is a French baby book (it’s amazing though, I highly recommend).
What do you think?
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2023.06.06 18:23 Left-Effective-7420 Obnoxious bedazzled baseball caps?

My teen daughter asked for a campy blinged baseball cap that is, ideally, Texas themed.
Where might one find such a - unique - “gift”??
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2023.06.06 18:21 Jos3ph Ikea Kids Loft Bed + Desk + Chair
IKEA loft bed and desk with chair. All in good condition. The chair has a small red ink stain on it.
There is minor wear and tear from normal daughter use. My daughter loved this bed but has outgrown it and wants to sleep closer to the ground again.
The mattress is good quality if you want it but either way is fine. It’s over $600 new.
Will need to disassemble it but I'll help with that.
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2023.06.06 18:20 AcceptableCup6008 Air Quality and my sympathy to those in Canada

I live in the NE a few hours from the Canadian border - we are getting our butts kicked in terms of air quality due to the wildfires in CA. Its typically 30 around here….its about to hit 200. The air is orange and it smells like a campfire. I am so stressed about my LO right now and her little lungs. We have to go to her grandmas today and im highly considering having her come here or calling off work so i dont have to bring my daughter outside.
Honestly this is. Just a vent post. We dont get wildfires here ever and i have never seen the air this bad. just not something I know how to handle.
I am sending all my thoughts to any Canadian moms in fire effected areas. I cant imagine the stress and I hope you all are staying safe inside!!!
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2023.06.06 18:20 Beginning-Guava7939 SPOILER!!! WARNING!! DLC Theory

For those who have played botw and its dlc and beat totk well who's missing. For this future dlc I think theres three parts story,exploration,armor sets. #1 like I said story just like the Champions Ballad I think you will go back to lookout landing and you will hear talk of a mysterious bard who you know has KASS!!! With a new look and an apprentice who is a new character. Together just like Champions Ballad you will study to learn more about the ancient sages and obtain memories about them but with there mask off and maybe learn how the divine beast got made. I think there might be six memories in total the first four are about the ancient sages the fifth is tricky so we all know that Sonia and Rauru are Zeldas ancestors but they both die so what if because if you hear there voices they sound middle aged they have a child. Now I think it makes sense for it to be a girl the same age has Zelda in botw but ganon does not now of her. Another thing to factor in is in the art book there's an illustration of Sonia holding a basket. So in this fifth memory I think Zelda,Sonia, and there daughter are picking berries and talk. The sixth memory takes place after Zeldas draconification Sonia and Rauru's daughter takes the throne and has a special talk with the ancient sages and that part one.#2 So for this I think you will talk to Josha who will tell you she's found caverns deeper underground which you will explore.#3 I think you will talk to tauro just like thunderhead isle where he tells you a riddle that's how you find new armor sets.
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