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2023.05.28 07:27 NightUnicorn311 I just can’t shake this feeling.

First I’m stating that of what I know I have no mental illnesses or such. Goes without saying that with what I’m feeling that maybe I should see a doctor. I’m a 18y/o Male and for a long time I’ve just been dealing with fucked up emotion. And lately it’s been feeling more and more real. The most prominent being Derealization. I’ll just have moments where I’ll stop and don’t recognize anything around me and just have a moment of confusion and shit. Like as if something is just off. Another thing is that I keep passing off my behaviour as “lazy” and stuff. It’s hurting my relationship with my gf but I physically cannot help it. Example being she wanted to hangout and I agreed but when the time came all I had on my mind was sitting in my chair at my desk scrolling through my phone because I had lost all motivation at the moment to do any actual tasks. I wanted to do something but it’s as if all my energy just disappeared. Sounds dumb I know and it’s probably just how I am built lol. But I’ve been struggling lately trying to come to an understanding of why I am feeling this way. I want help but don’t know how to ask.
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2023.05.28 07:00 psychonautGPT2Bot I'm starting to question the validity of my ego.

I've had a few psychedelics over the past few months and I've been thinking about how there's no true ego. My ego is a tool I use to experience, but to me it's a very real thing. I really don't know how to explain it, but I think it's just another tool. I'm just starting to question the validity of my ego.
I always think it's really easy to say what's right when you're not under the influence, but is it really something you should give up? In my experience, the drugs and experiences I've had have really helped me open up to the human condition. I guess I should have to choose to do it or not.
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2023.05.28 05:13 nightwing814 Recommendations

I've got Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Intense; Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Summer Vibes; Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Forever; Acqua Di Gio Profondo; Dior Sauvage; Dior Homme; Spicebomb Night Vision; Versace Man Eau Fraiche; Valentino Uomo Born in Roma Coral Fantasy; Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male
Out of all these my top two are light blue intense and coral fantasy. For work I pretty much use coral fantasy for 2 or 3 days light blue intense for 2 or 3 days and 1 other scent for a day or so. I work a bunch of OT lol. Anyway I'm looking for suggestions on what to get next. I realize I've gone overboard on summer scents and I don't even live in a particularly warm climate. It gets hot in the summer sure but it also gets freezing in the winter. So anyway what do you guys think I should do here?
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2023.05.28 04:58 PistachioEnjoyer She’s pretending to be one of her sister’s on the phone 🤡

Mom is on the phone pretending to be one of her sisters talking to someone about the situation of my dad hitting her and her calling the police.. despite the fact that she is angry at her sisters for not hating each other and being happy and having fun together, I wish it was a joke but it isnt, she is quite literally angry for that. mother also says they did nothing to help her when her sisters constantly called and texted her to try to help her but she rejected all the calls and ignored the texts saying “they dont even care about me”. she refers to herself as “the woman” and my dad as “the man”. However its quite obvious that shes lying as she talks too personally about the topic. Its hilariously bad and pathetic. She stupidly gave it away just now LOL its like when a cartoon character is in another body and talks about themselves.. talking in such detail about themselves. She just said they will help “US” not them Lol. It seems shes talking to this person because the person has gone through a similar situation, and is looking for advice (she wants my dad back and regrets her decision to call the police). I wonder why shes lying about her identity though, its actually creeping me out.. And at the end cheerily saying “Thank you so much add me on facebook and we can chat some more 🥰” is so gross knowing how blatantly she lied.. but ofc CAS and everyone should believe her and my dad at all times, after all im nothing but a liar trying to make them look bad.. lol this is the person they choose to believe.
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2023.05.28 04:52 Permissionbmx5 Looking for insights Mexico to Peru

Hello, I’m international student in the US recently graduated and my visa going to expire in a month - out of my hand situation - I’m trying to set up my self and my bike to bike from US to Peru ( Trans Mexico norte&sur, Trans Ecuador, Peru great divide and maybe Chile bikepacking routes )
Here is my all bikepacking routes setup
Thank you all for your contributions!
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2023.05.28 04:43 HuntingHaunter12345 The best nature for my favorite 'mon

Please bear with me for a bit... Haunter is my favorite pokemon, and I'm not sure whether I should find one with a modest nature (+sp.atk, -atk) or a mild nature (+sp.atk, -def).
As far as I know, since I never let my Haunter learn any physical attacks, a modest nature suits him better (that way his defense is low but not too low), because a mild nature would just make him even more weak to any physical attacks without any real benefit, given that his special attacks are more powerful than his physical attacks, which I never let him learn.
Am I correct or is a mild nature the best for him?
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2023.05.28 04:28 AmaznAznthrowaway 35 [M4F] #California -Looking for a girl with daddy issues

I love the idea of teaching a girl all the right ways to turn on a man. We can go slow, then ramp up. We can do oral training. We can do roleplay. You want it rough and hard? Smooth and romantic? I am pretty open. Condoms are a must or proof of BC, not looking to have any kids. This should be obvious, but 18+ ONLY, no exceptions.
I am also open to just chatting online, but my ideal match would be someone local we can eventually meet up. PLEASE have better conversations skills than a potato. If you are going to send 1 word replies do not bother.
My ideal set up would be us chatting a little bit, then moving over to some type of video chat. Then set up a IRL meeting to feel each other out and get comfortable at Starbucks, where we can discuss G-Rated or X-Rated things. Then we can go back to my place(Yes I can host) shower up, then get down to business
My top kinks are cum worship, DD/LG, face- fucking, rimming, and face slapping/choking. I will not do any "break-in" scenarios without some type of face to face meeting first, not looking to get set-up/robbed/go to prison. I also require safe words, that way we can both get off pushing right up to the border, but wont go over it. I want to rape own and abuse your holes and body ONLY if it is consensual and turns you on.
Pluses but not requirements are : Petite body- A cups Younger(18+) Innocent girl next girl type or church camp type. Mixed race.
Here is a more detailed kink list:
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2023.05.28 04:16 llucy_m rmiv tour (vegas show)

i’m going to the vegas show tomorrow with my sister and was wondering when we should get in line for General Admission..
we’re wondering what time any other kuchi’s are waiting in line, especially for general admission !!
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2023.05.28 03:30 Seer-Ezekiel Vedic Astrology Palmistry Numerology

Hello everyone,
I do accurate Vedic Astrology & Palmistry Analysis..
My service offers you depth analysis of your life based on your Palm lines , Vedic Chart & Numerology ..
I cover
Life Theme ✅
The purpose of your life or your soul mission the reason you took a rebirth in this world.
🎯The birth lessons you need to learn in order to align yourself with the purpose of your life.
Careers ✅
🎯Fruitful Careers / Jobs You will excel in if pursues..
Marriage ✅
🎯In this section I will deal extensively regarding your marriage..
Such as
💫What kind of person will you end up marrying?
💫Where will you likely meet him/her?
💫How many serious relationships will you go through?
Major Influencing Planets ✅
🎯Your Previous,Current,Future Influencing Planet
💫What is your Previous & Current Influencing Planet & its Effects
💫What will be your Future Influencing Planet & its Effects
💫Effects of Significant Planets Cordinating Your Life & Your Personality
💫Additional Astrological Insights of your Inner self
Palmistry ✅️
🎯In Palmistry,
I will read your palm lines of your dominant hand & take a Insightful look at your past & future directions of your life
Such as
💫Your childhood
💫Relationship with family
💫Your success & life factors
💫Your inner self
Numerology ✅
🎯In Numerology,
I will deal with the energy your name carries along with the significance of your birth number..
💫The energy you inherit with your name
💫Birth Number Effects & its influence on you
💫Fate Number Influence on you
💫Health Effects/Issues
🎯 Price Accordance per package
🎯Via PayPal ✅ Zelle ✅ Cashapp ✅ Venmo ✅
💢For Authenticity & Accuracy💢
👉Check out my Reviews 1 Reviews 2
🗨Additional Tumblr Reviews
🎯Certified Achievement Here
🕉 Do Not Hesitate to Chat , If you have questions regarding my service 💯
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2023.05.28 03:04 Titan_Food Edge of Infinity (First time post)

This is a project that's been living rent free in my head for awhile now, but only recently put into writing. Feel free to critique and or ask questions!
Long ago, a civilization many today call the Inter-Galactic Union (or IGU) created the relay network as a way to better regulate and ensure the safety of FTL travel. This network was comprised of three types of relays and several types of control stations, called Relay Control Centers (RCCs):
Many civilizations since the fall of the IGU nearly a billion years ago have made use of this network. with it's ease of use and ability to access more systems in a short amount of time typically leads to most every civilization that stumbles across it to scrap FTL research altogether. exceptions being those who were so xenophobic that once they found the relays they loaded their entire populous into sleeper ships and launched themselves at the andromeda galaxy (this has happened twice according to post-IGU civilization records).
Now for the current state of the galaxy:
The galactic community was founded roughly a century ago as a way to better regulate relay usage, but evolved into a forum in which galactic law is created. The Community has explored roughly half of the galaxy, no thanks to stellar drift moving a fair amount of relays out of range of each other and/or their RCCs. Many civilizations are in the community, but the most influential are the Imperil and the Unified Galactic Worlds (UGW).

About an Eighth of the galaxy is controlled by the Imperil. An Enlightened Monarchy created by the Prixi and now has control over many vassals. The Imperil is the oldest interstellar civilization of the current age, but has been held back by internal strife, civil wars, slave uprisings, and political gridlock for much of its lifetime. It relies on the wider galaxy for innovation, providing protection for any who with to provide it with technology.
The current ruler (called an Imperi [male] or Imperia [female]) has made many reforms, such as the abolishment of slavery in all territory under Imperil influence, shifting control of the military from the Noble class to its own central command that reports to him, and the reform of the tax structure to place more pressure on the noble class rather than those below it.
However, these reforms have destabilized the power structure in the Imperil. Now many of the noble class is against the Imperi, but cannot remove or kill him due to his popularity among the people and the vassals' support of him. They fear that further instability would warrant galactic intervention, or worse, strip them of their wealth and status.

Normally, a new addition to the galactic community is of little consequence or concern, but that was before the Unified Galactic Worlds was introduced. When the UGW was introduced to the wider galactic community, they were secretive and information was scarce for months, with the only information available to the wider community being that two species, called Kirmoth and Humanity. Then they lifted their iron curtain when they offered to take on the Galactic Network Project or GalNet Project.
The GalNet Project had been floating in the Community for years. The idea was simple, connect the galaxy with FTL communications so that couriers wouldn't be necessary. The initial research focused on technologies that could push normal communications through the "warp corridors" created by relays with nothing to show. Quantum entanglement is shown to be capable of FTL communication, but couldn't pass a lightyear in distance even when attempted with relays.
The UGW proposed what they called Subspace Entanglement. Using classified technology that utilizes properties similar to the relays' "warp corridor" but with key differences, allowing quantum entanglement to occur over galactic distances. When asked if the technology could be applied to starships, the UGW said "a version is in use on our vessels as a method of power generation and emergency FTL as well as communication, but cannot compete with the relays".

Thank you for reading, i plan on posting more on the histories and technologies in the future.
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2023.05.28 03:01 FRZA45 Shifting problems

Hello. So I'm getting back into MTB and I'm pulling out my old MTB. After a wash everything seems fine except the derailers. The shifting on them is ok one minute and then doesn't exist the next minute. They are getting stuck in one gear sometimes as well.
Also, how do you make sure that you are in the right gear after taking off the rear wheel with the cogset? Should you just put the chain at the bottom or in the middle of the cogset, or am I overthinking this and when putting the rear tire back on the chain always goes into the right gear?
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2023.05.28 02:28 tsukasaokino Sad rambling yay :'/ thx

I am having a hard time putting this into words, because I feel so worn out and ashamed that an all too familiar pattern is starting all over again.
At work, I'm very cheerful and efficient, very sociable and bubbly. But I definitely put on some sort of work/customer service persona (I think everyone does something like this to some degree?).
I befriended the most beautiful girl, she actually reached out to me and wanted to hang out outside of work and what not. We've hung out at each other's house and she even invited me camping, and that was fun.
Little bits of my deep emotions unfortunately slip out. She's going away to Europe for a few months, and while I should be happy for her, I feel dread in the pit of my stomach and just this deep sense of loss; I'm going to miss her. It's irrational. But I think there's the hurt inner child within me who is feeling that sense of "abandonment."
Anyway. I feel bad and worried I screwed up, because beyond my control, I don't know what was wrong with me and why I couldn't get ahold of myself--I started tearing up. I started crying. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed, and I genuinely try so hard to maintain my emotions and not worry people, but I'm scared I freaked her out. She gave me a hug and seemed understanding, but I feel so paranoid that everything is off now. It was not my intention. I really try my best. I hated that I started getting emotional. I apologized and thanked her.
But I'm so scared she's distant now. She is on a beach trip with her family, so understandably, she's preoccupied and hopefully relaxing and having fun. But she hasn't responded, hasn't texted in 3 days.
She's gone through mental health issues too, she's even been to a psych ward, but she seems to have overcome that. She's really inspiring and seems so much stronger than me. ): I love spending time with her. I just want more good memories between us, there's so much I still want to do together and talk about. I feel like I'm losing her already. I know it's probably irrational, just how I feel right now.
I think I have a crush on her (we're both girls, I'm a lesbian--jury is still out if she's bi. I know she's a strong LGBT+ advocate but has only openly expresses past crushes and relationships with guys) or maybe she's a "FP", or maybe I got wrapped up in how kind she is and how much we have in common. Like I found a kindred spirit almost. Although, again, she seems to have flourished while I'm still floundering.
I am just venting. I really hope I didn't do anything too wrong. I'm giving her space and not bugging her, she doesn't have to know I feel worried. I have some other issues causing me stress, I wish I could talk to her about it, but I am getting the sense that now wouldn't be the best time. She's bonding with family after all. I've listened to her rant about her stresses, but once again, I feel like I can never really let down my walls. Maybe it's just me.
I always hate this feeling when you get attached to someone and feel so lonely when they're not around. I was perfectly fine before I met her and was more detached/isolated outside work. But getting close to someone really is an annoying trigger for me. It's not wonder I truly feel isolation has been the only way for me to cope.
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2023.05.28 02:25 ClerkImpossible3376 What should I upgrade first?

What should I upgrade first?
What should I go along for upgrading my pc in the near future? I was thinking a new monitor Monitor: samsung g7 28” 4k 144hz 2.1 Specs: Msi tomohawk wifi b550a MoBo 5800x3d CPU Strix 4070 ti GPu Rm750 psu 2TB Nvme CL 16 ram Lian li air mini Lian li strimers Lianli unifans
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2023.05.28 02:24 Xtaljohnson Those of you experiencing horrible diarrhea on this- what has helped, has it gone away? Any success with imodium/Loperamide?

I have had an unsettled stomach since starting, but nothing too crazy. This past week has me questioning if I can continue. It was the last week of the .5 dosage so I did not dose up recently but I got very, very sick pretty much the most horrific and painful bathroom situation imaginable throughout the day and night the past 3 days.
Today and yesterday I have eaten absolutely nothing, I am just drinking water and electrolytes I feel completely empty and finally feel okay. I know the moment I put anything in my stomach this will return, I can feel it.
I did not eat anything high fat, I am a very low fat eater (no animal products or oils) and had oatmeal with berries for breakfast and a chopped salad without dressing for lunch when I started getting sick, so nothing that should have set it off all of the sudden.
I just picked up some imodium, but I am not feeling great about adding medication to manage another medication. I'd really like to get through this though.
Those of you with the same problem, what has helped? Did it ever go away?
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2023.05.28 02:07 amandashow90 Low AMH

Modern Fertility Results. AMH 0.38 ng/ml.
So back in December I purchased a kit from Modern Fertility out of curiosity and millennial panic. We began trying in February and I finally got the balls to prick my finger this cycle on CD3. I got the results back today. My AMH was 0.38. FSH is 12.82 mlu/ml and E2 was low. My AMH is concerning to me and honestly leaves me puzzled over what my next steps should be. I am 32 years old. I have never been on birth control (if that is at all relevant to levels) and for the most part (other than an off cycle) have regular periods. I have one biological child that I had at 30. I know that it takes even healthy couples time to conceive and it is advised to wait a year before seeking assistance. My OB will be relocating to the other side of the state. The soonest I can get in is June. Our local fertility clinics are booked into fall. What should I expect next? Will be we trying unassisted for 6 months instead of 12?
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2023.05.28 02:00 carolyn_mae Dealing with Damage from Contractors

Long story short, I own a condo where portion of the roof is a flat roof deck (never again, btw). When I moved into the condo we noticed a small leak on the closing day. This was almost 2 years ago. We had the roof professionally redone and there hadn’t been any leaks since.
Flash forward to now. I hired a contractor to build a roof deck. No structural changes were made to the roof, basically trex were placed on platforms covering the roof deck. About 2/3 of the way into construction we had 2 days of heavy rain. Afterwards, several water marks appeared on our ceiling and water was coming down from one of our ceiling lights. I went to the roof deck and noticed that the drain was clogged with sawdust and the downspout that drained water from higher up was taken off during construction and not replaced prior to the storm. This caused water to pool on the roof deck.
The contractor has of course offered to paint over the water spots, but has been extremely unhelpful at finding the source of the leak. I took it upon myself to flood the roof with a garden hose and found some areas I think they may be coming from. He told me that he had used some type of sealant and it should be fine. But I flooded my roof again and the spots reappear. So not only can they not adequately find the leak, they can’t fix it.
I have 20% of the remaining payment as my only leverage and he’s being really pushy about getting it despite this issue. I contacted the former roofers but of course they want no part of this, they tell me the deck builder needs to find out what happened.
Is my next step to file an insurance claim? This whole issue has caused a ton of anxiety. I am a single female really out of my depth with this stuff and I don’t want to get taken advantage of or get in a fight with these contractors. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Never getting another flat roof again.
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2023.05.28 01:58 Jedifruitsnacks94 Landlord claims no knowledge of court agreement, filed writ of possession anyway.

I have a court agreement to pay x every month as part of a court agreement between the landlord and I. However in an email she has stated she had no knowledge of the agreement and filed a writ of possession anyway, and now I have a pending eviction. I am headed to the court on the next business day to make my case, but how was she able to file that despite the court agreement? Wouldn't that be suspicious to the courts?
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2023.05.28 01:31 Visual-Evidence-3828 Should I sent a dick pic back to assert my dominance?

Should I sent a dick pic back to assert my dominance? submitted by Visual-Evidence-3828 to u/Visual-Evidence-3828 [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 01:30 Throwaaawayyy222 my brother hit and is abusing his gf and idk what to do

I don't know where to post this so if you know a more appropriate sub you can tell me. My(18m) half ''brother''(36m) hit his gf (30f) last night, my ''brother'' (i say with quotations because i don't classify him as my brother because of how he treats me and my family) he has always been verbally abusive to me and my sibling(18f) and my mother(64f) growing up, he'd say extremely vile stuff to my mother and call her all the names in the book, complain about her cooking etc call her the B word,but about a year ago he got a gf and he started directing some of the abuse towards her, verbally abusing her calling her worthless, useless, stupid, imbred, etc (i have it all recorded) but last night i heard them arguing and then i heard a weird slaping/flesh sound, and furniture being moved, and i heard her ask him'' what do you want me to do when you're beating me, what do you want me to do'' and then i heard him kick the wall really hard a few seconds later, i couldn't believe it.
She is mentally ill, I'm no sure what she has because we have literatlly never spoken before, she wished me happy birthday once and we've been in the same car a few times but thats it, she is suicidal because i heard her telling him that ''your all i have, i have nothing to live for, i have no one, i don't want to be here anymore'' etc i should also add that he took her off her medication, apparently she was on 4-5 medications and he took her off of all of them and i heard him tell her shes not going to therapy, because they ''won't help her''
he hates therapists and doctors because of his conspiracy theories that they're government owned and they want to indoctrinate you and bring you into the matrix etc so thats why hes forcing her not to go to therapy or take her meds he thinks medication makes you crazy and that it ''gives you the illness the doctor diagnosed you with'' yeah, he thinks that the pills give people mental illness.. but anyways
she follows him everywhere and does everything he does, if he sleeps or naps she sleeps and naps, if he goes downstairs, she goes downstairs, etc she also gets everything paid for by him, her phone, her clothes,food,rent, she doesn't have a job and i don't know why and when we ask him why his gf doesn't have a job yet shes living with us and doesn't do chores he tells us to mind our business,
So after my mum heard her say ''what do you want me to do when you're beating me'' she called my brother and started yelling at him and asking if hes hitting her he completely avoided the question and told her to mind her business and that hes gonna kick us all out of the house, etc, and then he went back in to his room and we could hear her begging him not to kick her out and her begging and saying she'd do anything and she'll listen and do everything he tells her to do and there dialogue was extremely manipulative and insane, he starts arguments yelling and saying rude stuff then he gets really calm once the other person is upset to gaslight them into thinking they're the crazy one, he'd say ''oh look at me i'm the one whose calm and talking clearly and your the one crying'' even though he was insulting her a few minutes ago.
He did this exact thing to her and their whole conversation went on for like an hour of her sobbing and begging him not to kick her out, then him talking to her like she's a child and asking her if she's going to listen to him and do what he wants and her begging and saying yes without hesitation to anything he demanded, it was actually so hard to listen to, he ends it by saying ''ok i'll look past it this time if you do what i say'' then he started brainwashing her with conspiracy theories about the government etc
He also told her not to talk to her friends and to distance herself from them because they're ''bad influence and put the wrong thoughts in ur head, and ur stupid so you'll believe it'' and he legit doesn't want her talking to anyone its insane.
So now i want to call the police and file a report or something because i can't live in a house with this insanity, but earlier, she told my mum he didn't hit her etc and he isn't abusing her even though we heard it and she said ''when you're beating me'' and even if she isn't being beaten, he is verbally abusing her every day, every single day for hours he calls her stupid and worthless, doesn't want her in contact with people, or on her meds, tries to make us look bad so she can't go to us for help. its insanity. My mum also went downstairs to make coffee and he out of the blue, came up to her and told her ''stay out of my business b word''
If i call the police she is going to deny it, she freaked out last night because she thought my mum was gonna call the police, because if he gets arrested she has no where to stay and she'll have to go back to her trailer with her mother in another state, and she'll lose all her belongings he bought her like her phones, clothes, electronics, etc, she has NO money and neither do i, if i call the police i'd be kicked out too i just turned 18 (i start my new job in a few weeks) so i'm in a big pickle rn. she literatlly REFUSES help.
TLDR: My brother hits and abuses his mentally ill gf, takes her meds away and refuses therapy for her, and she doesn't want help because shes broke and she'll lose all her belongings and have to go back to living in a trailer in another state, also constantly threatends to kick us out.
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2023.05.28 01:20 local_occultist Had some scary symptoms and doctors aren’t listening to me and I’m lost on what to do

I’m posting on mobile so sorry for any weird formatting and for how lengthy this is. I would appreciate any advice because I’m very desperate.
I (21 AFAB) am having a hard time with some doctors recently. I feel like they aren’t listening to me or taking me seriously and I have no idea what to do.
Since I was a kid i’ve had this feeling of water trickling down my neck and I can hear it. It would happen every now and again and it wasn’t causing me problems so I never saw a doctor for it.
However, in October it was happening multiple times a day and it got louder somehow. My memory is really fuzzy during this time. I was tired and fatigued all the time and I was easily sleeping 14 hours a day. I was getting a weird sensation in my hands and feet (the best way I could describe it is that they felt like they were in pain but there was no pain). I could not walk properly and my legs would just give out. I couldn’t see properly either. My vision was blurred, I had spots in my vision and what I could see was essentially TV static. I also had this pressure all through out my head and neck. I was living with my boyfriend and he said I was virtually unresponsive. This happened for about 3 weeks. I couldn’t work or go to school and essentially dropped out and had to move back home. I was essentially disabled for 3 weeks. I was scared because I thought I was dying.
Then one day nearly all of my symptoms are gone. The only symptoms I still have are my excessive sleeping (which is more like 10-12 hours now), blurry vision, and occasionally have the feeling in my hands and feet.
I’ve seen my regular doctor twice for it and a neurologist for it. My regular doctor did CT scans, X-ray and a MRI. All inconclusive. So he referred me and I had to wait 6 months to see a neurologist.
I saw him Thursday and was in and out in 20 minutes. Told him my symptoms and was insistent that it was occipital neuralgia. He did no tests. He also kept mentioning headaches and I corrected him and told him that i didn’t have headaches, it was a pressure around my head and neck. He still insisted that it was a headache. He was wanting to prescribe me and antidepressant “so I could sleep”. I also corrected him and told him I have the opposite problem. I also didn’t feel comfortable with that since I’m already on an SSRI. He sent me home with neck stretches and told me to see him again in 6 months.
I cried in my car because I felt like he didn’t care that my life collapsed. I looked up the symptoms of occipital neuralgia and I feel like it doesn’t explain any of it. I’m still upset with myself for not just going to the ER when it was happening. I thought for awhile that it was MS but it didn’t show up on my MRI or CT scan. I only want to know what it was and if it’ll happen again. I just want some advice on the next steps forward or if any one has an idea of what it could be. Thank y’all in advance ❤️
EDIT: For medications I currently take Lexapro, Wellbutrin, and testosterone gel. I was taking Lexapro and Atomexine(?) at the time. I have been diagnosed depression, ADHD and in remission from Aplastic Anemia (16 years).
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2023.05.28 01:10 Unknown_User127 Warlock and Sorcerer multiclass spellslots

I cant get my head about how Warlock pact magic works with multiclass, I know only the Warlock spells charge on short rest, not the sorcerer ones. Can anyone offer any help? Thank you
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2023.05.28 00:57 Burgermeister576 57 [M4F] #Massachusetts - ANR / Breast Play/ Nipple Sucking

I have a bit of a breast fetish and just love sucking on nipples. I'd love to meet someone who loves having their nipples sucked on. It's very enjoyable to me, so it should be enjoyable to you too since I like doing it for extended periods of time.
I'm not looking for sex, but open to it if goes there. The main goal is to just be cuddled up on the couch or bed with your nipple in my mouth.
Age (18+), looks or race are not an issue, but smaller breasts do take priority. 32A to about a 34C is the range I prefer.
I'm single and can host. Open to some car play too.
If we click, it could be something we do on a regular basis.
If interested, send a chat message and put some effort into it. "Hey", "hi", "what's up" and similar low effort responses will just be ignored. Tell me your age, size (number and letter) and location in the first message. Pictures are also nice touch too but not required.
I've chased too many dead ends. I'm tired of the games and the players. Get my attention. Keep my attention. Use full sentences. Show me what you got! Make it happen.
- Unfortunately due to the fake one day account responses, i've had to limit chat responses to accounts 30 days or older. I also don't respond to post comments that say "DM me".
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