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Truck Stop Bathroom

2018.09.20 03:35 SupremoZanne Truck Stop Bathroom

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2019.06.17 16:52 corsta269 No_Mans_Sky_farms

Hey, guys please post coords to your farms to help everyone out. if you could follow the format for posting farms it will help everyone greatly. 1. Tell us what your farm is for e.g gas farm or circuit board 2. let us know the coords of the farm (also place a comms station near your base for easy finding or build near portal) 3. please let us know what platform and what mode you are playing on. with all those 3 things provided, we can make a good thread that shows loads of farms to help out ne

2015.03.10 22:08 THUMB5UP 1500 kCals A Day!

A sub about eating on 1500 calories total per day.

2023.03.24 06:18 Elite_Ham tank venting issues

I was wondering if anyone might be able to steer me in the right direction on this issue I’m having where the tank wont vent. When you open the gas cap, it blows air in your face. The pressure builds while it’s sitting in the garage. The tank is currently out, and I tried to blow and suck air through the vent tubes off of either side and both won’t let any air pass though. The bus is a 74, with a 78 motor converted to dual carbs and the charcoal canister has been removed. The pressure build up caused gas to get into the case. I’m currently putting new bearings in because of this and would like to avoid doing it again in the near future. I suppose I could try an find a vented cap, but this is a somewhat recent development and I would like to fix it. Any advice would be appreciated. Just to note, I didn’t use very high pressure when trying to blow air though, just about 35psi. I wasn’t sure if more pressure would hurt anything hard to get to.
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2023.03.24 06:17 datadatadata84 Why does PDX have such limited food options?

Past 8 PM there is nowhere selling hot food. There is one sit down restaurant but they are only serving drinks. There is a refrigerator of gas station-esque sandwiches available which I guess is better than nothing. It’s just kind of weird. There are tons of people here….
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2023.03.24 06:16 Jayismybro I (24f) feel awkward and upset about my bf(28m) taking family photos

My bf and I have been together for a year. We both started off looking for something serious and we plan to get eventually get married after he finishes his masters.
Today was his sisters wedding. I feel like I was super involved with it. I helped his sister put her dress on (no one else was willing to help) I helped her with her hair and shaper wear, I made her bridal bouquet and table top flower arrangements, and made sure everything was how she wanted it for when she walked down the aisle (this included lighting all the candles, alerting the sound crew to turn on the song, scattering flower petals and dimming the lights).
It was a small wedding so she had no maid of honor or bridesmaid, but I suppose I filled that role. I even made sure she had food and water when she needed/wanted it.
But later in the evening, my bf told me we should make our way back to the couple to talk and be with his family. Once we got there though, they arranged themselves to take pictures and left me standing awkwardly to the side. I was stuck near a wall so I all I could do was try and stay out of the frame. I was literally two feet away from them. They didn’t want me in any of the pictures. I quickly excused myself between photos and stayed in the back for a while. I feel pretty bad because this happens a lot. This even happened at my boyfriend’s graduation.
I mean I get it, I can see why they wouldn’t include me in photos because were not engaged or married, and it might ruin them if we break up. But I feel like I am also not exactly not part of the wedding either because I helped out a lot.
I don’t know how to bring this up with my boyfriend without getting mad or crying. I’ve talked to him about his in the past but nothing ever changes.
Does anyone have any advice for how to approach this situation without seeming/being rude? Can anyone help me express my feelings without being hurtful?
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2023.03.24 06:15 Opposite_Fun_9340 Am I being selfish?

Tl;dr would it be selfish to ask my wife to do more for me?
I (25m) and my wife (23f) have been married 2 years after dating for 2. I have always, and still do, enjoy doing things from time to time to make her day. Usually just little things, like stopping at the gas station to get her favorite ice cream on my way home from work, surprising her with a night out, or leaving a note on her mirror in the morning. I also start thinking about what to get her for her birthday/Christmas way in advance, and save my extra cash if I need to, to get her something I know she really wants. She frequently tells me that I’m the best and she’s so lucky or that she doesn’t what she did to deserve a guy like me. But for the couple years she really hasn’t done much of anything special for me. Part of me feels like it would be selfish of me to bring it up though. I still get gifts from her on all the expected days (even though it’s always an assortment of random stuff that I’ve always suspected she grabbed last minute) and we still have sex several times a week (but she hasn’t initiated it for a very long time) I’m definitely still happy in the relationship, but I do feel like there is a lot more effort coming from me. Would it be selfish of me to ask that she put more effort into the relationship? And how could I bring this up without making her feel like I’m attacking her?
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2023.03.24 06:15 Dazzling-Bad-3472 What should I do after 12th grade?

As I near the end of my 12th grade studies, I find myself wondering about the different career options that are available to me. I'm looking for some guidance and advice on potential career paths that I can pursue after completing my studies.
I am reaching out to you because I am feeling very confused and uncertain about my future after completing my 12th grade studies. Despite all the advice and guidance I have received, I still have no idea what career path to pursue.
I am not sure what my strengths and weaknesses are, and I am struggling to identify any interests or passions that could guide me towards a particular career. I am feeling overwhelmed by all the options and decisions that I need to make, and I am worried that I might make the wrong choice. It feels like maybe it's already too late and that I should've known by now.
I am interested in learning about the different fields and industries that I can explore, including any opportunities that are available in science, technology, and engineering fields. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions you may have regarding further studies, career paths, and potential job prospects.
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2023.03.24 06:14 TurtleGames_10 Profit ngl

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2023.03.24 06:13 SamikshaParate Best quality handmade Bilona ghee A2 Cow milk near me

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2023.03.24 06:12 TheRedditReactor Angry Munci (A horror story based off of the Roblox game: Evade)

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2023.03.24 06:12 Anxious-Horror3102 Neighbor stole from me. Arizona.

I live in a home where the backyard meets another person’s backyard directly behind me. When I built the house, I had the parcel surveyed and built a block wall inside of my property line that runs the inside perimeter of my lot. The person behind me also has a block wall on or near their property line. There is a space of about 12 inches in between the two block walls.
Neighbor behind me has a dog that they do not care for and do not let inside. It barks for about ten hours per day for the last five years. I have contacted the city, the humane society, and a mediator with no changes. If the barking goes past 9pm I usually call or text the neighbor to ask them to let the dog inside. It is always met with hostility.
I bought an ultrasonic dog barking device and attached it to my block wall. It works! Last night, the neighbor removed the device from my wall and kept it. I have cameras in the back that recorded him using a ladder to climb over to my wall and take my ultrasonic device. I texted him to let him know I have him on video and he has an hour to return the device before I call the police for theft. He spoke unkindly to me and denied having it. Ten minutes later my camera recorded him replacing the ultrasonic device.
Since he returned it when I asked, can this still be considered theft?
May I still call the police for this kind of matter?
I feel unsafe that he thinks it is okay to take my things and climb around in my backyard. Can I pursue some kind of order of protection? Not sure if this is the right term for what I need.
Please no judgement for using a dog barking device. I am at my wit’s end. I feel it was the most humane of my remaining options.
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2023.03.24 06:11 ThrowawayAy786 How hard would this be to repair? Insurance giving me the run around…
Hey guys, last December I got into a collision from the rear that pushed me forward into another vehicle and unfortunately my 91 Mazda 323 sustained damages which I’m pretty sure are cosmetic only (car runs great still). I’ve been in conversation with insurance and repair shops and I could really use some advice. This is the first time anything like this has happened so I’m really confused being pulled around in different directions but I know I’m not at fault and the other guy has accepted this.
Initially they sent me to a repair shop that couldn’t do it (didn’t really look at the car) and that they would inform insurance to opt for cash settlement, so I went to local repair shops near me and was quoted between 3k to 4.5k to find parts/repair damages, but they couldn’t provide me a written quote as they don’t provide that for AAMI or APIA. Then the cash settlement offer came through and it was only 1.8k, which is markedly lower than what I was quoted. The insurance guy said that this is reasonable and that I shouldn’t expect to get more. But in that case, I’m not at fault and I still lose money?
Now I’m trying to figure out what to do. Should I take the cash settlement? Should I try to get a written quote? Should I just pay for the repairs myself? Just really confused and don’t know the best route to take. Sorry for the wall of text.
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2023.03.24 06:11 thebillygoatpros Bonelab Song Bracket: Robot Spiders vs Hub Stations

Bonelab Song Bracket: Robot Spiders vs Hub Stations
This bracket is to determine what is the ultimate Bonelab song.
Bracket so far
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2023.03.24 06:10 thebillygoatpros Bonelab Song Bracket: RiptoBits vs Lava Gang

Bonelab Song Bracket: RiptoBits vs Lava Gang
This bracket is to determine what is the ultimate Bonelab song.
Bracket so far
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2023.03.24 06:10 saddumbby not diagnosed please dont hate please

this isnt gonna be a post about me self diagnosing and all that, im too broke to go anywhere to add another mental illness to my list.
i moved away from all my friends and family and now live with my partner and their family, their sister is diagnosed with bpd. Me and her started becoming friends and i havent had a friend in so long. We talk about our issues and smoke together and just hang out. if anyone's diagnosing its her lol she tells me all the time i have most traits and we help each other because we understand how each other feels. she would take me with her on arrands and just randomly come into our room and want to hang out.
about a week ago she had a really bad episode details arnt mine to discuss but i was with her the entire time for days, i got no sleep, we lived off weed and coffee and she dragged me out of the house to drive around im the middle of the night and I did it i stayed with her bc I knew she had nobody else. then the problem resolved so we hung out less.
now she barely talks to me, not in a malicious way she just doesn't come and ask if I wanna hang out or come check on me or anything. she told me yesterday than we could hang out when she got back from running around and she didn't even text me when she came home. she came home with her boyfriend and then blew me off. now she's hanging out with her half brother all the time and laughing and cutting up loud af and it just sounds like nails on a chalkboard because I want that to be me.
i cant talk to anyone because shes the only one that would get it. i was just watching tv with my partner and come out to see her hanging out with half brother. it set me off and idk what to do I told my partner I had to pee but now ive been in the bathroom for nearly 20mins crying and how am i supposed to tell them what's wrong they wont get it.
tldr i just want a friend
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2023.03.24 06:09 Theeaglestrikes We escaped from a haunted house, but the horror didn’t end there.

Part I - Part II
Whitewall House looked different this afternoon. Twelve hours had passed, and yet the property appeared ruinous — worse than two months prior when we first pulled onto the driveway.
My knees knocked together as I inched through the open front door. Silence greeted me, but that wasn’t a comfort. I thought of May’s comment when we’d first arrived. It’s too still.
“May?” I called.
I crept up the creaking stairs, grateful for the sunlight that poured through the windows, though the house still terrified me. I finally saw what my wife and children had seen for weeks. The true malice hidden in those walls.
And then I heard crying from the room at the end of the upstairs landing — our bedroom. I sprinted towards it, pushing the door open to find a sight that stilled my shaking body.
“May…” I whispered.
She was sitting on the edge of our bed, face drenched in tears, and she looked up at me.
“You came back,” She said, sniffling.
My weary wife rushed to her feet, and we embraced for a little while, bawling into each other’s shoulders. I felt a deep, unyielding guilt. I could’ve believe I’d left her there all night.
“I’m sorry,” I sobbed. “It tricked me. I thought it…”
“- Where are our children?” May anxiously interjected.
“They’re with Rachel. They’re safe. Come on, let’s get out of here,” I said, wrapping my arm around her.
My wife gently squeezed my hand and shook her head, looking up at me. She beamed, but it was a sad smile. Her sorrow filled me with a dreadful emptiness.
“I can’t,” May replied.
And before I could reply, the door to the guest room at the far end of the landing — the one which had revealed the long-necked lady the night before — swung open of its own accord. My wife stood still. She was shivering at the very sight of the guest room.
I sensed that she wanted me to go alone, so I motioned for her to stay in our bedroom as I walked across the landing. I trembled, fearing the thing with the slender, curved neck and lopsided head. I braced for whatever fate the entity would deal.
I didn’t find the sickly, shadowy demon in the guest room. I found something far more horrifying.
“I’m sorry,” May cried, standing behind me.
But she wasn’t standing behind me. She was lying on the carpet of the guest room, snapped into a twisted shape with a petrified look on her lifeless face. By the looks of it, she died hours before I arrived there. Alone.
“No…” I croaked, falling to my knees in tears.
“I… I didn’t know whether you’d believe me,” She sobbed. “Carl, I need you to-”
“- Did it happen whilst I was helping the children downstairs? I… I saw it in the doorway,” I murmured.
The spectral form of my wife placed her hands on my shoulders, consoling me as I mourned her. There’s something indescribably terrifying about having a conversation with someone whose corpse is lying before you.
“Carl,” May said softly. “I need you to listen to me. We have to protect our family. Where is the Lady?”
“At the hotel,” I replied. “But the kids are safe. They’re miles away.”
“She’s not at the hotel,” May whimpered.
“What?” I asked.
“She’s not at the hotel,” May repeated. “That thing could only leave this place by latching onto someone.”
“You,” I said.
May shook her head tearily. “No, sweetheart. You. Where you go, it goes.”
There was the sudden sound of a door slamming, and the light outside the windows dimmed — as if a cloud were hanging heavily over our house.
“She’s here,” May whispered, gripping my arm. “She took my necklace. The one you gave me. That’s how she assumed my form. You need to take it back so you can trap her here.”
A moan sounded from the lobby.
May gripped me tightly. “I can’t stay. She’s shutting me out.”
I turned to face my wife, but her spectral form had vanished. I was kneeling on the floor beside her cold, decaying corpse in the near-lightless Whitewall House. I rose to my feet and listened to the steps ascending the staircase.
Then I saw the thing that was pretending to be my wife.
It smiled at me and hissed. “What have you found, sweetheart?”
The necklace, sporting a pair of initials — M and C — swung tantalisingly on May’s soft skin. I had to remind myself that it wasn’t her. It was a trick — a demon’s deceit. And I also knew that it wouldn’t take long for the Lady, as May called her, to infer my intentions.
I lunged towards the abomination and grasped the necklace in my hand, curling my fingers around it. The smile on the Lady’s face faded, and she slowly shook her head at me.
“I wouldn’t do that,” She hissed.
But the thing didn’t raise a hand. It didn’t try to stop me. I wrenched the necklace from the frightful thing, and then I shoved it out of the way, rushing down the stairs to the lobby.
The front door slammed shut, enclosing me in the darkened space, and I spun around to find that my wife’s doppelgänger was gone. I was looking at the scarcely-visible form of the Lady. Long-necked, corpse-like, and inhuman. Its lopsided head bounced against its shoulder, and I shrieked.
I stared at the reaper’s unholy face as its janky body clomped downstairs. It reached the bottom of the stairs, and I pressed my back against the front door, fumbling with the lock that wouldn’t budge.
“Run!” A voice screamed.
Her ghostly hand rose from the floorboards, clutching the Lady’s slender ankle and rooting it to the ground. The demon screeched, swiping a hand towards me as I slithered into the lounge. It continued to moan and shriek, realising I was about to slip away, as I picked up a dining chair and hurled it at the living room window.
The glass pane shattered, and I hauled my body through the window frame, landing on the driveway. I didn’t look back. I hopped into my car and drove away from Whitewall House for the last time.
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2023.03.24 06:08 meluvcatssomuch I have nothing to remember you with

I have gotten rid of every single thing that remotely reminds me of you. I don’t even have pictures to look back on if I wanted to. I have nothing to mourn you anymore, just the memory of you and the pain that you’re gone. I am doing everything it takes to move on from you. I kept going to therapy, I started journaling, hanging out with friends, talking to family. I quit my job to focus on school. I still think about you every single day, I just don’t talk about it as much anymore. I still miss you a lot, I’ve started to remember the good memories of us too. I’m doing everything I can to avoid the painfulness of you until I’m more ready. I deleted Instagram, even Facebook. I park across the street to avoid the parking space where we broke up. I turn at certain streets to avoid your apartment because it’s too painful. Sometimes even hanging out with certain friends that I associate you with hurts a lot. I miss you so much. I miss you every single day. I know I hurt you a lot. I know I’m not in your life anymore and I know I’m nowhere near your best friend now. I’m really sorry for everything. You have no clue how many times I’ve wanted to talk to you and reach out and tell you how sorry I am, and how much I am still stupidly in love with you. I know you want nothing to do with me, and I don’t blame you at all. I am still accepting that we will never talk again. I am still accepting that I will fall in love with someone else again oen day, when I’m ready, and that you were not forever, no matter how much I wanted you to be. No matter how much deep down in my heat in my deepest thoughts, I still sometimes want you to be the end. I can’t keep on thinking like this, so I won’t. I’ve done everything right to move on from you. It’s been 2 months. I will be ok. Everything will be ok. There was a before you and I’ll be fine after you. I am so sorry for hurting you in the process. We both deserved better. I need to move on from you. It’ll be ok.
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2023.03.24 06:07 jczz23 I feel lonely at work, yet no one understands me

 I (26M) work at a gas station thats marked red with big white letters, have been since October 2021. Ive worked at several different stores all over the area but recently i ended up at a store where I feel like I wasn't treated the best... A little about myself, im a really laidback guy. Im easygoing, usually friendly towards everyone unless given a reason not to be, i.e. assholes, bad people, generally anyone i logically shouldnt trust. I was in therapy for a little while for personal reasons, one of them being to improve on my social skills because i never had em growing up. I learned how to socialize, be more open about my feelings, and i learned that im a bit of an empath (bonus!) My therapist was the best, she tought me how to finally socialize like ive always wanted to, and i finally felt like things were going to only get better from there. I transferred to this specific store when it opened last August, and ever since then its been slowly getting to me. At first everything was ok, everyone was friendly enough, a lot of them were new and i helped them learn the ropes. I always tried to be the guy everyone could rely on for help, always trying to involve others, socialize with them, using the skills I learned I did my best to be a part of the team... but nothing i ever did felt like it was enough. I would always see how everyone else was always so hype to see each other, how they actively searched each other out while at work just to talk or hang out. Even the managers here actively tried to be a part of everyones lives... everyone except for me apparantly. For some reason, i always noticed that everyone around me acted differently towards me than they did towards each other. When one of them got sent back into the kitchen it was business as normal, everyone looks for em back there, everyone always hanging out with each other or to help them out, basically have a good time, yet when i get sent back there noone does the same for me, even though i did the same for everyone else. Even if someone gets sent back there to help me, all they would ever do was go back there, get stuff done, and leave to do something else, no talking, interaction, nothing. And yes I always tried my best to socialize with them and create new opportunities, but they never gave me those opportunities ( I would exhaust every dialogue option available, keeping my questions open ended to keep the conversation going just how they do with each other, yet i only ever got simple responses, or a singular response and nothing more, most of the time they wouldnt even try to keep it going) 
I get sent to work the register, same thing, im up there and its like i have the fucking plague, anyone else is up there and they have everyone coming up to them constantly. Even the managers were like this, thyley act all nice amd friendly, yet when i try to have a conversation with them, even if it was something related to work, they never treated me how they treat everyone else. I always got the short end of the responses yet with everyone else they have long ass conversations about who knows what? (Clearly i dont, cause otherwise none of this wouldnt have happened)
 Well as time went on and we neared valentines day, things took a turn. Valentines day is a hard day for me because its the day i lost the love of my life. Its been almost 4 years but it hasnt gotten any easier for me. During the year i can hide it no problem, but around valentines day it shows. This year was made even worse because of how everyone treated me while i was there and eventually I just couldnt hide it anymore. The month of February was when everything changed at work, i slowly stopped being so optimistic and cheerful and became more depressed, quieter and reserved. Conviniently it was right around this time that the managers started finally asking questions, unfortunately it was only cause my work was being affected and if i dont do as well as they want then the whole store loses out on a bonus. To be completely honest, i dont give two fucks about that bonus, not after the way ive been treated at this store, not after everything ive done for that store, working my ass off even when i was exhausted from life, even fucking up my left calf and literally limping away from work, after my shift ended, while still having to move around on the register (its a pretty big register area) I ivividly remember that night because as i limped towards my car from the back all i hear is "see you tomorrow jczz23!" That was the moment that i gave up on the store and ever since then ive been trying to transfer out of there or find another job. Well today the manager finally pulled me to the side to ask whats going on. I explained to her how i felt, telling her how i always felt lonely at that specific store, how from my perspective i felt like a social outcast. She really said "well its because youre so reserved, maybe if you opened up more?" Like we're really not gonna talk about the MONTHS that i was an open book for everyone yet noone made the effort. She then went on to tell me that the reason i feel like this is because of my behavior recently, like no, thats completely wrong. I told her how ive always felt like this ever since i started there, how its always been like this from my perspective. I told her about the example of me being in the kitchen and she then asked me "well did you try to talk with them while you were back there?" YES. MULTIPLE TIMES. WITH MULTIPLE PEOPLE. NOTHING. EVER. CHANGED. All she said afterwards was how she was gonna try her best to get me transferred out of there and to work with them because it could take a while... like am i going crazy or does she genuinely not see the problem here? Not just her, anyone who I explain this problem to they always tell me that its because of how reserved i am, or how quiet ive become, like no, im not reserved, if they actually knew me they would know im nothing like that... and i can actually prove it because at literally every other store i go to i never have this problem. At any other store I always feel welcomed, people always socializing with me, including me in almost everything they do, the managers actually listen to me and understand me... I dont know, am I in the wrong here? Is it me? Am i going crazy? 
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2023.03.24 06:06 Sea-Youth6376 Frequent Infections and Bartholin cyst!

I’m a 20 year old female who has PCOS. I’ve been overweight since I was about 10 years old; My highest weight was around 220lbs while being 5’4. When I was younger (12-16), I would only get my period two to three times a year and they were short lived (3 days) and extremely painful. I took the doctors advice and finally lost my first 40lbs. Once I hit the 180’s my periods became monthly, and only sometimes as extreme as past occurrences. However, frequent vaginal infections, vaginal “calcium deposits”, and vaginal cysts have become a problem. I feel as if I ALWAYS have some sort of vaginal infection. If it’s not clumps of yeast, it’s dark yellow discharge and itchiness. If not itchiness, it’s foul odor and the constant urge to urinate (only for a tiny droplet to fall). Along with these vaginal infections, I might experience a mild cold of some sort where I’m sneezing and feeling weak. Additionally, I get Bartholin cyst on one of my vaginal lips at least 5 times a year. Seriously. The cyst runs from a small ignorable “pimple” that busts with warm compress- to a bump that hardens my entire right vaginal lip and makes it nearly impossible to sit and walk normally. I go to the ER when it gets really bad and receive the standard antibiotics, only for it to happen again within the next couple of months. I went to my general practitioner several times, and each they test me I do have a vaginal infection of some kind. I get antibiotics and that’s all. Oh! And also, I’ve noticed that i have a lining of white mushy (stuff) on the inner lining of my cheeks. After some research, I figured that it could be candida overgrowth showing in my mouth (which also could explain the yeast infection.) When I told my doctor, he said it was impossible and that it was just trauma from chewing on my cheeks. I’m really just at a lost for words and don’t know who to ask. Does anyone else have experience with this or could give information on any of my concerns? Thank you!
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2023.03.24 06:05 throwawayyy45092 Can't make GF finish

Recently got into a relationship and started having sex with my (19M) GF (F18). I've not been able to get my gf to finish and it's stressing me out. She tells me not to worry because she doesn't know what she likes because I'm her first and that it's a mental/stress thing for her, but I can't help it. It stresses me out even more that she makes sure to make me finish every time (PIV/handjob/bj). We've had sex for hours, in multiple positions, 5-6 rounds, done fingering, oral, and nothing works. She says my size is fine enough but she took 4 fingers and I'm nowhere near that girthy. It makes me feel sad that I can't make her feel as good as she makes me feel. Any tips?
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2023.03.24 06:05 throwra_eacb Me (30F) and my partner (29M) have a disagreement over cleaning/work.

I work a physically demanding job, and most days I get about 6 hours. for arguments sake lets say i make about 2000 a month. My money mostly goes to bills, including rent, food, phone, gas etc. Whatever is left over is normally split between something I want to get and 60-100$ of weed he gets for back pain every 2 weeks.
He does not work, and has an income of 300/mo for disability. It mostly goes to buying him more weed, getting money for a game, keeping up with our Spotify, and his phone bill that he rarely keeps up with then complains about.
He gets upset with me for rarely doing cleaning around the house, which is very true, and whenever I do things like clean, cook, reorganize, do laundry, etc., he will complain that I did it the wrong way, even if the outcome is identical. I never complain if things aren't clean, and he does clean at least once or twice a week, however he rarely cooks, and when he does he makes me help, but when I cook hes upstairs playing games and talking to friends. I've gotten upset a few times and snapped saying if he wants to go work and make all the money I will happily trade places and clean, cook, do laundry etc. I've even said he's welcome to find someone else to move in with and let them pay for everything, but only once after a particularly tough day and long argument. We struggle for money, and rarely have anything left over at then end of 2 weeks so it would be nice if both of us had jobs but hes putting it all on me that I should be helping him with VA stuff instead, and that he wont be able to increase his disability unless I write something that I don't even understand how to write.
Over the pandemic the roles were reversed for 2 years, and I was in and out of hospital unable to work while he was working. His disability clearly didn't prevent him from working full time back then. He treats me like I owe allowing him to just sit around while I do everything, but anything I do outside of going to work and coming home I get criticized over. If I clean the kitchen, well i should have hand washed everything that didnt fit instead of running two loads of dishes because it wastes water and soap to run the dishwasher twice (also, no it doesnt but thats a fight ive had with him for about 3 years. ) If i cook, well i should have known he wants the burger patties all this one specific size and if i wanna make myself smaller ones thats INCORRECT, because he had me buy those ingredients for a very specifically made meal that he shared no specifications beforehand for.
I don't ask him to clean, or cook, or work, or shop, or anything. Almost everything he has to do i have to be company to, but everything he expects me to do needs to be done without him because hes busy. But god forbid i get home and want to stream, play games all evening after working, cook for just me, chat with friends etc, and not include him directly. I can elaborate for hours but ill stop here. I AM NOT PERFECT, Shit im not even pretty good. I am adequate. I love him. I'm exhausted from all the expectations he has on me, when I ask for so little, and rarely ever ask.
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2023.03.24 06:04 Inside_Table_912 im falling for my best friend and i don't know why

used a burner account for this because i am just so ashamed, also pls don't make a tiktok for this story lol i don't want her to see. im 16 m and have a friend 16 f who is the most beautiful, hilarious, kind person ive ever met in my entire life. we've been through everything together since we were 11 and i love her so much, she means the world to me. i seriously believe were soulmates, not just in a romantic way, were just so perfect for eachtoehr it hurts. recently we had a near death experience that was really traumatizing for both of us. i don't want to go into details so i won't, but i want to say that despite the fact she was freaking tf out, she kept calm and level headed for me because i was sobbing because i was so scared for my life. she helped me so much and she held me and she called me 'my love' and it helped me so much. it was genuinely the kindest thing anybodies ever done for me. people have been treating her wrong for her entire life and i feel so bad for her. she deserves the world, not whatever shit it throws at her. everything she does is incredible and shes so talented and beautiful i love her so much, even as a friend. shes been there for me through everything, and ive been there for her, but i don't think ive been the best, im not the most sympathetic person, but i try. sure, we've had our fare share of arguments, but we've made up and have become stronger friends over them. i try to make her as happy as possible because i care and care and care for her so so so so so much.
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2023.03.24 06:04 Glindanorth They're snotty and gross and unsupervised. Ugh.

Today, I was thinking of this community while I waited for my flight. I know you will understand my dismay and frustration. First, let me say, I don't hate children, I just have no interest in parenting or spending time with them. I do very much have an issue with clueless, inconsiderate parents.
I recently recovered from Covid. I had a rough go of it, despite being vaccinated, boosted, and careful about keeping myself safe. I'm immunocompromised and I've had pneumonia five times. Covid was a big deal and the last three years have been difficult for me. Still, I have things to do, so I protect myself as best I can.
My mom died a few months ago, and I'm in charge of her estate. Today I had to fly to the state where she lived as I'm in the final stages of getting her house ready to sell.
While I was waiting in the gate area at a major international airport in the US, I was wearing a mask and keeping myself distanced from others as best I could. There was a mom traveling with her little girl (maybe 4 years old?) also in the gate area waiting for the same flight. The child was obviously sick. She had a bright red snotty nose, and she had a hacking cough. The kid was running around the gate area, touching everything, and just coughing into the air, never once covering her mouth, and wiping her gooey nose on the palm of her hand. Her mother did absolutely nothing to rein her in.
At one point, the child ran past a row of seats near me, while hacking up actual phlegm, and I watched a family of four look at each other and immediately mask up. Every once in a while, the mother would say, "You're coughing too much. Sit down and rest." Mostly, though, the mother ignored the kid and the kid just kept smearing snot everywhere and running around coughing into the air. I really wish I were exaggerating this situation, but I'm not.
I hate that this child was on my flight, and I hate that her mother let this toxic sick child run around spreading illness as if it were flower petals. If I get sick again at this point, I will likely end up hospitalized. Why, why, why won't parents control their children and think of the people they may be doing harm to? I get that maybe they had to travel, but this felt like profound lack of consideration on the part of the mom. I really wish child-free flights were an option.
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2023.03.24 06:03 Melee_21 Guy (49 M) at work has been taking pictures/ videos of me (21 F). Next steps?

Hey Reddit, just looking for some advice on my situation.
A manager at my firm was showing me pictures from the vacation he just got back from in Hawaii with his family. He is married with 2 girls around my age and a 10-year-old son. As he was showing me the pictures his phone froze and redirected him to a folder of pictures and videos about 10 in total he has taken of me.
He quickly tried to come away from that folder but I had seen it all and he started apologizing saying he would delete everything and he even started crying telling me not to ruin his life. The whole time I was quiet but shocked and appalled and I left to go back to my office. I have written a draft email to HR with details but I have not yet sent it, I imagine they will fire this creep. I also plan on filing charges of sexual harassment against him. But this guy seems unstable I see it in his eyes, he has been calling from different phone numbers during the day begging for me to not retaliate that his wife will leave him and he will lose his job, but sir you should have thought about that before!!
Anyways just want to get feedback from you guys.
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