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2023.03.24 06:50 Neat-Ad1815 Winter/Christmas Scream

How does everyone feel about there being a Christmas and/or winter set and themed Scream film? I guess it is probably unlikely to happen, but I would really like if they did it. I think having a movie, specifically a slasher, set around this time could just make for a really, really cool atmosphere and environment. Sort of in the vein of Black Christmas, we could have a lot of really cool kills, a good atmosphere of the snow, kills in the cold, chase scenes, etc, plus with the emotions of Christmas and everything that’s going on, it could be really good for character building and make some nice moments with these characters. It doesn’t have to be a whole Scream even set during this time, I guess. I would even be happy if there were just some scenes or something like that. But I don’t think I’d want VII set as this as it wouldn’t be the best for a concluding chapter, but definitely it’s something I want to see.
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2023.03.24 06:30 Block-Busted 'Superman Returns' (2006) - This live-action film by Bryan Singer had a budget of $263 million and received 74% on RottenTomatoes with 7.0/10 average and 72/100 on Metacritic. It is the first live-action IMAX 3D release - but it has a very unfortunate aspect tied to it.

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I just picked up an amazing postcard box called "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls."
If you want to request a specific rebel, you can include it in your comment and I'll do my best to fulfill it if you are selected:
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2023.03.24 05:37 sumitgusain22 WOLFWALKERS

Even as principal lively studios such as Disney, Pixar, and Illumination enjoyment have dominated the cinematic limelight, with their lively functions topping the charts at the worldwide field office and being fan favorites to many, some smaller studios have had their share in the spotlight; producing some of the greatest and most innovative cartoon testimonies for the a long time. One such studio is caricature Saloon, a Irish animated film enterprise that, whilst now not boasting the earnings making numbers of Pixar or of the long illustrious catalogue from Disney, have established a number of the maximum greatest portions of animated storytelling.
With three movies underneath their belt, cartoon Saloon has produced a few notable stunning cool animated film memories, which includes 2009’s the secret of the Kells, 2014’s track of the sea, and 2017’s The Breadwinner; crafting imaginative memories of artistry and integrity, whilst blending surreal visions of delusion lore and profound realities. Now, caricature Saloon, and directors Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart, present the studio’s fourth animated movie and the belief to their “Irish Folklore trilogy” saga with the release of Wolfwalkers. Does this contemporary movie hold the endearing legacy from the studio or is it a “black mark” on their esteem report of animated capabilities?
THE story
In 1650 ireland, invoice Goodfellow (Sean Bean) has pledged his loyalty to the effective Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell (Simon McBurney), acting because the legitimate wolf catcher for the expanding realm of the English nation freshly installed in eire. bill is a widower, raising his young lady named Robyn (Honor Kneafsey) on his very own, regularly unable to contain his daughter’s unbribed interest, specifically exploring the world past the metropolis gates. even as bill sets out to rid the location of hungry wolves in the close by forest wooded area, Robyn manages to have a near-encounter interaction with Mebh (Eva Whittaker), a toddler who’s additionally a wolfwalker, along with her spirit reworking right into a wolf as she sleeps

added to their recovery powers and manipulate over the nearby %. Mebh remains alone, without her mom, Moll (Maria Doyle Kennedy), who became a wolf one night time and by no means lower back domestic. Curious herself to the new human lady, Mebh unearths a friend in Robyn, who’s excited by way of the life, however is quickly aware about its growing hazard, with the Lord Protector refusing to relaxation till the wolves have been exterminated, with invoice stuck in the center of being dutiful to his lord and unknowingly searching his daughter in the process.
the best / THE horrific
As a lot of you know, i am a huge fan of lively films, which probably stems from my adolescence years of watching cartoons (both episodic tv collection and diverse Disney / non-Disney movies of the past due 80s to mid-90s). just like what I stated above, at the same time as I’ve been fan of numerous of the massive animated studio releases, the idea of smaller studios cartoon features are from time to time have a better nice in both storytelling and integrity, with studios like Laika, Aardman Animations, and cartoon Saloons being prime examples. With cool animated film Saloon’s films, i like how special the film’s animation appears, which creates an almost dreamy folklore style from caricature age long forgotten. Plus, their memories are constantly pretty profound; by no means shoving pop culture references or unnecessary gags that don’t paintings. i've seeing the name of the game of Kells and tune of the sea, but I haven’t had the danger to look The Breadwinner, which I do plan on seeing. In brief, whilst larger animation studio will maintain to produce feature movies for the loads, studios like cool animated film Saloon and others show that finer traits of storytelling may be found in smaller scale productions (i.e., exceptional over quantity).
This brings me returned to speaking about Wolfwalkers, the fourth film from cartoon Saloon and the third entry in their Irish Folklore trilogy. To be pretty sincere, I truly didn’t pay attention lots approximately this movie. yes, that’s true! in spite of my love for child’s lively movies, Wolfwalkers went “under my radar” for quite a while. As I stated, caricature Saloon doesn’t have the equal wide variety of releases like Disney or Pixar has, so I wasn’t sincerely “searching” for their next release, specifically because the studio’s last film came out in 2017. however, I did subsequently pay attention about this movie at the beginning of November 2020, seeing the movie’s movie trailer online, which I do have that I absolutely liked and got me quite intrigued to se the movie.
but, with the COVID-19 pandemic in impact, cartoon Saloon launched the movie in diverse elements, with a few being theatrically (in international territories), even as for me (in the usa) the movie was sold off to most excellent on Apple+ tv solely. luckily, I recognize a person who has Apple+ tv, so i was sooner or later capable to check out Wolfwalkers after the vacation season of 2020. So….what did I think about it? properly, I clearly preferred it. in spite of some minor issues, cartoon Saloon’s Wolfwalkers is fantastic and engaging lively movie that encompasses the studio’s persevering with thoughts of innovative integrity and standout storytelling in its animation and narrative. The film can also get overlooked by using the masses, but its clearly one which’s worth finding out!

Wolfwalkers is directed by Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart and the duo have been a part of cool animated film Saloon for quite some time, with Moore directing past films from the studio including the name of the game of Kells and the music of the sea, at the same time as Stewart labored as art director for those films respectfully. for that reason, the combination efforts of each Moore and Stewart seems to bolster the effect that Wolfwalkers has and indeed each seeing to do this quite correctly mind. for my part, I assume that Wolfwalkers is possibly the fine release of caricature Studio (that I’ve seeing). together, Moore and Stewart make the movie a fruits of its past two different “Irish Folklore” entries by using capping the movie off in is trilogy style (i.e saving the high-quality for ultimate).
Moore and Stewart additionally make sure to keep the movie transferring at a consistent tempo; never breaking away for unnecessary filling or side-tales; usually making the characteristic’s fundamental cognizance upon the adventures of Robyn and Mebh. additionally, just like the relaxation of caricature Saloon’s releases, Moore and Stewart maintain up the studio’s integrity intact and never deviate into the extra commonplace tropes and references that many animated movies of past due fall into. What do I imply? properly, Wolfwalkers seems like its personal issue and by no means makes pop-culture references or out-of-area musical / dance numbers, or snappy catchphrase zingers. universal, Moore and Stewart do an high-quality job in shaping Wolfwalkers to be what it's miles; an lively film that breathtaking to look at, concept-frightening in its tale being instructed, and bountiful pallet of leisure.
furthermore, Wolfwalkers likeability and poignant that means additionally stems from the characteristic’s tale, which is steeped in Irish subculture and folklore in addition to developing into popular issues. The script, which become penned by Moore and Stewart in addition to Will Collins and Jericca Cleland, is wealthy with various motifs and nuances that harken back to the actual international of English occupation in ireland much like how the secret of Kells and track of the ocean displayed. naturally, the putting of eire within the film is one that is rife with realism; providing a kingdom this is torn between the opposing factions (i.e., Christianity vs. paganism or Irish Catholicism vs. English Protestantism or Celtic vs. English records) and offers the narrative of Wolfwalkers a palpable backdrop to spring off of and propel ahead in its own story.
Plus, the acquainted thematic beats are pretty poignant and complexed, such as friendship, tolerance, and family, are fantastically rendered inside the movie that, whilst perhaps common for youngsters’s tales, are nonetheless dealt with rather nicely in the movie’s script and average execution in the film. in addition, the movie’s story takes non secular narrative influences from other lively movies which include 2010’s a way to educate Your Dragon and 1997’s Princess Mononoke and, whilst a few argue that its take story beats from those initiatives (more on that below), it simply takes numerous similarities, particularly considering the competition of mankind vs. nature, using fear and superstition for fearmongering, and the two people (from contrary worlds) turning into pals. Altogether, all of these storytelling factors assist enhance Wolfwalkers’s narrative; compounding the effective effect that the movie has on its visitors for artistry integrity.
certainly, the animation fashion of caricature Saloon’s functions is possibly one of the satisfactory matters that they have got been regarded for; displaying colourful animation that almost appears quite unique from the greater commonplace usage of three-dimensional computer-generated visuals. There’s absolute confidence that Wolfwalkers maintains that culture from cool animated film Saloon; making it the high-quality “looking” launch. With the modern roster of film having 3D visuals for its animation, it’s nearly a breath of fresh air to peer an animated challenge offer up something pretty particular and different; choosing a extra traditional 2d fashion. moreover, the animation in Wolfwalkers, giving its Irish folklore roots and nuances, has greater of a conventional folklore storytelling style of animation, which makes it even that extra mind-blowing to visible see; nearly as if the movie’s tale is being drummed up from an antique legend of a few kind (in case you understand what I suggest). as a result, what’s provided is genuinely stunning and suitable.
Backgrounds are imbued with a experience of portray fashion, which is lovely, and the colors for the duration of the movie are absolutely mesmerizing. Plus, the individual designs for each respective man or woman are also drawing in a terrific and unparallel way that without a doubt provides to the film’s “folklore” element. i really like the film’s animation and could go on and on approximately it as I praise the function for such a rich and picturesque cool animated film movie that appears like nearly a hidden gem of new with animated feature endeavors. accordingly, I honestly do must commend the artistry and animators for this undertaking for their prolithic paintings at the movie. nicely done!
moreover, the movie’s style of cinematography must also be referred to, which offers the film have clean and almost storybook best in almost each scene. Poignant photographs and dramatic moments are outbound on this film and feels quite captivating in nearly every scene as if the film is being theatrically shot / provided in a live-action undertaking. additionally, the movie’s rating, which become composed via Bruno Coulais, offers a stunning musical composition that’s steeped in that oh-so whimsical nature of Irish folklore that speaks to the feature’s putting and tone as well as being cinematically driven with dramatic moments. this sort of extraordinary score (even with the aid of my standards). Plus, foremost track feature inside the movie “running with the Wolves” by using AUROA is superb and actually compliments the scene that it's miles presenting in such mystical and highlighting way. adore it!
there has been very little that I didn’t like approximately the movie, but, for the sake of an argument, Wolfwalkers does have some blemishes of youngster criticisms that I observed. perhaps the only that’s the maximum usual is in the film’s overall tone, that's does have a good dose of healthful youth marvel and humor, however also one this is greater critical and a touch bit darkly miserable. What I’m speaking about is that Wolfwalker’s tone, specifically in the latter half of the feature, is darker and has more of a heavier tension show in the feature’s narrative, which is right, but it is able to be a bit bit too much. yes, I do recognize of artistry integrity and what caricature Saloon has executed with its animated films (each beyond and gift). That being said, the movie will become greater of an person film with a piece more violence and macabre tones in the second 1/2 of the film. perhaps it is able to’ve been toned down a piece…simply a piece. consequently, this acts as a warning to a few parents out there that, despite a powerful / moving story and a spectacular display of animation, Wolfwalkers won't be great ideal for some of the more youthful “juice box” crowd accessible. next, sure scenes stumble upon as a touch bit repetitive, with pretty a good deal the identical interplay of character speak moments and / or strains being pretty the equal. this is mainly referred to in Robyn’s conversations with her father,
that are common and turn out to be a tad redundant. ultimately, even as I did mention that Wolfwalker’s tale takes inspirational impacts from both the way to teach Your Dragon and Princess Mononoke, some may argue that it takes a greater “carbon copy” technique and makes the film’s narrative a bit predictable. in my opinion, it didn’t hassle me at all, but there are few out there in an effort to cry hen on this specific issue, specially since each of those lively films had been out for quite some time. general, those are extra minor nitpicks of criticism and derail the movie in any respect….at least in my opinion.
What aides the movie in its fanciful appealing nature of fantastically drawn animation and gripping story is in its vocal abilties, with Wolfwalkers delivering an all round small (yet quite effective) a solid for its animated characters. similar to the movie itself, those precise characters are grounded in common roots of realism and familiarity, yet the movie’s unique technique of fashion and storytelling simply helps raise these respective gamers. that is maximum generic within the characteristic’s two essential characters of Robyn
Goodfellowe and Mebh, who're voiced by way of younger actresses Honor Kneafsey and Eva Whittaker. Kneafsey, regarded for her roles in Benidorm, miss You Already, and A Christmas Prince, has the most enjoy of the 2 and without a doubt is aware of the way to make a individual quite endearing with her voice by myself; utilizing an unbridled curiosity and well mannered demeanor in Robyn, which always makes for an excellent sort of man or woman and easy to root for from start to finish. further, Whittaker, who's recognised for her function inside the female at the cease of the garden, offers to as an alternative appropriate inside the position of Mebh. at the same time as she doesn’t have a massive lower back catalogue of past works, Whittaker is a delight within the film; portraying Mebh with a feel of wild and caged unfastened persona in comparsion to Robyn. clearly, both these specific characters (and their personas) are easily meditated upon the English and Irish people and the political landscape era of which Wolfwalkers is ready in, which makes each Robyn and Mebh relatable and proper.
not like a whole lot of animated feature films that boast plenty of recognizable / big call stars attached to the feature in voicing characters, Wolfwalkers doesn’t really want to do this, particularly since the film’s expertise is already quite properly and the film itself offers enough time to make the characters intriguing and personable. That being stated, the movie does have recognizable names connected to the venture with actors Sean Bean and Simon McBurney gambling the components of Robyn’s father, bill
Goodfellowe, and the oppressive chief Oliver Cromwell referred to as the “Lord Protector”. Bean, regarded for his roles in game of Thrones, Black death, and The Lord of the jewelry: The Fellowship of the ring, has been a quite a familiar name (maximum extremely good for his on-screen death in a number of his past initiatives) and his involvement in this movie is as a substitute well-located and well-way, specially in how his voice sounds and resonates with invoice, a kind-hearted yet sternly defensive father. The equal can be stated with McBurney, acknowledged for his roles in Tinker Tailor Soldier secret agent, The ultimate King of Scotland, and The Conjuring 2, who is more of a reoccurring helping gamers in his frame of filmography, however nonetheless proves to be quite powerful in his person portrayal, together with his overall performance of the Lord Protector quite sinisterly evil and a awesome antagonist (each in man or woman built and in vocal skills). collectively, both actors have very awesome sounding voices and are ideal
(almost tailored made) for his or her respective roles. moreover, actress Maria Doyle Kennedy, who's recognised for her roles inside the Tudors, Outlander, and Orphan Black, is another outstanding / acknowledged acting skills that is connected to Wolfwalkers; presenting the voice for Moll MacTíre, Mebh’s mother and chief of the wolf percent. Like Bean and McBurney, Kennedy’s voice is pretty particular and definitely is a “ideal healthy” for a movie like this and does provide a positive kind of warm temperature to her person…. even though she’s extra in the latter half of the film.
The relaxation of the solid, including actor Jon Kenny (Les depressing and track of the ocean) as Ned the stringy woodcutter, actor John Morton (Lily’s bad Day and Vultures) as Stumpy, actor / manufacturer Oliver McGrath (the secret of Kells and The Musician) as nearby town bully Padraig, and director Nora Twomey (Breadwinner and the name of the game of the Kells) as the top housekeeper inside the Lord Protector’s scullery Bridget, spherical out the relaxation of the Wolfwalkers’s gamers in more minor assisting character roles. those particular characters (as you can actually imagine) are confined to being minor capacity, but each one has their own creative specialty (be it vocal abilities and / or character layout) to make them memorable.
final thoughts
In a time of English occupation in eire and mystical superstitions, a younger female befriends a atypical shapeshifter as the pair learns from each other and in the end come collectively help keep one another’s households in the film Wolfwalkers. Director Tomm Moore and Ross Stewart’s brand new projects sees the fourth film in caricature Saloon’s release in a super fashion of mixing poignant storytelling and creative artistry to help enrich an animated film with natural fanciful delight. The film is natural wonderment of magic and friendship and merits excessive reward from the movie’s administrators, a significant story, exceptionally extremely good style of animation, beautiful score, a solid voice acting across the board in all sides and positions. in my opinion, I cherished this movie.
It changed into something quite unique and extraordinary from the regular animated films of late and offers up this sort of delightful and significant tale of two younger girls which might be stuck up inside the greater occasions of the land. Plus, the film’s animation again is quite beautiful and i cherished it! for this reason, my advice for the film is a “notably
recommended” one because it ought to be seeing with the aid of all, mainly those who've a unique affinity for caricature capabilities with professional artistry and narrative integrity. With the realization of this film, cool animated film Saloon closes its bankruptcy on what it’s calling it “Irish Folklore” trilogy of films. What does that suggest for the future of the employer? Who knows? allow’s wish that the studio will keep more captivating features of diverse tales and myths, which includes more Irish folklore possibly. nevertheless, Wolfwalkers is a cinematic revel in that acts as a breath of fresh air; boldly taking visitors on an enchanting journey that both entertains and symbolizes what robust and palpable storytelling can arise from one of these small animated studio.
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2023.03.24 05:14 deadisbettah "That" sound in the Blair Witch Project.

It happens when the children are outside of the tent. Around the 1:03 mark in the clip. For some reason, that sound is the scariest part of the movie for me, even more than the ending. Something about it just sounds so inhumane (makes me wonder if Mary Brown wasn't too far off in her interview). Mainly just wanted to know what you guys thought about it and if you ever noticed it before?It happens when the children are outside of the tent. Around the 1:03 mark in the clip. For some reason, that sound is the scariest part of the movie for me, even more than the ending. Something about it just sounds so inhumane (makes me wonder if Mary Brown wasn't too far off in her interview). Mainly just wanted to know what you guys thought about it and if you ever noticed it before?
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2023.03.24 05:03 chucklesudmbcnt The Delusions of the self proclaimed star Ashley Marie

Ashley Marie has titled herself as the star of Hide & Seek Podcast Season 3, the case of missing person Brittany Wallace. Ashley (AM) has claimed this to be her best friend after knowing Brittany for three months (at most). She has directed investigative focus in numerous directions that were in no way related to the case in what is believed an attempt at diversion from where it truly should have been. She has quite possibly damaged the case to the extent of it not being solvable and a family may never have answers for the whereabouts of Brittany or to know who is responsible for her disappearance. This is a place to outline exactly what AM has done to damage the case, make clear the lies she has told for whatever reasons, and put the truth of who she really is out there.
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2023.03.24 04:50 Adorable-Climate6915 Digital Codes for Sale

Looking to sell digital codes. This is a draft of a list, but I'll make a more formal post on the DigiCodeSell Thread

All codes are HD unless indicated by a (4K)
Payments through PayPal and Venmo (DM me)
Digital Codes List:
12 Years a Slave
13 Hours: Benghazi
1917 (HD/4K)
3 Days to Kill
47 Meters Down
47 Meters Down Uncaged
Addams Family 2
Aladdin (Live Action)
Alex Cross
Alice in Wonderland (Original)
Alita: Battle Angel (4K)
All Eyez on Me
All the Money in the World
Amazing Spiderman 2
American Assassin
American Hustle (SD)
Angry Birds 2 (4K)
A Simple Favor
Avengers Endgame
Avengers Infinity War
Batman 2021 (4K)
Bad Boys 4 Life
Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (4K)
Begin Again
The Big Short
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Candyman (2021)
Captain America Winter Soldier
Captain Marvel (4K)
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City of Lies
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Dawn of the Planey of the Apes
Deepwater Horizon
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Dirty Dancing (30th Aniv Ed.)
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Django Unchained
Doctor Strange
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Dragged Across Concrete
The Drop
Dune (4K)
Dying of the Light
Edge of Tomorrow
Edward Scissorhands
Ender’s Game
Ex Machina (4K/HD)
Expendables 2
Expendables 3
F9 The Fast Saga (4K)
Fast and Furious 6
Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw
The Fate of the Furious (4K)
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First Man (4K)
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Ford v Ferrari (HD/4K)
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Get Out
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Girls Trip
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The Hateful Eight
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The Hitman’s Bodyguard
The Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard (HD/4K)
Hobbit: Unexpected Journey
Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
Hotel Mumbai
Hotel Transylvania
How to Train Your Dragon 2
The Hunger Games
Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt 2
Hunter Killer
I Can Only Imagine
I, Frankenstein
Independence Day Resurgence
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I Still Believe
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Jigsaw (4K/HD)
John Wick
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John Wick 3 (4K)
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Jupiter Ascending
King Richard
The Knick Season 1
Knives Out (4K/HD)
Lady Bird
La La Land
The Last Duel
Last Night in Soho
Les Misérables
Let Him Go
Licorice Pizza
Lion King (original)
Lion King (Live Action)
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The Longest Ride
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The Lucky One
Mad Max: Fury Road
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The Mechanic: Resurrection
Me, Earl and the Dying Girl
MIB International (4K)
Men in Black 3 (4K)
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Extraordinary Children
Moana (4K/HD)
Mortal Kombat (2020) (4K)
My Little Pony: The Movie
News of the World
The Night Before
Nobody (4K)
Now You See Me
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Pitch Perfect
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Ready Player One (HD/4K)
Requiem for a Dream (4K)
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Run All Night
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Saw (4K)
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
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Scott Pilgrim vs the World (4K)
Scouts Guide to the Apocalypse
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
The Shape of Water
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Snow White and the Huntsman
Soul (4K/HD)
Spiderman No Way Home
Spiral: Book of Saw (4K/HD)
The Spectacular Now
Spiderman: Homecoming
Spiderman: Far From Home
The Spy Who Dumped Me
Star Trek: Beyond
Star Trek: Into Darkness
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Suicide Squad (2021)
Survive the Game
Tenet (4K/HD)
Terminator Salvation
Thor: The Dark World
Thor Ragnarok
Toy Story 4 (4K)
Transformers: Dark Knight (HD/4K)
The Trust
Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral
Uncut Gems
Under the Skin
Venom Let There be Carnage
While We’re Young
Why Him?
Wind River
The Witch
The Wolf of Wallstreet
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman 1984
Words on Bathroom Walls
Wreck it Ralph: Ralphs Breaks the Internet
X-Men Apocalypse
You Were Never Really Here
You’re Next
Zero Dark Thirty
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2023.03.24 04:39 uberfunction Tabloids are digging up dirt again. 😬

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2023.03.24 04:05 Jestofu I miss my dad

Hi, I've never posted on Reddit before. Sorry if this long. I just need to talk about this. I miss my dad.
My father, for lack of better words, was the best dad I could have asked for. He passed away suddenly last year, in February, he had barely turned 50 before he passed. I regret deeply how I talked to him before he passed. I had cussed him out for being so reckless, and how I wish he would take better care of himself.
I never got to really tell him sorry, 'cause I told him that I will talk to you tomorrow, and you better be ready to say sorry. He didn't get to tell me that cause when I went to visit him the next day, after that whole event in urgent care. He was in the ICU, something that had happened before, something that I was used to. He had an infection years ago that kept messing with his health.
He was panicking when my mom, grandmother, and I came in. I was panicking too. I don't remember why he was. I know he had sleep Apnea, I do as well. However, I had never seen him like that.
After that, I don't remember the week leading up to his death, I was worried. The doctors said he'd be ok. I wanted to believe he would, but I guess I knew he was gone already.
They never knew what really got him, maybe it was all the drinking he did, maybe his lungs finally gave out, or maybe he just couldn't take living with his health. I don't know. I was just 17, with my mom who I had never seen cry before, wailing and sobbing.
I turned 18 shortly after he passed, and now I'm going to be 19 without him.
This isn't why I wanted to make this post. I wanted to celebrate how dorky he was, and that he was such a dweeb that I loved.
My dad loved video games, he loved comics, he loves Luigi's mansion on the switch, he loved baseball, he loved football, he loved old movies. He loved me and my mom dearly. I loved him so much, and I feel awful about how I spoke to him. I feel like the worst daughter in the world, I feel like I could have been better. So, I'll put in a few stories he himself told me before he passed, and what my mom told me.
The day I was born after my mom was brave as hell without drugs pushed me into the world, I was born early, NIC baby many call it. My father who had done his best to keep my mom talking and focused, rushed out of the hospital to get a haircut. Wonder why? He didn't want his baby girl to see him so messed up, he wanted my first impression of him (even if I didn't remember) to be amazing. I can't say he wasn't wrong, cause I adored the ground he walked on.
My dad was on T shot's for the better part of my life, and I'd say when I was 15, maybe 14. We were out eating, and he noticed he had hair on his legs. He hadn't had hair on his legs in years, and in all of my glory, I responded. "Wow dad, you're finally becoming a man!!" in public. I felt I had never made him prouder.
My dad had a habit of quoting movies, he would reference some of the weirdest, oldest, or even most popular movies as a way to make you laugh. He was a lovely goofball, he even helped me start my movie collection one Christmas if I remember the one right before he had passed. He had a habit of collecting Wii u games too, I still have them, I wish to play them but I can't at the moment.
One day when I was a freshman in highschool, we were having a bad day together in the morning, and he called me a dork or a nerd, or something along those lines. It was national daughters day at the time, and he didn't know till mom told him. He was so upset with himself, even if I was used to being called those things cause it was basically a way to tell each other we cared about each other.
Those are some of the few things I can think of off the top of my head, and I feel awful I cussed him out. However, I hope, I beg and plead that he knew how much I adored him. Everyone loved him, even if he wasn't the best person at times, I loved him, he was my dad, and he was my goofball. I miss him, dearly. I miss my dad, I cry when I think of him, I'm crying now. I cry constantly for the things I wish I told him.
I don't want comfort, I just want people to know of him, to know I love him, to know I miss him. Mom misses him, his mom does, his cat dad hell, everyone misses him. It feels wrong to move on with life with him gone. I'm a college freshman without him, god I miss him.
I just hope some of the smaller stories within this post made someone laugh, I don't remember all the details for I have a shit memory, but he was a riot even in his months till he passed. I loved my dad, and I hope I can make him proud.
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2023.03.24 03:39 Ford9863 [Out of Time] Part 3

Ms. Wilsby offered her shoulder for me to balance on as she led me toward the entrance, but I declined. I felt strange accepting it. My legs quickly protested that decision by buckling, though I was able to save a full tumble by lurching forward awkwardly. The result was akin to tripping over an invisible log.
Ms. Wilsby looked at me with pursed lips as I straightened my stance. “Are you sure you don’t want—”
“I’m sure,” I said. If I truly was what she said—a mechanical, artificially created thing, I should be well versed in a function as basic as walking. Some small part of me preferred the difficulty, though. It made me feel human.
My mind still couldn’t fully embrace the concept that I was anything else. Perhaps she had simply drugged me. That would explain it all, would it not? I hadn’t been transported away from my life in some futuristic car, I had simply been tripping out of my mind.
I told myself that. A few times, actually, in just the few seconds after the world stopped breaking. But deep down, I knew she was right. I could feel it.
So I followed her along the path. The grass on either side was neatly trimmed, but not professionally. Some spots had browned and died where the edger had cut too deep. Cracks spread through several spots in the concrete, small brown sprouts killed by chemicals before they could break through fully.
The building itself was uninteresting. Shades were drawn in most of the windows. Water stains extended a short distance from the roof. It could have used a good power washing to restore its bricks to a bright red rather than the muddy color they now showed, but all in all, it was rather plain.
And that, I realized, must have been the point. The structure was not so run down that you might stare in disgust, but not so well-kept that you would wonder what lie within. It was boring. Uninviting. Easy to drive right past and forget it ever existed.
Ms. Wilsby walked up three concrete steps a set of large, light-brown double doors and opened the one on the right. She stepped aside and gestured for me to go ahead. I nodded.
As soon as I stepped through the doors I was hit with a strong, musky smell—something akin to an old library. A black, coarse rug sat on the floor between two sets of double doors. Dried dirt clung to its crevices.
“What is this place?” I asked, stepping through the second set of doors. The lobby was plain—a white, speckled floor and a wide wooden desk in front of a gray wall. A shadow of discoloration showed a circular emblem behind the desk; something must have hung there, once, but had since been removed.
“Somewhere safe,” Ms. Wilsby said. “A lot of people come through here. Some stay for a long time.”
“A hotel,” I said, finally recognizing the layout. It was outdated, sure, but the concept was the same as the hotel back at the casino.
Ms. Wilsby nodded. “Once upon a time, yes. But now it’s a lot more than that.” She gestured toward a nearby doorway with a tilt of her head. I followed closely behind.
“I know you’ve got a lot of questions,” she said as we stepped into a long, narrow hall. “And I want to answer them all, but we must be careful.”
Dark wood panels ran from the floor halfway to the ceiling. Green wallpaper hung above that, though it curled away from the corners and bubbled here and there.
“I’m not sure I’d know where to start, Ms. Wilsby,” I said.
“Please, call me Mari. There’s no need to be formal.”
I nodded, still feeling my professional nature rebel at the idea. “I… still don’t feel entirely inhuman,” I said.
We turned a corner and found silver elevator doors. An old-style needle twitched above it, winding slowly to the right as grinding and screeching sounded within the shaft.
“I know it’s difficult to accept,” she said, turning to face me.
I shook my head. “It’s not that, exactly. I can tell that something is different inside me, but… I feel things. My hands stung when I fell to the pavement. I was dizzy when I tried to stand back up. I can smell the age of this place.”
“And you don’t want to?”
“I wouldn’t say that, no—it’s just… if I’m just a machine, why make me experience such unpleasant things? Shouldn’t I be more—”
“Robotic?” she finished.
I nodded.
“There was quite a heated debate about that very thing, actually. Many people fought for your kind’s ability to feel.”
I blinked. “Does that not seem cruel?”
“I’d argue it’s more cruel to force you to live in a world you cannot fully experience.”
A loud ding cut short any desire I had to continue the conversation. The doors to the elevator wailed as they opened. We stepped inside and she hit another button.
“Is this safe?” I asked, my concern shifting.
“Probably safer than the ones at the casino,” she said. “We actually inspect it regularly.”
I glanced at her. “We?”
A smile crept across her face. “My grandmother and I. I don’t do this all myself, David.”
“No, of course not,” I said, my mind spinning with what exactly she did here. It hadn’t passed my notice that she was yet to explain any of it to me. I decided to see what waited for us at the bottom of this shaft before asking. Perhaps I could gleam some amount myself. Or catch her in a lie.
We reached the bottom floor and the doors opened, stopping for half a second about halfway through the process. Once fully open, I faced a wide corridor with plain white walls and a red epoxy-coated floor.
Our steps echoed loudly as we made our way down the hall. It took a sharp turn at the end, then continued straight. Doors sat along the right wall—six, by my count. Each had a frosted glass window and a well-worn brass doorknob. None were marked in any way.
At the end of this hall was a gray metal door. Its handle was more industrial, complete with a number pad. Mari punched in a six-digit code—62918, I noted—and pushed it open. I heard a rush of air push through in the process.
The room beyond was nothing like I’d expected. The ceiling rose high overhead, lined with large, hanging lights. Desks lined the right wall, though they had been pushed aside to open the space more. More doors lined the left wall. Most of these were open, though each was accompanied by a large window that showed mere offices beyond. But directly in front of us, standing nearly twelve feet high, was a steel vault door.
I’d never seen the vault at the casino; I had only heard other employees talk about it. From their descriptions, it sounded just like the ones I’d seen in the movies. Now I wished I’d found a way to sneak a peak. Strangely enough, my mind craved something to compare to the sight before me.
This vault was circular, lined with neat rows of rivets along its edges. A wheel sat in the center, two bars extending diagonally to the left and one horizontally to the right. Two more vertical bars sat intertwined with the first on the right, covered in part by a flat, asymmetrical piece of steel. The lights above gave the whole thing a blue shimmer.
“Oh,” Mari said, “this hotel used to have a bank, as well. Upscale guests were frequent, they had to be prepared.”
Footsteps sounded from the left before I could respond. A young woman emerged from one of the few doors without a window—another hallway, from what I could tell—and stopped in her tracks when she saw me with Mari.
“Is this him?” she asked. I could sense the excitement in her tone.
Mari nodded. “This is David.”
The woman stepped quickly in our direction, raising her hand in greeting far too soon. She still had several steps to go with her arm raised before I could extend my own.
“David,” Mari said, gesturing toward the woman, “this is Rosanna, my grandmother.”
The woman’s eyes narrowed. She shot Mari a look, then shifted her gaze to me and flashed a smile. “Please, call me Rose. And you”—she shifted her eyes back to Mari—“stop calling me that.”
I shook her hand, my eyes flicking between the two of them. Guessing a person’s age was never a talent I boasted, but there simply wasn’t enough of a gap for an entire generation to fit between Rose and Mari. They did share some features, though, the more I studied them. But that didn’t mean a thing on its own.
“Is grandmother some sort of… nickname?” I asked. My curiosity had grown beyond my ability to stay silent.
“Not at all,” Mari said. “Rose simply doesn’t care for the title.”
“Because it’s rude,” Rose said sternly. Then her tone lightened and she added, “Plus, it’s entirely inaccurate.”
Mari waved a hand through the air. “It’s impossible to recall the number of ‘greats’ I’m to add to it, Rose. And to be honest, I’m not sure I could be bothered to say the word so many times, anyway.”
“Well if you’re not going to say it right, you shouldn’t say it at all.”
My brow furrowed. “I’m afraid I don’t understand.”
Rose lifted an eyebrow. “You sure this thing’s an android? Shouldn’t something so smart be able to intuit what’s happening?”
Mari shot her a hard look. “Don’t be a bigot, Rose. He’s not a thing.”
“Right, sorry,” Rose said with little conviction.
Mari turned toward me. “Rose is my ancestor, David,” she explained. “I’m from the future, as you are.”
“Oh,” I said, somewhat embarrassed I hadn’t pieced it together. I chalked it up to being overwhelmed—the ride here, the hotel itself, the strange, looming vault a mere fifty feet away. It was a lot to take in.
“Come,” Mari said, placing a hand on my shoulder, “let’s head somewhere a bit more comfortable and talk about exactly what Rose and I do here.”
I followed them into the hallway Rose had emerged from, eyeing the vault door as we passed. Questions swirled in the back of my mind. What lay beyond that door suddenly jumped to the top of my list.
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2023.03.24 03:06 LiteraryBoner Official Discussion - Inside [SPOILERS]


If you've seen the film, please rate it at this poll
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Nemo, a high-end art thief, is trapped in a New York penthouse after his heist doesn't go as planned. Locked inside with nothing but priceless works of art, he must use all his cunning and invention to survive.
Vasilis Katsoupis
Ben Hopkins, Vasilis Katsoupis
  • Willem Dafoe as Nemo
  • Gene Bervoets as Owner
  • Eliza Stuyck as Jasmine
  • Andrew Blumenthal as Number 3
  • Vincent Eaton as Number 2
  • Daniel White as Ashley

Rotten Tomatoes: 62%
Metacritic: 53
VOD: Theaters
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2023.03.24 02:58 thatcfguy Season 4 Budget?

I'm curious how much HBO spent on this critically acclaimed series - particularly for this season. Here are some of the things we know:
With that increase in talent salary and continuous expensive locations, I wouldn't be surprised if this season costed around $100 million - not including marketing (which I'd argue is lower than what HOTD/TLOU received). What are your thoughts?
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2023.03.24 02:19 Otherwisely An (Almost) Comprehensive List of Final Girl References

Here’s a list of all the references I could find throughout the Final Girl games. It’s as comprehensive as I could get it, but I have no doubt that I’m missing things. If you notice something that I didn’t, let me know in a comment.
I don’t have season 2 yet, but those of you who do can feel free to let me know possible references in the comments as well.
Marked for spoilers, just in case.

Feature Films (Season 1)

The Happy Trails Horror
Camp Happy Trails is directly inspired by Friday the 13th’s Camp Crystal Lake. Hans is inspired by the “slow-moving hulk” type of slashers—Jason, Michael Myers—with a dash of Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Sawyer family and a sprinkle of spooky German vibes.
German shame masks (schandmaske) were used the 17th century to punish those who acted inappropriately for their station. Masks styled as pigs were used for the gluttonous, drunken, or sloppy.
Some people have suggested that the location and killer are a reference to the famous Die Hard line, “Happy trails, Hans.” I personally think it’s more of a coincidence but I figured it’s worth mentioning.
The Haunting of Creech Manor
Both the location and the killer are inspired by the 1982 film Poltergeist. The little girl, Carolyn, is named for Carol Anne, the movie’s iconic creepy/psychic child. The main mechanic of this killer is a reference to the movie’s plot as well, as both require rescuing a young girl from malevolent spirits.
There is a Terror card titled “Did that clown... just move?” wherein the Final Girl is attacked by a clown doll. A clown doll also features in the movie.
The Terror card “The trees are alive!” references an event in the movie where a tree breaks a window and pulls one of the character outside.
The name of the manor may be a reference to Thomas Eugene Creech, an American serial killer. Like Robert Creech in the manor’s backstory, Thomas Creech’s wife also died by suicide.
Slaughter at the Groves
It doesn't seem like there are any specific films being referenced here, but it may be partially inspired by Mondo films from the 60’s.
Inkanyamba is a legendary serpent of Zulu mythology. Specifically, it’s said to reside at the bottom Howik Falls, South Africa. According to lore, only sangomas (traditional healers in southern Africa) may approach its home safely, and only with the intent to worship it. Like the Sacred Groves, Howik Falls is a popular tourist attraction.
One of the item cards is called Shaman’s Bones. Sangomas throw bones to divine the future. Like in the illustration, animal bones, dice, shells, and stones can be used as part of this process. However, contrary to what the flavor text says, I didn’t find anything to suggest that human bones are used.
Despite the references to South Africa, though, the lore book specifically mentions west Africa.
One of the setup cards is called Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing is a DC comics character. Wes Craven wrote and directed the 1982 film adaptation of the character.
Carnage at the Carnival
The carnival is based off of the many carnival/circus-based horror movies, but The Funhouse seems to be the strongest inspiration. Geppetto is named for the fictional character who created a puppet, Pinnochio, as his son. His abilities are based off of the Puppet Master franchise.
Frightmare on Maple Lane
The killer, location, and film title are very obviously based off of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Many of the Terror cards also reference the movie. Most notably, there are cards that almost exactly mimic the Freddy Kreuger nursery rhyme.
The Bicycle item card has the flavor text “Hi ho silver! Away!” In the novel It (and its adaptations), Bill would shout that phrase when he rode his bike. The phrase itself references The Lone Ranger.
One of the setup cards is titled A Quiet Place, sharing its name with the 2018 horror movie. However, there’s no resemblance between the setting and the movie.
Terror from Above
This vignette is based off of Hitchcock’s The Birds.
The Terror in the Groves scenario references a mint-condition alpha Black Lotus card. This is an extremely rare and valuable card in Magic: The Gathering. In 2023, one such card was sold for $540,000. Buying all the Final Girl games doesn't seem like such a big investment anymore, does it?

Feature Films (Season 2) - In Progress

I don’t yet own these expansions, so I’m only able to speak in broad strokes. For those of you who got the games ahead of the official release, please feel free to share any details.
Into the Void
Killer and location are a reference Alien.
Terror at Station 2891
Killer and location are a reference to The Thing. The station number may be the reverse of 1982, the year The Thing was released (noted by Invicta71).
A Knock at the Door
The location and killer in general are references to home invasion movies. However, the killer being three masked characters specifically references The Strangers. The killer wearing the sack is a reference to the Man in Mask killer from The Strangers. The killer wearing a skull looks similar to the cult from 2021’s Wrong Turn. I don’t recognize the third killer’s mask as anything specific, but there are some masks from The Purge series that are somewhat similar.
The title of the film may be derived from the 2015 film Knock Knock.
Once Upon A Full Moon
The killer and location is a reference to classic fairytales, particularly Little Red Riding Hood.
Madness in the Dark
The setting is based off of the many hospital/asylum horror movies. The killer, The Ratchet Lady, may be a reference to the antagonist of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Nurse Mildred Ratched. Her appearance seems at least partially inspired by the nurse monsters in the Silent Hill series, specifically the first movie adaptation.
Terror from the Grave
This vignette is a reference to various zombie horror movies.

Final Girls (Season 1)

Laurie Carpenter
Laurie’s first name is a clear reference to Halloween’s final girl, Laurie Strode. Her last name is a tribute to filmmaker, John Carpenter, who created Halloween and many other iconic horror movies.
Reiko Rivers
Reiko is a common Japanese name, so there are a few possibilities, but most likely it’s a reference to the protagonist of the original Japanese Ring. Rivers is possibly a reference to Clear Rivers, a character in the first two Final Destination movies.
Note: There are a lot of ways to write Reiko in kanji, but assuming that our Reiko uses the same kanji as the movie character, her name would be written as 玲子.
Alice Cranston
Alice is named for the original Friday the 13th’s final girl and/or the final girl of A Nightmare on Elm Street 4. Not sure what, if anything, her last name references.
Selena Villanueva
Her first name is reference to a character in 28 Days Later. Not sure what, if anything, her last name references.
Barbara Romero
First name is a reference to actress Barbara Crampton who has starred in numerous horror movies and shows. Last name references filmmaker George Romero, famous for his Night of the Living Dead films.
Adelaide Jordan
First name is a reference to the main character of Us. Last name is almost certainly a reference to filmmaker Jordan Peele.
Charlie Aja
Not sure what, if anything, her first name references. Last name is a reference to French filmmaker Alexandre Aja, known for Haute Tension (aka High Tension or Switchblade Romance), 2006’s The Hills Have Eyes, and Horns.
Her appearance bears some resemblance to Marie from Haute Tension.
Eihi Asami
Both names are references to the antagonist of the 1999 Japanese horror film Audition. The character is named Asami Yamazaki and portrayed by Eihi Shiina. So far, she’s the only final girl to be referred to primarily by her surname and also the only final girl to be named for a villain.
Asami’s special item brings to mind the belts the movie character wears around her waist.
Note: In Audition, Asami is the character’s given name and written as 麻美 in kanji. Here, Asami is the surname and is likely written using the kanji 浅見 or 浅海. Phonetically, however, they are identical. Eihi is written as 英姫 (assuming it uses the same kanji as the actress).
Sheila Smalley
First name may be a reference to Sheila Vand, the actress who played the protagonist of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. Surname possibly references early filmmaker Phillips Smalley, but I don’t think it’s a strong case.
Nancy Lang
Clearly named for Nancy Thompson, the final girl of the first A Nightmare on Elm Street. Her surname may be derived from Nancy’s actress, Heather Langenkamp, or it may be a reference to filmmaker Stephen Lang.
Melanie Brown
First name for the protagonist of The Birds. Not sure what, if anything, her last name references.

Final Girls (Season 2) - In Progress

I don’t yet own the season 2 lore book, so I don’t have the full names of the final girls. For those of you who got the games ahead of the official release, please feel free to share any details.
Named for the final girl of Alien.
Named for Jenette Goldstein, the actress who portrayed Private Vasquez in Alien.
A reference to the protagonist of 2011’s The Thing. The characters share a similar appearance.
Reference to Slash/Back.
References the final girl of The Cloverfield Paradox.
Not sure what the reference may be.
Named for the fairytale character Little Red Riding Hood. It may also reference the main antagonist of Us.
Named for the fairytale character Gretel from Hansel and Gretel.
Likely named for Heather Mason, the protagonist of Silent Hill 3. The characters also share a similar appearance.
Possibly named for the titular protagonist of the 2017 Spanish film Verónica.
Vignette Final Girl
This is a placeholder until I learn this character’s name.
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2023.03.24 02:05 hippymule Need help finding Gobots Battle of the Rocklords on DVD. Hasbro nor Hana Barbara seem to have it on anything, even to rent/stream.

So there is a really bad rip that is somewhat watchable, but family wants to find a better version. I also sort of want to try to do a 4k upres of it. Please don't ask me about our current obsession with the Rocklords. We don't understand it either.
Can anyone help us locate either a legit dvd copy or a direct dvd/streaming rip that isn't completely awful?
This has to be out of print for the past 20 years, and despite the annoying rules of asking for links to "pirated content" I highly doubt Hasbro is going to release a new remastered Blu-ray any time soon.
So yeah, this is my final hail-mary to find this movie, and I hope the mods can be reasonable and keep this post up. It's transformers ip related.
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2023.03.24 01:46 AlienSamuraiXXV What's everybody's favorite English-speaking film in each English-speaking country?

Self-explanatory. Here are mines.
I don't have a favorite Canadian movie at the moment. 🤷🏾‍♂️
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2023.03.24 01:43 missihippiequeen Flashback, Mary Kate and Ashley. I was obsessed with them!

Flashback, Mary Kate and Ashley. I was obsessed with them! submitted by missihippiequeen to popculturechat [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 01:31 ThrowRA147692 I (23M) feel like I'm having to do boyfriend things to be her (24F) friend

Let me start this off by saying yes, I (23M) had feelings for this girl(24F). I knew her for about a decade and she kinda knew I did but still continued to talk to me even though we never dated. We really became close in 2016 when she called me crying on Christmas as every year she brings it up as a running joke that what would Christmas be without a tear filled phone call from her. Fast forward to about a month ago. I finally let it all out that I liked her a really long time and even though she didn't feel the same, I just needed to say it out loud. We were hanging out a lot at least 2-3 times a week and have gotten way closer than ever before. She says things like I'm one of her only real friends that she could count on for just about anything etc.
Ever since that night, idk it feels wrong. Before, we could hang out, just sit and talk, we would call almost every day for several hours and just generally enjoy each other's company. We got closer, like she literally trusted me to not look at her shower in her studio apartment directly across from where i was cooking dinner closer. But it feels like to even see her now, I have to plan the day almost to entertain her or make her dinner (cause she loves my cooking). We aren't together but it feels like I'm having to do boyfriend things if I want to see her. She lives about 30 minutes away and I have no problem with taking her out. The last time we watched a movie and she got dolled up and looked absolutely amazing. She got tipsy on wine and I made her laugh alot which feels good but unless it's a night out or I'm making her dinner and generally being there for her to vent it's "well see" or "I'm tired and just wanna go to bed" but then she'll call me the next day about how she didn't sleep til 1am. I invited her to a weekend at the beach and it was a "I have to work here in Sundays" but the next day she said "I think I'm gonna quit there soon".
I value her friendship, and she doesn't owe me anything from what I do for her, cause I like to see her enjoy herself and laugh. But I ask her to visit me at work when she's at her family's 5 minutes away when she's leaving and it's "maybe idk I'm sleepy".
The whole thing that got my head spinning was last night she was talking about some beef she was having with a bartender at the job she wants to quit because some dude who has been hitting her up for 2 years (who she said reminded her of a large child because he would get mad she wouldn't break up with her current bf at the time) got wine with her and she said she only did it because she wanted some and "I knew if I asked he would stop by and buy me some I don't even like him like that".
It makes me wonder if I'm just the "I wanted some entertainment so I hit him up and knew he'd take me out" guy or "I didn't want to cook so asked if he wanted to come over" guy.
We got into an argument 2 weeks ago when I didn't want to come over because tbh I knew I needed to get over her and she said I only talked to her for her body and that's not true. She apologized and said she has mental issues (she does) and I said I'd be there for them but if that means I'm having to do boyfriend things to even see you when you're the one who doesn't want to date I just feel like I'm being used as an emotional tampon.
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2023.03.24 01:23 Whyamihere2141 Am I the Bad Apple for not wanting to confront my friend?

I (14F) have a friend (13F) who we'll call Mary. We started to hang out around the end of 6th grade and all through 7th. Halfway through 7th, she became obsessed with being popular. It started off with the little things, like changing the type of shows she watched, changing her style, and hanging out with different people. That's not the issue though. At the end of 7th grade, it felt like i was being a little left out. I never really felt like i fit in with the rest of her friends, which is fine. She still made me feel included, like bringing me a special snack on my birthday. During the summer, we didn't really talk but I chalked it up to me not having a phone, even though we are neighbors. At the start of 8th grade, she seemed like she seemed at the end of 7th, but around winter, she started changing her personality. I got a phone for christmas, and we even hung out a little, albeit I had to start any plans. After that, I decided that it was getting a little bad for my mental health for her to be good friends with me, so I started to distance myself and started hanging out more with other people who I was really good friends with. A couple weeks ago, my homeroom teacher was out with a sick kid unexpectedly, and there weren't enough subs that day, so I had to get put in a different homeroom for the day. I was in Mary's homeroom. Something to know is that I'm half puerto rican, and love to tell people about my culture and my heritage. Mary had even come over sometimes and eaten the food my mom had made. Around the end of class, she was talking with some boys about another popular kid, Luke. Luke is also half puerto rican, and one of the kids she was talking with said "Puerto Rican, more like border rican" within very close earshot of me. Instead of saying something, she laughed quite hard, and it made me so mad. Thats just one example of why I've been distancing myself for the past couple of months. The issue is that whenever Mary is just hanging out with me, she's really nice, and very friendly. But she can't seem to understand that I don't want to hang out with her anymore, so I asked some friends for advice. They all say I should confront her, but I HATE confrontation, and am a generally shy person. My friends tell me it's the only way to get her out of my life, but I'm not sure thats the way I want to do it. So, Am I the Bad Apple?
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2023.03.24 01:16 NoWorries124 Chief Officer Henry Wilde's heartbreaking letters

In 1910, Chief Officer Henry Wilde, who would become Titanic's chief officer, lost his wife Mary Catherine Jones, (Although he called her "Pollie") and his newly born twin sons, Archie and Richard, who were the fifth and sixth of their children. However, the birth had been difficult, and the twins only lived a few weeks before dying in December, and on Christmas Eve, Pollie would die as well, with Wilde at her side. This had a significant impact on Wilde and is shown in his letters to his family.
January 15th, 1911:
"I am feeling very miserable here in this afternoon… I feel my loss more every day. I don't know how ever I will get over this great blow. I am trying to keep up but I have to give way at times."
On January 16th, he wrote about his RNR training to his brother-in-law, within the letter he brings up his loss and his children:
"I don't feel very much inclined for reading up. I cannot settle my mind to it at all. So I am afraid I will have to take my chance in the examination."
"Poor child she will miss her mother very much. I am worrying very much about Jenny. I think had I been it [it] would have been easier for her but I trust that she will settle down and going to school will take a lot off her mind.
On January 18th, he adds:
"I have not been away from the Barracks since I arrived. I don't care to go out after finishing for the day the recollections of the last time I was down here being too much for me, and I am feeling my loss so very acutely just now... I must thank you Owen for your kindness in trying to ease the burden I have placed on me. I don't know how I am going to get over it. It is a terrible blow to me. Nobody can understand my feelings. The emptiness seems unbearable."
January 23rd:
"Hope Jenny will not fret. I am afraid she will now that she is back [at school] she is such a sensitive child. She would not realise what had happened while she was staying at Lockerby Rd. I can hardly believe it myself while I am away."
January 24th:
"I don't know what I will do when I do come home. I don't seem to have much to look forward to now. Nobody knows the knock I have had. I don't know how I am going to get over my loss. I used to look forward so much to getting home and having a few days with Pollie… I can't understand why I should have this terrible trouble put onto my life. I don't seem to have anything to live for if it was not for the children. I would not care what happened to me."
February 2nd:
"I can't think of anything but the cruel fate that took Pollie away from us. I could have put up with anything but this, it is terrible to bear. I am nearly heartbroken at times don't know how I am going to get over it."
Letters regarding Titanic:
Written aboard Olympic, March 30th, 1912:
"Just a few lines to let you know that we arrived here safely today.. I am very glad to hear you are well. I am sorry that I am not able to get home just at present but I am not sailing in this ship on Wednesday but going to join the Titanic.. All arrangements are upset just now owing to the coal strikes. I am glad to hear from nurse that you are all well and I hope to be able to get up to see you before I sail. I would have been in Liverpool this time had it not been for this strike but I suppose I must wait now. I hope you have got plenty of coal to be going on with…Will keep all news until I see you, fondest love to all Harry, Arnold, Gerlie and yourself and please give Nurse my kindest regards, from father. "
March 31st, to his sister-in-law:
"I am awfully disappointed to find that all arrangements for my taking command of the "Cymric" this time are altered, due to this coal strike and having to cancel so many of the ships and sailings… I am now going to join the "Titanic" for a time until some other ship turns up for me. How long that will be I cannot tell."
Also writes:
"all work down here. I am just about tired of it, altho it keeps me busy and no time to think."
April 9th:
" Just a few lines to let you know that I am sailing on the Titanic tomorrow for a few voyages. I have only just heard that I am really going, had a telegram from Liverpool at 2pm this afternoon so I have to go. I am sending £10 enclosed & will be back in 18 days… I will write a note to Jennie from Queenstown if I have time - I have been so busy & unsettled…Give the little ones my best love & tell them I will come & see them as soon as I can. I am awfully busy & please excuse kindest regards."
April 11th, last letters:
"I only got word from Liverpool at 2.30pm on Tuesday to say I was to go here. I had a very busy time in Southampton on board all day Good Friday and Sunday getting this ship ready and not knowing whether I was going on the ship or not. I have not time to give you any details about the ship but she is an improvement on the Olympic in many ways. I hope you will be able to come here yourself. I would like you and Jane to come down I am longing to see the little ones so much and hope to do so next trip home. I will be back in 16 days from now and will try to get home on Saturday for the weekend. "
"I received your very welcome letter yesterday which I was so glad to have & am so glad to know you are well. I am so disappointed that I did not get to Liverpool this time but it was so very uncertain what I was going to do.. I only got a telegram on Tuesday afternoon to say I was sailing in this ship. I will try my best to come to see you next time … I have been very busy on this ship & will be for some time. She is a very fine ship, an improvement on the Olympic in many ways. I would like you to see her if you come down. I will be back in Southampton a fortnight tomorrow. I am in a big hurry writing this before we get to Queenstown so please give my kind regards to Nurse & with very best love & kisses to Harry Arnold & Gerlie & not forgetting my little girl"
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2023.03.24 01:05 NOLAking1989 Catfish Long term into RP

Catfish Long term into RP
Long term Catfish turn into RP Pick a celebrity and scenario
Send first message of DM to include number of the celebrities the letters of the scenarios And girl attitude your name and age in rp (18+) If you picking a older scenario use a older age
Pick 3 girls and 3 scenarios ( I don’t want to keep doing same scenarios with each guy). I will decide which girl and scenario I will do.
  1. Sarah Graysun (22)
  2. Loren Gray (20)
  3. Paige Mackenzie(20)
  4. Kendall Vertes(20)
  5. Kate Marie(18)
  6. Brooke Berry(21)
  7. Jordyn Jones 8 Charlie Damilio
  8. Kaylavoid
  9. Paige Hyland
A. You are dad friend (40+) B. You are best friend’sDad (38+) C. You are Ex bf's Dad (38+) D. You are former HS teacher E. You are guy I babysit for (30+) F. You are dad’s boss (38+) G. You are my ex bf (20-22) H. You are best friend bf (20-22) I. You are current college professor. (44+) J. You are pastor (50+)
X. Naive and goody Y. Slut and wild Z. Willing but not wild
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2023.03.24 00:25 Acceptable-Banana128 Watch Creed III OnLine For Free Streaming at Reddit?

Are you a fan of the Rocky franchise? If so, you won't want to miss Creed 3, the latest installment in the series. While the movie is set to release in theaters, fans will also have the option to watch the film online. In this article, we'll give you all the information you need to know about how to stream Creed 3 online in the US.
Watch Here>> Creed III OnLine For Free Streaming at Reddit

Where to Watch Creed 3 Online?

If you're looking to watch Creed 3 online, there are several digital platforms you can use. The movie is expected to become available on a variety of platforms, including Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, and Fandango Now. These platforms will likely offer the movie for purchase or rental, allowing you to stream it from the comfort of your own home.

When Will Creed 3 be Available on Digital Platforms?

While the exact release date for Creed 3 on digital platforms has not yet been announced, it is typical for movies to become available on these platforms a few months after their theatrical release. Fans can expect the movie to become available on digital platforms in early 2023.

How to Watch Creed 3 at Home Online for Free?

Unfortunately, it is not legal to watch Creed 3 online for free. While there may be websites or services claiming to offer free streaming of the movie, these are often illegal and can put your computer and personal information at risk. It's important to use legal and safe streaming options to watch the movie.

When is Creed 3 Set to Release?

Creed 3 is set to release on November 23, 2022, in theaters. While the movie will first be available in theaters, it is expected to become available on digital platforms shortly after its release.

Who’s in the Creed 3 cast?

Creed 3 will feature an impressive cast of talented actors. The lead role of Adonis Creed will once again be played by Michael B. Jordan, who has starred in both previous Creed movies as well as other successful films such as Black Panther and Fruitvale Station.

Sylvester Stallone, who created and starred in the original Rocky movies, will not be appearing in Creed 3. However, the movie will still feature several returning characters, including Tessa Thompson as Bianca Taylor, Adonis' love interest, and Phylicia Rashad as Mary Anne Creed, Adonis' mother.

New additions to the cast include Jonathan Majors, who will be playing the movie's antagonist. Majors is known for his roles in movies like The Harder They Fall and TV shows like Lovecraft Country. Other new cast members include Wood Harris, Andre Ward, and Winston Duke.

With a cast this talented and diverse, Creed 3 is sure to be a must-watch for fans of the Rocky franchise and beyond.

What Is Creed 3 About?

The plot of Creed 3 has not yet been fully revealed, but it is known that the story will focus on Adonis Creed, the son of the late Apollo Creed, as he faces new challenges both in and out of the ring.

According to reports, the movie will explore themes of fatherhood and legacy, as Adonis navigates his own path while also dealing with the legacy of his father's legendary boxing career.

In an interview, Michael B. Jordan hinted that the movie will also touch on social issues, saying that the movie will "continue to lean into the culture, being a reflection of what's going on in society."

With a talented cast and promising themes, Creed 3 is sure to be an exciting addition to the Rocky franchise, offering both thrilling boxing action and a heartfelt story of family and legacy.

Is Creed 3 Available on Disney Plus?

No, Creed 3 is not available on Disney Plus. The movie is produced by MGM, not Disney, so it is unlikely that it will ever be available on the streaming service.

Is Creed 3 Available on Hulu?

At this time, it is unclear whether Creed 3 will be available on Hulu. While some MGM movies are available on the streaming service, this does not necessarily mean that Creed 3 will be.

Will Creed 3 Be on HBO Max?

It is also unclear whether Creed 3 will be available on HBO Max. While the streaming service has a partnership with Warner Bros., it is not clear whether this extends to movies produced by other studios, like MGM.

Will Creed 3 Be on Netflix?

There is currently no information on whether Creed 3 will be available on Netflix. While the streaming service does have a partnership with MGM, it is unclear whether this extends to all of the studio's movies.

Will Creed 3 Be on Amazon?

It is possible that Creed 3 will be available on Amazon, as the platform often streams new releases. However, this has not been confirmed, and the exact release date on the platform is not yet known.

Will Creed 3 Be On Paramount Plus?

As of now, there has been no official announcement about whether or not Creed 3 will be available on Paramount+. It is possible that the movie may be released on the streaming service sometime after its initial theatrical release, but this has not been confirmed.

Will there be an Creed 4?

As of now, there has been no official announcement about a Creed 4. It is unclear whether or not a fourth installment in the franchise is in the works.

However, given the success of the first two Creed movies and the anticipation surrounding Creed 3, it is certainly possible that a fourth movie could be made in the future.

It is worth noting that Sylvester Stallone, who created and starred in the original Rocky movies, has previously indicated that he is interested in continuing the Creed series, even if he himself is not involved in the movies. In an interview, he said that "there's always another story to tell.
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