Go karts defiance ohio

40 [M4F] #Columbus, OH Getting back into the dating scene. I'm awkward and shy in-person. I'm both an introvert and an extrovert. I can be the life of a party around large crowds but I clam up when I’m sitting across from a girl I like. I enjoy going out but I rather stay home.

2023.03.24 07:10 borg-assimilated 40 [M4F] #Columbus, OH Getting back into the dating scene. I'm awkward and shy in-person. I'm both an introvert and an extrovert. I can be the life of a party around large crowds but I clam up when I’m sitting across from a girl I like. I enjoy going out but I rather stay home.

There's a history of people not reading my profile and are messaging me randomly. PLEASE read the entire thing in full. Not to be mean but please note that I do not want to chat with anybody outside my search radius. My intention is to find somebody to date locally. Although becoming friends is a first step towards a long term relationship, I'm not looking to just chat for the heck of it or to make friends without persuing a relationship. There's plenty of other subreddits for that and I'm not here for that. Please respect my wishes. Thank you.
It's been a while since I did the whole online dating thing. My last relationship was 7 years ago and I'm ready to get back into it.
First off, I'm HORRIBLE with making profiles or describing myself. I thought I knew what I wanted but as life goes on I realize that those things change, but some things don't. I need somebody who is positive and uplifting, who absolutely loves to laugh and can just get lost in laughter. I would like to think I'm a funny guy but I'm pretty sure I think I'm way more funnier than I am. lol I want to be able to feel free to be my goofy self around somebody. I'm only interested in dating somebody local to me, within an hour's-ish drive.
Everybody has something that they look for in a person. Some people like physical features, such as beauty or a fit body, and some others look for personality features such as intelligence or humorless, and lots of people like the combination of both sets of features. As for me, I'm attracted to tiny, goofy women, who have character, intelligence and are funny. I love humor in a woman. I would love to find somebody who loves to travel and is a tradesman. I would like to have an age gap when dating, but it's not at all a deal breaker. I'm open to dating anybody any age but I have a preference, if possible, to not date somebody more than 5 years older than me, but that too is not a deal breaker.
Some information about me... I live in Central Ohio, I'm a weird, goofy, white male, 40 years of age, bearded, and a Christian, although I haven't been to church in a while (probably 3-5 years). I'm okay dating Christian and non-Christian people. I'm looking to date women or anybody who identifies as woman or fem. I'm not interested in dating men -at-all-. I'm looking to date that leads to a long term relationship, and possibly marriage. I love traveling, I love my dog, I love working on projects when I can, and I love "That's what she said" jokes. lol I live in a house with 2 other women to whom I am not related or dating. I've lived here for the last 13 years and I'll move out here at some point soon. I've been thinking about moving somewhere but I don't know where to move to yet.
Some things I enjoy are syfy movies and shows such as Stargate, Salvation, Star Trek, Marvel movies, and I also like some non-syfy stuff like I Love Lucy, Jack Ryan, and The Carbonaro Effect. Do you know what The Carbonaro Effect is? Well, it's the name of a hidden camera... magic... tv show, just like the one you're on right now. :) I'm also a gamer. I used to stream and had a decent following. I'm slowly getting back into it, although it's not really my passion anymore. Some friends are coming over on Saturday to clean out our basement and I am going to convert the non-finished area into a finished basement and make a sweet gaming space out of it. I have my own income, and I have my own car, which I absolutely love but wish it didn't break down so much. :( I'm going to be traveling here in April to a family reunion, something that our family has never had but something I wanted for a while now and everybody's schedule finally meshed. Yay!
I know that online dating can be scary so I'm open to chatting online for a while before eventually meeting in person. I am NOT looking for a solely online relationship, been there, done that, never again. I will want to meet somebody in person within the first month or so of meeting them online.
I don't know what else to say. lol I'm terrible at this kind of stuff but I'll update this (if I can) when I think of more stuffs to add. Feel free to message me if you like. I look forward to hearing from you. :)
Not to be mean but please note that I do not want to chat with anybody outside my search radius. My intention is to find somebody to date locally. Although becoming friends is a first step towards a long term relationship, I'm not looking to just chat for the heck of it or to make friends without persuing a relationship. There's plenty of other subreddits for that and I'm not here for that. Please respect my wishes. Thank you.
If you've heard of the 5 love languages, then the following will make sense to you. If not, I encourage you to look up "The 5 Love Languages". It's really awesome stuff. My primary love language is physical touch with quality time as my secondary. What's yours?
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2023.03.24 07:07 Frostbite1319 Fulfill my b-day wish? 👉👈🥺 (northwest ohio)

Fulfill my b-day wish? 👉👈🥺 (northwest ohio)
Hello again reddit, it's been awhile since I've given this a try so I figured it was time I try again. My 24th B-day was a couple of days ago now and I'm hoping that my wish of finding my childfree other half comes true (was that romantic or corny? You decide!)
My name's Tyler, I'm 5'4 and I'm from Northwest Ohio. Currently I don't have alot of free time because I'm working ALOT. This is only temporary though because I'm trying to become a homeowner and get all the hard work done up front so I then can slow down and start to enjoy it all. When I do have free time I'm an avid gamer. I've got nearly all the current systems (Except for the ps5) and can talk your ear off about games from all systems and genres.
I'm mainly a homebody but I'm not opposed to going out. We can stay in and game together, or maybe watch some true crime. Not big on horror movies but if you agree to cuddle with me I'll watch some with you ;) or if you'd like we could go out and get food, maybe some drinks and go bowling. If you're the puzzle-y type I'll never turn down the chance to do an escape room either! Or maybe if you just want to chill and relax we could stop for ice cream and then just the 2 of us could go for a walk? 🥺
If you can't tell I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic, and my love languages are physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, thoughtful gestures and presents in that order.
Some other things to note about me that I can think of rn are... -politically left -don't smoke/vape/420 but do occasionally drink -I am an atheist -height is a non factor for me personally. -loves dogs and cats (especially dogs)
As for you, I'm hoping you're about 21~33ish years old. If our interests don't fully align that's ok. We are allowed to be own own person after all. But you've gotta love animals and be able to accept my religious (or lack thereof) views. I don't even ask that you believe what I do, just that you respect my views as I would yours. The other big thing is the love languages. Ive tried being with someone who wasn't big on physical touch and it just didn't work well. They felt kind of suffocated by it and I wasn't truly happy without that physical touch.
If this has peaked you're interest at all please send me a message and let's talk and see where things go! Fair warning I'm a bit awkward at first but once we find good footing in our conversation things settle in and start to flow smoothly. If you've made it this far I feel like I should thank you for listening to my Ted-Talk lol
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2023.03.24 06:58 Pale-Problem173 Unsupervised minor lease clause

So I rent from woda cooper in Ohio. I recently got a non renewal of my lease(we have been here a year) the property manager and I got into it and I called the city because she claimed my son was playing in sewage right behind the office. I told the city if they have sewage back here then the need to get the health department. She gave us a lease violation for it even though she asked the maintenance man when she was on the phone to me if it was sewage or rain water. He told her it was rain water which another mom took a photo and it was dry as a bone they were just standing in the grass. Ever since then she has wrote my son up on lease violations for being in the grass anywhere on the property. Stating it as a unsupervised minor lease violation. She claims we have 7 violations. I only have 2 of those on paper, never gave me the rest. She came in October to our apartment and said 2 people complained he was in the gras but he had been gone a whole week at his dads while he was sick and said she was giving 2 violations, 1 for each complaint, according to the neighbors next to us they said there were kids out in the yards but it was 2 totally different kids and she wasn’t renewing the lease per her managers approval. Which I still have not received the paper for. She claims she gave it to me, she did not nor did she ever give me a copy of the lease. Can anyone give me the wording of an unsupervised minor in a lease? because I’m planning on going to the head office in Columbus to try and appeal this if you call her manager she never answers or if you leave a voicemail she runs right to the property manager about your complaint. We have no real violations of anything but the grass. We keep our place clean, we pass every inspection, we are quiet and don’t fight with the neighbors.
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2023.03.24 06:48 RoyalSaddler 1800s Virginia Brick Wall

My 5th great-grandfather George Champ of Antebellum Virginia is a brick wall to me, however I recently found some new records that might prove his parentage and was hoping for some input. First, what I know for sure is that he had a son Elkanah, and was married to Jane Eakin, daughter of Thomas Eakin (another brick wall) in 1798 in Montgomery County.
In the 1790 Montgomery County Personal Property Tax Lists, we find a John Champ with two men over 21 in his household, Christopher and George Champ. This same John was previously found with Christopher in the 1787 version of this tax list. Possibly Christopher and George were brothers and sons of John? In the 1800 and 1801 Tax Lists, we find Christopher and George living adjacent.
In 1815 I find this record: " Image 568-569 of 860. DGS 007894524, Deed Book A, p. 432, 433. 24 Jan. 1815. The Heirs of John Champ; Wm. Champ and wife, , Ann, of Green Ohio, James Sheppard and wife late Fanny Champ, Ross, Ohio, Terrance Popejoy, and wife, late Elizabeth Ann Champ of Fayette Ohio, George Champ and his wife, Jane, of Botetourt, Virginia, sell John Champ's 176 acres in Giles that he bought from Dave W. Mullens of Botetourt to Christopher Champ of Giles County for $500." Would this imply that all of these individuals are siblings and children of John Champ? I'm pretty sure that George and Jane (Eakin) Champ had moved to Botetourt County where they'd had Elkanah, but I'm not 100 percent sure.
A similar record from 1814: " Three of the heirs of John Champ appoint their "friend" Christopher Champ as their representative to dispose of their property in Giles Co and Hampshire Co. due them from their share of John Champ's estate. They are: William Champ and wife, Elizabeth of Green, Ohio Terrance Popejoy and wife, Ann (Champ) of Fayette, Ohio James Sheppard and wife, Fanny (Champ) of Ross, Ohio"
Various probate records seem to show George Champ died in 1828, although I am not 100 percent sure.
What do you guys think? Am I missing something? Where should I go for further research? Thanks for any help!
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2023.03.24 06:42 ClientSpecialist316 Favorite Crazy Moments

Favorite Crazy Moments
I just finished my 4th season in my Army rebuild and a lot of cool coincidences and events happened. I just wanted to share them with you all. As the pictures show, my QB Parker finished 2nd in heisman voting with a pretty cool season, including 25 tds on the ground, over 1000 rushing yards, 19 passing tds and 2500 passing yards, all the while suprising me with clutch performances in big games to keep our unbeaten streak going. The Ohio Bobcats QB Davis threw 55 tds and over 5000 passing yards, an almost Colt Brennan-esque season, and led the Bobcats to an 11-2 season. Micheal Harper also had the most insane WR season I've ever seen and took the Maxwell from his own QB. Ironically, the Bobcats ended up playing my Golden Knights in the Sugar Bowl and my team's superior defense held their passing game down to take the second straight Sugar Bowl. I wanted some revenge when Davis took the Heisman from Parker and I got it right away, it was almost poetic. Also, TCU(!) took their 2nd straight National Title from an awesome Ole Miss team that suprised all the way to the title game. Army's F Sos has led to an amazing 2 years of finishing 3rd and 2nd in national rankings the last two years, I wonder if they can get a National Championship game berth the next season if they can stay unbeaten. What a wild ride. Please share your awesome dynasty experiences as well, as I would love to see them. Thank you for reading this wall of text lol.
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2023.03.24 06:26 sharks212 How liveable is a 45k salary in Queens?

Hi! I’m (21F) up for a research job at a hospital on the far east side of Queens starting in June. it’s a 2 year position before i go to grad school and it pays $45k which sucks. the other people working there say they make it work but i’m stressed about how. i already have a car so i’m fine on that but rent seems pretty crazy and idk how to find a roommate. Any input on how bad it’ll be to live comfortable on that salary? My mom said she’d help with part of my rent, and I can keep working a few hours a week at my remote contract job for $30 an hour which should help supplement I think. After some reddit research it seems like Astoria, ridgewood or woodside are where young people are and is close enough to manhattan/brooklyn, but i live in ohio so this is all super overwhelming. any advice or words of comfort lol? And where to start with the roommate search, or if it’s at all possible to live alone for not a crazy amount?😅
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2023.03.24 06:16 purplebadger9 I'm in the hospital and unsure if I was neglected or not. Do you have any guidance on what I should do?

Age 33
Sex Female
Height 5'4"
Weight 372lbs
Race White
Duration of complaint: ~ 2-3 days
Location: Inpatient at hospital in NE Ohio for upper right quadrant abdominal pain, elevated liver enzymes, unable to eat even clear liquid diet without extreme pain
Any existing relevant medical issues: Gallbladder removed several years ago. Suspected non-alcoholic Fatty Liver disease, but specialist appointment hasn't occurred yet
Current medications: Lexapro, crestor, (Not given during hospital stay), Spravato (not given at hospital), aspirin (hospital only), morphine (hospital only)
Summary: Tue night I started feeling terrible. Very bad belly pain and nausea but no vomiting. I tried all the home remedies I knew for food poisoning because that's what I assumed I had. Nothing worked aftwr 2 hrs and I was in agony so I called the 24hr nurse line on my health insurance card for advice. The nurse said to go to the ER because of my history of liver issues so that's what I did.
ER did a urine sample (it was orange in color), ultrasound, and CT scan with contrast. [I still have not been given the results of these tests despite asking several times over multiple days. The most info I got was I overheard one of the nurses telling another during shift change that my CT scan showed enteritis (not sure if I'm spelling it right). ]. They gave me some medicine for the pain and nausea, and decided to admit me for observation. The ER doctor said he suspected something with a bile duct and that they would probably be doing scopes sometime the next day.
Wednesday, no scopes happened. There was a significant delay (11hrs late) in getting my usual morning Lexapro dose despite bringing it up to staff in the ER and when I was transferred to inpatient. I was ordered to be NPO and hadn't had any fluids of any kind since 2am Wed morning. I had an IV placed but no fluids going in, the tube just sat there. I asked several times for fluids because I was worried about dehydration because I only peed once over the course of 14 hours and it looked almost brown. I was switched to clear fluids diet at 5:30pm. I was unable to handle more than a few small sips of each item before Eventually I was given IV fluids at 9:30pm.
Thursday the doctor came in early morning and said the goal for the day was to get me eating. I was unable to eat the clear liquid diet for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and needed a dose of morphine after attempting each meal to get my pain back to a manageable level. Around dinner time I was told they were going to do scopes down my throat and up my butt on Friday morning, so I needed to start the prep fluids soon. It took some pain meds to get them down, but I managed to finish all the prep fluids.
Things seem to generally be getting better now that my basic fluid needs are met, but I'm concerned at the delays, lack of communication, and lack of information. I try very hard to be a good patient and not bug the staff unless I really need something, but I'm concerned that by doing this I may be getting overlooked. What can I do to make sure I'm being treated, but without annoying the staff or being one of those annoying overly needy patients?
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2023.03.24 05:24 thesnowqueen89 I wasn't able to get bingo before I had to go, but I did see a woman walking down the sidewalk carrying a dildo and the cover band played What's Up by Four Non Blondes. And so many golf carts

I wasn't able to get bingo before I had to go, but I did see a woman walking down the sidewalk carrying a dildo and the cover band played What's Up by Four Non Blondes. And so many golf carts submitted by thesnowqueen89 to FUCKFACEPOD [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 05:22 tol_mak7 Go Kart crashing

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2023.03.24 05:22 Pelican121 Wii Rainbow Road T misery (ranked)

Is anyone else having a nightmare with this track?
I remember hating it on debut, along with its variants 😂
I'm racing with lv6 Wintertime Larry 1190 and lv6 Wonderful Garnet 595. Currently using Flowery Badwagon lv3 490. I'd use my Rambi Rider but I burned through so many super kart tickets in recent tours and I'm trying to replenish my supply. I can put a couple of tickets into my HE kart if necessary and uncap.
Anyhow, I'm barely breaking 20k each run, it's so frustrating. Bots have improved slightly since yesterday, when they were literally racing faster than me, no mushrooms involved (I did send feedback, it was that bad). I appreciate W/Larry possibly isn't the best for this track but I'm trying to conserve tickets on my way to T80 and I'd really like to use him since he's already lv6/1190. My next best driver is Golf Luigi lv5 1190 (invested in him last tour to advance).
Anytime I get a single coinbox/coinbox frenzy the coins seem to scatter far from my racing line (effect of zero gravity?!) or they disappear into the ether. It's impossible to collect them basically.
I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be using the halfpipes but so far I've been avoiding as I lose my race position even with the extra speed boost. They're also really glitchy and you end up suspended in space/thrown off the track/going backwards.
It's taken me forever to set a score of 26.7k. Someone in my friends list has an identical loadout but their HE kart is lv6/595 and their score is 11k higher, 37.7k!
Any suggestions where I'm going wrong or do I simply need to hope for a fluke run?
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2023.03.24 04:53 kevinhein [USA] [H] DC, 3DS, NES, SFC, SNES, PSP, N64 Games [W] Paypal

Looking to sell some games! Feel free to ask for pics. Buyer pays shipping, will be actual cost. Will entertain offers on multiple items but i'm not in a huge rush to get rid of anything. Thanks for looking.
3DS Bravely Default 45 (cib)
Bravely Second 40 (sealed)
Dragon Quest VII 75 (cib)
Final Fantasy Explorers 45 (cib)
Fire Emblem Fates Birthright 80 (sealed)
Fire Emblem Fates Conquest 65 (sealed)
Project X Zone 50 (cib)
Project X Zone 2 90 (cib)
Tales of the Abyss 50 (cib)
Crazy Taxi 20
Maken X 40
Marvel VS Capcom 2 170
Mortal Kombat Gold 50
Namco Museum 15
Power Stone 90
Power Stone 2 160
Resident Evil 2 130
Resident Evil 3 70
Shadow Man 25
Shenmue 30
Skies Of Arcadia 120
Sonic Adventure 40
Sonic Adventure 2 100
Soul Calibur 30
Tech Romancer 160
House of the Dead 2 25
NESRGB modded toploader w/Nintendo Multi-out (modded by Jose Cruz)+Retroaccess Scart cable 500
Adventure Island 10
Adventure Island II 25
Arkistas Ring 50
Battle of Olympus 15
Battletoads 25
Balloon Fight 20
Blaster Master 40
Burgertime 10
Crystalis 20
Castlevania 50(cart+manual)
Castlevania II 100(cib)
Castlevania III Draculas Curse 60(cart+manual)
Contra 30
Super C 20
Donkey Kong Classics 15
Dragon Warrior 50
Dragon Power 10
8 Eyes 10
Friday the 13th 13
Final Fantasy 25
Gargoyles Quest II (label damage) 100
Ghosts N Goblins 10
Guardian Legend 20
Heavy Barrel 15
Jackal 10
Journey To Silius 40
Kings Knight 10
Krion Conquest 125
Kirby's Adventure 30
LifeForce 12
Mega Man 80
Mega Man 2 30
Mega Man 3 25
Mega Man 4 40
Mega Man 5 130
Mega Man 6 55
MAD Spy Vs Spy 10
Metal Gear 10
Metroid (Yellow) 50
Metal Storm 110 (label peeling at top)
Mike Tyson's Punch Out 35
1942 10
Ninja Gaiden 10
Ninja Gaiden II 15
Paperboy 15
Rad Racer 5
Rad Racer II 10
Snake's Revenge 15
Solstice 30
StarTropics 10
Stinger 15
Three Stooges 10
Tetris 10
Trojan 8
The Legend Of Zelda (Gold Cart) 30
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 10
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Arcade Game 25
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III The Manhattan Project 30
3D World Runner 7
Strider 10
Super Mario Bros/World Class Track Meet/Duck Hunt 10
Super Mario Bros 10
Super Mario Bros 2 20
Xexyz 10
Yoshi 8
Zoda's Revenge 12
Zelda II Adventure of Link 75
007 Goldeneye 25
007 World is Not Enough 15
Castlevania 20
Chameleon Twist 30
Chameleon Twist 2 60
Dezamon 64 40
Doom 64 35
Excitebike 64 10
FZero X 30
Jet Force Gemini 12
Kirby 64 40
MarioKart 64 40
Mario Tennis 25
Mischief Makers 30
Mortal Kombat 4 20
Ogre Battle 64 120
Paper Mario 75
Perfect Dark 15
Pokemon Snap 15
Pokemon Stadium 30
Quest 64 20
Rampage 2 25
Sin & Punishment 60
Snowboard Kids 45
Star Fox 64 (cart, box, manual, missing Rumble Pak) 90
Shadows of the Empire 12
Super Mario 64 35
Wetrix 15
Yoshis Story 25
Zelda Majoras Mask (Collectors Edition Gold Cart, CIB) 200
Zelda Ocarina Of Time Gold Cart 70
CIB PSP Go (Black) 200
PSP Go Dock w/component cables 200
JP PSP 3000 Pink 65
3rd Birthday 50
CIB Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII 20
CIB Dissidia 012(Duodecim) Final Fantasy 40 Sealed
Final Fantasy 20 CIB
Final Fantasy II 20 CIB
Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection 45 CIB w/Card
Final Fantasy Tactics The War Of The Lions 20 CIB
Grand Knights History (JP) 15 CIB
Persona (Shin Megami Tensei) 120 CIB, no big box or CD
Persona 2 Innocent Sin (Shin Megami Tensei) 130 CIB, no big box or CD
Princess Crown (JP) 30 CIB
Ridge Racers (JP) 5 CIB
Tactics Ogre 60 Sealed
Wipeout Pure 5 CIB
Wild Arms XF 55 CIB
Big Box Panzer Dragoon 30 Sealed, box looks warped from shrink
Tokimeki Memorial Big Box Collectors Edition 70 CIB w/mouse, pads, etc
Tokimeki Memorial 2 Big Box Collectors Edition 90 CIB w/pocketstation etc
Aleste Collection Big box w GameGear Micro 200
The Combatribes 30
Demon's Crest 150
Dragon View 320 CIB, minty
Hook 30
The Ignition Factor 30
King of Dragons 100
Mega Man X2 130
Sparkster 130
Spiderman Maximum Carnage 40
Sunset Riders 80
Super Turrican 45
True Lies 40
Super Famicom
Battle Dodge Ball 2 5
Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 3 10
Final Fight 2 15
Firemen, The 40
Ganbare Goemon 2 15
Ganbare Goemon 3 15
Ghost Sweeper Mikami 55
Go Go Ackman 2 20
Go Go Ackman 3 25
Great Battle III 15
Great Battle IV 25
Great Battle V 55
Gunforce 25
Kishin Douji Zenki: Battle Raiden 25
Kishin Douji Zenki: Tenchi Meidou 15
Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie 70
Marchen Adventure Cotton 100 50
Parodius Da 25
Pop'n Twinbee 20
Rockman & Bass 40
Rockman Soccer 10
Rockman X2 20
Rockman X3 25
Rock N Roll Racing 10
Super Adventure Island 10
Super Adventure Island 2 20
Super Bomberman 2 10
Super Bomberman 3 10
Super Bonk 2 (Cho Genjin 2) 20
Super Earth Defense Force 25
Twinbee Rainbow Bell Adventure 20
Xardion 20
Yu Yu Hakusho 10
Zig Zag Cat 50
Astro Warrior 20 CIB
Aerial Assault (PAL, region free) 50 CIB
Dead Angle 35 CIB
Global Defense 10 CIB
Hang On & Safari Hunt 10 CIB
OutRun 18 CIB
R-Type 45 CIB
Rastan 40 CIB
Wonder Boy 30 (Box, cart)
Wonder Boy In Monster Land 30 (Box, cart)
YS The Vanished Omens 60 (Box, cart)
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2023.03.24 04:40 MightChangeNameL8r How do I remove my mom as the cosigner of a car? (Ohio)

Hi. This is my first time leasing a car and removing a cosigner so I am really not sure what to do. Please don't bash me too hard for not knowing the basics of this process. Here's my situation.

  1. I have really bad credit so I had to have my mom co-sign a car. I'm working on building up my credit.
  2. I have a temporary tag taped into my rear windshield and it expires this Saturday. So I thought it would be easier to just go to the car leasing office where I got the car to get a new temporary tag. They told me that they can no longer print duplicate tags for some reason. (I don't get what that means. I don't know if that means I have to wait for the tag to expire before I can ask them to print a new one...?)
  3. So I went to the BMV to try to get permanent plates and they told me I can not get them because there is a block on my mom's license due to a fine that she owes.
  4. The leasing office said that my mom has to transfer power of attorney to me so that I'll be the only lesee of the car.
So here are my questions:
  1. What form/s do I need to transfer the power of attorney for a leased vehicle in Ohio?
  2. Where do I turn in that completed form? The county recorders office, the car leasing office or the BMV?
  3. Do you know if I have to wait a few days for the Power of Attorney form to process before I can go to the BMV to try to get permanent plates?

Thank you very much for your help in advance. I will upvote pretty much all responses.
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2023.03.24 04:09 mccringleberry527 Where do you get your parts? What sizes do you use?

I just started designing my go-kart. Like everyone else, I plan on using a 212cc 6.5 predator engine from Harbor Freight (Not the ghost. I'm not that rich).
So far, I will be using a torque 30 series torque converter which I keep seeing everywhere. I know they are probably all made in the same factory, but I chose this one from JeremyWell on amazon. It uses a 10T #35 sprocket and I was going to have that drive a 48T sprocket on the driven axle.

My question is, where do y'all get these parts from? What's your go-to Store/Website?
- Sprockets
- Bearings
- Wheels/Tires
- Axles

Also, what size tires and axle do you use? And why did you choose that size?
Thank you. Any advice helps. I am familiar with sourcing parts from my time on robotics teams, but sourcing half-decent parts for go-karts is much more tedious.
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2023.03.24 03:54 rubyyred [chat] [friendship] keep a cute college girl company? :) 23f4m

hi! figured i’d give this a try. in simple terms, i’m looking for connection. someone i can talk to day to day, learn everything about, share interests and fears and hobbies with, and someone who gets me excited to hear my phone buzz.
a little about me: i’m a 23 y/o college girl in Ohio. physically, i’m willing to send pictures cause it’s much easier than sitting here and trying to describe my features. hopefully you’re willing to share pictures as well.
i spend most of my time working or in class, but in my free time i love to binge tv shows or watch movies, try new foods, go on hikes, spend time outdoors, paint, and i’m 420 friendly so that’s my go-to when i wanna just sit back and relax.
preferably i would like to talk to a guy around my age or older as that’s what i’m most interested in romantically, but i’m bisexual so don’t be turned off if you’re a woman! my goal here is to just try my luck and see what’s out there, and hopefully something beautiful can come of it :)
if anything i’ve written in this wall of text interests you, please send me a message telling me your name, age, location, and a picture of yourself! i like to see who i’m talking to.
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2023.03.24 03:22 Inner_Negotiation383 the year that really changed my life: 2022

So, 2022 was probably a great year for everyone. But it wasn't for me. It was life changing.
January 16, 2022 our family dog that we've had since I was in middle school (I was 26 at the time) had to be put down bc he couldn't make it any longer. And at that time my grandma was in the hospital with health issues so my dad was up in ohio; which left my mom to go by herself to have him put down. I video chatted him first, but I don't think I ever did, or ever will truly forgive myself for being in ohio, and at work when it happened.
March 8, 2022. My moms stepdad (pretty much her dad) passed away around 1:30am. Now I wasn't that close to him but still it hurt. And whether or not people think im crazy, I believe he came to say goodbye to me. I was up until about 1:30-2:00am and up at 5:30am when I got the text from my mom telling me. And that one still hasn't really hit me; but also I don't really allow myself to grieve. I absolutely hate showing any emotion, I feel like for me at least it's a sign of weakness.
Well around that same time my dad's dad had to have surgery on his leg, a week after being home from that he was sent back to the hospital and they released him 3 days later. He claims they said he had pneumonia but they gave him no meds for that. And two weeks later he was back in the hospital which brings us to the worst day I've ever experienced.
April 25, 2022. My grandpa, passed away. Turns out he had stage 4 lung cancer and the hospital missed it. That was the darkest day of my life. He passed around 6am.
Now I owe everything to my dad's dad. He practically raised me for the first like 5 or 10 years of my life. I was his side kick when he was younger. And around December 2021 I moved in with him (I know being grown living with your grandparents isn't something to brag about) and I was talking to one of my coworkers who really was my rock during that time about it, and he said that I was meant to move in there.
Well the end of April till maybe August was a really dark time in my life. Bc my grandpa's death really tore the family apart. My "uncle" (I say it with quotations bc he's nothing to me anymore) really came after me. He hated my job, wanted me to find one making less money and bc I didn't drive at the time suggested I walk across town (they live in a bad town) no matter the time I got off. I was still living with my grandma and didn't talk to her for a month bc everytime my uncle called her and I ended up fighting. And it was so bad that my uncle was going to fly from Virginia (where he lives) to Florida (where my parents and i currently live) and was going to fight my dad over me being in this house. So I moved out about mid August leaving my grandma alone in the house and making things harder on my aunt (my grandma isn't in the best of health and doesn't need to be by herself). But it was like everything was my fault, the utility bill high, my fault, something broke in the house, it was my fault, anything and everything was my fault to him. So I left, I didn't have a choice. If I would've stayed living here my uncle would've thrown me out on the street with my dog. Things only got better with me and my grandma when I blocked my uncle on everything I knew I had him on, Facebook, snapchat, his phone number. I didn't block him on xbox bc I don't remember his name on there. Everyone even fought over my grandpa's truck the day after the funeral. My dad claims him and my grandpa talked about it going to my sister, and my uncle claims they talked about him buying it. But now my dad says if he really wanted to he could've gotten the cops involved bc my moms name was also on the title to the truck, and when my dad sold it she never signed. He says my grandpa did that on purpose so if anything happened it'd go back to my parents.
I left behind all my friends, most of my family, had to quit my job that I absolutely loved. But I guess it worked out for me, bc I ended up finally getting my license, I just bought my first car, and I got a way better job down there. But I don't find joy in anything anymore. Everyone was excited and proud of me for buying a car, but me? I didn't feel anything. I work at school now and while it's nice and probably the best job I've ever held I wasn't proud of getting it. I felt like I had too.
My dad says his brother is the cause of me getting my license and I should credit him, but I don't. My grandpa had he still been around to see probably would've been the only person in my family to believe I wouldve gotten it. My dad told me I wouldn't the day of my test, and my grandma STILL tells me she never thought I would've gotten it. And the only thing keeping me going is the fact that my grandpa would be proud of where I'm at in life.
I honestly felt for a while like ending it all would stop this from happening, but it wouldn't. And I know it wouldn't, it would just remove me from the equation.
My uncle is still a piece of shit though. He still calls my grandma and tells her what she is and isn't allowed to do in her house. He just doesn't have anyone to blame anything on now.
Will I ever fully forgive my uncle for the way he acted? I doubt it. I want nothing to do with him anymore. It was so bad that i told my coworker (the one mentioned above) that the day my uncle passes i will drive to Virginia just to piss on his grave. I finally told my grandma about everything he said and done while I was here and she even said she was done with him. That wasn't my intention, though. I guess I'm just on a healing journey and need to get stuff off my chest.
I'm sorry this is so all over the place. 2022 sucked for me. And we're half way through 2023 and I just hope it gets better, I need it to. I have to continue moving forward in life to make my grandpa happy. It's what he wouldve wanted.
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2023.03.24 02:54 OwnRepresentative539 My grandparents desperately need help before they are taken advantage of. What can I do??

My grandparents are in declining health. My grandma still has her mind so I really think she can still make their life decisions.
They are in Florida and I’m the only one in the entire family who has come down from Ohio to help them. I know their situation is deteriorating, but I still think my grandma is competent to have control.
My grandma told me she wants my dad to eventually be her power of attorney. Problem is that my dad is an abusive alcoholic who never comes around. My aunt is disabled and cannot provide care.
My dad is nonexistent in our lives but he reached out to me out of nowhere today to try and manipulate my upcoming solo trip to go visit them. I’m there to support my grandpa as he has another health scare and my grandma who just lost her brother.
My dad did not ask about their health or how they are doing. Instead he talked about their things. He wants me to force them to pack up all their valuables and force them home to Ohio.
This is a HUGE red flag to me. They have way more support in the community they are at in Florida than back home. My dad never visited them all summer when they were home. He’s never even been to their Florida home to determine what is best for them.
If my grandma signs over power of attorney to him he will actively prevent her from ever going to Florida again. He has asked her to sign over her finances multiple times. I know he’s going to abuse them. He’s not capable of caring for others.
He abused my mom when she was dying from cancer. I was too young to protect my mom but I’m older now and I WILL NOT let anyone hurt my grandparents.
I desperately want to protect their wants and needs. I want to advise her against signing over power of attorney to him, but I think they should get something in place to protect them.
Any advice on how I can help protect my grandparents?
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2023.03.24 02:52 Abucketofmug Me and Spamton are going to travel to Ohio to save the world. AMA

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2023.03.24 01:55 SeattleJeremy Team outing recommendations in Seattle?

I'm on the hunt for a new team outing experience this spring, and need recommendations. We've done bowling a few times, and an escape room once.
Previously management said K1 Go Karting was too expensive and Axe throwing is too much of a liability.
Team is about 16 people. Thank you in advance!
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2023.03.24 01:47 Red5stayontarget Where might an individual go to add their signature for the Ohio abortion ballot initiative?

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2023.03.24 01:36 craftyvanwinkle [Ohio] Hired by a new company - quit job, new job/ start date keeps getting delayed

I interviewed for a new company Jan. 13. Was told verbally they would hire me and that my start date would be Feb. 20. Company currently operates in NY, PA, & CT. This would be their first time operating in Ohio.
When it got closer to that date, they told me it may be more like Mar. 6 for a start date. I wanted to have 1-2 weeks in between jobs to get some odd jobs around the house done. So I put my 2wk notice for my old job around Feb. 6. I stayed at my job for an extra week, so Feb. 23 was mv last day.
The start date for my new job keeps getting pushed back. I was told today that it's probably still 3-4 weeks away. So l've been off for 4wks now with seemingly another 3-4 to go. This isn't going to work out financially for me. To make it worse, my new boss is not great at communicating. Sometimes taking 5-10 days to respond to a text.
Am I able to apply for unemployment or no? People are telling me I should, but I was under the impression if I willingly quit that I wouldn't be able to collect unemployment. Also, wouldn't the unemployment go against my new company? I don't know if this would be frowned upon by my new company?
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2023.03.24 01:33 T-I-G I’m in the very early process of making a Mario Kart fangame. What features, tracks, or even characters would you like to see?

All of the Wii retro tracks are covered, by the way. Wii Toad’s Factory, Wii DK Summit, Wii Moonview Highway, and Wii Bowser’s Castle are all making it in. Also, I’m adding DS Airship Fortress, DS Rainbow Road, GCN Wario Coliseum, and SNES Mario Circuit 4. (I’m actually quite deep into the process of modeling Mario Circuit 4, I’ll post a few screenshots in the comments). Also, try to avoid suggesting more Rainbow Roads, as I think two is enough. I suppose I can add a third if the suggestion gets an insane amount of upvotes, but three is the hard limit.
And honestly, that’s about it for the limitations. Keep in mind that if you suggest a Wii track, it’s not going to make it in. Sorry.
With that out-of-the-way, let’s get to the parts of the game that I would like to have, but are not set in stone. First things foremost, the name. I’m thinking of naming it “Mario Kart Nitro,” which would directly tie in with the main mechanic. Perhaps coins could be used for a small nitro boost if you collect enough of them? (Obviously, first place wouldn’t get coins as frequently if this is the case. Also, I like the name because it would give me a good reason to name the new tracks the “Nitro Grand Prix” again 😉). And, yes, I am planning on making a Mission Mode.
Also, if I get around to it, I might add a mini mode similar to Mario Kart Tour’s main mechanic, ”Combo Attack!” Do a bunch of actions like drifting, jumping off ramps, or collecting coins in a row, and you build up your combo chain. Mario Kart Tour players know what’s up.
Oh, and one more thing about track suggestions: Tour and 8 Deluxe are “retro” now! Feel free to suggest tracks from those games as well, but bear in mind that with my very limited 3D modeling expertise, they probably aren’t going to live up to the originals.
And… That’s about it! Now, some of you may remember me as the guy that did those Mario Kart music remixes. I understand that some of them weren’t that good, and I’ve grown a lot in my musical ability since I’ve vanished, so the ingame music will be significantly better. Hopefully. Also, one final note: I am remaking quite literally everything from scratch. Not a single one of Nintendo’s assets are being used (except, perhaps, the voice clips). As such, this will take a very, very long time. (Also, I have high school to deal with. Please don’t expect this game soon).
Now that I’m finally out of your hair, that’s it! Feel free to head to the comments if you want! 3! 2! 1! GO!
Does this count as self-promotion? Gosh, I hope not…
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2023.03.24 01:09 MaceLeonardo 3rd Mock Draft 2023 3/23/2023 2 Rounds up to pick 68th.

To not exclude Broncos Fans I went to pick 67 and 68 so they would have something to at least see.
TRADES: Done using Drafttek Value Chart. I calculate the value of future picks by dividing the current round pick value in half.
Jets send 2.43(470) to Green Bay for Aaron Rodgers
I don’t see the Jets trading first for a 1-year rental when they can trade similar if not less value for Stafford. 2.43 is the best the Packers get.
Tennessee sends 1.11(1250 Points) to Seattle for 1.20(850), 2.52(380) and 4.123(49)
(29 Points in the favor of Tennessee)
Houston sends 1.12(1200) to Pittsburgh for 1.17(950), 3.80(190) and 2024 3rd(95)
(35 points in the favor of Houston)
Chargers send 1.21(800) to Jacksonville for 1.24(740) and 4.121(52) and 4.127(45)
(37 points in the favor of The Chargers)
Giants send 1.25(720) and 3.89(145) to New Orleans for 1.29(640), 3.71(235) and 5.165(24)
(35 points in the favor of New York)
1). Carolina Panthers: CJ Stroud QB Ohio State
All signs seem to be pointing to CJ being the pick for the Panthers. CJ is a smart and safe option as the number 1 QB and while he might not have the upside of a Richardson or Young, he isn't a low ceiling player either. With the Panthers CJ can carve out a great career by just doing what he does best and playing withing the system and not making mistakes.
2). Houston Texans: Bryce Young QB Alabama
My QB1 and what seems to be the Texans QB1. Young plays such a interesting game compared to his size. Young has easily the best pocket presence in the class and will come into a O-Line better than he had at Alabama with Howard and Tunsil. If the Texans continue to build the team and get the correct support around Young, they can maximize his potential and creativity with the football.
3). Arizona Cardinals: Will Anderson Jr EDGE Alabama
I think the Cardinals will entertain trade calls for 3 but unless an offer blows them away, they stand pat and take Will Anderson Jr. While future picks are enticing, getting by far the best EDGE prospect in the class who can fit any scheme and has All-Pro Potential is worth more than the picks.
4). Indianapolis Colts: Anthony Richardson QB Florida
I still can’t move away from Richardson to Indianapolis. I like Levis but Richardson has equal if not higher potential while also being 2 years younger than the Wildcat. The more I watch Richardson's tape the more you see his potential shine through. I might be in the minority, but I believe Richardson isn’t as raw as people state. He was in a terrible situation in Florida with new coaching, no receivers or TE’s and a scheme which didn’t fit him. In Indianapolis the Colts can tailor everything to AR15.
5). Seattle Seahawks: Jalen Carter IDL Georgia
He is a risky pick but with the limited true 1st round talent in this class and the lack of scheme fit with Tyree Wilson the Seahawks grab Jalen Carter. Everything has been said about Carter and his risks, but his talent is undeniable on tape. Seattle historically doesn’t draft CB’s early either, so they roll the dice on Carter and try to slow down his extracurriculars.
6). Detroit Lions: Christian Gonzalez CB Oregon
It was between Gonzalez and Wilson at 6 but I have Gonzalez as the best CB in the class and in a deep EDGE class they can pick up another rotational piece later in the draft, but you can’t pick up anybody like Gonzalez later in the class. The Lions are desperate for a true CB1, and Gonzalez gives them one with ample athleticism and coverage ability.
7.) Las Vegas Raiders: Devon Witherspoon CB Illinois
While Witherspoon doesn’t have insane size and length he makes up for it in his technique and cover ability. Witherspoon is a high floor player who will be CB1 for the Raiders the second he joins the organization. With a 35% completion percentage at Illinois Witherspoon faced tough competition and held strong throughout his career.
8). Atlanta Falcons: Tyree Wilson EDGE Texas Tech
The Falcons are adamant on giving Ridder a chance in 2023 so with the 8th pick they take Tyree Wilson. While not a great scheme fit in their base 3-4 the Falcons run a decent number of different looks where they can put Wilson into solid positions. His length is too enticing to pass up and pairing Jarrett with actual help on the line.
9). Chicago Bears: Paris Johnson Jr OT Ohio State
I still have PJJ going to the Bears but not as the LT but as the Bears RT. Investing in Fields is paramount to the Bears success after the beatings Fields has taken already in Chicago. Shifting Teven Jenkins to guard LG next to Jones and drafting both PJJ and Wypler in the 2nd gives Fields the best O-Line he has had since Ohio State.
10). Philadelphia Eagles: Lukas Van Ness EDGE Iowa
Eagles grab Lukas Van Ness EDGE from Iowa. Roseman has stated that if 2 players are similar in value they will take the lineman and they do that with Van Ness. Van Ness is a high potential athletic marvel with a great bull rush who needs to be refined to his full potential. The Eagles have no problem sitting young players and having them rotate with the vets. With Van Ness he can play opposite to Sweat in the future along with being a DT in some schemes.
11). Seattle Seahawks: Will Levis QB Kentucky
Geno changes nothing for Seattle in terms of QB. The Levis hate has swung too far to the point he is being underrated. His O-Line and WR’s at Kentucky downgraded immensely this season. Watching tape from 2021 shows what he can do with weapons and a competent O-Line. In Seattle Levis can sit behind Geno Smith similar to how Mahomes did with Alex Smith and be molded to Carrolls liking before taking over for Seattle in 2024.
12). Pittsburgh Steelers: Peter Skoronski OT/OG Northwestern
Steelers fans may hate this but if Skoronski falls out of the top 10 I think the Steelers jump up and grab the LT from Northwestern. The CB class is very deep along with the 3-4 DE class taking a premier will be hard later in the draft. Skoronski’s main downfall is his short arms but with the Steelers needing a OT to protect Pickett. Dan Moore and Okorafor compete for the RT spot for the Steelers new look O-Line.
13). New York Jets: Darnell Wright OT Tennessee
You got Aaron Rodgers which is good and now you have to protect him. With that they take the last of the premier OT prospects in Darnell Wright. Wright might be a more natural RT but his senior season at Tennessee showed him deal with multiple different high quality pass rushers. He was able to move his feet well and played with a high motor and technique needed for the position. Personally, I see Wright being able to play both on the left or right side of the line.
14). New England Patriots: Jaxon Smith-Njigba WR Ohio State
I believe Patriots fans are willing this into existence, but JSN is a Patriot, and he fits New England perfectly. While some say JSN can only truly work as a slot receiver I believe the Pats will use him in a plethora of looks be it in the slot or out wide where his elite route running, and agility will showcase why he is WR1 in the class.
15). Green Bay Packers: Nolan Smith EDGE Georgia
The Packers could very well be looking to grab a player like Quinten Johnston, but I believe they have their eyes on a high RAS defender in Nolan Smith. Smith had an incredible combine and with the Packers who want to continue building on their talented young defense they take Smith giving Rashan Gary, Devonte Wyatt and Quay Walker another quick and athletic EDGE.
16). Washington Commanders: Joey Porter Jr CB Penn State
With Washington they are lacking in the QB department and with none of the top 4 QBs falling to them the Commanders pivot and draft the best available CB in Joey Porter Jr. Porter is a uber talented CB who is physical and lanky and is a tough player for WR’s to play against. With the Commanders great D-Line they need a stud CB like JPJ to complete the defense.
17). Houston Texans: Quinten Johnston WR TCU
The Texans don’t have much talent and across the board and after trading Brandin Cooks, they are lacking a WR for new franchise QB Bryce Young. I have Johnston and Smith-Njigba rated similarly, and the Texans pick Johnston at 17th. Johnston will add another explosive weapon for a Texans offensive that desperately needs talent. Adding Johnston gives Young some weapons in Woods, Johnston, Schultz and Pierce.
18). Detroit Lions: Bijan Robinson RB Texas
The Lions at 18 go BPA and take what some people have as the best player in the class over Anderson and Carter. Bijan is one of the best RB prospects the NFL has seen with his vision and running ability. In Detroit he will be behind an elite O-Line with solid QB play. With the Lions Bijan will immediately enter the league as a top 5 RB and a touchdown machine.
19). Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Broderick Jones OT Georgia
The Bucs stand firm and get Broderick Jones out of Georgia. Jones fills an immediate need as TB has no LT for Trask or Mayfield. Jones fills exactly what the Bucs have been missing in a LT with a massive athlete who has nimble and quick feet and won’t be a liability in pass protection. With Jones the Bucs have two solid bookend tackles for whoever the future QB of the team is.
20). Tennessee Titans: Anton Harrison OT Oklahoma
A true LT Harrison has had a phenomenal career at Tennessee. He is a pure LT who excels in pass protection and rarely gives up pressures. His problems lie in his run blocking which is a knock against him for a team especially the Titans but with the Titans hitting a mini rebuild they need to look past that and see a great pass protector who can develop in the running game.
21). Jacksonville Jaguars: Deonte Banks CB Maryland
I believe the Jaguars are going to pick CB and they hone in on one of the most athletic CB prospects in NFL history. Banks has some problems with penalties and ball skills but in Jacksonville he will not be asked to be CB1 he will be CB2 and he can do alot of damage with his athleticism at his size.
22). Baltimore Ravens: Zay Flowers WR Boston College
The Ravens need to find more weapons for Lamar Jackson past Rashod Bateman and Mark Andrews. During Boston College Flowers was electric, a shifty player who could get RAC at will. For the Ravens, Flowers can be a receiver who can get open at will and can generate yards previous Ravens receivers couldn’t.
23). Minnesota Vikings: Cam Smith CB South Carolina
With the top WR's gone off the board the Vikings grab the last of the top CB prospects. Cam Smith plays a physical and dominant game as a CB. Always willing to be aggressive with the WR opposite of him. Cam Smith will be a great man corner who will cause many incompletions. With the Vikings Smith will contribute in the secondary as the CB2 opposite to Andre Booth Jr.
24). Los Angeles Chargers: Myles Murphy EDGE Clemson
With Myles Murphy the Chargers get a pure pass rusher who has bend and is able to get pressure on the QB but lacks awareness in the running game. With that Murphy can be added to the rotation on the EDGE of Bosa and Mack. If Murphy can continue the production, he had at Clemson the Chargers will have a fun trio of EDGE rushers in a AFC West that lacks OT Talent.
25). New Orleans Saints: Calijah Kancey IDL Pittsburgh
With the top receivers and corners now gone the Giants decide to trade down and with the Saints who are in desperate need for IDL help and a true stud DT to play on that line. What Kancey lacks in size he makes up for with ability and athleticism being the best 3-Tech DT in the class. Kancey should be able to line up for the Saints in the interior and wreak havoc in the NFC South.
26). Dallas Cowboys: Dalton Kincaid TE Utah
With Schultz gone the Cowboys can defer the TE role to Jake Ferguson. But with none of the talented TE’s in the class being selected the Cowboys take TE1 off the board in Dalton Kincaid. Kincaid proved at Utah his talent as he caught 70 passes for 890 yards his senior season and scored 8 TDs for Utah. In the Cowboys' offense Kincaid can reproduce numbers similar to Schultz's best season while improving his run blocking which is the only major knock against him.
27). Buffalo Bills: Dawand Jones OT Ohio State
With how the board fell I can see the Bills going a couple of different ways with this pick. One being taking a Brian Branch as both their Pro Bowl safeties are aging and on expensive deals with Branch being a talented player who can play both in the nickel and as a safety. The other one being shoring up the O-Line with a massive human being in Dawand Jones who plays with a high motor and can be a dominant RT for them. The Bills elect for option B.
28). Cincinnati Bengals: Darnell Washington TE Georgia
Is this a luxury pick for the Bengals? It can be but with Washington you gain more than just a TE. At Georgia Washington was dominant in the run game opening holes and leading the way for the stable of Bulldog RBs to run wild on opposing defenses. And his unique size and athleticism makes him a major weapon in the middle of the field. The biggest knock-on Washington was his lack of production at Georgia, but the Bengals take the risk here for what he can add to their offense on day 1.
29). New York Giants: John Michael Schmitz C Minnesota
After trading down the Giants can shore up the biggest liability on their offense that being the center position. John Michael Schmitz has been connected to the G-Men. He is a high floor prospect who will immediately contribute on day 1 as a savvy team player who can move well laterally and has no problem engaging in his blocks and dominating defenders.
30). Philadelphia Eagles: Brian Branch S Alabama
While safety is a low position of value Branch is by far the best player available on the board and can contribute immediately for a Phili defense in need of a CJ Gardner Johnson replacement. The upside with Branch is his ability to play in both the nickel and as a box safety. Branch is a willing tackler who is instinctually always around the ball making plays. For Phili he is exactly what they are looking for in the secondary.
31). Kansas City Chiefs: Will McDonald IV EDGE Iowa State
At 31 the Chiefs can go so many ways. After winning the SB the Chiefs have gained some holes in the WR room along with the offensive line. But at 31 the Chiefs take a player who is a little out of the box and snag the high potential EDGE out of Iowa State Will McDonald. McDonald is an explosive and talented EDGE player with active hands and quick feet. In KC who runs multiple formations McDonald will be a pass rushing weapon who can be used in many different formations which a DC like Spagnuolo will love.
2nd Round
32). Pittsburgh Steelers: Emmanuel Forbes CB Mississippi State
33). Houston Texans: O’Cyrus Torrence OG Florida
34). Arizona Cardinals: Steve Avila OG TCU
35). Indianapolis Colts: Kelee Ringo CB Georgia
36). Los Angeles Rams: BJ Ojulari EDGE LSU
37). Seattle Seahawks: Drew Sanders LB Arkansas
38). Las Vegas Raiders: Mazi Smith IDL Michigan
39). Carolina Panthers: Jordan Addison WR USC
40). New Orleans Saints: Jahmyr Gibbs RB/WR Alabama
41). Tennessee Titans: Josh Downs WR UNC
42). New York Jets: Bryan Bresee IDL Clemson
43). Green Bay Packers: Michael Mayer TE Notre Dame
44). Atlanta Falcons: Tyrique Stevenson CB Miami
45). Green Bay Packers: Jalin Hyatt WR Tennessee
46). New England Patriots: Cody Mauch OT North Dakota State
47). Washington Commanders: Joe Tippmann C Wisconsin
48). Detroit Lions: Keion White EDGE Georgia Tech
49). Pittsburgh Steelers: Adetomiwa Adebawore IDL Northwestern
50). Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Antonio Johnson S Texas A&M
51). Miami Dolphins: Matthew Bergeron OT Syracuse
52). Tennessee Titans: Jack Campbell LB Iowa
53). Chicago Bears: Felix Anudike-Uzomah EDGE Kansas State
54). Los Angeles Chargers: Zach Charbonnet RB UCLA
55). Detroit Lions: Luke Musgrave TE Oregon State
56). Jacksonville Jaguars: Tuli Tuipulotu IDL USC
57). New York Giants: Clark Phillips III CB Utah
58). Dallas Cowboys: Siaki Ika IDL Baylor
59). Buffalo Bills: Trenton Simpson LB Clemson
60). Cincinnati Bengals: Blake Freeland OT BYU
61). Chicago Bears: Luke Wypler C Ohio State
62). Philadelphia Eagles: Karl Brooks IDL Bowling Green
63). Kansas City Chiefs: Cedric Spillman WR Tennessee
Round 3
64). Chicago Bears: DJ Turner CB Michigan
65). Houston Texans: Derrick Hall EDGE Auburn
66). Arizona Cardinals: Julius Brents CB Kansas State
67). Denver Broncos: Olusegun Oluwatimi C Michigan
68). Denver Broncos: Eli Ricks CB Alabama
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