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Snake Discovery

2019.03.28 14:30 Novelyst Snake Discovery

Snake Discovery provides educational hands-on programs with reptiles, and has a YouTube channel oriented around the same. Their content varies from general snake care tutorials to vlog-style videos about wildlife, conventions, and more!

2015.10.26 20:36 LegitInkling where

we are having so much fun at the science museum

2014.04.15 15:34 hyperactivelime Missing 411: For people who want to know more. Unexplained disappearances and other weirdness

Information and discussion about people who go missing in National Parks and forests, and rural and urban areas, as detailed in the Missing 411 media. This is an unofficial, independant subreddit with no ties to CanAm Missing Project.

2023.03.24 06:35 12nb34 (12/12) better decision might have been to just scale it down for a bit – especially as we don’t know where Covid will settle in terms of long-term prevalence, and we don’t know what next winter is going to look like. 📆 23 Mar 2023 📰 ‘Jewel in the crown’ Covid-19 infection survey bows out on Frida

Official estimates of UK Covid-19 infections will come to a halt on Friday – just as levels may be on the increase again.
The long-running coronavirus infection survey, dubbed the “envy of the world” for its success in measuring prevalence of the virus among the population, will publish its final regular update on March 24.
Any further monitoring of Covid-19 will be announced after a review to ensure it is “cost effective”, according to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).
Statistical experts hailed the survey as the “jewel in the crown of UK science”, adding it is “vital” this kind of “trusted and reliable” resource is available in the future.
The survey collected tests from households regardless of whether participants knew they had Covid-19, or if they were reporting results to the NHS, meaning it provided a snapshot of the true spread of the virus, which was often underestimated by Government figures.
Sir David Spiegelhalter, emeritus professor of statistics at Cambridge University and chairman of the advisory board for the survey, told the PA news agency...
“There is a general consensus that the survey has been a world-leading demonstration of how health surveillance can best be done. A loyal cohort of participants have provided repeated swabs, blood tests and symptom data – and if we did not test people without symptoms, how else would we know how many were infected and yet symptom-free?
“It is expensive, and this has led to it being paused, but the participant group is not being disbanded and a survey should be able to ramp up when necessary.”
The survey has been led by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and was rolled out across the UK during summer 2020, just after the first wave of the virus.
It has measured every wave since then, with its figures revealing the biggest wave came in spring 2022 when weekly infections hit 4.9 million, followed by winter 2021/22, which peaked at 4.3 million.
In recent months the survey has helped track the scale and progress of the Christmas 2022 wave, which peaked at nearly three million infections, as well as the latest rise in prevalence of the virus.
Thomas House, professor of mathematical statistics at Manchester University and one of the academic collaborators on the survey, said that while he accepted it had been costly to run and there was a need to save money, it was a shame to see the project end at this point and not run for slightly longer.
“The survey was designed to be scaled up and down, so a better decision might have been to just scale it down for a bit – especially as we don’t know where Covid will settle in terms of long-term prevalence, and we don’t know what next winter is going to look like.
📆 23 Mar 2023 📰 ‘Jewel in the crown’ Covid-19 infection survey bows out on Friday
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2023.03.24 06:34 RadTek88 MRI peeps...

Do any of y'all watch Chicago Med, and have seen the recent episode where the guy just walks into an MRI room from the hallway with a EMS stretcher and a pair of surgical shears, and it goes as well as it sounds like it would?
Now, I'm an expert on the zap zap rays and not the magnets, but I'm pretty sure MRI exam rooms don't have unsecured, swinging doors right off the hallway for exactly that reason? So people can't just walk in?
Also, I could be wrong, but I don't think the magnet has the kind of pull to get things all the way from the doorway?
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2023.03.24 06:34 Critical_Twist9866 [PC][2022-2023] Indie Looking game

Platform(s): PC
Genre: I believe Exploration/Strategy/Indie
Estimated year of release:
Graphics/art style: Indie
Notable characters:
Notable gameplay mechanics: Looking down at a settling type of mechanic, similar to strategy games
Other details: I've been searching for a game for a day and a half now. I've looked though my history on YouTube and ran though countless videos. I watched the video with the game back in 2022 but never seen the game again but I remember watching it yesterday and now I want to play the game. I believe it wasn't out yet, content creators showing a demo or something.
This game, based on memory, was based in a swampy area. The player had to build out from their starting point. The undiscovered areas were covered with clouds. You and the leaders of the camp make decisions on types of items to craft, how many houses to build (if you recruited more settlers), and where to send working parties (out to gather herbs or gather parts). I believe in the begin you need to pick the kind of government the settlement had based on the type of leaders you could pick from.
If anyone knows the game I'm talking about, please Help it is bothering me not being able to remember the name.
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2023.03.24 06:32 RedditMaster679 Prople who have watched Modern Fanmily, how did you react after the scene where The Family decides to have a Family Fued?

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2023.03.24 06:32 Creative-Citron-8883 It never ceases to amaze me

Just finished the Waco docuseries on Netflix. I knew the bare minimum before hand, to be honest and figured why not. But it got me thinking...
I cannot think of a single case where the incompetence of law enforcement didn't play a part. It seems that every case I learn about involves some sort of screwing up on their part that turns it into more of a cluster fuck than it should've been had they had just done their fucking jobs right. Waco being a prime example.
Do I believe David Koresh needed to be taken down? Of course I do. He was a bad man that did bad things and law enforcement absolutely needed to shut down what was going on at Mt Carmel.
Do I believe the Fbi and Atf did their jobs right? Fuck no. And it cost the lives of 80 some people, 4 of which being their own agents and 28 being children.
51 days. And really if they would've just stood back and reevaluated after learning the cult was tipped off then almost 30 children wouldn't have fucking burned to death and I truly believe that.
And it's like this in so many cases. In one way or another, the cops fucked up and it lead to the perp getting away and more people dying. At some point you gotta ask yourself, what's their purpose?
Maybe I'm just emotional, but I'm getting really tired of seeing it play out over and over and over again. Somebody give me some cases where law enforcement actually did shit right so I don't completely lose faith in humanity?
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2023.03.24 06:30 NextEpisodeOTT IS THIS SHOW OVERRATED? The Last of Season 1 Review #hbomax #hbomax #thelastofus

Joel, a hardened survivor and smuggler, is hired to get Ellie, a 14-year-old girl, out of an oppressive quarantine zone. This takes place twenty years after the destruction of modern civilization. It's possible that Ellie is humanity's last hope. What begins as a simple job quickly becomes a physically and emotionally draining journey as they are forced to travel across the United States together and rely on one another for survival.
I am fully aware that this series is based on the popular video game The Last of Us.", Although I am not a serious gamer, but I have played a few games, and I am mostly into TV series. Before reviewing this series, I would like to highlight a few key differences between games and TV series. The player controls some parts of the story and events in video games. In TV shows, however, the audience has no control over the story.
TV series relies heavily on character development, dialogue, and cinematography to keep audiences glued. At the same time, video games often use gameplay mechanics and interactive elements like points, badges, and rewards to keep players engaged. The majority of players of video games tend to be younger, while TV series often have a large, diverse audience. So my review of the series will be from the perspective of a Serioholic rather than a gamer.
With this show, zombies will no longer be as monotonous as they have been for years. Instead, we'll see a new image with brilliant makeup and the mushroom head look, which is really scary and makes the scenes worth seeing again and again. They are known as cordyceps. and have stunning visual effects that are flawlessly executed. This show's side strengths are its impressive set design and the dystopian world they have created captivating cinematography, and excellent acting by Pedro Pascal and Ellie.
Especially Nick Offerman's episode in the show stands out as a unique and memorable experience for me that was emotional. His presence and performance add a new dimension to the overall viewing experience.
The first five minutes of the show are amazing. That is the interview part, which explains exactly what the show is about and what you can expect from it. Except for a few parts of the show that are good, the majority of the show is unfortunately dull and boring.
Even though this show is listed as action, adventure, and drama on IMDB, the gore and action scenes are very limited. Even the cordyceps, or mushroom heads, which are interesting to watch, are only limitedly shown instead We get to see a lot of drama, and I learned from an interview that the makers intentionally wanted to limit the gore and action scenes. Neil Druckmann said that “one of the things that I loved hearing from [co-creator Craig Mazin] and HBO very early on was, ‘Let’s take out all the violence except for the very essential." I was puzzled to hear that. Why would you do that? It's like making a movie with a Valentine's Day theme and toning down romantic scenes. Didn't make any sense to me. You have to give what the story demands. anyhow It's their decision, and I respect it, but is there any interesting drama? no. Whatever action scenes they have shown in the trailer have been divided into nine episodes, which contributes to very limited time in each episode.
Neil Druckmann mainly works as a writer for video games, along with Craig Mazin, who was previously known for Chornobyl and has also written for this series. Slow narration worked nicely with Chornobyl, but I don't think it worked for this series. Previously, The Handmaid's Tale, Watchmen, and Westworld used this non-linear narrative, but this is probably the first time non-linear storytelling in a dystopian world did not work for me. I mean, the story is simple, but the narration is painfully slow. The lead characters are just outlined and lack depth, which makes it difficult to empathise with their struggles, which was the biggest trouble for me personally while watching this show.
This story takes place twenty years after the destruction of modern civilization. which clearly shows chaos where food is scarce but the physicality of the lead actors hardly changes, which was a major disconnection for me, and also the lack of a strong antagonist also contributed to the show's lack of sense of urgency to keep me immersed in the plot.
Can you binge-watch this series?
I personally did not enjoy this show and will not recommend it to any of my friends or family. However, the show's creators and game fans have created a lot of buzz in the TV series world, so everyone should watch it at least once to see what all the fuss is about. This show, in my opinion, is not worth the hype and is rather overrated.
On the IMDB page for this show, the writing credits say it's written for 10 episodes, but they stopped the 9th episode for season 1 They announced the second season after the first few episodes of the first season came out, and I'm not going to wait for this next season I think that this show will last for one more season unless they make some major changes to the story. I will meet you with another review in the next video; until then, keep bingeing. However, the show's creators and game fans have created a lot of buzz in the TV series world, so curiosity makes everyone watch it at least once to see what all the fuss is about. This show, in my opinion, is not worth the hype and is rather overrated.
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2023.03.24 06:27 Comfy-Parrot AI introduction on Randonautica by Chat GPT

"Hi! I'd like to go on an adventure with my brother using the app Randonautica. can you write a summary on how it works and simplify the terms of service?"
Sure, I'd be happy to help!
Randonautica is a smartphone app that generates random coordinates for you to explore in your local area. The app uses a quantum random number generator to produce these coordinates, which are intended to lead you on an adventure and help you discover new and interesting things in your surroundings.
To use the app, you simply select your desired location radius and generate a point. You can then follow the directions to the generated location and explore the area. Some users report finding interesting things like hidden sculptures, abandoned buildings, and other unexpected discoveries.
As for the terms of service, here's a simplified summary:
You must be at least 18 years old to use the app.
The app is for personal use only and cannot be used for commercial purposes.
You are responsible for your own safety while using the app and exploring the generated locations.
The app collects some personal information from users, but this information is kept confidential and is only used for the purpose of improving the app.
The app is provided on an "as is" basis and the creators are not responsible for any damages or losses that may occur as a result of using the app.
"What are some random examples of events that gained attention with the public?"
  1. In August 2020, a group of teenagers in Seattle used Randonautica to generate coordinates and ended up finding a suitcase containing human remains on a beach. The case gained national attention and is still under investigation.
  2. Another user reported finding a strange metal box in the woods while using Randonautica, which contained a handwritten note that appeared to be a list of names and dates. The user said they felt uneasy and quickly left the area.
  3. Some users have reported feeling as though they are being watched or followed while exploring coordinates generated by the app. In some cases, they have seen strange figures or heard unexplained noises.
  4. A user in the UK reported finding a set of stairs leading to nowhere in the middle of a field, which they said felt eerie and out of place.
It's worth noting that some of these experiences may be explained by natural phenomena or coincidence, and that the app itself does not necessarily cause strange or paranormal events. However, the stories of unusual encounters associated with Randonautica have certainly added to the app's mystique and popularity.
"Can you tell me about positive experiences with Randonautica?"
Yes, there have been many positive experiences reported by users of the Randonautica app. Here are some examples:
  1. Self-discovery: Many users have reported using the app to explore new areas of their city or town, and in the process, they have discovered new things about themselves. This could be anything from realizing that they enjoy nature more than they thought, to discovering an interest in art or architecture.
  2. Bonding with friends: Randonautica is often used as a fun activity to do with friends, and many users have reported feeling closer to their friends after a successful randonauting adventure. It can be a great way to bond and create new memories together.
  3. Finding hidden gems: Users have also reported finding interesting and beautiful places they would have never discovered otherwise, such as hidden parks, beautiful murals, or scenic views.
  4. Overcoming fears: Some users have used the app as a way to confront their fears or challenge themselves. For example, a user with a fear of heights may generate a location that requires them to climb to a high point, and successfully doing so can give them a sense of accomplishment and help them overcome their fear.
  5. Serendipitous experiences: Finally, many users have reported serendipitous experiences while using the app, such as meeting new people, finding lost items, or experiencing moments of synchronicity that feel like they were meant to happen. These experiences can be very positive and affirming.
Of course, as with any app that involves exploring unfamiliar places, it's important to take necessary safety precautions and use common sense while using Randonautica. But for many users, it has been a fun and positive way to explore the world around them.
Thanks for asking Chat GPT!
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2023.03.24 06:25 The_noob_2 Something I've learnt from spectating a heap of Master/GM matches

Is that even GM is full of people now who make stupid plays constantly. Like trying to get the low hp enemy under their turret, or trying to do big objectives with no vision, or afk farming the entire match.
Kinda sad, as this is supposed to be the "high skill" ranking area. And wins at 50/50 determined by skill, or which team hasn't got the hard carried noob. Just watched one where the team had a really strong adc, top and mid, but they still lost because their jg kept trying to chase kills. So the other team gets baron for free because this jg chases the enemy adc under their inhibitor. On the opposite side of the map..
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2023.03.24 06:24 lil_sith Just imagine the last scene

I mean I doubt this will be how it goes but the fan in me would love for some sort of cliche happy ending last scene were we watch the original TNG crew standing at dock watching a new Enterprise gliding out of space berth before it cuts to the bridge where we see Commander Seven having all stations check in, medical with Dr. Jack Picard checks in, Engineering with Engineer Alandra La forge reports all systems a go, Helm with Ensign Sidney Laforge reports ready, tactical reports all good with Alexander Rozhenko on loan from the Klingon Defense force for some reason due to the whole changling plot lol, where it then cuts to the captains chair where there sits my new favorite dipshit from Chicago uttering some one liners about being stuck with the off spring of trouble makers and he just wants one normal week 🥴😂 it’s ridiculous and really doesn’t make any narrative sense but I’d die laughing and love the ridiculousness of it all the same
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2023.03.24 06:24 cloudypink maybe an alternative?

hey guys! I don't know if anybody else already mentioned/found this but there's this app called Feelyou, pretty sure it's available on Apple and google play, and it's kinda like moodtrack in a way. They have a subscription available to see a mood pattern chart, weekly mood and mood calendar (I think it lets you watch an ad to be able to view that stuff for 24hrs.) Posting and commenting doesn't cost anything and it does have a thing showing how many negative days, neutral days, and positive days and that's free.
I just found the app and I figured I'd share in case anyone was interested!! You can look it up to see what it looks like and stuff. You can set it to where it only shows your devices' language too. This sounds like an ad im so sorry about that 😭😭but I just thought I'd share in case anyone would wanna check it out!! The developers are actually active and the last update was 2 weeks ago. Im not good at Reddit so I was scouring the App Store trying to find something similar 😭 it's not as simple as moodtrack was (you'll see what I mean if you download it) but it doesn't seem bad, I'm still checking it out but if you're looking for a sense of community then maybe this app will help out with that
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2023.03.24 06:23 IndependenceBoth5296 Today feels like worse day ever

I hate who I am now. I hate being scared when my husband is home . I hate cooking food for him thinking if he will like it . I hate this so much . I thought my marriage would be a loving and caring one. Instead I’m abused if I mess up on paying bills. He says that I’m just a dumb stupid person that doesn’t know anything that I’m just a piece of shit and just worthless. All I do is sit there and be quiet because the moment I talk back it makes him mad and tells me fuck off before he hurts me so what do I do . I take our baby and just sit in the room until he calms down to talk normal. I’m starting to not care if he leaves that I’ll finally have money to myself and kids that I’ll finally not struggle getting food . He tells me that once he leaves me that I’ll probably end up begging for money to him for food or something. To me I know I’ll be fine without him. All I wanted was a life like other married people where two people when they have time alone they cuddle or watch movies and stuff but it’s not like that . We do have that sometimes but when I ask for that he says I’m too clingy so I quit asking and just go to bed with our baby . I feel like giving up on this marriage but what stops me is him telling me another girl will be sitting in the truck with him and she will have everything I ever wanted . It makes me mad and that’s what makes me stay because my stupid thinking that I don’t want to see him happy with someone else then me
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2023.03.24 06:22 sspelak [Spoilers] A late-night theory on Picard and the "weapon"

I've just thought of this while watching ToS. So much of the episode relies on technology from the Daystrom Institute. Could that be a really big hint at what the whole season is about? Then the latest epsiode has memories of Data, Lore, B4 being combined into one AI unit. The previous Picard's body was retrieved, as was Kirk's body... Was Section 31 trying to improve upon the M5 unit with experiences of previous Captains? Richard Daystrom said he imprinted himself upon the M5 computer in order to teach it ethics and how to think. What if Jack is the the result of the same idea, but this time imprinting computer logic and efficiency on a human? That would explain his efficiency at detecting and then neautralizing threats to himself (similar to M5's destruction of the Excalibur crew, and the crewman who tried to shut it off). Perhaps this was an evolution of the Soong method where you didn't need an android golem anymore, but you could imprint a machine conciousness into a fully organic-based lifeform. Similar to the Borg, but without the need for any synthetic compoents.
The Changelings could have learned of this and began to infiltrate Starfleet to prevent more "experiences" from being imprinted on this computer, limiting their ability to spy on the Alpha Quadrant species.
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2023.03.24 06:20 6y5ty Watch some funny deleted scenes where hell demoness Aria wins over to evil side new zealots in hot adult DVD "American Nymphette 6"

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2023.03.24 06:20 AutoModerator [Get] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree Full Course Download

[Get] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree Full Course Download
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/dan-koe-digital-economics-masters-degree/ Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree
What You Get Phase 0) Digital Economics 101 The Digital Economics 101 module will open 1 week prior to the cohort start date.This is an onboarding module that will get you up to speed so we can get straight into the material.This will be required to finish before the start date.
  • Gain a deep understanding of all of the pieces in the digital economy.
  • Learn about the future of media and code — the front-end and backend of the internet — so you can focus your efforts.
  • Understand digital leverage, distribution, no-code tools, and digital assets so you can take part in the mental & financial wealth transfer.
Phase 1) Creating A Meaningful Niche Every day I hear people going on and on about trying to find their niche.I also hear people talking about how they don’t know how to combine what they love talking about with *what will sell.*You already have the answer. You just don’t have the clarity.
  • Develop a long-term strategy to create your own niche — meaning you don’t have to worry about your “competition” playing status games.
  • Discover your life’s work, curiosities, and obsessions. I see too many people that are uncertain about this for years.
  • Cultivate and turn your vision, goals, and values into a brand that attracts an audience you love interacting with (and that will buy from you, and only you).
Phase 2) Content Strategy There is one thing that separates those who make it in the digital economy and those who don’t.It’s the quality, articulation, and perceived originality of their content.The content you post has to make sense to the people you attract.Everyone has a different voice and tone that they resonate with. **That they are congruent with and trust.**It has to change their thought patterns or behavior — that’s what makes you memorable.That’s what separates you from the sea of people posting surface-level copy-cat style posts.Example and putting my money where my mouth is:
  • Become an expert-level speaker or writer on the topics you care about.
  • Never run out of content ideas for your posts or promotions (without using content templates — that’s how you stay a commodity).
  • Create posts, blogs, tweets, images, and videos that resonate with other’s on a deep level. People will actually ask you how you got so good at what you do.
  • Separate yourself from the ocean of B-tier creators that struggle to sell their products, services, andhave their ideas stick in the head of their audience.
  • Implement our Epistemic Research Method — which is just a fancy way of saying scientific research method… but it’s for researching your mind to craft brilliant content and product ideas.
Phase 3) Crafting Your Offer Most people are sitting on a goldmine of skills, experience, and knowledge (that they can use to help people 1-2 steps behind them).That is what people pay for.Considering 95% of the market are beginners… if you are good at something, you can help them get to your level (no matter how “basic” you think the information is).Do you not watch basic content all day anyway? People don’t want new information, they want to be reminded of what works.
  • Use our Minimum Viable Offer strategy to start monetizing immediately (and have something to improve over time, rather than procrastinating until it’s perfect).
  • Have a strategy for reducing the time you spend working over time (as you build leverage and improve your offer).
  • Know how to create your own customers from the audience you are building, instead of “finding” the right customer for your offer.
  • Take the guesswork out of building coaching, consulting, or digital product offers.
Phase 4) Marketing Strategy You aren’t making money because you aren’t promoting yourself or your offer.That is literally the only way to make money. Have something desirable and consistently put it in front of peoples’ faces.In Phase 4, I will show you how to systemize, automate, and be consistent with simple will be able to make money without having the chance of forgetting to do it (or letting fear of failure get in the way).
  • Learn to sell on social media, in your writing, and across different platforms.
  • Have consistent sales coming in while focusing on your meaningful message (no need to sound salesy all the time).
  • Learn advanced automation strategies that you can implement at your own pace, especially once you validate your offer.
Bonus) The Creator Command Center The Creator Command Center is a Notion template that houses all of the systems.This is how you will manage your brand, content, offer creation, marketing strategy, and systemized promotions for consistent sales. Bonus) Live Product Build & Launch In the first Digital Economics Cohort, I built out my course The 2 Hour Writer.I have videos showing how I build it with the strategies in phase 3 and 4.There is a bonus module that shows how I had an $85,000 launch that resulted in my first $100K month.I did this to prove the strategies inside Digital Economics work if you stick to the plan.***And, this past Black Friday, I blew my that monthly high out of the water in 4 days.***That’s the power of these strategies if you stay consistent with your life’s work.
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2023.03.24 06:19 Stumblebee Some reflections and questions about my first ever live poker experience

So I grew up watching the WSOP on ESPN and always wanted to play real life poker. I'm an adult now and suddenly realized that it's a thing I can actually do now. So I found a $60 buy-in tournament at my local casino and jumped right in after a couple days of watching some Daniel Negreanu tournament streams and researching ways to not be total ass (pre-flop ranges, keeping position in mind, etc)
Against all odds and despite my best efforts, I ended up making the final table (out of 30) and chopped a 4-way pot for 445!
Some notes, reflections, and questions;
1) playing with the poker chips is fun but not as fun as my inner child wanted it to be.
1a) how the shit do you do the little chip shuffle?? that feels like magic.
2) how the shit do you guys remember live hands to study? Soon as the cards leave my hand, they also leave my brain. The way some folks will perfectly recount hands, bets, raises, and the board astounds me.
3) literally the only hand I remember well: I folded AJo UTG but the board went XXAAA. Would have had Quad Aces, rip
4) I started to be unable to make clean antes after a while and didn't realize the dealer can make change with other antes, so I asked to exchange 1 1k chip for 10 100s. Got a weird look from the guy next to me and said nevermind lol. Realized pretty quickly that small denominations don't matter worth much later in the game.
5) Things were pretty damn nerve-wracking at the beginning, loosened up when I got used to the flow of the game, got sweaty when we were on the bubble, and then the mood got way more fun when we hit the cash. Is it like that every game?
6) I kept losing track of the button, posted big blinds as small blind multiple times, folded as the BB when I had the option
7) busting someone out of an event feels very weird. I knocked three people out, two on fairly bad beats. Don't think I could feel good doing that in a cash game where the money is their actual money without feeling pretty bad.
8) I feel like I'm aware of a pretty obvious tell when I bet. Very confident and quick bets when I have it, hims and haws when I don't. I think I was able to use that to my advantage to bluff a few hands.
9) speaking of, bluffing feels amazing when you pull it off.
10) Dealers and poker game directors are absolute fucking magicians with how quickly and confidently they have to resolve issues like burned cards, boxed cards, large chip counts, etc. Tonight gave me major, major appreciation for these people. Tip your dealers y'all.
11) this is the second time Tiktok has sent me down a rabbit hole and got me to step out of my comfort zone for something that looks fun to do. First golf, now poker.
12) y'all were pretty handy in getting me started too. The Poker Terms Glossary link has been broken for a few years now according to the way back machine (mods pls fix), but I do appreciate the conversation here since I legitimately think it helped me out in a few ways, specifically, tips on what to do/not to do when playing live for the first time.
13) I am still turbo dogshit at this game, but look forward to improving. That'll be a little hard to do though, because....
14) my states against online poker is wack as hell. I want to play micro-stakes and don't want to figure out VPNs and other stuff like that.
All-in-all, I had a great experience and will absolutely be back to play again!
Edit: bonus 15) I love peeling the corners of the cards and the sound they make when they hit the table. 😩😩😩
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2023.03.24 06:19 QasimAliMalik What made your mom or dad completely change into a different person?

My real father died when I was 4. When I was 5, my mother met and married a new man named Tom.
Very quickly, Tom and I formed a deep bond, and by all accounts, he was (and still is) my dad. I was a “daddies girl” all through my childhood and into my teens. My mother was more of the disciplinarian in our home, but my dad was always a pushover. I could get away with murder…. as long as mom didn’t find out! I loved my dad more than anything… he was my confidant, my protector, and my favorite person.
When I was 16, my parents divorced and both moved to separate cities, 3 hours apart. I rarely got to see my dad after that, mainly due to distance, but also because I was 16 and just got my license and was off on my own, having fun. It was during this time that my dad became involved with a new woman who had 2 daughters from her previous marriage, aged 5 & 7. Unfortunately, their lives had been very tumultuous, as their father was a violently abusive alcoholic, and both girls had major behavioral issues, which didn’t become a problem until a couple of years after my dad and their mother married.
The oldest girl (Christina) was about 9 when she started fighting at school. We’re talking full blown fist fights with boys and other girls, where blood was spilled. It was pretty serious. Then she started acting out at home, and beating up the younger daughter, breaking windows, throwing heavy objects at the walls and doors… she even took a razor knife to her bedroom carpet, shredding it down to the subflooring. As the years went on, the anger and destruction only got worse. The younger daughter also began showing the same signs of destruction, but she was sneakier and got away with a lot more than we ever knew.
By the time Christina was 12, she and he sister weren’t allowed to be in the same room together because it always turned into a brawl, where things got broken and people or pets got hurt. My dad had to replace windows in the living room 6 times in 2 years… he replaced the TV 4 times, replaced the front door 3 times, replaced sections of drywall throughout the house repeatedly… the house was always in a deconstructed state. He even had to put locks on his bedroom door because both girls would just go in and take whatever they wanted without asking.
The worst part was that my dad’s wife wouldn’t let him discipline those girls. She had seen their real father beat the living daylights out of them, and swore it would never happen again…no man would lay a finger on her girls, ever again. And they knew it. Both girls learned very quickly that they could get away with anything, and never receive a punishment. When my dad did set rules, his wife just negated them. This went on until Christina left at age 17. She got into drugs and started hanging out with a bad crowd. Eventually she got herself caught up in a life of addiction, prostitution and homelessness. When she did come home for visits, she always stole things… money, jewelry, my dads new truck… which was later found burnt to a crisp in a ditch. Actually, that was just the first time… Christina stole my dads truck 3 times, each time selling the truck for drugs.
There are about 20 years of devastation that was caused by Christina and her younger sister, Pam. Both of them pushed my dad’s even temper to the limit, but he wasn’t allowed to say a word. He just had to live with the abuse and devastation.
Because of all the years where my dad had to be silent while watching his home and possessions be destroyed by self-entitled, spoiled brats, my dad became a different person. Long gone is the calm, laid back guy that made a joke out of everything and laughed frequently. In his place is a beaten-down, husk of a man that has no say in his own home. He’s usually grumpy and rarely jokes about anything. And though the 2 girls are long moved out… Christina died of an overdose in 2019, and Pam has 2 kids of her own and has been married 4 times, he still has no say in his own home.
In the last 5 years, my step-mother has taken on 3 other children from drug addicted mothers who couldn’t care for them, (ages 18 mo - 3 years when she got them 5 years ago). My dad is retired now, but he will never get to enjoy his golden years because he’s stuck raising other people’s children, without being able to be a true parent. He isn’t allowed to have a say about anything.
I honestly have a hard time calling home to speak to him anymore… he’s just not the same dad I knew and loved. And it truly pisses me off, because my dad was the best dad in the whole wide world.
Writer: JustGina
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2023.03.24 06:18 Far-Spread8795 World Cup Palaio Faliro RG Results

The first world cup of the year ended last week, where we saw in total of 13 different medalists on the apparatuses and AA podiums, which was pretty cool. I really enjoyed watching the finals, I especially liked Raffaeli's ball and ribbon, Nikolova's ball, Kolosov and Taniyeva's clubs, and Vedeneeva's ribbon.
The organisers were pretty bad ngl, they didn't stream most of qualifications and they even messed up the flags on one of the final's result list.
I also wonder what happened to Milena Baldassarri (ITA) during the break, her results from this competition were not competitive at all, despite hitting all 4 of her routines!?!
Despite all of that it was a great start of the season and I can't wait for the next world cup which will be on 31st March - 2nd April in Sofia, Bulgaria!
Individual AA: (top 8 only)
  1. Sofia Raffaeli (ITA) 131.750
  2. Stiliana Nikolova (BUL) 129.550
  3. Boryana Kaleyn (BUL) 127.600
  4. Takhmina Ikromova (UZB) 125.300
  5. Polina Karika (UKR) 123.400
  6. Margarita Kolosov (GER) 122.750
  7. Ekaterina Vedeneeva (SLO) 122.100
  8. Polina Berezina (ESP) 120.850
Group AA: (top 8 only)
  1. Israel 65.450
  2. Bulgaria 64.700
  3. Brazil 63.850
  4. Italy 62.700
  5. Ukraine 62.600
  6. Poland 62.500
  7. Greece 61.250
  8. France 58.350
  1. Sofia Raffaeli (ITA) 33.000
  2. Fanni Pigniczki (HUN) 31.600
  3. Polina Berezina (ESP) 30.750
  4. Boryana Kaleyn (BUL) 30.650
  5. Polina Karika (UKR) 29.850
  6. Stiliana Nikolova (BUL) 29.800
  7. Takhmina Ikromova (UZB) 29.200
  8. Adi Asya Katz (ISR) 27.650

  1. Stiliana Nikolova (BUL) 34.450 (huge D score of 17.8!)
  2. Sofia Raffaeli (ITA) 31.600
  3. Evita Griskenas (USA) 31.550
  4. Ekaterina Vedeneeva (SLO) 31.050
  5. Takhmina Ikromova (UZB) 29.900
  6. Boryana Kaleyn (BUL) 29.850
  7. Polina Karika (UKR) 29.050
  8. Maelle Millet (FRA) 28.900
  1. Margarita Kolosov (GER) 31.800
  2. Takhmina Ikromova (UZB) 31.700
  3. Elzhana Taniyeva (KAZ) 31.550
  4. Polina Karika (UKR) 31.500
  5. Sofia Raffaeli (ITA) 31.300
  6. Ekaterina Vedeneeva (SLO) 31.000
  7. Panagiota Lytra (GRE) 30.200
  8. Polina Berezina (ESP) 26.350
  1. Ekaterina Vedeneeva (SLO) 29.850
  2. Adi Asya Katz (ISR) 29.250
  3. Stiliana Nikolova (BUL) 29.000
  4. Elzhana Taniyeva (KAZ) 28.650
  5. Sofia Raffaeli (ITA) 28.600
  6. Evita Griskenas (USA) 28.000
  7. Boryana Kaleyn (BUL) 27.800
  8. Margarita Kolosov (GER) 26.800
5 Hoops
  1. Israel 34.900
  2. Italy 32.650
  3. Poland 31.900
  4. Ukraine 31.500
  5. Germany 30.850
  6. Bulgaria 30.800
  7. Greece 30.750
  8. Brazil 30.500
3 Ribbons + 2 Balls
  1. Italy 30.650
  2. Israel 29.350
  3. Greece 29.200
  4. Poland 28.300
  5. France 27.250
  6. Azerbaijan 26.900
  7. Bulgaria 26.500
  8. Ukraine 25.900
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2023.03.24 06:18 ignRetweet The Innocent (2023) HD Full Movie Online Free

Where To Watch The Innocent Online For Free Here's options for downloading or watching The Innocent streaming the full Movie online for free on 123 Movies & Reddit including where to watch The Innocent Movie at home. Is The Innocent 2022 available to stream? Is watching The Innocent on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Yes we have found an authentic streaming option / service. Details on how you can watch The Innocent for free throughout the year are described below.
Watch Now For Free: https://fizzle.tv
Enjoy <3
[IGNORE] Is The Innocent on Netflix? The Innocent is not available to watch on Netflix. If you're interested in other Movies and shows, one can access the vast library of titles within Netflix under various subscription costs depending on the plan you choose: $9.99 per month for the basic plan, $15.99 monthly for the standard plan, and $19.99 a month for the premium plan. Is The Innocent on Hulu? They're not on Hulu, either! But prices for this streaming service currently start at $6.99 per month, or $69.99 for the whole year. For the ad-fre eversion, it's $12.99 per month, $64.99 per month for Hulu + Live TV, or $70.99 for the ad-free Hulu + Live TV. Is The Innocent on Disney Plus? No sign of The Innocent on Disney +,which is proof that the House of Mouse doesn't have its hands on every franchise! Home to the likes of 'Star Wars', 'Marvel', 'Pixar', National Geographic', ESPN, STAR and so much more, Disney+ is available at the annual membership fee of $79.99, or the monthly cost of$7.99. If you're a fan of even one of these brands, then signing up to Disney+ is definitely worth it, and there aren't any ads, either. Is The Innocent on HBO Max? Sorry, The Innocent is not available on HBO Max. There is a lot of content from HBO Max for $14.99 a month, such a subscription is ad-free and it allows you to access all the titles in the library of HBO Max. The streaming platform announced an ad-supported version that costs a lot less at the price of $9.99 per month. Is The Innocent on Amazon Video? Unfortunately, The Innocent is not available to stream for free on Amazon Prime Video. However, you can choose others hows and Movies to watch from there as it has a wide variety of shows and Movies that you can choose from for $14.99 a month. Is The Innocent on Peacock? The Innocent is not available to watch on Peacock at the time of writing. Peacock offers a subscription costing$4.99 a month or $49.99 per year for a premium account. As their namesake, the streaming platform is free with content out in the open, however, limited. Is The Innocent on Paramount Plus? The Innocent is not on Paramount Plus. Paramount Plus has two subscription options: the basic version ad-supported Paramount+ Essential service costs$4.99 per month, and an ad-free premium plan for $9.99 per month. costs$4.99 per month, and an ad-free premium plan for $9.99 per month.
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2023.03.24 06:16 BOSSBM Question about Bussing NHH Vykas

I'm considering selling vykas bus for the first time. I've been watching the bussers on my alts and I just have some questions to be clear on how it properly runs.
  1. Gate 1 Normal - When you're fighting alone in a party, when do you ts during color orb, pizza, and blue/black orb memory mech?
  2. Gate 2 Hard - During the clone absorption mech, how do you position yourself? I see bussers spread out to their spots without prior communication unless of course they're on voice chat? I also see bussers use TS when it's black black or Panacea when it's black red. Can anyone elaborate on this? And lastly, during the clone rotation mech, what are the assigned positions for taking orb and scouting?
  3. Gate 3 Hard - During tentacles, who goes where?
  4. Is there anything important I should know about the different between a 3 man bus and a 4 man bus?
Thank you
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2023.03.24 06:16 Soft-Eye-4109 How shadow integration is changing my life.

I was called by an inner alchemist while painting. During a moment of coincidence I had painted “squaring the circle” a YouTube auto play had played some lecturer speaking about “squaring the circle” being an alchemist symbol and how during the last half of life an inner alchemist calls us. We should answer that call. That moment was extremely meaningful to me. So much so, that I started researching more. I was hooked on that feeling of “meaningful coincidence” and discovery. Then I found Inner Work by Robert Johnson where he explains active imagination. He said to use that energy, that same energy that painted the square and circle and speak to it. So, I ran out and purchased a science lab coat to create a personal alchemist. I also bought an old 1950’s typewriter where, I planned to speak to this inner alchemist that I call. Dr Iam. I wanted to ground myself in reality. Ultimately I’m speaking to myself. A surge of energy came through me and I started writing out instructions. He explained to me how this world was HEXED but an ancient Sumerian group of scribes. Because in early civilizations, writing was magical and the first civilization exploited its citizens. Obviously this isn’t true, well maybe some truths, but more importantly. I’ve exploited myself by sublimating my desires and talents for greedy selfish reasons. So, I’ve been using the symbolic stories and symbolic imagery in art pieces, and art performances where I’ve been getting paid. I survive off of my therapy. But to end the HEXE, I had to free a goddess. Atone for my culpability in her demise and perform a type of resurrection. She overcame death and became a deity. Sachet, a female alchemist. Thoths wife. She taught me “stretching the cord ceremony” Where I connect the stars in space to the earth. This, of course, is symbolic for getting out of my head space and using my ideas in architecture to serve the people. It’s not easy since I’m teaching myself. But I’m being a whole person. I’m serving others. I’m using trapped up creative energy simultaneously. I still have a lot of work to do and more discoveries to make, but so far cArl jungs technique changed my life.
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2023.03.24 06:16 Fylgja93 My boyfriend (33M) has a female friend who has been disrepectful to me (30F)

I guess I have a lot to unpack here and I guess I'm looking for validation as well as a way to move forward. I've been with my bf for almost a year. He's a DJ and goes to a lot of festivals. When we first met, he talked about this chick he hung out with a lot at one of them over the summer. One night back in december, we saw her at a show and found that she'd moved to the area. After that, we started seeing her at every show, and she'd always come up to my boyfriend. She'd show up to every one of his shows, and ultimately been pretty disrespectful to me. On one occasion, she asked me why I wasn't wearing any makeup, and is always commenting on the fact that I don't dance to him (I'm a metalhead and am not very experienced in the electronic scene). He has invited her to several house parties, where she pretty much gave him googly eyes and waited for him to give her attention. She has made a habit of consistently calling him a golden retriever. The gives him prolonged hugs while only giving me the 'ol push-away type of hug and only if he's watching will she even attempt to be friendly with me, which has honestly made me question myself a bit. Some months pass, we don't go to many shows over the winter so we didn't see her, but she always interacts with his social media posts. Fast forward to now, my BF is in Miami and she hit him up, saying she was also in Miami. Luckily for my sanity, one is in florida and the other is in texas. But it still irked me. I let him know that it bothered me, and reasserted that it HAS been bothering me and making me extremely uncomfortable. He agreed, and said he could understand my feelings.. but then said that she was still his friend. Which, honestly, I am cool with as long as clearer boundaries are set. I am cool with every other chick in his life, including the ones he's had history with. They've all been respectful with me. It just bothered me to hear it in context as a response to what I told him. He was drunk, so I didn't press the issue over the phone. He mentioned that he knew some of the messages she sent to him were 'weird' and that it was disresoectful to me, but reassured me that he doesn't feed into that when she does and that they don't really talk often. I didn't press any further, and we said our goodnights. But I am still so bothered. I have put up walls with him because of this girl. I know it's something we need to talk about when he gets back, and I'll need to wait until then. But it's driving me a little crazy. I do appreciate that he told me, but I'm also conflicted. What 'weird' messages has she been sending him? Do I have a right to ask? I'm feeling a little crazy right now and would love some advice on how to proceed...
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2023.03.24 06:12 Ill-Possible4044 Is it strange to anyone how so many people are against Scientology (to the point where they won’t watch an actor associated with it), but there doesn’t seem to be the same feelings toward Mormonism? They’re both a cult, in my mind.

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