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2023.03.24 06:21 EliasKingston69 Logo for "Superman Destiny" A live action fan film I really want to make. I've already made the opening sequence.

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2023.03.24 06:20 Theaffiliatemen Spider-Man: A Hero's Journey Through the Years #shortvideo #shortsvideo ...

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2023.03.24 06:20 komayeda1 Why do people hate Spider-Man but love Daredevil?

I dunno, I just feel like they kinda fill the same niche of “heroes who suffer a whole lot with unsteady relationships” for me. Kinda find it hard to be mad about OMD when Daredevil’s wife gets turned incurably insane and cheated on simultaneously, and with the Soule run pulling a Mysterious Prior Event thing like the Wells run did, as well as the Memory Wipes from BND, I’m just not getting the hate for one over the other.
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2023.03.24 06:20 qasuaI boruto manga if ikemoto had assistants by @Fl4shh7

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2023.03.24 06:19 QasimAliMalik What made your mom or dad completely change into a different person?

My real father died when I was 4. When I was 5, my mother met and married a new man named Tom.
Very quickly, Tom and I formed a deep bond, and by all accounts, he was (and still is) my dad. I was a “daddies girl” all through my childhood and into my teens. My mother was more of the disciplinarian in our home, but my dad was always a pushover. I could get away with murder…. as long as mom didn’t find out! I loved my dad more than anything… he was my confidant, my protector, and my favorite person.
When I was 16, my parents divorced and both moved to separate cities, 3 hours apart. I rarely got to see my dad after that, mainly due to distance, but also because I was 16 and just got my license and was off on my own, having fun. It was during this time that my dad became involved with a new woman who had 2 daughters from her previous marriage, aged 5 & 7. Unfortunately, their lives had been very tumultuous, as their father was a violently abusive alcoholic, and both girls had major behavioral issues, which didn’t become a problem until a couple of years after my dad and their mother married.
The oldest girl (Christina) was about 9 when she started fighting at school. We’re talking full blown fist fights with boys and other girls, where blood was spilled. It was pretty serious. Then she started acting out at home, and beating up the younger daughter, breaking windows, throwing heavy objects at the walls and doors… she even took a razor knife to her bedroom carpet, shredding it down to the subflooring. As the years went on, the anger and destruction only got worse. The younger daughter also began showing the same signs of destruction, but she was sneakier and got away with a lot more than we ever knew.
By the time Christina was 12, she and he sister weren’t allowed to be in the same room together because it always turned into a brawl, where things got broken and people or pets got hurt. My dad had to replace windows in the living room 6 times in 2 years… he replaced the TV 4 times, replaced the front door 3 times, replaced sections of drywall throughout the house repeatedly… the house was always in a deconstructed state. He even had to put locks on his bedroom door because both girls would just go in and take whatever they wanted without asking.
The worst part was that my dad’s wife wouldn’t let him discipline those girls. She had seen their real father beat the living daylights out of them, and swore it would never happen again…no man would lay a finger on her girls, ever again. And they knew it. Both girls learned very quickly that they could get away with anything, and never receive a punishment. When my dad did set rules, his wife just negated them. This went on until Christina left at age 17. She got into drugs and started hanging out with a bad crowd. Eventually she got herself caught up in a life of addiction, prostitution and homelessness. When she did come home for visits, she always stole things… money, jewelry, my dads new truck… which was later found burnt to a crisp in a ditch. Actually, that was just the first time… Christina stole my dads truck 3 times, each time selling the truck for drugs.
There are about 20 years of devastation that was caused by Christina and her younger sister, Pam. Both of them pushed my dad’s even temper to the limit, but he wasn’t allowed to say a word. He just had to live with the abuse and devastation.
Because of all the years where my dad had to be silent while watching his home and possessions be destroyed by self-entitled, spoiled brats, my dad became a different person. Long gone is the calm, laid back guy that made a joke out of everything and laughed frequently. In his place is a beaten-down, husk of a man that has no say in his own home. He’s usually grumpy and rarely jokes about anything. And though the 2 girls are long moved out… Christina died of an overdose in 2019, and Pam has 2 kids of her own and has been married 4 times, he still has no say in his own home.
In the last 5 years, my step-mother has taken on 3 other children from drug addicted mothers who couldn’t care for them, (ages 18 mo - 3 years when she got them 5 years ago). My dad is retired now, but he will never get to enjoy his golden years because he’s stuck raising other people’s children, without being able to be a true parent. He isn’t allowed to have a say about anything.
I honestly have a hard time calling home to speak to him anymore… he’s just not the same dad I knew and loved. And it truly pisses me off, because my dad was the best dad in the whole wide world.
Writer: JustGina
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2023.03.24 06:18 witchycat_40 Someone confessed to me.

Let's call her Angel (40yrs), Angel has be having an relationship with her brother for the past 6 years.
It all started after she had just gotten divorced and she wanted to start becoming closer to her family, they had lost touch over the years, because since she was trapped in an abusive marriage, she wanted to hide it from her family so it was better to stop seeing them all together.
So after the divorce Angel became closer and started attending cook outs, birthday parties, family holidays and everything was starting to go back to normal. She was finally happy with her life.
Angel also told me she had a few older brothers and younger sisters. She wasn't particularly close to her family but they all had the same childhood and are close in age so that's what they had in common.
So this one night she and one of her older brother decide to hang out, they laugh, have a few drinks, talk about their lives and also about Angel's single life and her wanting to get back into the dating scene.
She told me that noticed that her brother was against the idea of her meeting someone.
Now here is where Angel left a big gap for me to understand just how they decided to bed each other. She said something along the lines that he mentioned that he loved her and that he can take care of her better then any other man can. They have sex for the first time and she felt like this was the first time she ever felt the feeling of making love. So this has become a normal thing for them to meet up and have sex at least 3 times a week. She mentioned that she is in a committed relationship with her brother and she is not allowed to date. He however has a wife and is married with kids. She tells me that he has plans to leave his wife and they have made arrangements to move to another state and start over. Then tells me she's nervous that he won't leave his wife. Tell me I'm not stupid for believing him? She asked me.
Wow, just wow! I remember saying.
Sometimes it's just better to listen. Because what in the world could I have possibly said to her?!
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2023.03.24 06:18 BetterCallRalph What I think Midnight Motorist is about

The Yellow Man

The yellow man is William Afton. This is made pretty clear by his purple car. The other cars in the road section of MM were purple/pink, but this could just be a design choice. The cars are other colors when you go to JR’s, but the purple car remains the same. This minigame takes place right after he killed Charlie.

The Footprints

The footprints are of a nightmare animatronic (or an animatronic/endoskeleton with an illusion disk) meant to scare Michael after the death of BV. In the fnaf 4 menu screen, we are shown that the nightmares do hide in bushes. This specific nightmare wasn’t meant to do anything more but watch and stalk Michael through the window, which would explain only one footprint.

The Runaway

The runaway is Michael Afton. After a year or two of abuse and being visited by nightmares, Michael decides that he’s had enough. He faces his fears of the nightmares and runs away while William is gone and never comes back. This would explain why he takes a job at Freddy’s simply for the free food (and money). If he still lived with William, he wouldn’t need to resort to taking pizza from Freddy’s. It also explains why he gets fired for odor, as he would smell a bit bad after being homeless.

The TV Person

The person watching TV is Mrs. Afton. Michael probably wouldn’t talk to William like that given how abusive he sounds. Her being bald is probably just representing how stressed she is after BV and Elizabeth died. The same stress plus Michael running away would lead to her divorcing William and eventually killing herself.

The Mound

The mound is a grave. Elizabeth’s grave, specifically. I don’t think it’s BV’s grave for a few reasons. BV got bit in public and he later died in a hospital, shown by the flatline at the end of fnaf 4. He would’ve gotten buried at a real graveyard because his death was official to the public. Elizabeth’s was not. Nobody heard or saw her die, and William would have to explain why his robots were capable of killing kids. Because of this, he would have to hide her body himself.
After the death of BV, William took to drinking. Elizabeth’s death shortly after is what really pushed him over the edge, though. He became a full time alcoholic. He gets banned from the bar he frequently visits because the owner felt bad for him (and his family). He then decides he needs a new way to deal with his grief. He needed to inflict that pain on other parents, and he would start with Henry.
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2023.03.24 06:15 Capita1-Tea Looking for compassion… might be a lil burned out

4 years ago I was a single man, trucking, with limited social life but a heavy work schedule… I’m now a Father of 3 kids. My wife I am pretty sure set a trap for me, & rushed the Baby. Now, we’re 2 years married, & I am trying really hard to find that Compassion switch. But I’m kinda worried at times cause I just feel burned out or overwhelmed right now. It’s not helped as I was fired from my job recently… so let’s add depression into the mix. A little insecurity about my professional goals as well, as the job I had was killing me due to a 2 hour commute which cut into my limited time off between shifts… 4 hrs of sleep average.
Now I have found a gig closer to home but it pays a good amount less. I don’t know if I’m going to keep up with some of the bills. And since being laid off I’m in charge of watching the baby over night… & sometimes, at midnight when the baby has been crying since 10, I just ask myself “WTF? What the 🦆 did I do to my life?” I don’t necessarily see my son in a fatherly light at those times…I look down & think, “man your a cryer”… & now I’m worried I’m not going to have enough the heart to do right by this little man.
My dad was an alcoholic. I never really had a loving relationship with my Dad. It “effected” my life, the source of a lot of alcoholism & bad decisions… decisions made trying to “prove” myself to a world, to a Dad who I felt kinda rejected me. I don’t want to repeat the future… I’m just trying & praying for God to help me find my happiness again. I want to find my Bond with these little people. God help me. I am so worried I’m going to make the same mistakes my Dad made… I know that’s not the whole possible truth; I don’t & wont ever drink again, based on my growing up…. My failed familial relationships. I just need a break, maybe? God have mercy.
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2023.03.24 06:15 MoreHalf9588 My dad is dying and I have no idea how to cope

On January 19, my (26f) dad (62) came over to help me hang my tv. He called me after with a heavy slur and telling me he was having a really hard time talking. I called my mom who took him to the ER, feeling pretty confident he just had a mini stroke. All signs pointed to a mini stroke. I so badly. so. badly. wish it was a mini stroke.
They did an MRI, then a contrast MRI, then a CT. They sent him home after a day saying that his symptoms say a stroke but his scans say otherwise. They scheduled some more tests and set him up with a neuro-oncologist for over a month out.
It became a waiting game. His speech would go in and out, some days he was fine, other days he sounded like he was drunk. My dad was convinced it was nothing and he was fine but we all knew it was going to be something.
After his appointment with the neuro oncologist, she said this was a case unlike she’s ever seen and she brought it to the state board for review. A brain biopsy was scheduled to find out more.
March 15th, we finally had answers. Stage 4 glioblastoma. A fast moving, aggressive brain tumor that creates legions and spreads rapidly. Typically treatment entails removing as much of these lesions as possible and doing radiation/chemo to slow the growth, but it will never fully go. Most people make it 12-18 months most with the treatment, and that’s if the tumor responds, which it often doesn’t. The physicians assistant giving these results sounded more positive than what was probably truthful. “We treat this all the time,” she said, “he’s in good hands and his symptoms will be mild with this type of radiation and chemo.
By the time we finally got these answers, his speech was slurry more often than not and he was losing his ability to use his right hand. They scheduled radiation and chemo to begin April 4. Three more weeks of regressing before treatment starts. Three fucking weeks.
My parents decided to get a second opinion at a brain cancer specialty clinic, praying they might have more answers or other treatment options. The neurologist here finally gave some honesty. He told us to enjoy as much time as we can with him. Do all the things he enjoys and take in every moment. He said to get our affairs in order. He said to just be present and love. He said this all through tears, unable to promise a time frame.
Earlier my dad fell when taking out the recycling. He wasn’t able to move his right leg. He was at the house alone, stuck for some time before he could get back inside. He said he was trying to write a message in the rocks because he thought that would be it. Thankfully it wasn’t.
Tonight, he made the decision that he no longer wants to do treatment. He doesn’t want to deal with burns on his scalp and the nausea and exhaustion. He doesn’t want more time if his time is left with half of his body working. He wants to ride out the time he has.
With no treatment, they said most people make it 4-6 months from the first sight of symptoms. We are in month 2 and he has already declined so so much. 2 months ago he was hanging a tv. Playing golf. Hosting parties. Today he can hardly walk.
I am so angry and so sad and feel so hopeless right now. If these doctors knew so early that this was something serious, why the fuck has it taken this long? Why the fuck are we just learning the reality? Why would they schedule radiation 3 weeks out after watching the lesions go from 4cm to 26 in 4 weeks? Why is this happening to my dad? How am I supposed to cope with the fact that I have no idea how much time I have left with him, not to mention how much time it will actually BE him.
My dad will probably not see me get my masters degree in two months. Or pass my boards. Or meet the person I fall in love with. Or walk me down the isle. He won’t meet his future grandkids.
He won’t be there to answer my dumb questions about what tools to use to fix my breaking furniture. He won’t be there with his truck to help me move. He won’t be there to tell me what the sounds my car makes means. He won’t be there to give me hugs and tell me he’s proud of me and make me breakfast when I’m sick. I just bought that online storytelling guide that puts all of his memories into a book at the end of the year. Because he won’t be here by the end of the year, or even the summer.
I need to get this out because I’m not good at taking the love from the people that care about me, I have so many and I have no idea how to let them love me. I am devastated and lost as I try to prepare for a world without the man who gave me unconditional love, and my mom… how is she supposed to go another 20 years without her person?
I hate what the universe has given to my family. I have no ability to be excited for any of the upcoming milestones and trips because I feel hallow and powerless and lonely. So, all I can do is share all of this here, to a group of strangers so I don’t have to make my reality aware of how fucking angry and sad and hopeless I really am.
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2023.03.24 06:13 systemfisch Pinout for fan connectors on liquid-cooled Sapphire Radeon RX 6000-series GPUs - how to connect replacement fans with regular PWM plugs

Pinout for fan connectors on liquid-cooled Sapphire Radeon RX 6000-series GPUs - how to connect replacement fans with regular PWM plugs
Sapphire uses different connectors on their GPU AIO's than regular 4-pin Molex fan connectors, and I couldn't find any details about that other than people complaining about them.
Sapphire GPU's AIO fan connectors (5- and 6-pin JST PH2.0)
Since I was just not satisfied with the fans my 6900 XT came equipped with, I've figured the pins out myself - and fried my card in the process, but then fixed it (turned out it was just an SMD fuse).
However, I made some adapters from female JST-PH2.0 plugs, male PWM Molex plugs and 24awg wire.
The fans are 120mm Antec Storm A-RGB fans, the RGB is fed from the mainboard, the PWM and 12V come from the GPU. These fans seem to handle the PWM signal differently than the original FirstDo fans as they don't fully stop, even if the one on the GPU does. The fans keep spinning at 569 RPM, but I don't hear them at this speed anyway. BTW, their static pressure is 2.7 mmH2O, and they do a good job cooling the radiator properly at a lower speed than the original fans, much less distracting.
OK, here is the pinout of the plugs, look at the "n/c" pins to determine the proper direction.
If you are unsure, measure the 2nd pin on each side for continuity to the PC case or the GPU bracket (with the power turned off) - the pin that's connected is GND. This view is mirrored to the next photo.
On all 4 plugs (even the one that plugs into the GPU) pins 2-5 are exactly what a PWM Molex plug has as well: GND, 12V, a Feedback/Tacho signal, and the PWM signal itself. Technically it would be possible to feed the RGB signal to the new fans as well, but if they use 5V they would need to get that from somewhere else anyway, so I didn't bother. The original fans' RGB either runs directly on 12V or gets a converted 5V signal from the fan PCB. The RGB data line seems to carry a regular A-RGB data signal, the same as the inner pin on a regular A-RGB pin does (the plug with the one pin missing).
So what's actually needed for the Fans is just a straight conversion from one plug type to the other, the order of the pins stays the same.
And these are the adapters I made (I already had the tools and plugs, but they aren't really that expensive anyway).
Pins left to right: n/c, GND, 12V, Tacho, PWM; The middle plug matches the size of the plug at the cable to avoid plugging it into the wrong position.
And the whole thing is hidden under the bottom shroud of my case:
The radiator is in the front, and I was too lazy to pull it out again to fit the cable better - this works and looks well enough (after closing the panel).
One note regarding the functionality of the Fans:
Even though they seem to work just fine (the control via Afterburner fan curve works just as with the regular ones, and they seem to report the proper RPM), the Trixx software's fan check marks one as partially broken (or whatever they try to tell with this):
Result of the Trixx Fan Check function
However, all three fans work just fine, maybe it's because they pull just half the current of the original fans. Doesn't really matter to me, and I can now switch them out whenever I feel like it.
(I'm posting this here as all other threads I could find, and in which this would fit in, are already archived.)
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2023.03.24 06:13 Orange-According Finnish entrepreneur Thomas Zilliacus says he has made bid for club

Finnish entrepreneur Thomas Zilliacus says he has submitted a bid to buy Manchester United.
Zilliacus wants to buy half of the club with the other half bought by fans, who will be part of club decision-making.
Later on Thursday, Ineos owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe put in his second bid to buy the club after Wednesday's confusion and extended deadline.
Interested parties had until 21:00 GMT on Wednesday to enter their bids before the deadline was extended.
On Thursday, an Ineos spokesperson said "Ratcliffe and Ineos can confirm we have submitted a revised bid".
Ratcliffe and Qatari banker Sheikh Jassim were the only publicly declared bidders until Zilliacus announced his offer.
As yet there has been no confirmation from Sheikh Jassim but he is expected to submit a second bid.
Zilliacus said
: "Any sport club ultimately should belong to its fans. My bid is built on equality with fans.
"The current development, where billionaire sheiks and oligarchs take over clubs and control them as their personal playgrounds is not a healthy trend.
"The current market value of the club is just under $3.9bn (£3.17bn). That means that if every one of the fans of the club would join in buying the club, the total sum per fan would amount to less than $6.
"My group will finance half of the sum needed to take over the club, and will ask the fans, through a new company that is being set up for this specific purpose, to participate for the other half.
"If every fan joins it means less than $3 per fan."
Zilliacus plans to give fans a say through an app from which they can "participate and cast" their vote "when deciding on footballing matters relating to the club".
It is also understood US investment company Elliott has made an offer to purchase a minority stake, irrespective of who ends up owning the club.
Zilliacus, who has previously been involved with HJK Helsinki and ice hockey champions Jokerit in his homeland, is the founder and chairman of new social media group novaM Group.
He wants to buy United through XXI Century Capital, which is an investment firm owned by his holding company.
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2023.03.24 06:11 Miko2231 People think I’m a home-wrecker…

So I (M24) met this girl “B” (F30) through an acquaintance “D” (M30) of mine at my workplace. I had worked with D for a while and knew him pretty well. For context this guy always talked about the same things; weed, cars, and work. Exclusively those things, any other topics thrown his way would be promptly responded to and steered back towards the other categories. Now this girl, B, had been dating D for 8yrs when I first met her. They have two kids (F4) and (M10).
The day I met her I was coming over to their house to smoke weed with D and just chill for a bit. It’s safe to say that B and I really hit it off, I mean when this girl meets somebody new she gets anxiety and talks more so by the time I had left the first day we had been talking for a while and I knew a whole lot more about her than I ever knew about D. We continued on this way for a while, me coming over to smoke with D, getting high as shit for D and B’s amusement and talking with them as I’m coming down specifically B.
As time moves on I got closer to B and we became really good friends, we talked all the time, shared our life stories, she would tell me what’s going on in different aspects of her life and I would listen, offer advice and create new conversation, it came easy. Well I noticed part of the reason B liked talking to me so much is because D was the same way at work as he is at home. Only talks about 3 things, won’t entertain any other conversations and remains difficult to talk to as a whole. Now up to this point I’ve been around these people for about 3 years and I’ve seen every aspect of how these two interact with each other. They never cuddled, they fought and argued constantly. D would yell at their kids specifically the older one with ADHD and ODD, he wouldn’t help around the house with any chores he would just sit there on the couch, smoke weed, and play his car game on his phone. Now I considered this guy my friend unbeknownst to me he didn’t feel the same way at any point in time, but regardless I saw him treating this girl poorly so I decided to lend a helping hand in hopes of him seeing me helping and him taking over himself. I played with the kids (something he never did) I helped with chores I made good conversation and I listened when B spoke and responded in turn pushing conversation forward, something he never did.
B told me she had expressed all these issues many times before and threatened to leave plenty of times because she wasn’t happy. He was caught trying to go to another girls house to do god knows what, caught watching porn in the bathroom at work (caught by B), caught sending nude photos to other girls on the internet and he called B a fat cow who’s good at giving head to the management at work which got back to me. All this to say she knew about all of this stuff (except the cow thing) and they had been through their rough patches and she told him what he needed to change and HOW to change it. He would change his actions for a week or two and then go right back to the neglectful non-conversationalist again. B had threatened to breakup with D many times over the course of 9yrs (at this point). When he realized she was serious he would break into tears and beg her to take him back and that he would change for the better. She even packed his stuff for him one time but it didn’t last, she took him back every time because she worried about what it would do to the kids and how they would take it.
When they reached their 10 year anniversary D was acting the same way that I’ve always seen him act, he never stepped in to help when I was and B had emotionally checked out from that relationship. At this point I would see them almost every other day, I was talking to B on a daily basis via text (nothing inappropriate ever), I would go for walks with B and her children and we would get groceries together on a weekly basis (I had a car, D lost his license, B doesn’t have a car or license). B and I would take our time getting groceries, we would take long drives to and from the grocery store to maximize our time together and I would even invite her to come with me to get random small items that I didn’t necessarily need just to go in the car together.
She enjoyed hanging out with me as much as I did her and she didn’t like being alone with Mr. Talksalot. At some point it clicked for B that she had been wasting a lot of her time in a relationship she was unhappy in and I was right in front of her being everything she ever expected a good man to be. We eventually confessed feelings for each other a week prior to her ending things with D and having him move out to live with his grandma. Safe to say it’s been almost a year now, B and I are happy as can be, she’s expressed to me to this day that she’s never been with anyone like me before and that I’m the man she dreamed she would one day find and I feel the same way. I watched this poor beautiful woman get treated badly for 3 years on the sidelines. All I ever wanted was to see this girl treated right and D wouldn’t do it so I did it myself.
I know that it sounds nefarious but I never had Ill intentions and I expressed to B many times how I was rooting for them to work their shit out but at some point, watching her getting treated like shit I just wanted to take care of her and love her properly. Despite everything and all of the shit this guy put her through, at work I’m am viewed as the home wrecker. I destroyed a family because I came along and helped B realize there’s better things in life than AH’s who don’t change.
Tl;dr Met a girl through a co-worker, co worker treated girl like shit, I treated the girl well. She got sick of the lack of change from her man and left him and now we’re together and happy as can be.
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2023.03.24 06:10 Thetrendyfeeds "Ronaldo Scores Big on Milestone Match: Nets Two Goals in Spectacular Fashion"

Portugal win as Ronaldo nets twice in milestone appearance

On Wednesday, Portugal faced Ireland in the World Cup qualifying match, with Cristiano Ronaldo making his 180th appearance for his national team. The game was significant for Ronaldo as he equalled the world record for international goals and became the first European player to score 110 international goals. Ronaldo’s goals helped Portugal secure a 2-1 victory against Ireland, and the fans went crazy as he made history on the field. In this article, we will discuss Ronaldo's milestone achievement and its impact on football history.
The world of football witnessed an incredible feat on Wednesday as Cristiano Ronaldo reached a historic milestone in his international career. Ronaldo has been one of the most celebrated players in the game, and his incredible achievement has cemented his place in football history.
Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?
Before diving into Ronaldo's milestone, let's take a moment to talk about who he is. Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese professional footballer who has won numerous accolades throughout his career. He has played for some of the biggest clubs in the world, including Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus, and has won five Ballon d'Or awards.
Ronaldo's Milestone Appearance
Ronaldo's 180th appearance for Portugal was historic as he equalled the world record for international appearances, held by former Egyptian player Ahmed Hassan. However, the milestone didn't stop there. Ronaldo went on to score two crucial goals in the game against Ireland, making him the first European player to score 110 international goals.
Ronaldo's Impact on Football History
Ronaldo's milestone has a significant impact on football history. He has cemented his place as one of the greatest players of all time, alongside the likes of Lionel Messi, Pele, and Maradona. Ronaldo's achievements on the field have inspired millions of fans worldwide and have set new standards in the game.
The Future for Ronaldo and Portugal
Ronaldo's milestone appearance has given Portugal a boost in their World Cup qualifying campaign. Portugal is one of the favourites to win the competition, and Ronaldo's form will be crucial in their quest for glory. Ronaldo is still at the peak of his career, and his future looks bright both for his club and country.
The Impact of Ronaldo's Milestone on Fans
Ronaldo's milestone appearance has left fans around the world in awe. His incredible feat has inspired a new generation of young footballers and has given hope to those who dream of playing at the highest level. Ronaldo's legacy will live on in the hearts of football fans for generations to come.
Ronaldo's Legacy
Ronaldo's legacy is more than just his goals and records. He has inspired millions of people around the world to follow their dreams, work hard, and achieve their goals. Ronaldo's impact on football and the world is immeasurable, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations.
In conclusion, Cristiano Ronaldo's milestone appearance for Portugal was a historic moment in football history. Ronaldo's incredible achievements on the field have cemented his place as one of the greatest players of all time. Ronaldo's legacy will live on in the hearts of football fans worldwide, and his impact on the game and the world is immeasurable.
What is Ronaldo's international goal record?
Ronaldo has scored 110 international goals, making him the first European player to reach this milestone.
How many Ballon d'Or awards has Ronaldo won?
Ronaldo has won five Ballon d'Or awards in his career.
Which clubs has Ronaldo played for?
Ronaldo has played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus, among others.
What impact has Ronaldo had on football?
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2023.03.24 06:10 stootchmaster2 Suddenly, Spider-Man discovered a new power!

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2023.03.24 06:10 Adventurous_Face_623 When you become a parent

When I became a parent the God of the Bible made no sense to me. I loved my children unconditionally and even when they misbehaved I still loved them and considered it my responsibility when they did wrong. Even if my kids hated me I would still want the best for them and no harm done.
Contrast that with god of Bible. Takes no responsibility for sins of his children even though he made them to love to sin. Punishes and tortures them for not believing in his son who can’t even be proved to exist. Plus in Old Testament parents were instructed to kill disobedient sons and Saul made god mad because he didn’t kill every man woman and child. Holy Fuck How did I ever believe in this bullshit?
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2023.03.24 06:08 queenmab39 Would I be the asshole for refusing to go to a Big Time Rush concert?

Hello! My name is Diana and I just wanna start off by saying I’m a big fan of the show! I’ve been listening from the beginning and I should add that this is my first time posting so I’m sorry if it’s a little long.
TLDR; I agreed to go to a BTR concert with my sisters because they like them. But after they backed out of going to a Suga concert, I’m the one who mostly listens to him, I told them I didn’t want to go to BTR anymore. Now I’m being called dramatic.
I think I should start off with some background info. I (23 f) have two sisters. L, who is 25f and M who is 16f. We love going to concerts together. I’ve realized that very often the concerts we go to have been artist my sisters like and I tend to go for two reasons 1) So they don’t have to go alone or 2) so they have someone to share this experience with. For example: took my little sister to go see Ariana Grande even though I don’t like her music, went with my older sister to a Harry Styles concert even though at that time I hadn’t heard any of his solo music. I also made myself memorize a lot of Bad Bunny music a year ago to go to a concert with L and some cousins because they begged me to go
So here is where it starts…
A couple months ago M told us about a Big Time Rush (BTR) concert she wanted all three of us to go to. M and L wanted to go but I didn’t because I don’t really listen to BTR a lot so I don’t know their music that much. But I agreed regardless because I felt bad not going with them.
More background info…
L has been a fan of kpop group BTS since they were trainees. She got M into them when they debuted. And maybe 3 or 4 years ago they both got me interested in BTS as well.
Not sure how much you all know about BTS but they are currently all working on their own music as solo artists as well as some starting military service. On Valentine’s Day this year, Suga (one of the rappers) announced he is doing a tour. I was so excited for this because he is my favorite member and has overall been an inspiration to me.
For a while my sisters and I talked about going to his concert and it seemed like they both wanted to go. I knew the tickets were going to be expensive which is why I canceled a trip I had with a friend for LA to see Coldplay. When I told my sisters, I made a joke about how I was going to use the money that would’ve been for the concert and airplane ticket toward the concert for Suga.
Time comes and it’s about two days before first batch of tickets go on sale so I ask them if I’m the only one who’s gonna be available to try to get tickets. They both say they won’t be going which upsets me because I thought we were all on the same page. When I ask why they won’t go M and L say they don’t really listen to Suga’s solo music.
L says she can’t believe I’m willing to spend the same amount of money on the one members tour when I could just wait until they’re back to making music together and pay the same thing for all 7 of them. I remind her that he’s my favorite member and I’m sure she would do the same for her favorite member but she swears she wouldn’t.
M says she feels like it won’t be as fun because she doesn’t know his music and she feels like the concert will be awkward. When I ask what she means she says she feels like it will be the same as going to a YouTubers concert. I remind her she’s been to two YouTubers concerts (Jess and Gabe, and Scotty Sire who we’ve seen twice).
Then I remind them both that I don’t like or listen to BTR and still agreed to go see them. They say that’s completely different. I disagreed and say I thought we went to concerts of artist we weren’t fully into because we wanted to be there for each other. But since that wasn’t the case and they were fine with me going alone then I was okay with not going to the BTR concert and that they didn’t have to worry about getting me a ticket.
They were both shocked that I didn’t wanna go anymore. M said something like “Really? You aren’t gonna go just because of that? You’re being so dramatic right now” I told my friend about the situation and she doesn’t think I’m being unreasonable and she even offered to go with me when she doesn’t know anything about kpop.
Am I overreacting? I can’t help thinking about M and L’s reaction.
Would I really be an asshole if I refused to go to the Big Time Rush concert?
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2023.03.24 06:08 Warrior3456_ I didn't sleep for 3 whole months no drugs!

I was awake for 3 whole months no sleep or just a few minutes without waking up gasping for air. I had stopped smoking marijuana at the time but I used to be able to sleep just fine without it maybe not as well but I could definitely sleep. I would run out and sleep fine other than being in a bad mood until I got more. However I stopped completely for good but I had this issue of not being able to sleep before I stopped I couldn't sleep. I felt like a zombie and this went on for about a week and I saw my regular doctor and he prescribed zanex. They did nothing other make me giggly all night still not able to sleep just staring at the ceiling all night. I then went to er and they did nothing literally told me to leave after seeing a nurse practitioner. I then went back and was prescribed some sort of tranquilizer it worked but only for about half an hour before I would have a nightmare and wake up without being able to go back to sleep. went back to my local doctor who prescribed ambian and they only made me stumble while walking to the bathroom. I then had him call in stronger ambian and nothing. I finally stopped smoking at all and finally after two days I could sleep but I heard a loud cannon like noise before going to sleep it was like a gun going off next to my head. I can finally sleep again but all this took place of over 3 months and I'm not sure how I'm alive. I never did speed or any drug other than marijuana which came from the dispensary or an old man who grew his own. I still don't have an answer for what happened it was like my brain forgot how to sleep.
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2023.03.24 06:08 Prudent-Salamander74 I just glanced at this...

And thought Copley got into a gun fight
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2023.03.24 06:06 alpha_bionics Football News - I know I heard comments around me, like, ‘Hey, his arm is better in person than I thought,’ [from] coaches that had only seen tape.

I know I heard comments around me, like, ‘Hey, his arm is better in person than I thought,’ [from] coaches that had only seen tape. At 21 years old, if I walked into a restaurant, sat around with a bunch of 40, 50-year-old men, it’d be a little intimidating. When he talked about his preparation, when he talked about how he studies, how he sees the game, he’s at a different level. I try to let the meetings, the interviews, the film, and what I did today speak for itself. Patterson, 23, made 30-of-35 (85. 7 percent) field goals while making 36 of 37 extra points. Register now!This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I think, overall, he managed to do well. “Saw a lot of good things out of him. The goal is maximum eyeballs and, in turn, maximum dollars. He’s already at that NFL level, which is great to see. “Nothing’s too big for him. You know, that’s really all I can control. ”The Panthers were off to Kentucky after Young’s workout to watch Wildcats quarterback Will Levis. “I’ll be grateful for whatever team does take a chance on me. “But for me, I try to focus on what I can show. Instead, he just sat there and asked us questions. . However, it could still face resistance from coaches present at the league meetings and the NFLPA, which has raised concerns about Thursday games in the past. NFL coaches, for one, are not fans of schedule changes, especially during the season. If it works, sources say I have narrowed my future car to three makes — Ferrari, McLaren, or Aston Martin. Telling he chose the Jets. “He was so well-spoken, so well thought-out. In fact, he may have offers at this point from none of them. Like, he can walk into any environment and be in total control. Very in control, very poised. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.24 06:06 Wingardium_LevioSue I guess it’s my turn to get cheated on

13 years together. Do you not understand!? You chose to make a series of decisions that lead to mistakes over and over again. You were aware of the consequences. You’re not fucking dumb.. you’re the most logical man I know and you chose to ruin my life. Your life. Our lives. I can’t believe what you’re going to be losing in life… and I’m just so sorry for your loss.
So..I (29 female) gave him(32 m) benefit of the doubt. So many times. I thought I was crazy. His third party text messaging app woke me up from a nap while he was also napping. Maybe by the grace of god, it was what I needed. And I prayed for this moment of clarity for so long. Just a few weeks ago, he almost got caught with the app after I saw a preview text to an escort asking what sites she was hosting. And he made me believe I was just seeing things and made me feel awful that I went through his shit and that if we have no trust, “he needs to know about before moving forward with this relationship”.
And tonight I found clarity. The text messages. The money he spent. The threat messages when he didn’t show up. The multiple times meeting up with the same person. Multiple persons. Multiple times of intercourse. The “I miss you”. The “I can’t wait to see you again”. I feel sick. My body feels dirty. I feel so betrayed. I’m broken. So fucking broken. I gave him everything. And now I feel like I have nothing. And I’m pretty numb. I feel like I lost everything. I don’t think marriage counseling can fix this. I would be a hypocrite if I take him back.
I don’t know what to do from here. But I want out and he wants to fight. It was so hard packing my shit and leaving. Leaving the rings that symbolize our love and vows. Leaving the house we renovated together. Leaving my fur babies behind. Leaving my safe space. I hate you. I hate you so much. I hate what you did to us. And now it’s over.
Idk what to do from here and I feel so homeless. Kind of want to die because I was never good enough even though you said I am. I can’t believe it has come to this. Fuck you. You never loved me. You never had my best interest. At least you showed me that this isn’t love and love will once return to me when I am ready. I guess I’m rambling.. but here I am guys feeling raw, numb, broken, uncertainty, embarrassment, disappointment, grief, shame and relief.
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2023.03.24 06:06 illuminatiking47 Ksi's Reputation has gone downhill since he's associated with Logan Paul

I think it's been a straight downward spiral. The only good that has come out of it is he's made a lot of money, good for him, but this "Legacy" he's always going on about is being diminished. I think he's done more damage to his reputation amongst his true fans and is doing more to please the mainstream public and media.
This is the same guy that used to say you always have to listen to your core fans and can never switch up on them. I feel like he's stopped doing that ever since he's become friends with Logan. He's constantly defending his scammer partner, and going against his own word. Things he would never support previously, he's all of a sudden in favour of. He gets hurt when people share their own opinion on things related to him, when at one point he just didn't care.
His ego has grown massive, and I think it should because he has achieved massive amounts of success but he truly doesn't understand how to judge a situation and know the difference between when he should be humble and when to be egotistical. There is a time for both and he seems to think he needs to always be this fictional character.
Fair play to him, he's achieved a lot of his goals and I'm happy for him as a long time fan. I absolutely used to love KSI, his videos used to make me feel better in times of true sadness, and I'm forever grateful but over the past year I've completely stopped watching everything he's involved in. It's all so cringe to me now. I've been watching this guy for about 9 years now, and maybe it's just me, maybe I've grown up but over the past year I've definitely noticed a huge change in his attitude.
Let me know your thoughts, and remember, this is just my opinion, I'm not here to argue.
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2023.03.24 06:05 gauravxd5 Mi band watch faces

Mi band watch faces
So Here is The Mi Band 5 New Iron Man Watch Face Made By Me If you want tell me !! 💯
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