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Welcome to Manitou Springs! Whether you are seeking hiking trails, an afternoon cocktail, or a new piece of local art, Manitou is the place for you. With annual events such as the Emma Crawford Coffin Races and the Mardi Gras Parade, tourists are sure to be as captivated by the wonders of this city as the locals who will make them feel right at home. Although these events stick out there is never a dull moment in Manitou. We hope you feel right at home here!

2013.03.12 17:05 MattRay0295 mountain town forum (is it snow season right now? yes)

Everything that goes on during your ski sessions on Crested Butte Mountain, and the backcountry. Announce locations of free piles, blue rocks and/or places to crash for the night. Hook up with locals to run and frolic, fat bike and be merry. Boast to the world about and offer rides in your new Antarctic snowcat machine.

2023.06.06 19:22 alebau tenant rights in mn?

(i live in MN) i have been without AC for about a month. unfortunately, MN has had an awful spring filled with extremely hot weather, so my apartment manager originally said that because of the fluctuating temperature, ie being freezing one day, and a sauna the next, they weren’t able to turn the AC on. that was about a month ago, and they stated they turned it on sense. however, almost half of the units are without AC right now. they gave us all portable AC units which to no avail, are not helping at all. It’s also a loft style so we have floor to ceiling windows filling the apartment that cannot open, so it’s extremely stagnant, hot air. they said repairs were supposed to be done today but now they’re pushing them back further.
it fluctuates between 85 and 95° in my apartment and I have two dogs, so it’s very concerning how hot it is getting. I did file a complaint with the city and my neighbors did as well but none of us have heard back. It’s getting to the point where I’m gonna have to stay at a hotel, because of how hot it is in the apartment.
I really love where I live and don’t want to move out but I don’t know how much longer I can deal with the hot air. I tried googling tenant rights for Minneapolis/Minnesota, but it just came back with a lot of info on how to file complaints.
any advice?
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2023.06.06 19:16 Brahms12 I am new to this group. I would like to share a prologue and welcome! Any helpful critiques. And thank you for reading.

Lightning split the heavens exposing the night sky in a collage of crimson and lavender. The stunning and instantaneous color-scope illuminated the shadowy darkness and revealed a glimpse of the looming storm in the distance.
How beautiful, she thought as she stood, gazing out of the front window in her evening gown. The air was perfect and, for the moment, was calm and still. But when she looked down her hand was shaking. Images and thoughts flashed through her mind: her future, their new house, motherhood… her mind drifted. She thought about how lonely another night alone was going to be; how much she missed him when he was away.
Isotta tried her best to keep herself occupied during the long weekends when he was gone, mostly by gardening through the Spring and Summer, but she also read a lot. She’d already gone through the stack of novels in her husband’s study: The Godfather, Papillon, The Chosen, Fahrenheit 451, to name a few - It was a pleasure to burn, she thought.
They were just diversions though, the reading and the gardening. She used them to sideline the unpleasant feelings that crept in now and again. It was important to keep them away; to never let them take hold of her or her feelings. But she knew it was coming. She knew it was just a matter of time. She could sense it. Maybe I should start knitting baby clothes, she thought. And she sighed deeply and smiled.
Her parents and sister were not in the country and other than a brief visit a while back, she hasn't seen or spoken to them in almost a year. In this new life, this new neighborhood, she had no close friends other than the kind woman she met a few weekends back at the grocery store. A woman who was also pregnant with her first.
Looking across the house, through the living room and over the dining room table, she saw that the TV was still on. The Dick Cavett show. She had forgotten that she left it on. He had a lot of famous American guests on. Some of them she knew but most she didn’t. She liked his show, the few times she watched it, though she never paid too much attention to it. Plus, on this night the volume was turned way down allowing the sounds of the weather, the distant rumble of thunder and the building gusts of wind, to hold her allure for the evening. It kept her company.
The damp air crept in through the screen door on the porch and she felt its humid touch on her skin as the rain began falling, a drizzle at first. She relaxed to the sound of the popping droplets on the asphalt.
Isotta James, who came over from Italy and had been on her own since she was sixteen, was a very intuitive and free-spirited young woman. She loved the adventure she was on and enjoyed her new surroundings; the cool climate of Long Island in the Autumn.
It excited her to be married to an officer and live in a foreign country. She always dreamed of living in America and now it was a reality. And, she was looking forward to his return after the weekend so they could go out on more adventures together: hiking up Bear mountain or visiting fort Ticonderoga upstate, taking a day trip up to Woodstock for a romantic weekend. But she especially loved visiting New York City. That was the place where she felt the freest. Especially with him. It was so new to her and the energy was tangible . She could spend all day with Thomas in the city, holding hands, visiting museums and strolling down the sidewalks. She loved the food too, eating dinner at one place and dessert at another. It was like being back home in Barri but different. She felt so special when they were together.
As the night descended further and the sounds of the storm became spectral, a touch of late night tedium and discomfort snuck into her mood. Isotta, spending much of the evening downstairs trying to keep herself engaged, finally admitted to herself that she was tired and there was nothing more to keep her interest so she christened it a good time to head upstairs for the night.
She seemed to float in her blue sleeveless nightdress as she reached to shut the blinds. Then she turned off the T.V. and the light in the living room and walked through the house towards the stairs, turning the upstairs light on first. One step at a time, she told herself as she carefully walked up, suddenly aware of how tender her feet felt. Going up and down the stairs each day was taking its toll and she avoided it as often as she could. Subtle pings of pain began pulsing through her hips that she continued up the flight. Only one more month to go, she thought while she labored up the remaining steps, her expectant belly competing with her tiny frame. Groucho Marx, she mumbled. Yes, it came to her in a flash. Groucho Marx. That’s who was on the Dick Cavett show, she remembered him now. You Bet Your Life, she thought. And she did.
Once atop the last step and slightly out of breath, Isotta paused to collect herself. She took another few steps but then abruptly stopped. A faint dizziness came over her. She tried to wish it away but instead lost her balance for a brief second and braced herself, one hand reaching out to the wall. She glanced around as if forgetting where she was. Looking down she could see that her hand was shaking again. Harder this time.. She became light-headed and her vision blurred. The room began spinning and a lurching sensation grew from inside her belly. Something, she murmured aloud as she caught breath, something isn’t right.
She was telling herself to lie down, thinking she was going to pass out but instead she forced herself down the length of the hallway toward the bedroom, thinking that getting into bed would bring the most satisfying relief. It’s amazing how just walking up a flight of stairs can be so exhausting when you're 8 months pregnant.
But before she reached the bedroom, the cramps came back with an unforgiving determination and, with a sharp grimace, she clutched her belly and dashed into the bedroom, almost tripping over her own feet as she half stumbled toward the end table. She exerted herself as she reached for the side of the bed and with a flick, turned on the table lamp. She pulled out the drawer and rummaged around until her hand found the Rx bottle she was looking for. She twisted it open and promptly downed two pills and then hiked herself up onto the bed with a grunt.
During the pregnancy, Isotta was treated for eclampsia and the magnesium pills were the only safe thing that eased the woozy symptoms which came on frequently and were sometimes severe.
There's a heavenly feeling, though, in that first moment when you lie down in bed. First it's the feet and then the knees, the shoulders, the neck and eventually an awareness of your entire body sinking into the mattress.
She pulled the covers up to her neck and turned over on her side, maneuvered an extra pillow between her legs and then reached out to turn off the light. Isotta lied as still as she could enduring the queasy discomfort, knowing that it would take a few minutes to kick in. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves and after a few patient minutes the nausea and spinning began to dissipate. Her head felt cool from the perspiration and her nightgown clinged uncomfortably to her back. But it didn't matter. Everything felt calm again even with the rumblings of the storm and the great flashes of light. With a gentle sigh, she closed her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.
Isotta woke up a few hours later. It was normal for her to wake up in the middle of the night but this time it was different. She had been having that dream again, the one where she was drowning in the bathtub with her baby in her arms. She could still feel the water filling her lungs and the anxiety rising in her chest. She sat up in bed abruptly and looked around the dark and silent room.
The dream had always been a terrifying one, but tonight it had been even worse. She could still see the look of confusion in her baby's eyes as the water rose around them. She could still feel the desperation as she struggled to keep them both afloat.
Isotta believed that if you need to get your mind off of something, the best thing was a change of scenery. So, she got out of bed to use the bathroom and on her way back stopped to peer out the bedroom window. The rain was still coming down and the wind was whistling around the corner of the house. She could barely see anything outside when she gazed into the darkness, but she thought she heard something. Movement in the bushes? Isotta held her breath so she could hear over din of the storm and, after a moment, the sound came again. Shh-Shh-Shh. It was hard to tell if it was the weather or if there really was something making that noise.
It crossed her mind to put her slippers on and go downstairs to see what was causing the noise but she was sure that it was the wind or the cover of the trash can dangling in the bushes. Thomas forgot to tie the lid down again, she thought. How was I going to sleep now? But then it stopped. Isotta waited for a bit, just to be sure. But it never came back. After a pause she decided it must have been nothing and returned to bed. It wasn't the first time she was alone in the house and it certainly wouldn't be the last. She relaxed again into a fetal position, tucked the pillow between her legs and pulled the covers back up.
The more she thought about it, the less sure she was that she heard anything at all. It could have just been street noise coming through the rain, she thought. Who knows?
She lied in bed and thought about wha to do the rest of the weekend. She really wanted to spend time in the garden. It was the perfect month to plant the Aronias and the Dahlias. The soil will be moist and easy to move around, especially after a hard rain. It wasn't going to be easy, being 8 months pregnant, but she was going to do her best.
The laundry definitely needed to get done too. She needed her gardening pants and knee pads and she had asked Thomas a thousand times to move the rocking chair to the other corner in the nursery. I should probably do it myself, she thought.
Just as she was falling back into sleep, she heard it again. Shh-Shh-Shh. But it was louder and bigger now. Something was definitely moving and it was closer, a lot closer. What?, she whispered in disbelief. It sounded like someone dragging a rake across thick grass in short powerful heaves. Her arm started shaking again.
There was a soft grunt like a man's voice and what sound did like a knock on the window. Just as she was about to get up and turn the light on she felt Thomas getting into bed next to her. It was dark and, although she was facing the other way, she could feel his weight easing down into the mattress beside her. That's odd, she thought. What's he doing home?
"Hi honey," she whispered in a half-woken voice.
A few seconds went by but there was no response. Maybe he was too tired to speak or maybe he didn't want to wake me up? Finally she could relax and drift off to sleep again but she caught herself.
"Honey?" she said again, this time with more curiosity.
But there was only Silence. And then she remembered, as clarity replaced drowsiness, Thom was supposed to be gone all weekend. He would have called if he was coming home.
She searched for his mannerisms: the way he shuffled his legs in the sheets, the heat of his body, his smell, the way he reached for her hand under the covers… only there was no heat, and no legs shuffling. Instead, what she noticed was how still he was. She could feel the chill radiating off his skin and there was a smell that was growing more and more bitter by the second.
“Who’s here? Thom? Is that you?” she asked in a nervous whisper.
There was more movement in the bed, rolling and shifting. The darkness was heavy, pressing Isotta down. Thomas shouldn't be home for two days, she thought.
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2023.06.06 18:55 alebau tenant rights in mn?

(i live in MN) i have been without AC for about a month. unfortunately, MN has had an awful spring filled with extremely hot weather, so my apartment manager originally said that because of the fluctuating temperature, ie being freezing one day, and a sauna the next, they weren’t able to turn the AC on. that was about a month ago, and they stated they turned it on sense. however, almost half of the units are without AC right now. they gave us all portable AC units which to no avail, are not helping at all. It’s also a loft style so we have floor to ceiling windows filling the apartment that cannot open, so it’s extremely stagnant, hot air. they said repairs were supposed to be done today but now they’re pushing them back further.
it fluctuates between 85 and 95° in my apartment and I have two dogs, so it’s very concerning how hot it is getting. I did file a complaint with the city and my neighbors did as well but none of us have heard back. It’s getting to the point where I’m gonna have to stay at a hotel, because of how hot it is in the apartment.
I really love where I live and don’t want to move out but I don’t know how much longer I can deal with the hot air. I tried googling tenant rights for Minneapolis/Minnesota, but it just came back with a lot of info on how to file complaints.
any advice?
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2023.06.06 18:35 sharpgloriousthorn Minor success story in getting over the “BPD voice”

My uBPD mom was always too nervous to leave the house and hated driving. Needless to say, vacations growing up were rare, and always involved one of her sisters being the driver.
I remember being 19 and away at college, and my roommates and I were discussing a quick overnight trip. I mentioned it to my mom offhandedly, and she immediately forbade me from going and when I replied that I was legally an adult and hadn’t been financially dependent on her in well over a year so she had zero power over me, she responded that she wouldn’t be sad when I died on this trip and would make sure to say “I told you so” at my funeral.
We ended up not going on the trip, but that stuck with me.
I met my now-husband shortly after that, and he’s been traveling internationally with his parents from the time he was a few months old. He’s big into weekend trips, and helped me expand my comfort bubble. His parents roped me in shortly after: “you haven’t been to New York?! We’re taking you in the spring!”
Now-husband helped me increase my confidence while driving, and I eventually got to a point where I didn’t burst into tears upon attempting to merge on a four lane freeway.
Traveling solo was still something that evaded me - my mom’s words were always there and made me doubt myself. I flew halfway across the country by myself last year and did great until my final flight was delayed 15 hours do to weather, causing a panic attack in the airport, so I kept hearing that stupid voice telling me that maybe I wasn’t cut out for it.
Last week, I tried again, driving six hours by myself for a convention - and I fucking did it, y’all. I navigated Bay Area traffic, I handled parking garages, hotel check-ins, and unfamiliar areas like a pro, and I had a blast.
I thought that the last decade of traveling with my husband and in-laws was a great step, but finally conquering solo travel (even something minor like this!) has been such a fantastic independence boost and I’ll be riding this high for quite a while.
I know this ventures into humble-brag territory, but I felt the urge to share a small success story of getting over a bit of the BPD bullshit. Here’s hoping you can baby step your way into a success too ❤️
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2023.06.06 17:55 vicjenkins Corner of an English garden

Corner of an English garden
The cooler weather that we have had this spring seems to done wonders for the amount of flowers my garden has produced this year.
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2023.06.06 17:52 Cornholemaster1 Sump pump advice

Sump pump advice
With an unusually wet spring here in Colorado I’ve had some sump pump issues. For a while, the sump pump was operating as frequently as every 3 minutes while it was raining hard for an afternoon ! We also got a small puddle in the basement that looked like it came in on floor level near a window well. I know we have some grading issues outside because I had puddles in the landscaping rocks right next to the exterior wall. That and extending the down spouts and sump discharge pipe should help. Back to the sump pit and pump- 1. The lid is sealed. It is a plexiglass lid so you can see into it but it is sealed with caulk. Shouldn’t it be able to open? 2. There is red / pink spray foam (fire resistant foam?) floating in the pit. One neighbor says she had an issue with chunks of foam interfering with the float sensor on the sump pump and her basement got wet. I’d just reach in and grab the foam but the lid is sealed and I’m not sure why! 3. How often is too often for a sump pump to run? Now it is about every 30 minutes but during normal weather, a couple times a day, if I even notice it. I appreciate any advice!
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2023.06.06 17:48 Comoish ‘It’s been a total witch-hunt. It takes its toll’: the LGBTQ+ families fleeing red states
‘Do we need to flee the United States?’
In Maryland, Camille Rey’s son’s health has improved, while in Oregon, one year on from their move, Karen says her family is much happier. She has noticed a trend, though, among her new blue state neighbors, of talking about anti-LGBTQ+ laws as an “over there” problem.
The reality is that anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment is not limited geographically. Pride parades continue to be attacked. Shootings like that in Colorado Springs show that LGBTQ+ lives are at risk everywhere. Factions of the Republican party are pushing for a national “don’t say gay” bill. In the wake of Ron DeSantis’s 2024 presidential run announcement, campaigners worry that even blue states may not provide safety or shelter for queer people for long.
“The 14th amendment has been gutted with the overtaking of Roe v Wade. If the 14th amendment goes, our right to marriage and our freedom from sodomy laws, all that could go on a national level,” says McCranie. “So if we flee the state, but our rights go on a national level, the question becomes: do we need to flee the United States? I’m asking people I know: do you have a parent or grandparent from another country? You should go get that passport now.”
Mitchell and her wife are aiming to move to Minnesota due to its proximity to Canada, just in case. (Justin Trudeau has shown support for trans communities.) Rodriguez explains that she chose to leave the country, rather than Texas, so that she only has to move once. “My fear with the safe states is, what if the US passes federal anti-LGBTQ+ laws?” she says. “I had one house to sell, I had to do it to fund to go anywhere, so I should go where I don’t have to worry about what happens at the next election.”
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2023.06.06 17:44 JohnMainGuy Thunderbirds en route to Colorado

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2023.06.06 17:40 manalitrippackages 10 Breathtakingly Beautiful Places to Visit in Manali in June 2023

10 Breathtakingly Beautiful Places to Visit in Manali in June 2023
Manali, located in the captivating Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh, offers a splendid escape for travelers seeking natural beauty and adventure. In June 2023, when the weather is pleasant and the surroundings are in full bloom, Manali becomes a paradise for visitors. Here are ten breathtakingly beautiful places you must explore during your visit to Manali with Manali Trip Packages in June 2023.
  1. Old Manali: Beautiful Apple Orchards Immerse yourself in the charm of Old Manali with its picturesque apple orchards. Walk through the serene lanes, witness traditional houses, and savor the delicious local apples, while enjoying the tranquil ambiance of this captivating area.
  2. Chandrakhani Pass: Incredible Peaks Embark on a trek to Chandrakhani Pass and witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the surrounding peaks. The panoramic views of the snow-clad mountains, lush green valleys, and meandering rivers will leave you spellbound.
  3. Beas Kund Trek: Daring Expeditions For adventure enthusiasts, the Beas Kund Trek is a must-try experience. This trek takes you to the pristine Beas Kund, a glacial lake surrounded by towering mountains. The journey offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan landscape and a sense of accomplishment.
  4. Chandratal Baralacha Trek: Mesmerizing Ambiance Embark on the Chandratal Baralacha Trek and be mesmerized by the pristine beauty of the Chandratal Lake. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and vast meadows, this turquoise lake is a visual treat. The trek itself is an adventure through surreal landscapes.
  5. Manikaran Sahib: Spiritual Visits Visit Manikaran Sahib, a revered Sikh Gurudwara famous for its hot springs and religious significance. The spiritual ambiance, combined with the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and the Beas River, creates a peaceful and serene atmosphere.
  6. Deo Tibba Trek: For Adventure Freaks If you're an adventure enthusiast, the Deo Tibba Trek is a must-do in Manali. This challenging trek takes you through alpine meadows, thick forests, and scenic landscapes, offering breathtaking views of the Deo Tibba peak and the surrounding Himalayan ranges.
  7. Jogini Waterfall: Spectacular View Witness the mesmerizing Jogini Waterfall, surrounded by lush greenery and captivating landscapes. The cascading waterfall against the backdrop of the mountains creates a picturesque setting that will leave you in awe.
  8. Solang Valley: Refreshing Getaway Indulge in a refreshing getaway to Solang Valley, known for its picturesque beauty and adventure sports. Enjoy activities like paragliding, zorbing, and skiing amidst the breathtaking vistas of snow-capped peaks and verdant meadows.
  9. Rohtang Pass: Fun-Filled Activities Rohtang Pass is a popular tourist destination known for its scenic beauty and thrilling activities. Engage in snow-based adventures like skiing, snowboarding, and snowball fights, while relishing the panoramic views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks.
  10. Hadimba Temple: Illuminating Hours Pay a visit to the serene Hadimba Temple, dedicated to Goddess Hadimba, and marvel at its unique architecture and peaceful surroundings. Surrounded by tall deodar trees, this temple offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city life.
Conclusion: Manali in June 2023 is a visual delight with its stunning landscapes, snow-capped peaks, and tranquil ambiance. Whether you seek adventure, spirituality, or simply want to immerse yourself in nature's beauty, these ten breathtakingly beautiful places in Manali
Original Content copy from :
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2023.06.06 17:29 Nokian_Tyres Here's Why You Shouldn't Drive Winter Tires in Summer

Many drivers are tempted to drive their winter tires during the summer season. According to an expert from Nokian Tyres, this is risky for drivers and traffic.
There’s nothing like driving a set of responsive winter tires when conditions turn cold and dangerous. Indeed, in many parts of North America it’s vital to rely on a set of winter or all-weather tires, whose softer compounds safeguard drivers in snow, ice and cold.
But once the snow and ice melt and summer heat sets in, those same tires can be major liabilities. The very compounds crafted to make tires safe in winter conditions aren’t built to withstand heat or consistently wet roads. Simply put, winter tires do not have the necessary characteristics for safe summer driving, even if they have sufficient tread depth.
Wet asphalt is challenging for winter tires
Several tests have determined that winter tires perform poorly in the summer. The differences are especially clear in summer rain.
A recent (March 6, 2019) summer tire test from Finnish automotive magazine Tekniikan Maailma shows that when a worn non-studded tire is used to brake from a speed of 80 kilometers per hour (about 50 miles per hour), the car will still be going 40 km/h (25 mph) by the time a new summer tire would have stopped. Braking grip on dry asphalt is also clearly poorer than with summer tires.
The test also reveals that controlled driving on wet asphalt is nearly impossible with worn winter tires, since sliding starts without warning and restoring control of the vehicle is challenging.
In summer, winter tires steer slowly and feel unstable to drive
The heavy block pattern and densely siped tread make winter tires steer more slowly than summer tires. When a tire steers slowly, it will not be as precise when it faces surprising conditions.
Non-studded winter tires or tires with studs removed are also less stable than their all-season or all-weather counterparts. The winter tread compound combined with a block pattern is no match for summer tires in terms of rigidity.
Tires wear down quickly in warm weather
Winter tires have soft tread compounds designed for winter use; in hot summer weather, they will generate an unnecessarily high amount of heat and increase the overall thermal load of the winter tire.
Winter tires also wear out more quickly in warm summer weather, which may create an abnormal serrated pattern on the tread. Serrated tread causes noise and vibration. In addition to an unpleasant driving experience, this may result in problems with the car, as continuous vibration is not beneficial to the suspension or bearings.
In addition to accelerated wear, the tire may also break if rocks collect in the empty stud holes of a tire with the studs removed. The rocks may pass through to the steel belt package inside the tire and break it.
All-weather tires provide a solution
While winter tires are far from ideal on warm, wet summer roads, Nokian Tyres’ all-weather products are built to withstand conditions on both ends of the calendar. The Scandinavian company invented the all-weather tire in response to consumers who wanted a winter-rated product they could use year-round.
All-weather tires are marked with the Severe Service Emblem (also known as the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake) that certifies they are appropriate for winter use. They are also effective on spring and summer roads, making them a good choice for drivers who don’t want to switch tires twice each year.
Characteristics of a good all-season or all-weather tire:
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2023.06.06 16:56 Worldly_Mood9382 How to book Kedarnath tour package?

How to book Kedarnath tour package?
"Journey to the Himalayan Abode: How to Book an Unforgettable Kedarnath Package from Delhi"
Kedarnath is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in India, and for good reason. The temple of Kedarnath is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, or sacred abodes of Lord Shiva, and it is located in a stunning setting in the Garhwal Himalayas.
If you choose the Kedarnath trip plan from Delhi, there are a few things you need to know. First, the best time to visit is during the summer months (June-September), when the weather is warm and sunny. Second, you will need to book a tour package in advance, as there are limited accommodations available in Kedarnath.
There are a number of tour operators that offer Kedarnath tour packages, and they vary in price and length. Some packages include transportation, accommodation, and meals, while others only include transportation and accommodation.
Here are the steps on how to book a kedarnath trek package

1.Select a Delhi to Kedarnath tour plan operator.There are a number of tour operators that offer Kedarnath tour packages. You can find them online or by asking your travel agent.
2..Compare packages: Once you have chosen a few tour operators, compare their packages to find the one that best suits your needs. Make sure to compare the price, length, inclusions, and transportation options.
3 Book your package: Once you have found the perfect package, book it in advance. This is especially important if you are traveling during the peak season (June-September).
Here are some of the things you can expect on a Kedarnath tour package:
· Transportation: Most tour packages include transportation to Kedarnath by bus or train.
· Accommodation: Most tour packages include accommodation in a hotel or guesthouse in Kedarnath.
· Meals: Most tour packages include breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
· Sightseeing: Most tour packages include guided tours of Kedarnath and the surrounding areas.
· Trekking: If you are looking for an adventure in kedarnath, you can also book a trekking package to Kedarnath.
Here are some of the places you can visit on a Kedarnath tour package:
· Kedarnath Temple: The Kedarnath Temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, or sacred abodes of Lord Shiva.
· Gaurikund: Gaurikund is a hot spring located near Kedarnath.
· Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary: The Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a variety of animals, including snow leopards, bears, and deer.
· Valley of Flowers: The Valley of Flowers is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located near Kedarnath.
· Hemkund Sahib: Hemkund Sahib is a Sikh pilgrimage site located near Kedarnath.
A Kedarnath tour package is a great way to experience the beauty and spirituality of the Garhwal Himalayas. If you are planning a Kedarnath trek from Delhi, be sure to book our tour package in advance..
TO know more about best places to visit in Uttrakhand Click Here !
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2023.06.06 16:48 AlltheJanets Neighbor has japanese knotweed...

Does anyone here have experience with the county noxious weeds program? Should I report a population of a Class A noxious weed on my neighbor's property? I get the feeling that they're more concerned with weed populations in open/natural spaces than in urban areas, is that accurate? Anyway the context:
I bought my house in summer 2021, the past two years have been hot and dry and my neighbor complained to me that his 'bamboo' patch (between his house and my driveway) was struggling in that weather, he assured me it's usually big and lush. I didn't really pay attention because I was focused on my own landscaping projects. Lo and behold this spring with all the moisture his 'bamboo' IS not only big and lush but SPREADING, I finally looked it up on a plant ID app and it's JAPANESE KNOTWEED. I mentioned that it's noxious and he should try to kill it and he laughed it off and said he likes it. What are my options here? It's currently bounded by concrete on my side of the fence but according to The Internet it will likely spread beyond that and then start invading my yard, which I REALLY would like to avoid...
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2023.06.06 16:46 kpenguin13 Help me figure out the “taxes”

We got this estimate for a used car in Colorado Springs. I cannot for the life of me figure out how they got the total tax amount?? A quick google search shows that sales tax is 2.9% here but this estimate makes it seem like the taxes would be closer to 5.12%. What am I missing??
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2023.06.06 16:36 vldzmtordusvlf Victims of Colorado Springs shooting plan to sue sheriff for failing to get red flag order against suspect

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2023.06.06 16:36 LoudBout Road trip Indianapolis, IN - Grand Junction, CO

Planning a road trip in late July for mountain biking in Colorado from Toronto, ON and trying to decide which route would be the best for part of the journey from Indianapolis to Grand Junction. By best I mean not boring with stuff to see while driving, and some interesting stops. Planning to cover this part in 2 days. Any suggestions for stop highly appreciated. Will be travelling alone. Does it make sense to avoid tolls? Split it evenly between two days or try to cover as much as I can on the first to arrive earlier into the mountains on the second?
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2023.06.06 16:25 justambrose BCC’s ongoing minifeud with CHAOS

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2023.06.06 16:25 waxworkfurs Best of the Best

I am trying to create the perfect bed for me and my wife. I just bought a new California King mattress (and an Eight Sleep Pod 3 cover for temperature regulation) and am now considering bedding. My wife and I both like a cool/crisp bed, cold room, and warm blankets or covers. Here is what’s in my shopping cart at the moment (essentially all Sferra):
This is a very expensive purchase obviously and I’m nervous to pull the trigger. A few questions for the knowledgeable patrons of this wonderful sub:
Thank you all for any assistance you can provide! This is a very big purchase for us so it will be very much appreciated!
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A Hopi Legend
The Bátki clan and the Sand clan come from Palátkwapi.
When traveling, the Sand clan would spread sand on the ground and plant corn.
The Bátki clan would cause it to thunder and rain (by singing), the crop would grow in a day and they would have something to eat.
At Homólovi (Winslow) they lived a long time.
They brought with them the Soyál cult, the Lagón cult, and the Soyál Katcina.
They went to Aoátovi. Here they were not welcome, and hence moved on to Mishóngnovi, where they found the Bear, Parrot and Crow clans.
They were asked what they knew to produce rain and crops.
They spread the sand, made corn grow, etc., whereupon they were welcomed and their leader was made the chief of the village.
The spring Toríva was then very small. But the Bátki-ñamu had brought from the Little Colorado River mud, grass, and water in a móngwikuru.
This they put into the spring and that increased the flow of the water, and there was also much grass around it formerly, when there were fewer burros than there are now.
The Bear clan had the Antelope cult, the Parrot and the Crow clans the Blue Flute cult.
The Crane and the Eagle clans had the position of the village crier, and the Drab Flute cult. The Bátki were admitted to the Antelope and Blue Flute Fraternities, and hence Sik'ánakpu makes the cloud symbols in the ceremony of the Blue Flute society.
After that the Young Corn-Ear (Píhk'ash) or Corn-Ear (Kaö') clan came from the east, from the Pueblo, Sik'ánakpu thinks.
According to Sik'ánakpu the earlier clans came to Mishóngnovi as follows:

The Parrot and Crow clans, who had the Blue Flute cult and the village chief.

The Bear clan, who brought the Antelope altar now used in the Snake ceremony.

The Crane and Eagle clan brought the Drab Flute and Maraú cult, and had the village crier.

The Katcina clan, with the Katcinas.

The Sand clan, with the Lagón, Soyál, and Snake cult.

The Bátki clan. These had no cult, but controlled the water.

The Young Corn-Ear clan. These had no special cult, but brought a better quality of corn.

Before the Bátki people came, the corn was very small.
They made it rain and so it grew large.
The Píhk'ash clan brought better and larger corn with them.
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2023.06.06 16:13 JoshAsdvgi The Origin of Fire

The Origin of Fire
Kids Story (( BedTime Story ))
The Origin of Fire
Long, long ago, animals and trees talked with each other, but there was no fire at that time.
Fox was most clever and he tried to think of a way to create fire for the world.
One day, he decided to visit the Geese, te-tl, whose cry he wished to learn how to imitate.
They promised to teach him if he would fly with them.
So they contrived a way to attach wings to Fox, but cautioned him never to open his eyes while flying.
Whenever the Geese arose in flight, Fox also flew along with them to practice their cry.
On one such adventure, darkness descended suddenly as they flew over the village of the fireflies, ko-na- tcic-a. In midflight, the glare from the flickering fireflies caused Fox to forget and he opened his eyes--instantly his wings collapsed!
His fall was uncontrollable.
He landed within the walled area of the firefly village, where a fire constantly burned in the centre.
Two kind fireflies came to see fallen Fox, who gave each one a necklace of juniper berries, katl-te-i-tse.
Fox hoped to persuade the two fireflies to tell him where he could find a way over the wall to the outside.
They led him to a cedar tree, which they explained would bend down upon command and catapult him over the wall if he so desired.
That evening, Fox found the spring where fireflies obtained their water.
There also, he discovered coloured earth, which when mixed with water made paint.
He decided to give himself a coat of white.
Upon returning to the village, Fox suggested to the fireflies,
"Let's have a festival where we can dance and I will produce the music."
They all agreed that would be fun and helped to gather wood to build up a greater fire. Secretly, Fox tied a piece of cedar bark to his tail.
Then he made a drum, probably the first one ever constructed, and beat it vigorously with a stick for the dancing fireflies.
Gradually, he moved closer and closer to the fire.
Fox pretended to tire from beating the drum.
He gave it to some fireflies who wanted to help make the music.
Fox quickly thrust his tail into the fire, lighting the bark, and exclaimed,
"It is too warm here for me, I must find a cooler place."
Straight to the cedar tree Fox ran, calling,
"Bend down to me, my cedar tree, bend down!"
Down bent the cedar tree for Fox to catch hold, then up it carried him far over the wall.
On and on he ran, with the fireflies in pursuit.
As Fox ran along, brush and wood on either side of his path were ignited from the sparks dropping from the burning bark tied to his tail.

Fox finally tired and gave the burning bark to Hawk, i-tsarl-tsu- i, who carried it to brown Crane, tsi-nes-tso-l. He flew far southward, scattering fire sparks everywhere.
This is how fire first spread over the earth.
Fireflies continued chasing Fox all the way to his burrow and declared,
"Forever after, Wily Fox, your punishment for stealing our fire will be that you can never make use of it for yourself."
For the Apache nation, this too was the beginning of fire for them.
Soon they learned to use it for cooking their food and to keep themselves warm in cold weather.
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2023.06.06 15:50 kristiandepue The Magical, Mysterious, and Medicinal Manitou Springs

The Magical, Mysterious, and Medicinal Manitou Springs
The 2023 edition of the Colorado FUN Guide is now available in print and online. I have had the opportunity to write an entry for the last three years, with 2022's story practically being a primer on "Odd Colorado." For 2023's volume, I wrote a more concentrated story, featuring the weird and whimsical tourist town of Manitou Springs, Colorado.
Excerpt: In the latter half of the 1800s, known as the Gilded Age, the Ute tribe and other Indigenous peoples believed bubbling mineral water near the base of Pikes Peak to be the living breath of the Great Spirit Manitou. With westward expansion, prospectors and pioneers encountered these effervescent waters and endorsed them for holistic healing.
Founded in 1872 by General William J. Palmer and Dr. William Abraham Bell, the town of Manitou Springs was intended as a scenic health resort. As word of Manitou Springs’ medicinal benefits traveled east, folks flocked to this retreat to replenish themselves in its sacred springs.
Nestled within the Front Range, practitioners promoted the topographical climate of pure air and sunshine as a therapeutic environment for the treatment of tuberculosis.
*Photos and images are featured much more prominently in the printed version; the Manitou Springs story can be found on PAGES 54 - 59: Colorado FUN Guide, 2023 edition
What are some of your favorite spots, aspects and elements of Manitou Springs? What should have been included but is missing from this article?
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2023.06.06 15:48 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Health] - Victims of Colorado Springs shooting plan to sue sheriff for failing to get red flag order against suspect NBC

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2023.06.06 15:34 garagedoorvip Tips for Maintaining your Garage Door

The most significant moving object in your house, the garage door, is utilized daily throughout the year and at all hours. You must invest time in routine preventive maintenance and care if you want your garage door to run well for many years. You can appoint a licensed garage door service for the best repair. Below mentioned are the tips for maintaining your garage door:
Test the Garage Door Balance:
Your lift Master Garage Door Opener will have to work more and function less efficiently if it is not balanced correctly. The door should then be manually raised about halfway once the opener has been turned off by pulling the release lever, which is typically a red cord. The spring counterweight system is out of balance if it doesn't stay in place. Leave the adjustment of garage door springs to the experts.
Clear Tracks and Tighten Hardware:
Clear the tracks on the garage door's two sides of any rust and debris. Examine the brackets anchoring the ways to the wall and ceiling and the bolts holding the garage door opener device in place to tighten any loose bolts caused by door vibration.
Replace Weather Stripping:
The rubber weather stripping prevents the passage of trash, water, and cold. It can be purchased from big-box and hardware home improvement stores. The weather stripping on Roll-up Garage Doors is often fastened with nails. Replace this weather stripping on the bottom if it is ripped. If there is any loose weather stripping around the sides of the door, reattach it or replace it if it is very worn or damaged.
Partial words:
Remember that your garage door accounts for nearly one-third of the outside of your home, so maintain it neat. Call a garage door expert to schedule a tune-up service call if you don't have time to perform this check-up.
Website -
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