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2023.05.24 18:29 ImpetuousPandaa 🏆 EMEA Regional Breakdown & Player Profiles 🏆 - 👾 Monsters Attack! World Championship! 👾

Twitter Post
Hello friends, ImpetuousPanda here! 🐼
With the Monsters Attack! Championship looming around the corner, I decided to take it upon myself to flesh out both the regional and player narratives going into the event. Similarly to the articles I wrote for the Dragonlands Championship, the goal is to help the viewers better understand the narrative beats and player stories going into the culminating event of the set, especially for those players and regions which most western audiences are not intimately familiar with.
The Monsters Attack! Championship will feature a staggering $456,000, and with personal and regional pride on the line, I think it would be amiss to not delve deeper into the individual stories, aspirations, and goals of each of its competitors.
Past Regional Reports


Despite EMEA coming out on top in the first ever World Championship ever held in Set 3 thanks to Double61’s magnificent performance at just 16 years old, the reputation of the scene has been in a downward spiral ever since. Going into Set 4 and 5, we still had great top 4 placements, such as Zykoo’s 2nd place at Fates, or Shircane’s 4th place at Reckoning Championship. Coming into Gizmos and Gadgets, is where the problems began. EMEA failed to make the final lobby, and had a poor showing overall, and despite sending a roster of stacked historical names to the Dragonlands Championships, the same fate awaited us as a region.
This had led to some fairly open mockery, in a joking tone or otherwise, from other regions, as EMEA continued to disappoint on the international stage. Throughout my interview with many top players from other regions, many point out that they believe EMEA plays too creatively or flexibly, and this turns out to be a detriment in worlds level lobbies, where players can not get away with playing into slightly subpar lines or item-slamming subpar items in a tempo oriented approach. All in all, for Set 8 EMEA is sending an extremely competent roster of players, and the current balanced and flexible meta might be the variable that EMEA requires to find success on the international stage.

Canbizz - Twitter - Stats - Lolchess

Canbizz enters his first ever World Championship at the young age of just 18 years old, although not quite the youngest player to ever compete at the international stage, with Double61 competing and winning the first ever Championship during Set 3, at just 16 years of age. And yes, let’s get the elephant out of the room before we start. Double61, the legendary french player, is actually Canbizz’ cousin. I mention this now because I think it’s one of the most interesting narratives in all of TFT esports, but also because Double61 has played a pivotal role in Canbizz’ life, both in and out of gaming.
Canbizz and his cousin started competing in League of Legends at the age of 7 or 8, climbing up the ranks, and both transitioned to Fornite and playing in cash cups quite regularly. Whereever they went, they competed together, and usually had a lot of success, winning tournaments and making a living at a very young age. As set 3 rolled around, Double61 pivoted from Fornite into TFT full-time, and at first Canbizz was frustrated and disappointed he had lost his partner and teammate, and didn’t understand why Double would make the switch. As Double started to have more and more success, eventually becoming World Champion, this inspired and convinced Canbizz to make the full time switch as well, although Canbizz was already playing TFT at a fairly high level already. When Karmine Corp, one of the most famous organizations in France, picked up Double61, they told Canbizz they wanted to sign him too, but he had to prove his worth. If he made it to Set 4 EMEA finals, they would sign him to the team. Canbizz managed to pull it off, and just barely missed a spot at Worlds throughout Set 4 as well.
Although Canbizz did not personally enjoy Set 5, he returned with a vengeance in Set 6, and with the announcement of Rising Legends, he had ample motivation to move into the next level of competition. He grinded through the ladder snapshots, and overall had a great environment with Double61 and the french community at his side, he continuously improved, and managed to qualify to finals via ladder snapshots, but ultimately fninshed in a disappointing 23rd. In Set 7, he took his commitments to the next level. He dropped out of his final year of high school to pursue TFT full time, and despite some doubts from the adult figures in his life, he knew that if he had more time to dedicate himself to mastering this incredibly complex game, it would be worth it. He immediately found results, ultimately becoming the Set 7 Hexleague Champion, the most prestigious french national league, and considering France’s dominance over the European region, this immediately elevated his worth as a competitor in our circuit.
As he gained more and more notoriety, his narrative as a player would always remain second fiddle to his relationship to Double61, and when I brought up this somewhat touchy subject Canbizz claims it never affected him, Double and himself are as close as brothers, and he admits Double has always been extremely graceful whenever they competed as a team. In any other situation, this might have affected Canbizz, but Double61 has always helped elevate Canbizz to the next level, as a player and as a person, and if he wants anyone in his corner throughout his TFT career, it’s Double.
All throughout Set 8, Canbizz has proved his evolution as a competitor. He is one of the few players to qualify to every single final day of EMEA’s major competitions, the Golden Spatula Cups. In the first and second, he finished in a very consistent 9th place, but leading into GSC#3, he managed what he had been chasing for so long, a big tournament win in EMEA. He topped off this victory with what no other player has ever done in EMEA history, become EMEA champion, winning back to back tournament, and becoming the first player to win a major and a regional final in one set. This win in EMEA Regionals also made it so two out of the three regional finals held after the introduction of the Rising Legends circuit in Set 6 have been won by a single family, as well as single esports organization, with Karmine’s Corps Double61 winning the first ever EMEA finals in Set 6.
Canbizz’ qualification to Day 3 was slightly bittersweet, as his cousin Double61 had a devastating finish to his own run, finishing in 10th place overall, just one point from qualification to the cutthroat Day 3 finals. All in all, the french have once again proving their might, with half of the top 10 populated by french players who prepared jointly for finals, and the same group is sure to guarantee immaculate meta reads leading into Worlds this coming weekend.
Leading into Worlds, Canbizz is confident in the roster we are sending. He thinks his french compatriot and prep partner Enzo played exceptionally well all throughout finals, and Ging and Canbizz are very close friends, as Canbizz and Double’s parents are both originally Turkish, so Canbizz speaks fluently and has talked extensively with Ging about TFT as a whole for years now. All in all, Canbizz is very grateful for the support he has always received, especially from the french community. Anytime he was defeated in the past, the french community reminded him of his quality as a player, they always said it was a matter of time. Once he became EMEA Champion this month, one of the biggest sports publications in the World, L’Equipe, published an article congratulating the french player on his success. An old high school professor of Canbizz wrote to him to congratulate him on his success, and Canbizz felt vindication for his decision to dedicate himself fully to the game, and is looking to bring this positive inertia to even higher highs come this weekend.

Enzo Sx - Twitter - Stats - Lolchess

Enzo, a 22 year old sociology student from France, decided throughout the year 2023 that he would take a break from his studies to dedicate himself to TFT full time. Although when it comes to his origins in competitive gaming, you would be hard-pressed to have any chance at guessing where he got his real competitive start…Minecraft. Yes, Minecraft. It was during this time where he chose his now infamous in-game name, adding two random cool looking letters to the end of his real first name. Little did he know, friends would start calling him Enzo SEX instead, and since he has notoriously been known as such ever since. Enzo also moved on to competing in Fortnite Cash Cups, although he claims he didn’t know Canbizz and Double61 also participated in the same(and to be honest, maybe the timing didn’t line up). Enzo played since Set 1, and easily hit challenger throughout the set. He did the same for the next few sets, and although he found some success throughout a couple of french online tournaments in Set 3 and 4, that success didn’t really transfer to the larger european circuit, and he continued playing mostly as a ladder warrior. The lack of success near the end of Set 6 still bothers Enzo to this day, as first ever Hexleague, and the “grandfathering” of certain players into the national french league was done in large part off the back of the EMEA Finals in Set 6, a tournament Enzo didn’t manage to qualify to.
In Set 7, and off the back of this disappointment, Enzo decided to approach the game much more seriously. He would frequently hit rank 1 on ladder, and at this point Enzo’s goal was no longer just to make it to EMEA finals, he wanted to make it to worlds. He thought, if I’m able to hit rank 1 with relative ease, why shouldn’t I aspire to play among the best in the world? As a player, he had the privilege of being part of the french community, or family even, as all players frequently work together, share information, and help each continue to maximize their individual potential more and more. Initially he was part of Lille Esports alongside Aware and Brank, but eventually he moved on to Mihos Esports, the team he currently represents, alongside Tarteman and Set 4 Worlds runner up, Zykoo.
Coming into the start of Set 8, Enzo was still fairly salty he wasn’t part of the Hexleague, as he feels it’s incredibly important both for reputation and regular practice among the best in the french scene, But all in all he was confident in his play, he was able to dominate on ladder, and he had fairly good results all throughout his first 2 GSCs. Coming into GSC3, and thanks to his dominance in the ladder snapshots, he did not need to play in the final tournament of the season to guarantee his spot at EMEA finals. Going into the tournament, he played arduously with all of the top french players, except for PasDeBol who chose to prepare separately from the rest, and study Chinese vods instead. Going into the event, Enzo felt very comfortable, he was ready to play anything in the meta, although he really hates reroll comps, he admits he would only play it if he is forced to do so from an insane early game spot.
As the tournament began, Enzo surprised all of EMEA with a truly breathtaking performance across the first two days. He had a 2.33 average after 12 games, qualifying him to the finals, and sending a message to the rest of his competitors. Alongside him, his prep group occupied 5 of the top 10 spots, with Armatruc and Double61 unfortunately missing the cutoff for Day 3. On Day 3 Enzo admits his games weren’t as clean, but he was simply relieved to finally make it to the Worlds stage as he secured the final guaranteed spot, finishing 4th in the standings overall, a feat that was much easier considering he had a huge advantage in the tiebreakers thanks to his monstrous 80 performance across the first 2 days of competition.
Coming into Worlds, Enzo is well aware this is the only year he will be able to take a gap year from his studies. He wants to make the most out of this situation, and going to Worlds he knows he can not give up this opportunity. Overall he thinks EMEA’s roster is very strong this year, and they have a big chance to make a real splash on the international stage.

Ging - Twitter - Stats - Lolchess

Ging is a name as historical as it is mysterious in TFT, at least for those outside of the Turkish-speaking communities. The 26 year old player started off a life of competition playing chess, reaching around 1,800 ELO during his teenage years, then eventually played a myriad of strategy and card games, before eventually making the very natural transition into the autochess genre, or more specifically into TFT. Ging easily climbed to rank 1 in both Set 1 and 2, but for Set 3 he was region locked to the Turkish server, something that deeply frustrated him as the level of play was much lower, and he easily reached 2k LP at that time.
During Set 4, Ging had his first big break. He qualified to his first World Champs, although in hindsight he thinks he didn’t really prepare all that well for the tournament. He also had to deal with a lot of pressure, as he had quickly become a bit of a superstar player and there were a lot of expectations on him to perform, especially considering EU had won the previous World Championship. Going into the event, he was even Mortdog’s favourite player to win, a fact that certainly did not help Ging’s nerves going into the event. He eventually bombed out with a disappointing result, and took Set 5 as a bit of a break as he didn’t enjoy the game then.
In Set 6, Ging was once again hungry to prove himself. He was extremely motivated with the launch of the Rising Legends circuit, the increased prize pool and the overall professionalization of TFT’s esports scene in EMEA. Going into finals, Ging had an astonishing comeback, essentially needing 2 1sts and a 2nd going into the last 3 games of the day to make it into finals, and of course, Ging delivered. In the end he made it to his second World Championship. Ging would increase his placement all the way up to a 10th, but this was still disappointing to a player who had the ambition, and in my opinion the skill, to become a World Champion himself.
Set 7 was not ideal for Ging, he made EMEA finals as usual, but he didn’t feel he played very well. He wasn’t a big fan of Dragons as a set mechanic. Going into Set 8, Ging meant business. He qualified to EMEA finals again, this time both via ladder snapshots and GSC points, having placed mostly every single snapshot in the top 3 throughout the season, with his lowest placement being 7th place. Coming into finals, Ging was taken aback by the more greedy playstyle players brought in Day 1, as usually EMEA had always played very high tempo in competitions of this level. Ging adapted on Day 2, pivoting to playing a lot more Jhin and 4 cost carries, and he was rewarded with an incredible top 4 % over the final two days, despite having never straight up won a game through all of finals.
In terms of his prep, Ging has always been close to the french community thanks to his ties with Double61 and Canbizz, but he also claims he watches a lot of Kurumx in NA, he thinks his stream is very fun. Ging also played in the Chinese Super Server this set, for which he is extremely grateful. He thinks thanks to that experience he was able to combine the Chinese playstyle/tech with his own, and believes he is a much stronger player because of it.
As a long-time fan of the player, it was truly a pleasure to finally get a chance to speak to Ging. Without going into too many details, over our conversation it was immediately apparent to me just how deep a fundamental understanding he had of the game, and his big picture approach to the systems and how they interact had me truly mesmerized, and only reinforced my belief that he truly is one of the absolute best players on the planet. Ging claims there is no longer any pressure for him in a tournament of this size, and that he is very confident EMEA as a region has a very realistic chance not just to make the final lobby, but to win the whole thing.

Haiden - Twitter - Stats - Lolchess

Haiden, a 26 year old automation engineer from Sweden, was brought up into an ecosystem that nurtured his natural competitive drive. Haiden’s 8 year older brother and his friends regularly played and competed in all the major esport titles, and Haiden, in an attempt to fit in, found himself dedicating himself extensively to his improvement at many different titles. This made it so that Haiden has played pretty much any game at it’s highest level, always in an attempt to match his older brother’s level of play and competition. As he grew older and started studying, Haiden found that most games he played were no longer fun. This changed drastically with the autobattler genre, and specifically with TFT, which reignited Haiden’s love for games, and more specifically, with high level competition.
Haiden was at the very top of the ladder ever since the game’s inception, climbing to rank 1 on two separate accounts over the first set of TFT, and becoming a household names many link to that first ever generation of “top dogs” when it comes to competitive TFT. He became fast friends with legendary players such as Fluffy, Gunmay, Darkhydra, Salvy, Lallana, and all the rest. In Set 2, he took a break from school, and focused fully on competition. Ever since his early childhood days, and especially as an ultra-competitive person, Haiden had in the back of hsi mind that he would one day live in the esports dream, he would make it big. He felt that TFT with, that was his opportunity. In set 4 he went all-in on TFT, and when you combined his ultra-ambitious mindset and the overall lack of tangible results, Haiden started losing hope in his dream, and he began to understand that this mentality might be a real problem going forward. He still had to balance school with TFT, and he wasn’t sure how to approach this. The next few sets, he struggled with this mental game and the expectations he set upon himself, and a mix of disappointing results(at least for Haiden’s standards) and breaks, resulted in not too many memorable achievements for the player.
In set 8, Haiden returned to TFT, but under an entirely different mindset. Having not played most of Set 7, Haiden returned hungry to compete, but this time with a much more lax attitude and expectations. He didn’t demand of himself preposterous goals, such as winning worlds no matter what, instead he simply played to enjoy himself, and let the results fall in place as they would. The hero augment system reminded him of the heroes in HS Battleground, and he was immediately hooked. As the competitive season started up, Haiden managed to qualify to GSC#1 via the Open Qualifier, and much to everyone’s surprise Haiden ended up placing 3rd overall, a stupendous result that for the most part placed Haiden directly in EMEA finals.
Having accumulated 60 GSC points from the first GSC, Haiden knew he was essentially through judging off of last season’s cutoff. This allowed Haiden to focus much more on his work throughout those months, still playing TFT, but not forcing himself to burn out needing specific results on ladder or in tournaments. He had finally made it to EMEA finals, he would not let this chance go to waste. Haiden was able to get most of the gang back together, with Lallana recently performing at a high level on Chinese Super Server and on EUW ladder, as well as old-time players such as Fluffy and DarkHydra helping him out with both his mental and in-game play. He learned a lot about the early game from Lallana especially, as Haiden believed at the time this was one of the weaker parts of his game.
Haiden’s realistic goal going into finals was to make Worlds. He firmly believes if you don’t play TFT with confidence, you will do much worse. You need to be confident in yourself and your abilities. He felt he had a huge mental edge across the weekend, going into Day 3, Lallana tried to convince him that other players would be very nervous. Haiden understood he had to take advantage of this fact, his mental state would be his biggest edge on his competition. In the end, Haiden made it, finishing 3rd overall, and finally achieving the dream ever since he had of making it big in esports, ever since playing CSGO and Dota with his older brother and his friends. He was tearing up during the last game when he finally knew he had made it. The outpouring of love and support he received from players and friends from all walks of his TFT career were indescribable, he felt so fortunate and grateful for it all.

Kurfuzzled - Twitter - Stats - Lolchess

The 26 year old British player has certainly had an unusual run, both in esports as a whole and in TFT specifically. His introduction to competitive gaming came through gamebattle matches playing CoD titles on playstation 3, before eventually drastically pivoting into card and strategy games later on in life. His real training arc in TFT began in Set 6, where he played roughly 1,200 games between the full set. Although he reached Challenger in both, Kurfuzzled felt it was a bit of a fake Challenger, and it was in Set 7 where he really refined his fundamentals and became a much stronger player, despite not enjoying the set. He promised himself his journey would continue in Set 7.5, but he ever found the will to play even a single game.
This all changed with Set 8 launch, where he grinded PBE and felt a lot of enjoyment with the new set and it’s mechanics. As the competitive circuit started, and with the announcement of the TRC system in EMEA(national league in all regions that gave direct qualification access to GSCs), Kurfuzzuled figured out he might as well try and qualify via the Northern Legends TRC which the UK was a part of. And this is where this little story started. Kurfuzzled didn’t have any grand plans to make it to Worlds or even EMEA finals. He just wanted to compete more in tournaments, and this was the way to do it. In the end, Kurfuzzled finished 4th in his TRC, qualifying to GSC#1. Off of this opportunity, Kurfuzzled did the unthinkable as Haidan had done in that very same tournament, finishing 5th overall, and earning himself 56 GSC points, which potentially would be enough for EMEA finals at the end of the set.
This gave him a huge influx of confidence, and he shifted his expectations and goals considerably. He knew he had a lot to improve, so he got to work. He eventually climbed to rank 3 on the ladder, and was studying the game intensely. He watched a lot of Setsuko and Dishsoap all throughout the set, and he learned infinite studying how they play. Kurfuzzled doesn’t consider himself an innovator, or an incredibly creative player who can play on the fly. Instead, Kurfuzzled works best as an aggregator, absorbing information, retaining it, and slowly being able to use that information to critically think and apply what he learned in game, executing cleanly on the lines he knows he should be taking. Dishsoap was a godsend to learn from in this case, as he knew he could rely on him as one of the best players in terms of understanding small almost-broken synergies between items, traits, and units to maximize his performance in game.
He qualified to GSC#2, but because this was on a 2 day patch, this was a massive disadvantage for a player like Kurfuzzled who didn’t have too much accurate information to rely on. This ultimately led to a day 2 exit. Going into GSC#3, Kurfuzzled didn’t manage to make it, and with his 56 GSC points he needed a lot of things to go right if he wanted a spot at EMEA finals. In the end, as with all good (e)sports stories, they did, and with the 2% chance some twitter statisticians were giving Kurfuzzled after running thousands of Day 3 simulations, Kurfuzzle’s cinderella story would continue for one more tournament, EMEA finals.
Going into EMEA finals, Kurfuzzled was simply happy to be there, but realistically he at least wanted to be on the hunt for a top 8 spot near the end of Day 2. That was his goal. When he finally made it, he knew Day 3 would be a mental test. He started off in 8th on game 1, so even making it to an LCQ spot was a big success in his mind, he was proud he mentally recovered and had one more chance. One more tournament. Western LCQ.
He felt no pressure. 1 spot, 8 great players, 6 games. I mean, there is no real epxectation for anyone with this format. Just play to your best ability and hope games go your way. And oh boy did they, Kurfuzzle started off hot with a 1, 1, 4, although robivankenob equally matches his performances. Going into game 4, he finished 8th, giving Robi a 6 point lead with 2 games left. Kurfuzzle at this point knew it was basically over, but he said to himself “I don’t want to regret my decisions in case Robi goes bot 2 here” and he pulled it together, and punched in yet another 1st place. Going into game 6, he was just happy to be contention, he knew the pressure was on Robi for the most part. All throughout the game, Kurfuzzled matched Robi’s projection, it was odd for him at the lobby had little at stake for the rest of players, it was ultimately EMEA vs NA to see who would advance to Worlds. In the end, Kurfuzzled eventually made it to level 9 and hit a Belveth 3, and Robivan could not match, once Robivan was finally eliminated and Kurfuzzle was through to Worlds.
He rightfully could not believe how far he had made it. Every single tournament was one more step in the right direction, and now he was on the international stage. As Kurfuzzle was streaming to a couple of viewers, he excitedly wrote OH MY GOD in the in-game chat once he knew he was through, in an attempt to write it out and then delete it, but he accidentally hit enter. He immediately felt regret, not wanting to unintentionally BM anyone in the lobby, especially not Robi, and it was immediately followed up by a very ashamed “sry”. Kurfuzzle admits he hopes Robi was no longer in-game at the time, as he really did not mean to submit the message in the first place. Going into Worlds, Kurfuzzle is not putting pressure on himself. If he goes 32nd, he goes 32nd, it is what it is. But he aims to do well, and he is very curious to see how he will match to the rest of the players on the international stage.

Closing Words

I am, after all, one of EMEA’s Rising Legend commentators, so it goes without saying that I will be biased in what I write here. After joining TFT full time in Set 6, and after two sets in a row of disappointing results, I feel it’s time for some reassuring news. I wholeheartedly believe, bias aside, Ging will perform to a world-class level, and will finally have his crowning moment in TFT history throughout these Set 8 World Championship. I also believe the french, Canbizz and Enzo, enter the world stage with unparalleled preparation and a strong mental, and I will not discount Haiden and Kurfuzzled, both players with inspirising stories who have proven so much time and time again throughout Set 8. In my opinion, EMEA will finally perform to the most optimistic of expectations, and I will no longer get bullied by Frodan and the rest of NA. ITS TIME!
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2023.05.17 20:46 magat3ars Let me make it easy for all haters and enjoyers of Erin's appearance on the Whatever podcast

Let me make it easy for all haters and enjoyers of Erin's appearance on the Whatever podcast
Hate her or love her. The posts without a link to anything is cringe. Was she answering no question? Then link to instances of her evading a question. Do you claim she's only avoiding questions about her sex life and sexuality? Then link some evidence of her doing that in the vod here. They even broke everything up into little time stamps.
You have a 2hr and 20m time window to clip from. We could also just do the lazy "I'll put the vod and let you find the timestamp yourself."
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