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2023.05.28 14:42 ozzeruk82 Neovim C++ highlighting - #define from other file issue

Hey everyone thanks for reading, I'm posting as I'm basically ripping my hair out trying to figure out an issue I have with syntax highlighting in Neovim.
Basically in a C++ file large sections of code that are enclosed in an #ifdef X are being rendered as 'commented out', despite X clearly being #define'd in an included header file. I am led to believe it should be able to cope with #define's being in other files, if not in base Neovim but certainly with Treesitter.
I've spent hours disabling Treesitter, disabling syntax highlighting in Neovim, basically doing everything I can possibly think of to either get it to properly see that this constant is defined, and so the code should be treated as active code and highlighted normally, or just somehow ignore the #ifdef X line when dealing with highlighting.
If I put #define X in the relevant file, it works perfectly, but I can't do that, I need the #define to be in the header file which is included in this C++ file (and about 300 others).
Any ideas? Right now this is making editing anything between #ifdef X and #endif extremely painful.
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2023.05.28 14:40 Sea-Street1193 [TOMT][ROBLOXMEME] A sad meme taking place in a Natural Disaster Survival-esque place

I have encountered a meme of a Roblox person with blue hair and the chill face chat the heartbroken emoji and jump off a building. There was a person with red hair putting an umbrella over the person with blue hair. (P.S. The person is female.) They both jump off the building they are standing on, which is made out of wood. I have a snippet of the meme, but want to find a Youtube video of it.
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2023.05.28 14:16 Niznack The devil is making UFOs appear to fake Christ's return!

Dear God I don't even know who feeds this crap to my mom but if you know please cite a source. So this is how the argument went.
I've been getting into history reading about the punic wars. I went down an archeology rabbit hole and into fake archeology ending up on the miniminuteman Baghdad battery debunk. Great series. shamless plug. check him out.
So far so good. My mom agrees that's all fake. But asks why it's a conspiracy. So I off the cuff say it has to do with the rediculous ancient aliens and she laughs again.
Mom "Yeah the ufos only started recently"
Me "Oh you mean like people reported them like roswell"
Mom "Well we know what they really are"
GFDI! so this her code for "its Satan but I have a hair of an idea how insane this sounds." I hear it alot.
Me "mom why would Satan impersonate aliens"
Mom "so when they land they can tell the government to initiate a sunday law."
We got in a fight and I left. It did not get more coherent. Apparently Satan can fake all of Jesus miracles except the 2nd coming from the sky so instead of a heavenly host unfurling the earth like a scroll a televised close encounter will have to do. The ufos so far are him... working out the kinks?
Yes my mom is bipolar and very unmedicated but this was nuts even by her standards. Do any other SDA parents have these theories?
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2023.05.28 14:07 Plastic_Influence_39 ASCII Representation of a woman

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2023.05.28 13:52 Iamnothingbutcake 18 [M4F] Trying out my luck here

I'd like to give this subreddit a try about this kinds of stuff and don't worry guys di ako scam account lalapag ko na ig ko agad for proof and para ma stalk nyo na ako if bet nyoko or inde HAHAHAHA
About me:
Upcoming freshie sa UST (BSIT)
Lives around QC
May glasses
Likes to color my hair from time to time
Cinnamoroll addict
I play games like valo, roblox, kahit ano basta may kasama tbh
Cat dad
5'2 (Im smol pero masaya ako kausap HAHAHA)
INFJ but they say I have really good social skills
Eto na yung IG ko: bluu_sharki
About you:
may glasses din (its okay pag wala)
plays games or kahit down to talk to vc from time to time
may substance kausap (sorry nonchalant ppl)
hindi dry-texter
preferably around QC rin but its okay kung hindi!!
DM nyo nako agad if you guys are interested!! ^^
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2023.05.28 13:50 Iamnothingbutcake 18 [M4F] Trying out my luck here

I'd like to give this subreddit a try about this kinds of stuff and don't worry guys di ako scam account lalapag ko na ig ko agad for proof and para ma stalk nyo na ako if bet nyoko or inde HAHAHAHA
About me:
About you:
DM nyo nako agad if you guys are interested!! ^^
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2023.05.28 11:37 Imbeoye How do i make a script that automatic pressing this button even when im standing far from this

How do i make a script that automatic pressing this button even when im standing far from this submitted by Imbeoye to ROBLOXExploiting [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 11:14 Original-Photo-2280 Yo, Roblox has finally partnered for FREE Robux!

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2023.05.28 11:11 Feeling-Disaster7180 I just finished my first aged care placement and I'm very concerned for the residents (long post)

Edit to add/reiterate: I’m definitely going to report it to ACQSC confidentially
I and 3 other students were at a very fancy facility in WA that looks like a 5-star hotel with a huge fountain out the front and costs around $5k a month. There are so many things wrong with this place I'll need to use dot points. I'm definitely considering reporting them to ACQSC. Note there are over 100 residents across 4 wings including secure dementia. Here it goes:
I never asked residents for their opinions on the facility, they freely told me these stories and one said "I'm sure you've heard about the reputation of this place". I often got stuck with residents for over 15 minutes as they were so happy to have a chat, I didn't mind at all because there usually wasn't much for me to do. We were meant to rotate wings, but I tried to stay in the same one for most of the time so I knew the residents and their conditions.
On a personal note, what I'm struggling with the most is I got to know some of them really well, even over such a short period of time. I visited two of them on my way out on the last day. One guy (the one with MRSA) is pretty unwell. I told him he'll feel better soon and to think positive thoughts, and he replied "Emma, it's all downhill from here, I won't be okay". He gave me a few fist bumps and we both teared up as I left. The other resident was a lady who reminded me so much of my nan who passed away last year, and she is such a babe, we got along so well. She got a chest infection the day before and the nurse told me it most likely won't get better. She said I have to come to visit her and as I walked out, she said to me "I'll be your second nan". I held back my tears as I walked out and broke down in my car for half an hour after taking diazepam. I'm so worried for her as there's a good chance she won't receive the care she needs, but at least I know she has a lot of family and friends. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to visit her, I'm hoping it won't be a problem as I didn't actually work there.
During my last week, I took the BGL of an insulin-dependent resident at 0800. It was 27.7 and she was unresponsive so I reported it to my RN straight away. She asked if the resident would be able to eat or drink for the insulin and I said there was no chance. The CNM joined us, and by the time we returned to her room, she had deteriorated. The CNM said she will pass very soon so she was given insulin anyway but remained unresponsive. The son was notified and we quickly cleaned up the room. The CNM had to hunt down a hoist to move her from the recliner into the bed. The resident was clearly in a lot of pain so the RN tried contacting the GP for morphine, but he didn't reply. It ended up taking over 4 hours for her to receive it. Understandably everyone was busy so I stayed with her so she wouldn't be alone. I arranged family photos and mementos and kept cleaning while she was settled, holding her hand and speaking to her when she was agitated. I brushed her hair and put on a nice brooch. I was with her, mostly alone, for around 1.5 hours until the son arrived. I greeted him when he got to her room and it was incredibly sad. Apparently the CNM never even spoke to him as she was in meetings. The resident held on until 2345 that night.
I knew I never wanted to work in aged care, but now I'm even more sure of it. I honestly don't know how the nurses do it with all these problems and getting to know residents and then seeing them pass. I'm still struggling so if anyone has any advice on how to handle the emotions, I would very much appreciate it.
On the topic of the facility's absolute incompetence and ambivalence to the residents' safety, does anyone have advice? I posted in the local nursing group on Facebook and was told by a few people to report it to my facilitator first but to be honest, I don't think they'll really care. I won't be able to live with myself if I don't do anything about it.
Sorry for the rant, but this really sucks.
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2023.05.28 10:30 deathB4dessert Forged in Valhallah Chapter 1 (SkyKnight series, book 5)

Behind the larger moon of Nebo, the large hulking mass of ship named Glazier, was holding its geostationary orbit as the battle commenced below on the planet of Valhallah. Injured and inactive Marines, Sol Stellar Infantry, and Vaalorian Navy personnel walked the halls of the great ship, or were held in the Medical bay. Medical suites were filled to capacity and overflowing with casualties. Injured Vaalor and Humans were everywhere. Several Cariolinous could be found to be bandaged or missing bits or limbs. Blaine woke to the sound of a medical examination table beeping away in the background, and instantly regretted moving his head, which pounded like a bass drum. “OOooh, fuck! My head! What the fuck happ- UNJHH! Mmmff, fuck! That’s not good!” He said, looking down at his ribs which were bandaged and bloody. Looking around, he noticed he was alone, and so tried to heal himself. The flames ignited around his palms; and as he focused, a rib snapped back into place, almost rendering him unconscious. He cursed under his breath, and was about to try again, when Constance walked in. “Ahh! Captain! You’re awake! Good! Good… So, you’re not going to jump up and break my wrist so you can get back into the fight, are you? I must say, I’m no longer interested in trying to stop you. But, my sister is.” She said, looking him over. “What? Why would Glam want to stop me? She was all for getting away from the Aquila, when we were on our way here…” Blaine asked, puzzled. “She’s a mommy, now.” Constance said. “Oh.” Blaine croaked. “Are you sure you should be sitting up? You don’t sound too good. You do understand, you got lucky. You caught a round just as you came onto the shuttle, and therefore the others were able to slow the bleed long enough for you to make it aboard the Glazier. We were able to stabilize you with some donor blood, luckily enough. There’s two universal human donors on this craft right now, but there was three. Contingency Captain Richter was killed in action yesterday.” Constance said. Blaine groaned again. “Fuck. I’m gonna miss that asshole.” He said, a heavy weight seeming to slam into his heart. “You knew the Contingency Captain well, I assume?” Constance said, trying to gauge his mental state. “We were in a lot of situations together. We used to refer to him as ‘the human earthquake’. He was a demolitions specialist, Ms. Helsbane.” Blaine said. “How many made it out of Zubrim?” “Well, thanks to your quick efforts, Zubrim was lost without many casualties. We expected more. Twelve Sihn Rifles and all of Zubrim Air Defense made it out. General Sihn is alive and well, and you even saved two Seals. Marconia Traviar, and Ah’lahn Capia, both Seals of their own respective SkyKnight contingents. Here… you read the report. I expect you’re not going anywhere for a few days…” Constance said, and handed him a qwikslate. “Your translator is working flawlessly, Constance. Thought I’d say…” Blaine said, as he accepted the qwikslate. “The translator is off. I spent the last three months learning English. How am I doing?” Constance said, smiling expectantly. “Really freaking good! That’s really impressive! Three months?!” Blaine said, astonished. “I’ve always been a fast learner.” Constance mused, happily. “That’s good…” Blaine said, distracted by the qwikslate. “I’ll… um… Leave you to it, then?” Constance said, and walked out, not waiting for an answer. “Yeah…” Blaine said, not paying attention. He tapped the qwikslate screen, and looked at the HUDvid recordings for Zubrim, and Operation Black Watch. He played through several recordings, taking in separate angles of the battle, trying to recreate a 3-d picture in his mind of the chaos. He rewatched his HUDvid, and realized what had really happened. As he’d run from the crash site to the Fort, he’d unknowingly passed within a hundred yards of the Mahl front lines. They had seen him, but he’d been too busy with trying to reach the Fort to notice. His HUDvid had recorded their positions, however. Five rows of at least a hundred Mahl warriors, had watched him limp passed, within a mere twenty yards of them. They hadn’t reacted, or broken cover at all. But, they had obviously taken notice of him if his HUDvid was to be believed. Blaine realized then, that these were no ordinary Mahl. These were well trained and disciplined warfighters, and they were leagues apart from the Mahl that had attacked Sol, in both space and capability. They were well armed, with plasma rifles and several recognizable firearms in their midst. Some of them, American made. Blaine saw the rifles from his homeland, and felt a pang of guilt and hatred in the same moment. He found new drive in that moment, and reignited the blue flames, trying again to fix his shredded insides. He felt things twist and knit, and a feeling of intense nausea welled up within him. Finally, he could handle the nausea no more, and he extinguished the flames and promptly vomited bile. Laying back against the bed, he felt his mind wander, and fell unconscious again. Sometime during his slumber, Constance came back in to check his bandages, and almost lost her mind when she saw the healed wounds. She remained silent, but quickly left and returned with Captain Krinski, and Glam. They waited in the medical suite until he woke up. “Mmmuh, Mornin’ Cap’n. What’s up?” Blaine said, coming around groggily. “I muzt know… how? Jhoo are healedt! Just jyesterday, jhoo ver on Deat’s doorshtep! How are jhoo alife?” Anastasia said. “Uhh…” Blaine said, hesitantly. “Look, I don’t care if whatever you did was illegal. We have a lot of injured who could benefit from the technology.” Constance said, eagerly. “Uhh… It’s… not technology?” Blaine said, hesitant still. “Then what is it?” Constance begged. “I need to know! There are people who need this, desperately!” “Spirit Fire.” Blaine said, looking at Glam. “Like, what happened to Fern when he died?” Glam said, curious. “Kinda. Spirit Fire cannot be wielded by the dead. But, the dead are the source. It is the power to heal, or destroy by fire. And it’s extremely rare. My great grandad could barely do what I can, and it’s got serious side effects…” Blaine said. “How does it work?” Constance said, desperately still trying to bottle it for later use. “The Ancestors choose an individual to heal others, by the energies of the Ancestral Eather, through the conduit of the chosen individual. Depending on the physical strength of the individual( I presume), the power can be super-strong, or mild. The energies are specific to the one being healed and the virtuosity of the act. What’s more, the energies can cause women to become fatally attracted to the individual if it’s a man, and vice versa. Also, healing oneself can be a horrible experience, let me tell you!” Blaine said at length. “Now, promise me on pain of death, that you’re never going to tell anyone. I’m serious!” He added, with a glare. “Y-yes! Of course!” Constance said, taken aback. “I don’t belief jhoo, Captink. Show meh. Or, I vill hafv jhoo trown in shainz, for lyink tooh jyur feddow vorfighterz!” Anastasia said, snarling slightly. “Captain, I believe him-” Glam said, trying to intervene before things went awry. “VELL, I DON’T! Andt ziss is shtill mine craft! VHAT DO I HAFV TOOH SAY OR DO, TOOH MAKE ZHAT CLEAR, CAPTINK?!” Anastasia roared. Three Brasscar stepped into the doorway, all sporting tasers, at that moment. “Uhm… This is going to get a hell of a lot more complicated the more people you involve, Captain. By the very nature of what they might see or experience! You do understand that if I am telling you the truth(which I really am), that you cannot keep it a secret with so many involved, right?” Blaine replied. “Corrinda, Please brink zeh Corporal in? I’m churr Captink Preiss vill not argue againsht healink hiz own crroo…” Anastasia said to one of the Brasscar. “Yes, Ma’am. “ Collinda said, and went to retrieve the aformentioned individual. “It doesn’t matter, then, if you end up getting me killed. Fine… So beit.” Blaine sighed, and sat up. At the same moment, Collinda walked back in carrying a very gravely injured Japfey on a stretcher, aided by yet another Brasscar. Blaine stood up and walked unsteadily to where the two Brasscar held the stretcher between them. “Corporal… You can’t tell anyone, clear?” Blaine said, as Corporal Japfey looked up at him with a wan smile and a distant stare. “Sure, Cap! I’ma butterfly!” Japfey said, his eyes crossing slightly. “And I’m a lepidopterist.” Blaine chuckled. He focused on the blue fire, and heard seven separate gasps as everyone collectively drew a deep breath of astonishment. Japfey shook his head, and looked around him. “Cap? The fuck, Sir? What’s going on?” “I’ll let you read the report and watch your HUDvid, Corporal. After which, you will speak of it to nobody. Is that clear?” Blaine repeated. “Y-yessir! I’m just slightly confused- how did I get here, and how did you get better? I watched your drop, remember?” Japfey said, stunned. “Watch the HUDvids, Japfey.” Blaine said, wearily. “Satisfied, Captain Krinski?” “I’m… Yah, Captink. I ahm satisfiedt. Jhoo may leave unhinderdt, andt ooll here are svorn tooh secretsee, jah.” Anastasia said, still in shock. “But-” Constance began. “No… C’mon, Sis. There’s other ways.” Glam said, realizing that what Blaine had been saying about his life being in jeopardy wasn’t just idle chat. Glam guided Constance out, who was still struggling to keep Blaine in her sight. “But, Glamrica! He could… Stop, dammit! I can walk on my own, girl!” Constance protested. “Then DO SO! The Captain needs to leave, and get some rest on his own ship, for HIS safety!” Glam snapped at her, shoving her out of the room. “Jess… for jyur safety, Captink… Please return tooh zeh Aquila.” Anastasia said, suddenly realizing the implications as well. “Yess’m. Are any others of my crew on board, Captain Krinski?” Blaine asked, as an afterthought. “Jess. Narah Sihn arrived ziss mornink. She’s vell, just berry scaredt. Her Fadder didn’t make it tooh zeh Imperial Palace, and zerr is no vord on his veraboutz…” Anastasia said. “Vy? Vhat is zoh important about zhat?” She added as Blaine made a beeline for the door. “James.” Blaine said, walking out. He searched the Medical suites first, finding them full of injured personnel. His heart ached to help them, but he knew the cost was too high to do so. Moving quickly, he found Narah staring blankly at a wall in the second to last Medical suite on that wing of the bay. He touched her gently on the shoulder, and smiled when she turned to look at him. Narah jumped up and wrapped him in a hug, so quickly it startled him. She held him like a vise, and started to cry silently. Then, stepping back from him and letting go reluctantly, she voiced her desperate fears. “He’s missing, and nobody knows what happened! One minute they were flying along, and the next they just disappeared off of the comlsink and tracking scopes! Nobody has heard a single thing from them since, and no demands from any would-be kidnappers! It’s like they just…” Narah stumbled through, and sniffled. “Disappeared. I understand. Get me a suit, and a dropzone.” Blaine said, his eyes flashing reddish behind the normal soft brown. Narah didn’t argue, nor did she wait for confirmation of what she thought she’d just heard. Without a second’s breath, she was running full-out for the shuttle bay, and skidded to a halt at the S.U, Aquila, before smashing the code into the doorway keypad. She grabbed his rifle, a fresh Seraphim suit, and his sabre, before stopping momentarily to stare at the particle beam cannon on the floor. She shook her head, looked at it again, and then shook her head again, before rushing back out the door and barely stopping to close it again. Again, she tore off towards the Medical suite she had just left, and found Blaine staring at the same wall she had just been. “Uhh, Baby? I.. I’m not sure this is smart. I just… Maybe we should bring Rosey.” She said, looking at his feet, shamefully. “Maybe. Let’s not until we know. Where is Lisa, or Jupiter?” Blaine said. “Lisa is on board, with Hector. They should be in the Galley, right now.” She said. “Nav Officer Renhardt… She’s MIA, too!” “What? Wasn’t she flying the shuttle that brought me?” Blaine said, suddenly questioning just how long he’d been asleep. “Yeah, silly.. She… She went out after James and Daddy went missing, to try and find them. She’s a great pilot, but I don’t think she’s really qualified as a Spacejumper.” Narah said, hesitantly. “Can you take these? They’re getting heavy.” “Sorry.” Blaine said, taking the suit. “Then I'm going to need the Ortiz clan. Monster is always good to have in a fight. And Lisa can fly the shuttle and shoot, so we’re good for now.” “I’ll send her a.. Text?” Narah said, looking at him with a puzzled expression. “Yeah, a text would be a great idea.” Blaine confirmed, missing her query but answering it all the same. Narah stood in a corner with a qwikslate, typing like mad, while Blaine suited up minus the jetpack. This he carried with his rifle in one hand, and the sword in the other. Narah looked up from her qwikslate as he finished, and nodded. “Good. Let’s go shoot this goose, babe! I has a lot o’ questions what need answers.” Blaine said. Narah let out a short cackle, and smiled. “Yeah. Let’s shoot the goose! What’s a goose?” “Not important. C’mon…” Blaine said, putting an arm around her and guiding her towards the door. “Just what do you think you are doing, Captain?” Brashi’i said, standing in the doorway. “Where the absolute fuck did you appear from, and how do you guys keep doing that?! You and Jupiter both! And you, Narah! Just all of a sudden, Pop-goes-the-weasel, and you’re in my face!” Blaine said, finally letting vent to something that had been frustrating him for several weeks. “You really don’t know how well that neuro-link device works, do you? It literally retrained our bodies to walk much more quietly, after we took turns running through one of your sims. What do you think I was doing, when I was in the sim?” Brashi’i waved him off. “Well.. then you’re going to love learning this next trick… Love you!” Blaine kissed her on the cheek and Brashi’i promptly fell unconscious. “What was that? What did you just do to her?!” Narah squeaked, looking at the crumpled heap of woman on the floor. “Quickly, quickly… she’s not gonna be out for long…!” Blaine bustled her out the door. “But-” Narah said. “Goooo!” Blaine chided her. “It’s ‘the kiss of bliss’... a Martial arts technique I learned when I was a kid. She’s going to wake up in a few seconds!” “Fine! But don’t you ever-” Narah said, as he hustled her towards the Galley. “Shh! Hi! Yep! Just a human… Nothing to see here…” Blaine said, pushing her on, as people turned and stared at them. “Blaine… I’m not joking.” Narah said, stopping right in front of the Galley. “Neither am- OOF!” Blaine started to say, only to be lifted bodily from the floor by a hefty punch to his ribs. “What the fuck, you asshole! You just fucking punched a commanding officer in the chin, you human pile of gutless crap!” Brashi’i screamed from behind him as he collapsed. “dammit… Hi, Baby!” Blaine said, smiling through the pain. “Don’t you ‘Hi Baby’ me, you slippery fuck! Or I’ll punch something you can’t heal!” Brashi’i spat, turning blue as her rage welled within her. “Huuhhh…. GASP- I didn’t punch you… mmmnnngh… I pushed a vertebrae out of place, rendering you instantly unconscioussss… fuck! Why the ribs? Why always the ribs?!” Blaine said through tears and intense burning in his lungs, rolling slightly back and forth on the floor. “Whatever you did, IT FUCKING HURTS! You really thought I’d just let you walk out, no whatever and not a by-your-leave? You must be fucking crazy!” Brashi’i screamed, her fists still curled into tight balls and her face the image of twisted fury. “Yes. Precisely. Because, in fact, sweety… grunt… Enough time has already been wasted with being down. Which is why I’m not stopping, for fuck-all.” Blaine said, standing back up, still clenching his ribs. “And I’ll do it again, if you’re gonna try an’ stop me, Brash…” “Stop you? I just wanted to know what you were doing! Narah is on suicide watch until her father is located and retrieved. Or did you not know?” Brashi’i said, still snarling at him with intense venom. “Why would she want to kill herself? We’re literally going to get him?!” Blaine blurted out through the throbbing of his bruised ribs. “Why not say that, you stubborn fool! Why just knock me out, and run?” Brashi’i said, still breathing heavily. “Because..” Blaine wheezed, “I don’t have time for all of this crap!” “What the fuck is five more minutes gonna cost you?” Brashi’i spat. “Maybe my sister’s life, Brash. So, one more time… Get the ever loving fuck, out of my way!” Blaine said, finally catching his breath. Brashi’i said nothing, but stepped aside symbolically, using one hand to gesture forwards passed her. “Thank you! For Chrissake…” Blaine said loudly, and turned around to find Lisa and Hector staring at him, in utter amazement. “When and where, Caballero?” Lisa asked, seeing he was in no mood for small-talk. “Now. Shuttle.” Blaine said, nodding at Hector. Hector smiled and winked back. “On it, Cap!” Hector said, and dragged Lisa towards the shuttle bay. “Anything else, or can we go?” Blaine said, looking around at the crowd that was gathering to watch. With a lot of muttering and sheepish looks, people stepped back and made a thoroughfare for them, towards the shuttle bay. Blaine sighed, grabbed up his equipment, and walked the shame mile. Narah quickly caught up to him, and took his jetpack to carry for him. Blaine was grateful for the relief of pressure on his aching ribs. A shout sounded behind them, as Brashi’i vented her anger and strode into the Galley. “You ok? I heard the thump off that hit!” Narah said, trying to comfort him. “I’ll be fine! She used the wrong hand- probably the reason for the scream. Remind me to fix that for her if we make it back?” Blaine said, jokingly. “Yeah, right after I break my fist on her mouth.” Narah said, giggling. Blaine chuckled. “Damn, bloodthirsty, aren’t we?!” “Well, she did just try to stop us from getting my Dad. Thanks for not taking no for an answer, by the way…” Narah said, smiling at him. “I wouldn’t have, anyways. You know how I feel about our family… Now, imagine that I’ve felt that strongly about my sisters since we were little. You had nothing to fear… I was going with or without her permission.” Blaine said, and increased his pace. “So, this isn’t about my Dad?” Narah said, crestfallen. “I didn’t say that. I said that I have more than just him as personal investment, in this situation.” Blaine said. “Good save.” Narah said, smiling again. They walked onto the shuttle, and sat down, as Lisa negotiated their departure. This was made more complicated by the fact that they didn’t have any official orders or flightplan. Lisa finally got them clearance, by threatening diplomatic tensions between Humans and Vaalor. She turned off the comslink, and spoke solely to the four present. “We are flying into a shitstorm, with no backup, I’m pretty sure. Since that’s the case, I need to know, Cap- how much is this worth to you?” Lisa asked. Hector rolled his eyes, but stayed silent. “I’d shoot the President, to make it happen.” Blaine deadpanned. “My resolve knows no end.” “Ok… That’s good enough for me! Hang on… We’re in for a ride!” Lisa said, and dove for atmosphere. The walls of the shuttle began to heat up and glow, as they dropped through the atmosphere. Blaine felt as the shuttle began to shake from the buffeting, and Lisa pulled up on the yoke. “RRRrrr-you-son-of-a-bitch! Rah! Come about!” she grunted, as she pulled. The shuttle slowed, and started to become more aerodynamic. Lisa cruised to the coordinates that Narah gave her, and they came to a hover at 1500 feet. “We’re here…” Lisa said, and set the hover function to auto and stood up, stretching. Blaine stood up, and readied his rifle. Opening the door, he was met with a faceful of wind, and nearly sucked from the craft. He looked around at Lisa, with a smirk, and engaged his suit’s magnetic system. Looking back out the door, he asked, “You sure this is it? We’re a thousand feet up, at least!”
Lisa looked at him, and shook her head. “I can’t hear you!” “Helmets!” Blaine shouted, donning his. The rest of them pulled on their helmets, and the silence was shocking to behold. Everyone started talking at once. “We’re in the right area, right?” Blaine said. “Whoa, so quiet!” Narah said. “Middle of the fucking air! Narah!” Lisa shouted, crossing her arms. “God, thank you! I fucking hate HALO jumps!” Hector sighed. Unfortunately, all that was heard, was a cacophony of insane noise. “What?” everyone said at exactly the same time, which had the strange effect of sounding like a Beachfront quartet. This had the women giggling, and the men chuckling too! “Ok.. so… Are you sure this is the spot, Narah?” Blaine asked, as he got his mirth under control. “Yep. This is the marker from the computer. I didn’t change anything. We’re exactly where their beacon was last, before it disappeared. Lisa, spin us around slowly. Let’s get a good view of how this place looks.” Narah said, nodding. Lisa did as she was told, and sat back down in the pilot's seat. She disengaged the hover function, and started to rotate the craft. This caused the shuttle to slide forwards slightly, and suddenly the scenery changed. Instead of a windswept 1500 foot altitude without a bottom, they were a mere 50 feet up and maneuvering between trees in a tropical forest. “OH SHIT!” Lisa cursed, and quickly brought the yoke up as high as she could pull it without dislodging it. The shuttle shot straight up, and soon they were hovering over the top of the Amazon Rainforest on Earth, according to their instruments. More specifically, somewhere outside of Anza De Esparanza, Brazil. “What the… fack?” Blaine said, as a brightly colored Scarlet Macaw landed on the shuttle deck, and squawked at him. “Huh? Am I missing something?” Narah said. “Lisa, take us back! I need to check something!” Blaine said, a sudden realization dawning upon him. “Ohh, kay?” Lisa said, and hesitantly set the shuttle back towards its previously known position. They slowly maneuvered back through the trees, and then suddenly they were on Valhallah, again. Blaine smiled and shouted for joy, realizing the implications. “You wanna fill us in on what just happened, there? Or, should we just guess?” Lisa asked Blaine as Narah’s eyes got wide as saucers. “A laminar wormhole! A literal fucking laminar wormhole! BETWEEN EARTH AND VALHALLAH!” Blaine said, his face wreathed in smiles behind his visor. “Are you saying-” Lisa said, slowly catching on. “THAT THE LEGENDS ARE ALL REAL! THEY’RE HISTORY!” Blaine said, closing the door and smiling like a madman. “So, Thor, Meremere, and all that?” Lisa said, suddenly looking stunned. “Yeah, Thor, Moljnir, and all that!" Blaine confirmed. “So, if it’s a laminar wormhole, where is James, and where’s my Dad? Narah said, bringing everyone back to the reality before them. “They should be on one side, or the other. Your guess is as good as mine as to where. However, what’s bothering me, is why didn’t they just fly back through? James would have turned back!” Blaine said, at a loss for answers. “Just like you did. So.. Lisa? Take us back through, but keep the shuttle at 3000 feet, so that we can have time to deploy our wings.” Narah said, before sitting back down. “What’s on your mind, hun?” Blaine said, sitting down next to her. “Recon.” Narah said, stone faced. “Right. Well, where we came through at, I’m sure we hit a tree the first time. Perhaps we should start at the base?” Blaine suggested. “Good idea. Lisa, change of plans… I want you to get us as close to that tree we hit coming in, without landing right at its base, I want to make landfall.” Narah said. Lisa looked at Blaine. “What, you want permission?” Blaine said, smiling garishly at her. “Right. Back through. Don’t mind me if I change my pants afterwards! You SA’s are crasee!” Lisa said, and flew the shuttle back through the wormhole. “There’s a clearing over there… I’m gonna put down there.” “Ok, gear up, expect predators!” Blaine said, belting on his sword and grabbing his rifle. “What kinds?” Narah said. “Snakes, spiders, Caiman, Crocodiles, Jaguar, Ocelot, and Puma, to name a few. Big cats, and venomous snakes. Spiders as big as a dinner plate.” Blaine said. “I hate spiders, homie!” Hector said, staring at Blaine and turning pale as a sheet. “I fuckin’ hate ‘em!” “Then, keep your eyes peeled, don’t walk through any webs, and don’t panic if you see one. They’ll only chase you if you run.” Blaine assured him. “Ok… I’m good… Ok…” Hector said, nodding and psyching himself up. “Good. Don’t touch flowers. No matter how pretty.” He said, looking from Narah to Lisa. “Why?” Narah asked. “We’re in the rainforest. Everything here is trying to kill and eat something else. Nothing is safe. Even things that might seem so.” Blaine said, seriously. “Ok… So, what should we eat if we’re here for a while?” Narah said, being sensible about her questions. “Only what I hand you. Don’t eat or touch anything else, especially if it’s brightly colored.” Blaine warned her. “Why?” Narah asked. Blaine looked skywards for patience. Lisa came to his rescue. “Everyone knows bright colors mean venom or poison. Especially in the rainforest. With rare exception.” “Oh. You know, that’s not the case on Valhallah. Or my planet.” Narah said. “That’s why I asked.” “What’s your planet like, Narah?” Blaine said, trying to distract from the hike they were now embarking on. “Crazy enough, it’s a lot like yours. Just, venomous plants and animals are usually also trying to hide, whether predator or prey. Reds are normal. Yellows and greens, too. Most of the brightly colored plants only become so when fruiting. And most are not toxic. It takes an expert eye to be able to discern… What are you doing! You said not to eat anything brightly colored!” Narah suddenly shrieked, as Blaine peeled a banana. “Yes. I did. I also said don’t eat anything that I don’t give you. This, is a fruit known as a banana. It’s actually edible. Just, be careful when you pick them. See?” Blaine pointed to a large spider crawling across a banana leaf. “I’ll have to keep that in mind…” Narah said, as she stared at the slowly moving spider. “What’s that?” “One of the most deadly spiders known to mankind. Its bite would probably be harmless to you, but to us, it’s a very excruciating way to die, and very embarrassing as well. Basically….” Blaine said, before whispering in her ear. “Oh! That’s… both horrible and strangely … it kinda turns me on!” Narah said, smiling. “It’s not as nice as you think. It’d be like popping a bean, and never being able to rub it relaxed again, until you finally die from a heart attack. Us humans are naturally afraid of spiders, because of spiders like that.” Blaine said at length. “Yeah, sounds a lot worse when you say it like that.” Narah said, frowning. “Hey! That’s Archangel armor!” Blaine was suddenly right next to her, peering through the woods towards where she was pointing. A single scale stuck from a tree branch. Blaine looked down, and around the area across the ground. A large four-clawed bipedal print, told Blaine the worst was to fear. “Mahl.” Blaine said, as Lisa followed his gaze. “Oh, Christ!” Lisa said, terrified. “I thought they didn’t land on Earth?” “They didn’t, or these woods would be crawling with Brazilian and UN forces. No, this is a loner.” Blaine said, looking at the trail they left behind. “I’ll tell you this… James is being smart. She’s obviously being dragged. Your father is walking… With a limp, but walking.” He said, pointing to the trail leading from the tree through the underbrush. “How’s she being smart? She’s letting herself be dragged off by that brute! Why not just rip his arms off and beat him with them? She obviously can…” Narah pouted. “Precisely! She’s not! Which means there’s a good reason. Either she feels bested, or there’s a larger game afoot!” Blaine said, gritting his teeth and causing a vein to pop in his temple. “So, what do we do?” Narah asked. “Follow. In dead silence.” Blaine said, looking at her severely. Narah nodded, and followed him. They walked for the rest of the day, silent and slow. Blaine stayed in the lead, following the trail ahead. The Mahl stopped a couple of times, each time for water. They came finally to a tree, where the trail dead ended at it’s base. Blaine waited for the rest to catch up, and then smiled at Narah. Narah scowled at him puzzled at why he’d seem so happy at losing the trail. “Look up.” Blaine said quietly, grinning at Narah and the other two. A deep guttural growling roar, issued from a ball of fur halfway up the tree, sporting two others who were wearing Seraphim suits. “Hi, bonehead! I’m Blaine. You’ve got something that belongs to me. How’s about you give them back, and I don’t … make a mess…” Blaine said cheerily, smiling and waving to the Mahl. “GRRrrr, WHY SHOULD I?!” The Mahl said in a deep voice, which almost matched his growl. “Because! I’m allowing you to keep your arms. That’s more than she will do.” Blaine said, pointing to James. James smiled, and twisted around, grabbing the Mahl by his arm. “Ready, Freddy?” She snarled. “James! Wait-” Mordecai said, terrified. The Mahl made as if to bite her head off, and James changed. Her hair stood on end, and her face twisted grotesque. The Mahl stopped momentarily, looking at the savagely frothing woman in his claws, and suddenly had second thoughts about thinking her a mere weakling. That, didn’t matter, however. James ripped the Mahl’s head off of his shoulders, and spat down the creature’s esophagus. Then, they all came crashing out of the tree. Landing hard, Mordecai groaned as he lay still. James landed catlike, and ripped the offending Mahl’s bodily remains to dreg shreds, with her bare hands. Then, she roared, and passed out face first into the loamy soil of the rainforest floor. Blaine ran to Mordecai’s side, and looked him over. The elderly man had a broken wrist, and a large gash across his brow. Furthermore, he was completely unconscious. Blaine wasted no time, the blue flames glowing brightly in the failing light. Narah was at his side before he had finished, and watched, with tears in her eyes. “What about James?” Narah said, looking at Blaine as he finished and extinguished the blue fire. “Well…” Blaine said, and squatted next to her. He opened her eye, and checked the reactivity. He then became visibly worried. James wasn’t reactive at all. It was like her mind was empty. Like her soul had left her body. Blaine whimpered, as he held her hand to his lips. He looked around, like a scared child, and then closed his eyes. Blue light lit up the undergrowth, and blinded Lisa and Hector as they slowly walked closer. “SOB… GASP! Not yet, kiddo! Not yet!” Blaine’s voice could be heard from within the giant blue-white halo. “Please!” “Uhhn… Bean? Wha? OH! Fuck…” James’ voice could be heard saying. The light subsided and left Narah, Lisa, and Hector blinking furiously and rubbing their eyes. Blaine could be heard crying, as he hunched over, but nobody could see well enough to understand why for several minutes more. Then James slowly rolled over and stood up, weakly. “Bean… It’s ok… C’mon! We gotta go! It’s getting dark again!” She said, panic rising in her voice. “I…I-I thought… Yeah. Let’s go….” Blaine said, tears rolling down his cheeks. They ran flat out, for several minutes, before Blaine shouted at them. “STOP! We need to set camp! Don’t run in the woods at night!” “Scrape a clearing! I’ll get some firewood, and you, go get a bunch of banana leaves. You do know what those are, right Narah?” James said, helping as much as she could. “Yeah, I know what they are. I’ll be right back.” Narah said, and disappeared into the undergrowth. “Uhm.. Cap?... Do monkey’s eyes glow?” Hector said, as he stared into the gathering night. “No. Why, Monster? Find a monster?” Blaine said, and chuckled at his joke. “Nah, for reals, Cap! Look!” Hector said, pointing at two reddish orange orbs in the undergrowth. “Whoa! Hector! You found our monster, alright! It’s the apparatus that is creating the wormhole!” Blaine said, noticing where they were. “See? There’s the broken tree we hit earlier, Narah… Narah? Sweety?” Blaine looked around, worried. Then, he heard a muffled squeak which sounded oddly familiar. “I’m comin’ hun!” Blaine bellowed, and tore off through the cycads and the bromeliads. He found her being wrapped up by a massive anaconda, and drew his sword. Swinging deftly, he struck the creature clear to its spine with a fatal blow, directly behind the snake’s skull. He then roared mightily, as he peeled the massive jaws from Narah’s shoulder. Sobbing in terror and desperation of breath, Narah wriggled free of the snake’s coils, and slithered her way back several feet from it, wiping her skin like she was covered in some slimy sludge. Her heart raced, and she sobbed harder as she stared in terror at the thing that had just held her in its coils and tried to crush the life out of her. James ran up, and realized what had happened. She walked over to Narah and sweetly said to her as she helped her stand, “I’m so sorry! Come on! Let’s get you away from here!” The two quickly walked back to camp, James taking the chance to see to Narah’s wounds. Blaine sliced a huge chunk off of the snake, and carried it back to the fire he’d been starting just previously. Building up a pile of wood, he concentrated on the crimson and gold flames, and then the pile leaped to life with flames flickering merrily. The smell of cooking flesh, mixed with the day’s happenings, drew the six individuals to partake without argument or aplomb. Smiles were in short supply, but were certainly easier to manage with meat to fill their bellies. Narah was still clammy, and therefore wouldn’t let anyone touch her. Blaine made a joke about who would have died first, the snake or Narah, and Narah smiled at his attempt to cheer her up. “Maybe we should just sleep in the shuttle.” Blaine suggested. Nobody argued the logic, and so around an hour later, they were all back inside of the shuttle. They fell asleep, unaware of the several sets of beady little black eyes that watched them from the topiary level of the forest. Mahl clung to trees all around the clearing, hanging upside down from the vines and Burna trees. They didn’t make a sound, and simply watched until morning light, before disappearing into the jungle treetops, silent as a wraith. —----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brashi’i sat with her thoughts, mulling over her feelings on the previous day's activity, and wondering about the man she’d let go. Had he left and simply decided to not come back? Or, was there another, more sinister reason for his absence? She sipped her strong drink, and sighed to herself. If he was gone, then he would move heaven and earth, to come back to them. That much, she was certain of. A voice like a thunderstorm, pulled her from her revelry. “Vhat troubles jhoo, Madam Zeal? “ Anastasia said, as she sat down next to Brashi’i. “Nothing, Anastasia. I’m fine.” Brashi’i replied, haggardly. “I’m just worried about my crew.” “Vee hafv naht oolvays seen eye tooh eye, Brashi’i. Zhat does naht mean zhat I do naht vorry, tooh. I hafv mine own reasons, tooh vhant Captink Preiss tooh return unharmedt, jah?” Anastasia said, winking at the bartender. “I understand. Still, I’d rather not talk about it, kay?” Brashi’i said, delicately. “Zhat is fine. I vos only tryink tooh be friendly, Madam Zeal.” Anastasia said, accepting her drink from the slightly surly bartender. “Tank jhoo, Frankie.” “I have no idea what happened to them, where they went, or how to get them back. They vanished in the same place exactly, as Ensign Price and the General.” Brashi’i muttered, as a patron walked passed them. “Jyur man…. Zeh Captink… He is naht a childt. He vill be fine. Jhoo vill see!” Anastasia reassured her. “I know… It still doesn’t make it easier. Enjoy your drink, Captain. Good night.” Brashi’i said, downing the rest of her drink and leaving.
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2023.05.28 10:29 OkMeasurement4483 ASCII Representation of a woman

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2023.05.28 09:45 screamingairwaves Close friends are taking back my abusive ex

TRIGGER WARNING: Severe domestic violence
We'll call my ex "Mike" for privacy reasons.
I've known Mike since I was born. His father used to be my dad's stepfather and my dad kept in touch after the divorce. I grew up around Mike and he's 5.5 years older than me. When I was 14, he began grooming me. At 16 I was in a relationship with him, lost my virginity to him, and at 17 I moved out to live with him. My father was going through a divorce at the time and was heavily drinking and didn't fight me on moving out.
I was 17 and 95 lbs and he was 23 and 230 lbs.
The abuse began immediately. He started calling me names, told me that I was "all used up," and that nobody would want me again, I wasn't allowed to go to concerts, couldn't watch movies with male actors (so every movie), forced me to cut contact with my father, and broke my phone when he found out I was secretly texting him and deleting the messages. He told me that I was nothing, I wasn't allowed to hang out with friends, even for lunch at work, I couldn't leave the house alone, he tracked the miles on my car, intense phone monitoring, isolation, and sexual abuse. Financial abuse, I wasn't ever in possession of my debit or credit cards, he spent all of my money, including buying a truck and firearms. He worked about 10 hours a week. This escalated to physical abuse, throwing hot water, locking me out of my own house for hours in 10F weather, cutting my water off during my showers, cutting my hair in my sleep, waterboarding, scratching, and biting. This then turned into slamming me into walls, doors, the floor, slapping, throwing heavy things at my head when my back was turned, and punching, among many other things including abusing and threatening to abuse my cat.
But that's not what this post is about.
As I mentioned, we grew up family friends. Let's call his brother Bryan and Bryan's wife Tammy.
The only people I was allowed to be around WITH SUPERVISION during the entirety of our relationship were Bryan and Tammy. We would go spend the weekends at their house, including sleeping there. I never told them. One time, after being beaten, I called Tammy and told her that he was verbally abusing me but not about the rest of it. I made her promise not to tell Bryan since he is in the military and would absolutely confront Mike and I knew that would put me in extreme danger.
Tammy supported me and I successfully secretly kept in close contact with her, she was careful to never message me first and we used code words.
Finally, after a particularly brutal and violent night, I escaped and got in my car with no shoes, no shirt, no cat, and covered in blood. It was 2 in the morning. I called Tammy, screaming and crying, she woke up Bryan and put him on speakerphone. I told them everything. They told me to drive to their house and I did. We stayed up all night. Bryan cleaned my wounds (he was a field medic), cleaned all of the blood and spit off of me, Tammy helped me bathe, and gave me clean clothes. I told them every little detail of the past year and a half of my life. Bryan was shaking with anger, swearing that if we didn't talk him out of it, he was going to go kill Mike and he wasn't scared of going to prison or losing his wife or job. They listened. The next day, Bryan went to our apartment with his mother and they got all of my stuff. I lived with Bryan and Tammy for the next 4 months before moving back in with my father. During this time, they convinced me to file a police report and press charges, they were with me through all of the court, panic attacks, gut-wrenching fear, and anger. They always promised me to never let him back in their lives, that he was a disgusting and horrible human, and that they would never forgive him.
Well, I've been back with my dad for 3 months and I just found out that they have been having Mike over to their house again. They've been spending a lot of time together. I am so broken over this, they were the ones I trusted, the ones I sobbed to, THE ONES TO CLEAN MY OPEN WOUNDS, and the ones to support me during the aftermath. Now they have gladly accepted him back into their lives. I have not talked with them since I found out. They haven't reached out either. How they can look him in their eyes and not see my mangled body is beyond me. I'm so shattered. I don't know what to do, I want to scream and cry and crash my car. I'm lost.
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2023.05.28 09:23 One_Worldliness6663 ChatGPT辱女了

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2023.05.28 08:59 JesusChrist0AD She's Utterly Adorable

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2023.05.28 08:21 Consistent-Dog-8972 Fascinating private tour of Edinburgh

Fascinating private tour of Edinburgh
Edinburgh's newly opened restaurants are taking Edinburgh's food scene to the next level. Now boasting Michelin-star restaurant Heron by the same owners as Leith's Timberyard and Tom Kitchin's The Kitchin; vegan restaurant Treen; and KORA in Stockbridge - Edinburgh now has something for every dining occasion!
Explore Scotland's historic Stirling Castle and beautiful National Trossachs Park during this four day tour from Edinburgh.
Greyfriars Graveyard
Greyfriars graveyard has long been revered as one of Britain's most haunted places, housing hundreds of ghostly figures such as George "Bluidy" MacKenzie who persecuted Covenanters back in 1600s. Many visitors report feeling physically attacked here and reporting bruises, bites, scratches or even blackout due to unknown forces attacking.
Greyfriars Bobby was a loyal dog that guarded his master's tomb for 14 years at this historic cemetery, inspiring JK Rowling to write part of her Harry Potter series here at The Elephant House. To experience its mysterious atmosphere for yourself, check out tours that include this haunted site in their itinerary.
Niddry Street Vaults
South Bridge may appear like any other street in Edinburgh from the outside, but beneath it lies an intricate network of underground vaults once used by Edinburgh's poorest residents as squatters, but now host an adrenalin-pumping paranormal tour that will give you chills! On this adult-only journey you will visit The Watcher's hunting grounds, an authentic witches coven and even witness medieval torture exhibits!
Your tour begins above ground, as you learn about Edinburgh's criminals that roamed its streets, before you are led underground for an eerie walk by torchlight on Blair Street underground vaults - where body snatchers would hide helpless people before selling them to Burke and Hare for dissection in medical school dissection labs. There will also be tales of evil poltergeists and Covenanters Prison horrors such as tales of cold breezes, ghostly voices and even having hair pulled! Guests have reported feeling cold breezes while hearing ghostly voices as they experienced ghostly voices or felt their hair being pulled!
The Stone Circle
The Stone Circle is one of Scotland's most remarkable prehistoric structures, an ellipse-shaped layout comprising fourteen low boulders surrounding a massive burial cairn.
Stonehenge may have the more impressive stones, but Woodhenge boasts one distinct feature - a tree in the center softening harsh edges of monoblock paving. Furthermore, its aim to become a living monument can be seen through how its construction was conducted, with grass and moss growing amongst the stones as part of the design.
Tour of this haunted location will lead you through Edinburgh's Old Town and Greyfriars Kirkyard, Niddry Wynd, Burke and Hare's stories and tales from persecuted witches as well as fun narration by tour guides who don't go overboard on scariness (this tour can also be enjoyed by families!). Highly recommended tour.
Rosslyn Chapel
A Roman Catholic Chapel dating back to 15th-century Scotland, Roslin Chapel stands on a small rocky peak overlooking Roslin Glen and was begun as such by William Sinclair, Earl of Caithness.
But this building has earned its fame through the many captivating myths, legends and mysteries surrounding it. Built as an offering to honor Sinclair family members who had passed on quickly before us and ensure their place in heaven.
Surviving Scottish Reformation and falling into disuse when Cromwell's soldiers attacked Rosslyn Castle, housing their horses within it, it eventually reopened during the 18th century.
Visitors of this medieval masterpiece will be in awe at all the beautiful features inside it, such as its Apprentice Pillar -- believed to have been constructed so skillfully by an apprentice stonemason that his master killed him out of jealousy - as well as its use as the backdrop for one of Dan Brown's best-selling novels, The Da Vinci Code.
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2023.05.28 07:50 AstroKelper Locked out of Roblox by 2FA, looking for help!

So recently, I got locked out of my 5yo Roblox account because I wanted to switch to an alt to play a game, and I realized I got locked out of my account because the 2fa (Google Authenticator) was linked to my phone in which I lost recently, and I didn't have a backup code for it.
I've tried multiple ways to get into my account, but nothing seemed to work, so I contacted Roblox Support for any help. "Thanks for reaching out about the issue you’re having with 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). In order to regain access to your authenticator, please use the recovery or backup codes that you were provided when you first set up your authenticator. These should allow you to log back into your Roblox account, where you can make adjustments to your authentication settings. Please be sure to read Add 2-Step Verification to Your Account and Troubleshooting 2-Step Verification for more information if you run into any issues."
Of course, I've replied, telling the support member about the situation, and I gave them the email linked to the account, and phone number too, since both were verified. I also gave extra proof by recording a clip of me opening Studio, because Roblox Studio was still linked with my account. And as of now, they haven't responded yet.
I'll give any updates about the situation when something happens, and I hope I can get some assistance in the replies, so anything helps!
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2023.05.28 07:41 shinji Painted Desert

Painted Desert

Painted Desert
Went through a prompt to photoshop to img2img, back to photoshop.
Original prompt: Prompt: (masterpiece,detailed,highres:1.4) , young model shot, small breasts, red hair, small eyes, intricate space, black jacket, barren wilderness background, desert landscape, cloak, grey trousers, magic, looking into distance, plain clothes, 1800's clothing, Negative prompt: bad-image-v2-39000, symbols, design clothes, trees Steps: 20, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 7, Seed: 3157491702, Face restoration: CodeFormer, Size: 688x912, Model hash: c7751e6108, Model: aZovyaRPGArtistTools_v3, Version: v1.2.1 Used embeddings: bad-image-v2-39000 [b03e]
Used Photoshop beta with firefly for outpainting, then used img2img SD with same prompt and resolution of 2048 x 1288, steps: 32, GFG: 5.5, restore faces. Ran a batch of 30 (Didn't keep the seed for the final selected. sorry.) and then more photoshop to remove an extra hand and some more firefly ps beta to fill some areas.
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2023.05.28 06:13 Original-Eagle-8278 Express Beauty for Special Events: Expert Advice for Effortless Elegance

Special events call for a touch of elegance and glamour, but preparing for them can often be time-consuming and overwhelming. Enter ExpressBeautyOnline, your go-to destination for achieving effortless elegance for those memorable occasions. With their expert advice and carefully curated products, ExpressBeautyOnline ensures that you look and feel stunning without the stress.

In this article, we will explore some top tips and recommendations from ExpressBeautyOnline to help you achieve express beauty for your next special event.

  1. Plan Ahead and Practice: Planning is key to achieving a flawless look for any special event. Start by assessing the dress code, theme, and venue to determine the overall style you want to achieve. Once you have an idea in mind, practice your makeup and hairstyle a few times before the actual event. This allows you to perfect your technique, understand how long it takes, and make any necessary adjustments. ExpressBeautyOnline offers step-by-step tutorials and guides to help you along the way.
  2. Enhance Your Skin's Radiance: Radiant skin is the foundation of a stunning look. In the weeks leading up to the event, focus on skincare to achieve a healthy glow. Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells, moisturize daily to keep your skin hydrated, and consider using a brightening serum to enhance your skin's radiance. ExpressBeautyOnline recommends incorporating sheet masks and facial oils into your routine for an extra boost of hydration and nourishment.
  3. Time-Saving Makeup Techniques: ExpressBeautyOnline understands that time is of the essence when getting ready for a special event. They offer time-saving makeup techniques to help you achieve a flawless look in record time. Consider using a primer to create a smooth canvas for your makeup and make it last longer. Opt for long-wearing and highly pigmented products to minimize touch-ups throughout the event. Additionally, mastering techniques like cut-crease eyeshadow application, winged eyeliner, and contouring can elevate your look without spending hours in front of the mirror.
  4. Elevate Your Hairstyle: Your hairstyle is a crucial element in completing your overall look. ExpressBeautyOnline provides expert advice on hairstyles that are both elegant and achievable. Whether you prefer sleek updos, romantic curls, or intricate braids, ExpressBeautyOnline has tutorials and recommendations to suit your preferences and hair type. They also suggest using accessories like hair clips, headbands, or decorative pins to add a touch of glamour and personality to your hairstyle.
  5. Choose Statement Accessories: The right accessories can transform your entire look. ExpressBeautyOnline suggests selecting statement pieces that complement your outfit and enhance your natural beauty. From bold earrings and statement necklaces to sparkling hairpieces and embellished clutches, carefully chosen accessories can elevate your ensemble and make you stand out at any special event.
  6. Don't Forget the Finishing Touches: ExpressBeautyOnline emphasizes the importance of the finishing touches to complete your look. Apply a long-lasting setting spray to keep your makeup in place throughout the event. Opt for a sophisticated fragrance that complements your style and enhances your confidence. Lastly, remember to carry a few essential touch-up items in your purse, such as a lipstick or lip gloss, blotting papers, and a small mirror.
ExpressBeautyOnline is your trusted partner for achieving express beauty for special events. By following their expert advice and utilizing their recommended products, you can effortlessly exude elegance and confidence. With proper planning, time-saving techniques, and attention to detail, you'll be ready to dazzle at any occasion. Trust in ExpressBeautyOnline to make your special events even more memorable with their expertise in effortless elegance.
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2023.05.28 06:13 Helpful-Audience-702 ASCII Representation of a woman

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2023.05.28 06:05 Indian_FireFly 25 [M4F] Mumbai/Pune - Seeking a Literary Soulmate for Adventures and Coffee Conversations!

About Me:

Hello there! I'm [Real Name Redacted], a compassionate and understanding software engineer who believes in the power of connections. When I'm not immersed in coding and problem-solving, you can find me engrossed in the captivating world of books or embarking on exciting adventures on my beloved Royal Enfield. Nature has a special place in my heart, and I enjoy spending tranquil moments by lakes and in parks, simply appreciating the beauty of the world around me.
Exploring new places and cafe hopping are some of my favorite pastimes, as they allow me to discover unique flavors and immerse myself in local cultures.


As an avid reader, I'm constantly exploring various genres and expanding my knowledge through literature. If you have any book recommendations, I'd love to hear them! When I'm not lost in the pages of a book, I'm cruising on my Royal Enfield, feeling the wind in my hair and the freedom of the open road. There's something magical about the feeling of exploring new landscapes on two wheels. Additionally, I find solace in spending time in serene natural surroundings, unwinding and finding peace in the simplicity of nature.

What I'm Looking For:

I'm here with a sincere desire to find a deep and meaningful connection that leads to a serious and committed relationship. I value open communication, empathy, and understanding, as I believe they form the foundation of a strong and lasting partnership.
My ideal match is someone who shares my passion for exploration and is equally excited about the prospect of building a future together. If you're someone who appreciates the joy of discovering new destinations, savoring a cozy cup of coffee, and ultimately seeking a long-term commitment, I would be delighted to get to know you.

Ideal Date:

Picture this: a sunny day, a charming lakeside spot, and a picnic blanket spread with delicious treats. We could spend the day immersed in engaging conversations, exchanging book recommendations, and sharing laughter.
Later, we could hop on our bikes and take a scenic ride, embracing the freedom of the open road as we explore hidden gems along the way. We could end the day by finding a quaint café, enjoying a warm cup of coffee while planning our next adventure. Together, we can create cherished memories and build a future filled with love, laughter, and shared experiences.
If you resonate with what I've shared, I'd be thrilled to hear from you. Let's embark on a journey of exploration, love, and building a beautiful life together :)
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2023.05.28 05:06 Big_Mycologist1579 Yo, Roblox has finally partnered for FREE Robux!

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2023.05.28 05:04 Phil_Megrim I don't know how to respond to this.

I don't know how to respond to this.
Up till now she's been female.
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