Nail clips to remove gel polish


2008.05.03 12:22 Nails

Nails: A place to show off your beautiful nails!

2015.05.09 21:18 Acrylic and gel techniques, pictures and advice!

A place to share acrylic, UV and LED nail artworks

2016.01.26 12:51 bourscheid Gel Nails At Home

Gel nails are the latest fashion statement. Gel nail polish is more flexible and durable than typical nail polish. It also lasts longer, staying in perfect condition for three weeks or more. The idea of creating your own gel nails at home has caught up with women concerned about the amount of time and money spent at the nail salon. Read more about gel nails at home here!

2023.06.06 18:07 anniefeng93 Got some new products to try out... I swapped out to Izemi Fast Top Gel (High) and remove J.Bin. Really trying to find some good alternative to Jello Jello Peel Off that lasts for a week and not as difficult to remove and/or need a special remover

Got some new products to try out... I swapped out to Izemi Fast Top Gel (High) and remove J.Bin. Really trying to find some good alternative to Jello Jello Peel Off that lasts for a week and not as difficult to remove and/or need a special remover submitted by anniefeng93 to DIYGelNails [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 18:02 Batty_briefs A new jacket I started for Pride weekend. Need ideas for LGBTQIA goth / adjascant bands and lyrics to paint on it.

A new jacket I started for Pride weekend. Need ideas for LGBTQIA goth / adjascant bands and lyrics to paint on it.
Painted with Angelus leather paints. Studs are coated in gel nail polish.
So far thinking it definately needs something from Divine, and the lyrics "got your mother in a whirl, she's not sure if you're a boy or a girl" from David Bowies Rebel Rebel. Maybe Pretty Boys and Pretty Girls by Book Of Love.
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2023.06.06 17:49 swingerlover Free Love Spells That Work Fast #lovespells

Are you heartbroken and looking for free love spells that really work? If the answer is a resounding yes, you’re in the right place. Here is an all-inclusive guide on love spells that give instant results.
Simple love spell
This spell is meant to attract love into your life. You need one red pen, a piece of paper, one red candle, and a handful of pink rose petals. First, light the candle and allow it to burn while focusing on the love of your life. Next, take a paper and draw your wish and what makes you happy. You may also draw the features you’re looking for in this person like black eyes, dark hair and more. While doing this, take place a few drops of melted wax on the picture and repeat out loud.
Wiccan love spell
The spell is meant to restore peace in your relationship. You need three bay leaves, one green pen, a green candle, one piece of paper, 1 incense stick, a picture of your partner, and one cup of water. To cast the spell, light the candle and draw a large pentagram. Bring your picture and that of your loved one and say `bring peace back in our hearts’. Now place the bay leaves on the picture and say `we’re the purity the heart desires’. After that, bury the paper near a tree for seven days. Once you’re done store the candle and don’t use it.
Honey Jar Spell
This spell is designed to sweeten the person you love. For this spell to work, you’ll need a jar with metal lid, honey, red ink pen, sugar, parchment, personal items, love oil, white chime candles, targets photo, and love herbs. First, place some rose oil inside the jar. Secondly, dress the target’s photo with the oil. Next, get your parchment or paper and write the full names of your intended person seven times. Turn the paper at 90 degrees and mention the targets name nine times.
If you have personal items like (hair, nail clippings, or saliva, place them in the jar too. After that, drop some sugar. The dark brown sugar should be used for people with dark complexions while the white sugar is for those with white complexion. Dress the candle with the oil from top to bottom. Light it and allow the wax to fall on the dressmaker’s pin. Let it burn for seven minutes every day until it’s done. That way your desire will manifest.
Full moons magic spell

full moon love spell
This is an easy spell for beginners. It’s supposed to call love into your life during a full moon. You need one moonstone, a piece of paper, and one red pen or pencil. Write your desire on the piece of paper. Fold it and take a moonstone. On the night of full moon, hold the paper with your left hand and say your wish out loud. For example, I want a generous person or I want to call a new lover into my life.
Let’s cut to the chase: the above love spells have the potential to solve any relationship issues. Whether you’re looking for true love or you need to get back your lost love, these spells will give you instant results. This is an ultimate free love spells page.
Want Izabael To Cast a Spell For You?
Visit My Magick Spell Shop
Magic Spells by Izabael DaJinn The World’s Premiere Spell-casting Genie ***Successful Spells Cast since 2007 ***
originally posted at:
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2023.06.06 17:47 TempestuousWeasley Skincare Recommendations?

Skincare Recommendations?
Just looking to maybe tweak my skincare a bit. I’m 39, and pregnant, so all products need to be pregnancy & breastfeeding safe as this is my life for for foreseeable future!
Current routine:
AM: - wash in shower with CeraVe moisturizing foam cleanser - Ole Henriksen banana bright eye cream - Ole Henriksen vitamin C serum - Ole Henriksen C-rush brightening gel cream moisturizer
PM: - if I wore makeup or sunscreen I’ll use a Neutragena makeup remover wipe - - Ole Henriksen banana bright eye cream - Ole Henriksen invigorating night transformation gel (on my last bottle and I think this has been discontinued) - Ole Henriksen C-rush brightening gel cream moisturizer
I plan to start washing my face every night in place of the wipe. Any other suggested changes? I’d love to work on some fine lines but I don’t know if that’s possible without retinols etc that I can’t use. I’m hoping washing at night might help with dullness. Attaching a barefaced pic for reference.
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2023.06.06 17:46 road2wardhealth Road to a good and healthy life

The road to a good and healthy life involves several important factors.
First, maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet is crucial to keep the body healthy. Secondly, incorporating exercise into daily routine helps to maintain physical fitness and overall well-being. Additionally, getting enough sleep, managing stress levels and avoiding harmful habits such as smoking and excessive drinking are also important. Regular check-ups with healthcare professionals can help detect and prevent health issues before they become serious. Finally, having a positive attitude, nurturing healthy relationships and pursuing hobbies and interests can contribute to emotional and mental health. By following these practices, one can pave the way towards a good and healthy life. Second, maintaining good grooming habits is essential for men. Taking care of personal hygiene and appearance can leave a lasting impression on others. Men can start by maintaining a regular skincare routine, including daily cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating. Keeping hair well-maintained, either by regular haircuts or styling, can also make a significant difference. Proper oral care, like brushing and flossing regularly, is crucial. Men should also pay attention to their clothing choices, making sure they are clean and fit well. Maintaining good grooming habits can also boost confidence and self-esteem, leading to a more positive outlook on life. Third, hair care is not just a concern for women. Men too, need to take care of their hair. Men's hair care is just as important as any other aspect of their physical health and appearance. However, many men tend to neglect their hair, thinking that it just needs shampoo and a quick comb-through. But that's not enough. With proper care, men can keep their hair looking and feeling great. First and foremost, men need to choose the right hair products for their hair type. Every man's hair is different, and using the wrong products can do more harm than good. It is important to choose a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically designed for men's hair. These products are formulated to work well with men's hair, removing dirt, oil, and product buildup while also nourishing and strengthening the hair. Additionally, men should use products like styling gel, hair spray, or pomade that are appropriate for their hair type. Another important factor in men's hair care is regular washing. Men should wash their hair at least every other day, depending on hair type and lifestyle. Regular washing helps to keep hair clean and healthy, removing dirt, oil, and sweat.
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2023.06.06 17:33 PDattaTV Is this scratch removable?

Is it possible to remove these scratches by polishing or make it less noticeable? The whiter scratches towards the right of the image, I can somewhat feel my nails catching them but not too much, if that helps. What are my options?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.06 17:31 lastgreatdynasty24 A post defending Akshay Kumar's title of 'Fuckshay' on this sub

A post defending Akshay Kumar's title of 'Fuckshay' on this sub

Part 1: Flings
1) Akshay and Pooja Batra

Akshay Kumar and Pooja Batra
Akshay and Pooja dated even before joining the film industry. Since Pooja was a renowned model and a well-known actress in her initial days, she helped Akshay to set his foot in the film industry. However, after a few years of togetherness, they both parted ways to make their career in Bollywood.
2) Akshay and Ayesha Jhulka

Akshay Kumar and Ayesha Jhulka
Akshay and Ayesha became overnight stars with the release of their hit film Khiladi. Soon, their on-screen chemistry started getting visible off-screen too and rumors were abuzz that they are the new couple of the town but after some time both the stars went their separate ways.
Part 2: Cheating and Affairs
1) Akshay and Raveena Tandon

Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon
Akshay and Raveena were one most talked about couples of the 90’s. They were one much in love couple and after being together for almost 3 years everyone was eagerly waiting for their marriage announcement. But their relationship could not last long as Raveena was tired of Akshay’s flamboyant nature as he was always linked with his female co-stars, firstly with Rekha and later with Shilpa Shetty.
Raveena said that the two got engaged in the late 90s. However, the two parted ways in 1998 after Akshay was rumored about dating his co-actresses. Talking about Akshay’s loyalty Raveena said this during an interview, “We started off as friends. We got to know each other only when we went together for a few shows in America and Canada. I think loyalty meant a lot to me, but it did not mean so much to him.”
Raveena talking about how Akshay was engaged to multiple women at the same time

Raveena talking about Akshay in a tabloid

Raveena Tandon's tweets supporting Tanushree Dutta during the #MeToo movement. Lot of people speculated that she was talking about Akshay Kumar
2) Akshay and Rekha

Akshay Kumar and Rekha
The actor was once rumored to have dated the veteran Bollywood actress Rekha. During the shooting of one of the films from Khiladi series, Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi, the makers insisted the two grow close to each other. However, Raveena Tandon later revealed that nothing was going on between them she said, “I don’t think Akshay ever had anything to do with Rekha. As a matter of fact, he would run away from her. Akshay tolerated Rekha because of the film. At one point she wanted to get lunch dabbas for him from home. That’s when I put my foot down. I felt it was taking things a bit too far.” Reportedly, Rekha was also responsible for their breakup.
3) Akshay and Sushmita Sen

Akshay Kumar and Sushmita Sen
Miss Universe and Bollywood veteran actress Sushmita Sen was once associated with Khiladi Kumar. Yes, the two were caught red-handed by Raveena Tandon. In an interview, the actress revealed that she had once caught Akshay red-handed with Rekha and Sushmita Sen.
4) Akshay and Shilpa Shetty

Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty
Akshay and Shilpa affair was always under media glare but after staying together for almost a year, the actress left Akshay because he was reportedly two-timing her with her best pal, Twinkle Khanna.
During an interview, Shilpa said: "Akshay used and cheated me twice. When he found someone else, he shunned me. I am lucky that I have the strength to come out of it but I will never forgive him, nor will I work with him again. Shilpa said during a conversation, Akshay Kumar gets engaged to girls to win their trust. He takes his girlfriend to the temple late at night and promises to marry her in front of God, but as soon as someone new comes in his life, he forgets all the promises and vows."
Shilpa, who was still nursing a broken heart decided to do a tell-all tabloid interview about her relationship with Akshay. In the interview, Shilpa called out the actor for allegedly cheating on her throughout their entire relationship. Pouring her heart out, the actress had then said, 'I never imagined that he could two-time me, and that too all along our relationship. Akshay Kumar used me and conveniently dropped me after he found someone else. The only person, I was upset with, was him. But I'm sure he'll get it all back.'
'It's not easy to forget the past so soon, but I'm glad I've had the strength to move on. Today, he's a forgotten chapter as far as I'm concerned. I will never work with him again. Professionally, things have never looked better.'
5) Akshay and Priyanka Chopra

Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra
After a few years of marriage with Twinkle Khanna, the news of Akshay being in a relationship with Priyanka started surfacing as they did four films together.
Their on-screen chemistry was started getting visible off-screen too. Apparently, Twinkle not allowed the actor to work with Priyanka.
According to rumours, it is said that Twinkle and Priyanka had a big fight over the phone which Khanna couldn't take and she immediately reached the set of the film 'Waqt: The Race Against Time' where Priyanka and Akshay were shooting for the film. Khanna was so angry that she would have even slapped PeeCee but luckily she wasn't there and Akshay Kumar, who was trying to calm her down, had to bear the brunt.
After all this, Akshay released an official statement and vowed to never work with Priyanka Chopra.
Part 3: Sexual Harassment and #MeToo
1) Akshay and Mallika Dua
Akshay Kumar had come under fire for making an inappropriate comment to comedian Mallika Dua, his co-judge, on the show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. As the format of the show requires mentors and judges to ring a huge bell that is on an elevated platform. Akshay "jokingly" told Mallika, "Mallika ji aap bell bajao, main aapko bajata hoon."
the comment was edited out of the episode. Mallika was ousted from the show along with two others, and the makers believed they weren't getting the required TRPs for the show. However, a clip featuring the comment was leaked on Twitter recently. Mallika posted it along with the words, "So, I want humor to be limitless. I also don't want to be uncomfortable at my work place. The lines are blurred. ”
Her father, veteran journalist Vinod Dua, lashed out at Akshay Kumar in a Facebook post that was deleted later, saying, "I am going to screw this cretin Akshay Kumar for telling his co-worker Mallika Dua that "aap bell bajao main aap ko bajata hun" at 5:26. This is his sense of humor and language.
Akshay made no remarks but his wife Twinkle did release a statement clarifying his joke

Twinkle Khanna's statement clarifying the joke
The video has been removed from Facebook, and is no longer available anywhere
2) #MeToo
In the wake of MeToo movement, - a Twitter account run by Rohit Chopra, an academic based in San Francisco, and Bunty Bolta, shared an anonymous account which claims that Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has paid off a few people along with a few media houses to quash stories about his MeToo episodes.
The Twitter handle of IndiaExplained shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat where the anonymous person spoke about the rumours of Akshay Kumar paying off the victims to keep their mouth shut that have been doing the rounds in the industry.

The Tweet

The screenshot
3) Akshay and Aditi Rao Hydari
Aditi had worked with Akshay in the 2013 movie Boss. Aditi on working with Akshay in Boss, "In this film there is no girl opposite him. When I first met him he said we thought you are simple, sweet girl next door but later they saw my photo shoot and found me glamorous. He found me hard working and talented and good actor,"
In 2018, during the #MeToo movement Aditi had shared her experience on twitter

Aditi Rao Hydari's tweet
Later in 2020, a twitter account by the name Sameet Thakkar accused Akshay Kumar of paying 2.5Cr to Aditi to stop her from revealing his name during the #MeToo movement

Sameet Thakkar's tweet accusing Akshay Kumar

To conclude the post, I'd like to say that Akshay's current flair is perfect for him and I request the mods to not change it.
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2023.06.06 17:23 branerX moje povolamie 2 xddddd bug

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2023.06.06 17:22 concept_flooring Stairs-refinishing-in-Woodstock-Georgia

Stair refinishing typically involves restoring or improving the appearance of your staircase by repairing any damage, applying a fresh finish, and enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.
Concept Flooring is known as the store of stairs refinishing in Woodstock Georgia. They provide quality workmanship and a wide range of services, from laying new hardwood treads to hand-crafted custom millwork. Their experienced professionals can refinish your stairs to bring them to their original beauty. They’ll use high-quality wood stains and finishes to bring out the color and the luster of your stairs. With a detailed refinishing process, Fundy Stairs can help you make your stairs look like they are brand new again.
Here is a general overview of the steps involved in refinishing stairs:
  1. Evaluate the condition: Inspect the stairs to identify any signs of damage, such as cracks, loose boards, or splinters. Assess the existing finish and determine whether it needs to be removed.
  2. Prepare the area: Clear the staircase of any obstacles or furniture. Protect the surrounding areas with drop cloths or plastic sheets to prevent damage from dust, stains, or spills.
  3. Remove the existing finish: If there is an existing finish, it may need to be stripped off before refinishing. This can be done using chemical strippers, sanding, or a combination of both. Follow the instructions on the stripping product or use sandpaper to remove the old finish.
  4. Repair and replace: Address any structural issues, loose or damaged boards, or broken parts of the staircase. Secure loose treads, tighten any loose screws or nails, and replace any irreparable components.
  5. Sanding: Use sandpaper or a power sander to smooth the surfaces of the stairs. This step helps remove imperfections and previous finishes and prepares the wood for staining or painting. Make sure to sand evenly, paying attention to corners and edges.
  6. Stain or paint: Choose the desired finish for your stairs. If you prefer the natural wood look, apply a wood stain to enhance the color and grain. Alternatively, you can paint the stairs with durable paint suitable for high-traffic areas. Apply multiple coats as necessary, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next.
  7. Seal and protect: Once the stain or paint has dried, apply a protective finish, such as polyurethane or varnish, to seal the wood and provide durability. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the application and drying time.
  8. Finishing touches: Reattach any hardware, such as handrails, balusters, or new stair treads, if necessary. Clean up the work area and remove any protective coverings.
Remember that the specific refinishing process may vary depending on the materials used, the condition of the stairs, and your desired outcome. It's recommended to consult professional contractors or experienced craftsmen for complex refinishing projects or if you're unsure about certain steps.
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2023.06.06 17:20 RaplhKramden Advice needed on replacing bathroom light switch with GFCI combo switch/outlet

I just bought a Leviton GFCI combo light switch/outlet to replace the light switch in the bathroom of our rental apartment in a 1955 2-story 2-unit walkup. Thankfully I didn't open it yet as this might not be possible, at least without the landlord approving it and paying an electrician to do it properly, so I can still return it for a refund.
The problem is that when I took out the existing switch (after shutting off the breaker and confirming there was no power), there were just 2 wires, no neutral or ground. I think it's what's called a "switch leg drop" or something like that, basically a switch that opens or closes the hot wire going into the light fixture, which is where the neutral wire is connected.
So to make this work, I'd have to somehow either reroute or pigtail the neutral to the switch box, AND find a ground wire or connection and route that to the switch box as well. The existing box is metal, but nailed into a wall stud so it's not grounded. It's a really basic setup that probably wouldn't pass code today.
If I remove the light fixture and find the neutral, is it possible to use one of the leg drop wires that go to the switch box to snake all the wires I'd need at the switch box to the switch box, by temporarily connecting them at one end and then pulling them there?
Another complication is that the light fixture is on a wall that's at a right angle to the wall where the switch is, each around 2-3 feet from the corner, and for all I know the switch wires are fixed to an interim stud that I can't access so using them to snake the new wires wouldn't work and I'd have to use a snaking tool, which I don't have.
I'd also have to find a way to get a properly grounded wire to the new outlet, or else the outlet wouldn't be grounded and GFCI obviously wouldn't work and that's both illegal and dangerous.
Which I why I think this may be complicated enough that an electrician is needed, all the more so given that we rent (although if I manage to do it myself, properly, he'd never know and just assume that the previous owner, from whom he bought the building a few years ago, had had the work done, as he never did a proper inspection when he bought it).
If this doesn't requiring punching holes in the wall and at most a snaking tool and new wires (I have all the rest, wire cutters & strippers, wire nuts, etc.), then I'm pretty sure that I can handle it, though. I've run Romex and replaced switches and outlets before without issue.
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2023.06.06 17:16 DifficultNumber569 Back to black nail polish

Back to black nail polish submitted by DifficultNumber569 to Paintedtoenailmale [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 17:15 DifficultNumber569 Back to black nail polish

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2023.06.06 17:15 Roscoe-nthecats I have soft gel full coverage tips but I can't use gel polish on my nails for the moment (nails are too short). Can I use nail glue instead? Do I need to cure the gel tips? It's my first time using them!

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Halloween Time is drawing near. You may all be getting ready for the celebration in an effort to frighten your loved ones and friends. After all, Halloween is all about having a good time. Have you considered your nails for the festival even if you professional wholesale nail supply can have the nicest outfits and makeup? The different interesting chunky glitter nail art styles for Halloween are covered in this post to help make the occasion memorable. Let's begin with our chunky glitter, then.
Provides a colorful assortment of glitter to liven up your Halloween celebrations. Here are some lovely hues you can wear.


Some glitter shines through best on a light background, while others require a dark background to look amazing. However, there is one hue that looks stunning on both light and dark backgrounds. Almost every time you wear these LDS chunky glitters on your nails, they can steal the spotlight. This lovely color can be used to black nail polish to give your hands a stunning look.


The mostly red and orange glitter in this holographic chunky glitter powder makes it the perfect choice for light-colored manicure bases. For this glitter wholesale nail supplies for professionals near me to shine through and make a whimsical fashion statement for Halloween, a silver or pure white base is ideal. This shade should go with the fictitious blood-splattered attire you typically choose for scare tactics.


It can be frightful to see flashing yellow nails on Halloween as your buddies grope through the dim hallways of your apartment building. After all, you are celebrating Halloween, the year's most fun-filled holiday, by making fun of your friend. However, you may have a good laugh about it later and give your pals the glitter as a unique Halloween present. This product is offered in convenient 0.5oz packages.


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2023.06.06 16:57 v20i06k What basic equipment should I buy?

I'm buying my first bass soon and I want to make sure that I don't lack anything important or that I'm buying something useless. Right now, this is my shopping cart, what should I add/remove??
(Sorry if this is a silly question. It's my first time buying an instrument and, since I don't have any music shop near, I have to buy it online)
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2023.06.06 16:50 DepartureOk6872 The Nanny Carrie Diaries EP 506

Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House No commercial breaks!
Only at 20 minutes and I am digging the vibe of this week's episode. As they admit they are bouncing around the episode recap, but it feels really natural, if that makes sense. The vibe is really light.
Going over the icky Nanny Carrie shark storyline slowly but surely circling around Nathan and Jamie. Yeah Nathan is a douche, for not putting the breaks on Carrie clearly crossing the line of appropriate behavior.
Brooke trying to get through to her mother, unsuccessfully is heartbreaking.
Is Hilarie right on feeling defensive for Peyton? I kinda get her, it was a bit clumsy on Haley's part, but again Haley is trying to be friends with all parties in this debacle. Ah! Hilarie just said what I was I was getting at, that Haley is trying to be a mingling Switzerland, be neutral to the conflict, but wanting to smooth the edges of awkwardness between all the people she cares about. Sloppy writing trying to get all these people in the same room for contrived conflict.
Lindsey clearly has the easiest job, waiting to edit only one manuscript !
Lucas, Lucas, Lucas... Sigh. In France there is rather pertinent expression: "having your ass on two chairs at once".
Hilarie getting the greenlight to hurl books at Chad is such a mood.
That entire dinner party scene is really weird and wonky.
Manganiello is tall. Zunigal being regal. Kate Voegele unveiling increasingly more assertive Mia. Lisa Goldstein establishing Millie's body language with nervous ticks. Robbie Jones being such an assertive performer nailing multiple facets of Quentin's personality. Torrey DeVito easing her character into creepier and creepier waters. Basically the girls praising the newcomers to the show.
As per usual MS vicariously having his creep factor on. Hilarie rightfully being sensitive "to the meta of it all". Joy and Sophia having her back immediately after she says this, really is a testament to their loyalty towards one another.
Joy being tired of the Mouth/boss storyline, I have a feeling is a universal sentiment we as viewers have.
Joy being optimistic about Mouth/Millie... Upon every rewatch I feel that optimism, but as that relationship develops it becomes a shit show time and time again. That may be an unpopular opinion, but after a while seeing them pull apart, get drawn back-in becomes old, as the writers do this time and time again. To the point that it makes less and less sense them to be a couple.
Joy being confounded by the Booked/Victoria restaurant scene is hilarious! I always think of these details. One of mine is getting infuriates me is when characters in shows and movies don't remove their shoes when they lie on a bed or sit on their couch,, I am far from a clean freak, but gross, you were just outside in those.
Scratching my head at the idea that people took issue with the 0 is not a size plotline, claiming it reverse shamed skinny girls. Huh?
The scene with Hilarie returning to her childhood home, her scene with that kid is so cute. That actress was really endearing in a small role.
Teenage Aspirations: Joy wanted to be a Broadway Baby. Hilarie wanted to be Clarisse, that is really bad ass. Sophia was on her way to medical school to become a heart surgeon
Most likely characters to be superheroines : I would say Brooke, Peyton and Haley all have emotional damage/baggage, imperfections, and are advocates for compassion, empathy...
See you next week!
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2023.06.06 16:35 newbootcampgrad Looking for data structures & algos study buddy and/or mentor! (JavaScript)

As title says I'm looking for both/either a data structures & algorithms study buddy (we can do problems together and review solutions) or a mentor that has some experience in DS&A. Really trying to nail them down for interviews and just for personal reference! Let me know if you're interested. I'd prefer adults (18+) since I'm 25. Thanks!
Additionally, does anyone have any feedback on my list of ESSENTIAL data structures & algos, like bare minimum I need for interviews? Anything to add/remove?
My sample list:
Linked List
Priority Queue
Trees (Binary)
Hash Table
Insertion sort
Thanks so much!!
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2023.06.06 16:18 ljltrk Podiatrists of Reddit: Big toe nails stopped growing (no pain, no numbness, no noticeable discoloration)

(26/f, about 5 feet 4 and 110 lbs, occasionally smoking, only diagnosed illness - with medication treated - is hypothyroidism) Disclaimer before getting to the point: I have booked an appointment to a podiatrist but I could only get one for August, since my problem is not an emergency. So my big toenails seem to have stopped growing for the past 3 months. They look quite normal, but I had cut the other toenails like twice and the big toenails just don't seem to grow at all. I did make some mistakes: 1. I remember cutting them back probably too short, but I thought it was going to be fine. 2. Since I've been busier than usual, I accidentally left nail polish on all my toenails for over a month. 3. I do have to wear (always fresh) socks and closed shoes a lot (I usually have my comfortable sport shoes on) and this year so far I've walked about 60-70 km a month on average, so there might be some unavoidable extra pressure on my feet. There's no pain in my toes (only occasionally in my whole feet after a longer day, but that goes away the next morning) and no sign of an infection (no pus, no swelling, no smell). There's no numbness in them either, I can feel with them perfectly fine and I don't really see any discoloration although leaving (black) nail polish on for so long could not do any good. I've thought about them becoming ingrown but that usually (for me) occurs at the corner of the nails and I always feel pressure when that happens (I treat it immediately and it doesn't happen often, maybe twice a year). I can't seem to find anything online about non-growing nails without pain and without numbness so I definitely will have to wait to see the podiatrist... Also recently had a blood test which came out nearly perfect (I had slightly higher iron levels, but according to my doctor it is perfectly fine, just means that I've consumed more iron-rich food than what my body needed). Is there anything you would recommend me to do while waiting for my appointment? I don't know very much about proper feet care, so far I've just thought about some epsom salt baths for them, trying to rest my feet without socks and maybe some massage to aid proper blood flow.
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2023.06.06 16:08 thisisAudrey_ I used my Color Club mystery polishes to make Very Hungry Caterpillar nail art

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2023.06.06 16:08 smellyskunkfam This is 8 months

This is 8 months
I’ve had hard gel on for 7.5 months and I’ve just bought a kit to remove it myself. Under the gel is this. Brittle but I’m gonna keep doing soft gel nails at home to hopefully make it more strong one day
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2023.06.06 16:04 SKVgrowing Has “my turn your turn” ever actually worked for anyone?

I keep seeing or being given this advice for my 18 month old. Teeth brushing is a battle? Try my turn your turn. Clipping nails is a battle? Try my turn your turn. Getting shoes on is a battle? Try my turn your turn. And on and on.
But it does not work for us. What am I missing?
Brushing teeth just results in her taking my tooth brush and chewing on it or brushing her stuffed animals teeth.
Trimming nails results in nothing. I’ve been trying an electric file again and she just wants to hold it and pull the file spinning part off.
Is there some magic trick I’m missing here?
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2023.06.06 15:58 NewSeriousDreck question: I want Obama with Colbert

Yes, I'm drunk, I find Obama with Kimmel, Corden, another guy, I find the interview with Colbert, I want the snippet, downvote me to hell if you want, I need that snippet, where he says Can't tell you and nods. Greetings, my name is [], no my name is not only empty array, I'm an alien and we speak John Cale, silence is our language, just like the Pentagon, which is why we are so close with them. No, this is not true, but I really want that Obama clip with Colbert.
Please don't remove, give me the Obama clip with Colbert.
Thx anyway.
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