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2023.05.28 15:14 genji_master69 Anyone else facing the same issue? Game crashes on CSP ver 0.1.79 on online servers and also on offline too. Tried reinstalling CSP and verifying integrity of game files but nothing works. Please help me

Anyone else facing the same issue? Game crashes on CSP ver 0.1.79 on online servers and also on offline too. Tried reinstalling CSP and verifying integrity of game files but nothing works. Please help me submitted by genji_master69 to assettocorsa [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 15:14 marcus250297 First time owner of sighthound(whippet)

Hi everyone
I am the owner of a 1 year old whippet boy. I am bit unsure if he is a little bit to heavy as I know they are supposed to be lean. He is 16 kg/35,2 lbs. We walk about 13-15 km/8-9 miles a day.
I am feeding him real nature dark fjord (salmon/deeduck) around 200g a day.
Pictures in comment
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2023.05.28 15:13 Heatios This ROKKR run was pretty obvious

I know it's easy to say it now but I really can't believe people didn't see this coming. Even though it was a close series, I saw rokkr beating boston from a mile away. They had just beat LAT+Ultra online and got to play Boston in a WB match(also a grudge match for the sound EQ bullshit) to qualify for champs which was basically best case scenario for them. Then they played Florida afterwards for top 4.
I can see why people might have thought they'd lose to boston but did people really think they'd lose to florida? All 4 of the flank guys predicted florida to win lmao those boys really had people fooled after beating a miserable optic team. It wasn't just the flank either, even betting odds favored florida(and also heavily favored boston before that). Literally any team could have beaten that optic team with the way they played. And let's be honest, any team aside from maybe london and LAG could have gotten top 4 if the only teams they had to beat were Boston and Florida.
This is the most unsurprising "surprise" top 4 finish ever with the bracket ROKKR got at this event.
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2023.05.28 15:13 Sigh_bur Does time skip backwards lose streaks?

I recently started playing acnh and was time skipping to the point where I have 10 villagers but now I'm 9 days ahead and I'm hoping to go back to current date but I don't want to restart my nook miles streak or any friendships I have with the villagers I'm wondering if going back in time to my current date without losing anything.
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2023.05.28 15:12 hamverga First day

I did my first day today, showed up 10 minutes before my block, they gave me a high vis vest, loaded my truck and off we go. Finished 45 minutes before time was up. 20 packages, 18 stops. Incredibly easy even though 2 of the houses were super sketchy, like no one has lived there in a decade.
Drove about 60 miles from my home to the hub, all the deliveries and back to my house.
Was this luck or isn't as bad as some people make it seem?
Schedule was 3:45-6:45 which works perfect as I don't go in on my "regular job" until 7:15, plus no traffic (it's a Sunday so kinda expected)
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2023.05.28 15:09 CallMeBartleby One week of Disc Trucker ownership!

One week of Disc Trucker ownership!
I picked this guy up a week ago and I've ridden seventy miles over three or four rides so far in the Denver area, including 32 miles along Clear Creek and the Platte River yesterday. I'm hoping to do some decent touring, mostly on roads and/or fine gravel trails. So far I am super happy with how the Disc Trucker rides on pavement and fine gravel. Will probably do a saddle upgrade sooner rather than later but other than that no complaints so far!
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2023.05.28 15:09 Cautious-Ad-6632 I km to kcnotria kendra and may pd jnral shikctriay.

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2023.05.28 15:08 queenofsuccubi Its almost time

How are we going to celebrate this year?
Ive been brainstorming.
Mile high club?
Rent a yacht?
As much as I want to travel, what if you just came over to my spot..
You’re the only one who knows how to control me. Also the only person I want to.
But we know how that goes~
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2023.05.28 15:08 Soggy_Tutor_2369 6 months out, time for cortisone shot?

As the title says, not back to where I want to be. Daily life and walking is fine, the second I dial it up even a TINY bit (biking a few miles at very low intensity) hip feels sore and tight and takes a few days to settle down.
My surgeon recommended a cortisone shot, I’m asking if anyone’s been in this situation where recovery plateaued , but a cortisone shot really helped make up that last bit of recovery (or didn’t do anything at all).
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2023.05.28 15:08 TheDelighten Looking for advice on buying a car for driver who drives less than 500km a month

Hello everyone!
I need advice on buying a used car for price range of 5k-8k euros, the car will be used mostly for traveling to work which is 6km from my house, I usually drive on motorway once a week to visit my friend who is 25 km away from me.
Based on information provided do you think I should be looking at petrol or diesel cars, and what cars would you recommend?
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2023.05.28 15:07 Fantastic_Jelly4351 2:10- 2:20 half marathon runners (which shoe did you use)

What running shoes did you wear? I’m doing my first half marathon next Sunday and have been having trouble finding the right one. I am 5’6 and 180 lbs so I would consider myself a heavy runner. Below are the shoes I’ve been using in my training block.
Nike vapor fly next %2- feel good and fast for the first 2-3 miles than they start making my feet ache bad. Not a viable option for anything past 4 miles
Saucony endorphins speed 3- feel similar to the vapor fly but the pain doesn’t start until mile 8-9 in those.
New balance rebel v3- feel great for the most part- these tend to hurt my Achilles in the longer runs so skeptical about these as well.
New balance 880v12- my daily workhorse shoe I feel like it is definitely too heavy for a half marathon pr.
Anyone who has recently finished around these times or a bit faster I would love to hear some input on the shoes you used to run that half marathon in!
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2023.05.28 15:04 smellslux Why you shouldn’t play Microstakes : It’s such a waste of time for nothing.

I’m a winning live 5/10 player & an occasional 1/2, 2/4(NL200, NL400) player online. There are 2 scenarios. Scenario 1 : Due to lack of 1/2 tables & higher I played 30/60c 6-handed NLH online yesterday, it was such a painful grind. Ended up playing on 3 tables , winning 102$ after playing like 4 hours. Players are so tight , win rate is so low, if they jam on you, they pretty much have QQ+.
Scenario 2: Live 1/2, went to a local Casino as I had to do some shopping , casino was like 5 miles from the mall. So it was night time 9:30 pm, only 2 tables available ,both 1/2, biggest stack on my table was 260$ & there were 5-6 stacked sitting with less than 100$. I was like screw it let me just enjoy playing with these guys, relish my 1/3 days. Played for 4 hours ended up winning 83$ after being stuck like 400. Players were just jamming with 30-40 bigs with any draw & I’d hero call with AK or middle pair. Most players weren’t even realising they were losing most of their money to the rake. They rake insanely in these 1/2 games. Was so bored , I had to quit.
I felt microstakes are such a waste of time, playing all that time pretty much for nothing. As I’m Aggro player, players mostly fold to my 3-bets or openings. If you really wanna learn poker then do play microstakes as it would help you understand the game. But after you learn it build & bankroll & play 2/5 & higher. You will make much better money & it’s more enjoyable.
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2023.05.28 15:00 ImpossibleAudience Oil Pressure Light On

Hi Reddit mechanics. My oil pressure light turned on yesterday while idling after a long drive. I drove the car at low speeds for about 5 minutes before pulling over and turning the car off. I didn't hear any knocking sounds from the engine.
When the tow truck came after about 4 hours, I turned the car on to position the car for the tow. The oil pressure light was initially off, but turned back on after about a minute. The tow truck driver saw that the check engine light turns off when giving the car light throttle.
The mechanic suggested that the issue is the oil pressure sensor rather than the oil pump.
What does reddit think?
Thanks for your input and advice!
Car details:
2017 Hyundai Elantra
135000 miles
Oil level at full mark. Car burns about 1 qt oil in 2000 miles.
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2023.05.28 14:59 PrettyScallion2506 2016 Veloster. Possible engine problem? No check engine light. 97k miles.

Hi reddit, just looking for a few ideas as to what could be the issue with the car. It's a 2016 DCT 1.6l non turbo.
I was driving home from work Thursday afternoon on the interstate. While driving the D on the gear indicator on my dash disappeared for about 4-5 seconds. I had no acceleration. However, once it reappeared the car acted normally. No noise or any kind of smell. Car is not overheating either. Last oil change was less than 2k miles ago. When leaving for work Friday morning when accelerating I noticed what looked to be a grayish/white smoke coming out of my exhaust in the rear view mirror not very thick less than half a mile from home. I turned around and parked it in the garage. I don't have a compression tester or anything like that. I am unsure if I would be able to drive it to the dealership without possibly making it worse depending on what's going on. I have an appointment to take it to the dealership however, the earliest they had was June 14th. Any insights as to what would be going on?
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2023.05.28 14:57 Beyonderr Ethereum is (often) deflationary AND has staking, which is an amazing combination - what is stopping other projects from (successfully) adopting the same model?

Ethereum is (often) deflationary AND has staking, which is an amazing combination - what is stopping other projects from (successfully) adopting the same model?
There are many different "models" or "approaches" for tokenomics in crypto. In my view one of the reason why Ethereum is miles ahead other cryptocurrencies, is thatEthereum now has staking AND is often deflationary. This is a consequence of several updates over the past years, including EIP-1559 which implemented the burning of a fraction of the gas fees per transaction.
As a consequence of these updates, Ethereum went from 4.5% yearly inflation to being deflationary, at least during most of the recent months.
Because it is deflationary and has staking, Ethereum is a great store of value and can be expected to increase in price over time. While FIAT depreciates in value because the money printer goes BRRRRR, Ethereum achieved the opposite effect and should be getting more scarce.
I hold a lot of other cryptocurrencies and often find myself hoping that my other alts would have the same combination of staking and deflation. I would feel a lot better holding these projects for the long-term.
What is stopping other cryptocurrencies from trying to accomplish or actually accomplishing the same?
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2023.05.28 14:55 ___HeyGFY___ What is the status/purpose of the building where the York toll plaza used to be?

It's visible from 95, but I'm curious as to what purpose it has now, what it looks like, etc. Google maps imagery is 11 years old and still shows the old booths. But since there's no access to it from 95 and the toll gantry is a mile or two north, it seems pointless.
As a sidenote, I think they did a halfway decent job returning all that space to nature. But that building plunked off to the side just looks weird now.
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2023.05.28 14:55 djwildstar First Road Trip in ER Lariat

First Road Trip in ER Lariat
My wife and I recently completed our first road trip in the new Lightning ER. The photo is of the truck’s first ever DC fast charge, which happened to be next to a Pro. The trip was from Atlanta GA to Point Pleasant WV, overall about 1200 miles round-trip (and yes, for some crazy reason, our first long trip was to roughly the middle of one of the largest DC fast-charging deserts east of the Mississippi). Overall, I would say that the truck performed well, but there are still issues with long-distance driving in an EV.
I used ABRP to plan the trip — the overall route was Atlanta - Chattanooga - Knoxville - Lexington - Point Pleasant, and the reverse to get home. We stayed overnight in Chattanooga, Huntington WV, and Point Pleasant. Level 2 J1772 charging was widely available in Chattanooga — I parked at a ChargePoint in a garage across the street from our hotel, and paid $8 for charging and $7 for parking … compared to the $14 the hotel wanted to charge to park in their lot. I was able to fully recharge from a Tesla destination charger in Huntington using a TeslaTap adapter (the hotel was pretty terrible, but the charging worked). Our hotel in Point Pleasant didn’t have a charger, but kindly offered me a 120V 20A plug, but the Lightning’s inability to accept more than 10A from a Level 1 charger limited the charge I could get (which significantly impacted our drive home).
I used Electrify America fast charging at Williamsburg KY, Georgetown KY, Knoxville KY, and Chattanooga TN (in most cases on both the outbound and return legs). There was never a stop where Plug-and-Charge didn’t work, never a stop where I couldn’t charge … but out of 6 charging stops, only two charged at 100kW or more, and only one exceeded 150kW.
The truck got between 2.1 and 2.3 miles/kWh on the highway portions of the trip. In general, I drove about 5 MPH over the posted speed limit, so much of the trip was done at 75 MPH. I don’t fully trust FordPass charging or trip logs, because for one segment it reports that I went nearly 150 miles on 0.4kWh, for a whopping 425mi/kWh (see the screenshot above). During the trip I got more comfortable with the guess-o-meter as it burns down range remaining in the battery versus distance to the next stop.
During the trip I learned to use the truck’s built-in navigation, and in general like it better than attempting to use ABRP over CarPlay. I wasn’t able to figure out how to completely mute the navigation system’s prompts , but did manage to change them from voice to chimes. In my previous vehicle (a Ford Flex), I was able to completely mute the navigation, which was nice.
The biggest issue is charging at the far side of a parking lot in a rural Walmart — in general, we didn’t feel safe, either in the store, in the parking lot, or at surrounding businesses. During this trip, we had two encounters (one at Walmart and one at a nearby restaurant) where customers were actively hostile towards us.
In general, the DC fast-charging experience is not as good as a typical chain gas station (RaceTrac, QuickTrip, etc.), and I would really like to see a concept like a DCFC Buck-ee’s proliferate. At a minimum, we should really have covered, pull-through charging locations with trash cans and windshield squeegees adjacent to the chargers. Having restrooms, snacks, and drinks nearby (not all the way across a big box store parking lot) would be a huge plus.
To say that FordPass is buggy is an understatement. I work in the computesoftware industry, and I’ve put developers on notice for less. If nothing else, their testing regime and release process needs a revamp. In addition to the buggy trip logs, the charge completion estimates were basically random numbers: it would often project that fast charging would be finished an hour or so before it started, or that Level 2 charging would take 10 to 15 minutes.
My wife isn’t the most patient person, so 30-40 minutes spent charging is a half-hour wasted compared to an ICE vehicle. On top of that, I also planned poorly — having heard that Electrify America is unreliable, I’d planned more-frequent stops than strictly necessary. On the return trip I could have skipped at least one, and possibly two charging stops. So overall, the return trip (which was ~600 miles all in one day) was excessively long.
She also felt that the seats weren’t as comfortable as the ones in our previous vehicle (the afore-mentioned Ford Flex), and that climbing in and out of the truck is awkward for her (she feels as if she might fall and hurt herself). I’ve asked for recommendations on these issues in a separate post.
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2023.05.28 14:50 iamapanther ‘23 GLI OR A ‘18 Tesla 3 LR RWD

I know this sub is for the GLI but I’m also hoping for objective comments too.
‘23 GLI is brand new. Nothing else to say about it.
‘18 Model 3 is long range with about 40,000 miles. One owner, no accidents. 4% battery degradation. Comes with some extra accessories too.
Assume equal price for both. What would you do?
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2023.05.28 14:50 polish94 My Weekend Earnings breakdown, Indianapolis.

Hey guys. I recently got back into driving since prepandemic. I took a full log of my activity this weekend, I only drive Thursday, Friday, Saturday. This is what I have, and I am happy with my results. Just wondering what you guys are doing in your markets, and what your minimum personal goal is to be happy going home with.
2019 Grand Caravan, 22mpg, X + Comfort + XL
Thursday - 6.25hrs, 224 Miles. $151.93. ($38 Gas)
Friday - 10.5hrs, 317 Miles, $374.56 (Includes $126 Uber Quest Bonus) ($48 Gas)
Saturday - 12hrs, 304 Miles, $460.52 (Includes $144 Uber Quest Bonus) ($59 Gas)
I fillup before and after my shifts to track actual gas cost. I haven't had to do any major work on my van yet, it has 95k miles. Regular maintenance is handled by myself. All in all, I am clearing on the low end $25/hr after expenses, and I am happy for that.
Anything I might have missed? Any opinions?
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2023.05.28 14:48 Ok_Stress_2920 Do any other caps her feel like life automatically pushes you to be like the stereotypical Capricorn?

Cap sun, libra moon, aqua rising here And lately I’ve noticed life is just pushing me to be like the stereotypical Capricorn all about work, family, and being stoic…. I know there’s more to caps but these are the big dxs I always read about….
My job is always forcing me to go the extra mile and to just drown in work. Work literally fucking pesters me even on my days off. And when other people are done for the day I am still getting tooons of emails…. LORD knows I DONT want my life to be Allll about working, Damn it!
I tried being emotional with someone only to get chewed up in pieces and spit out now feeling like it’s better to be stoic but I don’t like it! Emotions/feelings are natural! We’re humans, not robots! And also I’ve been hanging out with family a loooot lately. Nothing wrong with that and I enjoy it but it just seems like life is turning me into the stereotypical Capricorn and I fucking hate it…..
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2023.05.28 14:45 F1-Bot 2023 Monaco Grand Prix - Race Discussion

ROUND 7: Monaco 🇲🇨

Fri 26 May - Sun 28 May
Monte Carlo
Session UTC
Free Practice 1 Fri 11:30
Free Practice 2 Fri 15:00
Free Practice 3 Sat 10:30
Qualifying Sat 14:00
Race Sun 13:00
Click here for start times in your area.

Circuit de Monaco

Length: 3.337 km (2.074 mi)
Distance: 78 laps, 260.286 km (161.734 mi)
Lap record: 🇬🇧 Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, 2021, 1:12.909
2022 pole: 🇲🇨 Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, 1:11.376
2022 fastest lap: 🇬🇧 Lando Norris, McLaren-Mercedes, 1:14.693
2022 winner: 🇲🇽 Sergio Perez, Red Bull Racing-RBPT

Useful links

Streaming & Downloads

This is not the appropriate place to request or share streams and downloads. Please do not post information about streams and downloads in this thread. Thank you.

Live timing leaderboard

For those of you who are F1 ACCESS members, you can check the position of the drivers throughout the race on the official live timing leaderboard

Race Discussion

Be sure to check out the Discord as well.

Good causes

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2023.05.28 14:44 daveysprockett Erratic Surge in power - e90 325i

Late 2005/Early 2006 E90 325i, 160k miles, professionally maintained since I purchased 5 years ago.
Currently have an issue with alarm battery failing, causing drain on main battery, to be rectified in about a week's time. The drain from this and an old, weak, main battery was causing DME to reset and cause other issues. I had (old) main battery replaced a couple of weeks ago (when alarm issue identified), and had new rear brakes fitted last month.
My current issue(s).
1) Possibly ~10% reduction in fuel economy (34 mpg down to 31 ish) since brakes were changed.
2) ABS warning light appearing (so no ABS), remains active until car is stopped, light can then disappear on restarting to drive, and associated with Fault codes 5DC1 and 5DC4 (sometimes only 1 of these): both Right rear brake sensor. I know these can be affected by corrosion to drive shaft reluctor rings: I am wondering if the brake replacement might have triggered something [am even speculating they are binding a little: not massively obvious in the drive, but might explain the economy change].
3) [and the reason for asking here]:
I seem to be getting surges of power from the engine without my applying extra right-foot: these happen apparently randomly, but I think often immediately precede the ABS warning coming on. Not happened very many times, but disconcerting, to the extent I'm not keen to drive until it's sorted. Would feel better if I understood underlying issue.
Could this be a response to the failing/erratic rear sensor, or related to the battery drain from alarm. Other suggestions appreciated.
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