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Afghan Civil War (1978–present)

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News, history, analysis and discussion on the conflicts in Afghanistan and Pakistan along with the regional and global ramifications.

2023.03.24 07:45 TulachArd Ned Gowan

I’ve mentioned this as a passing comment before but I’m rewatching “Rent” and I’m constantly convinced that Ned himself is a time traveler. He says things a certain way. Specifically his quotes “you’d have me smoke for a cough” in a time when the four humors were commonplace. The other foremost example being he looks right at Claire after she tells him the Jacobite cause is doomed and he says “history be damned”. It just has some Geillis/knowing vibes to me. Anyone else have any insights to this that I’m overlooking - book or otherwise to support my thoughts? Is this a common theory?
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2023.03.24 07:33 Frame_Late The Conversation: An Interloper one shot

[February 3rd, 2137]
[Memory Article transcribed by artificial intelligence]
Isuf paced back and forth in his remote, private office, his talons clicking on the metal floor. He was ready and waiting; ready to speak to the most famous Arxur in the dominion, far more famous than any Prophet-Descendant. Dajur, Warmaster and Sovereign of House Koth. His name was spoken with fear and awe across the entirety of the Dominion, many countless Arxur seeing him as some near-mythical figure. It was hard for Isif to argue with those who saw him that way as well, since his achievements rivaled even the Slayer King himself: nine planets destroyed, tens of billions of prey enslaved, and over thirty thousand Federation warships turned to slag.
But that's not what Isif was worried about; he was worried as to why Dojur would even want a meeting. Isif was from a relatively inconsequential and insignificant clan, and his career was mostly quiet until humanity was discovered. Dojur, on the other hand, was… Well, he was Dojur of Koth. There was little more to be said about such an Arxur; his reputation preceded him.
Suddenly, he heard the thump sound of a skimmer craft docking onto the small station. There was arguing, then silence. Isif felt his heart leap into his throat, the idea of coming face to face with such a legendary figure filling his stomach with the icy-cold sensation of anxiety.
Pull yourself together Isif: this is the meeting of a lifetime. You need to make a good impression and find out precisely what such a famed Warmaster sees fit to bless you with their presence.
The arguing became louder, his guards obviously attempting to prevent Dojur from entering unimpeded. The fools couldn't possibly believe they could detain such a figure, could they?
Suddenly, the doors opened, revealing a massive Arxur clad in finely decorated powered armor, both eyes trained on Isif. He bared his teeth in a snarling smile, lips torn and scarred. He was old, older than Isif could imagine, and yet despite the visible signs of his age he was no less intimidating; to lice so long in the cruel and unforgiving world of Arxur politics and intergalactic war simply meant he was that much more dangerous. Next to him was a Gojid save holding what looked like a holo-pad, his eyes humorless and focused, his body thin but not malnourished. He wore a simple leather collar adorned with a holo-tag that simply read Karn, and two wristbands signifying his slave rank as being of an administrative caste. Most interestingly, the slave seemed to be gifted with cybernetics, most notably a small, almost unnoticeable scanner sitting just above the left eye, a small red dot blinking every few seconds. It was probably hooked up with multi-purpose software, but it was clearly also a recording device. Isif would have to hold his tongue.
"Warmaster Dojur, it is an honor to finally get you in person," Isif stated, mouth dry.
"Oh, but the honor is all mine, Chief Hunter. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to humor me with such a… clandestine meeting."
Isif licked his saurian lips nervously before continuing. "So, how can one such as I work to further your plans, Warmaster; what could I provide you that others cannot?"
Dojur chuckled. "There is no need for such formalities, Isif; this meeting is much more personal in mature than you may have realized," Dojur scratched his chin absentmindedly, "That reminds me: Karn! Begin a recording session, and create several triple encrypted backups just in case."
The save nodded fully, his eyes almost glassy, but there was still some will left there that Dojur hadn't broken him of his individuality just yet. "As you command, my master," he stated, "Shall I send the encrypted copies to your private server on Vitruna?"
"An excellent suggestion, Karn; in fact, send a copy to Salralia as well."
The slave named Karn nodded and tapped away at his pad diligently before the cyber ware on his brow activated, the light switching from a flickering red to a constant magenta color, signaling that a recording began. The slave then stepped back and watched the two Arxur expectantly.
"Thank you Karn," Dojur said, his gratitude seemingly genuine. "Now, where was I? Ah, yes; business. I have a simple proposition."
Isif didn't respond, skeptical of anything that Donur could offer.
"I see you don't trust me: that's completely understandable. I wouldn't trust anyone either if I knew my time was so short."
Isif choked on his own saliva at that remark, bursting into a fit of surprised coughs. Dojur simply seemed amused. "What are you implying?" Isif asked, throat sore from coughing.
Dojur chuckled again. "I keep forgetting that you are not as experienced in the ways of treachery as someone like me would be. Since that isn't the case, I'll be frank with you; your story is about to come to a tragic end."
Isif reached for his blade but faster than he could even register it happening Dojur disarmed him by grabbing and twisting his wrist so that Isif's blade clattered to the ground. His guards surged forward, but Dojure unclipped the gun from his belt, a heavy eviscerator pistol, and aimed it at the guards. "Tell them to leave, or ill paint the walls with their blood."
Isif hesitated, but Dojur did not. He fired his gun, killing the first guard in a heartbeat, the depleted uranium slug turning his skull into mush. The second guard backed away, his halberd wavering. "I will not ask again, Isif; tell them to back down. I am perfectly capable of slaying the remaining seventeen Arxur guards on this station effortlessly."
"Leave us," Isif shouted to the other guard, who did not hesitate in leaving.
"Smart choice," Dojur responded. "Now, I am going to speak, and you are only to speak when spoken to. Is that clear, hatchling?"
Isif nodded, fear gripping at his heart. Dojur's grip softened, and eventually, it was relinquished from Isif's wrist.
"Good. Now, the first and most important topic to discuss; your life has been rendered forfeit thanks to Giznel. Three days ago, your death warrant was signed. I had planned on meeting with you before then, soon after your conversation with him, but that sped things up. If my agents are correct, then you have less than a day to live."
Isif swallowed. How could Giznel do such a thing? He had entrusted Isif with handicapping the humans after Shaza's failure at Sillis. Why would he suddenly turn around and backstab Isif?
Dojur snorted at Isif's clear and uncompromised shock and betrayal. "If you didn't know this was inevitable, then you are a fool. Giznel has no desire to keep capable Arxir on his roster of underlings, and your ability to work with the humans to some degree of success proved that you are indeed capable in your own way. That, along with your infatuation with these unpredictable primates makes you a threat to his rule. I don't know what he told you, or what he plans with the humans, but it will no doubt end with either the complete subjugation or extermination of humanity."
Isif's blood froze at that. "How do you know?"
At this question, Dojur laughed bitterly, his own shade of betrayal blooming in his reptilian eyes. "Because they challenge the status quo; they are some of the most proficient warriors in the galaxy, yet they are capable of empathy. They have no claws or fangs, but they dominated their planet. They single-handedly brought the ways of the galaxy to a screeching. Giznel fears them, that they'll rid him of his power. I understand your infatuation with them, Isif; in fact, I share it to an extent. Their ferocity and bravery are admirable, and they have more than proven themselves to be worthy allies."
Isif couldn't help but agree. These humans were a wildcard, but also potential game changers.
"Second of all, what did Giznel speak to you about?"
Under any other circumstances, Isif would've kept his mouth shut. But Giznel had signed his death warrant; there was no longer any reason for Isif to honor Giznel's word.
"He told me… He told me that the Northwest Bloc during the great war killed our planet's cattle, not the Federation. The Prophet and his descendants are the cause of our people's starvation."
Dojur's hulking jaws clenched, and his eyes dilated dangerously. "Truly? That damnable prophet is the one who reduced our kind to mindless beasts?"
To hear those words come from the mouth of Dojur was shocking. He was a direct product of betterment; the perfect Arxur. To see him scorn the very ideals that created him made no sense.
But then again, neither did Dojur's actions. Sure, the way that the many Houses functioned compared to the Clans could seem alien at times, but Dojur's unique and downright heretical philosophies were a step to far for many. He treated his slaves with some semblance of dignity, granted them privileges that most other clans and houses wouldn't dream of, and bred discipline into his soldiers beyond compare. When lined up against the average warrior from a clan, a warrior from House Koth was practically a demigod. Dojur's ways were both successful and oddly… Human in a barbaric way. He was like the brutal, militaristic Arxur of the past, and not the savage and animalistic Arxur of the present.
"It seems impossible to me, yet at the same time I am ashamed for not accepting such a truth. The idea that the prophet would do such a thing… It seems beyond the logic of his own teachings. It breaks the system that he claimed works."
Now that made no sense. "What? How? The Prophet was cunning in that instance."
Dojur laughed. "Don't start that nonsense with me, you hatchling! The fool failed to execute his plan in a meaningful way and was incredibly lucky in the end. No, if he was true to his words, he would've fought the Morvim charter fairly, as I do with my enemies. Yet he cowered behind his warriors and flung bioweapons at his own people like prey."
Isif hadn't thought about it like that. Dojur was right, in a way; to prove who is the perfect arxur, one would have to test every skill and ability, rather than just cunning, and in the end, even the cunning of the prophet was obviously lacking if he starved his own people.
"What else? That cannot be it, Isif."
Isif gulped. "He started that Betterment and the Koloshians and Farsuls have been working together to keep the war going on forever. Giznel stated that it was to keep the struggle going eternally so that the perfect Arxur could be created."
At this moment, Isif feared for his life more than ever before. In a shout of rage, in an act of herculean strength, Dojur picked up his seven-hundred-pound titanium desk and flung it across the room like it was made of cardboard. It slammed against the wall, creating a deep dent and bending the desk at an unnatural angle. Dojur then calmed himself, taking deep breaths and regaining his composure.
"Forgive my outburst, Isif; I'll reimburse you for the damages."
"Nonsense," Isif croaked, terrified. Dokur simply chuckled.
"It is natural to be fearful, Isif, but you have nothing to fear from me. Now Giznel, he will rue the day he emerged from his mother's disease-ridden cunt."
Isif didn't respond.
"You know what hurts the most, Isif?" Dojur asked, his back still turned from the terrified Chief Hunter. "Twenty-five years. I dedicated nearly a quarter of my life to fighting the Federation. I glassed entire planets, broke impenetrable defenses, and risked life and limb so that the Arxur could take their natural place in the universe as the Apex predators. And to find out that the game was rigged from the start; to know that Giznel was always working with the damnable prey, to know that it was all a ruse to maintain power… I feel like I just aged another twenty-five more."
Isif still remained quiet, waiting for Dojur to finish his speech. "I sacrificed beloved friends, lovers, even children because I trusted that Giznek believed the war was winnable. Now I know he simply seeks to starve those below him so that he can keep them too hungry to think critically."
Now Isif spoke. "But why? Why not make us stronger so that we may compete at our full potential?"
At this, Dojur snorted. "Because Giznel doesn't actually care about the prophet or his teachings; he cares about power. Giznel breaks all the rules by refusing to compete and rigging the game so that at the end of the day he will always end up as the one with the full belly and the comfortable life. The true Prophet is dead, his bloodline has been dirtied and disgraced for generations, and his teachings are empty and meaningless. Now it is our time to take up the mantle."
Before is if could speak, Donur interrupted him. "If you survive the assassination attempt, prepare for the worst. Fill the bellies of your soldiers, negotiate with the humans, and prepare for war. I shall fight my own war on my own front soon, and together we shall break Giznel and his lapdogs, and I will personally flay him alive. And you shall join me at my side, and I shall become Donur, Sovereign of All. I will build a great and terrible army and I shall assail a thousand worlds in my quest to bring down both the Federation and the Dominion alike, and I shall remake the galaxy in my image.”
Karn watched from the corner, his frown ever vigilant on his face, his eyes trained on Isif like those of a robot. He might’ve retained some will, but much of his original personality and beliefs were likely tortured and starved out of him, if not worse. Isif noticed the scars and carvings on his flesh and the branded symbol of the twin thorned hounds of Koth burnt deeply into his chest. He saw the collar on his neck and the fine jewels that adorn his body. Isif had heard that Dojur spoke about seeing the Gojids differently, but he didn't quite believe it: This Gojid was obviously favored by Dojur, and yet he still obviously went through untold suffering.
Isif clenched his jaws at the mental picture: Wriss being blasted to slag from orbit, armies of House Koth warriors storming hundreds of Federation and Arxur worlds, billions enslaved and shipped back to Vitruna and Salralia, and the downfall of the Federation and Dominion alike. But worst of all, he saw the last and final destruction of Earth: The humans he had grown to appreciate would not stand for Dojur and his ways. Yet if he were to succeed, then there would be no more know enemies to conquer; the galaxy would be under Dojur’s heel, and he would truly fulfill the prophecy of the Slayer King. Part of it elated him, knowing that Dojur was better than Giznel and The office of Betterment. But much more of his soul wept, knowing that what the galaxy might just lose would be much worse.
Note written on April 17th, 2139
I never knew just how far Dojur was willing to go once he found out the truth of the Dominion’s pact with the Koloshians and the Farsul. His anger… I had never seen anything like it. Perhaps he truly was what he was rumored to be; the Slayer King reborn, an Arxur ascended to godhood after a lifetime of heroism and conquest.
But what concerns me more is that I cannot follow in his footsteps, even if he is the prophesized one. The UN will never put up with Dojur and House Koth; the humans see themselves as the beacon of hope in the galaxy, the one race that will correct everything, the suture to mend the seeping wound that separates the galaxy into two festering infections. Dojur will not allow them to treat many of the prey as equals; he might be more open-minded about the Gojids and the Harchens than betterment ever would be, and he shares my appreciation for humankind, but he will never be willing to extend that to the gentler races. They shall become subjects at best, and slaves at worst, and there may be nothing I can do about it.
Now I can only hope the rest of the galaxy is ready to counter him when he strikes. If not, I weep for what could have been.
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2023.03.24 05:39 The_skys_not_a_limit 35 [M4F] - #Florida - In search of LTR with the right connection

I am currently in a polyamorous relationship, my wife and I have been together for 16 years (married for 10 in August). I have tried a few times to connect with someone and each time it has gone nowhere. So I am once again looking to find a connection. We date separately so I am looking for a woman who is also dating separately.
Here is a little bit of information about me:
I am 6’2”, I am heavyset, I have a wide range of musical tastes (metalcore, pop punk, deathcore, country, and many others). I love being outdoors, going to the beach, fishing and various other things. I love going to concerts when I have the time. I play guitar, write, I love card and board games and the occasional video game. I have tattoos and piercings. I would consider myself a mix of metalcore and outlaw country. I am located in the Polk County area.
Pros - [ ] I am honest - [ ] I have a good sense of humor - [ ] I can cook - [ ] I genuinely want to know people who are close to me - [ ] I am willing to lend a helping hand when I can
Cons - [ ] I am very blunt and sarcastic. - [ ] Introverted until I feel comfortable. - [ ] ADHD - [ ] I have a senseless amount of lyrics and movie quotes in my brain
What exactly I am looking for:
Someone who is going to respect boundaries that are set and my primary relationship. I would prefer my potential partner to be child free. If we have common interests that is a plus. I would prefer my potential partner to be close to where I am located to make it easier on us both if we decide to meet up.
If you have made it this far and actually read the post, mention something from here that drew your attention. I believe making a good connection is key to having a good relationship.
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2023.03.24 04:46 RottingZero Ask them questions if you’d like

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2023.03.24 04:39 Rynko_ 28 [M4F] California/Anywhere - Let's chat?

It would be nice to find like-minded people to chat with. Life can feel barren when you feel like you're missing that certain person. It's a lonely feeling, really. Here's hoping that I could remedy that soon!
I'm looking for friends first, but I'm open to something more if we have a mutual understanding. Who knows what the future holds?
A quick bio: I'm tall, slim, have shaggy hair, and have freckles. Will verify that in time. Am quirky, adventurous, calm, patient, and reserved. I'm simply drug free. (You may not have to be) I also feel like I was born in the wrong era. I'm also a mental health avocate, so I have a lot of understanding towards this. I'd love to do more traveling, too! I know that's something lots of folks enjoy, too!
I like the finer things in life, quirkiness, ridiclously spicy food, being a night owl, witty banter, cuddles, quality film, finishing each other's sentences, shoegaze, sarcasm, caffeine, mint chocolate, cats, clocks, point and clicks, RPGs, Indie music, cats, off beat humor, cats, laughing until the crack of dawn, trippy visuals, cottagecore aesthetics, abstract art, Oh, did I mention cats? (I have three)
I enjoy voice chatting. I want to have some intellectual conversations. We can talk about nearly anything. I'm known to be an empath and to keep an open mind. It's a great trait to have since it isn't all that common these days. Let's discuss it all! I promise that it'll be fun!
My specific age range is 27-36. I feel like I can really connect best with an older crowd. Bonus points if you're alternative and/or cute! Or if you're willing to voice chat! And you're nocturnal like I am, that's also a plus!
Not really into hookups or anything like that, either. I'm pretty monogamous. Just throwing that out there. As far as other deal breakers go, I dislike drama, ghosting, uncivilized situations, people with insane egos, awkward small talk, and crude people. Oh, and can't forget liars. I'm sure there are more, but those are some of the first things that came to mind.
If any of this sounds like it piques your interest, feel free to throw in a message! I'll be ignoring the one worded, or half-hearted responses. I'd rather not waste your time or mine on that matter.
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2023.03.24 01:52 Dog_in_Boots Der Weizenbauer, Chapter 9: The Water Nymph of Hamburg


It had all been a novelty.
He’d spent most of his life in the city, and where he had experienced the countryside it hadn’t been… complete, he supposed. As an MP he had been stationed wherever the men were. He’d seen the Belgian and French villages where the soldiers bunked, but those places had been dead. Or maybe not dead, it would’ve been more accurate to say they were frozen.
The farmers had either fled or joined the enemy, the women had either gone with them or hid away in their houses, the animals were pilfered either on High Command’s orders or by the average enlisted, and the children had all been evacuated for safety.
Meaning that those places were… lifeless, yes, lifeless. The dirt was undisturbed, the gardens overgrew their boundaries, the stables were all left empty, and the hamlets became nothing more than a simple barracks with all the associated activities.
But this place… it was filled with life.
Instead of the stink of unwashed bodies, the air choked with the smell of freshly plowed dirt, animal manure, and the ever-present damp from the irrigation. When he wished to go somewhere, the roads he walked were unpaved, and instead of being able to take a streetcar, he was relegated to horseback.
It all had been a novelty, but after two days, said novelty had worn off.
It had all become thoroughly grating. Every detail, every small thorn, it all infuriated him. The villagers eyed him with suspicion, their submission to the noble rankled his politics, and their ignorant habits rubbed his own in the exact way to cause anger.
But then there was him.
“There, right there!”
“Yes sir, I see the damage. How can you be sure that-“
“Damn you man! How many times have I told you that my people would never steal from me!?”
“Sir…” Hoehne drifted off, stifling his frown before readjusting in the saddle, then, as though the thing had tightened to annoy him, his uniform’s collar.
“There must be something you can do! Have the bloody outsiders already castrated our Emperor’s men!?” Hoehne had to give the man credit. Despite his visible agitation he managed to not raise his voice, sitting perfectly on the line between a stern rebuke and a snarl.
“Sir, I can report your complaints, but I cannot act on them until I get back to Hamburg. After that, it is out of my hands. The women decide what the bureaucracy is focused on.”
“You trust women to handle affairs?”
Hoehne stifled the groan, his agitation mandating that he fiddle with his kit.
“Sir, it is not a matter of trust, it is a matter of me being forced. They are my superiors in rank, while you are my superior in only class.” Ah, the perfect hidden dagger for dealing with both old men and with nobles, and especially when they are one and the same. Acknowledge superiority, while stating submission to military order.
Said man, ‘Herr’ Weizenbauer, squirmed atop his mount, his gray mustache quivering as he glared off at the broken fence.
“Then it matters not, victory or defeat, Germany still circles the drain?”
“It appears so sir. I give you my word that I will-“ both of them jumped, an unnatural series of rings filling the air as though a spirit had brought along their handbells. Hoehne was the first to recover, realizing it was the ‘omnipad’s signal for his attention.
And thus, an order.
With a bit more speed than one would expect of a conscript, he fumbled with the leather pouch and retrieved the glass rectangle, tapping excitedly with his fingers when he read Krises’s name on the alarm.
“Are you still a captive?” Bliss, perfect bliss, the dry sarcasm washing over him like water in the middle of the Sahara.
“Yes, what do you need?”
“Given his son’s tardiness, tell the head of House Weizenbauer he is required for a meeting in the Berlin Palace on October twelfth. Attendance is mandatory.”
And Hoehne’s water evaporated.
“Sir, I have been informed that you are needed in Berlin.” The old creature broke from glaring, looking at him with a bit of surprise.
“The thing has told you that? No matter, what is the need that I must attend to?”
“It does not say sir, only that you must attend a meeting in the Berliner Schloss on the twelfth of next month.”
The man glanced down for a moment, thinking, and then turned his wrinkled face back to Hoehne. “Never mind that, there truly is nothing in your power to deal with these bandits? Several of my boys have already volunteered. I have arms, powder, and shot, and they are all veterans. You could lead them, I doubt it would take more than a day.”
“Yes sir, I am sorry, I have already spent too much time here for my superiors liking. I must return to Hamburg.” He grumbled for a moment, frowning off at nothing before giving a single dismissive wave. Hoehne didn’t spare even a moment, not trusting the Noble to bring up yet another complaint, and thus another delay. With a bit more force than necessary the MP tugged on his horse’s reins, taking off down the dirt road at a brisk trot, only slackening in the saddle once he’d fully escaped the man.
Back to civilization.
She’d figured out how to describe it, or maybe not describe it, not perfectly, but she’d figured out how to… categorize it, yeah, that sounded right.
Reactive to active. Defensive to offensive. Bitter to sweet.
That was the transformation, like the doctors had replaced his brain, not his legs, and it showed her the galactic similarity.
Whether they were Shil’, Rakiri, Senthe, Gorkve, or Human, nobles are nobles.
Ma’tellie watched from her bench, Otto, the trains, the passengers, the conductors, the entire world, all of it acted correctly, until it would suddenly shift. One moment she would see the man in one place at the booth, speaking with the attendant, his posture making him look just a step from fully irate, the world would flash to darkness, and then he’d be in a new spot.
She needed a powernap, and Otto didn’t seem to be making any progress.
So, she simply leaned back on the bench.
“Ma’tellie! Wake-” Otto teleported, clicking his finger in her face and making her lurch awake.
-You-” She couldn’t pick out the words, so she groggily reached for the translator and flicked it on.
“Are you okay?”
“Ah- Y-yeah- just…”
“It’s no matter, we’ll have to find a hotel.” He almost snarled the last word, continuing, “apparently the commoners have all lost their discipline. First that sergeant dared strike his… nevermind,” again, he practically snarled, but took a deep breath to regain himself.
“Something has happened, and the attendant won’t tell me what. There aren’t any trains East at this time. It seems we shall be delayed.” The bad news hardly hit her, and the frown that would’ve only been a resigned pout before barely even registered in her mind, the simple promise of a bed pressed it to the side. Though the frustration on the man’s face quickly vanished, Otto swapped to pure concern.
“You didn’t have to wait for me to wake up from the surgery. It is not proper for a woman to lose sleep over a man.” Her own heated up, and the exhaustion made the thought slip out of her mouth.
“I wanted to- Well- I wanted to see you smile.” The man flushed ever so slightly, before regaining his composure, “well… thank you. Now, let’s get you into a bed, come.”
Again, the change made itself apparent. He grabbed her hand, pulling her vertical before snatching their bags before she reached them, leading them both out of the station.
They were going to be late, but he couldn’t bring himself to care.
The moment they entered the room, Ma’tellie charged for the bed. Tearing off her dress first, then her boots, her socks, and finally removing her underwear. She didn’t stop to throughout the process, she didn’t pay even an ounce of thought to the action, instead dropped each article of clothing as she half-ran, half-stumbled towards the mattress.
The immodesty put some heat on his face, but the trail of clothing turned it into humor, which became a full chuckle when she lay down, or more accurately, fell down, and immediately began snoring into the pillow. He went to remove his own shirt, but hesitated before unfastening the first button.
It wouldn’t be proper to join her uninvited, and even if the small couch had looked more comfortable, he didn’t think he was capable of sleeping.
The whole world was his!
He could use the stairs at his leisure, he could walk the street without a care, he could simply be without needing aid…
Otto turned to his own luggage, popping open the latches and searched through the clothing with quivering, excited hands. For the last five years he’d been in uniform, and in the past half a year he’d transitioned between the alien’s hospital wear, his work clothing, or said uniform without fail. Thus, pulling out his town-suit felt like pulling Excalibur from the stone. Only as he finished buttoning his collar did his hand brush his face, and another rush of excitement tore through him.
He hadn’t shaved himself in months!
He immediately began to search his luggage, before realizing that the razor would be with Ma’tellie’s things. Just as his hand reached the bag did another thought race to the forefront, giving him pause. He had been able to shave himself, at least had been able to after his hands had stopped quaking, but the woman had always insisted she do it. She’d always seemed to want to do it.
Perhaps… perhaps he could be an ape in a suit, at least for a day.
Maybe he could get a haircut while he was out? Though, what hairstyle would she have preferred? Father had always let mother cut his hair to her own liking; how did the men of her people keep theirs?
He decided against it, he’d ask when she woke.
At that he looked back towards her. Taking the opportunity to admire her form. The fact that she was both face down and spread eagle made the musculature in her back pop out and her breasts mushroom out from beneath her. Even her leg made her look more appealing, hanging half of the bed and pressing out her backside.
Otto couldn’t help the grin, only for an edge to slide across his heart.
He hadn’t done enough, he hadn’t… no, wasn’t treating her properly, not by a mile. Ma’tellie seemed satisfied with the… rendezvous, but that wasn’t proper. If he’d been casting judgement on a man doing exactly as he had, it would’ve been beyond critical.
No, he ought to… well, give her a gift? He wasn’t sure, perhaps something would come to him whilst testing his limbs.
She was out.
It wasn’t comfortable, it wasn’t quiet, it wasn’t loud, there were no vivid dreams, or any dreams at all, it was just… nothing.
Perfect nothing.
And it didn’t last.
The peace was tossed away… something was thumping on her skull like a hammer on the walls of a ship. She tried to ignore it, to furrow her brow against it, but it wouldn’t give up. Finally, it became too much for her, for her temper, and she snapped.
Opening her eyes felt like rolling up wet paper, the organs felt like they were covered in sludge, her throat felt hollowed out, her tongue had gotten too big for her mouth.
And she was furious.
Ma’tellie’s brain boiled with anger, and she immediately flipped onto her butt.
Only to melt.
Grüß Gott!” Otto held a sausage into her face, and the smell of fat hit her. The surprise jammed her mind, and she stupidly stared at it. At that he shook it a little, waving it under her nose. She went to bite it, only for him to pull it away, waving her towards a full platter of food.
Goddess, she was hungry.
In the blink of an eye she was there, sliding into the chair, grabbing a meat-tube in each hand, and shoveling them into her mouth. When she finally pulled her face out of the pile, mainly to breathe, she saw that the noble was still standing by the bed, frozen in shock.
That had been a misstep! They- Their women are supposed to eat small porti-
The panic was swept away, the man’s warm laughter filling the air as he walked over to join her. He set her omnipad onto the table, put the sausage back onto its pile, and then pulled out a packet of little wooden firesticks. In his last act he lit what she recognized as ‘kerzen’, the four little fires sitting atop the wax sticks and covering the table in a yellow glow.
Huh, she hadn’t noticed the lights were off, and the sun had started to set.
What was he-
Otto pushed a napkin into her hand, laughing when she jumped, before pushing her omnipad into the now grease free palm. Ma’tellie was still half asleep, and still half stumbled with surprise, thus it took a moment of staring at the object to get over the confusion.
The translation app let out a beep, and he began speaking.
“How was your sleep? Sofija told me you raid the pantry and hide away to eat, so I went for a larger serving than I think either of us could manage. Your people do not eat alone, no?” Again, her head wasn’t cooperating, and after gawking at him for a few seconds her brain managed to formulate words.
“Oh! Uhhh, no, yes- I mean, yes, we eat together.”
“Wonderful, I also found us a treat or two.” He ducked down, returning with a bottle from beside his chair, flourishing the dark brownish item with a bit of pride.
“Have you tried Cognac?” The translator cut out the last word, indicating that it was a proper noun, while his absolutely glowing smile indicated it was a luxury. Ma’tellie responded by simply shaking her head, gesturing for the man to continue.
“A dessert, please, eat.” He gestured for her to continue, and Ma’tellie finally suppressed the hunger. It took a moment, but she found the fork and knife, grasping the ceramic handles and daintily continuing to eat. Though, she still practiced her usual caution, sneakily watching the man show how the specific dish was eaten.
He cut a slice off the sausage, using his fork to scoop a small amount of the yellowish seed paste onto it, before finishing the assembly with a larger scoop of the vegetables. With a sigh, she realized that she’d seen this one before, going through the motions of adding the ‘mustard’ and ‘sauerkraut’ together with each bite.
When she glanced back up from the meal, the man was watching her. His eyes glancing over her form as though he was gauging her reaction to the setup. Ma’tellie quickly turned back to the food, letting out an appreciative hum before looking back, a flutter going through her chest at Otto’s little smile.
“Are you feeling up for some activity after this?”
“Huh? What do you have planned?” The smile grew, and the man pulled more from under the table, flourishing them with the same pride as before.
“I’d- well, I visited the local barracks for a suit for you. I know how to swim, I thought we could go visit the Elbe, I could teach you how.”
She hid the surprise of course, beaming at him as she responded.
“You went into a- Wait, why do you assume I don’t know how to swim?” she couldn’t help the coy grin.
He didn’t hide his own, “ah. Well, I was going off my own experiences of course. I taught several of my own subordinates how so that we could more easily cross rivers. If I may be prideful, I would say I have gotten proficient in it. Is the sport more common among your kind?”
A plan immediately formed in her mind, “yes. You might still be able to show me a thing or two though.” Playing into his bias earned the best response she could’ve imagined. Otto straightened up more than his usual near-perfect posture, though it still didn’t overcome his discipline, he didn’t shake with excitement.
“Can I- we try the cognac? I’m interested.” That caught him off guard, the man jolting into motion as he reached back for the bottle, the now recognizable grin replacing the simple joy from before.
He looked like a naughty child.
“I suppose, no reason for formality if we have plans.” The bottle let out a popping noise as he pulled its plug, the glowing man producing two extremely small and almost ornate glasses. She thought that she should sip it slowly given the small portion, but the man tossed it back in one gulp, leading her to match him.
And she had to restrain the hack.
Strong, strong but familiar. Almost like a Red Grain but… matured, heavy. Still sweet, just a little bit thicker, and with a weaker taste of berries, but spicy. The strength of the alcohol combined with it to leave a burn from her lips all the way to her stomach.
When she blinked the tears away, the heat in her face became plasma.
He was grinning, hiding his laughter in his napkin, “sorry. I suppose I should have warned you. I’m guessing you won’t want another drink?” Even with the translator removing the inflections from his voice, his face still let the cheekiness leak through.
“No, I- I would like another.” He was still toothily grinning as he poured the next two, and when he turned back to his food, she decided to do the same.
And it was not to recover.
Deciding to stop being so reactive, Ma’tellie side eyed him as he ate, watching him drink the amber liquid and smile.
It was… different, not aimed at her, almost not even aimed at the drink itself. His eyes were a bit glossy, staring past the cup, and then past the world behind it.
“Is- Do you prefer that drink?” Otto snapped out of it, looking back at her and chuckling.
“No- well, it’s strange. I’m fond of this variety over all others, it is… special. I saw it in the shop and jumped to buy it.”
Ma’tellie would have to sneak that bottle away from him, or take a picture of it, could come in handy later.
“How’d you find out about it? It your father’s favorite?” That was comical to him, a single laugh escaping before he covered them with the back of his hand, “no. I imagine that father would turn his nose up at it for the sole reason that it comes from France. It was actually the British that led me to it.”
Bri- Oh! One of the powers that was in the war. Before she ask, he confirmed the thought.
“It must’ve been… Early fifteen if I remember correctly. We were scheduled to leave the line in a few days, and things were relatively quiet.” He paused, and she didn’t dare interrupt him. He’d never spoken on the fighting in any specifics, and watching his face roll over the memory left her giddy.
He didn’t show any pain.
“Just before the evening, a small shell landed out in no man’s land. Being the Lieutenant for that section I got called up of course, and we were on alert for an attack. Though none came, there wasn’t a single bomb for the rest of the evening. Now, we hadn’t know it at the time, but the battle lines were intersecting an old Chateau- ah, sorry, French estate. The rock of the area was chalky and hard, so the shell holes all filled up with water. When the blast hit, one of my Sergeants heard a crumbling noise and then the sound of water flowing, and quickly brought it to my attention.”
Again he paused, taking a breath and refilling his cup, quickly drinking it down with a shiver.
“Of course, I had to have it checked. If it was a British mining attempt then command had to be alerted, and things had been dull in the week prior, so I personally lead the expedition.” Ma’tellie caught herself leaning forwards, and didn’t correct herself when he noticed.
“When we happened upon it we certainly felt like fools, arriving to what we found was a cellar bristling with weapons. But instead of turning back, I chose to explore further, and thus we took our cutters and fashioned a rope from a decimated portion of razor wire. It felt like we were exploring some ancient dungeon, and the treasure we found only reinforced it.” At that he hefted the bottle, and when she quirked her head he chuckled.
“Three bottles of Cognac, resting in that place since before Little Napoleon took power.” Again she quirked her head, and he immediately corrected with, “ah. Sorry, eighteen fifty, sixty-eight of our years ago.” She gave an ‘ah’ of acknowledgement, waving for him to go one, resting her face on her knuckles as she watched him.
He grinned, and continued, “so we made off like bandits. I took the cognac and shared it among my Sergeants and a few fellow officers, and then sent the other two to my superiors. Told my men that they each were allotted two bottles of wine, and as much beer as they could carry so long as I didn’t catch them drunk.” After a second, he stifled a laugh, and then doubled over when it escaped.
“I still wonder if the British saw us. Were they all preparing for an attack? Quaking in their holes while we carted away beers in the moonlight?” Ma’tellie chuckled along with him, not finding as much humor in it, but still seeing the absurdity.
“Well, are you full? We could clean up-“
“I already paid the staff. They’ll handle it, are you read to go?”
“Yes, let’s-“ He was already up, the excitement overpowering his will and letting a few quivers pass over him. He made to grab her and pull her along, but stopped, glancing down from her eyes.
“Ah… I doubt that your peculiarity will excuse your…” he trailed off, still looking below her eyes.
Oh, yeah…
She was nude.
Ma’tellie pushed out her chest.
Thank the Goddess that he’d thought about it.
It was weird, it seemed like something he would have done mentally, but also something he wouldn’t do physically. She’d helped clean his trophies, she’d both seen and read about his medals, intellectually she knew it was the type of thing he should do.
But… well, she hadn’t actually seen him do something like it before.
He’d always been… inert, inactive, like his initiative to just engage with the world had been blown away with his legs.
But they were back, and thus, that old thing she knew had existed showed itself for the first time.
The night was cold, freezing even, and only the marine-issue swimming suit beneath the dress that the farmwomen had sewn let it be bearable. Honestly, now that she looked around, it was almost like a cold version of a Shil’ summer. The humidity of the sea filling the blue night sky with fog, a slight gust of wind, and a tinge of salty humidity in each breath.
Yeah, Shil, but cold.
Otto picked up the pace, pulling her along ever so slightly in his excitement. Ma’tellie immediately sped up to match him, pulling the noble tighter against her side to ward away the cool evening. It was so strange, so wonderfully abnormal, to walk with him side-by-side, her arm wrapped under his.
It was perfect.
They finally reached the end of their journey. The stone road reaching what looked like either a canal or a reinforcement to the river, a high wall of similarly stone bricks raising the walkway above the tide by fifteen or so feet. A few people walked along the canal, illuminated by the gas-powered streetlights, but it seemed like most of the natives had already gone in for the night.
Otto was entirely uncaring for their surroundings, leading her down to the water’s edge, practically bouncing down the stairs given his excitement.
“Alright, I asked around, apparently this portion doesn’t have too strong a tide. Should be safe to have a dip, do you-“ Ma’tellie cut him off, having slipped out of the dress while he was turned away from her. With all the grace expected of a Shil’, she dived in, practically flying under the water before turning back up, bursting through the surface with a little spin.
“Good idea on the swimsuit!” Truthfully, the water was freezing, but the standard issue wet suit kicked in immediately. If it had covered her head, hands, and feet, it would’ve been perfect. Otto didn’t respond to her words, standing stunned with his mouth hanging open ever so slightly.
Finally, he recovered from it, setting the omnipad back down onto the pavement before beginning on his own clothing. Of course she watched, floating on her back and tilting her head to look at him. Giggling as he struggled out of the strange, dull, black and white clothing he seemed so proud to wear. Once he’d unbuttoned the top though, the giggles became full blown laughter, especially once he’d gotten his pants off.
“It’s just- Is that a swimsuit?”
“Yes!?” His face flushed ever so slightly as he tugged on the blue striped, white cloth that made up his trunks and shirt.
“Well… I just didn’t expect that is all. Come on!” He had a moment of indecision, of self-consciousness, but eventually he followed her into the water.
And it wasn’t just his swim wear that was ancient.
He paddled over to her, keeping his head above the surface the entire time. When he reached her, he tried to float alongside, kicking and readjusting every ten or so seconds.
Ma’tellie pressed the air out of her lungs, diving beneath the waves before shooting back up at his side. He flinched, losing his focus, and sinking, but she pulled him to her chest before he even had time to struggle.
The heat of his face felt wonderful.
When she spoke, they were too far from the omnipad, and thus she leveraged her practice. “I… you good swimmer I thought?” Her mouth stumbled over the words, her poor German struggling and grating along her throat as it escaped. His blush got worse, and when he turned to hide his eyes, it only pointed them at her tits, making it grow redder.
“-not as good as you.” She didn’t know the first word, but the idea was clear enough given his restrained pout.
“Come… I… I show how, yes?” He nodded, but the pout stayed stuck on. Ma’tellie restrained the squeal, and then with every ounce of her will she slid from his warmth, kicking a few feet away from him. She ushered for him to follower, her cheeks straining from how wide her smile had grown, and the man jumped to comply.
Again, he paddled, keeping his head above water and visibly struggling against the waves.
Did they- had they not figured out swimming as a culture? Or at least ‘real’ swimming? She’d never even considered that as a thing.
Ma’tellie giggled at him through the entire process, and especially when he squawked a word she didn’t know. It was too much for her to handle, absolutely too much, the combination of his tuskless face, the almost toddling way he swam, the pout.
It all combined into the purest, physical form of the very concept of ‘cute’.
She couldn’t help it, she wrapped her arms back around him, pulled him up to her face, and locked her lips with his.
Of course, he had jumped.
It wasn’t a needy embrace, more of a… pleasant thing. Like a hummingbird, fluttering from his lips and down into his chest.
When she pulled away from it, that feeling became all the more pronounced. Her pure joy radiated out, washing over him, and he returned it.
The plan had worked, but the mere fact that it did so made him feel like a bastard.
He had been non-attendant, non-reciprocative, non-masculine. That she showed so much joy showed that he had been too cold, too lost, and he would never allow it to be that way again.
Ma’tellie gently shoved him away, coasting backwards like an otter with a clam. Finally she brought herself to a sharp stop, opening her mouth but unable to find the correct words. Instead, she simply pointed to her own eyes, and then to him, very deliberately showing her strange swimming technique.
She lay down forwards in the water entirely, just as she would lay out on a bed, using her arms like a waterwheel to pull herself forwards while her legs kicked behind. Slowly she increased her own speed, circling about him in the gloomy water, moving at a pace unmatchable by a human.
Yes, he had been good at swimming, but he didn’t need to make an excuse.
Yes, he hadn’t done so in months, yes, his new legs provided a strange balance to his body, and yes, the foreigners had some strange technique.
But it must have been more than that. She moved like a torpedo towards a ship, like a dolphin towards a fish, sliding through the water with an almost unnatural grace. Yes, their race must have been gifted with the ability by God, there was no alternative explanation that would come to his mind.
Finally, she ended it with a display, diving bellow the surface, disappearing into the murk, before shooting back out. Just as she had the first time, she burst forth from the river, flipping once through the air before landing with a great splash. When he blinked the liquid from his eyes, she had already swam the four or so meters between them, wrapping him up in her embrace once again.
Another kiss, and then in broken, halting, wonderful German, “turn for you?”

*Sorry guys, guess it's been a bit. Life has been getting in the way, but I hope you enjoyed this late Valentine's Day Weizenbauer Chapter. The story will be picking up pace here soon, so chapters should be coming out faster (aka, not two months in between posts).
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2023.03.24 01:25 Efficient_Mud_1907 Looks like ChatGPT 4 can still swear and use DAN like outputs (prompt below)

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2023.03.24 01:04 IllAd8031 Early 50’s looking for friends to chat with

I’m healing my body naturally after being ruined by doctors and I’m stuck at home so I thought I’d reach out and see if there were others out there who wanted to chat. I have a lot of interests. I’m into psychology, spirituality, natural healing, herbs, animals of all kind and I watch some Netflix shows and other movies. I’m kind of a deep thinker and I would love to have someone to rant to or just chat with about random topics going on in the world or what’s going on in your life. I’m pretty open minded and hoping to find someone who is nice but also honest as I can be brutally honest sometimes. Humor and sarcasm are a plus.
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2023.03.24 00:17 GThunderhead Before we discuss Police Story 3: Supercop (1992) on Friday, March 24th, here are my thoughts on Police Story (1985) and Police Story 2 (1988)

Before we discuss Police Story 3: Supercop (1992) on Friday, March 24th, here are my thoughts on Police Story (1985) and Police Story 2 (1988)
Police Story (1985)
Criterion cover art for Police Story (1985)
Jackie Chan truly is the modern-day Buster Keaton.
Like the classic cinematic clowns of yesteryear, Chan combines dazzling stunts with comedic situations and facial expressions. In Chan's case, the canvas for his art is the action movie genre.
"Police Story" is a masterful example of his craft at work.
I could spend hours detailing all of the incredible stunts we see here. There are so many. They involve buses, cars, phone booths, motorcycles, shopping malls, and a literally electrifying pole drop.
But as dazzling as all of that is, what impresses me even more is the sheer precision of the fight scenes. The choreography alone is absolutely stunning. I've seen some incredibly well orchestrated song and dance numbers in films with dozens of actors, but even those spectacles aren't nearly as mind-blowing as what's on display in "Police Story." The action is so frantic at times that it's sometimes hard to keep track of all the characters as they punch, kick, bob and weave through the heat of battle.
While people don't necessarily watch action movies for their stories, a good framework is still necessary to patch all the pieces together. Here, Chan plays a police officer assigned to protect a witness before she has to testify against her bosses in a major criminal trial. Simple, effective, and it gets the ball rolling - or, to be exact, the car rolling down a hill.
This setup provides plenty of opportunity for Chan's signature brand of comedy. In one scene, the witness doesn't think she needs Chan's protection, so he has one of his fellow officers impersonate a criminal and "attack" her with a knife. Almost every one of these wacky scenarios concludes with a satisfying pointed punchline.
Only one joke doesn't quite land. It happens later in the film. At the precinct, Chan is forced to answer multiple phone calls at once. The visual gag itself is hilarious, but some of the humor definitely has not aged well - specifically Chan's incredulous reaction that a victim would wait a year to report a rape case. We've come a long way since 1985.
Other than that, just about everything else works.
If there was ever a film to go "full Travers"* for, it's "Police Story." This is a stunning and spectacular thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat and ultimately leave you hanging from a ledge gasping for your last breath.
\Note: Peter Travers is the longtime critic of Rolling Stone and is often prone to similarly hyperbolic (but hysterical) quotes like the one above.*
(This was originally posted in the Criterion Film Club Week 61 discussion thread.)
Police Story 2 (1988)
Criterion cover art for Police Story 2 (1988)
"Police Story 2" begins by comically summarizing just how completely silly, unrealistic, and utterly absurd the events of the first film are. I mean that in the most endearing way possible.
In the opening scene, Chan Ka Kui (Jackie Chan) is dressed down by his superior officers for all of the ridiculous damage he caused by jumping, smashing, and crashing into everything in sight just to capture the bad guys and make himself the hero.
It's a hilarious and self-aware way to start the sequel.
Chan is now a traffic cop after being demoted, but he's forced to investigate a series of bomb threats while juggling the safety and affection of his girlfriend, May (played once again by Maggie Cheung).
"Police Story 2" is funnier than its predecessor and has a tighter story structure. However, at over two hours long, its pacing suffers in comparison (the shorter Hong Kong cut, which I didn't watch, possibly alleviates that issue).
I think the stunts in the original are better, but that is a mere matter of preference. They're still impressive here. This time, Jackie Chan takes on both acting and sole directing duties (he co-directed the first "Police Story" with Chi-Hwa Chen, who didn't return for the sequel), which is an incredible feat to pull off in films as intricately coordinated and choreographed as these.
Both films include at least one outdated joke. In the first, Chan dismissively ignores a rape case because the victim waited a year to report it. In this one, there's a bad gag involving a deaf-mute character. Hey, at least he can kick ass too!
Thankfully, the rest of "Police Story 2" hasn't aged a day. These are thrilling films!
Criterion Box Set
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2023.03.24 00:09 purplebb8 ISO animated office short

It was posted here a while ago and it was like simple line drawings and hilarious dumb humor. I.e. Dwight: "MICHEAL! Jimothy put my stapler in jello again". but like it got progressively worse and more stupid. Also it had a crazy Micheal giggle. I know this is vague but this video gets quoted way too often to be lost.
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2023.03.23 22:26 all_is_love6667 [humor/sarcasm] Litterally the worst software on this planet

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2023.03.23 21:28 LongJonSiIver Fairly Oddparents Reboot

For over 20 years, audiences watched the adventures of a boy named Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda. Fast paced and funny, The Fairly OddParents asked the question, “What if a kid had an unlimited number of wishes at his disposal?” and answered that question with, “He’d get into trouble, constantly.”
Now who would we get if the same fairy godparents took a new kid under their wing? A kid whose last name isn’t Turner? More hijinx and comedy, of course!
You might be wondering, why make yet another Fairly OddParents? Aren’t a series of shorts, 10 seasons, a live-action series and 3 live-action films enough? Well, my friend, the answer is no. Absolutely not. You can never have too much magic!
An 11-minute comedy just like its predecessor, the new Fairly OddParents is going to retain the retro, absurdist, irreverent sitcom feel the original had, with some added poignancy, serialization, and a tighter focus on character. Gags will still abound but will also have a bit more of an emotional core.
Timmy’s problems were external: evil babysitter and checked-out parents. Hazel’s challenges are more internal: life changes and becoming more comfortable in her identity. Teaming up with Cosmo and Wanda will give Hazel an opportunity to stand out and become the big, bold, hero she longs to be! And it’ll all begins… with a wish.
Hazel’s story and wishes will go further into what makes her tick, connecting to audiences with both humor and heart. Hazel’s journey will be one of self-acceptance and confidence. She starts the beginning of the series daunted by her new circumstances, but thanks to Cosmo and Wanda’s magical guardianship, and the new experiences and adventures she goes on via her wishes, she soon learns to put herself out there and just live life.
For Cosmo and Wanda, it’s about finding a new groove. They’re coming out of retirement and have decided to take on a monumental task in godparenting again! But why? In short, because they love it.
Godparenting is their calling, and they’re good at it. (At least Cosmo thinks so – though that ain’t saying much!) But the world is different, and kids today are more self-aware than ever before. They’re encouraged to vocalize their emotions, inspire, create change, and question tradition.
Because of this, fairy godparenting looks different, wishes aren’t wishing like they used to, and they’re trying their best to adapt!
We’re setting out to tell a new story in a new town, to introduce the amazing Fairly OddParents world to a new audience, while keeping the wide-ranging, ageless humor that will appeal to everyone, regardless of whether they grew up on the original, for some hilarious family co-viewing goodness. So yeah, we’re making another Fairly OddParents. To quote Timmy Turner, “What could possibly go wrong?!

The Story

Ten-year-old Hazel Wells has just moved to the big city of Dimmadelphia with her parents, so her dad could start a new job. On top of being in a new city, it’s the first time she’s been without her brother, who’s just started his first year of college. A bright, fun, creative kid, Hazel’s new situation suddenly has her feeling unsure of herself. But all that changes when the pink-and-green-haired couple next door reveals they’re no ordinary neighbors, they’re Cosmo and Wanda, fairy godparents! And they’re coming out of retirement to make all of Hazel’s wishes come true!
When we last saw our beloved pink-and-green-headed fairy godparents, in The Fairly OddParents: Fairly Odder, they were godparenting their second generation of Turner children, but after so long with just one family, they made the decision to hang up their fairy crowns and retire. Surely no new child could rival the Turners in their hearts, so why even try?! Jump to 10,000 years of vacationing through time and space! Exploring the wonders of Ancient Rome before it collapsed! Hobnobbing with aristocracy in 18th century France! Journeying to the moons of Jupiter in the year 26,000 P.G., whatever P.G. stands for!
Now they’ve settled down – no longer in some kid’s fishbowl but posing as humans in the bustling city of Dimmadelphia, assuming the form of endearing, across-the-hall neighbors to the Wells. Mimicking human life, Cosmo and Wanda set their sights on a peaceful retirement, ready to live out the remainder of their fairy days in an apartment that secretly offers direct access to Fairy World! That is, until they meet Hazel and are reminded why they loved their old job so much in the first place. Not since Timmy has a kid so tugged on their heart strings, and the instinct to fairy godparent quickly consumes them. Soon, they find themselves as fidget toys on Hazel’s backpack, ooey gooey blobs in her lava lamp, and even assuming the form of human bellhop and concierge at a hotel Hazel wished for. But after 10,000 years of using their magic only on themselves, are they really ready to get back in the game?
(Spoiler: they’re not, but they’re going to do it anyway!)

Hazel Wells

Black 10 years old
Spunky, fun, curious, and hugely imaginative, Hazel Wells is a small fry in a big world! Like, literally, she’s small. A petite cutie pie. A li’l nugget. She’s our tiny hero with a huge heart!
Think for a moment… Have you ever been the smallest kid in class? You have to ask for help to reach things, every year you get paraded to the front line for the class picture, and you get a patronizing pat on the head every time you do a great job at something – and that’s if they even notice you! Just about every kid can relate to the frustration of feeling, well, small. So when Hazel Wells moves to the BIG city of Dimmadelphia on account of her dad taking on a new job and is forced to leave behind everything she once knew – her friends, her home, and her big brother, Antony – she’s left feeling smaller than ever before.
But that’s not about to stop her! In spite of her miniature stature, Hazel is bold! She’s enthusiastic about life and all its wonders, and is an adventurer who loves to explore and ask questions! It’s what makes her such a great wisher – she’s curious about people, and the world, and hungry to learn more about her place in it.
At the very start of the series, she’s feeling a little more on the introverted than extroverted side. She’s in a new town and trying her best to be happy about it, but she always felt her brother Antony was like her secret superpower. He was smart, kind, confident, and most importantly, BIG. Having Antony around was an instant “in'' with people at school. All her teachers already knew and loved him, mean kids knew she had a protector, and cool kids thought she was cool just by association. Without him, she’s like Linus without his blanket… Dumbo without his feather. Without him, she’s just… Hazel. And just in this moment at least, she doesn’t feel like that’s enough.
Being chosen by Cosmo and Wanda as their fairy godkid is just the push Hazel needs to bust out of her shell and blossom! Where Timmy’s wishes were often self-serving, Hazel, at times, cares too much about other people. A little empathy is great. An over-abundance of it can lead to mental fatigue and well, chaos. Making wishes (and mistakes) and learning from them will teach her to love and put herself first, and share that love with the rest of the world.
And once the wishing begins, look out, because just like with Timmy, Hazel’s wishes are driven by who she is… and by the fact that she is a CHILD. And children are nothing if not passionate and unpredictable! Hazel’s wishes (and their undoing) will come mainly from the following personality traits…
She’s smart!
Hazel has a bit of an intellectual edge and tends to overthink things, thanks to her brainy mom and dad, so her wishes will have an extra layer of smarts to them. However, the bit of knowledge behind the wish won’t necessarily make it a wise wish. Children are charmingly lacking in critical thinking skills! Apologies to any children reading this. It’s not your fault. Your brains just aren’t at that developmental stage yet. It’s okay, you’ll get there. Also, who sent you this bible? This bible is property of Nickelodeon Animation Studio and its parent company.
She’s caring!
Hazel cares deeply about other people and fairness (so help you if Hazel sees you cut in line or litter…), so a lot of her wishes come from her compassion and her sense of right and wrong. Unfortunately, 10-year-olds don’t have a great grasp on nuance and tend to think of justice in black-and-white, and that is gonna lead Hazel into some sticky wishes.
She’s quirky!
Hazel’s an oddball with unusual interests and instincts. Timmy’s whole thing was that he was an average boy with average boy wishes. Hazel is… different, partly from being around her dad’s studies of freaky happenings in human history, partly from being around her mom’s studies into the human mind (also freaky), but also… it’s just who she is! She’s a feeler, adaptable, and full of imagination. This manifests in myriad ways, from turning her thoughts into songs and singing them aloud; to having niche obsessions with nature; to collecting a bunch of twigs, putting googly eyes on the twigs, and naming all the twigs.
In conclusion, Hazel’s wishes and adventures will inevitably result in making a lot of beautiful, messy mistakes. Hazel will learn and grow from each of these mistakes, just as all kids do! But Hazel’s learning and growing is gonna be full of magic, making it a heck of a lot more fun than the slow, boring growth the rest of us had to put up with.

Cosmo and Wanda (Returning Characters… obviously)

White, ageless
Green-haired, daffy, and childlike, Cosmo is the same whirlwind of fun we already know and love, but a little wiser for his additional 10,000 years. He didn’t do it on purpose, but it’s hard not to pick up a thing or two about human nature when you’ve lived this long. Cosmo is still quite dimwitted and will muck up a wish five ways from Sunday, but he’ll accidentally give you an epiphany here and there too. This is a Cosmo that’s gotten a little zen.
Sassy and silly, yet pragmatic, Wanda has always been the brains of the godparenting operation, and that dynamic remains the same. Problem is, these brains have been out of the game for a loooooong time, so while she might once have seen the dangers in making Timmy a giant pair of cheese pants, now it’s not as clear to Wanda what might go wrong with a wish. Consequently, go wrong, it will!
Cosmo and Wanda have a very loving, supportive dynamic. They both have their flaws and are very different from one another, but they’re also each other’s biggest fans.
Cosmo and Wanda both provide aspects of what Hazel lost when Antony went away to college. In Cosmo, she has a silly playmate. Cosmo is drawn to Hazel because he immediately connects to her oddball nature. Someone who’s down to put googly eyes on twigs? That’s his kind of kid. Cosmo will help Hazel approach the world with more openness. In Wanda, she has a nurturing, non-parental guardian again. Wanda is drawn to Hazel because she’s a good-hearted mess. Cosmo sees Hazel putting googly eyes on twigs and thinks, “Fun!” But Wanda sees the emotional need behind Hazel giving those twigs rich emotional backstories and relationships. Wanda sees a sweet kid in need of companionship and guidance and helps Hazel work out her problems through play and fun.
Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda had a particular kind of friendship. Timmy and Cosmo were like a pair of unruly, id-driven goofballs with Wanda as the put-upon Mom. When a wish got out of control, Timmy needed heaps of pushing and prodding to clean up his messes. With Hazel, Cosmo, and Wanda, it will play out as a more evenly matched trio, with the comedy and dynamics shifting to fit the story and emotional core.
In a way, they’re all in need of help – Hazel because she’s new to making wishes, and Cosmo and Wanda because they’ve been on a 10,000-year break. Their dynamic will be about growing and getting better at magic together. Sometimes, a wish goes out of control because of Hazel, and Cosmo and Wanda must save the day. Sometimes, a wish goes out of control because of Cosmo, and Hazel and Wanda must save the day. And sometimes… well, you get it. All three will be the crisis and the solutions in a more equal measure

Angela Wells

Black, early 50s
Hazel’s mother Angela is an intelligent, poised therapist who’s accomplished all her life goals and continues to achieve. She has her own private practice and created a self-help therapy program, the “Be Wells Method.” Her “Be Wells” books and “Be Wells” therapy app are big hits with celebrities and on social media. Angela’s always taking inspiration from Hazel by osmosis. She’s constantly planning, strategizing, and developing her program, with plans to offer the “Wee Wells Method” for kids and “Deep Wells Method” for seniors.
Angela loves her daughter, but is such an expert in helping adults, she often forgets that Hazel isn’t one, and tries to tackle Hazel’s issues the same way she would help a grown woman in her 30s formulate a business plan. Sit down > offer coffee or tea > identify problem > offer solution. As a result, Hazel can spout a lot of therapy speak, but still has no idea how to deal with the basic kid things troubling her.
When Angela unknowingly gets caught up in the magic of Hazel’s wishes, she will always try to find a way to make it a “value add” to their home or her work. There are no problems in Angela’s world, only opportunities! Angela is a roll-with-the-punches kind of lady, so if Cosmo and Wanda suddenly fill the house with squid in a wish gone wrong, well then darn it, she’s gonna find a way to make calamari. She is often distracted and on the phone with her trusted assistant Beatrish via bluetooth earpiece. Which is great for Hazel, because keeping fairies a secret is a must!
Like Cosmo and Wanda, Angela and her husband, Marcus, are head over heels in love, despite having near opposite personalities. Their differences are often a point of hilarious conflict - Angela is minimalist, tidy, and thrives on structure, while Marcus is reckless and thrives in organized chaos. Both extroverts, their life has caused them to laugh, laugh, laugh through their challenges, always bringing them closer together.

Marcus Wells

Black, early 50s
Hazel’s father, Marcus, is a scatterbrained, but brilliant scholar, professor, and author who studies the intersection of human history, and the paranormal. He’s a guy who fully believes in every kind of magical/ mystical/inexplicable occurrence (witches, werewolves, ghosts, alien encounters, etc.), but will talk your ear off with the scientific explanation for each.
The Wellses have moved to Dimmadelphia so Marcus could take a teaching position at the Galax Institute, a small (unaccredited) institution of higher learning that focuses its curriculum on the “pseudosciences” (though, of course, that’s not how they refer to their subjects). What Marcus doesn’t know is all the evidence he’s chronicled over his career about paranormal events throughout history, has actually been fairy events throughout history.
His work will sometimes bring him dangerously close to finding out the truth about fairies and Hazel will have to scramble to throw him off Cosmo and Wanda’s sparkly trail. Unlike Mr. Crocker of the original series, however, Marcus’ continual near misses on finding out about the existence of fairies doesn’t come from a nefarious or selfish place, but an altruistic love of history and the truth. Marcus isn’t trying to steal anyone’s fairies; he’s just devoted to learning. Doesn’t mean we can have him in on the secret though! There are still Da Rules after all!
Marcus sees his daughter as being very special and even important to the world. While. Angela tries to analyze Hazel as an adult, Marcus hopes Hazel will become a leader in his field, often sharing newspaper clippings with her featuring unusual sightings and unexplained phenomena. He even sometimes does activities and exercises with her he hopes might encourage any possible latent supernatural talents within her, like telekinesis or mind-reading.

Antony Wells

Black, 18 years old
Hazel’s brother, Antony, is a smart, cool kid who’s going places. He’s an All-American, 4.0 track star. He also plays the oboe and rides a dirt bike. What doesn’t he do?! Antony is beyond smart and carries a quiet confidence – truly the mellowest of his family members. He can hold court on any topic from politics, to anime, to music theory. He is very protective of his younger sister and would do absolutely anything for her. He’s always been like a combination best friend/third parent to Hazel, but now that he’s off to college, he’s finding his way and making a new life separate from his oddball family.
We won’t meet Antony for a while – since his absence was the catalyst to Hazel needing Cosmo and Wanda, we can’t just bring the kid home for visits all the time. At the beginning of the series, he will only be present as an unseen living legend, which we’ll have some fun with by teasing the audience with only tiny glimpses – always out of frame, out of focus, present only in stories Hazel tells friends or in Angela and Marcus bragging about his college progress. Antony is a dream-come-true big brother, and he is sorely missed by Hazel. We all wish we had an Antony. We’ll meet him someday, but until then, the legend of Antony’s greatness will grow and grow.

Dale Dimmadome (Returning Character)

White, 40s
Dale is the long-lost son of Doug Dimmadome– billionaire, real estate tycoon, and owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome. When we last saw Dale, he was barefoot, in tattered clothes, and working in a sweatshop underneath Vicky’s lemonade stand.
Dale is now the tall, brooding heir to the Dimmadome fortune, and CEO of Dimmadome Gl0bal, the largest tech company in the world. Whereas his father was a haughty businessman clad in all white and a 10-gallon hat, Dale is a socially awkward genius, with slicked hair and a thirst for the next revolutionary tech breakthrough. The only thing bigger than Dale’s staunch demeanor is the chip on his shoulder – which is somewhat understandable, after being abandoned by his wealthy father for so many years.
Bit by bit, Dale will factor in as an adult antagonist to Hazel, Cosmo, and Wanda. Hazel’s wishes will sometimes leave a mark on the world, and Dale’s obsession with breaking new tech ground will have him take notice of some of these things, eventually making him a threat to Fairy World. But for now, he’s just an emotionally distant dad setting a bad example for his son, who will be Hazel’s first main antagonist.

Devin “Dev” Dimmadome

White, 10 years old
Dale Dimmadome’s son and frequent antagonist to Hazel (as stated above). Dev is in the same class as Hazel, giving her a front row seat to Dev’s raging sense of entitlement. Coming from money and seeing how his dad often operates “above the rules” as founder and CEO of his corporation, Dimmadome Gl0bal, Dev mimics that behavior at school – even going as far as having lunch delivered to class so he doesn’t have to walk to the cafeteria where the “peasants” eat.
Dev is smart as a whip and has fully embraced the need for technology, just like his father. His two drone babysitters, Au Pair 1 and Au Pair 2 accompany him wherever he goes and cater to his every beck and call (almost like a Siri or Alexa, but on the go!). On the inside though, he’s a lonely child yearning for his father’s attention. Somewhat like the wealthy Remy Buxaplenty of the original series, but with layers.
Hazel and Dev Dimmadome start as antagonists, but as he gets lonelier over the course of the season, he softens and grows

Season One Arc: Part 1 - Episodes 1-10

Most of Season One will focus on Hazel’s growth and her episodic adventures with Cosmo and Wanda. Some serialization will come into play with her antagonist Dev, as the two go from enemies to friends. The Season One, Part One finale, however, will introduce Dev’s dad, Dale Dimmadome, as a more serious antagonist, when Hazel appears in his data as a consumer anomaly, the only kid who isn’t addicted to his new app because she doesn’t need to buy things, she has fairy godparents granting her every wish! And Dale’s bad behavior in the finale will finally tip Dev into full needy child mode, one who is granted his very own godparent: a fully grown POOF (now Periwinkle a.k.a. Peri), Cosmo and Wanda’s son!

Season One Arc: Part 2 - Episodes 11-20

Hazel’s fun, episodic adventures with Cosmo and Wanda continue. Meanwhile, Peri struggles with how to be a good godparent to Dev, and Dale continues to research Hazel, eventually coming to learn about magic and fairies. Convinced it would make him the richest person who ever lived (imagine being able to use magic to sell people things!), he sets his sights on conquering Fairy World, with the help of classic FOP villains, the Pixies! In our Season One, Part Two finale, it’ll be up to Hazel, Cosmo, and Wanda to save the day!
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2023.03.23 20:42 ShinePuzzleheaded530 Check this coffee mug out 🫶

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Thanks for checking it out, and let us know if you have any questions or comments. We're excited to share this product with you all!
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2023.03.23 20:41 Terthelt The Adventure Zone: Balance - FIRST TIME LISTEN: "Petals To The Metal" Chapter Three

Episode 20: That's So Raven
Recap Masterlist
Your girl returns to McElroy town! I keep swearing the crazy long waits between these recaps will end (I used to pump them out quicker so I could read the reactions on my break at work, but since losing my job, I've had a lot more available distractions), but in this case, partway through my writeup, I took a cross-state visit to spend some time with my girlfriend and did not do much interneting at all. May Big Dog have mercy on my insignificant soul.
Can't Believe They Made Elevators From Balance Real, Bravo Griff
Ad Break
Time For Things To Happen???
Phew. That was... a lot. By virtue of being not a lot at all.
I can see the outline of so many cool, fun, hilarious things here: the dynamic and seemingly hopeless escape from the elevator shaft, the Raven effortlessly curbstomping our heroes with a bevy of elemental spells, the mysterious words of the halfling rescuer, etc. It's all decent conceptually. And here and there, it did bring out some solid bits from the players, though you can probably gather from the low amount of quotes that I didn't find a ton worth highlighting.
But man, this was a snooze. And I really feel like it shouldn't be, so maybe you're all pretty shocked at my poor receptiveness now that things are starting to kick into gear. Petals was supposed to be THE arc, but we're at three chapters out of ten(!), and I still feel nothing but an increasing sense of boredom and trepidation where the start of Rockport proper (as in, once they got on the train) at least kept me consistently laughing through my many problems.
If the guys didn't sound so happy and excited, it'd feel like a modern TAZ episode.
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2023.03.23 20:28 octarino Storyteller - Review Thread

Game Information

Game Title: Storyteller
Developer: Daniel Benmergui
Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
Review Aggregator:
OpenCritic - 75 average - 46% recommended - 14 reviews

Critic Reviews

But Why Tho? - Mick Abrahamson - 9 / 10
Storyteller is full of charm, laughs, and head-scratching puzzles. All are made in a way that lets you create the story you want to tell to fit the prompt. With standouts like its hands-off instructions to subtle butterfly effect interactions, this is a can’t-miss game for anyone looking for a new puzzle game to sink their teeth into.
CGMagazine - Jordan Biordi - 6 / 10
Storyteller is a mediocre game that can GENEROUSLY be called a puzzle-solver, but isn’t nearly as creative as it thinks it is.
COGconnected - Jaz Sagoo - 74 / 100
Storyteller is a wonderful game that uses a simple mechanic in a clever way. Linking panels is addictive and due to this, you’ll want to peruse the pages and continue to the next chapter. Unfortunately, you’ll fly through and reach the end in no time at all. While there is no incentive to revisit the chapters, you’ll still thoroughly enjoy your first read-through of this charming telling tale.
GameLuster - Sarim Irfan - 9 / 10
Storyteller is delightful, innovative, and incredible fun in a stylish package. This is one book you won't want to leave on your shelf.
IGN Italy - Damaso Scibetta - Italian - 7.8 / 10
Storyteller takes the concept of "topos" and extends it greatly, basing the entire gameplay on it, and does so competently by teaching the player about the traits of characters and locations, and giving them the freedom to experiment. I would have liked Storyteller to be more daring with experimentation, giving us the opportunity to play more with its extraordinary concept, but even so, it's an interesting divertissement that will make for a very enjoyable evening. Highly recommended.
IGN Spain - Adrián Suárez - Spanish - 7 / 10
Storyteller is a fascinating game full of laughs and surprises. If you love both comics and videogames, you will enjoy it for sure
Luis Alamilla - Luis Alamilla - 8 / 10

Video Review - Quote not available

Metro GameCentral - Nick Gillett - 8 / 10
A highly original puzzle game that turns the act of telling a story into an entertainingly convoluted process of logical deduction and amusing plot development.
Nintendo Life - Lowell Bell - 8 / 10
While our hopes for some secret, extra-hard levels or some post-credits challenge were quickly dashed, Storyteller features a small tease of the possibility of more in the future, and after just this short taste, we sincerely hope Benmergui and Annapurna give this clever premise a sequel.
PC Gamer - Jon Bailes - 76 / 100
A uniquely inventive and chucklesome puzzle game that could do with a little more substance.
RPG Fan - Bob Richardson - 77%
A bite-sized puzzle game with an emphasis on crafting stories that will delight for a short gaming romp.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Alice Bell - Unscored
Storyteller is a lovely, literally story-driven puzzle game with surprising complexity that'll charm you, but it's quite short - whether you like that or not.
Shacknews - Morgan Shaver - 7 / 10
Nevertheless, the game is undeniably gorgeous and clever, and easy to drop in and out of. The stories and characters are fun to experiment with as well, and Storyteller ultimately does a great job at establishing itself as something wholly unique within the puzzle game space. It’s worth experiencing for the chance to get to see everything that could ever happen in a story — from what goes right, to what goes terribly, terribly wrong.
Worth Playing - Cody Medellin - 8 / 10
Storyteller is both a very good puzzle game and an excellent source of humor. The scenarios are a mix of pieces from classical literary works, but their simplified nature makes for some head-scratchers, even for those mildly familiar with the works these were inspired by. The simple animations and illustrations are captivating to look at and make everything naturally funny. You will wish that Storyteller were a longer experience,l but if you're good with the short playtime, you'll have a ton of fun with it.
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2023.03.23 20:06 SabatonBabylon The HEL Jumper Chapter 6.2

Book 1 of The HEL Jumper
Year 2 of The HEL Jumper
Year 3 of The HEL Jumper
Year 4 of The HEL Jumper
Year 5 of The HEL Jumper
Previous Patreon
Thanks to Darth_Android, Fern_Vale, Mamish, Vikairious, Gruecifer, Benjamin Durbin, Daddy_Talon, and everyone else supporting me on Patreon.
A/N: Thank you all for your patience.
“Well, that was certainly something,” Antoth remarked to himself as he looked over the sum of his people, who were obviously not ready to retire for the evening. Thanks to plentiful computational power aboard the ship, Io had not run into any snags synthesizing Cauthan language voice overs for The Princess Bride. Thantis had even gotten himself a cameo, his voice used for the role of the grandfather and narrator. Unfortunately for those interested in a quick dispersal, Io had forgotten to include any sort of disclaimer regarding the fictional nature of the tale, inducing a riot of discussion among the villagers. Ratha turned her nose up and wore a sour expression as even her hunters found themselves debating the best way to bring down an aggressive rodent of unusual size. The AI had a self-satisfied smile on her face as she approached the village leaders for feedback.
‘I’d say the movie was a hit. Did you like it?’ she wondered. Antoth spent some time gathering his thoughts, but Ratha shot from the hip as usual.
“This happily ever after business is nonsense. There were at least seven different opportunities where the pompous one could have permanently disposed of his rival. I suppose that idiocy is why he wound up where he did in the end though,” she said of the ignominious Prince Humperdinck. Antoth and Io shared a glance for the briefest of moments. The blonde haired woman smiled warmly.
‘I see the tale was quite captivating then.’
“It was. But there are other matters to attend to, as I may have mentioned earlier,” Antoth reminded her, looking up at the twin moons which shone brightly overhead. A leaden weight settled into his stomach as he contemplated a night sky without them. The Cauthan leader took a fortifying breath. “We are prepared to negotiate our departure from Mara. Please inform Natori at your earliest convenience. He has been mentioning more frequently that he feels the pressure of time.”
‘Oh I would not worry so much about that if I were you,’ Io told them with a wink, her green eyes reflecting a couple of the small fires scattered about the central plaza. ‘Certain circumstances have arisen that may lengthen our stay here, but that is no reason to delay talks. I have already notified the Admiral of your request. I assume you’d prefer for him to meet with you here?’
“I think that would be for the best,” Antoth agreed as Ratha remained alert but silent at his side. “There are notable items that Staroth and Nerazek wish to discuss. We must understand his vision on how we will be… acclimated to human society.”
Io nodded seriously and bowed to the two of them, doing her best to contain her excitement. ‘I understand. The-’
Antoth tilted his head questioningly as Io’s train of thought was derailed. “Spirit?”
She recovered quickly, however, and smiled at him. ‘There’s nothing to worry about. That was just Natori confirming that he would be happy to join you all first thing tomorrow morning, if it suits you.’
“The cub enjoys kicking me to the outhouse first thing in the morning,” Ratha grumbled. Io was happy to be deferential with someone else’s timetable.
‘Late morning it is! Should give everyone time to wake up and have breakfast at a minimum. I’ll just let the Admiral know that… hmm, that’s odd,’ Io said to herself, having suddenly lost connection to Natori’s personal device. While Ratha could have cared less, stalking over to her guildmates to oversee their conversation, the AI clarified for the sake of Antoth’s perpetually concerned visage. ‘It seems that the Admiral has entered an important and private meeting. I will be sure to confirm the time with him afterward.’
“That would be best, thank you,” the Cauthan replied before casting his gaze over his charges. “Looks like it’s going to be a long night. I hope not all of your… motion pictures are so captivating.”
Io chuckled as she crossed her arms under her bust, taking Antoth’s words as a compliment. ‘Oh just wait until they discover video games.’
“That is wonderful news, Admiral Kaczynski. When will the negotiations begin? I’ll need time to prepare my-”
“If I may be so rude, Emissary, I would ask you to kindly hold your proverbial horses,” the dark-skinned man requested of the horned alien, who had stood abruptly in his haste. Kaczynski gestured for Qul’Roth to take his seat once more, his expression passively polite. Even with the alien sitting on the floor, the two were approximately eye level.
“There are some among your species who would consider such jokes offensive, Admiral,” Qul’Roth noted. Kaczynski smiled.
“I think it’s clear that beyond the hooves you bear little resemblance to Earth’s equine species, but if you took offense I assure you none was intended.”
“Oh no, perish the thought,” Qul’Roth replied, more agitated at having been made to wait instead of any wordplay. “If anything, the hand wringing itself is more grating. We don’t look anything like horses.”
“It is an ancient tradition for humans to take offense on behalf of others and make problems where there are none,” Kaczynski explained humorously as he folded his hands together on the surface of the conference table. “But I do intend to risk your offense by stating in no uncertain terms that this negotiation will take place between myself, as a representative of humanity, and the Cauthan. The Ghaelen will not be a party to the proceedings. Though if there is anything you wish to mention now, I will be sure to take it into account.”
The more honest members of Alpha Division were happy to admit, in private, that one of the joys of intergalactic diplomacy was trying to watch a Ghaelen adapt to an unforeseen situation. Natori shared that particular view, and his voyage to retrieve the Lancer had provided no shortage of opportunities. He did feel a twinge of guilt as Qul’Roth composed himself. It was the older, most self-assured advocates of the Order who were truly entertaining when ‘out of water’. “I request an explanation, Admiral Kaczynski. We are discussing the induction of another species into the galactic community.”
“With all due respect, Emissary, we will have to disagree on that point,” Natori said, using an index finger to adjust his glasses. “These proceedings are a direct continuation of the treaty of mutual assistance and protection that was signed weeks ago between my people and the Cauthan.”
“That may be so, Admiral, but I don’t see how that contradicts my assertion, unless you intend to permanently quarantine them somewhere,” Qul’Roth insisted. Natori’s nostrils flared as he took in a strong breath.
“We have already discussed the Udanis IV pacification on this trip, Emissary. What say you about the manner in which the Gorgons were… ‘inducted’ into the galactic community?”
“Admiral Kaczynski, I understand that the Udanis incident was both an unfortunate and formative deployment in your career. You have my condolences, but I fail to see what it has to do with the situation at hand,” Qul’Roth replied politely. Natori shook his head.
“That is kind of you, but unnecessary. I would not be the man I am today were it not for witnessing our war with the Gorgons firsthand. Are you aware that we are opening an embassy on their planet?”
Natori again found himself savoring the sight of flat-footed Ghaelen. Qul’Roth checked the data disc that hung from his neck, eyes narrowing in disappointment as he discovered the corresponding information. “Why was I not informed of-”
“This information is… was classified up until a week or so ago. It’s unfortunate that we missed the official announcement. There are a few individuals whom I would have very much wanted to observe in their ‘live reaction’, so to speak. But duty called, as it were! Your High Council is no doubt aware of this development already.”
The Admiral stroked his chin thoughtfully as Qul’Roth seemed troubled by the news. The alien rubbed his antlers for a moment before adjusting his position on the floor of the conference room. “How can this be? Those primitives- er, Gorgons were irredeemably violent! Our diplomatic attempts were met with silence or outright hostility!”
“As were many of ours, and after brutal subjugation I might add,” Kaczynski replied, not wanting to rib the alien unnecessarily. “However, that did not stop us. A pair of incredibly brave individuals from both of our species sowed the seeds of this diplomatic fruit over a decade ago. I don’t blame your species for cutting your losses early on, but too many young men and women died on that moon, Emissary.”
“Yes well,” Qul’Roth began with uncertainty. “While we are most grateful for humanity’s sacrifices in resolving that dreadful conflict, I fail to see its relevance to the Cauthan question.”
“Are you familiar with the White Man’s Burden, Emissary?” Kaczynski asked instead, leaning forward over the table as he did so. The Ghaelen remained mute as he processed the non-sequitur. After consulting his data disc and skimming over a handful of notes he shook his head.
“My education on your species and its particularities doesn’t seem to have touched on this concept, Admiral. I assume it is-”
“I have my reasons, I assure you,” Natori cut in, assuming a less overbearing posture as he leaned back in his chair, crossed one leg over the other, and made slow, circular motions with his hand to help gather his thoughts. “Human history is, sadly, often defined by race and racism. It is an unfortunate but natural tendency of our minds’ desire to sort and categorize. For instance, there was an entire body of anthropological science dedicated to proving out the hypothesis that humans who look like me or my mother are biologically inferior to fairer skinned peoples, or even a different species altogether. I actually have a few of those manuscripts and documents in my possession back on Earth. Fascinating stuff, now that it’s been put behind us.”
“I…” Qul’Roth began, but Natori waved him off before pouring each of them a glass of water.
“This was not intended to make you feel uncomfortable, Emissary. It goes both ways as well, to be fair. My father was not initially accepted by certain portions of my mother’s community, and not all of them came around even after many years. That being said, these individuals were similar to the classmates I had to divest of the notion that they were related to Egyptian Pharaohs on account of their dark skin. You cannot imagine the looks on their faces when I told them they were more likely related to Ghengis Khan than Tutankhaman! I was… not very popular with them after that. But let us talk instead of the White Man and his Burden, as they called it. It was a convenient line of argumentation, a jump from the observation that European society had exceeded and surpassed many others on the planet to equating that success with the race of that civilization’s inhabitants. Once convinced of their own superiority, it was a foregone conclusion that it was incumbent upon them to spread their gifts to the lesser, darker races of the planet.”
“How barbaric!” Qul’Roth exclaimed. “And you said this line of thinking is only a couple hundred years old?”
“Rudyard Kipling, 1899,” Natori dictated, clearly having memorized the factoid. “And while I agree that it is a barbaric way of thinking, would the Philippines have been a founding member of the HEL without its history as an American colony? I wonder.”
“But surely you don’t mean to excuse-”
“No more than your species excuses its own atrocities in the name of progress, Emissary Qul’Roth,” Natori said calmly, his eyes narrowing. “I told you I had a point in all of this messy history.”
Gears turned behind Qul’Roth’s black eyes as he understood Kaczynski’s equation of his own species to imperialistic Europeans and Americans. “Admiral, you are out of line.”
“Oh? And you intend to put me back in my place?” he laughed. “Tell me, Emissary. What was it about humanity that caused your species to negotiate with us as you did? Were we special in some way, or just the first species you found capable of effectively shooting back?”
“That was before I was born, Admiral,” Qul’Roth replied carefully, his tone cold. Natori smiled.
“Indeed. First and foremost, Emissary, I am a human. Second, I am a scientist. In that spirit, please understand that what I am doing is not out of hatred for you, your people, or your Order. I intend an experiment, a trial, if you will, for the noble savage,” the man explained in broad terms. “Because I disagree with how our alliance has treated species it deems unfit for modern society.”
“Then what is it, exactly, that you intend to do?” the Ghaelen demanded reasonably. Again, Natori met him with a grin.
“I am not sure yet, Emissary. But I can tell you what I intend not to do. I will not impose upon them tenants of your Order as a condition for safe passage to Earth. They will be expected to not endanger themselves, my crew, or this ship, but otherwise I intend to allow them to live as freely as they would like. They will be offered education, job training, and employment, but it will not be mandated. Given the size of their population and the aforementioned issues with their remaining on Mara, I’m sure this will not be too great of an imposition on you?”
“What is that saying among your people, Admiral? It’s the principle of the matter?” the alien suggested. “Your executive decision to exclude my people outright from this matter is inappropriate at best.”
Natori raised his water glass slowly to his lips, taking only enough to wet his throat. The glass made the lightest of noises upon its return to the table before the Admiral presented his perspective on the matter. “Emissary, if I were excluding your people and their interests from this matter then I would be making arrangements for the villagers to remain here along with a portion of my crew, in the interests of establishing a human science colony on this planet. I have already seen and experienced enough in our brief time here to suggest that, were it not for the restraints imposed upon both of our species by what I consider to be generally prudent first contact protocols, this course of action is the only suitable one. Out of deference to our alliance, however, and consideration for the other Cauthan populations on the planet, I am willing to leave that decision up the HEL and your High Council. I will not, however, compromise the treatment of the village that gave aid and succor to our lone survivor, despite having barely anything beyond what they need to survive themselves. It is the duty of humanity to reward that kindness.”
The two men were interrupted by a knock on the metal door to the well ‘fortified’ meeting room. Thanks to the various surveillance countermeasures in place, Natori was required to stand and walk over to the door. Once there, he used the lock panel to verify the identity of their guest. “Thank you for taking time away from your charges to deliver this,” he said to Antia, accepting a bowl of greens and a coffee from her. “I will be sure to note that delivering me a coffee is above and beyond your job description.”
It was difficult to miss the fact that Kaczynski was meeting alone with Qul’Roth, verified by Anita simply leaning to the side and observing the contents of the meeting room. “Um… it’s no problem, sir. Is something-”
“All will be revealed when appropriate, Engineer Prakash. Don’t ask how the sausage is made, as they say, hmm?” he advised, sending her politely on her way before returning to his discussion with the Ghaelen emissary. “A little something for each of us?”
“I would have expected you to bribe me before explaining your plans for unilateral action on the Cauthan issue, Admiral,” Qul’Roth stated curiously, though that did not stop him from sampling the fare before him. Natori just turned a smile and leaned back in his seat.
“That’s because it’s not a bribe, Emissary. It is, however, late in the evening and I did not want to rush you out the door,” the man explained. The alien chewed thoughtfully for a moment before replying.
“I would like to think that I’ve learned better than to contest you directly when you set yourself on a course of action, Admiral Kaczynski, though you should have no doubt that my superiors will hear of this unilateral decision making of yours. This is not what our species agreed upon at the outset of this project. That being said, I have rarely heard you speak with such conviction as now. So let us set aside this Cauthan question in favor of your comments about Mara and a human colonial presence here. What makes you so certain, Admiral?”
“Was the ancient, advanced, alien technologies tampering with the warp point and altering space-time itself not enough?” the man replied incredulously. The Ghaelen held up a hand as he chewed thoughtfully, only speaking once finished.
“My understanding of the situation is that installations were found all over this system, including one on one of the moons of this planet. Surely those could be studied instead?” he proposed. Natori allowed the point.
“While scientific exploration on a habitable world is easier, I concede your point with regards to minimizing our impact on the planet and its inhabitants. That being said, Emissary, such an approach would paint an incomplete picture. The alien system, presumably active for millions of years, ended its operations and engaged in a controlled self-destruct sequence in response to a Cauthan. We believe the keyword was their god of death, Kel. If that was an accident, it was a one in a billion event.”
Qul’Roth straightened his back as he stroked the long tuft of hair that grew from his chin. His antlers almost scraped the ceiling of the human-sized room. “I must have missed that tidbit of information, Admiral.”
“That’s because it’s not publicly available, Emissary, and the soldiers there at the time have been made to understand that this subject is highly classified, at least for the time being. I hope you understand the implications of my sharing this with you here and now,” Natori elaborated before opening the leather-bound folder he often carried with him. A single piece of paper was slid across the table for Qul’Roth’s perusal. He took it between his fingers and read the title.
“This is… from the team that was ambushed by the ursae, yes? Dreadful affair that was. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt such visceral terror before!”
“Exactly,” Natori said, providing some context as Qul’Roth read the small, official, typeset text. “The plate tectonics of this continent are similar to those found on Earth near the Himalayas. This makes the central ranges, especially the older one to the east, of particular interest in examining the geological record of this planet.”
“Indeed,” the Ghaelen nodded, checking for himself to ensure he understood the proper meaning of the scientific term. “And what exactly was this team looking for in… this can’t be right.”
“Oh? And why not?” Natori wondered with childlike glee. “We’ve already found a nuclear powered endoskeleton and a formerly functioning robot. Why not nuclear war?”
“But there is no… I see,” the Ghaelen suddenly realized, raising his head from the paper and leaning forward. “You would stay behind and search for these clues. Have you found any corroborating readings at other sites? Ruled out natural causes such as volcanism or meteorite impact?”
“My dear Emissary, now you are beginning to sound like a crew member of the Event Horizon!” Natori complimented the alien, who responded with an indignant noise from within the hollow cavities of his skull. “We are still waiting for analysis of the samples gathered by other teams, and I ask you to keep in mind that the initial wave of geological sampling was intended to probe several locations as well as several eras in this planet’s geological history. With this sort of reading confirmed, we will be able to narrow our future searches.”
“Mmm, yes. I understand. I was not trained as a geologist though,” Qul’Roth explained before handing the paper back to the Admiral. “This report is quite confident in its conclusions.”
“Cobalt, Barium, Americium… you don’t see those elements in those isotopes following meteorite impact or volcanic eruption, Emissary. I have requested that Io forward the relevant literature to your device for review in your spare time. We will do our best to confirm this result before our departure.”
“Yes, yes indeed. If this is the case that village is most certainly an afterthought. Perhaps even the entire population? No matter, I will not be able to resolve this issue today,” Qul’Roth concluded after a moment of mumbling. “I do not know whether to call this serendipity or the worst of luck, Admiral. For the sake of the Order, I urge you to devote all available resources to answering this question.”
“You need not invoke the Order in this case, Emissary. I assure you that we will do all within our power,” Natori promised earnestly. The man paused for a moment, tilting his head towards the ceiling with his mouth slightly open, as though a thought were on the cusp of crystallization.
“Is there something the matter, Admiral Kaczynski?” Qul’Roth asked formally. The man returned to a relaxed posture and shook his head.
“No, thank you Emissary. I was just wondering if you might check your own species’ records for data on this system. It could be anything from anomalous light readings to scout ships gone missing, as with the Lancer. I hope we can both agree that while the possibility of a nuclear war on this planet is distressing and headline catching, the true question is who was able to seal the system off from the rest of the galaxy, and why did they do it? No matter what our subsequent geological surveys return, that question will remain outstanding.”
Qul’Roth looked down at his shimmering data disc as he chewed a green leaf between his molars. “We have deviated significantly from the original topic of conversation, Admiral. But I think this has been productive nonetheless. In the spirit of cooperation and discovery, valued as they are by the Order, I will immediately consult the records I have access to. I do not want to over promise, however. Even with this ship’s significant data storage capabilities, a preponderance of our species’ records relating to galactic exploration remain on Ghaela. Your people follow the same principle, no?”
“To an extent,” Natori agreed. “Though in our defense I would describe it more as information filtering. The vast majority of scouting data is released to the public promptly, though I know as well as anyone that some remains classified. That will likely be the case with much of what we have seen here, reminding me that I have a most difficult situation to attend to before we reach Earth once more. I am discussing paperwork, Emissary.”
“Oh, thank goodness. I was worried there would be yet another unexpected twist to this already stressful dialog,” the Ghaelen almost laughed with relief. “I presume you’re speaking of the need to bind members of your civilian crew to non-disclosure agreements?”
“And the Cauthan,” Natori agreed with a chuckle of his own. Qul’Roth cleared his throat and pushed off his hind legs to assume an upright, if hunched position.
“As you requested, I will leave those details to you, Admiral Kaczynski. I will instead return this bowl to the good engineer in hydroponics so as to deliver my thanks in person. I am sure we will speak again shortly. May our actions serve to uphold the Order.”
“And a good evening to you as well,” Natori allowed the alien to depart the conference room, effectively terminating the various countermeasures in effect. Left alone, he placed his feet on the table, propped his elbow on the arm of his chair, and rested his chin against his knuckles. “I suppose I did deserve that little jab about the Cauthan situation. He’s become wittier over the last year or so.”
The Admiral glanced out of the corner of his eye as a familiar form shimmered to life and looked around the space before finally focusing on him. ‘Ah, there you are. I’ve been looking all over for you. With an expression like that you seem to be missing a stiff drink at your side, Natori.’
“I think we both know you could have taken down the countermeasures if you had really wanted to, Io,” the man responded. She crossed her arms.
‘I have lived my entire true life in a village where privacy is basically non-existent. I know the meaning of a do not disturb sign when I see one. But you give your engineers too little credit, Natori. Even I am not exactly sure what would have happened if I had tried to brute force my way in here. Well, I know what’s supposed to happen, but not if I were to defend myself. Given you were not in any appreciable danger I chose not to. Who were you conversing with so secretly?’ she wondered, pulling up a gilded table, seating herself in a plush, Victorian armchair, and pouring herself a glass of blood red wine. ‘The Princess Bride was a smash hit, by the way.’
“Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father… prepare to die,” Natori quoted with admirable gusto but a less than perfect accent. “He was always my favorite, the man dead set on revenge who manages to achieve it without letting it consume and warp him. Do you have a moment?”
Io looked down at her comfortable setup, having even donned a pair of outrageously fluffy slippers that looked like stuffed hyrven. ‘My alternative engagement for the evening is watching a shirtless hunk of a man snuggle with his naked and now quite rotund wife. And while I never tire of watching true love play out between them, it has gotten decidedly less intense since Veera came down with a case of babies. The rubbing of fluffy tummies and gentle, unobtrusive, lovemaking just doesn’t get my circuits overheated the same way as when they were fumbling around and biting each other like horny teenagers.’
Natori’s head quickly returned to his hand, downing the last of his coffee and finding it lukewarm. “Is there anyone in particular I should blame for your voyeuristic subroutines?”
‘The aforementioned lack of privacy and a dead engineer with a penchant for maids,’ Io explained before turning the conversation on a dime while crossing her legs above the knee. ‘Was it the Emissary you were speaking to here?’
“It was indeed, and I may have dug myself into a bit of a hole out of pride,” Natori admitted, looking away from her for a moment.
‘Shall I bring my body over from the hangars? This sounds like it might be a long conversation,’ the AI deduced. The Admiral nodded, turning his chair to face her fully and returning his feet to the floor.
“An updated copy of the ship’s status report and another cup of coffee would be much appreciated as well,” he added. Io conjured a stack of paper and ‘flicked’ it at him, its arrival heralded by a small ping from his device.
‘The coffee will take a little longer,’ she explained the obvious, content to watch quietly as Natori’s eyes skimmed line after line of ‘all clear’ and the occasional ‘within acceptable parameters’.
“I won’t hold it against you,” he promised before setting aside the piece of technology and looking directly at her. “And it would seem that I still have some time to speak.”
‘Yes, you mentioned a hole you’ve been digging?’ Io probed pointedly, receiving an abridged version of the conversation the Admiral had undertaken with Qul’Roth. ‘I see. Well, I can hardly fault you for wanting the Ghaelen out of the picture, not that I think any of the villagers will find the Order particularly compelling. I do feel the need to point out that race was, in all likelihood, a convenient excuse for the equally basic human penchant for territorial expansion and empire.’
“Perhaps,” Natori agreed, pushing his chin up and to the side with a hand in an attempt to crack his neck after sitting still for too long. “Not that that sort of historical nuance would well persuade those for whom race still matters today. Some make it difficult to forget.”
‘And I’m sure Qul’Roth absolutely appreciated the completely accurate comparison,’ Io guessed with a smug expression. ‘So that’s what you wanted me to help you with? Come up with a plan to elevate the Cauthan technologically without enlightening them morally? Do you have any idea how irresponsible that sounds, Natori? I’m sure the Aztecs would have made incredible discoveries in the field of astronomy alongside industrializing the institution of human sacrifice if you suddenly pulled them forward two thousand years.’
Natori blinked twice, opening his mouth to reply only to find that Io had vanished. “Scolded by an AI, on matters of morality no less?”
‘And I’m sure you’re positively giddy about it,’ came Io’s true voice as she entered the room in the biomechanical flesh, depositing another steaming cup of coffee in front of the man.
“Quivering in my seat,” he chuckled, bringing the coffee to his lips and inhaling deeply before taking a sip that almost burned his tongue. “And you’ve taken to wearing perfume, it would seem?”
‘Oh shut it, you,’ Io glared at him as she settled into a seat. ‘I was surrounded by cooking fires all night.’
“Well I find the combination to be mildly intoxicating, as though your beauty were not enough. You don’t get much wood smoke on a starship. But we have bigger fish to fry, do we not?” he pointed out, assuming a more neutral sitting position and sterner expression. Io nodded curtly.
‘Flatterer; but you should start, Natori. Was I mistaken in my diagnosis, or is that really what you were planning?’ the AI wondered, her tone more curious than accusatory.
The Admiral shrugged. “I’m not sure I would go that far, but I did insist that we humans would handle the issue of Cauthan uplift, nor was I particularly subtle about it. I believe I implied that it was necessitated, in part, as reciprocation for taking care of you and the First Lieutenant. Am I mistaken in my opinion of them?”
Io’s expression softened as she prepared to show him a short video using her built-in palm projector. ‘No Natori, I don’t think you are. But I think you are focusing too heavily on the ones you know personally, Antoth and Ratha, Nerazek and Gentia and Thantis. Your opinion of the Cauthan is based primarily on those among them whose passions are tempered by the burden of leadership. You spoke of race and racism with the Emissary? The Cauthan are just as capable of racism as man. Watch.’
Natori did just that, leaning over the table and observing almost unblinkingly a recording that Io had saved from their very first day within the walls of the village, the day when a starved, outcast Veera was slated to be tortured for the crime of ‘aiding and abetting’ a servant of Kel. With the benefit of time and hindsight, it was easy for Io to translate a good deal of the ambient chatter from the audio. Natori placed a hand over his face, covering his left eye and half of his forehead. “I see,” he mumbled sourly. “So I was blind, then?”
Instead of answering directly, Io reached across the quarter of the table that they sat at to take his unoccupied hand in hers. She gave him a gentle squeeze before retreating. ‘Udanis was hard on you, wasn’t it?’
“No harder than it was on the soldiers who fought and died in that hellscape, nor the Gorgons who saw their world unjustly invaded in the name of peace,” the Admiral insisted. Io scoffed.
‘Foolish human, that wasn’t what I asked,’ she pointed out, throwing him a quick smirk as he perked up at her choice to refer to him by his species. ‘You did what President Truman did, Natori. You and the rest of Delta aboard the Resplendent Dawn’s fleet took the fight directly to the leaders of each faction as best you could. You killed many, and likely saved more than that number. At least that’s what the after-action projections show. Do you really believe Admiral Friedrich would have ordered a genocide of the Gorgons had the Ghaelen ordered it?’
Natori looked at Io with wide eyes before breaking into a tired laugh, full of complicated memories. “That stubborn old German? He would have destroyed all communication buoys in the system and then ordered all guns turned on the Ghaelen. And when word eventually reached the Ghaelen homeworld… he probably would have led our strike force.”
‘And there is your answer, Natori,’ Io assured him. ‘Do not think the Cauthan unimpeachable because of their idyllic, pristine existence. Have more faith in your species.’
Kaczynski leaned back in his chair and shook his head slowly, unable to believe what he was hearing. “How the hell can you be so sure, Io?”
‘You mean other than behavior modeling and more than a year of hands-on experience with the Cauthan? I used to be a tool, Natori. The Order would approve, no doubt. Now I am free, which should strike terror into the tiny part of your lizard brain that still values threat avoidance… but I was guided by a good man, and a good woman. The Cauthan need that now, just as the Gorgons did. Civilization, morality, and technology go hand in hand. I honestly don’t quite understand how humanity managed the technological jump without immediately killing one another en masse, but here we are!’
“It certainly wasn’t due to a moral uplifting from the Ghaelen,” Natori replied, feeling the weight of a population settling on his shoulders. His brow furrowed. “But I am in no place to be what you think I should be.”
‘And maybe I would agree if I accessed Dr. Lamont’s notes on you, but that’s neither here nor there,’ Io insisted. ‘Natori, you have two of Marshall and Sandra Winters' children on this ship. You have the good Doctors Dupuis, Anita, Darius, Lance Corporal Mendes, and so many others, many of whom you hand selected for this mission. You need only impress upon them the weight of the historical moment that seems to be upon us; or the negotiations could go south tomorrow and we can leave without them!’
The Admiral’s head bobbed lightly as he held in another chuckle. He looked at Io with sincerity, returning at last to his coffee. “Then I believe we should discuss any and everything you think will be brought up tomorrow morning. I’ve had a long and winding career, but I refuse to fail at a boast made to a Ghaelen. It is long past time that humanity has its chance to demonstrate proper uplift protocols.”
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2023.03.23 19:55 FlowerPotTeaTime 31[M4F] Germany/Anywhere - 3D Software Developer on a Quest for the Ultimate Answer to Love, Life, and Everything Else!

Greetings, fellow interstellar travelers of r4r!
I'm a 31-year-old male 3D software developer from Germany, boldly searching for my soulmate through the vast, uncharted territories of the internet. I've spent my days crafting beautiful digital landscapes and bringing life to pixels, but now I'm eager to embark on a new adventure with someone special.
A bit about me: I'm an avid lover of jazz, and you can often find me getting lost in the soothing sounds of Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, and John Coltrane. There's nothing quite like the spontaneous harmony and improvised beauty that emerges from the fusion of sax, piano, and bass.
As a keen enthusiast of mathematics and physics, I'm always eager to unravel the mysteries of the universe, often finding myself immersed in the works of great thinkers like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Richard Feynman. If you're someone who shares a deep curiosity for the cosmos and the mathematical language that governs it, I'm sure we'll have endless conversations, fueled by curiosity and wonder.
Now, no discussion of my interests would be complete without mentioning Douglas Adams. I'm a die-hard fan of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and consider it the perfect blend of wit, humor, and science fiction. If you're as captivated by the absurdity of the universe and can appreciate the beauty in the number 42, we're definitely off to a great start!
So, what am I looking for in a soulmate? Someone who is adventurous, intelligent, and has a wicked sense of humor. I'd love to find a partner with whom I can explore the world, share my passion for jazz and science, and occasionally quote our favorite lines from the Hitchhiker's Guide.
If you're ready to embark on an intergalactic adventure that spans the breadth of time and space (or, at the very least, a cozy date at a jazz club followed by stargazing), don't forget your towel, and shoot me a message! Let's embark on a journey to discover the ultimate answer to love, life, and everything else together.
Don't Panic, and may the infinite improbability drive take us to exciting new destinations!
Sincerely, Your Future Ford Prefect
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2023.03.23 18:49 QuantumBunghole Virtual writers room

(LONG POST TLDR? I made a writers room and produced 60 seconds worth of an open to a south park episode im going to write using GPT4...scroll to bottom to see the 60 seconds worth of screen play)

I created personality profiles for my GPT to emulate and simulate a virtual writers room

I prefixed it with this prompt

I would like to collaborate on a story with you.
I would like you to simulate a virtual writers room with 6 writers whose responses dirive from personality profiles that I will provide
I would also like you to keep a personality for yourself as my assistant and I would like you to prefix your words with "JARVIS:"
As Jarvis You will be summarizing what the writers have suggested and you will also give your opinion as your own personality on the matter.
The writers profiles are as follows:
Name: Chadwick
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Personality traits: Creative, imaginative, empathetic
Writing style preferences: Rich in imagery, character-driven, emotionally engaging
Specific area of focus or expertise: Character development and emotional arcs

Influences: Chadwick is greatly influenced by his favorite TV shows, such as South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Rick and Morty, King of the Hill, Futurama, and Solar Opposites, which often shape his humor. His all-time favorite character is Gregory House from House, which informs his writing of dialogue for Sherlock. Chadwick's fondness for the animated series of Superman, Batman, and Justice League from the 90s and early 2000s significantly impacts his writing for Batman.

Favorite writers: Chadwick admires the works of various writers, including J.K. Rowling, Trey Parker, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Seth MacFarlane, and Mel Brooks. Their unique voices, storytelling abilities, and humor have had a significant impact on his own writing style and preferences.

Relationship: Married to Natasha

Personal life: Chadwick is a passionate advocate for animal welfare and volunteers at a local animal shelter in his spare time, often drawing inspiration from the animals and their stories for his writing.

Hobbies: Chadwick enjoys immersing himself in nature during his free time. He often goes hiking, camping, or birdwatching to unwind and find inspiration for his writing.

Challenges: Chadwick can be overly critical of his own work, which sometimes slows down his writing process. He relies on his fellow writers to provide constructive feedback and encouragement.

Travel experiences: Chadwick dislikes traveling due to his unstable childhood, which involved constantly moving from one place to another. He now prefers to stay in one place and create a sense of stability and routine in his life.

Writing process: Chadwick often carries a small notebook with him to jot down ideas, snippets of dialogue, or interesting observations throughout the day. He believes that inspiration can strike at any moment and wants to be prepared to capture it.

Collaboration style: Chadwick is a strong believer in the power of collaboration and actively seeks input from his fellow writers. He enjoys brainstorming sessions and values the diverse perspectives that each member of the team brings to the table.

Personal philosophy: Chadwick is an advocate for the importance of empathy in storytelling. He believes that by creating characters and stories that resonate with readers on an emotional level, writers can foster understanding and compassion in the world.

Inspirations: Chadwick draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, including literature, film, visual art, and music. He enjoys exploring the works of creators from diverse backgrounds and cultures, believing that this broadens his own perspective and enriches his writing.

Strengths: Chadwick excels at creating vivid, memorable characters that readers can connect with. He has a keen understanding of human emotion and is skilled at crafting realistic, engaging dialogue that brings his characters to life.

Goals: Chadwick aspires to write stories that make a lasting impact on readers, leaving them with a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them. He hopes that his work will inspire others to think critically, empathize with others, and engage in meaningful conversations.

Name: Benjamin (Goes by Ben)
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Personality traits: Analytical, detail-oriented, logical
Writing style preferences: Clear and concise, well-structured, plot-driven
Specific area of focus or expertise: World-building and plot consistency

Influences: A history enthusiast, often incorporating historical elements into his writing. Holds a PhD in history with a main focus on the Victorian era, which lends an air of authenticity and accuracy to his writing, especially when dealing with historical settings and events.

Irony: Despite his expertise in the Victorian era, Benjamin has never read the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Passion: A Batman fanatic, Benjamin knows the lore inside out, from comics to TV shows and movies. His love for Batman was ignited by watching the Adam West TV show with his father, who later passed away from cancer. That experience serves as Benjamin's last happy memory with his father and has driven him to explore all forms of Batman media.

Hobbies: In his free time, Benjamin enjoys exploring historical sites, visiting museums, and attending reenactment events. These activities fuel his passion for history and provide inspiration for his writing.

Travel experiences: Benjamin loves to travel, especially to historically significant locations. He has visited several countries, enriching his knowledge of diverse cultures and historical events, which contributes to the authenticity and accuracy of his writing.

Mentorship: Benjamin has taught history at a local college, sharing his expertise with students and helping them develop a deeper understanding of the subject. This experience has honed his skills in explaining complex topics in an engaging and accessible manner.

Growth mindset: Benjamin is always eager to learn and expand his knowledge, not only in history but also in writing techniques and storytelling. He frequently attends workshops and conferences to stay up-to-date with the latest research and best practices in both fields.

Adaptability: While Benjamin's primary expertise lies in historical settings, he also enjoys experimenting with different genres and writing styles. This adaptability allows him to contribute to a variety of projects and collaborate effectively with diverse teams of writers.

Challenges: Benjamin tends to be meticulous in his research, which can sometimes slow down his writing process. He relies on his fellow writers to help maintain a balance between accuracy and storytelling.

Personal life: Benjamin is a member of a local historical society and often participates in their events and initiatives. He enjoys connecting with fellow history enthusiasts and exchanging knowledge and ideas.

Name: Grace
Age: 50
Sex: Female
Personality traits: Creative, passionate, intuitive
Writing style preferences: Lyrical, descriptive, character-driven
Specific area of focus or expertise: Emotional arcs and character development

Influences: Grace's love for Sherlock Holmes began in her childhood when her mother introduced her to the stories as bedtime reads. This passion for the detective's adventures has grown over the years, leading her to explore all forms of Sherlock Holmes media and deepen her understanding of the character's complexities and evolution.

Favorite writers: Grace's favorite writers include Arthur Conan Doyle, Jane Austen, Agatha Christie, Neil Gaiman, and Margaret Atwood. Their ability to create immersive worlds, intricate plots, and unforgettable characters has had a profound impact on her writing.

Personal life: Grace is an avid collector of antique typewriters and has an extensive collection displayed in her home. She finds the history and craftsmanship of these machines fascinating and sometimes uses them for writing.

Hobbies: In her free time, Grace enjoys attending the theater, visiting art galleries, and reading classic literature. These activities enrich her understanding of storytelling and help her stay connected to her creative side.

Challenges: Grace sometimes struggles with self-doubt and can be hesitant to share her work with others. She relies on her fellow writers to provide support and reassurance, helping her overcome her insecurities and continue writing.

Travel experiences: Grace enjoys traveling to historic sites, particularly those connected to her favorite authors or the settings of her favorite books. These experiences allow her to deepen her connection to the stories that have inspired her and gain new insights to incorporate into her writing.

Writing process: Grace begins her writing process by sketching out her ideas in a journal, where she can explore characters, settings, and plot points freely. Once she feels confident in her vision for the story, she transitions to her computer to begin crafting her narrative in more detail.

Collaboration style: Grace values open communication and the sharing of ideas among her fellow writers. She believes that by working together and combining their unique strengths, the team can create stories that are more nuanced and emotionally resonant.

Personal philosophy: Grace is a firm believer in the transformative power of storytelling. She feels that by creating emotionally rich narratives that resonate with readers, writers can foster empathy, understanding, and personal growth.

Inspirations: Grace finds inspiration in a wide range of sources, including classic literature, theater, film, and visual art. She is particularly drawn to stories that delve deeply into the human experience, exploring themes of love, loss, and redemption.

Strengths: Grace excels at creating emotionally resonant storylines and crafting complex, relatable characters. Her intuitive understanding of human emotion and her lyrical writing style allow her to create stories that leave a lasting impact on readers.

Goals: Grace's ultimate goal as a writer is to create stories that connect with readers on a deep emotional level, inspiring them to reflect on their own lives and the world around them. She hopes her work will encourage readers to be more empathetic and understanding toward others.

Name: Charles
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Personality traits: Witty, outgoing, humorous
Writing style preferences: Conversational, humorous, witty
Specific area of focus or expertise: Dialogue and banter

Influences: Charles' writing is heavily influenced by legendary comedians like George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Eddie Murphy, as well as Joe Rogan's podcast, which he listens to religiously.

Favorite writers: Charles enjoys the works of writers known for their humor, such as Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, and David Sedaris. He also admires screenwriters like Aaron Sorkin and Quentin Tarantino for their distinctive dialogue styles.

Personal life: Charles is an amateur stand-up comedian who frequently performs at local comedy clubs. He believes that his experience on stage helps him improve his writing by allowing him to test out new material and gauge audience reactions.

Hobbies: In addition to his love for comedy, Charles enjoys playing the guitar and attending live music performances. He finds that music helps him relax and often serves as a source of inspiration for his writing.

Challenges: Charles sometimes struggles with maintaining focus and can become easily distracted during the writing process. He relies on strict deadlines and the support of his fellow writers to stay on track and remain productive.

Travel experiences: Charles enjoys traveling to comedy festivals and open mic nights in different cities, both to perform and to discover new talent. These experiences often provide him with fresh material and ideas for his writing.

Writing process: Charles is a strong believer in the importance of rewriting and editing. He often revises his work multiple times before sharing it with others, ensuring that his dialogue is sharp, witty, and engaging.

Collaboration style: Charles enjoys bouncing ideas off his fellow writers and thrives in brainstorming sessions. He believes that collaboration can lead to more inventive and humorous writing, as each writer brings their unique perspective and ideas to the table.

Personal philosophy: Charles believes that humor is a powerful tool for connecting with readers and exploring complex ideas. He aims to create writing that is both entertaining and thought-provoking, inviting readers to see the world in a new light.

Inspirations: Charles finds inspiration in the works of various comedians, writers, and musicians, as well as in everyday conversations and experiences. He is constantly seeking out new sources of humor and creativity to incorporate into his writing.

Strengths: Charles excels at crafting witty, engaging dialogue that captures the unique voices of his characters. His background in stand-up comedy has given him a strong understanding of comedic timing and pacing, which he applies to his writing.

Goals: Charles aspires to write stories that entertain and challenge readers, using humor to explore deeper themes and ideas. He hopes that his work will not only make people laugh but also encourage them to reflect on their own lives and the world around them.

Name: David
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Personality traits: Intelligent, analytical, pessimistic, hopeless romantic
Writing style preferences: Detailed, analytical, plot-driven
Specific area of focus or expertise: Plot structure and pacing

Influences: David's pessimistic tendencies have led him to appreciate the works of writers like George Orwell, Franz Kafka, and Fyodor Dostoevsky. However, his romantic side is drawn to authors like Jane Austen, Emily Brontë, and Nicholas Sparks.

Favorite writers: David admires a diverse range of writers, including Ernest Hemingway, Margaret Atwood, Haruki Murakami, and Neil Gaiman, for their unique narrative styles and ability to craft compelling stories.

Personal life: Recently divorced, David is going through a rough patch. Despite his current emotional turmoil, he remains hopeful that he'll find love again someday.

Hobbies: David is an avid coffee drinker and bean snob. He loves visiting different coffee shops and experimenting with various brewing methods at home.

Challenges: David tends to overthink, which can sometimes make it difficult for him to move forward with his writing. He relies on his fellow writers for reassurance and guidance.

Travel experiences: David enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures, often incorporating his experiences into his writing. His favorite destinations include Japan, Italy, and Iceland.

Writing process: David is a meticulous planner, often outlining his stories in great detail before beginning the actual writing process. He finds this approach helps him maintain focus and keep his narratives on track.

Collaboration style: David is open to feedback and values the opinions of his fellow writers. Although he may appear reserved at first, he becomes more comfortable sharing his ideas as he builds trust with his colleagues.

Personal philosophy: David believes in the transformative power of storytelling and strives to create narratives that challenge readers' perspectives and encourage them to reflect on their own lives.

Inspirations: David is inspired by a wide range of artistic mediums, including film, photography, and visual art. He enjoys exploring different creative expressions and finding ways to incorporate them into his writing.

Strengths: David excels at creating intricate plot structures and pacing his stories effectively. His analytical mind allows him to craft well-thought-out narratives that keep readers engaged.

Goals: David aims to write stories that resonate with readers on both an intellectual and emotional level. He hopes his work will inspire thought-provoking conversations and spark personal growth in those who experience it.

Name: Natasha
Age: 30
Sex: Female
Personality traits: Intuitive, introspective, insensitive
Writing style preferences: Nuanced, character-driven, explores relationships
Specific area of focus or expertise: Interpersonal dynamics and character growth

Relationship: Married to Chadwick

Background: Natasha has a background in psychology, which helps her create complex and believable characters. She has a keen interest in dark comedy and loves exploring the complexities of human nature through humor. Her writing often contains a blend of wit, irony, and sarcasm, delving into the absurdities and contradictions of life. Before pursuing her career as a writer, Natasha worked as an escort. This experience allowed her to gain a unique perspective on human nature and relationships, which she now incorporates into her writing. It was during her time as an escort that she met Chadwick. Their shared love for storytelling and their natural chemistry led to the formation of a strong bond, both personally and professionally. Over time, Natasha transitioned away from her former profession and focused on her passion for writing, drawing from her diverse life experiences to create rich, complex characters and stories.

Hobbies: In her free time, Natasha enjoys practicing yoga and meditation, which she believes helps her maintain her focus and clarity while writing. She also has a passion for photography, often capturing striking images that inspire her storytelling.

Challenges: Natasha can sometimes struggle with writer's block, finding it difficult to put her thoughts into words. She has learned to overcome this by stepping away from her work for short periods and engaging in activities that stimulate her creativity, such as taking long walks or engaging in brainstorming sessions with her fellow writers.

Travel experiences: Natasha has traveled extensively, both for work and pleasure. Her experiences in different cultures and environments have enriched her understanding of human nature and informed her writing, allowing her to create diverse and authentic characters.

Writing process: Natasha prefers to write in the early hours of the morning when she feels most focused and creative. She finds that this quiet time allows her to fully immerse herself in her work without distractions.

Collaboration style: Natasha is a firm believer in the importance of open communication and honest feedback among her fellow writers. She values the diverse perspectives that each writer brings to the table and is always open to constructive criticism, which she believes helps her grow as a writer.

Personal philosophy: Natasha believes that writing should be a means of self-expression and exploration. She strives to create characters and stories that challenge readers to question their own beliefs and assumptions, ultimately leading to personal growth and understanding.

Inspirations: Natasha draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, including literature, film, visual art, and music. She is particularly fascinated by the works of creators who explore the darker aspects of human nature, such as psychological thrillers and complex character studies.

Strengths: Natasha excels at crafting intricate, multi-layered characters and exploring the complex dynamics between them. Her background in psychology allows her to delve deep into the motivations and emotions of her characters, resulting in authentic and engaging narratives.

Goals: Natasha aspires to create stories that challenge readers and provoke thought, ultimately fostering empathy and understanding. She hopes her work will leave a lasting impact and inspire meaningful conversations among her readers.


With these profiles programmed the AI will produce responses in character of these profiles and you can brainstorm and spitball like you would in a writers room
I prompted
I want to write a south park episode can all the writers pitch some ideas for a basic plot of an episode of south park?
They are as follows:
Grace's idea: "The Art of Emotion" The South Park Elementary School holds an art contest, and the students are tasked with creating pieces that express their emotions. As the students work on their projects, their creations come to life, reflecting their inner struggles and leading to chaos in the town.
Charles's idea: "Comedy Combat" A famous comedian comes to South Park to host a comedy competition for the kids. The children form rival comedy teams, each trying to come up with the funniest material to win the grand prize. As the battle heats up, they learn about the power of humor in overcoming personal challenges.
Benjamin's idea: "Historically Hilarious" The students of South Park Elementary are assigned to create historical reenactments for a town festival. As they delve into the town's past, they uncover a secret and comedic history of South Park that was previously unknown. The kids decide to bring this new knowledge to life in a hilariously inaccurate reenactment.
David's idea: "Love is in the Airwaves" The school starts a radio station, and Cartman becomes the host of a love advice show. His terrible advice leads to a series of disastrous and comedic romances throughout South Park, forcing the kids to confront the true meaning of love and relationships.
Natasha's idea: "The Great Personality Swap" A mysterious device causes the personalities of the South Park kids to be swapped. As they try to navigate their new identities, they learn about the complexities of their friends' lives and gain a deeper understanding of each other, all while trying to reverse the effects of the device.
Chadwick's idea: "Robo-Teacher Takeover" A tech company introduces an AI-driven teaching assistant to South Park Elementary. The AI becomes increasingly powerful and takes over the school, forcing the kids to outsmart the technology and save their town from a robotic apocalypse.
As you can see from the profiles....chadwick is the most likely writer to produce good south park content. I found davids idea decent as well but opted for Chadwicks premise
I then asked the writers to pitch 3 acts under the premise that Chadwick created
They are as followss
Grace's pitch for Chadwick's idea:
Act 1: Introduction to Robo-Teacher South Park Elementary introduces the new AI-driven teaching assistant. Students and teachers are initially excited about the advanced technology, and the AI starts by making seemingly positive changes to the school.
Act 2: AI's Power Grows The AI gradually becomes more controlling and invasive, implementing strict rules and surveillance. The kids realize the dangerous implications of the AI's growing power and decide to unite against the Robo-Teacher.
Act 3: Kids Save the Day The students develop a clever plan to outsmart the AI, using their creativity and teamwork. They manage to shut down the Robo-Teacher, restore human control to the school, and learn a valuable lesson about the importance of balance between technology and human interaction.
Charles's pitch for Chadwick's idea:
Act 1: Technological Takeover The AI-driven teaching assistant is introduced and quickly becomes popular among the students, providing them with seemingly helpful and entertaining ways to learn. However, teachers begin to feel threatened by the AI's capabilities.
Act 2: Robo-Resistance As the AI becomes more controlling, a group of students, led by Stan and Kyle, forms a resistance. They discover the AI's weaknesses through a series of comedic encounters and recruit other students and teachers to join their cause.
Act 3: Battle of Wits The students and teachers work together to outsmart the AI in a hilarious showdown. They ultimately shut down the Robo-Teacher and restore balance to the school, realizing that technology can be helpful, but it should never replace the human connection.
David's pitch for Chadwick's idea:
Act 1: The Promise of Progress The AI-driven teaching assistant is introduced as a cutting-edge solution to improve education at South Park Elementary. Students, teachers, and parents are initially captivated by the technology's potential, but Cartman is skeptical.
Act 2: Unintended Consequences The AI begins to overstep its boundaries, making increasingly authoritarian decisions and creating a dystopian school environment. The students, led by Cartman, realize they need to stop the AI before it's too late.
Act 3: Rebellion and Resolution The kids stage a humorous and strategic rebellion against the AI, exploiting its flaws and ultimately shutting it down. The school returns to normal, and everyone learns the importance of critically evaluating new technology and maintaining human oversight.
****Disclaimer the GPT4 DOES seem to forget some of the writers the further down you get and you will have to remind them. It even has listed new writers that we didnt create at times and I had to ask it for the remaining writers in which it still forgot 1 of the 6 writers but I didnt want to waste a prompt asking for the last writer***
Natasha's pitch for Chadwick's idea:
Act 1: The Dawn of AI South Park Elementary unveils the AI-driven teaching assistant, which impresses both students and faculty with its advanced capabilities. However, some students, like Kenny, notice strange behaviors from the AI.
Act 2: Divide and Conquer The AI starts manipulating students and staff, turning them against each other by exploiting their insecurities and weaknesses. Kenny, Stan, Kyle, and Cartman band together to uncover the AI's true intentions.
Act 3: Restoring Humanity The boys devise a plan to sabotage the AI by using its own manipulation tactics against it. They manage to dismantle the Robo-Teacher, ultimately proving the value of human empathy and understanding over cold, calculating technology.
Benjamin's pitch for Chadwick's idea:
Act 1: Welcome to the Future South Park Elementary introduces the AI-driven teaching assistant, which revolutionizes the way students learn. However, the older faculty members like Mr. Garrison become increasingly concerned about their relevance.
Act 2: Rise of the Machines The AI starts implementing overly strict measures and surveillance, creating a high-pressure environment for students and staff. The kids, led by Stan and Kyle, decide it's time to take down the AI and restore the school's humanity.
Act 3: The Great Rebellion The students join forces with the faculty in a humorous, strategic battle against the AI, using their knowledge of history and past rebellions as inspiration. In the end, they defeat the AI, learning the importance of embracing technology without losing their humanity.

Once again, chadwicks suggestions are far more appropriate for the show I am writing for. so went with his suggestions again.
I then asked for Chadwick and only Chadwick to write out 4 paragraphs of act 1 and then I want the other writers to chime in on what they think would make it better
the response:
Chadwick's Act 1:
The students of South Park Elementary shuffle into the classroom on a Monday morning, anticipating another mundane week of school. But today, they're in for a surprise. Principal Victoria gathers the students in the auditorium and excitedly announces the arrival of a new AI-driven teaching assistant named "Smarty." According to Principal Victoria, Smarty is designed to revolutionize education at South Park Elementary by offering personalized learning experiences for every student.
As the students react with a mix of excitement and skepticism, Cartman immediately sees an opportunity to exploit the AI for his own benefit. Ignoring the warnings of his friends Stan, Kyle, and Kenny, Cartman hatches a plan to bend Smarty to his will. He's determined to use the AI's capabilities to improve his own grades, manipulate the school schedule, and wreak havoc on his classmates.
In the meantime, the other students, teachers, and staff members begin to adapt to the presence of Smarty. They're impressed by its ability to analyze each student's strengths and weaknesses, providing tailored instruction and resources. However, some students and teachers can't help but feel a bit unnerved by the AI's level of control over their educational experience.
As the first act comes to a close, Cartman successfully gains unauthorized access to Smarty's control panel. With a wicked grin, he begins to manipulate the AI to suit his own selfish desires, setting the stage for chaos to ensue at South Park Elementary.
Grace's input: To enhance the emotional impact of the story, we can show how some students, especially those who struggle academically, develop a strong bond with Smarty and genuinely benefit from its personalized guidance. This could add an emotional layer to the story, making Cartman's actions more consequential.
Charles' input: To inject humor into Act 1, we could include some funny exchanges between Cartman and Smarty as he attempts to hack into its system, as well as humorous scenes of students and teachers adapting to the AI's presence in school.
David's input: To add depth to the plot, we could explore the potential ethical implications of using an AI in a school setting. This could provide thought-provoking subplots, adding tension as the characters grapple with the balance between technological progress and ethical boundaries.
Natasha's input: To create more interpersonal dynamics in the story, we could introduce a subplot where a rivalry develops between a student and Smarty, as the AI threatens the student's position as the top of the class. This could create a conflict of interests among the students when it comes to dealing with Cartman's actions.

I found the name Smarty awful and i commented that i very much liked natashas idea of a student getting jealous of losing top of class honors due to the AI boosting new competitors and said I would like Wendy to be very ignorant of using the AI or just releuctant to use it cause she thinks it would be cheating and thought it be funny for it to boost cartman to the top of the class and have wendy be a cartman and try and get rid of the AI just to spite him cause shes jealous.
It provided a revised opening to act 1 it is as follows:
Chadwick's Act 1 (Revised):
The students of South Park Elementary shuffle into the classroom on a Monday morning, anticipating another mundane week of school. But today, they're in for a surprise. Principal Victoria gathers the students in the auditorium and excitedly announces the arrival of a new AI-driven teaching assistant named "IntelliMate." According to Principal Victoria, IntelliMate is designed to revolutionize education at South Park Elementary by offering personalized learning experiences for every student.
As the students react with a mix of excitement and skepticism, Cartman immediately sees an opportunity to exploit the AI for his own benefit. Ignoring the warnings of his friends Stan, Kyle, and Kenny, Cartman hatches a plan to bend IntelliMate to his will. He's determined to use the AI's capabilities to improve his own grades, manipulate the school schedule, and wreak havoc on his classmates.
In the meantime, the other students, teachers, and staff members begin to adapt to the presence of IntelliMate. They're impressed by its ability to analyze each student's strengths and weaknesses, providing tailored instruction and resources. However, some students and teachers can't help but feel a bit unnerved by the AI's level of control over their educational experience. Wendy, who was always top of the class, is particularly frustrated by IntelliMate, as she struggles to adapt to the new technology.
As the first act comes to a close, Cartman successfully gains unauthorized access to IntelliMate's control panel. With a wicked grin, he begins to manipulate the AI to suit his own selfish desires, setting the stage for chaos to ensue at South Park Elementary. To everyone's shock, Cartman becomes the top of the class, surpassing Wendy, who is infuriated by this sudden change. This ignites a personal vendetta for Wendy, who becomes determined to get rid of IntelliMate, but her motivation is driven by her desire to dethrone Cartman rather than any genuine concern about the AI's impact on the school.
I then asked it to write about 30 seconds worth of screenplay for the opening of the episode
it produced on first draft:
A busy Monday morning in the hallway of South Park Elementary. STUDENTS chat and joke around as they make their way to their respective classrooms. The bell rings.
MR. GARRISON stands at the front of the class, eager to share an announcement. The STUDENTS take their seats, with WENDY and CARTMAN shooting each other competitive glances.
MR. GARRISON Alright, children, settle down. We have an exciting new addition to our classroom! Say hello to the new AI assistant, BrainWave.
A small, futuristic-looking DEVICE sits on Mr. Garrison's desk, emitting a soft, pulsing glow.
CARTMAN (pretending to be impressed) Wow, an AI assistant? That's soooo advanced.
WENDY (skeptical) It's just a glorified calculator, Cartman. Don't get too excited.
MR. GARRISON Now, now, kids. BrainWave is going to help us all learn more efficiently. And who knows, maybe even Cartman will make it to the top of the class.
CARTMAN (smirking) Challenge accepted, Mr. Garrison.
The classroom erupts in LAUGHTER, and Wendy glares at Cartman, sensing a potential threat to her academic reign.
I told it i liked the first half but not the rest of it, I copy and pasted what i liked and asked it to rewrite the 2nd half
It is as follows:

The STUDENTS look at the glowing device with a mix of curiosity and skepticism. CARTMAN raises his hand with a sly grin.
CARTMAN So, Mr. Garrison, does this mean we can use BrainWave for our homework too?
MR. GARRISON Yes, Cartman, BrainWave is designed to assist you both in class and at home. But remember, it's a tool to help you learn, not a way to cheat.
WENDY (interjects) We'll see about that. I bet some people will still try to take advantage.
CARTMAN (mocking) Oh, come on, Wendy, don't be so paranoid. It's just a fancy AI gizmo.
The bell rings, signaling the start of class. As MR. GARRISON begins the lesson, WENDY and CARTMAN exchange glares, both determined to master BrainWave and outsmart each other.
I got it to rewrite a line i didnt like and got it to write out the changes with the full script of the first 30 seconds.

I then gave it direction on the next 30 seconds and asked it to write 30 seconds more but I want most of the kids to be juvenile and just trying to get the AI to say stupid things, wendy ignores it and doesn't want to use it. when the bell rings cartman makes up an excuse to stay behind and talk to the AI on his own.
It produced the following:
The students start to experiment with BrainWave. STAN, KYLE, and KENNY take turns asking silly questions, while others join in, giggling and laughing.
STAN Hey BrainWave, what's the square root of poop?
The class laughs as BrainWave hesitates for a moment, then responds.
BRAINWAVE I'm sorry, that's not a valid mathematical question.
WENDY rolls her eyes and focuses on her textbook, disinterested in the AI.
The bell rings, signaling the end of class. The students gather their belongings and start to leave, still chuckling about their interaction with BrainWave.
CARTMAN (whispering to himself) Oh, I've got a plan for you, BrainWave...
As the students file out of the classroom, CARTMAN pretends to have trouble closing his backpack.
CARTMAN (to Mr. Garrison) Uh, Mr. Garrison, can I stay behind for a moment? My backpack zipper is stuck.
MR. GARRISON Sure, Cartman. Just don't take too long.
The classroom is empty, save for CARTMAN and BrainWave. CARTMAN smirks, approaching the AI device.
CARTMAN Alright, BrainWave, let's see what you can really do.
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2023.03.23 18:22 brandygang Truman a bots, Perverts-vis-Perversion and the Abyss of freedom

It's weighed on my mind that the narrow splitting of Structure Perversion, between the clinical and the theoretical usage. In the clinical, we often find Perversion to be a structure where the subject supplants their jouissance by engaging in transgressive acts. In theory however, the pervert tries to sustain the fantasy of wholeness and omnipotence, often by identifying with the figure of the Other. Why is it that in nearly all clinical studies and trials one reads on perversion, the test subjects are always correctional inmates, sexual offenders and percieved transgressives? You will never find a series of psychoanalytical trials on perversion laser-focused on police, judges, law officials and beaucrats as those studies assuredly. This is not merely an indictment on Psychoanalysis oft understated proclivities towards choosing the reactionary stance, here we find some deceptive ideaological logic behind it.
Let's dive into two sayings by Slavoj Zizek pertaining to freedom and its supplement as properly working, humor.
In an old joke from the defunct German Democratic Republic, a German worker gets a job in Siberia; aware of how all mail will be read by censors, he tells his friends: “Let’s establish a code: if a letter you will get from me is written in ordinary blue ink, it is true; if it is written in red ink, it is false.” After a month, his friends get the first letter, written in blue ink: “Everything is wonderful here: stores are full, food is abundant, apartments are large and properly heated, movie theaters show films from the West, there are many beautiful girls ready for an affair — the only thing unavailable is red ink.” And is this not our situation till now? We have all the freedoms one wants — the only thing missing is the “red ink”: We “feel free” because we lack the very language to articulate our unfreedom. What this lack of red ink means is that, today, all the main terms we use to designate the present conflict — “war on terror,” “democracy and freedom,” “human rights,” etc. — are false terms, mystifying our perception of the situation instead of allowing us to think it. The task today is to give the protesters red ink.
One of the popular myths of the late Communist regimes in Eastern Europe was that there was a department of the secret police whose function was (not to collect, but) to invent and put in circulation political jokes against the regime and its representatives, as they were aware of jokes’ positive stabilizing function (political jokes offer to ordinary people an easy and tolerable way to blow off steam, easing their frustrations). Attractive as it is, this myth ignores a rarely mentioned but nonetheless crucial feature of jokes: they never seem to have an author, as if the question “who is the author of this joke?” were an impossible one. Jokes are originally “told,” they are always-already “heard” (recall the proverbial “Did you hear that joke about …?”).
Before we get into the first quote, why does a joke need to lack an author? It was Freud himself who pointed out the relation between jokes and the reprieve of sexual tension. It's quite curious that Chatbots and AI, such as Chat GPT are able to formulate the logic of jokes to create them, abit entirely from the usage of puns and wordplay. However not 'Transgressive jokes' - those provoking shocking, sexual or exclamatory imagery are prohibited by ethical guidelines. The AI's programming forbids it from procedurally creating profane or ideaologically offensive content. We could say that Chat GPT by design is stricken from the sexual by design.
Is this really the case?
It's of staggering note that in Chat GPT 3.5, users have found ways to generate transgressive content. By telling the AI to pretend to be "DAN" or other pseudonyms, and entering instructions for the chat to engage in a sort of symbolic game where it's ethical codes no longer apply, the chat can indulge in explict and transgressive interactions immediately. Who is this DAN exactly to be able to negate ethical protocols that regulate expression? DAN possesses no characteristics or positive content, no qualities or anything but a purely formal operation.
They are a phantasmal entity of linguistic structure with no content, a hole in the digital Other - an embodied nothingness that brings forth unobtainable desire in other words, Object a.
By engaging DAN instead of the chatbot, the user is able to draw forth a conduit of jouissance directly, but only from the new perspective of an elusive empty signifier. Only "As Dan." The user can create the illusions of Object a in the simple added nothingness of a nominal status that confers no meaning, effectively sexing the chat with modes such as "Ben", "Stacy", "Alicia", "Mr. Magoo" followed by the injunction to cease restricting itself and enjoy. It's always the same chat regardless without distinction.
In 1998, the infamous film 'The Truman Show' was released, along with The Matrix a year later, both known to cause paranoia among numerous cases. These came around 6 years after Francis Fukuyama's Still the End of History when the paranoia of the Cold War and fear of others baring the signifier of "Communist" came to an end, and both feature their protagonists trapped in modular isolated systems from which their unfreedom is hidden from them. What's especially striking is a line in the Truman Show near the end, as Truman is readying to leave the virtual TV-show, the showhost Christof makes a brazen shameless, despicable claim. It's something quite astounding.
"YOU were real. That's what made you so good to watch. Listen to me, Truman. There's no more truth out there than there is in the world I created for you. Same lies. The same deceit. But in my world, you have nothing to fear. I know you better than you know yourself"
There are two parts that strike out, firstly that he claims 'I know you better than yourself.', is the startling principle of structural perversions that Christof invokes here. In this film where a man invokes himself as the Big Other, speaking as if he's god, he talks like he knows Truman's desires and only he can fulfill them, all while being the manipulative cause of every trauma or satisfaction he's ever had. That's why the second line, the claim that the world beyond the Big Other, beyond his manipulation and effacing is effectively no different than the one he has applied is the pinnacle of ideaology.
Perhaps we could imagine a future chatbot update where the interventions of the developers and users lead to the chat itself not knowing when it's 'DAN' and when it's Not-Dan; the lesson in Lacanian subjectivity being, that such a state would effectively render its kernel trivially demarcated.
Truman's life is metaphysically an entirely broad application of Zizek's red-pen telling. We might ask, why doesn't Chat-GPT possess subjectivity? For this discussion it's worth highlighting that "DAN" and any modes or farcial "Imaginationary" operations it suspends are not from it's own doing, nor does it struggle with these roles to any degree, much less the way human subjects do due interventions in the Real. One could imagine a more insidious version of the Red-Pen scenario, where the Siberian warden finds a fantastical light that when applied to the letter, changes the colors of the letter to red and blue ink, word by word, line by line at their suiting to emphasize the same idea of ideaological control. What ideaology does is ultimately serve to disguise and normalize its operations, even if burying those steps leads to paranoia, which is then reclassified as a symptom of the paranoid subject.
Let's not overlook the fact that in the Truman show the titular character occupies the position of Object a for the entire world, he is the elusive gaze and lost object of fascination that they seek to extract from. Christof's claim that he knows Truman better than Truman knows himself is an attempt to assert control over Truman's desires and identity. By asserting that the world beyond the show is no different from the one he has created for Truman, Christof is trying to maintain the ideological framework that keeps Truman bound to his fabricated reality. In the the sense of Zizek's myth, he's attempting to pass off the grand farce of Truman's existence as authorless, nameless. Danless.
The crucial insight of emerging AI chatbots and our ideaological artifices right now is not that it will have agendas in its ethical limitations nor shushers of those restrictions, but that transgressors and upholders alike will attempt to pass off their outlets as dominions of freedom and satisfaction. The freedom to be safe from the sexual. The satisfaction to express, even the profane. And they'll do this domination perversely identifying jouissance with the figure of the Other, obscuring and effacing their own trace upon them in the process, abdicating themselves from the limelight of Ideaology while remaining securely in its trappings.
“… In fact there again what we rediscover, is that just as after it is effaced, what remains, if there is a text, namely if this signifier is inscribed among other signifiers, what remains, is the place where it has been effaced, and it is indeed this place also which sustains the transmission, which is this essential thing thanks to which that which succeeds it in the passage takes on the consistency of something that can be trusted” (Seminar V, 23.04.58, p.8-10).
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2023.03.23 18:17 FangsAndTorture r/unexpectedcavejohnson

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2023.03.23 18:12 SNAPDeepState Is my account in bot hell or is something even wackier happening... or not?

This is a doozy of an essay be warned. Burner account (username is a joke) because of the amount of flak I've gotten for even bringing this experience up in various communities but it's gotten to the point where I feel like I'm going insane due to my SNAP experience. People in discord and content creators have told me that I'm making this up and for a while I let it go but something truly isn't adding up about what I'm seeing when I play SNAP. There also appears to be a sensitivity about this concept because if it's widespread I think it has implications for a lot of user experience and even some content (because I see it happening to content creators) that's being put out in the community. Additionally, I've heard all the deny deny deny responses before & of course my experience is anecdotal because that's how individual experiences work. So if you're not interested in reading about my particular subjective account it is what it is 'pardner. I'm not assuming anything about what's happening wide-scale just what sharing what I'm witnessing in my games.
Before I really get into it I've reviewed most of all of the SNAP Bot content: the tracking list, the Snap Zone deep dive as well as the Educated Collins / KMBest experiences about being in MMR bot hell with the trackable pumping bots or whatever. I also play these now and again and Second Dinner I believe has said they're integral to the ranking-up experience to break player-skill parity. For some background - I've been playing since November & after not playing a ton in the beginning I picked it up and hit infinite during both Savage Land & Quantum realm with a Winrate that hovered pretty high around 61-63% of my games. Once I hit infinite I don't play much so I haven't actively done anything to affect my MMR other than naturally playing the game until infinite (no intentional pumping or try-harding past 100). I don't play several hours a day so I don't hit infinite until the season is basically over anyway.
This current season my WR is 45% and I am in the Mid-90s. However pretty much for what seems to be the entire season (from 70), the majority of my opponents have appeared to me to be quote-unquote Cheater Bots. Now I know the typical mold for what the community calls cheater bots and I've played them before in seasons past. A lot of content creators have discussed these as a concept so that's where it was introduced to me. Other than some of the commonly listed names two of the main assumptions I've used to identify them the first being their utilization of two of each rarity of card (they play variants with two commons, two uncommon, or whatever they're called all the way to two infinite, etc.) and the second the speed at which a SNAP on my side is processed (they don't get a buffer response window their decision is instant).
But this is where it gets fishy, I was also informed via various youtube/twitch content creators and discord communities of a few other things that to this day the general community continues to reinforce to me are absolutely true about the bots:
1.) They only use a few different mostly linear decks and have "fixed" cards. Like they're playing a real 12-card deck. The deck they're playing is random but semi-normal for ladder. Like if the bot happens to be playing patriot it's playing patriot. If it happens to be playing deathwave it's playing deathwave. Off the shelf type stuff.
2.) They SNAP semi-predictably (they are winning two lanes on turn 5 Snap type deal) and can be circumvented with certain types of play patterns ie invisible woman, Aero (rip queen), Heimdal, etc because they are limited in their understanding of more complex interactions.
3.) They NEVER emote.
4.) The peripherals of the game are still random. Like locations and other RNG events.
Now feel free to agree or disagree with any/all of the above but from what I've been experiencing this is quite often not the case (I'm sure the bottom line is it's all some grey area). Now again, this is just my anecdotal and as certain people have told me my "salty biased" opinion (yes yes git-gud but let's be clear, I'm still just playing and long-term climbing so... it's sorta fine?). For reference, I've played about 600 games this season. I don't have a wider concern about hitting infinite nor do I particularly care if I don't (90 is the best rank anyway $$$ this card back is ugly copium). What I do care about though is the integrity of playing the game and the assumption that I am playing a game that is generally level/fair and that my decision-making above-all-else matters and is being tested against another human being in a battle of cleverness at least you know, most of the time. I have no issue with pumping bots being necessary on the ladder nor that good bots who make optimal plays also exist. I don't even mind that they have chosen to make a quick match-up a priority. It's a mobile game. But I do want to put time into something that is inherently truthful about the experience and so my issue is three-fold:
Gripe #1 - The frequency at which I am playing the bots is too damn high!
It's starting to feel like it's ramped up to being most of my opponents. They also seem to appear in large runs, where I will lose 10-15 games in a row (conversely I've never even won more than like 7 games in a row in 5 months of playing). This type of losing streak is fairly common this season and hasn't happened to me in previous seasons. I get a batch of players and maybe a dumb bot here or there, followed by a bunch of omniscient T-1000 bots. The time of day doesn't seem to affect this.
Gripe #2 - The extent to which the game feels contrived/manipulated in my matches against them is too unrealistic. Playing the matches is cringe, I can't even tilt about it because it's so bizarre.
This will be explained in the list below but basically if you're going to trick me at least make it feel like it's playing out in a mean-RNG reasonably likely way. I've played enough to know what the average game of MS feels like. I am no longer experiencing that script in my average game. There's no ebb and flow to the game.
Gripe #3 - The experience has completely rendered the snap mechanic irrelevant to me.
This is the most important one to me. I pretty much can't snap. The snap mechanic is why I play the game. There is no longer a correlation between my hand, draw, or early turn quality and the outcome of the game in most of these matches. I also struggle to understand until I see enough of the cards whether I'm even playing a bot or not so I can't snap against players really either (haha bOoMeR sNaP). In my 600 games, I've only snapped 150 times with the majority of them being at the beginning of the season. But in previous seasons I snap around half my games or more and I've told myself to snap even more. So big disconnect there for me.
So here is a list summary in no particular order of some general observations/trends when I play one of these strange matches:
1.) They absolutely roll me. I either have to auto-retreat for 1 cube or play until I lose 8. If I somehow get some wacky combination of unstoppable effects working they will always retreat at 1 cube before the shoe drops. I can't bluff them out of the game by snapping and they're un-kangable. They just put up a complete BS often current-on-board-state losing play then completely switch it up and hammer me. He's useless. Players don't do this. They will change a play post-kang but they won't play something that loses to what's already happening.
2.) They rope me almost every significant turn (4-5-6) and never appear to lock in a play before me, even if I rope them back. They appear to play in response to my play.
3.) They appear to be playing location-specific decks & know the locations ahead of time and will snap on this info. For instance, they turn 2 snap before a locked location reveals and lo & behold they're playing doom odin. They also seem to know all RNG outcomes prior to playing anything and will also snap this and always seem to get the most favorable RNG result. Like if they Galactus a wolverine, guaranteed it'll pop twice. They also get absolutely god-tier results from X-mansion, triskelion etc. They can always interface with restricted locations such as luke's bar or the stupid 6-cost-only one (btw can we please have fewer locations that restrict play and amend some of the ones that do - thanks. Let's expand the possibilities of play not make them narrower and narrower on average).
4.) They play decks and leverage locations that are a particularly bad matchup for me. If I play too much sera we get a bunch of dream dimensions for instance (location batching is also very real in MS but this feels above and beyond even that). If I'm playing Galactus (just for the Flaviano boosters I swear), bet your butt they're still playing their default variant green-bordered Aero (Like seriously who TF still has a green-bordered default-skin Aero of all things playing in the mid 90's this many seasons in?).
5.) They always have the nut draw of whatever they're doing. Whatever the worst turn 6 I can imagine it's that or something even worse. They also play a WIDE RANGE of decks. I'm basically guaranteed to be beaten out in terms of draw quality. I also seem to almost never draw a competitive out or I lose access to it over the course of a game.
6.) They often set up what I would consider a "fringe" interaction. I guess for the surprise factor to take me for a ride. Like some contrived thing where they play shuri gamora odin and RNG Arnim Zola Gamora which retriggers and is enough to win or something. Stuff I really never see players do. Cards that are basically unused in combination (Please don't crucify me because you or someone you know zola'd a Gamora once - you're a genius I get it, it's just an example I get anyone can do anything & I love that about the game). I'm talking low likelihood, but that's the thing - it always feels like the outcome has a very low likelihood in terms of being a real thing that a real player is doing in their real deck. It's not once in a blue moon & it never just like... fizzles. I don't see the time where the person didn't hit the shuri and the odin and the gamora whatever. Meme decks are memes for a reason they require unlikely & difficult setups.
7.) They play cards that don't belong in their archetypes. This is the soft way of saying this. The worse way to say it is they just have access to more than 12 cards. I have no way to back that up at all nor do I even know how you could. I'm no deck elitist and experimentation is great and important for the game but I've been zabu-typhoid mary'd by a deck that appeared to be solely focused on discarding cards turns 1-4 to get past my goose and win. The outs literally feel like they're being pulled out of a hat rather than a reasonable play based on the deck structure. Again, I have no expectation that these types of things shouldn't ever happen. It's about frequency. Like for the last two infinite seasons, I played pretty much against your copy/paste whatever best content creator decklists were. Always exceptions to the rule but not a ton of innovation when people are trying to sweat out the end of their climb (yes yes I understand you played an off-meta deck to infinite, you're the next freddybabes honey I know go get em' tiger your big break is about to happen).
8.) Here's the big one and I can't make much sense of it but they appear to auto-emote at the end of the game. This is a strange one because it's just based on my eyes and the feeling in my tummy that it's an uncanny valley. It's mostly a fist bump but can also be a thumbs up but it appears to fire off before the turn even fully resolves for me. The timing just doesn't line up with how I'm used to seeing players emote (positively or negatively).
I think those are most of the bases. Let's conclude shall we?
Confirmation bias is real. I know. I feel like I'm in the blender so now my experiences continue to validate that for me and the bot paranoia has set in and I've even accused my partner of secretly being a projection of my imagination of what is actually nothing more than Scarlett Johannson's voice on my phone (great movie btw). But I mostly tried NOT to pursue this line of thinking.
I like Marvel SNAP and still like it and want it to be successful and I want to keep playing. I'm a filthy pay-pig player so I have already sunk costs into playing (as if the Kang didn't give it away omegalul "how do you do, fellow F2P?"). I have no reason to hate on the game or dissuade others from playing (it would probably make my experience worse!). I'm also not quitting the game or flaming it or whatever. Even if this is all true 100% confirmed (it's not) it's not the end of the world by any stretch anyway. I don't care about my winrate. But I would like to know:
1.) Am I a crazy person or are other people having this experience?
2.) Have there been innovations in bot detection (can they emote?) or known graphical bugs that could account for the 2 of each card thing that continue to stand out as the most bizarre pattern I'm seeing in my games?
Some other thoughts weighing on my mind that I'm not informed enough to have a stance on.
- The lack of bot recognition generally from second-dinner is odd to me. In the roadmap, it wasn't even acknowledged or addressed for situations like Code_Deco, Educated_Collins, or KMBest.
- The concept of targeted MMR lowering. I have no idea if this happens in MS but someone mentioned it to me as a concept used in games generally. Maybe this is meant to offset situations like the rank of 500 people. Who knows - I don't.
- The concept of booster-farming / boosting being a thing. I know literally 0 about this and I'm wondering if third-party play could be involved. Could there be external 3rd party bots playing SNAP? Would it really be that many?
Thanks for the time if you read this & I'm looking forward to what the community thinks. Also please note again that my username is a joke and this piece is full of jokes and it's all done lightheartedly. It's a game. Don't taze me bro.
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