Nail shop near me open now

Duped: Never buy the same color twice again!

2013.01.10 06:08 mentalhells Duped: Never buy the same color twice again!

Request and share comparison shots of different nail polishes

2016.06.16 18:21 Look for a group in Shattered Skies

Look for a group in Shattered Skies

2016.05.12 17:27 chillaxin4life Milwaukee's Bicycle Community

Welcome to Milwaukee's bike subreddit! From the urban commuters to the beach cruisers, everyone and their bike is welcome here for newbie advice, pro events, and everything in between! Bike maps and bike shops are listed in the wiki.

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2023.03.24 06:55 goatcosity Masters no 5

Yesterday I got my first real lock to pick. The masters no 5. I just started the hobby and I heard it was a good beginners lock, didn't had any luck with a pick directly but was good to open with a city rake. Hard to feel the pins for me as right now when I try to pick.
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2023.03.24 06:55 Parsnip Diamantenhände 💎👐 German market is open 🇩🇪

Guten Morgen to this global band of Apes! 👋🦍
Daylight Savings Time has begun in the US, but not yet in Germany. During this period, the German markets are only open for one hour before US Premarket opens. I am posting this at the usual starting time, but updates will begin an hour later than usual, and only run for one hour.
This has truly been one of the most exciting weeks in the GME Saga in quite a long time. Credit Suisse's failure and takeover by UBS started things off, followed by the Fed continuing to hike rates. GameStop posted a quarterly profit, followed by a nearly 50% jump in share price. A massive jump in daily volume included an enormous amount of short sales. And meanwhile, the SHFs continue to attempt to sneak in regulatory rule changes that help them at the cost of everyone else.
Despite all of this, nothing has changed. The Institutional Shorts continue to amass even larger short positions, as they simply have no other choice. GameStop is still in an incredible position financially and poised for incredible growth in the future. Apes HODL an incredibly large portion of the company in our own names, growing daily.
So as we continue to await the day when the shorts are forced to close their positions, let's celebrate the company that brought us together.
Today is Friday, March 24th, and you know what that means! Join other apes around the world to watch infrequent updates from the German markets!

🚀 Buckle Up! 🚀

  • German market data begins updating in 65 minutes
  • 🟥 US close price: $22.58 / 20,76 € ($22.51 / 20,69 € after-hours)
  • US market volume: 11.06 million shares
Link to previous Diamantenhände post
FAQ: I'm capturing current price and volume data from German exchanges and converting to USD. Today's euro -> USD conversion ratio is 1.0879. I programmed a tool that assists me in fetching this data and updating the post. If you'd like to check current prices directly, you can check Lang & Schwarz or TradeGate
Diamantenhände isn't simply a thread on Superstonk, it's a community that gathers daily to represent the many corners of this world who love this stock. Many thanks to the originator of the series, DerGurkenraspler, who we wish well. We all love seeing the energy that people represent their varied homelands. Show your flags, share some culture, and unite around GME!
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2023.03.24 06:54 areuseriousss Won’t Let a Relapse Define Me

I’ve never posted on here before except for a few comments on others’ posts. I am a 38M that has been drinking since I was 16. I did stop twice during that time due to military deployments but that wasn’t by choice. I made sure to makeup for lost drinking opportunities every time I had a chance! Recently, I had finally had enough and quit for nearly 6 months. My wife and kids were really getting tired of me being a drunk and so was I. Blackouts were becoming common. Reckless behavior was becoming more frequent. I had to stop, so I did, until about a week ago. I bought a bottle of bourbon and drank the entire thing. Let everybody down and felt like complete crap! I am not going to let that slip define me though. I know I want to quit even more than before. I honestly didn’t even feel that terrible about giving in because I felt a shift inside me afterwards that gives me confidence going forward. It solidified to me that quitting is the right thing. I don’t get caught up in numbers or dates. How long I’ve been sober doesn’t matter to me, just that I am at this moment. I am honestly going to take it one day at a time from now on. This community has been extremely helpful and I want to thank everyone that posts. Many are so relatable.
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2023.03.24 06:54 bottyliscious New relationship does not like interactions with EX

We started dating last summer and hit it off pretty quickly. I'm M35 and she's F45 so the age gap was a little intimidating at first but realistically if you like each other its just a number.
Our main sticking point has been comfort level with my interactions with my EX. We had a pretty amicable divorce and agreed to keep somewhat of a friendship in tact to raise our son like we had imagined. Friendship probably isn't the word, I don't really consider her a friend just my son's mom now and we have a general idea of what's going on in each others lives.
Early on we had some lingering dependency issues, we would get dinner out a few times a month just the three of us and get caught up on things. That obviously wasn't all that healthy even though I still don't see too much harm in it until it was making our other relationships uncomfortable and we also talked about how it might be confusing for our son so we cut that out.
In my defense, I was thinking of it in terms of the fluidity of everything now. People are poly and in open relationships, husbands/wives are getting divorced and still hang out as friends with their new partners, its not the 1960s anymore.
Anyway, it was a sticking point and after talking about it with my new relationship the interactions reduced to mainly pickup/dropoffs, mutual events like sports, and texts.
But its still causing problems and I don't really know how to cut it down anymore or if this is just an unreasonable expectation and I need to just leave it at that.
We're going to talk about everything again next week and I'm still undecided on how I would want things to go. If she's right and I am still in some co-dependent state in my interactions with my EX then its probably over and I need some time to work on it some more in therapy, but being in a city with no family and no real close friends has always made it really non-appealing to draw that super firm line in the sand, just feeling a little closer to the other parent feels better than soloing hoping you don't hit the slightest snag because there's no one to help you.
I know some people on here had no choice but to strictly limit those interaction for their own wellbeing so it was pretty shocking that what we thought was a really positive divorce outcome started causing problems.
Is it unrealistic to expect someone to understand this provided there's full visibility? Like she's never rolled over in the middle of the night and I'm texting my EX, she's in the car and I tell her who I am texting and why etc. its not a secretive thing at all, that would bother me if it were reversed.
Sometimes I feel like people want out of relationships simply due to lack of interest and so they have to pick something for it to be about because its icky to just feel uninterested if you don't have a reason? Or there's some expectation that there needs to be a reason, idk.
TL;DR New relationship does not like friendly interactions with EX, trying to figure out what to do and whether the expectations are realistic. What is a good expectation for amicable interactions with an EX post divorce? Would you feel insecure if your new relationship was still friendly with their EX spouse whom they are actively raising a child with?
Anyway, going to try and figure it out otherwise I'm back on the single divorced train lol
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2023.03.24 06:54 goptindia2 Osteopathy Treatment Center Near me

Osteopathy Treatment Center Near me — Osteopathic Treatment in Noida Extension — Find the best doctors for osteopathic treatment in Noida. GOPT India is providing the best osteopathy treatment in Noida. Call now — 7906545453.
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2023.03.24 06:52 sixoo6 Theory about N-Corp's singularity and why N-Corp is how it is

I think we finally know how N-Corp actually functions being a bunch of religious zealots going around murdering people for the smallest infractions. Based on N-Meursault's and N-Heathcliff's max uptie stories, N-Corp's singularity are the Nails that extract "human experiences" out of people, and we've seen that they also use these extensively as weapons in their purges. In Ch3, Kromer was actually sent on N-Corp business to Sinclair's hometown, so presumably all those people N-Corp have been nailing and murdering was actually them gathering experiences with their singularity for packaging and selling, or whatever they do with them in N-Corp.
And now it finally makes sense to me. N-Corp has more than likely deliberately crafted a pseudo-religious district with harsh, nonsensical rules and taboos as a reason to murder people for their singularity, indoctrinating their members and people into their beliefs so as to justify the way they fuel their singularity. N-Corp employees are fully brainwashed so they don't question their nonsensical violence against other people (after all, they're simply eradicating "heretics" and keeping humanity "pure"), but from N-Corp's business stance, it actually works.
N-Corp's singularity is the Nail. They need to kill people to get the experiences. They create a whole religion brainwashing people into killing certain groups for the experience.
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2023.03.24 06:52 fabbrilous Should I feel bad?

So I work cap 2 and one of my team leads left opening that position. I let management know I was interested in it. My buddy who works with me is also interested. So we are basically the top 2 candidates according to my coach but the position isn't open until Saturday. So today my buddy told me that our store manager told him he was going to give him the job but was told not to tell anyone. I felt that was screwed up and asked my team lead why they would even give interviews if the manager already decided? I'm not even mad if I didn't get the position I just thought there was a process? So now my buddy threw an absolute fit and said I might have cost him the job. I'm so confused on how these team lead promotions work? I just want to know why they would give the job to someone without interviewing other candidates first.
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2023.03.24 06:51 JKisner [S] [USA-CA] Nikon FM2N + 50mm 1.4, Nikon to Fuji Metabones Speedbooster

Hey guys, I have some nikon gear for sale.
First of all is a Nikon FM2N with a 50mm 1.4 ais. This is a perfect combo. Everything is working well, but there are a few things to mention. First, the focus ring of the lens feels a little stiffer near the minimum focus distance. It doesn’t interfere with the functionality, but it’s worth mentioning.
Also, there’s a smudge on the curtain from a previous owner. I bought the camera with the smudge and the previous owner confirmed it was purely cosmetic and didn’t interfere with functionality. I also ran a roll through the film at all shutter speeds (60 and above) and everything was exposed properly, no issues.
There are some scuffs, scratches, and dust, but nothing that affects functionality or image quality.
Price is $400 for the pair.
I also have a Nikon to Fuji Metabones speedbooster adapter. This allows you to use Nikon lenses on your Fuji camera close to their original field of view with an extra stop of light. The previous owner informed me that one third party nikon lens wasn’t working properly with the aperture (but only one lens and other third party lenses were working). All of my Nikon lenses have worked perfectly.
Price is $200
I’m looking to keep it local to LA/Orange County for now, but will consider shipping in a couple days!
Timestamp and Photos
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2023.03.24 06:51 coding010 Would you hire someone from overseas for your MVP development/as a assistant developer/in-house developer?

Hi, I'm a software developer with around 5 years of experience. I've worked on PHP, MySQL, Nodejs (Loopback4), Typescript, MongoDB, jQuery. I've mainly worked as backend developer have developed RestAPI's for the simple as well complex business applications.
I'm looking for the remote (100%) and long-term opportunities , I don't want switch jobs every year or every now and then. Stable and enough income, (actually) flexible environment, a place where results are more important than timesheet is what I'm looking for.
I'm also open for other roles where my development experience can be utilised in any better way for the good of business and where I can grow - individually and professionally.
I'm a loyal, willing to learn new things, and dedicated person. Kindly help with your learnings, experiences or suggestions which you think can help/guide me.
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2023.03.24 06:51 wishingugodspeed am i an accidental sugar baby?

hi guys so i (M19) started talking to this guy on grindr (M40) around june of last year and he’d give me around £100 and pay for my uber every time we saw each other. fast forward to present day he’s giving me £200 every time we see each other “to help me out” (i’m a second year uni student) and is now mentioning taking me away for the weekend and taking me shopping. hes quite a handsome guy and i’d have sex with him without the money but he just asks to see me then gives me this reward after without me asking. have i unintentionally bagged a sugar daddy and where do i go from here????
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2023.03.24 06:49 smolleaf A month since finding out about my boyfriend cheating

So it's a month and a day from me (28f)finding out my boyfriend (29m) was speaking sexually with loads of people anonymously and then having an emotional and sexual relationship with one person in particular. It was happening for over a year. (We've been together 4 years)
It never progressed into anything physical this all happened online.
I knew about this person and was told not to worry about her, they were just friends but he still doesn't consider her someone he loved and he says he never did. They talked every day and he opened up to her more about his mental health.
They have since cut contact and he has deleted pretty much all his social media accounts.
He says it wasn't even about the sex he was just lonely and it was the easiest way to maintain conversation, he says he was desperatey clinging to other human interaction and also thinks he may have had a phone addiction.
We lost a lot of our freinds over covid and neither of us have a lotta people to talk to anymore.
He says he felt obligated to not reject her advances because he didn't want her to feel stupid and she would cut contact for days at a time if he did something she didn't like.
Initially he rubuffed her but she started sending him not explicit photos and then into something more flirty and then full on nudes voice notes and videos.
I have seen the evidence of all of this but it's still hard to see him sending voice notes and messages back. I'm still really angry.
He accepts responsibility and genuinely seems remorseful and isnt just blaming her but he seems to be angry at her. But he doesn't want to use the word cheating because his dad cheated and he is struggling to reconcile that word.
We've had lots of conversations some hours long and really got into all the details and I saw the conversations he was having on his phone.
He lets me know now if he spoke to anyone that day and isn't hiding his phone from me anymore he shows me messages if I want to see.
I do feel that he's a lot more honest and open with me than he has been previously and I feel like the person I fell for is back.
During the period he was cheating he was just more of a sad person and he wouldn't talk to me about his mental health or go out and we both found it hard to talk to eachother, but since the really hard conversations it's been easier even though the hard conversations are still happening.
We're actually talking about difficult subjects without shutting down or arguing and that's been good.
I guess we're still in the process of building trust again and no firm decisions have been made but at the moment things feel better.
I don't really know what im going for here I just needed to get this out
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2023.03.24 06:49 ZoeHorseless l fucking hate school

My parents are making me go to school but today is the last day l will actually be at school. l want to switch to open plan school but they say l can't past that tests and it's better for me to stick to school for 2 and a half month. l said fuck the school, l hate it. l hate it with my every being and l don't want to spend another second there. l said if they send me to school l will just skip it and go wherever l want then gave them an ultimatom. Either l will hang out outside not going to school, or l will be at home and save but not going to school. lt's a pain in the ass for them to send me to school and they know that. Also fuck my administer. My family needs to complete a form, this form is only given if both the family and the administer approves. Now l know for sure that my family will bring up the topic why l don't want to go to school, this is going to cause my administer to not give out the form. Should that happen l will threathen them to cut my wrists (don't worry l won't because l have low pain tolerance). l needed to vent about it cause l'm afraid l will have to go to school anyway despite my efforts. And don't tell me to go to school, you can't change my mind.
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2023.03.24 06:49 Obeee420 train Pirates

I know that sounds insane, but there are pirates out there, posing as riders and/or Workers I was on a train that was robbed two years ago and witnessed one get robbed last year, the first one was in Texas and I was riding a well and the train sided in Pacos for a CC, 6 or 7 white trucks with spotlights pulled up to the car we where on,I thought I was getting pulled off, but nope,they climbed on the well adjacent to mine and popped the door to the can on top(my well didn't have the door facing me on top, just the bottom one, which cannot be opened) and started unloading giant boxes of shit with a quickness I never seen, about 10 people standing side by side wearing ski mask passing down box after box of shit to the bed of a truck, one truck was parked facing the car with a spotlight, the other was parked it the bed right up to the car, they loaded the bed of that truck with boxes from the can, and than the truck pulled away and another back up in its place, and they loaded that one, they emptied the entire can in less than a minute and than all jumped into a bed of a truck abd drove off to another car, my heart was racing, I prayed to whatever it is that we don't get the time I couldn't comprehend wtf was happening, even tho it was very obvious, I saw one person standing by the truck park facing the car with an AR15 rifle(at least it appeared to be) before they drove off..anyways they train left and we rode to Sweetwater and got off the train, and there where about 10 cans wide open and empty and a few UPs pigs, probably more, scared the shit out of me, I don't think these where workers..the other time was in Rawlins, and an IM pulled up and stopped for fuel and CC going to Denver, I saw someone on the train, they looked like a rider, but where wearing a bandanna like mask and had bikes, the other was unload the piggy and throwing boxes into a pile next to the car , than they got off and went down to the next can and did the same, and hit a few more, knew they where not riders at all, than the train left and they where a bit aways from where they started, I saw a van pull up and they loaded the loot into it and drove tf off, I don't give a shit enough to report them, unless their intentions mainly where to harm people, I think they wanted to rob the train, however wouldn't doubt if they harmed someone if said person got in their way, I assumed they got on the train in Green River, because they where on a well adjacent to the pig they hit, I guess they waited until it stopped? Idk why they choose Rawlins instead of Green River, ether way, both times where some shit, especially the one in Texas, I have a feeling if they seen me, I wouldn't be alive typing this right now..I gues this is why Bulls exist? These aholes make it hot for riders, because the 2nd ones appeared as riders, but weren't.. anyone have any experience with Train Pirates? Think the company hires then to rob their trains for insurance money?? Thanks for reading this and as a Hobo or rider, we NEVER touch any thing that isn't ours, I mean yea you get your Oogle, but this was organized as hell...
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2023.03.24 06:47 ThrowawayRAcheatedon I(35M) caught my wife(35F) having sex with my neighbor(40M)

My wife(Sara) and I had been happily married for 8 years, no kids, no fights, and we have a great sex life. My neighbor(Bill) and his wife moved in across the street 3 years ago and the four of us got along pretty well.
During Covid, we did a lot of online shopping and I installed a Porch Pirate camera with a motion detector that sends me alerts while I'm at work. Yesterday I got a call from the groomer that our dog was ready to pick up and I called my wife at work to see which one of us needed to pick up the dog. Her office said that she had gone home sick at lunch, so I called her to check on her to see if she was alright but she didn't answer. About thirty minutes later the Porch camera sent me an alert and a video showing my neighbor at my door and my wife opening the door in an expensive lingerie set I bought her for Valentine's Day. I worked a lot from home during Covid and have a Remote Desktop on my personal laptop so I can access files and things from my office computer. So I ported into my laptop that was set up at a desk in our bedroom and accessed the camera. When they walked into the bedroom and she started helping him off with his clothes my heart began to pound. With full audio, I watched them make out and eventually have sex first in Missionary and then Sara got on top of him as it's easier for her to finish that way. At that point, I unmuted my work computer and turned the camera on, and said, What the hell do you two think you're doing? Needless to say, that ruined the mood.
They both turned and saw me on the screen, I told Bill that he had three seconds to get out of my house before I sent screenshots to his wife and he got out of there as fast as he could. My wife started crying and I said we would talk when I got home. I left work and drove home, when I got there she was in the shower. I saw her phone lying on the table and I picked it up and opened it up and read a couple of disturbing texts. I didn't have much time as I heard the shower quit so I changed the lock code on her phone so she couldn't erase the evidence before I had a chance to save it. She came in the living room and saw me holding her phone and the color drained from her face. She started to try and get me to listen to her but I shut her down. I turned on the TV and streamed their sex video on the tv, with sound. I asked her what part of that she wanted to explain. She had tears running down her face and she couldn't look me in the eye, I told her she needed to pack a bag and stay at her parent's house until we could sort this out. She wanted to stay and talk but I said this was really raw right now and things would get said that couldn't be taken back. She packed a bag and asked me to call her soon so we could deal with this.
She called on her mom's phone and said her phone was locked and she couldn't use it. I explained I had read a couple of conversations she had with Bill but I didn't have time to read them all so I changed her unlock code so she couldn't purge those messages. She got mad and started to yell so I sent a picture to her mom's phone, it was a great angle showing both of their faces. She got quiet and her voice was breaking really bad saying I couldn't show her family those photos. Her dad is a deacon at his church and they are very religious, Sara even teaches Sunday school to fill in sometimes. I told her that we would talk in the morning and hung up. I called my lawyer and told him what happened and told him to draw up separation and divorce papers. He gave some advice on how to proceed and said she would be served the separation papers tomorrow but the divorce papers would take a few days. I canceled all the credit cards and transferred half of our cash to an account she didn't have access to per the lawyer's advice. I was able to get a locksmith out that day and changed all the locks and the garage and security codes. Then I had a phone conversation with Bill's wife. She said that he was acting all weird when she got home and I explained why and I sent her a couple of screenshots and told her if she wanted it I had it all on video as well. She was livid and I almost worry about his safety when he gets home.
Today my wife showed up at 7:00 only to find her key didn't work. I let her in and I asked for her phone which she argued a bit before handing it over. It took about twenty minutes with her watching as I went through her phone and forwarded the texts I wanted to save to my phone and I handed it back to her. She looked at it for a minute and then at me, she had about twenty texts from her friends wanting to know what happened. I had sent out a couple of group texts to our friends canceling all of our plans and explained I had come home and caught my wife having sex with my neighbor in our bed. She couldn't believe I had outed her to all our friends and how it looked like I had no desire to work things out, and she went on for over an hour about how sorry she was and that we could get past this and go forward. I told her that there was no way I could ever trust her again and that the love I had for her was burnt to ashes as I watched her screw our neighbor in our bed. I told her to pack whatever clothes she could in a suitcase and she could come for the rest of them Saturday.
This afternoon a couple of her girlfriends reached out to me, one telling me that my wife still loved me and we should try and work it out, the other one saying I shouldn't throw our marriage out and that I might be partially to blame. I answered them by sending a screenshot to each of them but I got no response. The rest of our friends have reached out to console me and offer their support. Several of them said they were blocking Sara's number. Saturday, when she comes for her things I will tell her I filed for divorce and we can end this civilly or if she wants to fight it and get ugly I will make sure her whole family and the Youth Minister at her dad's church get a copy of the video.
I'm sorry for this long story, it has been therapeutic to put this all down. I'm still seeing red right now but I know in a day or two it's going to knock the wind out of me. After rereading what I wrote, should I listen to her side of the story as to what brought this on? If for no other reason than to maybe get some closure?

**TL;DR; : I caught my wife having sex with my neighbor on video**
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2023.03.24 06:46 SadDaughter100 Should I cease fluoxetine?

I am nearly at week 5 of commencing fluoxetine. I started on 20mg and two weeks in increased to 40mg. I’m 2.5 weeks post increase. My anxiety increased immensely at the beginning, which I presumed to be starting the medication. I’m now at week 5 and I genuinely don’t think I can do this anymore. I am desperately trying to numb myself at all times. I feel hopeless, helpless, scared and I don’t trust myself in any decision making. Im scared to eat because I don’t want to gain weight because I’m also stuck at home. I eat enough to keep the hunger at bay. I’ll find I’ll have one tolerable day to multiple really bad days.
My dad and Dr are pushing me to continue through to week 6 to see if it works, but I genuinely feel like my life is falling apart. Im a psychiatric nurse and I don’t know how I’m meant to return to work in this mental state. Has anyone had this happen before? I feel like I’m losing my mind.
Part of me thinks I should cease the fluoxetine because I don’t recall it being this difficult with any other anti depressant. I was previously on paroxetine which was effective to a degree, after trying sertraline and duloxetine with no real help.
Id really appreciate a response because I’m scared. Im scared I’ll be like this forever.
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2023.03.24 06:46 magical_feral_alpaca Support on stress management and not knowing when to stop hoarding work-related stuff

I feel like a moron writing this but I think I need an intervention.
I'm a teacher and after an autumn spent in a workplace that nearly drove me to burnout I got a new job on a much nicer environment. It's not perfect but I enjoy it.
A year ago I begun studying a work-related degree which seemed like a good idea when I started it. It's quite light- not that much to do, but it's all work-related and requires me to write a lot about my current place of employment after my actual workdays. And lately it has been way too much. Either I write and analyze thevplace I just spent 8 hours at, or then I feel quilty about not doing that. I'm on a deadline that is turning into a snooze.
And my body is reacting. I can't unwind anymore. I buzz and can't sleep even with sleeping aids. I have all the classical signs of overload. And my smart watch data has been wild lately- my resting pulse is high all the time, the sleep I get is not restoring enough etc.
Oh and I have multiple sclerosis, and in a few weeks I'll get results from my latest MRI. My disease is in the background, has been for 20 years now. You couldn't tell that I have it if you met me, and I'd like to keep it like that.
I know the signs of overload. I know that they're really, really bad for ms. I know that I have all of them. I have burned out twice before, in 2016 and 2020. How can I stop this cycle?
I have a feeling that I'm running all the time and that I can not stop. The degree I'm working on doesn't even make a difference with my pay- if something it might maybe, just maybe land me another job in my current field in the future. On the other hand I don't know how long can I work on this field at all- it's probable that it will get too exhausting at some point. (Which means that I should seriously consider studying something completely different in order change careers, which means that I would have to study THAT on the side of my current work 🙈)
I've been combining work and study for 15 years now and it's really taking it's toll. No amount of mindfulness meditation and nature walks and chamomile tea help, and it really shouldn't be like this. It feels like I'm either wasting my life studying or wasting my life because I don't study.
Dear coven, help me stop.
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2023.03.24 06:45 Gothicmommy AITA for blocking my SIL

I (25F) blocked my SIL after just having enough of her.
For context, Im neurodivergent. Specifically I have Schizoaffective disorder Bipolar type. Ive been successfully stable for several years now and havent had any outbursts or had the need to be hospitalized since I was 19.
My husband got very upset at his mother for even making the suggestion that the baby I was pregnant with wasn’t his. He got very upset and told his mother that the next time she talked to him should be after apologizing to me. Well this did not go over well with his sister. She went in my Dms and called me a “schizophrenic psychopathic bitch that needs to be locked away”. I just blocked her.
Well a few years later his mother eventually apologized to me and asked to meet her granddaughter (who happens to look exactly like my husband). I decided to unblock my SIL in an act of good faith. We never spoke to eachother but just coexisted
Well his mother posted this collection of m&m dispensers asking how much she should expect. Well i did some research and i told her that individually they were selling for 15-20 dollars a pop for never opened in-the-box on eBay and other sites. I told her not to expect more than 200-300 for the whole set. Well my SIL goes on there and calls me “negative” and that i “dont know how much a collector would buy for these” and called me rude.
I had enough, didnt speak one word to her and blocked her again.
My husbands mother called my husband to “tattle” on me for being “rude” to his sister and asked him to “talk some sense into me” which my husband replied that he has no control over who i do and dont block and he saw the thread and agreed that SIL was trying to get a rise out of me. His mother told him I was an asshole and should have some class and apologize. I say i shouldnt accept abuse from someone ive never spoken one word to and knows nothing about me.
Was I TA?
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2023.03.24 06:44 Cute-Noise-9052 hii.... I'm bisexual , right now I'm here in Mumbai for a family event for some days and put up in navi mumbai now thought of chilling with someone casually . so if anybody near navi mumbai or Nerul pick me up .......

24 year old Bi sexual male smoker. So happy in case you got some weed to chill and with. So text me or reply to me in case u wanna meet today . Newbie to this culture .....
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2023.03.24 06:44 pizzaspotMI LET’S HAVE SOME PIZZA IN PLYMOUTH

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Choosing a pizzeria near me allows you to build your own pizza with toppings. You can add or remove types of vegetables, cheeses, and meats according to your preferences. You can choose Supreme or the mouth-watering Spot Special pizza. The sauce used for the pizza is neither too sweet nor too spicy. Pizza Spot serves the best New York-style pizza. Perfect best pizza.
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Our pizza services are quick and we provide home services as well with fresh produce. Visit our website and know about all the varieties of pizza and other products that are served by us.
Pizza shop in Plymouth
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2023.03.24 06:43 caramelfudgexxx How to deal with harassment and bullying in office?

We're a development team of 10. Our collegaue (not my superior) is a burnt out lead developer who is constantly working 12-14 hours and expects the same from everyone. At first, I did try give all my best I could, I even worked long hours to finish my work on time. As I learned, this guy is a bully. He doesn't like if someone else works on the same component and knows WHAT crucial information to hold back so you fail your task. We don't know if he does this intentionally or not, but he constantly puts blame on you and openly criticizes how you approach a certain problem instead of being assertive and nurturing. The turnover rate is pretty high and we noticed this toxic atmosphere, but no one DARE to openly recognize the source of the problem. The source is this guy. If you try to bring attention to this or confront him, he plays the victim and he is very smart to appear as a victim! Last time, I talked to my boss that I no longer want to participate in this play: I want to leave the company, I cannot work like this, and it is highly damaging to my creative vision. My boss was understanding, but also explained that he cannot do anything, because this guy here is basically a half-god and has the knowledge so deep that he cannot replace him easily. He asked me to keep calm and understanding. His solution was to reduce the working hours of this guy so it helps him recover from this burn-out phase. The situation of course was not improved. This guy was still and still is a bully and I decided to leave. I don't have to mention that it was a long 3 years and I feel deeply hurt and incapable of anything. Now I have a different job where I get good feedbacks, but yet I cannot overcome this experience. What's wrong with me? I talked to an old collegaue what is the situation now. Of course the guy is still there and now he harasses someone else. I just want to understand what is happening in the mind of such bully and how can I approach this problem in the future?
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2023.03.24 06:42 Moist_Put2947 I ended a ltr 8 months ago and I regret it

I (27F) broke it off with my ex (26M) of 6 years back in August/September not long after our anniversary.
I was really miserable in general, but our relationship was very unhealthy and I felt like neither of us were growing or moving forward with our lives.
Healing was very hard because I loved him very, very, very much. I didn’t even want to break up but I felt like we had tried everything and nothing was working. I cried every single day for months. I still cry, if I’m being honest. I have never been so close to a person. I wanted us to get married
I’ve tried dating around and the only two I (thought) I genuinely liked got boring after a while.
I’ve also got back into therapy, stabilized on my medications, and have a solid plan for my future. I still really, really miss him and wish he was here to see all this work I’ve done.
We’re on the verge of talking again, he reached out regarding some documents that were still mailing to my (formerly our) address. He’s randomly sent me a few memes and made some old inside jokes.
My heart just aches. I think the break up is good cause he’s definitely grown too. I just don’t know if we should try again. I know my family will be disappointed. I never really cared for his family, they treat him like shit and we’re rude as fuck to me.
Anyway sometimes I think I want to try again. I know there’s a risk that it’ll never be as good as it was when we were at our happiest. I just regret ever breaking up. I wish I pushed harder for us to work through it. I still don’t know how we got so unhealthy near the end, but I feel like we could do better now. Because there’s also a chance that we’ll do better the second time around.
TLDR: I dumped my ex of 6 years about 8 months ago. I still miss and love him. I continue to struggle with the idea of getting back together.
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