Cracker barrel restaurants in arizona

Tucson, Arizona

2008.09.19 06:19 Tucson, Arizona

The subreddit for Tucson, Arizona; Tucson is a city in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert surrounded by multiple mountain ranges, including the Santa Catalinas. Home to the University of Arizona, Tucson has many vintage shops, nightclubs and restaurants on Fourth Avenue near the campus. Located 70 miles north of Mexico, on I-10 between California and New Mexico. We have plenty of cacti and beautiful scenery to enjoy!

2019.12.30 20:02 charliegriefer ArizonaWhiskey

A place for like-minded AZ folks to discuss their favorite bottles of Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, etc. Help on finding those elusive bottles. Discussion on Arizona restaurants/bars/stores with a good selection of whiskies.

2014.04.16 19:56 suddenlyissoon Chattanooga Beer

A place to talk about all the great beer in Chattanooga

2023.03.24 08:08 Safe_Bet_9752 What are some popular seafood dishes served in seafood restaurants?

What are some popular seafood dishes served in seafood restaurants?
Certainly! Seafood restaurants specialize in serving a variety of seafood dishes to customers. Some of the most popular dishes served at seafood restaurants include:
  1. Fried Seafood Platter: A common menu item at seafood restaurants, this platter usually includes fried shrimp, scallops, clams, and sometimes even fish fillets. It is often served with a side of French fries and coleslaw.
  2. Lobster Roll: A classic New England dish, the lobster roll consists of a split-top hot dog bun filled with chunks of fresh lobster meat tossed in mayonnaise and sometimes celery, and served with potato chips or fries.
  3. Seafood Pasta: A pasta dish that is often made with a variety of seafood such as shrimp, mussels, and clams. It can be served with a white or red sauce and is usually garnished with parsley and grated parmesan cheese.
  4. Fish Tacos: A Mexican-inspired dish that is popular in seafood restaurants, fish tacos are made with battered or grilled fish, shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, and a lime wedge, all wrapped in a soft corn tortilla.
  5. Grilled Seafood Platter: This dish usually includes a selection of grilled seafood such as shrimp, scallops, lobster tails, and fish fillets, served with a side of steamed vegetables and rice pilaf.
  6. Clams Casino: A classic appetizer made with whole clams, breadcrumbs, butter, garlic, and bacon. The clams are usually served on a bed of rock salt and can be garnished with lemon wedges.
  7. Cioppino: A seafood stew that originated in San Francisco, cioppino is made with a variety of seafood such as shrimp, crab, mussels, and clams, cooked in a tomato-based broth with garlic and herbs. It is usually served with sourdough bread.
  8. Sushi: A Japanese dish that has become popular in seafood restaurants around the world, sushi consists of raw fish served with rice and a variety of vegetables such as cucumber, avocado, and seaweed.
  9. Crab Legs: A seafood delicacy that is often served steamed or boiled, crab legs can be served with melted butter, lemon wedges, and a side of coleslaw.
  10. Oysters on the Half Shell: A classic appetizer that is often served raw on a bed of ice with lemon wedges, cocktail sauce, and sometimes horseradish.
These are just a few of the many delicious seafood dishes that you can find in a seafood restaurant.
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2023.03.24 08:06 klbdkosher500 What’s New in Food Technology – KLBD Kosher

What’s New in Food Technology – KLBD Kosher

KLBD Kosher
kosher agency aspect of the global food business is being transformed by new developments in food technology. Because of how the pandemic has affected consumer behavior and current food systems, individualized nutrition that improves fitness and health is seen as a high goal. Medicinal advantages that are specifically targeted, nutritional needs that are very particular, and energy-boosting snacks and drinks are all included in personalized food alternatives.
The major consulting firm EY has identified several megatrends that will influence how food firms do business. According to Jon Copes take, senior consumer analyst at EY, "the metaverse will be the watchword of 2022 and food manufacturers need to adapt how they connect with consumers from an innovative technology viewpoint." Both the product itself and the brand experience should be enjoyable for customers.
Restaurant chains are using new digital solutions as a result of current business issues, in order to deal with labor shortages and shrinking profit margins. Robots and drones that carry food stand out as potentially efficient ways to save labor expenses, and Domino's has previously tested autonomous cars successfully in Miami and Las Vegas. One Israeli restaurant business uses robots to manufacture 50 pizzas an hour. Robotic arms that replicate human gestures by stirring, mixing, and changing cooking temperature are also in use. Robotic waiters and front-of-house staff are also reducing the strain of human employees, albeit one apparently fled from guests wearing jeweler and another had to be turned off for chatting excessively.
French food service startup When Bulk introduced its own robotic automation brand, it attracted €4 million from investors. The company now plans to produce and deploy 40 robots throughout France. With up to 300 distinct meal combinations that can be served either cold or warmed, each Bulk robot can prepare up to 60 meals an hour while taking up less than two square meters of floor space.
Get kosher certification
The financial repercussions of the epidemic have accelerated the development of "cloud kitchens," often referred to as virtual or "black kitchens." Online delivery services offer better customer service in a shorter amount of time and might perhaps lower traditional operating expenses as consumers become accustomed to digital food platforms as the standard. Disposable packaging and a guarantee that food won't rot in transportation help to maintain standards for food hygiene. Instead of creating kitchens from scratch, cloud kitchen startup Taster aims to increase the number of cloud kitchens it licenses. An enormous $37 million investment was made in the London-based business earlier this year. It was formed by former Deliveroo employee Anton Soupier.
It is now possible to create aged-style liquor in less than 24 hours, as pioneering American start-up Endless West has demonstrated by creating Glyph, a "molecular whisky" that has the flavour of old whisky without going through the typical barrel-aging process. Endless West, which markets itself as "all of the spirit, none of the rules," plans to collaborate with other spirits producers in an effort to reduce production while enhancing sustainability. Alec Lee, the co-founder, told Forbes that wine's chemical composition is a good illustration. "Grapes frequently grow slowly and need a lot of water, attention, and, let's face it, pesticides, especially in areas that are prone to drought. Other plants with a quicker growth rate contain the compounds you finally obtain, which transform into the sugars and flavour molecules.
Sistema. Bio is addressing how agricultural systems affect climate change. An innovative, cost-effective biogas system employing a hybrid reactor biodigester that transforms animal waste into the cleanest cooking fuel and creates a powerful, environmentally friendly fertilizer has been developed by this forward-thinking Mexican business. More than 1.5 million trees have been spared as a result, and customers throughout South America, Africa, and Asia may no longer need to cook with costly, dirty wood fuel or fossil fuels.
The innovative start-up EEK Foods has devised a breakthrough method for cultivating high quality, pesticide-free Indian staple vegetables for the general market in New Delhi. EEK’s ability to grow a variety of delectable fruits and vegetables without soil or coco-peat and to make them available all year long at affordable pricing is made possible by a plant growing system that has filed for a patent. A few of the veggies planted are mouthwatering kinds of tomato, cucumber, eggplant, bell pepper, and spinach.
kosher certification agency is a standalone international quality standard which is increasingly prevalent in the food ingredients and retail sector.
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2023.03.24 08:05 nissanthermos After Three Decades, Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant Remains a One-of-a-Kind Haven for Halal Chinese Food in San Francisco

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2023.03.24 08:03 yr-mom-420 easy no cook/prep, low effort, easy to eat foods?

i hope this kind of post is okay. i just need help finding food that's easy to eat. i am nottttt looking for restriction foods. i kinda want the opposite of volume eating. condensed nutrition pls.
i struggle a lot with lack of appetite (i'm on an amphetamine and not willing to change meds) and i'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for INSANELY easy foods to help me eat enough and get enough nutrients.
i ABHOR labor of any kind, and i can't see food prep as anything other than labor. i get no joy from the process of making food and have no interest whatsoever. a lot of the time i just look at it as - "i'm hungry so what can i put in there to just make it stop?" my boyfriend loves the process and it's so weird to me. it's just a chore that requires constant maintenance to me 99% of the time. we joke that i have no respect for the ~art~ of food.
if only they made a pill or some shit that gave you everything you need. over ittttt. i have tried soylent, but i don't like the taste, and it's really only for people who need to drink 5 of them a day. i won't delve into the reason for that. their concept is a wet dream to me tho.
fairlife nutrition shakes, nuts, apples, & pb are my go tos. i used to do cheese and crackers and grapes but... labor. i struggle to even wash my fucking grapes or slice a block of cheese before they go bad. and i kinda got the ick from them after severallllll months of repetition. so i need a new hyperfixation before i inevitably get the ick again. rinse, repeat, eye roll..
i also have a trillion food aversions (i'm sure a lot of y'all can relate to that) so i'm sure i won't even eat most of the things recommended but i'm desperate for ideas and trying to have an open mind.
tldr - what are foods y'all eat that get all of your nutrients in an easy, low-to-noooo effort way? affordable would also be nice. thank you. :)
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2023.03.24 08:00 grantslab2000 The History of Moissanite: From Discovering a New Mineral to Becoming a Popular Gemstone

Moissanite is a popular alternative to diamonds in jewellery, but where did it come from? The story of moissanite begins in the late 19th century with the discovery of a new mineral in Arizona by French chemist Henri Moissan. The mineral was later named after him, and it was found to be made up of silicon carbide.

The Discovery of Moissanite

Henri Moissan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1906 for his work on the isolation of fluorine, but he is also known for his discovery of moissanite. In 1893, while examining samples from a meteorite crater in Arizona, he discovered a new mineral that was eventually identified as silicon carbide.

From Laboratory Curiosity to Gemstone

For many years, moissanite was considered a laboratory curiosity, and it wasn't until the 1980s that it began to be used in jewellery. The first commercial production of moissanite as a gemstone began in 1995 by Charles & Colvard, a company that holds a patent for creating moissanite in a laboratory setting.

The Rise in Popularity of Moissanite

Since its introduction as a gemstone, moissanite has become increasingly popular due to its high brilliance, fire, and affordability compared to diamonds. Majestic Moissanite is a popular brand in South Africa, and its stones are often priced lower than diamonds. Moissanite is also known for its durability, making it a great choice for engagement rings and other types of jewellery.

The Impact of the Blood Diamond Movie and Conference

In the early 2000s, the release of the movie Blood Diamond starring Leonardo DiCaprio brought attention to the issue of conflict diamonds, which are diamonds that are mined in war zones and used to finance armed conflict against governments. In response to this issue, a historic meeting was held in Kimberley, South Africa, in 2000, to discuss ways to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds. The meeting led to the creation of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which aims to certify that diamonds are conflict-free.

The Future of Moissanite

As moissanite continues to gain popularity, more companies are entering the market and offering a wider variety of shapes and sizes. It is expected that moissanite will continue to be a popular alternative to diamonds in the years to come.
If you're interested in learning more about moissanite, check out the following resources:
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2023.03.24 07:58 DjDeadpig6934 Wouldn’t trust mine with either, but if you want to get your kids molested commenter then go ahead.

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2023.03.24 07:58 ChandraInfra Infrastructure Development Boosts Real Estate Growth in Hyderabad.

Infrastructure Development Boosts Real Estate Growth in Hyderabad.

There was a time when real estate was never really people’s choice for investment. The city, however, has undergone significant changes in recent years. As the city grows and evolves, the need for better roads, bridges, public transportation, and other facilities has become increasingly crucial.
By investing in infrastructure, Hyderabad has enhanced its residents’ quality of life andz attracted new businesses and investors, leading to a surge in the real estate market.
So let’s explore and understand the role of infrastructure development in boosting real estate growth in Hyderabad.

Enhanced Connectivity:

Hyderabad has largely focused on expanding connectivity within the city with improved infrastructure as it allows for easier travel and faster arrival at destinations. As a result, areas previously considered far-flung or inaccessible have become more attractive for real estate development, leading to increased property prices in Hyderabad.
The ORR, a 158 km long expressway that encircles Hyderabad, has led to the development of several residential and commercial projects along its stretch. Such infrastructural developments have created new opportunities for real estate developers and investors to invest in the city.
The Hyderabad Metro Rail has also played a significant role in boosting the real estate sector. It has improved connectivity in the city, making it easier for people to commute to different parts of the city.

Better Facilities:

The development of social infrastructure, such as hospitals, schools, and shopping malls, has also contributed to the growth of Hyderabad’s real estate market. These facilities have made the city more attractive to people looking to buy or rent properties. This has increased the city’s demand for residential and commercial properties, driving up property prices.
Hyderabad, today, has international schools, the best hospitals in India, 7-star restaurants, and much more, bringing the top facilities to the city. These facilities have made the most popular areas of Hyderabad more livable and attractive for potential residents. As a result, real estate demand in such areas has increased, boosting the real estate market in Hyderabad.

Increased Tourism:

Hyderabad has been blessed to have Rajiv Gandhi International Airport since 2008. It is India’s first greenfield airport built under a public-private partnership model. Having an international airport in the city has improved connectivity with other cities and countries, making Hyderabad an important destination for business and tourism.
The Hyderabad Airport Corridor is a valuable aspect of South Hyderabad. This route connects prominent locations such as Shamshabad, Korthur, Shadnagar, and Jadcherla. The recent infrastructure developments, presence of MNCs, good connectivity to the areas around Hyderabad via Nehru ORR and encouraging state government initiatives have all impacted Hyderabad’s real estate growth.
The airport is conveniently situated, allowing tourists to experience Hyderabad’s public spaces and structures easily. Among Hyderabad’s best attractions, the Statue of Equality, the Chowmalla Palace, and the Taj Falaknuma Palace stand out for their intricate architecture and beautiful infrastructure.
With connectivity to cities and roads that connect the city beautifully, the social infrastructure development has made Hyderabad a huge hit for tourism, increasing the demand and value of real estate in the city.

Economic Growth:

The city’s development of IT parks and SEZs (Special Economic Zones) have contributed to Hyderabad’s real estate market growth. IT parks have advanced infrastructure and facilities such as high-speed internet, uninterrupted power supply, and modern amenities. These facilities benefit the surrounding areas as public areas like parks, community centres, and other public places have been created, improving people’s standard of living.
Additionally, IT Zones have improved healthcare and educational facilities, increased employment opportunities, and contributed to the city’s overall social development. These developments have attracted many IT companies and other businesses to the city, increasing the demand for real estate.

Improved Access:

Telecom infrastructure has played an important role in the real estate industry, especially in Hyderabad, a rapidly growing city in India. With the increasing reliance on the internet and digital communication, having a strong and reliable telecom infrastructure is essential for connectivity. This covers 4G/5G networks, fast internet, and other contact tools.
Hyderabad has been working on developing into a smart city, which requires a robust and modern telecom infrastructure. Smart city technologies like IoT, AI, and big data analytics rely heavily on connectivity and fast communication. Hence, good telecom infrastructure has helped attract investments in these technologies and make the city more attractive for businesses and residents.
Hence, a strong and reliable telecom infrastructure has now become crucial for the growth and success of Hyderabad’s real estate industry. It is because it attracts more businesses, creates job opportunities, and increases property values, leading to an increase in the real estate value in the city.
In conclusion, infrastructure development continues to play a crucial role in boosting Hyderabad’s real estate market. The city’s rapid expansion in transportation, connectivity, and technology has attracted more investors and homebuyers, resulting in a surge in property demand and prices. With continued investment in infrastructure development, Hyderabad’s real estate market is set to thrive, making it a promising destination for both property buyers and investors.
Hyderabad’s ever-growing infrastructure has seen immense growth in real estate demand and value. It’s time for you to invest in the city of growth and development. It’s time for you to buy a luxurious duplex villa in India’s best infrastructure city, Hyderabad! It’s time for you to invest in Chandra’s Green Park. It’s the best in the city to live your dream!
Visit More: Best luxury villas in Hyderabad
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2023.03.24 07:55 MrEeze Restaurant recommendations

Hi, I am looking for an affordable fine dining restaurant in Bangkok that has vegetarian options aswell. Does anyone have a recommendation?
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2023.03.24 07:52 ankita-raut Europe Contact Center as a Service Market Analysis, Key Players, Business Opportunities, Share, Trends, High Demand and Growth Forecast 2023-2027

The report named Europe Contact Center as a Service Market Report, History and Forecast 2023-2027" has been added to the archive of market research studies by Fortune Business Insights. The industry experts and researchers have offered reliable and precise analysis of the Europe Contact Center as a Service Marketin view of numerous aspects such as growth factors, challenges, limitations, developments, trends, and growth opportunities. This report will surely act as a handy instrument for the market participants to develop effective strategies with an aim to reinforce their market positions. This report offers pin-point analysis of the changing dynamics and emerging trends in the Recruitment Software Market.
Additionally, it provides a futuristic perspective on various factors that are likely to boost Europe Contact Center as a Service Market growth in the years to come. Besides, authors of the report have shed light on the factors that may hamper the growth of the Recruitment Software Market.
Read More:
Competition is a major subject in any market research analysis. With the help of the competitive analysis provided in the report, players can easily study key strategies adopted by leading players of the Recruitment Software Market. They will also be able to plan counterstrategies to gain a competitive advantage in the Recruitment Software Market. Major as well as emerging players of the Europe Contact Center as a Service Market are closely studied taking into consideration their market share, production, revenue, sales growth, gross margin, product portfolio, and other significant factors. This will help players to become familiar with the moves of their toughest competitors in the Recruitment Software Market. The report is just the right tool that players need to strengthen their position in the Recruitment Software Market. It is also the perfect resource that will help players to sustain their lead or achieve a competitive position in Recruitment Software Market.
The market for contact centres as a service (CCaaS) in Europe was valued at USD 670.9 million in 2019 and is anticipated to grow to USD 2,249.0 million by 2027, at a CAGR of 16.4%.
The report offers valuable insight into the Europe Contact Center as a Service Market progress and approaches related to the Europe Contact Center as a Service Market with an analysis of each region. The report goes on to talk about the dominant aspects of the market and examine each segment.
Major Table Of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Executive Summary 3. Market Dynamics 4. Competition Landscape 5. Europe Contact Center as a Service Market Segmentation 6. Europe Contact Center as a Service Market Regional And Country Analysis
About Us:
Fortune Business Insights™ offers expert corporate analysis and accurate data, helping organizations of all sizes make timely decisions. We tailor innovative solutions for our clients, assisting them to address challenges distinct to their businesses. Our goal is to empower our clients with holistic market intelligence, giving a granular overview of the market they are operating in.
Contact Us:
Fortune Business Insights™ Pvt. Ltd.
US :+1 424 253 0390
UK : +44 2071 939123
APAC : +91 744 740 1245
Email: [email protected]
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2023.03.24 07:50 Sweet_Mode_6198 Chinese Restaurant in Temecula - Takeout Available - Order Food Online iMenu4u

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2023.03.24 07:50 markalvinn2 ChatGPT now supports plugins!!

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2023.03.24 07:50 StatisticianSad6853 How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi?

How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi?

In today’s world, anyone with an internet connection can create a website and start offering digital marketing services but what makes it tricky is choosing the right digital marketing services in Delhi. This blog will cover every aspect of selecting the right digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR. So let’s start from the beginning.
Digital Marketing is a term that covers multiple branches like SEO, blog writing, reputation management, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. Even the digital marketing agency in Mumbai ensures the effective use of all relevant branches for a commendable service. Whether digital marketing for restaurants, fashion, lifestyle, tourism, or anything else, it is an essential part of every industry. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Chandigarh, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, or anywhere in India, SkyTrust is the answer to all your queries. SkyTrust also provides SEO services in NSP.
Digital marketing is a field that is constantly evolving, creating many job opportunities. The success of digitalization has enhanced the importance of every digital marketing agency in Hyderabad. Similarly, many internet marketing services in Delhi also experienced this boom with a triumph.

Basic Digital Marketing Strategies

The best digital marketing company in Delhi uses the following strategies to fulfil its potential:-

Necessary Social Media Strategy

Every digital marketing agency in Delhi will have its own defined strategies and rules to follow, but some are vital to look at.

Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi

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2023.03.24 07:49 GN6RIP Flamenco place ?

Hi guys, I was wondering if you heard about a bar or restaurant in Berlin where we can listen flamenco guitarist and singer around a drink ?
If not flamenco, just Spanish songs would be amazing.
Thank you 😊
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2023.03.24 07:48 DallasTheLab I [26M] Caught My Fiancé [26F] Flirting With A Coworker [33 married w/kids]; Assets Involved

(Posted here a while back about the first round of evidence I had, but later deleted it since this is a throwaway account)
My [26M] fiancé [26F] has a male coworker [33M, wife, 2 kids] she’s been talking to behind my back. No sex but I think that’s only because they haven’t gotten the chance to be alone together. Just texting and flirting in person for now. First caught her back in Nov ‘22 just a couple weeks before she knew I would be proposing (I told her I’d do it by the end of ‘22). The flirty texts she sent to him were sent while she was right beside me at a football game the whole night, and talked about coming down to their tailgate after the game to camp out together and that she would bring the beer. She also admitted to her friends she had some “‘mysterious” feelings for him. Her friends are just as worthless as her because they’re almost defending her instead of trying to put some since into her that she shouldn’t follow through with it unless she wants her life to fall apart. She told me she wouldn’t do it again and that I’m the real guy she loves and she wants to get married blah blah… I forgave her and decided not to call off the engagement.
Now I find out she tried to get him to come join her and her girls night with two of her close friends at a restaurant while I was out of town for work. This coworker thankfully no longer works at the office in our city, but he still works for the same company in a city 3hrs from us. They have to see each other 1-3 times a month for work-related meetings and stuff. He was in town for a work training event and I’m almost certain he would’ve met up with them and my fiancé would’ve hooked up with him if he didn’t bring his wife and kids with him.
Now for the toughest part (besides the 2 dogs & 8.5yrs of my life that’s been wasted) — we both are on the mortgage for our house even though we’re not married yet. Figured 8yrs was long enough to get to know someone before owning a home but shocker… Wondering what my options are at this point? I haven’t confronted her about my most recent discoveries. I just need some advice on a path forward. Should I wait until they actually hook up to have more concrete evidence of infidelity? Right now I just have a ton of flirty screenshots of text messages between them, and her expressing her feelings for him to her friends over text.
I’ve put so much money, blood, sweat, and tears into fixing up this house for us, and now I fear she could potentially walk away with it in the end or we’d have to sell it to completely split from each other. I’ve put more into it and feel like I deserve it. TIA for any advice, guess I just needed to vent.
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2023.03.24 07:48 Olivia_Jolie Searching for Food Service Parts? We offer Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Equipment Parts for the Best Price in the USA at PartsFe.

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2023.03.24 07:45 askawaylmk I am freaking out, and need advice asap. Do I return to a toxic environment after a 5 month LOA?

I’ve been on a med leave since November. I spent 3 months in a residential treatment facility for mental health issues and returned home at the beginning of February. My Dr at the facility has me out until the end of March.
My job causes extreme stress for me, and prior to my med leave I was contemplating suicide daily, crying at my laptop nonstop, having no support from my team, and was the absolute black sheep of my team.
I’ve been applying to jobs to no avail, but am not having a ton of luck- I work in marketing.
I also work at a restaurant, and I actually quite like the work, and the people and it is upscale so tips are good.
Hr knows why I was out, but my team doesn’t. I cannot imagine anything more awkward than a return after so long. I don’t think it’s suitable to go back, but I also don’t know if it’s a horrible decision to not go back. I have some money saved, not a ton, but again have a second job I can pick up shifts on.
I am 30 so I’m not getting any younger. HR has been reaching out to me about my return. I’m wondering if it would be in my best interest to say I’m still in treatment and can’t return at the moment and understand I will have to resign as they cannot continue to hold my position.
I’m terrified of what can happen financially, but at what point do you prioritize your health over your income?
Also wondering if I could qualify for unemployment in the state of CT as I would be leaving for a medical reason, and have the proof- psychs/therapists etc.
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2023.03.24 07:45 TheEmperorPenguin19 Weapons? What kinds should I try to model?

I like to make weapon models in Blender before putting them into Roblox Studio to see what they would actually look like rendered in Phantom Forces. In addition, it's also nice to speculate what kind of stats they would have if they were actually put in game, and it's also nice to see input from commenters making suggestions and quandaries regarding what I make.
As time goes on, however, the number of ideas just seems to grow, from the Zip-22 reimagined as a melee weapon to classic WW1-era Ottoman hand grenades, and there's only so much time I have to realize these in the software I use.
As such, I'm doing a poll to see what kinds of weapons the Phantom Forces community would like to see from me. The first option, 'Silly Weapons,' is exactly as described; Weapons that are just weird, funny, grotesque, ridiculous, whatever. An entire kitchen sink as a melee? Sure, why not.
Serious Weapons are things that are actual weapons in real life, like the Jagdokommando Knife (triple-edged knife), the RPG-7, the M1 Garand, those kinds of things.
Serious Weapons with Silly Twists can include weapons that already exist in Phantom Forces, such as the M60, except- as stated previously- with a stupid twist, like perhaps making the M60 a pistol-type weapon with a ridiculously short barrel and no stock, or giving the ZIP-22 banana mags.
Those are the three options for now. If you have any suggestions for what I should try to make, just leave a comment under one of my posts and if it looks appealing, I might try to cook it up.
View Poll
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2023.03.24 07:44 sacramentojoe1985 Do words matter? What is "deceptive advertising"?

It seems like the route is just to accept what's dished out here, as all I really can hope to accomplish is to get blacklisted from these companies, but here's a couple examples...
American Express enticed me to utilize their Fine Hotels and Resorts program with... in part... "Members enjoy daily complimentary breakfast for up to two people per room. Breakfast varies by property." Arriving at the hotel, I find that the breakfast benefit is $60 total for two people. The problem is that the restaurant ONLY served a buffet that is $54 a person. The alternative was to order a pared down meal in room, with service fees applied. We cut it down a bit, but still ended up paying $8 or so.
Second example: Hilton advertises on their website to their elite Diamond members "if a better room is available, it's yours, up to a standard suite." When I arrive at the hotel, I'm handed a paper describing benefits for Diamond members as a "one category upgrade". While there are lots of better rooms showing available, including a standard suite, they refuse to upgrade me further on the basis that they are "almost sold out".
To be clear, I don't care that I don't get a completely free breakfast, or a suite upgrade, I care that it feels like I'm being deceived. I want the language to change, really. Or should I be looser in my interpretations/reading?
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2023.03.24 07:44 throwraeeeo Partners birthday meal

I (22F) have been dating my partner J (20M) for 7 months. It’s coming up to his birthday, and his parents are taking him out for a meal and asked me to come along too.
The issue is, I have a restricted diet (due to medical conditions & also autism). This would result in their restaurant options being quite restricted (J knows what I do and don’t eat and refuses to go somewhere where I won’t enjoy it).
This makes me feel incredibly guilty and for this + one or two other reasons, I don’t wish to go. However, when I’ve brought it up to J he’s made it clear that he would much rather I was there. This leaves me at a bit of a stalemate as I also don’t want to upset him, especially as it’s his birthday.
I really don’t know what to do and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice.
TL;DR: Partner’s got a birthday meal with family. I have a restricted diet and he won’t go anywhere I won’t enjoy. I don’t want to go so they won’t be restricted by me.
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2023.03.24 07:43 pankhuriGarg Recz Picks the Scariest Movies to Watch Right Now - If You Dare

Recz Picks the Scariest Movies to Watch Right Now - If You Dare
Love the eerie silence just before the devil is out of the shadows? We've scoured the best horror flicks on Netflix, Amazon Prime & Hotstar.
Right after mum puts me to sleep, I can sense someone hiding underneath my bed and calling me out in the woods - the after chills of watching a gripping horror movie. Spanning across timelines and themes, horror movies are unsettling as they tap into your deepest fears and vicariously make you feel the deep dark thrill.
Yet there's something cathartic about watching these horrifying scenes from your safe couch. To fuel your love for Halloween, Recz, a recommendations app guides you to the best horror movie reviews that will ask you not to look back if you hear some noise.
Turn off the lights, grab your popcorn, and get ready to be spooked by these timeless horror classics.
The Invisible Man

Source: Internet
The movie is a well-crafted metaphor about gaslighting that dives into the troubled world of Moss, who is fettered by chains of emotional abuse by her boyfriend. As she manages to escape his imprisonment, she discovers that he allegedly died by suicide. And the very next moment, her abusive tech-maestro boyfriend is found to be stalking her right after his death!
Is he alive and invisible, or she's paranoid and impaired by trauma? You'll have a spooky time finding it out.
The Invitation

Source: Internet
Inspired by Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, the film follows a young woman, Evie, played by Nathalie Emmanuel. Following her mother's death, she agrees to meet her long-lost family members for the first time, only to discover the deep dark secrets they carry with them.
As she is invited to a wedding at a royal palace, she explores the people she's meeting, and the man she's falling for is anything but human.
The Menu

Source: Internet
Expect gory moments like gunshots, blood splatters, a severed neck, gurgling blood, burning, death, and more. The Menu may not feature any supernatural spirits but has numerous ghostly characters to spook you with.
The movie follows a group of people, including a young couple, a food critic, a businessman, and a group of friends, who travel to a remote island to savor at an exclusive restaurant where the host or chef has prepared a lavish menu with some shocking revelations and deadly surprises.
The Platform

Source: Internet
A gripping horror flick follows a man, Goreng, and his cellmate Baharat who are food-starved and fight over the leftovers that descend on a platform from the top floors. The movie is a metaphor pointing at the situation of overconsumption and greed. Though there is more than enough money, food, and resources to go around, overconsumption inevitably leads to inequality as the wealthy are not inclined to share.
From movie recommendations to fashion, travel, food, and more, Recz is a new-age social media app that replaces your mindless scrolling with meaningful content.
Discover tried and tested recommendations by your friends and fam and share the same and have fun! Recz simplifies your search for 'what's trending' across varied categories, so you make the right choices with reliable feedback from close-knit connections, ensuring fool-proof fun every time!

Download the app today
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2023.03.24 07:42 pghzukeeper Posted in r/whatisthisbug… Arizona blonde with a dubia roach. What is the mealworm looking object underneath her? Something from her or the roach? Partially new to tarantulas, never seen this before..

Posted in whatisthisbug… Arizona blonde with a dubia roach. What is the mealworm looking object underneath her? Something from her or the roach? Partially new to tarantulas, never seen this before.. submitted by pghzukeeper to tarantulas [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 07:37 RaymondA37 My current bucket list

Only started it a few months ago, this what I've come up with so far.
Places to visit 1. Every US state (18% complete) 2. New Caledonia 3. Grand Canyon 4. Mongolia 5. Whitehorse, Yukon
Borders to cross 1. Tajikistan-Uzbekistan 2. Sudan-South Sudan border (w/ Martin) 3. Alaska-Yukon
Bands to see live 1. AJR 2. Twenty One Pilots 3. Foo Fighters 4. Red Hot Chili Peppers
Random 1. Go camping in Arizona 2. Skydiving 3. Dig a hole in every state (0% complete)
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