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41[M4F] Looking for short term chats with long term potential...

2023.03.24 03:56 georgeststgeegland 41[M4F] Looking for short term chats with long term potential...

Hi I’m Matt, a married dad of one with a little too much time on my hands. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I’m hoping to find some good clean fun on this wet Thursday evening…short chats are cool but I’d love to make some real friends. It does really happen sometimes! I like to spend in nature, watch old movies, discover new music, struggle to do the NYT crossword and other boring old people stuff like that. I’ll send you lots of pictures of whatever is going on in my day and it’s cool if you do too. Happy to share a picture of me too.
I'd like chat on kik, snap, discord....with someone serious about having a conversation about...anything! Reddit chat is fine for a bit. PM me your kik!
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2023.03.24 01:59 Kablooee207 How well does this stuff work compared to the 20-25$ cans from citadel and army painter?

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2023.03.24 00:31 regan9109 The Rockets catching strays in todays NYT crossword. Major crossword spoilers in my photo!

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2023.03.23 21:11 TotalCards Quickly paint your models with this awesome range of paints from The Army Painter! Check them out on our site!

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2023.03.23 20:51 messacoble 230323 BTS featured as crossword clue for NYT Mini

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2023.03.23 18:18 wellington_boot Non-NYT Puns and Anagrams

Now that the NYT has removed the puns and anagrams crosswords from their online subscription, does anyone know other online crosswords that do similar types of crosswords?
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2023.03.23 16:47 SimpleRickC135 NYT Crossword today "TVs Don Draper, For One"

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2023.03.23 08:16 guaranic Crossword maker with user-defined words

I want to make a NYT-style crossword with a handful of clues I set (to make a theme), but with the ability to autofill the rest and figure out how to put it together.
I run into an issue making crosswords where I put in specific words, but they end up being problematically placed initially and it's a massive pain reorganizing everything afterwards (or having some criminally difficult words to glue things together). I'd rather the computer takes the words I give it and figures out how to slot them in + the regular dictionary autofill. Is there software that can do that?
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2023.03.22 23:26 colonel-o-popcorn Since people kept mentioning the NYT crossword in chat today, here's a brief pro/con overview.

I don't know about the specifics for other syndicated crosswords, but I expect the situation is broadly similar for WaPo, LA Times, and USA Today.
  1. Yes, you have to pay for the full-size puzzles. (Though the Mini is free.) The Games-only subscription is $5/month. IMO, easily worth it if you do crosswords in your free time, but might not be worth it just for the sake of streaming.
  2. Wednesday-Friday puzzles are probably too difficult to be entertaining on stream at NL's current skill level. At least without consulting chat. I think the average Wednesday would be a half-hour-ish investment and the average Friday would probably be a DNF. (Mondays and Tuesdays are a similar difficulty to the crosswords he already does.)
  1. The puzzles are better. Not a mind-blowing quality difference, but good constructors rely less on straightforward clues or obscure trivia and more on cleverness and wordplay.
  2. You also get access to several other games. Some of them are perfect end-of-stream time fillers, they take about 5-6 minutes and are pretty watchable. Not necessarily better than the web games he's been playing, but good for variety.
  3. You get access to the full archive of NYT crosswords going back to the 90s. Even if he only does the Mondays, that's as much crossword content as you could possibly ask for.
  4. Thursdays always have an interesting gimmick, so if the difficulty becomes less of a problem, they could be a fun weekly thing.
  5. There's a daily Mini, a free 5x5 crossword that generally takes under a minute to finish. Again, could be good to add to the end-of-stream rotation even if a paid subscription is unappealing.
I put the cons first because he mentioned them on stream as reasons he didn't want to do syndicated crosswords. He's about 95% correct on both issues, so we're probably not getting an NYT crossword stream any time soon. I'm really just posting this in the hopes that (1) he'll try the Mini and (2) people will stop talking about this in chat all the time.
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2023.03.22 21:53 thewhimsydarling DIY Romantic Mirror Makeover

DIY Romantic Mirror Makeover
Hi! Sharing this DIY Mirror Makeover I did...first time experimenting with resin and feeling proud and like I still have a lot to learn :D
I kept envisioning something white with feminine details in my head, so I sought out ways to create that vision and landed on resin for a faux hand-carved look. I could have bought some pre-molded pieces but I like to figure things out from scratch so I can make them more custom. I think I'd really love to get into mold-making next!
  • A large, old, brown plastic mirror (free!)
  • Alumilite Amazing Casting Resin ($25)
  • Prima Marketing Redesign Mould ($16)
  • Loctite Epoxy glue ($6)
  • Rust-OleumUniversal All Surface Spray Paint, in Satin White ($10)
  • Plus a few supplies I already had on hand, such as a nail file, painter's tape, cling wrap, and a clear coat spray sealer spray
Difficulty (1/5):
  • Everything took a little bit of adjusting to / figuring out as I went but was overall fairly easy!
  • The resin kit came with everything I needed, including little cups and stirring sticks.
  • The taping and cling-wrapping of the mirror was the most tedious part, but honestly the hardest part was figuring out how to snap on the glue nozzle LOL (#epoxynewb)
  • The filing of the pieces was the most satisfying!
  • This project only cost me one afternoon and less than $60, which I feel much better about than the $200+ prices I was seeing for similar mirrors brand-new!
I'm excited to see what else I can create with this stuff! :)
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2023.03.22 18:59 BussReplyMail Possible to add a coat of polycrylic after assembly?

So I build myself a new computer desk out of two slabs of butcher block counter top and after assembling the whole thing, realized I had only put 2 coats of polycrylic on one of the slabs (it's slightly rougher and less glossy than the one I know I did 3 coats.)
So is there a way I could put a third coat on the second slab without it looking horrible? The wife suggested putting painters tape on the 3 coat slab at the joint to avoid a portion getting a 4th coat, I'm not sure how well this would work.
Or, is the solution going to be to just bite the bullet and disassemble the 2 coat slab, haul it to the basement and apply a 3rd coat?
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2023.03.22 06:51 Nearby-Term-3508 Reduce Your Heating Costs With Roof Spray Painting Solution Wood’s Painting

Wood's Painting's Roof Spray Painting solution is the perfect way to reduce your heating costs and protect your roof from the elements. Our roof spray painting solution is formulated with a special blend of durable, water-resistant coatings that help keep your roof looking great and your energy bills low. Our solution is easy to apply and provides a long-lasting finish that will last for years to come, you can be sure you are getting the best value for your money.
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2023.03.22 05:01 AlexBellPhone Repaint a Pool with Me

Repaint a Pool with Me
I wanted to share my experience with you guys and show you how I repaint my pool. Now, let's get this out of the way first: this is probably not the best approach, nor the easiest, nor a long lasting one, yadda yadda. BUT, this is a 500$ method that will do the job for a few years.
By the way, I have not finished this yet so will keep posting as I complete the project :)
Here is what I am dealing with.
- Pool built in 1995 - Spa has 4 jets that are primary return; this then overfills and flows into the pool - Pool has 14 Caretaker pop-ups that don't work well - Main drain (double entry), skimmer and spa drain (double entry) - Currently running a 3HP Pentair IntelliFlo® VSF Variable speed pump - The current paint is chlorinated rubber (on top of plaster)
The main reasons why I wanted to repaint:
- Dog scratched up all the stairs and anywhere he can hang out (shallow end walls) - The spa paint chipped out (I assume due to previously bad paint job + heat)
Step 0 - Pick your paint
If you wanna paint, you need some paint. Duh! There are three types of commonly used paints: epoxy, acrylic and rubber. I am using Smart Seal paints and they have a nice guide of why choose one paint over another.
Here is what I understood from my research that can hopefully help you:
- If your pool is painted, you typically MUST repaint it with the same type of paint - For Rubber, the above is true exceptfor the conversion that they offer (see below). Not sure how well that works... my pool guy friend told me he has never done that. - The longest lasting one seems to be epoxy followed by rubber then acrylic. I was suggested to use acrylic on an unknown previous paint... shrug. - Calculate about how much paint you'll need... I guesstimated and mine took 2gallons per coat. Do what you want with that information hah

Step 1 - Empty the pool
- I bought a 50$ submersible water pump. I got a 1HP 3700GPH off Amazon (Prostormer) - I attached my regular (cleaning) vacuum hose to it (with some electrical tape around the hose male part to assure it goes IN the pumps' female connector really tightly)
Step 2 - Remove all pop-ups, covers and lights
- Unscrew the covers for the main drain and the spa drain - Remove pop-ups using a caretaker pop up tool (this one was about 75$ from ePool Supply) This one was pricy. I suggest asking a neighbor or a pool guy to borrow it. It takes 10seconds to use per po-up... So spending 75$ for 5min of work might not be worth it. - To remove the light covers, I used two small screw drivers and one larger one. Insert the small ones in the holes and then use the big one to rotate the two smaller ones counter clockwise. (Not sure that made sense but I saw someone doing it on another type of light:
Step 3 - fix the lights (nice lil bonus)
When I removed the lights, I realized they were actually fiber optic bundles. Flashback to when I bought the house, I was told the lights don't work. All I knew is there was a box with "stuff" in it that controlled the lights... and it wasn't working. So I never thought anything of it.
So! I went and opened up the box with "stuff", and saw that it was quite a simple design actually. 110V power comes in - transformer steps it down for the light (19.7V halogen HI-111 lightbulb) and a small motor that moves a tiny color wheel. Then a fan that runs on 110V that cools the whole thing. That's the basics of it.
The system I have is Firberstars; model is so old that I have no idea what it is. Fiberstars since then has been renamed to SRSmith, FYI. Spare parts can be found here, here or here.
I bought the bulb (HI110/HI111) from eBay for ~20$. A set of o-rings from Harbor Freight was 5$. (You need two for each light cover).
The fan worked (thankfully) as most places sell it for an obscene amount (250$!!) but if you look into it, it is a PAPST 8500N type. You can find OEM for ~38$ here or 41$ here plus 52$ here.
Step 4 - Start scrubbing... everything, everywhere, all the time
An important step BEFORE you start any kind of painting activities is to prepare the surface! I will not go into all details as each surface has slightly different requirements. Start with a solid pressure wash.
Overall, you want to scrape any old paint and bumps off from existing surface. For me, since I am working with a previously painter with rubber surface, I used a set of metal scrapes and putty knives to get any major paint chips off and try to loosen any other pieces that might be easy to remove. This takes FOREVER. Especially in the spa as things seemed to "peel" off easily, which to me means I need to remove it (see pic).
If you paint over a loose previous layer, your new layer will not hold. That much I know hah
I then repeated this process through the whole pool. Yeah, took me two weeks after work and a painful shoulder... but hey, no pain no gain? As you can see around the pool, there are less areas that required heavy removal. Most paint in the pool seemed to hold really well.
Nonetheless, I did make sure every single inch of the pool was scraped with a putty knife/scraping tool. I then used a pressure washer again to see if anything else comes off, and to clean up.
Finally, I used a 40 grid sandpaper on an orbital sander and went around everything to smooth out final bumps that I might have missed. This one was much faster.
Step 5 - Perform any repairs now
Since things are dry and easier to access now, it's a good time to look for any fixes you might need to make. Small cracks, irregular surfaces, area around the drains or skimmer... take a look and see if anything looks off. I applied some silicone around the inside of the skimmer as it looked a little worn. An ounce of prevention and all.

Step 6 - Pressure wash again
Again, before doing anything else, make sure you are starting with a clean, dust free (as much as possible) surface.
///// I am currently here ... it's been raining last few days so couldn't do much \\\\\
Step 7 - Wash with TSP > Muriatic Acid > TSP
Note: this is what my paint manufacturer suggested I do, so I am following their recommendation. Please follow the one you pick. Also, please wear protection anytime you are handling any kind of chemical, mkaayy? thanks!
Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP) is used before paint. The compound prepares pool (and deck) surfaces for painting by removing dirt, grease and oils. I got mine from Home Depot for 7$ and a sponge from the dollar store for 99c. Use a 5 gallon bucket and dilute based on TSP instructions. Use a sponge and wash all the pool surfaces thoroughly. Rinse it all off.
Now you have to acid wash the whole shabang. My paint recommends 10% solution of muriatic acid in water. Spray the mix with a multipurpose garden sprayer (bought off harbor freight for 8$). Rinse with water immediately and then repeat the TSP wash to neutralize the acid. Then allow surface to dry completely.
So ... TSP > Wash > Muriatic > Wash > TSP > Wash > Dry
Step 8 - Pre-paint the bare spots
My paint recommends that on a painted surface, the bare spots (like the ones I have in my spa and some spots in the pool) be painted with a 10-20% diluted paint solution. I will then wait for 4-6 hours, and proceed.
Step 9 - First coat
After spot priming, I will apply one full strength coat of the paint using a 9" premium roller from Home Depot (got a pack of 2 with the base for 16$). I will wait again 4-6 hours (or longer, depends when I paint it) .
Step 10 - Second coat
Once first coat is done, I will check for any irregularities and use an 800 grit sandpaper to fix anything that is sticking out too much.
Then, I will use the 9" rollers and apply a second coat at full strength.

Step 11 - Fill & Enjoy
Will let you know how that goes :)
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2023.03.22 04:48 AlgoRhythm-P What item is this? (No pic, looking for apron-like item for painter comp)

I have a vague memory of a recent-ish item we got in the mailbox or as a free suit or maybe it was a chapter drop idk…
It was either a bottom or a dress or a coat or some sorta waist item. It came with a simple full suit. It had something to do with a painter and it had colorful splashes/blotches of color on it. It was either a long dress, long skirt, or long apron. It was white or light yellow with blotches of color.
Or maybe it was pants and a top. I don’t remember much!! But it would be useful for comp. Does anyone have an idea of what item I’m talking about?
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2023.03.22 01:56 onelostmartian Water Stain on Ceilings/Wall

There was a water stain on both my ceiling and wall and I had a paintedecorator in to paint the rooms and ceilings, however he is claiming that this stain keeps reappearing and a new coat won't fix it. He also claims he put some type of damp proof paint ahead of painting it. The stain is much improved but still visible. Is he doing a bad job and misleading me?

Pictures available here:
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2023.03.22 00:57 onelostmartian Water stain on ceiling/wall

Water stain on ceiling/wall
There was a water stain on both my ceiling and wall and I had a paintedecorator in to paint the rooms and ceilings, however he is claiming that this stain keeps reappearing and a new coat won't fix it. He also claims he put some type of damp proof paint ahead of painting it. The stain is much improved but still visible. Is he doing a bad job and misleading me?
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2023.03.21 16:25 MaterialCarrot What Can be Done with an Airbrush and Miniatures?

I've painted minis using rattle cans for primers and then brushes to do base coat, highlighting, etc... for about 3 years. I've long considered getting an airbrush, but have never been able to decide if it's worth the money and trouble. I know I'll need to buy new paints for it, I'll have to do it in the garage with a booth, and that cleaning them and clogging seem to be somewhat problematic issues.
So how much of a game changer is an airbrush really?
So any advice from people who have used an airbrush would be welcome. I've watched videos of people using them, but interested to hear from painters how important they are in the day to day.
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2023.03.21 15:04 glasshoppers23 Here Are The Important Reasons On Why To Repaint Your Commercial Property

Freshening and giving a new look to your commercial property is quite easy when you choose the best painting and commercial roof cleaning services. One of the major reasons that would certainly make you immediately think of hiring the professional painting services is it makes the property more professional and welcoming. So, what are the other reasons? Let us check.
Builds and preserves your positive impression
A fresh coating of paint on your property helps in creating the positive impression that you need among visitors. It helps in hiding structural imperfections and brings the right appeal. Since the appearance of the building can impact the audience on the perception of the brand, you should think about repainting with professional industrial painters.
Enhances your business visibility
Another great advantage that you get from repainting the commercial property is promoting your company. When you have a clean and attractive exterior, it shows your reliability and credibility. Also, it helps in driving more traffic to your business.
Protects your investment
You should make some brilliant moves in order to ensure that your commercial property survives in extreme weather conditions such as heat, humidity, and wind. The quality painting stands as the right weapon here. By hiring the right highrise building painting for your commercial property, you make sure that you prevent future damage from insects, UV radiation, molds, etc.
Saves from fading glory
There is no better time to think about repainting your commercial property if the building color has started to fade or discolor. Even though you have done the painting with high-quality paint services, yet, the exterior of the building can get faded in course of time. Hence, if you like to make your commercial property a facelift, the best decision is to do repainting.
To adhere to guidelines
If your property has been built before 1978, it may have lead paint, a toxic metal. It means you should replace the painting to comply with OSHA standards.
If you are interested in repainting your commercial property, Glasshoppers, a leading Industrial factory chimney painting service can help you.
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2023.03.21 14:45 Nomad_Stan91 Fuel tank painted

Howdy, I'm getting my fuel tank painted again after a learning the lesson, not to get gypsy's to powder coat it for cheap..I know, I know. My painter has had to strip all the powder coat off and is asking "Does the inside of the fuel tank need lacure or any type of coating or is base metal ok?"
Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.
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2023.03.20 18:12 Remarkable_Words_439 Spelling Bee with Crossword-like Hints

Spelling Bee with Crossword-like Hints
I created a hints website for Spelling Bee. For each answer, you can see crossword like clues. The words are hidden, and you can choose the reveal the entire word, or reveal one letter at a time.
Would love to get your thoughts! I've been using it myself for a few days and found it helpful.
I got this idea because I created something like this for the New York Times Crossword puzzle ( - where you get additional hints for each clue and thought it was a good idea for the NYT Spelling bee too.

Ability to cross off letters + keep track of words you found
See clues for each answer.
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2023.03.20 12:42 Fickle_Progress_7050 Are you looking to give your home a fresh new look?

Look no further than Prestige Home Transformations, your go-to color bond roof painters in Sunshine Coast, Australia! Our team of highly experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-quality services to transform your home's appearance and increase its value.
Our color bond roof painting services are designed to meet your specific needs and budget. We start with a thorough assessment of your roof's requirements to ensure that we provide the right solution without overkill. We can replace screws, repair minor damage, and ensure a leak-free roof before applying the coating system for a perfect finish."
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2023.03.20 10:18 drees011 Really stuck with this puzzle… Anyone got any tips? (some spoilers for todays NYT crossword)

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