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2023.03.24 08:15 igritwhoflew I know we take these with a grain of salt, but does this support my belief that I came from a different universe/reality?

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2023.03.24 08:00 edoc_code Considering getting a full back tattoo of Yaldabaoth/Chnoubis. Would like to know if I'm understanding its meaning correctly.

Thinking of getting a tattoo similar to this art as long it follows Chnoubis format: Lion-headed serpent/worm with Sun and Moon and Star Halo (7 pointed?). This character and the ideas it represents to me is something that has been resonating with my heart and I'd like to analyze if I'm understanding it correctly before I mark it on my body. This will be my first tattoo and I want it to serve as an amulet.
For analysis, I'll be taking snippets from a Journal article I like::
Skipping over his Origin story:
Yaldabaoth appears as a puzzling and repulsive character. The myth depicts a world beyond human existence, yet its essence is the experience of human suffering in the world. ... the names Samuel and Saklaas are used for Yaldabaoth since he is "full of ignorance". He is ignorant of his origin, claims that he alone is God and that there is no other beside him. And the arrogant one took a power from his mother. Yaldabaoth and his fellow archons/angels [are called] weak. They lack power. Yaldabaoth has no father who could have provided it for him. Bypass bringing forth alone, Sophia deprived her offspring of perfection. Yaldabaoth lacks the power that could give his product the strength to move and stand up. Yet Yaldabaoth unwittingly blows the powebreath into Adam's face which he had taken from his mother. This power makes Adam human. It is light from the Pleroma, or the male principle. "In second Isaiah, Israel, the Servant of Yahweh, is called blind because he does not know God. -- Yaaldabaoth is an obstacle blocking most of the way leading to enlightenment. The voice speaking to us today from these [gnostic] texts may be a summons to keep up the search - and to rescue Yaldabaoth. As the female and male aspects are recognized and respected as complements, there is no need to split Sophia. Yaldabaoth is saved, or reintegrated. As he finds his proper place he becomes truly feminine. And in devotion he receives the spirit and the light." 
Breaking down Yaldabaoth's symbolism and themes:
In the Gnostic myth, the theme of sexual misbehavior is central. Yaldabaoth is the origin of sexual intercourse. He is responsible for planting sexual desire in Adam and in Eve. Those who have sexual desires are cause for trouble, since the woman they desire brings with her marriage, reproduction and death. Humans in the Gnostic myth are tempted to follow Yaldabaoth's ways, as men in Proverbs are tempted to follow the adulterous woman. Both Yaldabaoth and Folly lead their followers to destruction. "Turn away your eyes from a shapely woman... many have been misled by a woman's beauty, and by it passion is kindled like fire". [The Book of Thomas the Contender] teaches that the cardinal passion is the fire of lust and that those who submit to sexual desire will be destroyed by the fire of hell. Hellenistic astrological doctrine teachers that the zodiacal Leo is associated with the fire of the intense Mediterranean midsummer sun. In the Psalms the lion becomes a negative image. It stands "...for vengeful, boastful, blasphemous persecutors mercilessly hounding the helpless soul of the righteous with curses and oppression." 
For me, the idea of creation requires sacrifice. To follow Yaldabaoth, represents sacrificing everything you've worked for to create something beyond yourself. To quite literally burn and give yourself so that your ashes will serve as a bed to what comes after you.
According to the Hypostasis of the Archons, Yaldabaoth is " arrogant beast resembling a lion". "Lion-faced serpent. And its eyes were like lightning fires with flash". "Males, and in particular semen, has power, heat, activity and soul." 
Lots of masculine symbolism from Yaldabaoth. To me, the zodiac Leo looks like a sperm and likewise Yaldabaoth. Sometimes the bulb symbolizes the heart shape and significance is to follow your own heart. Zodiac Leo, the sun child and the lion, have always represented a masculine polarity for me. A symbol of authority. But in Jungian, masculine men have feminine souls - "the anima". In Jung's Red book, "The most manly you are, the more remote from you is what woman really is, since the feminine in yourself is alien and contemptuous. ” Yaldabaoth's journey, as with mines, is to become whole and reconnect with the father, the masculine spirit.
Wrapping it up:
I was raised Catholic but growing up I never associated the God figure taught in Christianity as a masculine figure. I never associated God as father either. It was always lost on me and the divine father has always been a missing symbol in my psyche. God was just dead.
But as an adult, I've moved back into evaluating deeper into my belief systems and the stories we al draw energy from. Looking into these old teachings in Gnosticsm has helped me reintegrate through the symbols it provides. Attributing the Old Testament God to Yaldabaoath gives me a more complete picture to work off of with my Christian upbringing. Yaldabaoth, to me, represents a fallen deity disconnected from the world he were born for and despite the forsaken circumstance he's given, he chooses to create his own world and system despite the invalidation the "real" world offers from his father. This material world is ours is Yaldabaoth's. A prison created by someone else's dream. And the purpose of this prison is to extract spiritual energy through suffering (Suffering is grace in Catholicism). The surest way to leave any prison is to simply close your eyes and let yourself be inside your own world. We must be like Yaldabaoth in that way. To find what we're missing and complete ourselves in the Simulacra we created for ourselves so that we may come back home fully to what's above us.
Would love to hear any of your thoughts.
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2023.03.24 07:55 P-platoon4711 Will my life ever be calm or is it always going to be transforming and pushing me to what feels like my limit. At this stage I’m not even sure what path to follow especially career wise. I’m new to this, and I’ve been trying to read as much as I can about astrology so TIA ☺️

Will my life ever be calm or is it always going to be transforming and pushing me to what feels like my limit. At this stage I’m not even sure what path to follow especially career wise. I’m new to this, and I’ve been trying to read as much as I can about astrology so TIA ☺️ submitted by P-platoon4711 to astrologyreadings [link] [comments]

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2023.03.24 07:42 lextheeaquarius What does Pluto being in Aquarius mean for me?

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2023.03.24 07:21 00sub000 Takevan Shy blonde sales woman love Wendy Moon's tits & come fuck to driving van

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2023.03.24 07:18 Someonefromitaly Is Vola a trans allegory?

Vola by Valentina Monetta, written by Mauro Balestri, composed by Ralph Siegel, was the Sanmarinese entry for Eurovision 2013. Initially a fan favourite, it failed to qualify for the final, causing the discontent of fans everywhere. The song still remains a fan favourite, in part due to the language it's sung in: Italian is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and musical and what have you languages in the world, and while that certainly makes Vola prettier to listen to to some chick from suburban Belfast, it also creates a bit of a language barrier, which has put people off analyzing its lyrics. That's what i'm doing today, in my quest to prove Vola could be interpreted as a song about a trans person dealing with depression.
The song is narrated by Valentina in first person, she's talking to someone. In my eyes, she's playing a character: she is talking to a younger trans woman dealing with depression, to reassure her that transitioning will bring her on her right path and it's her right to follow it. The theme of depression appears right from the start of the song: "Certe volte dentro me/ ho sentito un vuoto che/ mi chiamava dentro di se" = "Sometimes inside of myself/ i felt a void that/ called me inside of itself". She's stopped feeling that void. She feels good now, as she proves with the line "there's a bridge over everything". The trans part, which i know may seem farfetched, appears a bit later, with the lines: "Cosa sono in fondo io/sogno fragile di Dio/con un corpo fatto così?" = "what am i, really/a fragile dream from God/with a body made this way?". This line could be taken as the problems a christian trans person may face: they could believe God didn't want them to be trans and reach transition, and that's why the word "fragile" is used: mabye she wasn't meant to be like this. All of that supported by the line "with a body made this way": her body isn't a natural woman body. Her body is not something God would make. Why is she saying this if she's done feeling bad, and has presumably already fully transitioned? Well, it's to relate to the struggling trans person the song is directed to. Then comes the chorus: it starts with another few lines about holding strong, flying because strength is gonna come and whatnot, until she says: "La farfalla nuova lascia sempre giù/La crisalide che eri tu/Vuota senza me" = "The new butterfly always leaves behind/the chrysalis that you were/empty without me". The chrysalis is the image the trans person in question has of herself not having medically transitioned yet and being unhappy, to then continue with "empty, without me": she won't need Valentina's help anymore, after overcoming their monsters. They'll come out of their old chrysalis like a beautiful butterfly (an element associated with femininity).
The next part of the song, about how rain will fall when you least expect it, is about how it's ok for the healing process (from depression) not to be completely linear, not much to be interpreted there, but the part following it... well... "E tu vola, vola, vola via da te/Sempre sola fino che un riflesso apparirà/Nello specchio che ruba l’immagine" = "and you fly, fly, fly (imperative) away from yourself/Always alone (feminine) until a reflection will appeaIn the mirror that steals the image". She's telling this woman to fly away from herself, basically to fly away from her old image of being in a male body, with male features that she doesn't want. Alone, until she sees a mirror that steals the image... what does that mean? Well, it takes away the image she had of herself, replacing it with the new image she has of a female body, with female feature. That's supported with the line "e luce scintillerà" = "and light will glimmer", she's the light, she will glimmer and shine.
And then the tune changes
The beat change is probably the healing process from depression starting, the light from before being seen not only in this trans woman's reflection, but also at the end of the tunnel: The first couplet of this verse is literally "Quanta vita c'è/Non me n'ero accorta mai" = "Oh, how much life is out there/I never noticed", it's again, Valentina's character (because it's clearly not a personal story in case you thought i meant that), telling this woman about her own path to being free of the shackles of depression (and probably towards medical transition too). This is kind of farfetched, but the last three lines "In un attimo l’amore come nuovo sole/Tutto cambierà/Vola, vola, vola insieme a me" = "In a moment love, like a new sun/will change everything/fly, fly, fly along with me" could be taken as an indication that this could be a love song, but i'm not feeling that, Valentina speaks almost in like a motherly tone, so it could just be the love her character gives the young trans girl, as an icon and someone she respects deeply, without there necessarily being romantic love in the middle of everyhting: i take it moreso as Valentina's character telling the girl she's gonna guide her through her transition process as well as her path towards healing from depression. In fact, the last chorus has a line, "Mai più sola nell’immensità di noi" = "Never alone anymore, in the immensity of us", which i take as being about how this girl won't be feeling alone anymore after overcoming depression, which will give her a profound gratitude for Valentina's character. She'll be able to experience love (as mentioned in the lines above), which could also be taken as something trans people struggle with: some trans people feel like the fact they're trans make them unsuitable for relationships, but she'll realize that was never true at all.
All in all, this is my point. If you think it's wrong, say it, but i'll still keep on interpreting the song like this.
TLDR: Vola by Valentina Monetta is written from the perspective of an older trans woman telling a younger trans woman struggling with depression that she'll make it to medical transitioning while being able to finally enjoy life again.
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2023.03.24 06:58 astrologynerd20 Will I succeed in providing my astrology service?

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2023.03.24 06:42 schwenomorph If, somehow, a giant force ripped the Earth out of its orbit around the sun to careen into space, what would happen to the moon?

I'm sure the people on Earth wouldn't fair well in the initial jerk, and I know that without a sun, things would die out eventually anyway. Let's say that if the Earth was quite literally yanked out of the solar system by a gravitational force, would the moon follow along? Would it be left behind due to the Earth's sudden extreme acceleration? If so, could Jupiter be able to "save" it if it careened aimlessly in that direction by catching it in its orbit?
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2023.03.24 05:55 gazalis Planet5 the moon

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2023.03.24 05:52 Scarebearz7 Spring Cleaning Investor News Tinfoil

I was admiring the picture from the link above and noticed the following:
-ying/yang purse on top right. Interesting to note that right now we are in a waxing crescent moon (almost full shadow 4% illumination) and on April 3rd we will be in a Waxing Gibbious (almost full moon ambient light 93% illumination). ying/yang with moon phases potentially while darkness will become light.
-books on bottom right of picure tinfoil:
-The Blue Jay's dance. About a mother's experience in having a baby. Woman's empowerment in the whole experience. Winter pregnancy to a new baby in spring and summer of a new child. (Carving out BABY?)
-The tipping point.The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire. Just as a single sick person can start an epidemic of the flu, so too can a small but precisely targeted push cause a fashion trend, the popularity of a new product, or a drop in the crime rate. (Fight against naked shorts?)
-Time travelers wife: Does R C Cohen represent the time traveling husband? Who dissappear and re appears after a long period of time?
That's all I got. Also noticed a boot on left side of screen by itself. Do not know how to interpret that.
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2023.03.24 05:50 Number1Gunner Does anyone know what kind of error these would be?

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2023.03.24 05:43 Salixtree13 What do you see that’s most important?

Hello, I am a beginner and have only recently began to dive deeper than just my sun, moon and ascendent signs. I am interested in what others notice or find important in my chart. I have struggled with self confidence/self worth and have been trying to improve this aspect of myself. Anything stick out? Or a particular sign I should learn more about?
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2023.03.24 05:29 Civil-Annual1781 Help with exploding meshes/vertices

Hello, first post here. Been playing Skyrim since it came out and been modding for a little bit. I consider myself pretty amateur though, still have to follow how to videos. Haha. I just got back to Skyrim on PC after an extended hiatus and decided I would follow the STEP Guide this time. Started with that, tested it to confirm stability and then installed some overhauls and other mods I wanted. Mostly my game runs very smooth but I have one problem. I am getting exploding meshes/vertices but ONLY while in combat. I tried disabling a few mods that I thought may be the culprit but have had no luck so far. Hoping someone here can point out a few to start trying. Through research I THINK something is altering the player weight during combat causing the mesh to go all crazy. I tried to attach a screenshot but can't figure out how. Modlist is from MO2. Everything was installed per STEP instructions or mod instructions and sorted with loot. Thanks for the help.

"0000","+","Unmanaged: Bashed Patch, 0"
"0001","+","DLC: HearthFires"
"0002","+","DLC: Dragonborn"
"0003","+","DLC: Dawnguard"
"0004","+","Creation Club: ccQDRSSE001-SurvivalMode"
"0005","+","Creation Club: ccBGSSSE037-Curios"
"0006","+","Creation Club: ccBGSSSE025-AdvDSGS"
"0007","+","Creation Club: ccBGSSSE001-Fish"
"0008","+","Address Library for SKSE Plugins"
"0009","+","Crash Logger SSE AE VR - PDB support"
"0010","+","Papyrus Tweaks NG"
"0011","+","Papyrus Tweaks"
"0012","+","Scaleform Translation Plus Plus NG"
"0013","+","SSE Display Tweaks"
"0014","+","SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin)"
"0015","+","Unique Map Weather"
"0016","+","Grass Cache Fixes"
"0017","+","MCM Helper"
"0018","+","Sound Record Distributor"
"0019","+","Spell Perk Item Distributor"
"0020","+","Unofficial High Definition Audio Project"
"0021","+","Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes"
"0022","+","Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch"
"0023","+","Cathedral - Plants"
"0024","+","Particle Patch for ENB"
"0025","+","DynDOLOD Resources SE"
"0026","+","DynDOLOD DLL SE Scripts"
"0027","+","DynDOLOD DLL SE - SKSE64 Plugin - Skyrim Special Edition 1.6.40"
"0028","+","Far Object LOD Improvement Project SSE"
"0029","+","Static Mesh Improvement Mod"
"0034","+","Major Cities Mesh Overhaul"
"0035","+","Enhanced Lights and FX"
"0036","+","ELFX Fixes"
"0037","+","ELFX - Exteriors Fixes"
"0038","+","Static Mesh improvement Mod - SMIM - Quality Addon"
"0039","+","Static Mesh Improvement Mod Improvement Mod"
"0040","+","Assorted mesh fixes"
"0041","+","Unofficial Material Fix"
"0042","+","Majestic Mountains Lightside"
"0043","+","Majestic Mountains Lightside LOD pack"
"0044","+","Majestic Mountains Double-Sided Patch"
"0045","+","Flickering Meshes Fix"
"0046","+","Landscapes - Cathedral Concept"
"0047","-","(TEMP) Cathedral LAndscapes - xLODGen"
"0048","+","Mesh Patch for Various Mods"
"0049","+","RUSTIC CLOTHING - Special Edition"
"0050","+","D13 Faster GET UP STAND UP animation vanilla friendly SSE"
"0051","+","Dual Wield Improved Animation SSE"
"0052","+","Ice skating fixed for real - No more attack sliding movement (NEMESIS compatible)"
"0053","+","Realistic Boat Bobbing SE"
"0054","+","Run Sprint and Jump (Special Edition)"
"0055","+","Stronger Swimming Animation SE"
"0056","+","XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended"
"0057","+","3D Junipers - Trees and Berries"
"0058","+","3D Snowberries"
"0059","+","3D Snowberries HD Texture Option"
"0060","+","8K Night Skies - Stars and Galaxies - Cathedral Concept"
"0061","+","aMidianBorn Book of Silence SE"
"0062","+","aMidianBorn Content Addon"
"0063","+","aMidianBorn imperial light and studded"
"0064","+","aMidianBorn stormcloak officer armour"
"0065","+","Arctic - Frost Effects Redux"
"0066","+","Armor and Clothing Extension"
"0067","+","Armor Mesh Fixes SE"
"0068","+","Barenziah's Glory SE"
"0069","+","Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack Revamp"
"0070","+","Better Dynamic Ash SE"
"0071","+","Better Dynamic Snow SE"
"0073","+","Blackreach Tentacle Mesh Fix"
"0074","+","Blended Roads"
"0075","+","Blue Palace Dome Windows"
"0076","+","Book Covers Skyrim"
"0077","+","Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library"
"0078","+","Creation Club Open Helmets"
"0079","+","Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored - Performance Edition"
"0080","+","Deadly Spell Impacts"
"0081","+","Deathbell HD - All-New Textures (2K-1K)"
"0082","+","Detailed Rugs"
"0083","+","Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Riekling Architecture"
"0084","+","Dragon Masks Retextured SE (4K - 2K)"
"0086","+","Frankly HD Dragonbone and Dragonscale - Armor and Weapons"
"0087","+","Dragonbone Mastery - Weapons Retexture"
"0089","+","DROPS By Ramccoid"
"0090","+","EASIER LOCKPICKING - Without Cheating - Nordic Retexture"
"0091","+","Elemental Staffs SE"
"0092","+","ElSopa HD - Ants SE"
"0093","+","ElSopa HD - Briar Heart"
"0094","+","ElSopa HD - Dirt Blast SE"
"0095","+","ElSopa - HD Keys Redone SE"
"0096","+","Embers XD"
"0097","+","Enhanced Blood Textures"
"0098","+","Enhanced Vanilla Textures - Shrines"
"0099","+","Enhanced Vanilla Trees SE-Basic"
"0100","+","Aspens Ablaze"
"0101","+","Aspens Ablaze Add-On - DynDOLOD 3"
"0102","+","ETHEREAL CLOUDS - Special Edition"
"0104","+","Fixed Mesh Lighting"
"0105","+","Cathedral - 3D Lavender"
"0107","+","Frankly HD Thieves Guild Armors"
"0108","+","Gemling Queen Jewelry SE"
"0110","+","Glacier LOD Meshes"
"0112","+","Hardy Hares"
"0113","+","HD Dark brotherhood door"
"0114","+","HD Executioners Block SE"
"0115","+","HD Misc"
"0116","+","HD Pondfish"
"0117","+","HD Reworked Horses"
"0118","+","HD Road Signs - 2K and 4K"
"0119","+","HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit SE"
"0120","+","High Hrothgar Fixed"
"0121","+","High Quality Food and Ingredients SE"
"0122","+","High-Res Dartwing (Dragonfly) Texture"
"0123","+","Highland Cows More Wooly (High Poly Model Restored) - Cut Content Restoration"
"0125","+","Hybrids HD Plants and Herbs Retexture"
"0126","+","Iconic's Real Hay (Legacy)"
"0127","+","Iconic's Remastered Paragon Gems"
"0128","+","Immersive Dragons"
"0129","+","Immersive Smilodons"
"0130","+","Improved closefaced helmets"
"0131","+","Improved Sparks"
"0132","+","Improved Sparks-impact sparks"
"0133","+","Improved Weapon Impact EFFECTS Correct Metal SE"
"0134","+","Just Ice"
"0135","+","LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons - All in One Installer"
"0136","+","LeanWolf's Improved Enchanter Candle Meshes SE"
"0138","+","Markarth - A Reflective Experience"
"0139","+","Metallurgy - Ingots Ore and Veins HD"
"0140","+","Nightingale Prime HD"
"0141","+","Northfire's Skidmarks SE 2K-4K"
"0142","+","N-R HD Display Case"
"0143","+","Obsidian Mountain Fogs Tweaked"
"0144","+","Pilgrims Delight - High Hrothgar Shrine Retextures"
"0145","+","Quality CubeMaps - HD Cube Maps"
"0146","+","Rally's Hanging Moss"
"0147","+","Rally's Hooks and Saws"
"0148","+","Rally's Instruments HQ"
"0149","+","Real Wood Textures - Farmhouses"
"0150","+","Realistic HD Baskets Remastered"
"0151","+","Realistic HD Pickaxe Remastered"
"0152","+","Realistic HD Woodcutter's Axe Remastered"
"0153","+","Realistic Water Two SE"
"0154","+","Remove Small Rocks"
"0155","+","Retexture for Bread - Hearthfire"
"0156","+","Retexture for Soup"
"0157","+","Retexture for The Scroll"
"0158","+","Ruins Clutter Improved SE"
"0159","+","RUSTIC AMULETS - Special Edition"
"0161","+","RUSTIC ARMOR and WEAPONS SE"
"0162","+","RUSTIC AZURA'S STAR - Special Edition"
"0163","+","RUSTIC COOKING - Special Edition"
"0164","+","RUSTIC DAEDRA - Special Edition"
"0165","+","RUSTIC DEATH HOUND and GARGOYLE - Special Edition"
"0166","+","RUSTIC DRAGON CORPSE - Special Edition"
"0167","+","RUSTIC DRAGONS - Special Edition"
"0168","+","RUSTIC ELDERSCROLL - Special Edition"
"0169","+","RUSTIC FROSTBITE SPIDER - Special Edition"
"0170","+","RUSTIC RELIEFS"
"0171","+","RUSTIC SOUL GEMS"
"0172","+","RUSTIC SPRIGGAN - Special Edition"
"0173","+","RUSTIC WINDOWS - Special Edition"
"0175","+","Security Overhaul SKSE - Lock Variations"
"0176","+","Security Overhaul SKSE - Add-ons"
"0177","+","Security Overhaul SKSE - Gems Patch - The Cause Chests Secured"
"0178","+","Security Overhaul SKSE - Regional Locks"
"0179","+","Security Overhaul SKSE - Some More Locks"
"0180","+","Soul-Cairn Objects Secured"
"0182","+","Skygazer Moons SSE - Masser and Secunda HD Textures - WITH GLOW"
"0183","+","Skyrim - A Mountainous Experience"
"0184","+","Skyrim Objects SMIMed - Glazed and Nordic Pottery"
"0185","+","Majestic Mountains - More Accurate Collision"
"0186","+","Skyrim Redesigned"
"0187","+","Skyrim SE Improved Puddles"
"0188","+","SSIRT v4.1"
"0189","+","SSE - Skyrim Sun Enhanced"
"0190","+","Stalhrim Source"
"0191","+","Superior Chaurus 4K"
"0192","+","Superior Mudcrab - 4k Retexture"
"0193","+","Sweet Mother - the Night Mother Improvement"
"0194","+","Dawnguard Rewritten - Arvak"
"0196","+","Vivid Landscapes - Tundra Moss Revised"
"0197","+","WEBS S.E"
"0198","+","White Phial Replacer SE"
"0199","+","Whiterun Mesh Fixes"
"0200","+","Whiterun Skyforge - Reforged"
"0201","+","Whiterun Trellis Redesigned SE"
"0203","+","Acoustic Space Improvement Fixes"
"0204","+","Audio Overhaul - Immersive Sounds Integration (AOS - ISC Compatibility Patch)"
"0205","+","Immersive Sounds - Compendium"
"0206","+","Audio Overhaul for Skyrim (4.0.0)"
"0207","+","Better Animal Footsteps"
"0208","+","Better Horse Pain Sounds"
"0209","+","Dragons Shout with Voice"
"0210","+","Guard Dialogue Overhaul - UHDAP Patch"
"0211","+","Heart of the Beast - Werewolf Sound and Texture Overhaul"
"0212","+","IHSS - Improved Horse Step Sounds"
"0213","+","Lower Sounding Thieves Guild Door"
"0214","+","Realistic wolf howls"
"0215","+","Regional Sounds Expansion (SRD - Wilds Dungeons Towns Ambience - Fixes)"
"0216","+","Reverb Interior Sounds Expansion"
"0217","+","Sound Hammering Sounds"
"0218","+","Thundering Shouts"
"0219","+","Ultra Realistic Bow Shoot Sounds"
"0220","+","Ultra Realistic Crossbow Shoot Sounds"
"0221","+","Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Beards"
"0222","+","Hvergelmir's Aesthetics - Brows"
"0223","+","Female Vampires Have Fangs"
"0224","+","Lore-Corrected Races"
"0225","+","Lucien Lachance Restored - Immersive Spectral Assassin"
"0226","+","More Realistic Hair"
"0227","+","Natural Eyes"
"0228","+","Northborn Scars"
"0229","+","Simple Children"
"0230","+","Superior Lore-Friendly Hair - HD textures"
"0231","+","Vanilla Body with UNP Textures"
"0232","+","Tempered Skins for Females CBBE"
"0233","+","Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-"
"0234","+","Tempered Skins for Males - Nude Version"
"0235","+","SSEEdit Output"
"0236","+","TK Children"
"0237","+","Vanilla Makeup HD - HD Racial Colors and Makeup for all Races and Genders - SE"
"0238","+","Vanilla Warpaints Absolution"
"0239","+","Battle Ready Candlelight Fixes"
"0240","+","Bug Fixes SSE"
"0241","+","Butterflies Land True"
"0242","+","Critters Ain't Snitches - Animal and Monster Crime Reporting Fix"
"0243","+","Don't Push Me Around"
"0244","+","Eye Normal Map Fix SSE"
"0245","+","Fix Note icon for SkyUI (SKSE64 plugin)"
"0246","+","Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice"
"0247","+","Hearthfires Houses Building Fix"
"0248","+","Hunters Not Bandits"
"0249","+","I'm walkin' here NG"
"0250","+","Invisibility and Eyes Mesh Fix by HHaleyy"
"0251","+","Labyrinthian Shalidor's Maze Fixes"
"0252","+","NPC AI Process Position Fix - NG"
"0253","+","powerofthree's Tweaks"
"0254","+","Raven Rock - Fix Exit on Horseback"
"0255","+","Scrambled Bugs"
"0256","+","Shadows Of Sunlight - In Small Exterior World Spaces"
"0257","+","Skyrim Project Optimization SE"
"0258","+","Soft Shadows"
"0259","+","SPID for Footprints"
"0260","+","Unlimited Bookshelves"
"0261","+","Unnecessarily Fixed Fixed Dragon Stalking Fix"
"0262","+","Waterbreathing Breathless Emerge SSE"
"0263","+","Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul"
"0264","+","Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered"
"0265","+","GIST - Genuinely Intelligent Soul Trap SE"
"0266","+","Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes"
"0267","+","AI Overhaul SSE"
"0268","+","Better Stealth AI for Followers"
"0269","+","Faction Fixes SE"
"0270","+","Follower Trap Safety"
"0271","+","Ghosts Mechanics and Shaders Restored - Cut Content Restoration"
"0272","+","Realistic AI Detection (RAID)"
"0273","+","Run For Your Lives"
"0274","+","Simple Offence Suppression"
"0275","+","Spellbreaker Spell Reflection and Ward Visuals Restored - Cut Content Restoration"
"0276","+","Tavern AI fix"
"0277","+","Trade and Barter"
"0278","+","Butterflies Unchained"
"0279","+","Disease Descriptions for the Immersive Adventurer"
"0280","+","Get Snowy"
"0281","+","Go On Ahead"
"0282","+","Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE"
"0283","+","Improved Traps"
"0284","+","No Lockpick Activate (SKSE) - Updated"
"0285","+","Point The Way"
"0286","+","Reasonable Movement Speed"
"0287","+","Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Lite"
"0288","+","Simple Drop Lit Torches SE"
"0289","-","Simplest Horses (and other mounts)"
"0290","+","Torches Ignite Oil"
"0291","+","Alternate Start"
"0292","+","At Your Own Pace"
"0293","+","Even Better Quest Objectives SE"
"0294","+","Gildergreen Regrown"
"0295","+","Here We Go Again - World Interactions"
"0296","+","Savos Aren's Regrets Restored - Cut Content Restoration"
"0297","+","The Choice is Yours"
"0298","+","The Paarthurnax Dilemma"
"0299","+","Timing is Everything SE"
"0300","+","Enemy (R)Evolution of Skyrim - EEOS"
"0302","+","Lock Overhaul"
"0303","+","Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul"
"0304","+","ODIN spells for NPCS"
"0305","+","Skyrim Skill Uncapper for SE and AE"
"0306","+","Smart NPC Potions - Enemies Use Potions and Poisons"
"0307","+","Vokrii - Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim"
"0308","+","Vokrii Perks For NPCS"
"0309","-","A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds"
"0310","+","Atlas Map Markers SE - Updated with MCM"
"0311","+","Better Container Controls for SkyUI"
"0312","+","Better Dialogue Controls"
"0313","+","Better MessageBox Controls"
"0315","+","Convenient Reading UI - SE"
"0316","+","Font Overhaul - Natural Typefaces for Skyrim (FONTS)"
"0317","+","HD Local Map"
"0318","+","Horse Stamina HUD - Script-Free"
"0319","+","Immersive HUD - iHUD Special Edition"
"0320","+","Informed Mail Delivery - Vanilla Style"
"0321","+","Lore-Based Loading Screens"
"0322","+","More Informative Console"
"0323","+","moreHUD SE"
"0324","+","Oxygen Meter"
"0327","+","Show Player In Menus"
"0328","+","Skyrim Character Sheet"
"0330","+","SkyUI SE - Flashing Savegames Fix"
"0331","+","SkyUI - Ghost Item Bug Fix"
"0332","+","Smaller Vanilla Cursors"
"0333","+","Whose Quest is it Anyway NG"
"0334","+","Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI"
"0335","+","Yes Im Sure NG"
"0336","+","Bring Out Your Dead"
"0337","+","Cutting Room Floor"
"0338","+","Farmhouse Chimneys SE"
"0339","+","Hearthfire Extended"
"0340","+","Helarchen Creek"
"0341","+","Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods"
"0343","+","Oblivion Gates Remade"
"0344","+","Smooth Shores (Grass and Ground Remastered)"
"0345","+","Snowy Landscapes in Snowy Regions"
"0346","+","Worldspace Transition Tweaks"
"0347","+","Ambiance - A Vanilla+ Ambient Lighting Overhaul"
"0348","+","Cathedral Weathers MCM"
"0349","+","Cathedral Weathers and Seasons"
"0350","+","Enhanced Volumetric Lighting and Shadows (EVLaS)"
"0351","+","Lanterns of Skyrim SE - MCM version"
"0352","+","Relighting Skyrim SE"
"0353","+","Storm Lightning for SSE and VR (Minty Lightning 2019)"
"0354","+","Wonders of Weather"
"0355","+","WoW Dragon Mounds CTD Fix"
"0356","+","Project New Reign - Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine"
"0357","+","Step SkyrimSE_Nemesis Output"
"0358","+","Circlet USSEP Fixes"
"0359","+","kryptopyr's Patch Hub"
"0360","+","Realistic Boat Bobbing Patch Hub"
"0361","+","Smooth Shores Patches"
"0362","+","UVCPC - Umgak's Vokrii Compatibility Patch Compendium"
"0363","+","Vokrii - Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul Patch"
"0364","+","Step Skyrim Special Edition - SSE - Guide"
"0365","+","Step Skyrim Special Edition - SSE - Guide_CACO"
"0366","+","Step Skyrim Special Edition - SSE - Guide_CCOR"
"0367","+","Step Skyrim Special Edition - SSE - Guide_TCIY"
"0368","+","Step Skyrim Special Edition - SSE - Guide_Lighting"
"0369","+","Unofficial Skyrim Creation Club Content Patch"
"0370","+","JK's Skyrim"
"0371","+","Wet and Cold SE"
"0372","+","Realistic Needs and Diseases 2.0"
"0373","+","Campfire - Complete Camping System (Supports Skyrim VR)"
"0374","+","Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival"
"0375","+","PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functions"
"0376","+","Campfire and Frostfall - Unofficial SSE Update"
"0378","+","Immersive Armors"
"0379","+","Immersive Weapons"
"0381","+","SKSE64 Output"
"0382","+","Winter Is Coming SSE - Cloaks"
"0383","+","Cloaks of Skyrim SSE"
"0384","+","HDT-SMP (Skinned Mesh Physics)"
"0385","+","Realistic Ragdolls and Force"
"0386","+","A Quality World Map"
"0387","-","Beards of Power"
"0388","+","Realistic Needs and Diseases - Frostfall patch"
"0389","+","Dwemer Beards SE"
"0390","+","Armor of Intrigue SE"
"0391","+","Masters of Death - Rise of the Brotherhood - SSE Port"
"0392","+","Hunting Grounds Outfit"
"0393","+","SBC 2.0 Alpha TEST"
"0394","+","Moonlight Tales Special Edition - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul"
"0395","+","Convenient Horses"
"0396","+","VioLens - A Killmove Mod SE"
"0397","+","Wearable Lanterns"
"0398","+","Animation Motion Revolution"
"0400","+","Valhalla Combat"
"0401","-","SCAR - Skyrim Combos AI Revolution"
"0402","+","TK Dodge SE"
"0403","+","Sit Anywhere 2"
"0404","+","Pretty Sit Idle v1.41d"
"0405","+","(SJG) Dual Wield Parrying Reimplementation for SSE (Works for Spell Blades as well)"
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2023.03.24 05:22 Maleficent-Strain328 Is moving a to a different city a good decision right now? How about a different state? Do I have a good chance at being financially stable anytime soon?

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2023.03.24 04:52 ellwearsprada How y’all decorating your canopies? 👀

Our canopy is electric blue so I’m gonna tape fluffy white “clouds” to it (weather permitting) but the inside will have little clouds hanging from the ceiling, stars hanging from the ceiling, a little LED light up cloud that changes colors, and some moon and sun tapestries as our walls. And of course twinkley lights. Does anyone else decorate their canopies or am I just extra? Hit us up for the canopy sky party in moon colony!
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2023.03.24 04:48 AnAllegedAllegory I don’t understand

Hi I am super new to this sub and a casual snarker. I found you guys via Cruel World Happy Mind’s recent deep dive on YouTube. After watching the deep dive I was floored that this repugnant human existed. And now I can say I am floored by a totally different reason… How does this woman have such an enormous following, in the face of so much negative news, when she is literally the most boring, nothing sandwich of a person? She’s got no substance. She is a Manila folder in human form. I look at her social media occasionally to see if anything’s changed around the trial and it’s just. So. Inane. Wow. You got your nails done. Your AirPods work. You bought yellow flowers. You started a podcast 100 years after everyone else did. And it’s not like I don’t also share little things like that on social media. I love posting my new manicures. But she acts like? It’s the biggest deal ever? Like nobody has ever thought to do any of these things and she’s just so wILd aNd CrAZy. But her followers all lap it up and act like the sun shines out of her god honoring butt and I just? How? There are a bazillion more people just like her on social media, and a lot of them unlike her have not ROBBED people of their hard earned money. It makes my brain hurt.
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2023.03.24 04:44 Imaginary_Item7756 Zoans: Standard, Ancient, Artificial and Mythical.

Obs: This theory is not about the future events or something about a character, but about something about the zoans akuma no mi.
The zoans have had a lot of attention and information directed to them in the last chapters, especially with regard to the awakening of Luffy and the comments of vegapunk. So were said some information about them that seemed very relevant, as the fact that they are the only Akuma no mi with their own will, however this left some doubts about it, how this works, what they want, but if you stop to think this has already been discussed in eneis lobby, that Carnivorous zoans make their user become more ferocious and with predatory attributes, with that, it added made much more sense to these phrases, in the case of the standard type, these are the instincts of animals taking precedence in the user of that power, which also explains how they are categorized, with each Zoan having a model, such as Ushi Ushi no mi (ox), Tori Tori no mi (bird), Inu Iunu no mi (dog) and among others. Each of these families can demonstrate beyond the characteristics and effects of these fruits, as well as the influences they will have on their user. Including, this explain why the fruit of the bison and the giraffe are in the same category, because they are two animals that attack and behave in similar ways, being prey that use body blows to defend themselves, like the bison horning the adversaries and the girrafe using the neck to hit the targets.
But not only that, with the revelation of the awakened form of Rob Lucci, there is an even greater explanation of the functioning of the fruit, because it has always been said that the hybrid form was a fusion between the human and the animal that gave its power, but when the awakened form appeared, it seemed that Rob Lucci was thinner and weaker compared to his normal form. But thinking about everything that was presented of this fruit, everything begins to make sense, this hybrid form, is not hybridized by itself, but the exact fuzion of the two bodies, adding their physical attributes and everything. I know everything seems pretty obvious if you stop to think, but that shows why the beasts of Impel Dawn are the way they are, they lose control of the beast inside, and so their bodies grew up adding a gigantic mass because of loss of control. But in the case of those who awaken and maintain control, they gain the unique attributes of the animals that give them their powers, without the accrecimo of so much mass, simply adapt to the original bodies of the user, something that Kaido said that the when the mind and body have the ability to control your power to the max of you capability, thats when you awaken, in the case of the zoans is the case of controling the best inside also.
This is also show the functionality of the objects that have acquired the power of the Akuma no mi, which does not have this duality, so much so that they only have two forms presented, the tranformed in animals and the hybrid. Since the objects that acquire these powers are inanimate objects, made of non-organic materials, they do not have this sum of mass, but only the accretion of characteristic attributes of those animals, which are used by the owners of said objects.
Thus, the artificial fruits that are produced by the cesar used by the gifters, insted of adding the bodies, simply grow another being to the body of the user, being united in a single point, like the Hamlet who is a man who serves as the head of a giraffe and the Umi who is a woman whose half down is a horse.
Of course this may seem wrong if you consider some characters, like Chopper, who is a reindeer and is quite small for the size of a human, but in case of someone that doesn' t remember, the moment he eats his Akuma no mi, he has the shape of the heavy point, then it takes its most common form. However, Chopper and other animals that acquire the powers of the zoans have different effects than usual humans, but this may be explained by a Vegapunk line that says akuma no mi are the maximum of evolution and human potential. So when Pierre, Stronger and chopper ate them, just because these animals already carry abilities that may belong to other Akuma in mi, in the case of the first two they become Pegasus and the Chopper with the help of Rumble ball takes on multiple forms.
In the case of the users of Ancient zoans, they are more powerful than the user of a standard Zoan, many believe to be due to being of ancient species, but as said earlier here, the instincts of animals are present in fruits and pass to the user, but maybe it’s not a specific member of the species, but its entirety, I’m not stating that all leopards are present in Rob Lucci, but that they exert an influence on that user. But these ancient species no longer have any members, so they have no one to influence on the fruit, so there is not the same duality present in standard fruits, so perhaps the user of ancient zoans already have semi-awakened forms, not awakened otherwise they would be much more powerful, but it is an advantage more than standard users, perhaps they cannot awaken by possesing this advantage, perhaps, but as far as it was presented in history all the users of Akuma no mi can awaken.
Finally, the mythical zoans, these are the most powerful and have similar powers to the paramecias, however as the Ancient, they do not have living beings that their user can emulate, as Dragons and gods, however these beings are influenced, because they are influenced by the imaginary, since there is no instinct, there can be will, in relation to what these beings may want, as is the case of Nika, the sun god, who wants freedom, so that as is said by the gorouseis, this fruit has fled from them for 800 years. So I think that the functioning and awakening of these fruits work differently, because I believe that the awakening of the user of this fruits occurs when they enter their hybrid forms, first, when Rob Lucci and Kaku appeared in their awakened forms, they had flames in their bodies and also symbols that looked like those present in the Akuma no mi, something present in the hybrid forms of Kaido and Yamato, which also use mythical zoans. So it would make a lot of sense that Luffy’s awakening is just him with fire and all white, that’s his hybrid form, that means he can still transform into his Nika form altogether. In case some don’t remember, the usual Zoan myths can only transform parts of their bodies to attack and use their extra abilities, not being their hybrid forms, just being an extra advantage they have.
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2023.03.24 04:44 LilPokeBoss16 Time to open some packs!

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2023.03.24 04:40 LilPokeBoss16 Time to open some packs!

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2023.03.24 04:38 Tsinasaur Roast my Chart! 😭😂🤣

Roast my Chart! 😭😂🤣 submitted by Tsinasaur to AstrologyChartShare [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 04:31 BrodaciousPhantom My Main Amalgamverse Teams

Spiderman (Peter Kent) Superman x Spider-Man
Dark Claw (Logan Wayne/Bruce Howlett) Batman x Wolverine
Gorgon (Diana Murdock) Wonder Woman x Daredevil
Emerald Nova (Richard Jordan) Green Lantern x Nova
Living Lightning (Barry Rand) Flash x Iron Fist
Aqua Knight (Arthur Grant/Jake Curry/Orin Spector) Aquaman x Moon Knight
Longbow (Oliver Barton) Green Arrow x Hawkeye
Canary (Dinah Morse) Black Canary x Mockingbird
Black Beast (B'udda) Animal Man x Black Panther
Vampire Hunter (Eric Jones) Martian Manhunter x Blade
Kung Fu Kid (Val Chi) Karate Kid x Shang Chi
Doctor Mage (Kent Strange) Doctor Fate x Doctor Strange
Green Sentinel (Alan Rodgers) Alan Scott x Captain America
Lantern Lad (Kyle Barnes) Kyle Rayner x Bucky
Spectral Torch (Hammond Corrigan) Spectre x Human Torch
Sea Hawk (Carter McKenzie/Namor-Hol) Hawkman x Namor
Living Lightning (Orson Garrick) Jay Garrick x Orson Randell
Timeframe (Rex Stark) Hourman x Howard Stark
Wild Puma (Ted Fireheart) Wildcat x Puma
Black Jack (Charles Falsworth) Doctor Mid-Nite x Union Jack
Sgt. Nick Rock (Sgt. Rock x Nick Fury)
Dr. Zatara (Anthony Zatara) Giovanni Zatara x Dr. Druid
Star Marvel (Robert Knight) Starman x Marvel Boy
Quicksand (Wesley Frank) Sandman x Whizzer
Green Sentinel
Goldstar (Michael Jon Stark) Booster Gold x Iron Man
War Scarab (Ted Rhodes) Blue Beetle II x War Machine
Skulk (Cyrus Banner) Solomon Grundy x Hulk
Captain Thunder (Billy Blake) Shazam x Thor
Wild Puma II (Greer Montez) Yolanda Montez x Tigress
Vortex (Victor Smith) Red Tornado x Vision
Star Marvel (Kori Danvers) Starfire x Captain Marvel
Silver Magician (Pietro Zatara) Zachary Zatana x Quicksilver
Captain Albion (Nathaniel Braddock) Captain Atom x Captain Britain
Fire-Ant (Martin Pym & Ronnie Lang) Firestorm x Ant-Man
Stinger (Rhonda Van Dyne) Atomica x Wasp
Mr. Marvelous (Michael Richards) Mr. Terrific x Mr. Fantastic
Translucent Woman (Lin Storm) Phantom Girl x Invisible Woman
Phosphorus (Patrick Storm) Plasticman x Human Torch
MetaThing (Rex Grim) Metamorpho x Thing
Power Spring (Luke Richards) Offspring x Powerhouse
Ms. Marvelous (Paula Richards) Ms. Terrific x Brainstorm
Doctor Mage
Hellblaze (Damon Constantine) John Constantine x Damon Hellstrom
Scarlet Sorceress (Wanda Zatara) Zatana x Scarlet Witch
Morbius the Dead Man (Boston Morbius) Deadman x Morbius
Hannibal Bennett (Andrew Bennett x Hannibal King)
Man-Swamp (Ted Holland) Swampthing x Man-Thing
Etrigan the Werewolf (Jacob Blood) Etrigan x Werewolf by Night
Witchdoctor (Nommo Drumme) Doctor Mist x Brother Voodoo
Detective Platypus (T. Boward) Detective Chimp x Howard the Duck
Emma Bloodgem Amethyst x Elsa Bloodstone
Arcane Woman (Abigail Kale) Abigail Arcane x Witch Woman
Blue Demon (Johnny "Blaze" Cassidy) Blue Devil x Ghost Rider
Black Storm (Ororo Pierce) Black Lightning x Storm
Soul Samurai (Tatsu Harada) Katana x Silver Samurai
Aura (Alison Doe) Halo x Dazzler
Terraman (Peter Markov) Geo-Force x Colossus
Karma (Huli Jing) Cheshire x Domino
Empress (Emily Frost) Looker x Emma Frost
Firebird (Beatrice Gray) Fire x Jean Grey
Iceberg (Bobbi Olafsdotter) Ice x Iceman
Source (Duke Summers) Signal x Cyclops
Black Claw (Laura Cain) Orphan x X-23
CORD (Kevin Summers) OMAC x Cable
Kinetic (Cecil LeBeau) Freight Train x Gambit
Colonel Flag (Rick Harrison) Rick Flag x Jack Flag
Star Quinn (Harley Quill) Harley Quinn x Star Lord
Titanshot (Lawmora) Deathshot x Gamora
Ricochet Raccoon (Captain Boomerang x Rocket Raccoon)
Shipwreck (N'anoot) King Shark x Groot
Drax the Peacemaker (Arthur Smith) Peacemaker x Drax
The Witch (June Adam) Enchantress x Adam Warlock
Bugcatcher (Cleo Brandt) Ratcatcher 2 x Mantis
Mongula (Mongal x Nebula)
Ravager (Yondurlin) Savant x Yondu
Apex Goblin (Lex Osborne) Lex Luthor x Green Goblin
Hyena (Napier Creed) Joker x Sabertooth
Predator (Minerva Poindexter) Cheetah x Bullseye
Baron Sinestro (Thaal Zemo) Sinesteo x Baron Zemo
Reverse Lightning (Eobard Davos) Professor Zoom x Steel Serpent
Manta Man (Roald Hyde) Black Manta x Bushman
Warmaster (Curt Masters) Prometheus x Taskmaster
Countess Vertigo (Count Vertigo x Lady Vertigo)
Shadow Klaw (Carl Klaue) Shadow Thief x Klaw
Malefrost (Malefic x Deacon Frost)
Khan (Sensi x Mandarin)
Dark Baron (Karl Mordu) Mordu x Baron Mordo
Red Merc (Wilson Todd) Red Hood x Deadpool
Elektris Natchia (Artemis Bana-Mighdall x Elektra)
Amino (Jimmy Brock) Bizarro x Venom
Crimson Hawk/Armory (Harper Bishop) Arsenal x Kate Bishop
Terminator (Slade Castle) Deathstroke x Punisher
Red Beast (Wade Ross) The General x Red Hulk
Devil Rider (Chato Reyes) El Diablo x Robbie Reyes
Agent Green (Guy Walker) Guy Gardner x U.S. Agent
submitted by BrodaciousPhantom to Amalgam_Comics [link] [comments]