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Building a froggy fresh commander deck and need some tips.

2023.02.28 02:43 BreadMaan Building a froggy fresh commander deck and need some tips.

I’m building a frog deck around my commander, Grolnok, the Omnivore, deck list below. Any tips to improve?
1x Anurid Barkripper (jud) 1x Anurid Scavenger (tor) 1x Anurid Swarmsnapper (jud) 1x Arcane Signet (onc) 1x Armored Skaab (isd) 1x Artful Dodge (dka) 1x Birthing Boughs (plist) 1x Blanchwood Prowler (bro) 1x Bloated Toad (ulg) 1x Bond of Insight (war) 1x Brain Freeze (plist) 1x Burrog Befuddler (stx) 1x Burrowing Razormaw (bro) 1x Cathartic Adept (ala) 1x Cephalid Aristocrat (tor) 1x Cephalid Illusionist (tor) 1x Chameleon Colossus (afc) 1x Charmed Pendant (ody) 1x Chill of Foreboding (dka) 1x Chronic Flooding (rtr) 1x Chub Toad (5ed) 1x Codex Shredder (cmr) 1x Commander's Sphere (onc) 1x Compelling Argument (mb1) 1x Counterspell (dmr) 1x Covetous Castaway // Ghostly Castigator (mid) 1x Crocanura (gtc) 1x Dampen Thought (mma) 1x Distant Melody (scd) 1x Djinn of Wishes (j22) 1x Ertai's Familiar (wth) 1x Excavating Anurid (mh1) 15x Forest (scd) 349 1x Frog Tongue (tmp) 1x Froghemoth (afr) 1x Frogify (2xm) 1x Frogmite (mb1) 1x Galloping Lizrog (rna) 1x Grolnok, the Omnivore (vow) [Commander{top}] 1x Haze Frog (roe) 1x Herald's Horn (40k) 15x Island (j22) 103 1x Jace, Wielder of Mysteries (war) 1x Jade Avenger (mh2) 1x Jump (plist) 1x Kasmina's Transmutation (2x2) 1x Laboratory Maniac (mb1) 1x Leap (sth) 1x Leapfrog (mb1) 1x Millstone (mb1) 1x Neutralize (j22) 1x Obelisk of Urd (znc) 1x Omnibian (dis) 1x Perpetual Timepiece (plist) 1x Plaxcaster Frogling (c21) 1x Polymorphist's Jest (c17) 1x Rapid Hybridization (c21) 1x Rebound (sth) 1x Simic Signet (c21) 1x Slimebind (rna) 1x Slippery Bogle (uma) 1x Species Gorger (dgm) 1x Spore Frog (mh1) 1x Steeple Creeper (rna) 1x Swiftfoot Boots (scd) 1x Talisman of Curiosity (mh1) 1x Tangled Islet (dmu) 1x Tanglepool Bridge (mh2) 1x Trollbred Guardian (rna) 1x Turn to Frog (ori) 1x Vault Skyward (som) 1x Whiptongue Frog (exo)
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2022.08.13 19:03 lakesidecounselingtx Counseling Position in Medina Valley ISD (San Antonio)

If anyone in the San Antonio is looking for a HS counseling position, our school has an open spot. Medina Valley HS in Medina Valley ISD, located about 15 mins west of SA. It’s a growing district with heavy military growth. Many new housing developments in this area. Our team currently has 5 counselors and 2 social workers and we are seeking our 6th. If you or someone you know might be interested, apply!
Job Posting
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2022.07.26 10:01 Nice_Transition_5884 Skyward fbisd login and access 2022

Skyward is a Skyward students software program includes a communications tool offered to the schools district. Once a parent signs in through”parent portal,” they can access information about their children “parent Portal,” it allows them to access details about their children.
To protect the privacy of every child The District has taken the necessary security measures. Only parents of the child have access to the portal’s details. Parents will be able to view their child’s schedules, attendance reports and any other information they’ve made available, including contact numbers and email addresses. Parents can also modify their password under the Options tab. The portal doesn’t allow parents to make changes to the information of their children.
What’s the deal with skyward Fbisd?
Skyward is an software firm that is specialized in school management for K-12 schools as well as municipal administration. Numerous towns and school districts have signed up Skyward, with over 1,900 of them across the globe. Skyward programmers are being used by municipalities and schools across 23 different US states as well as other nations. The registration of new students is made much easier due to the introduction of cutting-edge technology in The Fort Bend Independent School District. Skyward the fbisd’s student data system and ERP systems could be utilized to streamline and automate the administration of students, as well as financial management as well as human resource.
Family Access is used by students and parents to keep track of their child’s schedules, grades as well as their food and beverage accounts in the Fort Bend Independent School District. Skyward’s Student Access lets you keep track of your schedule and grades as well as complete online assignments and connect with your teachers. It was at times difficult to enroll new students into Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD).
How do I sign up at Fbisd?
As per Barbara Benzaia, manager of student information systems at FBISD the student registration forms vary from campus to university. If the district had multiple campuses and a substantial student body, the lack of integration became a significant issue for district staff. Based on this, the leadership of the district took the decision to implement an entirely new system of registering students.
How does skyward client log into Fbisd?
Customers of Skyward FBISD logins may realize that scanning the appropriate gateway to allow access for the students or family members can be extremely risky. For security reasons, the Fort Bend Independent School District gives a user’s name and password referred to by the name of Skyward Family access to students and their families. Missouri City and Sugar Land Independent School Districts (ISDs) created Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD). Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) that is the seventh-largest public-funded education school system within Texas. Teachers, parents as well as students all benefit from an organized online presence. It is the biggest company of employees in Fort Bend County and employs more than 10,000 employees.
Enter your skyward Fbisd username and password during the second step.
  1. After you’ve entered all your details, click the sign in button.
This is the last stage of logging into skyward Fbisd.
I hope that, if you follow the steps above and you’ll be able to log into Skyward Fbisd. If you experience any problems just repeat these steps or contact customer service at Skyward Fbisd.
Zugang for the Family
Making sure that every student receives an outstanding education requires constant connectivity between the schools and the home. Skyward’s Family Access makes it simple for parents and students to talk. To check schedules, grades, attendance and calendars, both parents and students can log into the system. In addition, students can make their choices entirely online. With the internet, Family Access can be access from any place around the globe.
How do I get access to the HTML0?
First, contact the school to inquire about the FBISD skyward account for any of your family members. The form should be filled out and sent to the school’s office of administration. Make sure you include your correct email address. Skyward Fbisd login ID can take as long as seven days to create after you have completed the form. Once you’ve completed this form, an email containing login details and instructions are sent directly to the email address you have provided.
Being able to access your child’s information from anywhere is a great method of staying in contact with them when you’re away from the classroom. Parents can access information on their child’s class and grades. There is the option of using the wi-fi of your home network or your mobile device’s wireless network. Skyward Mobile Access for the entire Family Make use of the mobile application that grants users access to every one the information of your child’s iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad. Are your family members constantly on the move?
It’s available on the iTunes Store. is offering it currently.
Google Play has it now.
Amazon App Store users can immediately download the app.
Windows Phone Store Windows Phone Store has it today.
Card for report:
The school along with its parents were in a position take on additional responsibilities online using Skyward’s enrollment system for the very first time. Since in the very beginning “parents who had students also have Family Access accounts with Skyward,” Benzaia noted. She then clarified that the district is planning to take it further into the future of becoming paperless. Parents and students will need to wait until 2013 before they can get the printed versions of their Fbisd reports and to check what grades and academic performance have changed.
Fbisd at skyward
Faculty, students and staff at Skyward CBISD all profit from Skyward cbisd’s dedication to creating a culture that promotes academic achievement. It is expected that all users act with integrity, respect and with a sense of decency. Users are accountable for the security of their information systems. Everyone who utilizes digital resources, information and other resources must recognize the privacy of others and assume responsibility for their actions in order to protect their security and security.
Fbisd’s students. the fbisd
It is the obligation to The Fbisd Student Affairs Department to ensure that all students within the district can access solutions that are based upon sound policy and are equal to all those involved.
If you have concerns or concerns regarding Fort Bend ISD, please contact the Department of Student Affairs. The Department is able to address problems while allowing district employees to concentrate on the development of students due to its direct communication with district administration.
The purpose of skyward
Fbisd has been a client of skyward since 2010 , and was eager to test the most recent advancements in technology for online enrollment. The district created the team which included school administrators from every site as well as campus registration staff as well as district administrators to prepare for the transition to online enrollment. Benzaia said that “we established our objectives and took decisions like eliminating the paper forms” to to improve the efficiency of district operations..
The final word
The company was founded by Jim King in 1980 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Skyward School Software is used by over 700 school districts around the world. Other customers of the software include nurses, educators CEOs, HR professionals.
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2021.03.27 23:20 TTLAAJ Frenzied housing market to push appraisals skyward; audit finds McGregor ISD homes undervalued

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2019.01.03 04:47 BCSbot Mexia ISD teacher accused of trying to sell relative online to men in Africa

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2018.03.03 22:35 AnimosWorkshop List of Masters 25 Cards by Watermark

Hey everyone!
I know that (almost) everyone is excited for Masters 25 and people look up lists of cards sorted by many things, so I decided to sort the list by watermarks!
Yes, it might seem a bit stupid at first, but remember that the watermarks show in which set the card first appeared, and so it's somewhat of a sorting by release date.
Enjoy! :)
Edit: If you find any mistakes, feel free to either write a comment or PM me about it, and I'll fix it ASAP.
Early Sets (M): Armageddon, Disenchant, Savannah Lions, Swords to Plowshares, Blue Elemental Blast, Counterspell, Dark Ritual, Will-O’-the-Wisp, Lightning Bolt, Red Elemental Blast, Giant Growth, Regrowth
Magic 2010 (M10): Act of Treason, Master of the Wild Hunt
Magic 2011 (M11): Squadron Hawk, Chandra’s Outrage, Cultivate, Plummet
Magic 2012 (M12): Phantasmal Bear, Crimson Mage, Swiftfoot Boots
Magic 2013 (M13): Griffin Protector, Bloodhunter Bat, Murder, Timberpack Wolf
Magic 2014 (M14): Strionic Resonator
Magic 2015 (M15): Geist of the Moors, Jalira, Master Polymorphist
Magic Origins (ORI): Valor in Akros, Enthralling Victor
Arabian Nights (ARN): Erg Raiders
Antiquities (ATQ): Primal Clay, Mishra's Factory
Legends (LEG): Fallen Angel, Hell’s Caretaker, Nicol Bolas, Stangg, Pendelhaven
The Dark (DRK): Ghost Ship, Ball Lightning, Blood Moon
Fallen Empires (FEM): Goblin War Drums
Ice Age (ICE): Brainstorm, Pyroclasm
Homelands (HML): Ihsan’s Shade
Alliances (ALL): Arcane Denial, Balduvian Horde, Pillage
Mirage (MIR): Pacifism, Flash
Visions (VIS): Man-O’-War, Quicksand
Weatherlight (WTH): Doomsday
Tempest (TMP): Diabolic Edict, Living Death, Jackal Pup, Kindle
Stronghold (STH): Sift, Mogg Flunkies, Ensnaring Bridge
Exodus (EXO): Curiosity, Merfolk Looter
Urza’s Saga (USG): Angelic Page, Congregate, Phyrexian Ghoul, Horseshoe Crab, Lull
Urza’s Legacy (ULG): Unearth, Rancor
Urza’s Destiny (UDS): Trumpet Blast, Elvish Piper
Mercadian Masques (MMQ): Invigorate, Rishadan Port
Nemesis (NEM): Accumulated Knowledge, Stampede Driver
Prophecy (PCY): Plague Wind
Invasion (INV): Kavu Climber, Hanna, Ship’s Navigator, Exlude
Planeshift (PLS): Eladamri’s Call
Apocalypse (APC): Mystic Snake, Pernicious Deed, Quicksilver Dagger, Vindicate
Odyssey (ODY): Auramancer, Caustic Tar, Zombify, Shadow Infiltrator
Torment (TOR): Laquatus’s Champion, Mesmeric Fiend
Judgement (JUD): Browbeat, Living Wish
Onslaught (ONS): Akroma’s Vengeance, Renewed Faith, Choking Tethers, Dirge of Dread, Undead Gladiator, Krosan Colossus, Krosan Tusker, Skirk Commando, Broodhatch Nantuko
Legions (LGN): Akroma, Angel of Wrath, Willbender
Scourge (SCG): Decree of Justice, Karona’s Zealot, Noble Templar, Shoreline Ranger, Death’s-Head Buzzard, Chartooth Cougar, Twisted Abomination, Elvish Aberration, Fierce Empath
Mirrodin (MRD): Spikeshot Goblin, Chalice of the Void
Darksteel (DST): Echoing Courage, Sundering Titan
Fifth Dawn (5DN): Relentless Rats
Champions of Kamigawa (CHK): Nezumi Cutthroat, Azusa, Lost but Seeking
Betrayers of Kamigawa (BOK): Genju of the Falls, Genju of the Spires, Iwamori of the Open Fist
Saviors of Kamigawa (SOK): Promise of Bunrei,Freed from the Real, Mikokoro, Center of the Sea
Ravnica: City of Guilds (RAV): Frenzied Goblin, Watchwolf
Guildpact (ALT): Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind, Pillory of the Sleepless
Dissension (DIS): Court Hussar, Ratcatcher, Protean Hulk, Utopia Sprawl
Coldsnap (CSP): Darien, King of Kjeldor
Time Spiral (TSP): Brine Elemental, Fathom Seer, Fortune Thief, Vesuvan Shapeshifter, Assembly-Worker
Planar Chaos (PLC): Whitemane Lion, Akroma, Angel of Fury, Simian Spirit Guide, Kavu Predator
Future Sight (FUT): Pact of Negation, Street Wraith, Summoner’s Pact, Coalition Relic, Zoetic Cavern
Lorwyn (LRW): Soulbright Flamekin, Brion Stoutarm
Morningtide (MOR): Vendilion Clique, Ambassador Oak
Shadowmoor (SHM): Cursecatcher, Presence of Gond
Eventide (EVE): Nettle Sentinel, Cascade Bluffs, Fetid Heath, Flooded Grove, Rugged Prairie, Twilight Mire
Shards of Alara (ALA): Knight of the Skyward March, Skeletonize, Blightning
Conflux (CON): Ember Weaver, Conflux
Alara Reborn (ARB): Lorescale Coatl
Zendikar (ZEN): Luminarch Ascension, Disfigure, Vampire Lacerator
Worldwake (WWK): Kor Firewalker, Jace, the Mind Sculptor (though there’s no watermark), Arbor Elf
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE): Ancient Stirrings, Wildheart Invoker, Prophetic Prism
Scars of Mirrodin (SOM): Heavy Arbalest, Nihil Spellbomb, Perilous Myr, Twisted Image
Mirrodin Besieged (MBS): Blue Sun’s Zenith
New Phyrexia (NPH): Phyrexian Obliterator
Innistrad (ISD): Fiend Hunter, Murder of Crows, Tree of Redemption
Dark Ascension (DKA): Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Haunted Fengraf
Avacyn Restored (AVR): Cloudshift, Gisela, Blade of Goldnight
Return to Ravnica (RTR): Fencing Ace, Rest in Peace
Gatecrash (GTC): Urbis Protector, Totally Lost, Boros Charm
Dragon’s Maze (DGM): Notion Thief, Ruric Thar, the Unbowed
Theros (THS): Gods Willing, Ordeal of Heliod, Bident of Thassa, Returned Phalanx
Born of the Gods (BNG): Retraction Helix, Courser of Kruphix
Journey into Nyx (JOU): Nyx-Fleece Ram, Eidolon of the Great Revel
Khans of Tarkir (KTK): Dragon’s Eye Savants, Mystic of the Hidden Way, Ruthless Ripper, Hordeling Outburst, Wooly Loxodon
Fate Reforged (FRF): Humble Defector
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK): Ire Shaman, Ainok Survivalist, Epic Confrontation
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ): Coralhelm Guide, Zulaport Cutthroat, Zada, Hedron Grinder
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW): Baloth Null
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI): Dauntless Cathar, Triskaidekaphobia, Pyre Hound, Uncaged Fury, Vessel of Nascency
Eldritch Moon (EMN): Lunarch Mantle
Kaladesh (KLD): Cloudblazer, Self-Assembler
Aether Revolt (AER): Treasure Keeper
Amonkhet (AKH): Horror of the Broken Lands, Supernatural Stamina, Thresher Lizard
Hour of Devastation (HOU): Act of Heroism
Ixalan (XLN): Colossal Dreadmaw
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX): Dusk Legion ZealotRavenous Chupacabra
Portal (POR): Path of Peace
Portal Second Age (P02): Ancient Craving
Portal Three Kingdoms (PTK): Kongming, “Sleeping Dragon”, Borrowing 100,000 Arrows, Imperial Recruiter
Starter 1999 (S99): Loyal Sentry, Cinder Storm
Conspiracy (CNS): Grenzo, Dungeon Warden
Conspiracy: Take the Crown (CN2): Deadly Designs
Planechase 2012 Edition (PC2): Sai of the Shinobi
Commander (CMD): Animar, Soul of Elements
Commander 2013: Prossh, Skyraider of Kher
Commander 2014 (C14): Reef Worm, Myriad Landscape
Commander 2015 (C15): Magus of the Wheel
Commander 2016 (C16): Ash Barrens
Commander 2017 (C17): Izzet Chemister
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