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Cheech and Chong

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2015.06.01 04:17 Cheech and Chong Hit the Bomb

The highest NLTP team in the land

2014.06.26 17:03 anonibon A place for The Ledges

Nelson Ledges Quarry Park subreddit for general purposes.

2023.03.24 07:43 caliball2020won 1984

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2023.03.24 07:40 IntroductionOpen6778 I regret unmatching him so bad. I kinda need him now. Come baaaack;-;

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2023.03.24 07:38 Prowland12 Exercise GIF Guides

I was messing around with Canva and made some basic visual exercise guides in the form of GIFs. This is a first crack at it.
Push Ups:
Pull Ups:
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2023.03.24 07:34 Alarming-Instance-19 "That good, stealthy frog boil f*#k..."

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2023.03.24 07:27 Leopeva64-2 Microsoft will add Acrylic to Edge's flyout menus.

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2023.03.24 07:25 Tremaparagon Some parting thoughts about the Hyperion Cantos, particularly the conclusions in Rise of Endymion. Curious to hear if there are different interpretations out there

Overall had fun with the series - I understand some of the criticisms especially with the latter books, but still enjoyed the full read and appreciate the way a lot of things came together. This post is mainly to organize the thoughts I'm left with at the very end of it all, and see if other people agree or have totally different ideas.


The romance:
Certain... questionable aspects of the Raul/Aenea relationship aside, I like how it concluded. We suspend disbelief or give benefit of the doubt to a lot in fiction. So I'm willing to roll with her being a half non-human entity that literally does not perceive spacetime as we do and has since before birth been communicating with godlike intelligences, so it's fine that she comes on to Raul, whatevs.
Instantly after she confessed to having a kid halfway through Rise, I knew what would happen and who was (would be?) the father. Despite the prediction, I don't need my expectations to be subverted, I still narratively enjoyed getting to the end of Rise and reading it all play out. Raul is a dummy for sure, and it was a bit annoying having him get angsty over... himself, but still it was pleasant to know it would be wrapped up nicely.
Time travel is always handwavy nonsense in any fiction, so I'm fine turning off my brain for it. I like to think there's some background Void-related reason, with how the Shrike can navigate time, that Aenea only has exactly 1 year, 11 months, 1 week, 6 hours, to spend on Earth. That's the amount of time that she would age (read: time she as a conscious being has for experiencing existence) between her post-Earth adventures spreading communion, and when she would prepare to meet Raul again on Tien Shan, at the critical period for toppling the Pax before too much genocide and war led to humanity's implosion.
It doesn't need to have a "hard sci-fi" explanation behind it to be profound. What matters is the deeply somber, ruminative state I'm left with when thinking about how each of them has a different final goodbye. It hits hard trying to wrap my brain around them perceiving their relationship in different orders (as paralleled with Kassad and Moneta).
The ninja blender 9000:
What was your impression of the final and "complete" backstory of the Shrike? I felt that in the first two books, Kassad's story seemed a little unimportant/disconnected. He vanquishes the thing in the far future only with the help and combat tech of far future humans - as far as the current story is concerned why do we care?
However, books 3 and 4 give us more to chew on. I don't remember how much is explicitly stated, but in my headcanon at least, his victory is part of taming it - wrestling full control of it away from the more hostile Core elements or the future machine UI. This goes hand in hand with a brief hint from Aenea's father - he states that he plans to leave the Consul and go forward a few hundred years to disrupt the Core and help his daughter. Surely he played a major part in turning the Shrike from a villain into a guardian?
To me this connection of pilgrims fits nicely - Kassad the warrior subdued the Shrike (and was a seed for its creation), while in the time of books 3 and 4, the Keats cybrid was directing it to be an infallible escort to Aenea. Without their roles, then of course with Nemes-level tech the Core would easily stamp out Aenea's quest. This fits with the Shrike being apparently curious about everyone's safe arrival on the uncharted forest planet despite having no reason to be there.
Blue man group:
Admittedly I feel as dumb as Raul for being blind to Bettik's identity until the last few pages. Now it all makes sense. It's pretty great that he was written to be an observer character from the beginning and always in proximity to such pivotal events in history. Plus his reveal at the end gives a morsel of substance to the mostly mythical big kitties and bears of the void. In hindsight there is now more justification to him sticking with Aenea through it all, even during times when Raul was sent off.
Everything else:
I loved the world-building for the most part. It suffered a bit in book 4 when things were mostly established, and more time was spent instead on metaphysics mumbo jumbo. But I'm probably not alone in saying the cruciform was fascinating from the very beginning of Hyperion. It continued to be interesting with Endymion and how it related to the Pax: the ship drive that required resurrection, the way it continued to be a parasite, how it functioned as the most viscerally agonizing shock collar possible on every single Christian, etc.
The fall of the farcasters was neat. It was definitely a good hook to have the ominous message go out at the end of Fall of Hyperion. And then, the use of farcasters for Aenea to escape insurmountable odds was pretty fun too. The River Tethys journey ... loosely makes sense. The uncharted forest planet was needed to hide the ship safely. Perhaps they were then directed to the non-Christian planets to see and understand the horrors of what was going on, and as Raul mentions to learn their "music" for future visits. Plus this twice allowed Raul to get medical attention without getting immediately shut down by Pax.
I suppose there are some loose ends left still with things like the continued presence of the Core and the small fraction of remaining Pax loyalists. We know that this is only one chapter in a war that will continue for eons. If Lourdusamy is still with the Pax and not the new "woke" humanity, is it only for personal greed and power rather than loyalty to the Pax-Core alliance? After all he did seem to take a calculated move against the Core by quickly burning Aenea, preventing them from having Nemes chew her little by little until she couldn't help but freecast, thus he prevented them from gaining information from her ability.
Any elaborations, rebuttals, or totally different points of discussion from y'all?
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2023.03.24 07:21 JalmarY Goodies thread 458 -- put cute/badass/fun stuff, favourite old stuff and other goodies here

I wish you all an inspired BABYMETAL weekend!
It is BABYMETAL goodies time again! ...and BLACK BABYMETAL Friday!
Goodies not covered by the specialized goodies threads listed below are especially welcome here, like for example goodies with BABYMETAL as a whole, Black Babymetal (MoiMoi) goodies, people backing BM (in addition to Kamis) not getting enough credit, BM interacting with outsiders like musicians/media/etc, and more... but any BM-related goodies you want to share with the community this weekend are welcome, without necessarily having to wait for the appropriate specialized goodies thread.
As usual: Here are the previous goodies thread and the latest Su Sunday, Moa Monday, Yui Tuesday, Kami Wednesday and Reactions Thursday specialized goodies threads, in case you have not already read them or want to check them for late additions.
Share and Enjoy!
Sincerely, JalmarY
Standard Introduction:
Welcome to yet another goodies thread! I hope it will fulfil our needs for Babymetal kawaii, kick-ass, awesomeness, fun and tidbits from their past like the earlier ones!
I encourage you all to put almost all of the kawaii-bombs (super-cute stuff), fun stuff, super-cool stuff, awesome moments, favourite pics+gifs+clips++, curiosities, fanart, brief stories of favourite fan moments, covers, reactions, mashups and similar non-news goodies in comments here or in one of the specialized weekly goodies threads so we do not clutter up the main submissions list.
But, if you find anything especially newsworthy or likely to draw many comments, you might give it its own thread, especially if it is unlikely that anyone here has seen it before. But -- please note: Something being super-kawaii/sugoi/kakkoi (super-cute/amazing/cool) is not a good enough reason by itself for a separate link thread, that is just the norm when dealing with BABYMETAL -- and please never post old stuff as separate threads/posts -- gathering links to non-new stuff is one of the main reasons for this threads existence. Also kindly post most new goodies here too, especially when it is "typical goodies thread material".
background info
2023 goodies threads:
457 456 455 454 453 452 451 450 449 448 447
2022 goodies threads: 446 445 444 yon-yon-yon! 443 442 441 440 439 438 437 436 435 434 433 432 431 430 429 428 427 426 425 424 423 422 421 420 419 418 417 416 415 414 413 412 411 410 409 408 407 406 405 404 403 402 401 400 399 398 397 396 395
2021 goodies threads: 394 393 392 391 390 389 388 387 386 385 384 383 382 381 380 379 378 377 376 375 374 373 372 371 370 369 368 367 366 365 364 363 362 361 360 359 358 357 356 355 354 353 352 351 350 349 348 347 346 345 344 343 342
2020 goodies threads: 341 340 339 338 337 336 335 334 333 332 331 330 329 328 327 326 325 324 323 322 321 320 319 318 317 316 315 314 313 312 311 310 309 308 307 306 305 304 303 302 301 300 299 298 297 296 295 294 293 292
Rest of 2019 goodies threads: 291 290 289 288 287 286 285 284 283 282 281 280 279 278 277 276 275 274 273 272 271 270
First 5 Years (mid2014..mid2019) indexed in the anniversary thread
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2023.03.24 07:17 Dry_Penelope 360proxy - The most cost-effective comprehensive proxy

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2023.03.24 07:15 brenzev4711 1949 - Filming the takeoff of a spaceship for the early SF TV show Captain Video .1st movie directed by cheech and chong

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2023.03.24 07:14 zeedonutnovel You will be missed, Cheech

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2023.03.24 07:09 BreakfastDifferent38 I need help finding lost media or gif

Many years ago I was scrolling through Facebook and came across the Gorillaz official page and saw a gif or video of the Demon Days album cover where the characters moved into their alternate poses like when Murdoc sticks his tongue out, Russell opens his mouth etc. Is this real? Does anyone know if it exists or did I just think that???
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2023.03.24 06:55 Ok_Abalone_9641 Enhance Your Property's Security with Gabion Walls and 358 Mesh Fencing

Enhance Your Property's Security with Gabion Walls and 358 Mesh Fencing
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2023.03.24 06:53 Virtual_Foot_6858 PPC Company in India

PPC Company in India
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2023.03.24 06:47 Huge-Secretary1769 From Unstructured Content to Structured

From Unstructured Content to Structured
Join David M. Turner and me for a free #webinar demonstrating the ease of migrating to Structured Writing, even from legacy content where you don't have the source content files. From Unstructured to Structured Content: Transforming Legacy Aircraft Documentation From PDFs to DITA XML
Wednesday, April 5th 2023 @ 3:00PM CEST ( 9:00 AM EDT)
We'll be demonstrating a use case of converting a non-structured PDF manual to structured DITA content, employing DCL's #harmonizer and #componize a best-in-class CCMS.
Come and see how straightforward it can be to streamline your content creation processes and start your multi-channel publishing journey.
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2023.03.24 06:39 Hauntedthrowaway598 Screaming in house

I've posted one thing to this sub before on my main account but I'd rather separate the two being my other is more of a focus on just browsing and music. I have had several weird experiences in my life and some I believe to be connected and others I feel just happened to come across me for some reason. This experience is different than the others being I was not alone to witness this. I will post more in the past and maybe some of you will see more connections than I have seen. I am not going in order. Just as I think of them. Two friends and I decided to stay at my mom and stepdads one weekend and play video games and chill as teenagers. Around 10 or so years ago now in a house that I never felt any bad thoughts about other than the location which I don't mind saying was in Centerpoint, AL. I don't know of anything really haunting that area besides crime so ghost were never a concern. We were in the basement hanging out (not a creepy horror movie basement. Fully furnished) pool table, heater, tv, etc.... Sometime during the night we get on my friends phone and start looking at pictures and go to an image that was saved months back of a band logo for a band my friend loved. The image flickered kinda how a gif does but just 1 quick flicker. We scroll back then to the pic again and it flickers again, so the next time I tell my friend you scroll and I will hit the buttons to screenshot. We did. It was a blurry mess. After about 15 mins of trying to figure out the pic I turn the phone and the jumbled mess is more clear but still got a haze or almost like a distorted filter over it. It was a pic of my friend and I in the basement that night. No biggie at first we thought maybe we hit the camera but after looking we noticed what was wrong. The pic was taken from behind us for one... Which was impossible being there was a wall behind us. The other issue is even if there was no wall, the pic would have been impossible for us to take being how we were positioned. She looked like she was sitting near the end of me or maybe the start of my legs. I was on my back, like a back bend almost and you could make out my arm going behind my head. I tried recreating the pic and had no luck within the several attempts I tried. Which I am a very persistent person and tried and tried and tried until we went and got food. (FYI none of us are friends anymore. Ended on bad terms and I'm not even sure if my old friend has the phone or pic anymore but to anyone else seeing it, it wouldn't be too weird unless you knew the room and the wall placement. I guess the weirdest part would be you trying to figure out how to pose for that pic without dislocation your shoulder) so anyways, after food we play more games and honestly had forgotten about the pic. It is probably 11ish or so with what comes next. For some context the only people in the house are my two friends, my stepdad/mom, dog (in their room with them across the basement hall), my cat (upstairs), and me. My friends and I are doing our thing and all of a sudden a scream in which I've never heard anything like in my life comes from directly above us upstairs. My description I give some people is like if you put an alien inside of big foot or something and let it burst out. It sounded like a beast or 2 fighting and ripping something apart. I'm not too easy to scare and it had me shaking. We all just sat there. One of my friends started tearing up and honestly, never blamed them for a second. I went across the hall and asked my mom and stepdad who were asleep if they heard that sound which they brushed off thinking we were just being teens. I finally talked one of my friends into going upstairs with me. When I opened the door my cat was standing 5 feet away with its hair raised looking terrified. We all know cats can make ungodly sounds that can wake the dead but this was no cat. For one, my cat was beyond chill. Hardly made a sound besides it plopping over to sleep. 2, just no. It was no cat. I checked every room, lock, and even walked outside to see if anyone else possibly heard the commotion. Found nothing. About 6 years later I am talking to my stepsister who use to live there. We were talking about how much fun we use to have there with our friends and swimming. Then she says that the only thing she hated was whatever was in the attic. I remember as a teenager she would always complain about it but I never heard anything up there and honestly so cliche that I brushed it off. However, the attic was the only place I never checked, and I am glad I didn't. If anyone knows of anything in the Centerpoint area I don't know about that could explain, feel free to post. I've tried finding answers. I am not one to say it is paranormal.... but it wasn't normal.
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2023.03.24 06:34 LoveMangaBuddy Read A Guide to Falling Asleep - Chapter 46 - MangaPuma

Physics prodigy Ning Yiwei has known handsome businessman Liang Chong since they were children. As they grew up, Liang Chong slowly fell in love with Ning Yiwei. For all Ning Yiwei's high IQ, he barely understands human emotions, and so he's completely dependent on Liang Chong — although he's never thought about why. Liang Chong keeps his feelings in check, hiding them from Ning Yiwei so he can li ... Read A Guide to Falling Asleep - Chapter 46 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.03.24 06:25 WordyBug I made $6,835 with just a GIF image as my validation. No domain. No website.

Hello everyone, I am Nithur.
I've written previously about my journey in this sub. I've recently hit another milestone, so I am writing this post. If you want to follow the whole journey, please read this Twitter thread:
On March 15, I had a weird idea to put GPT-4 on every textbox on the internet. Because we can simplify a lot of boring tasks if we can able to bring AI into them. For example: customer support chats, social media content writing, email writing, localizing support chats, Google sheet formulas, MySQL queries with natural language, etc. We can do all this without leaving our fav sites.
But there is a complication, if we need to do this wide variety of tasks, we need a complicated UI right inside our favorite sites, which is not a very good idea in my opinion. End users aren't going to like it. So, I come up with an idea to overcome it. We can use commands to prompt AI. For example: "gen: write a LinkedIn post about generative AI". We can consolidate a lot of tasks with such simple commands.
So, I started coding the initial version and was able to come up with a working prototype within a few hours. I recorded a GIF and shared it on Twitter that night. It blew up on Twitter and dragged me a good number of sales over the night. I priced it at $9.99 for the first 24 hours. Most people encouraged me to increase the price because it is definitely worth it. So, I gradually increased the price to $19, then to $29, and finally $49.
Exactly after 7 days, I've made $6,835 with this GIF image.
I had 500 followers on Twitter when I first shared the GIF, now it has grown to 3200 followers. This little project literally changed my perspective on internet entrepreneurship in many ways. The old idea of validation with an MVP has literally died, people are willing to pay if you can show a demo. When I first shared this project and made a couple of thousands of dollars, I don't even have a domain name or website for this project.
If you are working on any side project, I am sincerely encouraging you to show it to the world. And start charging money for it. It'll literally change the game. Good luck.
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2023.03.24 06:07 Due_Curve1490 TikTok首席执行官周受资:美国国会听证中的关键人物

在全球对于TikTok的怀疑态度越来越强,且可能导致美国对这一中国应用程序实施禁令之际,如今焦点落在了该公司神秘的首席执行官周受资(Shou Zi Chew)身上。
这名40岁的新加坡人将于周四(3月23日)就该应用程式的数据安全和隐私保护,以及被指与北京有关联等问题,向美国众议院能源及商业委员会(US House Energy and Commerce Committee)作证。
首席营运官凡妮莎·帕帕斯(Vanessa Pappas)一直都是TikTok面对公众时的代表人物,而她去年9月就曾就美国流向中国的数据问题遭到国会的拷问。
在这座城邦出生并长大的他,曾就读于新加坡精英中文学校华侨中学(Hwa Chong Institution),操流利英文和普通话。他在服兵役期间曾是新加坡武装部队的军官——这是一个备受尊崇的职位。
据媒体报道,他在投资公司数码天空科技(DST)任职五年,领导一个团队。该团队后来在2013成为字节跳动的早期投资人。他也曾在高盛(Goldman Sachs)做了两年的投资银行家。
仅两个月后,他就又坐上了TikTok首席执行官的位置,当时是他的前任凯文·梅尔(Kevin Mayer)在特朗普政府试图逼迫TikTok出售美国资产之际忽然辞职。


他在2月开设了自己的TikTok帐户“@shou.time”,展示他个人生活的点滴——这距离他成为这个平台的掌舵人已有近一年。自此,周受资的1.8万粉丝看到他出席超级碗(Super Bowl,超级杯)和NBA比赛,与比尔·穆雷(Bill Murray)等明星见面,还与歌手席亚拉(Ciara)跳了一段“尬舞”
他善用媒介资源,在采访中透露他是一个高尔夫爱好者,也是喜剧演员凯文·哈特(Kevin Hart)的粉丝。他妻子是投资公司CEO薇薇安·高(Vivian Kao)。作为两个小孩的父亲,他还曾说他不允许他的孩子玩TikTok,因为他们“太年幼”。
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2023.03.24 06:05 Ok_Possibility_5323 Man I was just trying to talk about my experience with being bullied… why god why

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2023.03.24 06:00 CantHaveShiOnReddit Link to rules for Old Reddit users and general reminders.

For those who use Old Reddit, You can view the rules using this link!
Attachments in comments are enabled. You can add images and gifs to your comments under posts of this subreddit.
Lastly, if you see a post that's irrelevant to the subreddit, you can report it to us by using the report button and choosing "Breaks ImTheMainCharacter's rules".
This is the best way to inform us about low quality posts, as reports are the first thing we see!
Have a nice time scrolling!
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2023.03.24 05:45 Impressive-Work-5770 S.I.M.P

S.I.M.P submitted by Impressive-Work-5770 to Indiangirlsontinder [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 05:12 Mariners_bot Post Game Chat 3/23 Mariners @ Reds

Please use this thread to discuss anything related to today's game. You may post anything as long as it falls within stated posting guidelines. You may also post gifs and memes, as long as it is related to the game. Please keep the discussion civil.
Discord: Seattle Sports

Line Score - Game Over

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
SEA 3 1 7 4 1 1 0 0 0 17 17 1 5
CIN 0 0 2 0 3 1 0 0 0 6 12 1 11

Box Score

2B India 4 1 2 0 0 0 .304
1B Vosler 1 0 0 0 0 0 .200
1B Votto 2 2 1 1 2 0 .211
2B Leyton 1 0 1 0 0 0 .500
C Stephenson, T 4 0 3 0 1 1 .283
LF Fraley 4 1 1 2 1 1 .295
DH Myers 5 1 0 0 0 1 .261
CF Friedl 3 0 1 1 0 0 .300
RF Hinds 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000
CF Ramos, H 5 0 2 1 0 1 .524
3B Senzel 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000
SS Reynolds, M 4 0 0 0 0 3 .429
SS Barrero 3 1 1 0 1 1 .278
3B Balcazar 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Williamson 2.2 8 9 9 3 3 35-23 11.20
Cachutt 1.0 5 6 6 1 0 15-8 32.40
Wynne 1.1 2 1 1 0 1 10-8 2.08
Sousa 1.0 1 1 0 1 1 10-6 2.84
Kuhnel 1.0 1 0 0 0 1 7-6 2.79
Brown, Z 1.0 0 0 0 0 3 9-9 0.00
Garcia, P 1.0 0 0 0 0 3 9-9 0.00
CF Rodríguez, Ju 3 3 3 3 1 0 .464
CF Perez, Mig 1 0 0 0 1 1 .000
2B Wong, Ko 2 2 1 1 1 0 .237
2B McCoy 2 0 0 0 0 1 .265
RF Hernández, T 4 2 2 3 0 1 .296
RF Bednar 2 0 0 0 0 2 .400
3B Suárez, E 4 1 2 2 0 1 .286
3B Ramirez, B 2 0 1 0 0 1 .333
DH Pollock 3 1 2 0 0 1 .250
DH Locklear 1 0 0 0 0 1 .333
LF Kelenic 3 2 1 1 1 1 .405
LF Davis, C 0 0 0 0 0 0 .500
C Murphy, To 4 1 1 3 0 0 .278
C O'Keefe 1 0 0 0 0 0 .412
1B La Stella 4 1 1 1 0 0 .267
1B Hummel 1 0 0 0 0 1 .314
SS Haggerty 2 3 2 2 1 0 .320
SS Caballero, J 2 1 1 0 0 1 .235
Flexen 4.0 5 2 2 2 2 29-20 2.65
Muñoz, A 1.0 2 3 1 1 2 13-10 4.50
Sewald 1.0 2 1 1 1 2 13-9 6.75
Brash 1.0 1 0 0 0 1 6-6 10.38
Topa 1.0 2 0 0 1 0 8-4 2.57
Benitez 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 5-5 0.00

Scoring Plays

Inning Event Score
T1 Teoscar Hernandez singles on a line drive to center fielder TJ Friedl. Julio Rodriguez scores. Kolten Wong to 2nd. 0-1
T1 Eugenio Suarez doubles (3) on a ground ball to left fielder Jake Fraley. Kolten Wong scores. Teoscar Hernandez to 3rd. 0-2
T1 Jarred Kelenic grounds out, second baseman Jonathan India to first baseman Joey Votto. Teoscar Hernandez scores. Eugenio Suarez to 3rd. 0-3
T2 Sam Haggerty homers (1) on a line drive to left field. 0-4
T3 Tom Murphy homers (3) on a fly ball to left center field. AJ Pollock scores. Jarred Kelenic scores. 0-7
T3 Julio Rodriguez doubles (5) on a ground ball to left fielder Jake Fraley. Sam Haggerty scores. 0-8
T3 Kolten Wong singles on a line drive to center fielder TJ Friedl. Julio Rodriguez scores. 0-9
T3 Teoscar Hernandez homers (2) on a fly ball to center field. Kolten Wong scores. 0-11
B3 Joey Votto singles on a line drive to center fielder Julio Rodriguez. Jose Barrero scores. 1-11
B3 Jake Fraley grounds into a force out, third baseman Eugenio Suarez to second baseman Kolten Wong. Joey Votto scores. Tyler Stephenson out at 2nd. Jake Fraley to 1st. 2-11
T4 Tommy La Stella singles on a ground ball to center fielder TJ Friedl. Jarred Kelenic scores. 2-12
T4 Sam Haggerty triples (1) on a fly ball to right fielder Henry Ramos. Tommy La Stella scores. 2-13
T4 Julio Rodriguez homers (2) on a fly ball to right center field. Sam Haggerty scores. 2-15
T5 Eugenio Suarez homers (2) on a fly ball to left center field. 2-16
B5 Wil Myers reaches on a throwing error by catcher Tom Murphy. Joey Votto scores. Jake Fraley to 3rd. Wil Myers to 2nd. 3-16
B5 TJ Friedl grounds out, second baseman Mason McCoy to first baseman Cooper Hummel. Jake Fraley scores. Wil Myers to 3rd. 4-16
B5 Henry Ramos singles on a line drive to left fielder Colin Davis. Wil Myers scores. 5-16
T6 Mason McCoy grounds into a double play, shortstop Jose Barrero to second baseman Jonathan India to first baseman Joey Votto. Jose Caballero scores. Miguel Perez out at 2nd. Mason McCoy out at 1st. 5-17
B6 Jake Fraley grounds out, third baseman Ben Ramirez to first baseman Cooper Hummel. Jonathan India scores. Joey Votto to 3rd. Tyler Stephenson to 2nd. 6-17


Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Save
Flexen (3-0, 2.65 ERA) Williamson (1-2, 11.20 ERA)
Attendance Weather Wind
65°F, Partly Cloudy 12 mph, Out To RF
HP 1B 2B 3B
Alan Porter Charlie Ramos Gabe Morales Mark Ripperger
Game ended at 9:12 PM.
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