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2022.10.01 15:24 Sea-Coomer Google Pixel 5a : One of the best phones I have owned

TL:DR for you fortnite big chungus zoomers; One of the best phones I have owned, very easy to apply custom ROMs to and is fairly well built. Also has a headphone jack.

Phone history

To explain why the Pixel 5a is one of the best phones I have owned requires a look into my history with cellular devices. My father is quite a big fan of Apple products, so each time I petitioned to get my own phone I would always be given an iPhone. At first this was not so much of an issue, I believe I started with an iPhone 5 in around 2014, and moved from there to owning a second hand iPhone 7 in around 2018-2019. Around the end of 2020, my iPhone died due to poor handling on my part (I'm quite clumsy when it comes to phones).
At this time I was in the dredges of my short term in college, and due to this I was separate from my parents and therefore most of my revenue stream. I did have a part-time gig with the college's IT department though, through which I was able to afford my first foray into the Android world, a AT&T Calypso/U318AA. By all intents and purposes, this phone is one of those phones a cellular company would give away to people who apply for service under them. I don't exactly want to say it, but it's pretty much a welfare phone.
This phone did not support much of what I was used to, namely iCloud services and some apps just wouldn't work due to the low power of the thing. But, it was a way to continue to talk with my parents over SMS/MMS and be able to tether to my laptop anywhere, where I got most of my banking/social media done. This little phone got me through most of my meager 1 year at college, and was fairly reliable during it. It was quite prone to scratches on the glass, due to being bog standard glass, not something like Gorilla that the iPhones/most modern phones use. But it was quite reliable with the cellular internet strength I could get, and I was mostly moving to using a laptop for most things anyway.
When I left college for the summer (and forever, so far) I decided I needed a "proper" phone to do my telephony on. At this time, Google was rolling out their new 5 series of pixel devices, so I wanted to go for a cheaper phone in that lineup, so I found myself purchasing a Pixel 4a that one fateful BestBuy trip with my friends. As soon as I got home with it, I did some research on what ROMs I could flash on it, due to having serious privacy concerns. (I know that phones are not exactly what you would want if you have privacy concerns, but I am willing to have AT&T know my approximate location at all times to have the convenience of conversing with people anywhere) I landed on flashing LineageOS on it, and it worked a breeze. I was enjoying using my Android device without any Google proprietary services on it (I was still using the default webview and DNS, both of which are owned/developed by Google).
About a year later, my Pixel 4a died (again, I'm really rough on these poor things). I was looking for upgrades, but at this point Google had been mid release of their Pixel 6a, which looked like a good phone, but had one issue. No AUX/Headphone port. Now, I'm one of those gremlins that still uses wired headphones, just for convenience and for not having an additional thing to charge when I get home. I just like being able to plug my headphones into something and not have this annoying chinese lady telling me "low battery" every 20 seconds. Anyway, since Google was not offering a headphone port on any of their 6 series, I settled on getting a 5a, whose previous flagship, the 5, did not have a headphone port.

Pixel 5a Review

This Pixel 5a is very well constructed. I've looked at online repair videos and tutorials, and it seems quite easy to fix (relatively, every modern phone is a pain in the ass). Additionally, the LineageOS devs supported this device pretty much as soon as it came out, and it works pretty well. I like the irony of having a Google device and not having any proprietary Google "services"(disservices, honestly) on it. A decent camera, not on the level of a Apple or Samsung flagship, but I'm not a professional photographer. A lot of apps available in FDroid work really well, and I find them better than their proprietary counterparts. Namely, NewPipe and Infinity. I did have a drop of the phone which bricked the screen, but a quick replacement and I was back up and running. Again, very hard on these things, and the place where I dropped it, the lower left corner, housed a lot of the screen's video circuitry.
Anyway, to wrap up this rant, I quite like this phone, and don't quite get the ironic hate in the latest video. I appreciate these phones aren't the flagships of the industry, but they are priced accordingly.
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2022.02.24 16:25 soapee01 Oneplus + 3G blocks

TLDR: I've found a way to get oneplus 3T's (op3/op6) to work after the 3G drop, but I don't know how long this will last...
Yesterday two phones/lines on my account stopped working. Both are OnePlus 3T's. I also have a Oneplus 6T on the shelf that I'm not using (got a pixel 6), and two Oneplus 7 pro's that still work. All of these phones are unlocked and purchased straight from oneplus.
I called support and got nowhere. Was told the OP3 only supports HSPA and does not support LTE. This is totally false (as verfied by the phone's specifications). I've had VoLTE working on these phones before, but I had to play the provide a supported phone's IMEI game. Yesterday my OP3T's stopped working completely. I tried putting their SIMs in my old OP6T and got no bars either. Was told by support I needed to use a supported device.
At the end of last year, AT&T sent me several AT&T Calypso U318AA phones, because I had phones on my plan that "don't support 4G LTE". I ignored this, because all of my phones do support LTE. Last night gave up and set up these phones. I moved the old SIMs over to the new phones, and couldn't get any signal. I called support again, and found out they'd killed the SIMs. The Calypso's came with new sim cards so I activated them, and I could at least talk and text again on these lines, but these phones really suck.
This morning I swapped the new SIMs back into the OP3Ts and they got signal. I had at some point earlier enabled VoLTE on these with the *#800*# method (https://www.getdroidtips.com/how-to-enable-volte-and-vowifi-on-oneplus-7-pro/). After the sim swap the phones had service and could make calls with VoLTE. Talk and text both work.
I'll test again during lunch and verify that everything still works. l. Hopefully AT&T doesn't deactivate the new SIM cards.
Both phones got a text from AT&T almost immediately saying these are not supported devices. Hopefully this continues to work, and I'll report back either way.
Of note: This is a business account
This is a bunch of BS and a huge money grab. If I can't get this to continue to work, or get some discounted phones without upping my plan (I'm talking to loyalty now about the $0.99 S20's and iphone 12's) I'll probably switch providers. Unfortunately AT&T is the only service that works well in all of the places I go. Now that I have wifi calling finally with the pixel, I may switch and just get an AT&T hotspot and carry that around if needed.
#op6t mclaren
EDIT: Profanity
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2022.02.14 23:26 Ajreil Tips for speeding up a cheap phone? AT&T Calypso free from my carrier, slow out of the box

My old phone is no longer compatible with Cricket due to the 3G shutdown. While I look for a replacement I'm stick with a U318AA AT&T Calypso that I got for free. You get what you pay for, and it's free.
So far I have:
What else can I do? It still chugs when opening the keyboard.
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2021.09.04 19:23 redlatexfanatic 3G shutting down, new phone sent by ATT for free, old phone has 4G/LTE capability

So ATT has sent me a few emails the last couple months about their 3G towers shutting down. I, and 3 others on my plan, all own a phone which has all the required bands to operate after the 3G towers shut down. ATT sent me 3 really awful phones (U318AA) that I don't want to use, and don't need to since our current phones will work perfectly fine.
However, they say that the new phones will be automatically activated in 30 days and my old phones/SIMs won't have data/service. When I went to att.com/activatesmartphone, entered my number and zip, then chose only my number to activate, it said (area) (number) [the crappy new phone] for activation. I took the SIM out of the new phone and put it in my current device. The color of the new SIM is white, and the old SIMs are orange/blue. Are the new SIMs locked to the new device?
If they're really going to deactivate my current SIMs, they better replace them for free or I'm cancelling my service immediately. I'll go back to Cricket (I know they're a subsidiary of ATT) or switch to T-Mobile.
Anyone else dealt with this?
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