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Delta is an all-in-one classic video game emulator for non-jailbroken iOS devices.

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This community consists of folks interested in adding juicing to their lifestyles for general health and/or weight loss via juice fast (also called juice feast). Several established members of this community have completed what are considered quite phenomenal feats in juicing and are available as a resource to help you plan out your approach to juicing.

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**News and information about The Liberty Amendments** *****

2023.03.24 08:29 Daniele86 x14 Clarins Double Serum/Super Restorative/Multi-Active/Extra-Firming Day Sample

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2023.03.24 08:17 shinyklefkey Takasugi Shinsaku Lines

Takasugi Shinsaku (Archer) Lines
Summon Hey, I’m Takasugi Shinsaku, Archer extraordinaire, the miraculous hero hailing from Chōshū. I’m a dependable guy, if I do say so myself, so you can count on me all you like. Spare me the boring fights, though. Well, not like you’ll have to worry about that... Why, you ask? Because, there’s no way things won’t be exciting as long as I’m around!
Level Up 1 Shinsaku, a man who can grow leaps and bounds, is in your care!
Level Up 2 If you haven't seen a man for three days,1 you know the rest. Better not miss out on my innovations, okay?
Ascension 1 How do I look? Handsome, huh? You think so too, right? I was the hottest guy around even in Chōshū, you know. Go ahead and compliment me, no need to hold back.
Ascension 2 Hm? No change of outfits this time? Boring. Let's move on to the next ascension already, hurry. Personally, I look forward to seeing how my looks will change.
Ascension 3 Hahahahahaha! I totally look like an evil mastermind, huh? I'm even dressed in black, too. At this point, I might as well act like one and create an evil army. Of course, since you're the one brought me this far, you'll collaborate with me, right? It's only natural.
Ascension 4 "Let us make an uninteresting world interesting."2 I don't know if there's such a thing as truth in this world, but as long as life is interesting, that's good enough for me. That much I'm certain of. That's right, no matter how much people laugh at us, let's continue down the path we believe in!
Bond 1 Hey, isn't there a more exciting way of doing this? If you gotta do it anyway, might as well have some fun with it rather than it be boring. That's what it means to live a pleasurable life.
Bond 2 Anything is fine so long as you get moving, if you want to achieve something, that is. Doesn't matter how smart someone might be, a slacker can never beat a fool who takes action. If you're also free and unsure of what to do, you might as well give it a try. Well, if you fail I'll cheer you right back up, so don't worry and push forward.
Bond 3 I'm bored out of my mind. Mind if I leave Chaldea for a bit? Oh, don't worry about me. I've defected from my domain so many times I'm used to it. I can't? Why not? I mean, there's things you can learn when you get out there. What do you say? How about you and I create our own Neo Chaldea? I'll be the boss, and you can serve the tea. Hahahahahaha, now that sounds rather exciting.
Bond 4 People these days live for money and fame, but you seem to be different. Living neither for money nor fame, huh... Hahahahaha, I never imagined someone like you could exist in this day and age. No, perhaps it was for that reason, fate that I appeared before you. Yeah, I'm feeling a bit sentimental, huh. Forget what I said.
Bond 5 "If a promise of immortality exists in death, one should always choose death. If a promise of great deeds exists in life, one should always choose life."3 It might be a bit hard to understand, but it's basically saying there will be times where one has to risk their life. But I guess you're risking not just your life, but the fate of humanity, too. Heh, interesting indeed. I'd like to tag along for the ride. Oho, refusing me isn't going to change my mind. You and I are like the vines on a burning mountain. Even if the vines aboveground are severed, the roots will stay intact.4 Come, let's go as far as we can. Together you and I are going to turn this world upside down!
Dialogue 1 We're heading out! Where, you ask? We can think about that after we get outta here. Just follow me! It's going to be a great time, I guarantee it!
Dialogue 2 Our Master-Servant relationship? If you want me to do as you say, you should give up. To put it simply, I've always had a hard time shutting up and listening to other people. If you want to make the most out of me, the best thing you can do is to let me do whatever I want. Yup.
Dialogue 3 Master and Servant, eh... I know it's too late to say this, but it sounds a bit old-fashioned, feudalistic, even. So, why don't you and I throw these out-of-touch labels aside?
Dialogue 4 (If you have Sakamoto Ryōma [Rider] or Sakamoto Ryōma [Lancer]) Hahahahahahaha! Still shady as ever, I see, Sakamoto-kun. Even so, it's a strange coincidence, meeting you here again. Oh, Master-kun, you better watch yourself around him. You never know what this guy's thinking. Although, I have to admit the world would be a boring place without men like him around.
Dialogue 5 (If you have Okada Izō) Okada-kun, is that you over there? Hey, come on, there's no need to run away. We used to have fun back when we were in Edo, right? ─── With my money, that is. How about it? It's been a long time, let's get drunk and party tonight. Don't worry if you don't have any money, our Master will provide the funds. Right?
Dialogue 6 (If you have Izumo no Okuni) Hey, Okuni-kun. Long time no see. Huh? "We parted ways on good terms but it's ruined now?" I suppose you could say that. Anyway, if you're free, how about sleeping into the morning with me this time? What? "I shall have to decline?" Hahahahahahaha! That's a shame!
Dialogue 7 (If you have Charles Babbage) Who is this gentleman? Steam-powered armor? That's amazing, so he's literally a gentleman of steel? I'd love to take a closer look at that armor.
Dialogue 8 (If you have Minamoto no Tametomo) Is he some kind of secret weapon developed by Chaldea or something? Huh? He's the armored warrior of Genji? By Genji, you mean THE Genji? I can't believe it. The legendary Hachirō Chinzei was a robot, that's fascinating. I wonder if I can become a cyborg too or something. Can you do it, Chaldea?
Dialogue 9 (If you have Utsumi Erice or Summer Erice) Long ago, our nation of Japan was created from Takamagahara, where the two gods Izanagi and Izanami stood at Ama no Ukihashi and used the Ame no Nuboko ─── What? You have the Ame no Nuboko? That girl possesses it, although it’s just a replica? Hahahahahaha! Excellent! I'll have to take a look. I'd like to swing it around a bit if that's okay. Hm? What was up with that story I told in the beginning? Oh, nothing, really. That's just what I do when I want to obfuscate the topic.
Dialogue 10 (If you have Okita Sōji, Saitō Hajime, Yamanami Keisuke, Okita J. Sōji, or Hijikata Toshizō) The Shinsengumi, huh... I don't really get along with them after the Ikedaya and Hamaguri Gomon Incidents...but I suppose this is another example of enemies joining forces. Wait a minute. I think it might be fun to incorporate them into the Kiheitai as the "Shinsentai." Just what I need, and if I reinforce them... Yup, this could be quite the fun.
Dialogue 11 (If you have cleared CBC 2023) "This far in, what is there to say? The late cherry blossoms flutter away, carried by the winds of my hometown. At last, I follow my teacher's footsteps in Noyamagoku."5 ...No, it's nothing. Just muttering things to myself.
Likes What do I like? Exciting things, of course. Huh? You're tired of hearing that? That's not good. You almost make it sound like I'm not an exciting person. A dilemma, indeed. Let's start by doing something exciting, something that will blow you away!
Dislikes What do I dislike? Well, in terms of food, I'd have to say pufferfish. Oh, well, I've never actually had it before, so it's not like I like or dislike the taste. It's just, dying from pufferfish toxin doesn't seem like a nice way to go, does it?
Holy Grail A Holy Grail that can grant any wish? That sounds intriguing. Hearing about it, it's obviously not a virtuous relic, no matter how you think about it. Alright then, give me one or two of those Holy Grails. I'll show you uses for it that you never thought possible.
Event There's an event underway...? Why didn't you tell me sonner? I've got to get my hands into every interesting thing that comes my way. Of course, I'll show up uninvited even if you don't call on me.
Birthday Birthday? Whose? Yours? Oh. So? Ah, you want a gift. Well, I didn't prepare anything in particular, but...I know, I'll play you a song instead. I'm pretty good with my shamisen. Yeah, looks like this is gonna be fun. If that's decided, prepare for the party!
Takasugi Shinsaku (Ascension 0-2) Lines
Battle Start 1 I've kept you waiting, my friends! I, Takasugi Shinsaku, shall lead you all to victory!
Battle Start 2 I'll show you right here what real Chōshū men are made of!
Battle Start 3 Looks like this is gonna be a boring fight... Whatever, I just need to spice things up myself!
Skill 1 "If the heart believes, then through the tongue it shall speak."6 Or so it goes.
Skill 2 If it's fun, then it's just! Amirite?
Skill 3 My friends, let's make this interesting!
Skill 4 Yaaawn... Boring.
Command Card 1 Yeah, I'm listening.
Command Card 2 I'll handle this.
Command Card 3 Very interesting!
Noble Phantasm Card 1 Just in time. I've got an idea.
Noble Phantasm Card 2 Yeah, this is the moment of truth.
Noble Phantasm Card 3 You want to see my trump card, don't you?
Attack 1 Mhmhmhmhmm~ ♪ Hyah!
Attack 2 There!
Attack 3 Take this!
Attack 4 Takasugi Buster!
Attack 5 Hahahaha! Fire, fire!!
Attack 6 Just a minute!
Attack 7 This ain't your everyday shamisen!
Attack 8 Let's go, Proto Arahabaki!
Attack 9 By the way, I'm good with swords, too.
Extra Attack 1 Here's the highlight of today!!
Extra Attack 2 Let's finish this off with a bang! Shinsaku Striiiike!!
Extra Attack 3 Now then, I'm going to have to ask you to leave!!
Noble Phantasm 1 "As long as the will exists, no matter who they are, anyone can be reinforced into a great warrior."7 This is my Noble Phantasm, the Kiheitai! Now, obliterate every single era, Arahabaki!!
Noble Phantasm 2 Alright, my friends! Let's turn this utterly boring world upside down! Charge, Super Restoration Kiheitai!!
Noble Phantasm 3 "Even if my body decays on the fields of Musashi, my Japanese spirit will live forever."8 Yep, let's get crazy! Super Restoration Kiheitai!!
Damage 1 What the hell!!
Damage 2 Ow!
Damage 3 I'm not as strong as I look!
Damage 4 Tch!
Defeat 1 Good grief, what have I done... Well, at least this beats dying on a tatami mat...
Defeat 2 Which idiot said he'd lead everyone to victory and all that crap... Heh, me, that's who...!
Defeat 3 True pleasure lies in suffering... I guess this isn't the time to say that...
Victory 1 Man, that was a lot of fun! Call on me any time you get fights like these!
Victory 2 Victory is ours! Takasugi Shinsaku reigns victorious yet again! Sucks to be you, losers! If you're feeling down, then get lost!!
Victory 3 Well, that was boring than I expected. This wasn't even worth the effort. You're not even going to undergo a transformation, an awakening, or whatever? No? Oh, well then.
Takasugi Shinsaku (Ascension 3-4) Lines
Battle Start 1 Alright everyone, we're gonna blast it for everyone to hear! That the great battle for the Meiji Restoration Upheaval is to come!!
Battle Start 2 Hahahahaha! The Kiheitai have arrived! Let's open up this era and our way!
Battle Start 3 "Let us make an uninteresting world interesting." That's right, let's sing, fight, and have fun to our heart's content!!
Skill 1 Okay, I got the general idea! Innovation!
Skill 2 I'll take a quick breather then. You should calm yourself down too.
Skill 3 Humans will always be humans, I will always be myself! As long as things are exciting, that's good enough for me!!
Skill 4 Let's play the song of life!!
Command Card 1 Hahahahahahaha!
Command Card 2 Very well!
Command Card 3 That's what I'm talking about!
Noble Phantasm Card 1 Alright, let's turn this entire place upside down!
Noble Phantasm Card 2 Time to set off some flashy fireworks!
Noble Phantasm Card 3 From here on, I shall show you everything there is to know about Takasugi Shinsaku!
Attack 1 Don't move!
Attack 2 Just like a storm!!
Attack 3 Takasugi Mega Buster!!
Attack 4 Lightning!!
Attack 5 Like thunder!!
Attack 6 You're in the way!!
Attack 7 Interesting!!
Attack 8 Let's burn it up!!
Attack 9 Hahahahahahahaha!!
Attack 10 Open the way!!
Extra Attack 1 Face this opportunity and adapt to the occasion!!
Extra Attack 2 This here is the finishing blow! Machine God Upheaval Cannon!
Extra Attack 3 Hahahahahahaha! Obliterate it all!!
Noble Phantasm 1 "I want to kill the crows of the Three Thousand Worlds, and sleep with you into the morning."9 Let's destroy everything, sing the praises of a new world, and dance merrily! Now, awaken! Super Machine God Arahabaki!!
Noble Phantasm 2 "When you hear our name it strikes fear, when you see us it strikes disgust. But we the Kiheitai are happy to be by your side!"12 That's right, this is my dream! My everything! This is my Meiji Restoration!!
Noble Phantasm 3 "Even if my body decays on the fields of Musashi, my Japanese spirit will live forever." Yep, now's the time to let loose and go crazy! Super Machine God Arahabaki!!
Damage 1 Hahahaha! I feel alive!!
Damage 2 Whoa there!
Damage 3 There's a limit to what I can take!!
Damage 4 Hgh!
Defeat 1 You're kidding, why me...! I was just about to have some fun too...!
Defeat 2 What...? But this far from over...
Defeat 3 Figures...this wasn't...entertaining at all...!
Victory 1 Hahahahaha! Did you see that!? That was Takasugi Shinsaku's battle!!
Victory 2 Yeah, did you see that, guys? I'm this world gone insane...
Victory 3 It's over now... Cough! Don't...die just yet, Shinsaku...!
Translator's Notes
  1. "If you haven't seen a man for three days..." : The original idiom is 「男子三日会わざれば刮目して見よ」or "If you haven't seen a man for three days, pay close attention to him." Meaning anyone can change or develop drastically in a short amount of time.
  2. "Let us make an uninteresting world interesting." : A poem written by Takasugi. The original is「おもしろき こともなき世を おもしろく」but it can also be interpreted as, "Live interestingly in an uninteresting world."
  3. "If a promise of immortality exists in death, one should always choose death..." : A message from Yoshida Shōin sent to Takasugi before he was executed for the Ansei Purge.
  4. "You and I are like the vines on a burning mountain..." : The original poem written by Takasugi is 「わしとお前は 焼山葛 うらは切れても 根は切れぬ」or "You and I are like the vines on a burning mountain. Even if the vines aboveground are severed, the roots shall remain intact." It was sent to Yamagata Aritomo after the battle at Kōzanji.
  5. "This far in, what is there to say? The late cherry blossoms..." : A poem Takasugi composed whiled jailed in Noyamagoku for leaving his domain.
  6. "If the heart believes, then through the tongue it shall speak." : Another quote from Takasugi.
  7. "As long as the will exists, no matter who they are, anyone can be reinforced into a great warrior." : Another quote from Takasugi.
  8. "Even if my body decays on the fields of Musashi, my Japanese spirit will live forever." : A poem Yoshida Shōin wrote shortly before his execution in 1859.
  9. "I want to kill the crows of the Three Thousand Worlds, and sleep with you into the morning." : Another poem written by Takasugi.
  10. "When you hear our name it strikes fear, when you see us it strikes disgust.." : A song Takasugi composed to promote the Kiheitai to the masses.
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2023.03.24 05:16 Pav_22 Can't expect a small indie company to keep events open for featured units smh

Can't expect a small indie company to keep events open for featured units smh submitted by Pav_22 to DBZDokkanBattle [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 05:15 weegeeman256 $25 Infect deck W/Sideboard

Hey all I built this $25 infect deck that can be thrown together most likely with some bulk you have lying around and a couple pick ups from your LGS. Has turn 2 potential but most likely a turn 3 or 4 kill without the nuts hand. Can die early to removal so playing around that is crucial. Thoightseize and grief are both super tough and likely an auto concede but damn it beating $1300 murktide deck turn 2 with draft chaff is hilarious and the best way to play FNM.
[CREATURES] 4 Glistener Elf 3 Viridian Corrupter 4 Blight Mamba
[INSTANTS] 4 Vines of Vastwood 4 Blossoming Defense 4 Groundswell 1 Become Immense 4 Might of Old Krosa 4 Giant Growth
[SORCERIES] 4 Scale Up
[ENCHANTMENTS] 2 Rancor 2 Audacity
[LANDS] 20 Forest
[SIDEBOARD] 2 Dismember 2 Fog 2 Back to Nature 3 Unnatural Restoration 3 Tormod's Crypt 2 Wilt 1 Ranger's Guile
submitted by weegeeman256 to ModernMagic [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 04:59 sleeppyp [SELL][US] Biossance, Sunday Riley, First Aid Beauty, Eve Lom, Josie Maran, Glow Recipe, and more. Everything at least 50% off retail. New items added, prices lowered.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment 1 oz (BNIB) $40 RV $85
Sonage C Shield Smart Serum 0.5 oz (BNIB) $15 RV $48
Good Molecules Hyaluronic Acid Serum 1.0 oz (BNIB) $3 RV $6
111 Skin Rose Gold Radiance Booster 0.68 oz (BNIB) $25 RV $135
No7 15% Glycolic Acid Resurfacing Peel 1 oz (BNIB) $18 RV $40
Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm 1.7 oz (BN) $15 RV $40
REN Skincare Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk 5.1 oz (BN) $18 RV $37
First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser 5.0 oz (BN) $12 RV $24
The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover 8.4 oz (BN) $9 RV $18
ClarityRX Daily Dose of Water Hyaluronic Serum 1 oz (BN) $20 RV $78
Alo Radiance Serum 1 oz (BNIB) $15 RV $68
Sunday Riley Auto-Correct Eye Cream 0.5 oz (BNIB) $30 RV $65
Biossance Squalane & Marine Algae Eye Cream 0.5 oz (BNIB) $25 RV $56
Beauty Stat Universal C Eye Perfector 0.5 oz (BNIB) $20 RV $65
Biossance Squalane & Vitamin C Rose Oil 1 oz (BN) $30 RV $74
Josie Maran Skin Dope Organic Glow Oil 0.4 oz (BN) $10 RV $22
Purito Plainet Squalane Oil expires 12/23 1 oz (BNIB) $10
Cannologica Facial Hydration Oil expires 07/23 1 oz (BNIB) $15 RV $50
First Aid Beauty Mineral Sunscreen expires 10/2024 1.7 oz (BNIB) $14 RV $28
Kate Somerville Goat Milk 1.7 oz (BNIB) $15 RV $76 (*this product is 2 years old)
Dr. Brandt Do Not Age Time Defying Cream 1.7 oz (BN sealed, old packaging) $30 RV $132
SheaMoisture Papaya and Vitamin C Moisturizer 3.5 oz (BN) $5 RV $13
Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer 2.5 oz (BN sealed) $15 RV $49
Ahava Active Moisture Day Cream 2.5 oz (BN sealed) $15 RV $49
Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pore-Tight Toner 5 oz (BNIB) $17 RV $34
Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner 3.3 oz (BN) $13 RV $26
ELF Keep Your Balance Toner 5 oz (BN) $4 RV $8
Mamonde Hydrating Beauty Water 5.07 oz (BN) $10
Tokyomilk Shea Butter Light and Soul Handcreme 2.7 oz (BNIB) $8 RV $23

Biossance Super Serums Minis Set: Squalane & Phyto-Retinol, Squalane & Lactic Acid, and Squalane & Vitamin C Dark Spot serums, each 0.33 oz (BNIB) $18
Biossance Squalane & Omega Repair Cream 0.5 oz (BN) $10 RV $20
111 Skin Y Theorem Day Cream Mini 0.5 oz (BN) $10
Fresh Rose Face Mask 0.5 oz (BNIB) $5
Youth to the People Superfood Kale Cleanser Mini 1.0 oz (BN) $3
Tatcha The Deep Cleanse 0.85 oz (BNIB) $3
Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash 1.4 oz (BN) $3
Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser 1 oz (BN) $3
Kosas Chemistry Deodorant Mini 0.67 oz (BN sealed) $3
Kopari Ultra Restore Body Butter 1.4 oz (BN) $1 each
Origins Check and Balances Frothy Face Wash 0.5 oz (BN) $1
Vichy Mineral 89 .13 oz (BNIB) $1
Clarins Peeling Beauté Elixir (BNIB) $1
Define Minus Needleless Serum Mini 0.23 oz (BN) $1

Eve Lom Cleanser 6.8 oz + one face cloth (used ~5x) $30 (RV for new is $135)
Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment (used 1x) $25 (RV for new is $56)
Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner 6.7 oz (~30% used) $10 (RV for new is $37)
Caudalie Beauty Elixir 3.3 oz (~20% used) $10 (RV for new is $39)
Wldkat Ginger & Kombucha Skin Tonic 3.3 oz (~30% used) $5 (RV for new is $20)
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer 1.7 oz (~40% used) $8 (RV for new is $22, although it appears to be discontinued)
Strivectin Cloudberry Moisture Plumping Cream Mask 2.4 oz (~20% used) $9 (RV for new was $48, although it appears to be discontinued)
Yensa Pink Lotus Peptide Renewal Eye Cream 0.5 oz (~20% used) $7 (RV for new is $48)
Bliss Block Star Invisible Daily Sunscreen SPF 30 expires 10/23 (~40% used) $5 (RV for new is $25)
Votary Rose Geranium & Apricot Cleansing Oil 3.3 oz (~25% used) $10 (RV for new is $58)

*Notes on freebies:
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2023.03.24 04:25 punitdaga31 Proximity sensor bug

Note: I've had this issue since I got my screen replaced, however, I only used my phone for 4 weeks prior to that, however I believe this to be a software issue since the proximity sensor works just fine until a bit after restarting. More details below.
I got my phone in February 2022 and used it for 4 months before I broke the screen. Got around to getting it fixed at a Google approved store in my area around October 2022. At that point, I had an issue with the proximity sensor in that it didn't work at all. Went in the store, they looked at it, got it fixed. All good, right? Wrong. Around the same time, I got myself enrolled in the beta program. It was quite good other than the fact that the Always on display seemed to not work all the time. I noticed it around December, but I'm sure it was happening before as well partly because I restarted my phone frequently then meaning I wouldn't have noticed this bug. I decided to just live with it since I was in the beta program and this sort of issue was to be expected. Filed it in the bug tracker and moved on.
The issue that I noticed was as follows: 1. This didn't show up till a bit after my phone got restarted. Sometimes minutes after, most of the time hours after, and sometimes a day or two after I restarted my phone. 2. Upon restarting my phone, it functions as expected, however, afterwards, the proximity sensor seems to always be going off (i.e. It always thinks there's something in front of it). This is a big issue because Always On Display works off of that and phone calls can be a bit of a pain, however, it's still manageable. 3. Yesterday, I noticed that when in a phone call (both WhatsApp and the Phone app), the screen would start flashing on and off, and I would not be able to take control unless I hit the power button right as the screen flashed on. This is super frustrating as now, the simple fix of using the power button doesn't work either. Enough was enough, I decided to go back to stable.
Today was day one on stable for me and my phone was completely wiped, however, I did use Google One to backup my phone data and restored most of the data (other than the apps that I didn't want to reinstall) and all was good... Right up until like an hour ago when it decided that the proximity sensor issue wanted to return. This time, on stable.
I'm so frustrated as this phone is near perfect for me other than this one single issue. I've never seen anything like it and now I'm considering starting over without any backed up data and seeing if starting this phone fresh would make a difference. This phone has been wiped clean twice over and it still has the same issue and I cannot just blame the fact that it's running beta software anymore. I need help please, and yes, I did clear the Phone app cache and whatever the first results on Google would give you. I've got the bug reported and I updated it today saying that I noticed the same issue on stable as well, but if anyone has had the same issue, please do let me know. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.03.24 02:47 Sylvadyck Another SOTF boss post

Hi, so it's been about 10 attempts at this boss and at this point I can safely say I can consistently dodge any specials be it darkness or the lightnings in phase 2. I've gotten pretty good at it so there's that. Problem is, I literally always run out of supplies when he is left with almost 100hp most of the time, I just can't hit him at all during phase 2.
My stats are pretty much all around the 75's and I'm using full melee void, fire cape, fury, zerker ring, d def and d boots.Every try I bring along darts, 1 super combat pot, 3 brews and 1 super restore, 1 prayer pot and sharks till inventory is full. I've tried more defensive setups but it's even worse hitting him.
I've seen alot of people saying they've done this with less than what I have, what's the deal? Again I can consistently dodge everything but he just shreds through my hp during phase 2 it feels like I would need a second inventory full of food.
Should I just go again until I get lucky? Also, I don't have piety unlocked, I guess that would help
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2023.03.24 01:20 dancergirlktl [Sell and Swap/US Only] Suqqu, PMG, MAC, Too Faced, Becca, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Smashbox, Tarte, Urban Decay, Clarins, Charlotte Tilbury, Colourpop, Clinique

Hi all! Help me clear out my life of backups and samples I'll never use. Hopefully you'll find a new HG or something you've always wanted to try in my stash. I've priced everything to sell and do feel the prices are fair and low but of course I'm willing to bundle. The prices are based off what I actually paid for the products, not the retail price. I buy most things on sale and you'll get a discount on top of what I paid.


Eyeshadow Verification
Base Products Verification
Blush/HighlighteBronzer Verification
Eyeliners/Mascaras/Brows Verification
Lips Verification

Other: Verification

Skincare Verification

ISO List:
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2023.03.24 01:06 slatanic2012 The screen curved out of nowhere, just opened the game and the screen looks like it is curved. Any ideas?

The screen curved out of nowhere, just opened the game and the screen looks like it is curved. Any ideas? submitted by slatanic2012 to cyberpunkgame [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 23:36 Grodin94 Where do I get these medals ?

Where do I get these medals ? submitted by Grodin94 to DokkanBattleCommunity [link] [comments]

2023.03.23 22:44 Automatic-Action-379 My first restoration 1973 Bulova super Seville.

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2023.03.23 21:59 Affectionate-Ad-737 [Product Question] Do I keep using Differin while my skin is peeling?

Current routine/face situation: I started using Differin gel two weeks ago, 1-2 times a week. Morning and night I use the Aveeno calm + restore face wash, serum and moisturizer, cetaphil cream for sensitive skin, and rose hip oil (only pm). My whole face is lightly peeling, especially around around my nose, chin and mouth area, but I don't have any red, irritated or burnt spots like I have seen others mention.
I am super new this, so does anyone know if I should keep using Differin while my skin is peeling or wait each time until the peeling stops to use it again? I am just worried that if I have to wait until the peeling stops each time that it will take a lot longer to see results and for my skin to get used to it.
I would really appreciate any suggestions or advice, thanks:)
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2023.03.23 21:22 Sybali How’s your guy’s summons? 650 stones down the drain for 1 Ssj Vegeta and 1 Broly :)

How’s your guy’s summons? 650 stones down the drain for 1 Ssj Vegeta and 1 Broly :) submitted by Sybali to DokkanBattleCommunity [link] [comments]

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Rumble (2022) HD/VU $5
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Seven HD/MA $5
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Sing Street HD/VU $4
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Sorry to Bother You HD/MA $4
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Tar (2022) HD/MA $6.5
Tar (2022) HD/MA $6.5
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Tetro HD/VU $4
Thanks for Sharing HD/VU $4
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The Assignment HD/VU $4
The Banshees of Inisherin (2022) HD/MA $5 or HD/GP $4.5
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The Emoji Movie HD/MA $3
The Favourite HD/MA $4.5
The Forbidden Kingdom HD/VU $4.5
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The Great Wall 4K/IT $3.5
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The Hate U Give HD/MA $4
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The House with a Clock in Its Walls 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
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The Hunt HD/MA $4.5
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The Island HD/VU $4.5
The Kid Who Would Be King 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
The King's Man 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/GP $3.5
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The Limey (1999) 4K/VU $5.5
The Lion King (1994) 4K/MA $5 or HD/GP $3
The Lost Boys (1987) 4K/MA $6
The Lost City (2022) 4K/VU $5.5
The Many Saints of Newark HD/MA $4
The Mask of Zorro 4K/MA $6
The Maze Runner HD/MA $3.5
The Menu (2022) HD/MA $5.5 or HD/GP $5
The Midnight Meat Train (Unrated) HD/VU $4
The Mitchells vs the Machines HD/MA $4.5
The Night House HD/GP $4
The Northman (2022) 4K/MA $6 or HD/MA $4.5
The Prince of Egypt HD/MA $4.5
The Princess and The Frog HD/GP $3.5
The Protege HD/VU $4
The Purge 5-Film Collection 4K/MA $22
The Raid: Redemption (Theatrical & Unrated) HD/MA $5
The Rescuers Down Under HD/GP $4.5
The Rescuers HD/MA $5 or HD/GP $4.5
The Right One 4K/VU $5.5
The Ring HD/VU $4.5
The Rules of Attraction HD/VU $4
The Scorpion King 4-Film Bundle (1, 3-5) HD/MA $12
The Skeleton Twins HD/VU $4.5
The Spirit HD/VU $4
The Sting 4K/MA $5
The Suicide Squad (2021) 4K/MA $5.5
The Virtuoso 4K/VU $5
The Walking Dead: Season 5 HD/VU $6.5
The Warriors HD/VU $4
The Watch HD/MA or IT $3.5
The Weekend HD/VU $4
The Wicker Man (1973) HD/VU $4.5
The Witches (2020) 4K/MA $6
The Wolf Man (1941) 4K/MA $5
The Woman King (2022) HD/MA $5.5
There's Something About Mary HD/MA $5
Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) HD/GP $3.5
Those Who Wish Me Dead HD/MA $4.5
To Kill a Mockingbird 4K/MA $5.5
Tommy Lee Jones 4-Film Set (US Marshalls HD, The Client, Cobb, Space Cowboys) SD/MA $10
Touched With Fire HD/VU $4.5
Trading Places HD/VU $4
Triple 9 HD/IT $3.5
Troy (Director's Cut) HD/MA $4.5
Truth or Dare (Unrated) HD/MA $4
Tucker: The Man and His Dream 4K/VU $5
Turning Red (2022) HD/GP $3.5
Twilight HD/VU $4
Uncharted (2022) HD/MA $4
Underwater HD/MA $4.5
Unfriended: Dark Web HD/MA $4
Universal Classic Monsters 4-Film Set (Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Invisible Man) 4K/MA $16
Vengeance (2022) HD/MA $5.5
Venom: Let There Be Carnage HD/MA $4
W. HD/VU $4
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps SD/IT $1.5
Warhunt (2022) 4K/VU $5.5
Warlock (1989) HD/VU $4.5
We Bought a Zoo SD/IT $1.5
Where the Crawdads Sing (2022) HD/MA $4.5
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 4K/MA $5.5
X-Men Beginnings Trilogy (First Class, Days of Future Past, Apocalypse) HD/MA $9
X-Men First Class & Days of Future Past HD/MA $6.5
Zero Dark Thirty HD/MA $3.5

All other movies (A-Z)
101 Dalmatians HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
12 Strong HD/MA $3.5
12 Years a Slave HD/MA $3.5
13 Hours Soldiers of Benghazi HD/VU $2.5
1917 HD/MA $3.5
2 Fast 2 Furious HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
2 Guns HD/VU or IT $2.5
21 Jump Street HD/MA $3 or SD/MA $1.5
22 Jump Street SD/MA $1.5
3 From Hell (Unrated) 4K/VU $4 or HD/VU $2.5
3:10 to Yuma 4K/VU $5
31 (2016) HD/VU $2.5
47 Meters Down HD/IT $3.5
47 Meters Down: Uncaged HD/VU $3.5
47 Ronin 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
71 HD/VU $4
A Clockwork Orange 4K/MA $5
A Most Wanted Man HD/VU $3.5
A Quiet Place HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
A Quiet Place Part 2 4K/VU $5.5
A Star is Born (2018) 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
A Thousand Words HD/VU $4
A Wrinkle in Time 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
About Time HD/VU or IT $3.5
Action Point HD/IT $2
Adore HD/VU or IT $3.5
After Earth HD/MA $3
Age of Adaline HD/IT $2.5
Aladdin (2019) 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Alex Cross HD/VU or IT $2
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day HD/GP $3
Alfred Hitchcock 5-Film Set (Saboteur, Shadow of Doubt, Trouble with Harry, Marnie, Family Plot) 4K/MA $24
Alice Through the Looking Glass HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Alien 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Alien 6-Film Collection HD/MA $18
Alien Covenant HD/MA $2.5
Alita Battle Angel 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
All Eyez on Me HD/VU or IT $3
All is Lost HD/VU $3.5
All Nighter HD/MA $3.5
All the Money in the World HD/MA $3.5
Aloha HD/MA $3.5 or SD/MA $1
Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip HD/MA $2.5
America: Imagine the World Without Her HD/VU $1.5
American Assassin 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
American Frontier Trilogy (Sicario, Wind River, Hell or High Water) HD/VU $7.5
American Hustle SD/MA $1.5
American Made 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
American Night HD/VU $4
American Psycho (Uncut) 4K/VU $5
American Reunion HD/VU or IT $3
American Ultra HD/IT $4
Anchorman 2: Legend Continues HD/VU $2.5
Angel Heart 4K/VU $5.5
Angel of Mine 4K/VU $5.5
Anna 4K/VU $5
Anna Karenina HD/IT $3.5
Annie (2014) HD/MA $3.5 or SD/MA $1.5
Annihilation HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Antebellum 4K/VU $5
Ant-Man and the Wasp 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Ant-Man HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Apollo 13 4K/MA or IT $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Arctic HD/MA $4
Arnold Schwarzenegger 6-Film Collection (Last Stand, Total Recall, T-2, Red Heat, Maggie, Hercules in NY) HD/VU $14
Arrival HD/VU $2.5
Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 3 HD/VU $5
Ash vs Evil Dead: The Complete Series HD/VU $14
Assassination Nation HD/MA $3.5
Assassin's Creed HD/MA $3
Atomic Blonde 4K/MA or IT $4.5
August Osage County HD/VU $3
Avengers Age of Ultron HD/MA $3.5 pr HD/GP $3
Avengers Endgame 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Avengers Infinity War HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Back to the Future Trilogy 4K/MA $14.5 or HD/MA $10
Bad Boys for Life HD/MA $4
Bad Grandpa HD/VU or IT $2.5
Bad Words HD/IT $3
Bambi HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Bangkok Dangerous HD/VU $4
Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar 4K/VU $5.5
Barbie & Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure HD/VU or IT $3.5
Barbie in Princess Power HD/IT $3.5
Barbie: Star Light Adventure HD/IT $3.5
Batman Animated 3-Film (Gotham Knight, Under Red Hood, Year One) HD/MA $11
Battle of the Year HD/MA $3.5
Battleship HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Baywatch HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Beatriz at Dinner HD/VU $4.5
Beauty and the Beast (1991) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Beauty and the Beast (2017) HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Before I Fall HD/VU or IT $3.5
Begin Again HD/VU $3.5
Ben-Hur (2016) HD/VU or IT $3.5
Big Eyes HD/VU $3.5
Big Hero 6 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Big Little Lies: Season 1 HD/GP $2.5
Billy Elliot HD/IT $3.5
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk HD/MA $4
Black Panther 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $2.5
Black Widow HD/GP $3
Blackhat HD/IT $3.5
Blockers HD/MA $3.5
Boardwalk Empire: Season 1 HD/VU or IT $4
Bombshell 4K/VU $5
Book Club HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Book of Eli HD/MA $4
Born a Champion 4K/VU $5
Boy Erased HD/MA $4
Boyhood HD/VU or IT $2.5
Braven HD/VU $4
Brian Banks HD/MA $3.5
Bullet to the Head HD/MA $3
Bumblebee HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Captain America: Civil War HD/GP $2.5
Captain America: First Avenger HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Captain America: Winter Soldier HD/GP $3.5 or SD/IT $1.5
Captain Marvel 4K/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $2
Captain Phillips SD/MA $1.5
Carol HD/VU $4
Carrie (2013) HD/VU $3.5
Cars 3 HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Cars HD/GP $3
Cell (2016) HD/VU $3.5
Chaos Walking 4K/VU $5
Chappie SD/MA $1.5
Charlotte's Web (2006) HD/VU $4
Chicago (Diamond Edition) HD/VU $4
Chips HD/MA $3
Christopher Robin HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Cloverfield 4K/VU $5.5
Cloverfield HD/VU $4
Coco HD/GP $2.5
Cold Pursuit 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Collateral Beauty HD/MA $3.5
Columbiana (Unrated) HD/MA $4
Come and Find Me HD/VU $4
Company of Heroes HD/MA $4
Contagion HD/MA $3.5
Contraband HD/IT $3
Cooties HD/VU $4
Cosmic Sin HD/VU $4
Crank 4K/VU $5.5
Crash (2004) HD/VU $4.5
Crawl 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) HD/MA $3.5
Crimson Peak HD/IT $3.5
Cruella HD/GP $3
Cry Macho HD/MA $4.5
Daddy's Home 2 HD/VU or IT $3
Daddy's Home HD/VU $3
Darkest Hour (2017) 4K/MA $5.5
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes HD/MA $3.5
Daybreakers 4K/VU $5.5
Deadpool 2 (w/Super Duper Cut) 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Deadpool HD/MA $2.5
Deadwood: The Movie HD/VU $4
Dear Evan Hansen HD/MA $3.5
Dear White People HD/VU $3.5
Dementia 13 (Director's Cut) HD/VU $4
Denial (2016) HD/IT $4
Despicable Me 2 HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Despicable Me 4K/IT $5 or SD/IT $1.5
Detroit HD/MA $3.5
Dirty Dancing 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Disney Animated Short Films Collection HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Divergent HD/VU $1.5 or 4K/IT $2 or SD/VU $0.5
Divergent: Allegiant HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Divergent: Insurgent HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Django Unchained HD/VU $3
Do the Right Thing 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Doctor Strange HD/GP $2.5
Dom Hemingway HD/MA $3.5
Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot HD/VU $4
Doom (Unrated) 4K/MA $5.5
Dora and the Lost City of Gold HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Downton Abbey: The Movie HD/MA $4
Dracula (1931) HD/MA $3.5
Dracula Untold HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Draft Day HD/VU $3.5
Dragged Across Concrete HD/VU $3.5
Dream House HD/IT $3
Dreamkatcher HD/VU $4
Dredd HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Dumbo (2019) HD/GP $3
Dune (2021) 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
Dying of the Light HD/VU $2.5
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial 4K/VU or IT $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Edge of Tomorrow 4K/MA $5
Edward Scissorhands HD/MA $3.5
El Chicano HD/MA $4
Encanto 4K/GP $3.5
Enemy at the Gates HD/VU $4
Enough Said HD/MA $3.5
Epic HD/MA $3
Escape Plan HD/VU $2
Eternals HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Everest 4K/IT $5
Ex Machina HD/VU $3
Exodus: Gods and Kings HD/MA $3.5
Extreme Prejudice (1987) HD/VU $4
Fast and Furious (2009) HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Fast and Furious 6 (Extended) HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
Fast Color 4K/VU $5.5
Fast Five (Extended) HD/VU or IT $2.5
Fatale 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Father Figures HD/MA $3.5
Fences HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Ferdinand HD/MA $3.5
Fifty Shades Darker (Unrated) HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Fifty Shades Freed HD/MA $4.5
Fifty Shades of Grey (Unrated) HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Finding Dory HD/GP $2
Finding Nemo HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
First Blood 4K/VU $5
First Man HD/MA $4
Flight HD/VU or IT $3
Florence Foster Jenkins HD/VU or IT $3
Footloose (2011) HD/IT $3
Forever My Girl HD/IT $3
Forrest Gump HD/VU $3.5
Fortress HD/VU $4
Four Brothers HD/VU $4
Four Kids and It HD/VU $3.5
Fox and the Hound 2 HD/MA $4
Frank and Lola HD/VU or IT $3
Frankenstein (1931) HD/VU $3.5
Free Guy HD/GP $3.5
Friday the 13th: Pt 3 HD/VU $3.5
Frozen (Sing-Along Edition) HD/MA $2 or HD/GP $1.5
Frozen 2 HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Frozen HD/GP $2
Furious 7 (Extended) HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
Fury HD/MA $3.5
G.I. Joe Retaliation HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Gambit (2012) HD/MA $4
Game of Thrones: Season 2 HD/VU $3
Gamer SD/IT $1.5
Gemini Man 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Get Out HD/MA $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Ghost in the Shell (1995) 4K/VU $5
Ghostbusters (1984) HD/MA $3.5
Ghostbusters 2 HD/MA $3.5
Ghostbusters: Afterlife HD/MA $4
Girls Trip HD/VU or IT $2
God's Not Dead 2 HD/MA or IT $2.5
Gods of Egypt HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Gold (2016) HD/VU or IT $2.5
Good Kill HD/VU or IT $3.5
Grace Unplugged HD/VU $2
Gran Torino SD/IT $1.5
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 HD/GP $2
Guest House 4K/VU $5
Gulliver's Travels SD/IT $1.5
Hacksaw Ridge HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Hail, Caesar! HD/IT $3
Hammer of the Gods HD/VU $2
Hancock SD/IT $1.5
Hands of Stone HD/VU $3.5
Hannibal: Season 1 HD/VU $5
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (Unrated) HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Hard Target 2 HD/IT $1.5
Hardcore Henry HD/VU or IT $3.5
Heaven is for Real SD/MA $1.5
Hell Fest 4K/VU $5
Hell or High Water HD/VU $2.5
Hellboy (2019) HD/VU $3 or 4K/VU $4.5
Hercules (1997) HD/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $4
Hercules (2014) HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Here Comes the Boom HD/MA $3.5
Hidden Figures HD/MA $3
Hillsong: Let Hope Rise HD/IT $2
Hocus Pocus HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Home Alone HD/MA $3.5
Honey 2 HD/VU $3
Hop HD/MA or IT $3
Hope Springs HD/MA $2.5 or SD/MA $1
Hostiles HD/VU $3
Hot Fuzz HD/VU $4
Hotel Mumbai HD/MA $4
Hours (2013) HD/VU $4
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) 4K/MA or IT $5 or HD/MA $3.5
How to be Single HD/MA $3
How to Train Your Dragon 2 HD/MA $2.5
How to Train Your Dragon HD/VU $3.5
How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy HD/MA $9
Hugo HD/VU or IT $3
Hunter Killer 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
I Can Only Imagine HD/VU $4
I Feel Pretty HD/IT $2
Ice Age HD/MA $3
Ice Age: Continental Drift HD/MA $3
In the Heights HD/MA $4 or SD/MA $2
Incredibles 2 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Independence Day Resurgence HD/MA $2.5
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 4K/VU $5.5
Indignation HD/VU $4
Initiation 4K/VU $5
Inside Out HD/GP $2
Instant Family HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Interstellar HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $5
Into the Woods HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Iron Man 2 HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5 or SD/IT $1.5
Iron Man 3 HD/GP $2
Iron Man HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
It Follows HD/VU $3.5
It's a Wonderful Life 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Jack and Jill HD/MA $3.5
Jack Reacher HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $4.5
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Jacob's Ladder HD/VU $4
Jarhead 3: The Siege (Unrated) HD/IT $2.5
Jason Bourne HD/VU $2.5
Jason Statham 4-Film (War, Crank 1 & 2, Transporter 3) HD/VU $10
Jason Statham 6-Film (War, Crank 1 & 2, Bank Job, Wild Card, Transporter 3) HD/VU $14
Jaws HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot HD/VU $3
Jersey Boys HD/MA $2.5
Jigsaw 4K/VU $4.5
Joe HD/VU $3.5
John Wick 1 & 2 Bundle HD/VU $4
John Wick 3 Parabellum 4K/VU $4.5
John Wick Chapter 2 HD/VU $3.5
John Wick HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
John Wick Trilogy (Parabellum 4K) HD/VU $9
John Wick Trilogy 4K/VU $13
Jonah Hex HD/MA $4.5
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island HD/MA $3
Judy 4K/VU $5
Jungle Cruise HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Jurassic Park 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Jurassic World 5-Film Collection HD/MA $14
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom HD/MA $3
Jurassic World HD/VU $2.5
Just Mercy HD/MA $3.5 or SD/MA $1.5
Justice (2017) HD/VU or IT $3
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never SD/IT $1.5
Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain HD/VU or IT $3
Kick-Ass 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
Kidnap HD/VU or IT $2.5
Killer Elite HD/IT $3
Killerman HD/VU $4
Kin (2018) 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
King Kong (2005) 4K/MA or IT $5
Kingsman: The Golden Circle 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3
Kingsman: The Secret Service HD/MA $3.5
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang HD/MA $4.5
Kung Fu Panda 3 HD/MA $3
La La Land 4K/IT $3.5
Labor Day HD/VU or IT $3
Lady Macbeth HD/VU $4.5
Lara Croft Tomb Raider (2001) 4K/VU $5
Last Knights HD/VU $3.5 or SD/VU $1.5
Last Vegas HD/MA $3.5
Lawless HD/VU $4
Lawrence of Arabia (Restored) HD/MA $4
Leatherface HD/VU $4
Leprechaun 7-Film Collection HD/VU $12
Les Miserables (2012) HD/VU or IT $2
Let Me Explain HD/IT $2.5
Let's be Cops HD/MA $3.5
Life (2017) HD/MA $3.5
Life of Crime HD/VU $3.5
Light of My Life HD/IT $3.5
Like a Boss HD/VU $3.5
Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Lincoln Lawyer 4K/VU $6.5 or HD/VU $4
Live by Night HD/MA $3
Logan HD/MA $3
Logan Lucky 4K/MA or IT $4.5
London Has Fallen HD/IT $3
Lone Survivor 4K/MA or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $2.5
Long Shot HD/VU $3.5
Looper HD/MA $3.5
Love and Monsters 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $4.5
Love the Coopers HD/VU or IT $4
Love, Simon HD/MA $3.5
Loving HD/VU or IT $3.5
Luca HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Lucy HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted HD/VU or IT $3
Madea's Witness Protection SD/IT $1.5
Maleficent 4K/MA $4 or HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Maleficent Mistress of Evil HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Mama HD/IT $3
Mamma Mia Here We Go Again HD/MA $2.5
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom HD/VU $4
Mary Poppins (1964) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Mary Poppins Returns HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Max HD/MA $3.5
Max Steel HD/IT $3
McKenna Shoots for the Stars HD/IT $2
Mechanic Resurrection HD/VU $2.5
Megan Leavey HD/VU or IT $3
Midnight Sun HD/MA $3.5
Midway 4K/VU $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Mile 22 HD/IT $3
Million Dollar Arm HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
MindGamers HD/MA or IT $3.5
Minions 4K/MA or IT $4.5 HD/VU $3
Misconduct HD/VU $2.5
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children HD/MA $3
Mission: Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol HD/VU $2
Mission: Impossible 6 Fallout 4K/VU or IT $4.5
Mission: Impossible 6-film Set 4K/VU or IT $23 or HD/VU $17
Moana HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Moneyball HD/MA $3
Monkey Kingdom HD/MA $3
Monsters University HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Mortal Engines HD/MA $4
Mortal HD/VU $4
Mother! HD/VU $2.5
Mr. Poppers Penguins SD/IT $1.5
Much Ado About Nothing (2013) HD/VU $4
Mud HD/VU $2.5
Mulan (2020) HD/GP $2.5
Muppets Most Wanted HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Murder on the Orient Express HD/MA $3.5
My All American HD/MA or IT $3.5
Nebraska HD/VU $3
Nerve HD/IT $3.5
New Year's Eve HD/MA $2
News of the World HD/MA $4
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb HD/MA $3
Nightmare Alley HD/GP $3.5
No Escape (2015) HD/VU $3
No Strings Attached HD/VU or IT $4
No Time to Die 4K/IT $4.5
Noah HD/VU or IT $2.5
Nobody's Fool HD/IT $2.5
Non-Stop HD/VU or IT $3
Norm of the North HD/VU $2.5
Nostalgia (2018) HD/MA $3.5
Now You See Me 2 HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Now You See Me HD/VU or IT $2.5 or SD/VU $1
Oblivion HD/MA $3.5
Occupation (2018) HD/VU $3.5
Occupation: Rainfall HD/VU $4
Office Christmas Party HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Olaf's Frozen Adventure HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
One Direction: This is Us SD/MA $1.5
Ong Bak 2 HD/VU $3
Onward HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Ouija HD/IT $3.5
Ouija: Origin of Evil HD/VU or IT $3.5
Our Brand is Crisis HD/MA $3.5
Outlander: Season 1 Vol 1 HD/VU $5.5
Overdrive HD/IT $2.5
Overlord 4K/IT $3.5
Oz the Great and Powerful HD/GP $2.5
Paddington HD/VU $3.5
Pain and Gain HD/VU or IT $3.5
Paranormal Activity 3 (Extended) HD/VU or IT $3
Paranormal Activity 4 HD/IT $2.5
Paranormal Activity HD/VU or IT $4
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones HD/VU $3.5
Passengers HD/MA $3
Patriot Games 4K/VU $5
Patriot's Day HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 HD/MA $3.5
Penguins of Madagascar HD/MA $3.5
Pet Sematary (2019) 4K/IT $3.5
Pete's Dragon (2016) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Philomena HD/VU $2.5
Pinocchio (1940) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales HD/GP $2.5
Pitch Perfect 2 4K/MA $4 or HD/VU $2.5
Pitch Perfect HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Pixar Short Films Collection Vol. 3 HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Planes HD/MA $2.5 or HD/GP $2
Planes: Fire and Rescue HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Playing with Fire HD/IT $2.5
Pocahontas HD/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $4
Point Break (2015) 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Power Rangers (2017) 4K/VU or IT $4.5
Precious HD/VU $4.5
Predator 4-Film Collection HD/MA $11
Premium Rush HD/MA $3.5
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies SD/MA $1.5
Primal HD/VU $3.5
Project Almanac HD/IT $3.5
Prometheus HD/MA $2.5
Punisher War Zone 4K/VU $5.5
Queen and Slim HD/MA $4
Ralph Breaks the Internet HD/GP $2
Rambo (2008) 4K/VU $5.5
Rambo 3 4K/VU $5.5
Rambo 5-Film Collection 4K/VU $23 or HD/VU $17
Rambo: First Blood Pt 2 4K/VU $5.5
Rambo: Last Blood 4K/VU $4.5
Rango HD/VU $3.5
Raya and the Last Dragon HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Reclaim HD/VU $3.5
RED 2 HD/VU $2
Red Dawn (2012) HD/IT $3
Red Riding Hood HD/MA $4
Red Sparrow HD/MA $3.5
Replicant (2001) HD/VU $3.5
Replicas HD/VU $3.5
Requiem for a Dream (Director's Cut) 4K/VU $5.5
Riddick (Unrated) HD/VU or IT $3
Ride Along HD/VU or IT $2.5
Rings HD/VU or IT $2.5
Riot HD/VU or IT $3
RIPD HD/VU or IT $2.5
Risen HD/MA $3
Robin Hood (1973) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/VU $3
Robocop (2014) HD/VU $2.5
Rocketman (2019) 4K/IT $4
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story HD/GP $2
Ron's Gone Wrong HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Rough Night 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Rugrats Go Wild HD/VU $4
Run All Night HD/MA $2
Runner Runner HD/MA $3.5
Rush HD/VU or IT $3
Safe HD/VU or IT $2.5
Saige Paints the Sky HD/IT $3
Same Kind of Different as Me HD/VU or IT $3
Samson HD/MA $3.5
Savages HD/IT $3
Saving Mr. Banks HD/GP $3
Saw HD/VU $3
Scarface HD/VU $4
Scary Movie 5 HD/VU $4.5
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 4K/VU $4.5
Schindler's List 4K/MA $5.5
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse HD/IT $3
Scream (1996) HD/VU $4
Scream 2 4K/VU $5.5
Scrooged HD/IT $4
Selma HD/VU or IT $2.5
Serenity (2005) 4K/MA or IT $5.5
Shang-Chi Legend of the Ten Rings HD/GP $3
Sharp Objects HD/GP $2
Shaun the Sheep Movie HD/VU $3
Sherlock Gnomes HD/VU or IT $2.5
She's Having a Baby HD/VU $3.5
Shivers HD/VU $4
Siberia (2020) HD/VU $4
Sicario HD/VU $2.5
Side Effects HD/IT $3.5
Sing (2016) 4K/VU or IT $4.5
Singing in the Rain 4K/MA $5.5
Sinister HD/VU or IT $2.5
Sisters (Unrated) HD/IT $2.5
Skyfall HD/VU $2.5
Skyscraper HD/MA $3.5
Sleeping Beauty (1959) HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Sleepless HD/IT $2
Smurfs: The Lost Village HD/MA $3.5
Snatched HD/MA $2
Snitch HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3 or SD/VU or IT $1.5
Snow White and the Huntsman (Extended Edition) 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $3
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Solo: A Star Wars Story HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Some Kind of Wonderful HD/VU $3.5
Songbird 4K/IT $4.5
Sonic the Hedgehog HD/VU $3.5
Soul HD/GP $2.5
Southpaw HD/VU $3
Southside With You HD/VU $4.5
Spider-Man 4-Cut Set (Spider-Man 2 w/ Theatrical & Extended) HD/MA $11.5
Spider-Man 5-Cut Set (Spider-Man 2 & 3 w/ Theatrical & Extended) HD/MA $14.5
Spider-Man Far From Home HD/MA $3.5
Spider-Man Homecoming HD/MA $3
Spider-Man Homecoming/Far From Home Bundle HD/MA $6
Spider-Man No Way Home SD/MA $2
Spies in Disguise HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
Spiral (2021) 4K/VU or IT $4.5
Split 4K/MA or IT $5 or HD/MA $3.5
Spongebob Sponge out of Water HD/IT $2.5
Spy (Unrated) HD/MA $3.5
St. Vincent HD/VU $3
Stand Up Guys HD/VU $3.5
Star Trek (2009) HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Star Trek 1-4 (Motion Picture, Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, Voyage Home) 4K/VU $18
Star Trek Beyond HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Star Trek Into Darkness HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Star Wars The Force Awakens HD/GP $1.5
Star Wars The Last Jedi HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker 4K/MA $5 or HD/GP $2.5
Step Up: Revolution HD/IT $3
Straight Outta Compton (Theatrical and Unrated) 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/MA $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Stronger HD/VU $4.5
Stuber 4K/MA $6
Suburbicon HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
Succession Season 1 HD/IT $3.5
Suits Season 2 HD/IT $3.5
Sully HD/MA $3.5
Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat HD/VU $3.5
Super 8 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
Super Buddies HD/GP $2
Sword in the Stone HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
Ted (Unrated) HD/IT $3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows HD/VU $3.5 or 4K/IT $4
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Extended) HD/VU $4.5
Terminator 2: Judgment Day 4K/VU $5
Terminator Dark Fate 4K/IT $3
Terminator Genisys HD/VU $2.5
That Awkward Moment SD/MA $1.5
The 15:17 to Paris HD/MA $3.5
The 33 HD/MA $2.5
The 5th Wave HD/VU $3
The Adventures Of TinTin HD/IT $2.5
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 HD/MA $4
The Amazing Spider-Man HD/MA $3.5 or SD/MA $1.5
The Art of Racing in the Rain HD/VU $4
The Avengers HD/GP $3
The Bank Job HD/VU $3.5
The Batman: The Complete Series (2000s) HD/VU $18
The BFG HD/MA $3.5
The Big Lebowski 4K/MA or IT $5.5 or HD/MA $4
The Big Short HD/VU or IT $3.5
The Big Wedding SD/IT $1
The Birth of a Nation HD/MA $3.5
The Blair Witch Project (1999) HD/VU $4
The Book of Life HD/MA $3.5
The Boss Baby HD/MA $3
The Bourne 5-Film Collection 4K/MA $22
The Bourne Identity HD/VU $3.5
The Bourne Legacy HD/VU $2
The Bourne Supremacy HD/VU $3.5
The Bourne Ultimatum 4K/MA $5.5
The Boy 2 HD/IT $3.5
The Boy HD/IT $3.5
The Butler HD/VU $3
The Butterfly Effect HD/MA $4
The Bye Bye Man (Unrated) HD/IT $2.5
The Cabin in the Woods 4K/VU or IT $4.5 or HD/VU $2.5
The Call of the Wild 4K/MA $4.5 or HD/GP $2.5
The Case for Christ HD/IT $2.5
The Children (2008) HD/VU $4
The Collection HD/VU $3.5
The Commuter 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
The Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, World's End) 4K/MA $15
The Counselor HD/MA $4
The Courier 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
The Croods HD/VU $3.5
The Curse of La Llorona HD/MA $4
The D Train 4K/IT $4
The Dark Tower HD/MA $3.5
The Darkness HD/IT $3
The Descendants SD/IT $1.5
The Descent (Unrated) HD/VU $4
The Dilemma HD/VU $3.5 or SD/IT $1.5
The Doorman 4K/MA $5 or HD/VU $3.5
The Doors 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
The Duff SD/VU $1.5
The Edge of Seventeen HD/VU or IT $3
The Equalizer HD/MA $3
The Expendables 2 HD/VU or IT $1
The Expendables 3 (Theatrical) HD/VU $2 or 4K/IT $2.5
The Expendables 3 (Unrated) HD/IT $2.5
The Fast and the Furious 6-film Collection HD/VU $12.5 or (Fast 5 HD) 4K/IT $16
The Fast and the Furious 7-film Collection HD/VU $14 or (Fast 5 HD) 4K/IT $17
The Fast and the Furious 8-film Collection (9 Films) HD/MA $17.5
The Fast and the Furious 9-film Collection (11 Films) HD/MA $20
The Fast and the Furious HD/VU $3.5
The Fate of the Furious (Extended) HD/VU $2
The Fate of the Furious (Theatrical) HD/VU or IT $1.5
The Fault in Our Stars HD/MA $3.5
The Finest Hours HD/GP $3
The French Dispatch HD/MA $4 or HD/GP $3.5
The Frozen Ground (2013) HD/VU $3.5
The Gallows HD/MA $3
The Gambler HD/IT $3
The Gambler HD/VU $3
The Girl on the Train HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
The Girl With All The Gifts HD/VU $4
The Glass Castle 4K/VU $5.5
The Glorias 4K/VU $5
The Godfather Coda: Death of Michael Corleone HD/VU $4
The Good Dinosaur HD/MA $3 or HD/GP $2.5
The Good Lie HD/MA $3
The Greatest Showman HD/MA $3.5
The Green Mile 4K/MA $5.5
The Grey HD/VU or IT $3
The Guilt Trip HD/VU or IT $3
The Gunman HD/MA $3
The Hangover SD/IT $1.5
The Hateful Eight HD/VU $3.5
The Heat HD/MA $3
The Hitman's Bodyguard 4K/VU $5 or HD/VU $3.5
The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard 4K/VU $5.5 or HD/VU $4
The Homesman HD/VU $3
The Hundred-Foot Journey HD/MA $3.5
The Hunger Games 4-Film Collection HD/VU $8
The Hunger Games Catching Fire HD/VU $1.5 or 4K/IT $2 or SD/VU $.5
The Hunger Games HD/VU $1.5 or 4K/IT $2 or SD/VU $.0.5
The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 HD/VU $2.5 or 4K/IT $3 or SD/VU $1
The Huntsman Winter's War (Extended) HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
The Hurricane Heist 4K/VU $5
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The Internship SD/IT $1.5
The Intruder HD/MA $3
The Invisible Man (1933) HD/MA $3.5
The Invisible Man (2020) 4K/MA $5.5 or HD/MA $4
The Jesus Music HD/VU $3.5
The Knick: Season 1 HD/IT $3.5
The Knick: Season 2 HD/IT or GP $3.5
The Last Airbender HD/VU $4.5
The Last Exorcism HD/VU $4
The Last Man (2019) HD/VU $4
The Last Stand HD/IT $2
The Last Witch Hunter HD/VU $3 or 4K/IT $3.5
The Life of Pi 4K/MA $5 or HD/MA or IT $3.5
The Lion King (2019) HD/GP $2
The Lone Ranger HD/MA $3.5 or HD/GP $3
The Longest Ride HD/MA $3
The Longest Week HD/VU $3.5
The Lorax (1972) HD/MA $5
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The Lords of Salem HD/VU $4
The Lost World: Jurassic Park HD/MA $3
The Lucky One HD/MA $2.5
The Magnificent Seven (2016) HD/VU $3
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. HD/MA $4
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The Martian (Extended) 4K/MA $6
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The Matrix Resurrections HD/MA $4
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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones HD/MA $3 or SD/MA $1.5
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Why Him? HD/MA $3
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Woodlawn HD/IT $3.5
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You Were Never Really Here HD/VU $4
You're Next HD/VU $3.5
Z for Zachariah HD/VU $4
Zeros and Ones HD/VU $4.5
Zootopia HD/GP $2.5
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2023.03.23 19:37 packmnufc Spur Sharpening

Spur Sharpening
In response to another post, here's an excerpt from G.F. Beranek's book The Fundamentals of General Tree Work on sharpening your gaffs. If you're an arborist, this book is a must-read, highly recommend getting a copy. There are two images in this post.
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2023.03.23 18:47 NoneScan65 I expect a mini run to a decent run. But then

I expect a mini run to a decent run. But then
The FED has a dual mandate
1.) Full Employment:
currently 3.6%
1.) Stable Prices
Inflation is currently 6.4%, and the fed goal is 2%
One of these is not like the other.
Do you see "take care of the stock market"???? - NO
This entire FED pause rally is Ludacris! "But iam, things changed, Powell broke something"
DUH, he told you this would happen in FED speak.
"While higher interest rates, slower growth, and softer labor market conditions will bring down inflation, they will also bring some pain to households and businesses. These are the unfortunate costs of reducing inflation. But a failure to restore price stability would mean far greater pain."
Don't think he cares about wrecking the markets.
What iam looking for.
The Dot Plot is the voting members' view of where they see rates going. This is the last release. If we see dots where the red writing is or the teal boxes, look out below.
the market is currently pricing in a soft landing (no profits recession), which is why we have 18X+ evaluations. These should get re-priced -20% for a recession. That should happen quickly. I believe it starts today, but it could be tomorrow or maybe even Friday. If the market gets some jubilee excitement and runs, I will be patiently waiting to short more.
iam old enough to have grandparents who lived through the great depression. I would often ask about the depression, and they all had one common theme - DO NOT TRUST BANKS!!! a hard lesson every 3rd generation needs to learn. The first generation builds wealth, the second spends it, the 3rd destroys it, and the 4th is enslaved by the debt .... also why I'm not leaving anything and how we get historical cycles.
Well, soap box over, here we go.
I have a new short position I started yesterday.
$iShares Semiconductor ETF(SOXX.US)$ it flew too high too fast.
$Invesco QQQ Trust(QQQ.US)$ Could run up, maybe 312. If it runs and breaks 313, if it does, it should reach 319. But I have it going down, down baby
$Spdr S&P Bank Etf(KBE.US)$ Banks should continue a morning rebound to 40.
$Tesla(TSLA.US)$ Ran super Hot I hope it continues so Powell the fire retarder can douse it. Or send it to 210, so i can get more from my short
$First Solar(FSLR.US)$ Re-entered my short position.
The indicies -
$Dow Jones Industrial Average(.DJI.US)$
$E-mini NASDAQ 100 Futures Main(JUN3)(NQmain.US)$
Be Safe, Be Careful, Be Wise
and as always
Good Luck

it's rough seas ahead. Don't capsize your account. I see new lows sooner than later
Also, I have a different view of Chinese stocks. They may sell down with the US stocks, but i think China is easing their economy. So Chinese companies may see a boost. And if us stocks are declining and Chinese stocks start rising, the inflow could be great.
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2023.03.23 18:07 Geektechno DaVinci Resolve Studio v18.1.4 Full Crack for MacOS ✅

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2023.03.23 17:30 CryptoEscape Short (and long) term memory loss on higher doses?

I really want to do a 5 g trip….I’ve been so underwhelmed with my other trips.
But now I’m reading you can actually not only forget what you’re doing, but who you are.
So is it even possible to get up and move?
Can I form sentences if I want to write?
Will I be able to switch my music if I don’t like a song?
Will I still be conscious of the fact that I’m tripping?
This just sounds so crazy!
Thank You…..I’m super confused about my life, who I am , what I’m doing, etc…..I’m really hoping this will help heal me, and restore my spiritual side.
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2023.03.23 16:25 Grocery-Super Magnetic dipstick for champion 3400 dual fuel generator

Magnetic dipstick for champion 3400 dual fuel generator
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Image 1 for the product GenExhaust for Champion 3500/3400/3100/2800 Inverter Generator
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The GenExhaust Magnetic Oil Dipstick is an aftermarket product that replaces the OEM part number 83.031000.01. It is specifically designed to fit the Champion 3500/3400/3100/2800 Inverter Generator, so it is essential to check your operator's manual to verify the fitment before purchasing. The dipstick is made from high-quality 6061 aluminum, which ensures durability and longevity.
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The primary benefit of using a magnetic dipstick over the stock dipstick is that it pulls any ferrous metallic fines from normal engine use that are in the oil. This is crucial as these small engines do not have an oil filter, and the magnetic dipstick helps to extend the life of the engine. The high-temperature super magnet is partially recessed inside the dipstick and secured with an oil-tolerant, high-strength (4500 PSI), high-temperature retaining compound.
There are other versions of magnetic dipsticks available in the market, but the GenExhaust Magnetic Oil Dipstick has several features that make it stand out from the rest. Firstly, it has a hexagonal body instead of a round body. This design makes it easier to grip with fingers or a wrench, especially when any oil gets on it. The flat surfaces are also easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.
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2023.03.23 16:20 ItsMeDebie What To Do! - March 24-26

Plenty to do in this kinda spring season! Trails for hiking are opening up, there’s the whiff of golf in the air (several courses are open for walking only) and I’ve already scheduled my bike for service in anticipation of riding season! Also - March Madness! GO GREEN!
Cottage and Lakefront Living Show
CD and Record Show!
Art in Bloom at the GRAM
LOW/Mimi Parker Benefit Show at Pyramid Scheme
The butterflies at Meijer Gardens are really putting on a show! Go see!
Grand Rapids Toy Show
Snowcross Nationals at Cannonsburg
Witches Ball/Persephone's Garden party at Little Space Studios
Pigeons Playing PingPong at the Intersection - always a blast
Do it Yourself Charcuterie Board event at Creston Brewery - this is a Golden Age event lol so . . . you may or may not be the youngest person there? I dunno. But, heck! Charcuterie!
Learn to hand knit at Farmhaus Cider - full disclosure, I know how to do this and it’s super fun and easy to learn.
Sound Bath at Kula on Saturday. If you haven’t tried this yet, give it a go. It’s a favorite. Half a gummy and go vibe on a mat. :)
Ping Pong Tournament at Reservoir Lounge
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2023.03.23 16:18 OnlyHereForComments1 Because why the fuck not: How I would've written the main quest and factions [FO4]

This is basically just fueled by salt so feel free to ignore it if you want, I just like looking at things and wondering how it could be better.
So! The main quest of Fallout 4 gets panned for having another cheap 'family' questline, factions that don't make too much sense, and a really limited ability to actually roleplay in a RPG. So what kind of writing would fix that?
Feel free to leave comments this is mostly a brain fart.

The concept of a limited background ain't bad - the original games used it. So we'll keep the concept of the Sole Survivor being a soldier for now - of whatever gender. You go through physical character creation alone, then head out to meet your army buddy Nate and his wife Nora - you saved Nate's life during the Anchorage campaign. Before leaving your house you're presented with the opportunity to skip things since the rest of this segment is the rest of stat picking and tutorial content. You lend a hand to people from the neighborhood with some tasks (lockpicking to get someone into their house, fixing a terminal via the hacking minigame, etc), talk over some stuff with the Vault Tec Guy (SPECIAL and skill tagging, etc) to get your application sorted out, and finally attend a dinner party with everyone at Nate's house. Then the TV starts telling everyone about the bombs falling, and everyone runs to the Vault.
The Vault Scene:
Nate and Nora get defrosted, and the Institute scientist rejects both of them as 'contaminated'. Kellogg makes to shoot them before the scientist interrupts him. All three get kidnapped. You get scanned, knocked out, then wake back up in your cryo-pod where Kellogg refers to you as the 'backup'.
Sanctuary and Concord:
You break out of the Vault, head for your home, find it in ruins. Codsworth and the Vault Tec Guy (now ghoulified) are the only people hanging around. Both direct you to Concord after you explain what happened. You meet Preston, yadda yadda yadda, you know how the early game goes. Not much changes beyond settlements being less garbage and Preston having some buddies he sends out to help you with the early missions, and you not actually being General until much later.
Meeting the Brotherhood:
The outpost features Danse as a companion and Star Paladin Cross as a local commander. Pretty much unchanged, beyond having a few more NPCs around.
Main Quest a goooooo:
Go to Diamond City, meet Nick, it turns out the Institute is doing their usual thing, you get to do some scavenger hunting and go to the major settlements trying to dig up Kellogg. The breadcrumb trail eventually leads you to Fort Hagen, where Gen 1 and 2 model synths are trying to kill Kellogg. You're presented with a variety of options, with talking Kellogg down being the most difficult but also giving the best results in terms of knowledge. If you kill him, you're approached by X6-88 to be escorted to the Institute - refusal will point you towards the Railroad instead via a holotape detailing X6's next assignment after assassinating Kellogg, and Kellogg's brain implants. If not, you have to help him fight the Synths and X6, and at the end Kellogg points you at Virgil. The Brotherhood also shows up right after, which sparks the beginning of the factional clusterfuck.Kellogg's memories either get read by Virgil or by the Railroad (voluntarily for the former, via decrypting his brain implants for the latter).

The Factions:
Each faction has their own exclusive questline developing from the beginning points that begins to diverge once you actually find a way into the Institute. The Institute itself kinda operates a bit like meeting House - coming back out makes you interesting to the people involved, regardless of who you choose to side with, and everyone is going to want to talk to you. The questlines do eventually converge on one single settlement - Bunker Hill - for the climactic final battle. The Minutemen join whoever you decide to back.
The Institute: You meet with Shawn - now an old man, who lets you look around the place (no weirdness with Synth Shawn), and explains that he was honestly surprised you were still alive, since the remote telemetry from the Vault said there'd been a catastrophic failure of the cryo array that'd killed everyone. His parents, Nate and Nora, passed some time ago, while Shawn himself is almost deified by the Institute for one simple reason: Mankind Redefined is not simply a vague slogan. After hitting the wall with mechanical and electronic synths, the Institute turned to biological ones - and they needed pure Pre-War DNA to do that, since due to widespread FEV contamination every other attempt to patch up the necessary sequences would fail. Shawn's DNA provided a template they could work with, and created Generation 3 synths - and the first steps towards proper transhumanism. The initial idea was to utilize created life as slave labor, but Shawn taking the Directorship shortly after Fallout 3's time moved them away from that and towards viewing stock humans as the past and the Institute - who by now are almost entirely Gen 3s going full Altered Carbon with how they back up their consciousnesses - as the future. Their intent is blatantly to 'phase out' past humanity and use them as expendable labor, with only a few collaborators and useful individuals being offered the chance to 'cross over' and get turned into Gen 3s.
You're offered a chance to join up, but haven't 'proven your usefulness' enough to get a Gen 3 body, according to Shawn. If you decline, you'll be allowed back out of the Institute, or can choose to do some murder and fight your way out. If you accept (either genuinely or as part of the Railroad 'spy on them' questline), you get to do Institute quests.
Over the course of the questline - which primarily revolves around convincing settlements and minor factions to sign on for the Institute (or, if doing the Railroad quests, convincing them to fake it or otherwise sabotage stuff) - the question of exactly who the player character is becomes more and more clear, alongside a lot of implications that the Institute itself is pretty much entirely built on secrets and lies. Alternatively, one could simply sneak around and find Shawn's master-locked secret terminal.
Either way, it reveals the primary twist: the player character is in fact a Synth - a Gen 4, the same model as Coursers, with their consciousness uploaded to this new body. Shawn did so because he grew up on his father's tales of his best friend, who tragically died while frozen (a lie told to them by the Institute) and wanted to see if that person was real, or just another lie.
Confronting Shawn with this knowledge and arguing with him leads to why Shawn cares so much about truth: Anyone in a Gen 3 body is vulnerable to having their memories fucked with via recall codes. It's why Shawn has allowed himself to age even past the point where cybernetics can help him and not transferred to a Gen 3, it's why so many things in the Institute end up not adding up, and it's why he is going to hand the Directorship to the player once he dies - because Shawn did one last thing before reviving you, and it's erase your recall code from everyone else's memory and every single database in the Institute, meaning that only you cannot be suborned.
Well - except by Shawn. Refusing to help the Institute at this juncture leads to him using the recall code on you and overriding your will. Your only option out of there is to either not confront him or accept and then boogey on out of there.
The Railroad:
You'll either meet them via the aforementioned holotape, by Virgil himself pointing you at them, or you leaving the Institute and being approached by Deacon. Either way, a fairly similar questline to canon starts off, aka it's mostly linked to the Institute but instead of genuinely helping those bastards you're sabotaging their efforts and working from the inside. The big difference is that they're not so much about 'synth freedom' anymore as they are about 'freedom for everyone' - whether that's discarded mech-synths, the ordinary Wastelanders who the Institute uses Super Mutants to periodically capture and enslave, or Gen 3's who found out the memory secret and decided to dip before they got 'audited' themselves. Their victory consists of destroying the Institute leadership but is primarily hands-off since their main goal is just keeping slavers from being a thing, they don't really care about individual settlements beyond that problem. Think House but more about altruism rather than money. Turning settlements to help them is more a matter of lying to the Institute or convincing key figures to help the Railroad's information network (or shooting some who are Institute spies).
The Brotherhood:
Their military expansion has led them north, with the big thing being that Sarah Lyons was just assassinated by a synth and so they're launching a vengeance crusade under their new Elder Maxson to crush the Institute and restore order to the Commonwealth as a whole. Their questline mostly kicks off with you being called up after leaving the Institute by Star Paladin Cross. Depending on how far you in on the Minutemen questline, the conversation you can have with Maxson can range from 'ah yes a new recruit' to 'hello new ally who could potentially help us' to 'you have enough artillery to end God, we do not want to fight you'. They're less altruistic than 3's Brotherhood but generally likeable. Most of their questline consists of helping them locate various things they need, whether as a full member of the order, an allied commander, or just a highly skilled merc. Turning more settlements to their side and recovering the full array of relics mostly changes the endings for some minor factions and it's up to you (and the Minutemen, really) whether they conquer the Commonwealth afterwards or simply go home with their lust for revenge sated. They also don't really hate the Railroad, since the Brotherhood's problem is with the Institute more than the concept of synths existing.
The Minutemen:
As the faction you build up personally, the Minutemen throw their support behind whoever you please. Choosing to go independent with them, rather than using them to help one of the other three factions, is harder to achieve and requires a lot more diplomacy and development, but their questline (including retaking the Castle and several other locations, recruiting new NPCs, and eventually being acclaimed General by everyone who you've helped) can be done fairly easily, and they're the easiest to rally the most minor factions to due to the concept of 'let's protect ourselves and each other' being pretty much what every minor faction wants to do. You do have to eliminate the Gunners, though, which you don't have to do for the other three factions, who all want to hire them instead, and retaking Quincy serves as their big setpiece.
Minor factions:
People like the Atom Cats, the Goodneighbor Watch, the Children of Atom, even the Gunners. Anywhere that's got a unique group (like the Slog, the Forge, etc) is a minor faction of sorts, and almost all of them can be convinced to show up for Bunker Hill or otherwise help.
The Battle of Bunker Hill:
The fight can go one of several ways, but all four groups and whatever choice of minor factions you've elected to bring to the fight arrive. Bunker Hill is also secretly an appendage of the Institute, and actually has a tunnel leading to it, which is why everyone else is ready to fight to take it. If playing the Institute, your job will instead be to defend Bunker Hill and crush the invading Brotherhood and Railroad. If playing anything else, you will have decided whether or not to help or hinder the others beforehand. Whether the civilians are caught in the crossfire or not depends on your orders. Upon taking out the aboveground defenses and unearthing the tunnel, the final battle into the bulk of the Institute with your invading army takes place, and you get one last confrontation with Shawn, who in reaction to your 'betrayal' dons an experimental synth body. Shawn will attempt to use your recall code, and either succeed (causing the player to have to override the code by force of will) or fail (if the player talked to the Railroad after finding out they were a synth and getting the code removed). Either way, a final battle starts between you and your best friend's son, as the Institute goes down in flames around you both.
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2023.03.23 15:37 PulseMax2DaMoon Voidwaker losses piling up

So I love multi pvp with my clan, but I keep doing stupid sh*t when I get drunk and go pking. I’m always like “let me just get a couple of kills with the voidwaker then I’ll bank it again” and I ALWAYS get scouted and maced by Rot. I was almost tick-perfect on the super restore/protect item but yet again they got me. That’s #3 guys. First one I lost was at 300m and the others have been at 225 and 200m respectively. My bank is down to 500m and I’ve had to sell off most of my pvm gear to maintain but I just love the voidwaker so much I feel that if I only had one item in my bank I would choose that. I don't know why I keep bringing it out even for a kill when I know what happens… I'm posting because I already have this uneasy feeling that it won't be the last blade I lose to them… I need an intervention😭🤣
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