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Article say Michelle was in a toxic relationship

2023.06.05 23:44 -OptimisticNihilist- Article say Michelle was in a toxic relationship
I highly recommend reading this article.
Apparently Michelle was in a toxic relationship in 2020.
"In 2020 I took a hard hit. I was involved in a toxic relationship and lost passion for my artistry. Once I realized the relationship was toxic I left and I started focusing on educating myself in standards, femininity/feminine energy, relationships, hypergamy and putting myself first."
Does anyone know a timeline of all her boyfriends? I only know Kevin (started dating late 2021), the forex guy (broke up 2021), the German guy (started dating in 2018) and another Asian boyfriend (ended in 2018). Anyways, I doubt Michelle is healed from her previous relationships since she's said before that she "just feels nothing and moves on very fast." I think she projects her pain and shame onto other women who were vulnerable just like she was.
"my makeup looks started getting more exposure and eventually people at school found out about it and making fun of me for it"
I think this is another reason she likes to feel superior to others and makes herself look better than others. She might've been bullied/made fun of or left out growing up in a PWI, adding to the arrogant and materialistic behaviours we see now.
Lastly she didnt grow up with a father during her earlier childhood years and she has daddy issues from her bio dad. Instead of sympathizing with other women who don't have good father figures, she likes to put them down. All in all, Michelle is quite masculine in these regards, she doesn't allow herself to feel vulnerable feelings and projects it onto others. We can also see how vindictive and self=righteous she is with being mean towards others. She has a very poor handling of criticism and feels attacked so easily even if someone politely disagrees with her.
My point is Michelle is not emotionally mature, secure feminine nor high value as she claims and vulnerable, insecure women should not be giving her their hard earned cash since they are the same women she trashes to elevate her ego. I rest my case. Thoughts?
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2023.06.05 18:06 sid131091 [Campion Trail, Irving, TX] Snake near the lake

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2023.06.05 11:47 NYCIndieConcerts Mod's List - This Week in Live Rock / Indie / Alternative / Punk Shows (June 5 - 11)

Festival season is in full swing with Governors Ball taking over Flushing Meadows-Corona Park this upcoming weekend. It certainly would've been cool if Governors Ball could've booked some punk acts to join the handful of rock bands on the bill. Black Midi and Flipped will both be doing late night sets in Manhattan. John Mellencamp is posting up a residency at the Beacon in tandem with the Tribeca Festival. The UK's Church Village Collective make their NYC and more below.
If you're new to this sub or just passing through, each week I try to highlight the "best" upcoming rock, punk, indie and alternative shows. I scour the web and social media for concert announcement, booking, rescheduling, etc., and then pick which shows are vying for my time and money (or which would've been if they weren't sold out). This is not intended to be an exhaustive list as there are other non-reddit resources that cast a wider net on live shows, including pop, hip hop and comedy shows, but feel free to add any missing shows using the comments (especially for other genres).
As usual, listed times are approximate start times (not door); prices are estimates for door tickets, and do not include online fees and taxes.


John MellencampResidency @ Beacon Theatre, 8pm ($90+)
Sundots + High. + Joyer @ Elsewhere - Zone One, 8:30pm ($15)
Tits Dick Ass + Spite Fuxxx + Chico Raro + Eevie Echoes & The Locations @ Pianos, 7:30pm ($15)
Ringing + Unrecovery + Sun Organ + Plastic @ Saint Vitus, 8pm ($15)
Daddy's Beemer + Deep Sea Peach Tree + Charlie Paso + PYNKIE @ The Sultan Room, 7pm ($15)
Tinariwen + Garcia Peoples @ Webster Hall, 8pm ($40)
Bonus/Honorable Mention: Rocky Horror Picture Show with Live Shadowcast @ Our Wicked Lady, 7:30pm ($15)


Joni + Elijah Wolf + Work Wife @ Baby's All Right, 7pm ($15)
John MellencampResidency @ Beacon Theatre, 8pm ($70+)
CVC (Church Village Collective) @ Berlin, 8pm ($15)
Jupiter Boys + The Modern Airline + Pete Galub @ Mama Tried, 7pm (FREE)
Bully + Sub*T @ Racket, 8pm ($25)


Alex Lahey + Liza Anne @ Baby's All Right, 9:30pm ($20)
Clyde & the Milltailers + Lightnin' Luke + Charles Ellsworth & the Space Force Deserters + John Luther Norris (of Wonder House) @ Bar Freda, 8pm ($12)
John MellencampResidency @ Beacon Theatre, 8pm ($70+)
LPR15 - IN THE ROUND The Antlers @ (le) poisson rouge, 8pm ($35)
Strawberry Launch + Papi Shiitake + Jay Rosie @ The Sultan Room, 8pm ($15)
CVC (Church Village Collective) @ Union Pool, 9pm ($15)


Pamphlets + Whenwolves + Reclining Nude @ ALPHAVILLE, 9pm ($12)
John Mellencamp @ Tribeca Performing Arts Center - OKX Theater, 8pm ($45+)
Jared Mattson + Elijah Kessler + The Gloomies @ Berlin, 8pm ($15)
Tigercub + Mary Shelley @ Bowery Ballroom, 9pm ($20)
Drain + Drug Church + Magnitude + Gel + Combust @ The Brooklyn Monarch, 6:30pm (SOLD OUT)
The Flaming Lipsperforming Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots @ Kings Theatre, 8:30pm (SOLD OUT)
SAVAK + Zwei Null Zwei + Roid Rage @ Mama Tried, 8pm (FREE)
Hello Seahorse! @ Mercury Lounge, 9:30pm ($30)
Gal Fieri + TV Moms + Shop Talk + Dahl Haus + Public Nature @ Our Wicked Lady, 8pm ($15)
SYNTHICIDE presentsFrankie Rosesingle release show + SRSQ + Rare DM @ TV EYE, 9pm ($15)
!!! (Chk Chk Chk) Monthly Residency @ Union Pool, 9pm (SOLD OUT)
Star 80 + Mary Vision + The Curls + C.W. Headley @ The Windjammer, 9pm ($15)


Governors Ball - Day 1 @ Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, 12-noon ($140/360) feat. Lizzo + Lil Uzi Vert + HAIM + Diplo + Kim Petra + more
Locations + O. Wake + Lily Mao + Dogs on Shady Lane @ ALPHAVILLE, 8:30pm ($12)
John MellencampResidency @ Beacon Theatre, 8pm ($150+)
Deer Scout + OK Cowgirl + Gemma Laurence @ The Broadway, 9pm ($15)
Temples + Post Animal @ Elsewhere - The Hall, 8pm ($30)
Dave Matthews Band @ Forest Hills Stadium, 7pm ($150+)
Gov Ball After Dark presentsblack midi + Nourished by Time @ Irving Plaza, 11pm ($50)
JoudyDestroy All Monsters record release show + Teenage Halloween + VOSH + Tetchy @ Our Wicked Lady, 7pm ($15)


Governors Ball - Day 2 @ Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, 12-noon ($140/360) feat. Odesza + Lil Baby + Aespa + Rina Sawayama + Snail mail + The Amazons + more
Show Brain x Deli Mag presentJoudy + InCircles + Tits Dick Ass + Slashers + Cult of Chunk @ Tompkins Square Park, 2pm (FREE)
RJD2 + The Du-Rites @ Brooklyn Bowl, 8pm ($25)
SuperbloomEP release show + Stay Inside + Woz + Wakelee @ Brooklyn Made, 8:30pm ($15)
GLOM + Wallpaper + Hotspit + Uncle Pizza @ Purgatory, 8pm ($15)
Wild Yaks @ Rockaway Bazaar, 5pm (FREE)
GOOrecord release + Pearla + Katie Von Schleicher @ Union Pool, 8pm ($15)


Governors Ball - Day 3 @ Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, 12-noon ($140/360) feat. Kendrick Lamar + Lil Nas X + Giveon + Sofi Tukker + Girl in Red + Black Midi + more
Torture & the Desert Spiders + Mooncult + Phantom Wave + Wifey @ Arlene's Grocery, 8pm ($15)
Tribeca Music Lounge: Iranian music showcase @ Baby's All Right, 8:30pm ($20) feat. Habibi + Sussan Deyhim + Will Calhoun + LuNika
Matinee ShowSean Spada & The Doppelgangers + The Planes + Big Oil + Sweetbreads (solo) @ Bar Freda, 4pm ($10)
King Pizza Records presentsDAD + The Unders + Werewolf + Cheap Death @ Bar Freda, 8pm ($12)
Gov Ball After Dark presentsFlipturn + Early Eyes @ Mercury Lounge, 11pm (SOLD OUT)
Greg Mendezself-titled record release show + Shannen Moser + Allegra Krieger @ Purgatory, 9pm (SOLD OUT)
Pink MexicoMirrorhead record release show + 95 Bulls + TVOD + Substitute @ TV EYE, 8pm ($12)
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2023.06.04 17:22 311voltures Timeline 88 Days.

Timeline 88 Days.
For context I started the process Online after finding this subreddit and took many advice as lurker, and I would like to thank to this community for sharing the hurdles and struggles which allowed me to keep my application simple and to the point, my Field office was Dallas, Tx for Biometrics, Irving, Texas for Interview and after a post asking about a little correction on my form (mistyped a date which was corrected on the interview as probably they have all this information already and disclosing the discrepancy promptly worked in my favor) they mailed me the Ceremony invite and probably delivered one of the best feelings since I migrated to the US. TLDR; thanks for the useful information and experience shared.
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2023.06.03 22:59 DustPublic4894 So I’m not completely sure if my package got lost cuz the tracking hasn’t updating and I contacted USPS already

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2023.06.03 22:39 ABLolo615 USCIS ISO 1 Hiring Process

I have read other posts about timelines, but I wanted a more straight forward answer. I recently applied for an ISO 1 position in Irving, TX with the HART Service Center. I first received an email asking me if I would be willing to relocate at my expense if offered the position. After emailing that I am willing to relocate, on May 30, I was sent a link to take the written assessment. I scored a 6 on a scale of 1-6. What happens from here in the hiring process and what is left? Also, how long does it normally take to be hired on, if selected?
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2023.06.03 04:10 InevitableTowel53 Full Update: Locator 42 Experience / Passport Success

Posting a full update here! After getting an in person appointment today for DOT of 6/3 (tomorrow), I have secured my passport!! More accurate timeline below and more about my experience at the Los Angeles Passport Agency:
4/21: Mailed my passport renewal (DS 82) with routine service and 1-2 day shipping for delivery
4/24: Arrived to Irving TX processing center
4/26: DOS received application and it’s in process
5/22: Realize I need to expedite so I call the NPIC number and they take my card information. They tell me to call back starting 5/26 for an in person appointment. I got my first passport as a teen so had no idea what these appointments were and that they were so hard to get
5/26: I call NPIC and of course they say they don’t have any appointments. My application is still in process at the New Orleans passport agency (locator 42). This is the Friday before Memorial Day so I figure not much else to do until after the holiday.
During this weekend I start to comb through Reddit threads and this is where I learn I can contact my congressmen to help with the passport process (I never knew they could help with this sort of stuff)
5/30: I email and call my congressmen’s office (Jimmy Lopez in LA) and fill out their forms. They get back to me same day and say they will put in the congressional inquiry and if that won’t speed up the process they will try and get me an appointment. I also call NPIC to check on appointments and none avail still. I also call locator 42 directly and tell them NPIC marked my app as urgent, that I got a congressional inquiry and my DOT is 6/3 but the customer service agent is extremely unhelpful
5/31: I call my congressman’s office again and let them know how unhelpful locator 42 is and they end up getting me an appointment to go in person to my local passport agency in LA on 6/2. Even though I mailed in my old passport with my application and don’t have access to my birth certificate, the guy in the office assures me to go the appointment and just bring anything I have that could work as proof of citizenship. Folks on Reddit threads also calmed my nerves since ppl said they just went with other things other than their birth certificate and were able to still be seen.
6/1: I try one last ditch effort to call locator 42 and I actually get a really nice lady who says she’ll do what she can and she marked my app as urgent but that it probably won’t make much of a difference since the next day is Friday/ the weekend is coming up and my travel is so soon.
6/2: Day of in person appointment in LA! Had a 7:30am appt. I brought my filled out DS-82 app (renewal), copy of my previous passport, passport photo, State ID (mine is from NY state), flight and hotel confirmation, and for safety I brought my apartment lease and SSN card lol but I didn’t need those in the end. I arrived at 7:20 and the line was already long. They didn’t let ppl in til closer to 8am. The line moved so slow it wasn’t until 10:30am that I was seen. At the last minute I was diverted away from the line going inside the building and through security and to one of their windows they use for will call outside. I give in my documents and am told to come back between 1:30 and 3. I come back around 12:45 and the line for pick up is even longer. I get to the front around 2:30p and they tell me my passport isn’t ready yet so I have to go inside. Inside there’s a room full of people waiting for their passports to print. I wait on a smaller line and when I get to the front they take my receipt and tell me to wait in the waiting area for then to call my name. They call my name around 4pm, hand me my passport and I’m off!
Hopefully this is helpful for someone out there as I was losing all hope. This thread definitely helped keep me sane and I wish everyone the best of luck if they are trying to get their passports, keep pushing through!
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2023.06.02 23:51 EchoJobs Connecteam is hiring Senior IT Operations Engineer US Irving, TX [PowerShell Bash Shell Azure Android]

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2023.06.02 23:51 EchoJobs Connecteam is hiring Senior IT Operations Engineer US Irving, TX [PowerShell Bash Shell Azure Android]

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2023.06.02 23:50 EchoJobs Connecteam is hiring Senior IT Operations Engineer US Irving, TX [PowerShell Bash Shell Azure Android]

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2023.06.02 19:28 avantgardengnome Am I fucked?

I applied for a passport renewal by mail on 4/1 and USPS tracking confirms it was delivered to the Irving, TX location the morning of 4/4. To the best of my knowledge, all of my paperwork was in order. But the application status portal has never listed anything but “Not Available,” and my bank hasn’t processed the check I sent along with the application, either.
After a few attempts I was able to get through to the expedite-your-passport phone line, and they sent me the application, which I promptly submitted, only to get a message saying that “After reviewing our system, we are unable to complete your request because we have not yet received your application at the Department of State.” I replied with a note clarifying my situation and asking for further info but never heard back.
So now I’ve called the expedite-your-passport people again, and they just recommended waiting until 14 days before travel and calling back then. When I pressed them and mentioned my check hadn’t cleared, they put me on hold and eventually said I could either wait until 14 days before travel or just try reapplying altogether, but they couldn’t provide me with any further info.
I’m starting to get worried that my paperwork may have gotten lost in the shuffle entirely, and I have an international trip planned for July—I’m not sure if the 14-day window is going to be enough time if they determine that I have to start from square one (and I’ve of course already mailed them my current passport).
Has anybody seen a situation where a check hasn’t been processed for 8 weeks and the new passport still arrived eventually? Or is there a more direct method of ascertaining the status of my application paperwork before a locator number is assigned online? Any leads whatsoever would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.02 17:25 dailySin Aerial Survey

Aerial Survey
Aerial surveying over Dallas today tracking a few Cessna 310s mowing the lawn. I wonder who is paying for this type of data collection and why?
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2023.06.02 16:46 t-bands I spent 200 hours building a tool that creates faster and more efficient routes than Google Maps

Not sure why Google Maps doesn't have this already.
I'm building a mobile app (like this chrome extension I built) that takes my multi-stop route on Google Maps and rearranges it to give the fastest, most efficient route (TSP Problem). It basically tells me what stops I should go to in what order to ensure that I’m spending the least amount of time and gas on the road.
With over 13k users on the extension, everyone has been telling me to build this into an app so I plan on launching this summer, please let me know what features you would like to see! You can join the waitlist here: App Waitlist:)
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2023.06.02 16:46 t-bands I spent 200 hours building a tool that creates faster and more efficient routes than Google Maps

I spent 200 hours building a tool that creates faster and more efficient routes than Google Maps
Not sure why Google Maps doesn't have this already.
I'm building a mobile app (like this chrome extension I built) that takes my multi-stop route on Google Maps and rearranges it to give the fastest, most efficient route (TSP Problem). It basically tells me what stops I should go to in what order to ensure that I’m spending the least amount of time and gas on the road.
With over 13k users on the extension, everyone has been telling me to build this into an app so I plan on launching this summer, please let me know what features you would like to see! You can join the waitlist here: App Waitlist:)
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2023.06.02 02:19 hackzubbard 2024 Post-Spring/Pre-Summer Recruiting Overview

We're now in that sweet spot after A-Day and before Summer OVs/Camp Season where it makes sense to take note and reflect. Remember that camp season likely changes this board dramatically and we'll see a good # of decision (both to Alabama and elsewhere) throughout June and early July.
Rankings Note: Every comic is someone's first so here's how to read/interpret/understand the rankings listed below: Commits and Top Targets will show their 247 Composite Rank, their On3 Composite, and their Comp2 Ranking, which is just the raw average of the 2 composite ranks, rounded down. This overview will just reflect the pre-summer top targets/names to know and not the full list. Summer camp season will drastically change this list (new big board in July/August)
# of 4/5* change each year but I like a little consistency so here's generally how I arbitrarily split it, based on the average year-over-year data:
5*: #1-#32
4*: #33-#350
3*: #351-#2000

QB (1 Needed/1 Commited)
Overview: Barring something crazy, a team's QB will be the most important player on the field 9 times out of 10. Bama's looked around for a potential 2nd option but is pretty content with their 5* QB of the Future already commited
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 5* Julian Sayin Carlsbad in Carlsbad, CA (SoCal) 247: #11 , On3: #14, Comp2: #12 One of the most "ready" prospects in the 2024 class, Julian is very skilled at every facet of QB play - might not be the highest ceiling from an NFL perspective but very likely the highest floor. Julian commited to Alabama somewhat out of the blue but has been locked in since and the Tide's primary leader on offense in this class. This is your QB of the Future.
RB (1-2 Needed/0 Commited)
Overview: Alabama has good RB depth heading into 2023 but could very likely lose both Jase and Roydell at the end of the year so 2 RBs again this cycle feels right. It's doubtful it'll have the star power of the Haynes/Young duo from '23 but I would not sleep on the 2024 targets.
Name H.S. Rank Notes
Top Targets
1. 4* Kevin Riley Tuscaloosa County in Northport, AL (Tuscaloosa area) 247: #97, On3: #102, Comp2: #99 A homegrown talent, Riley does it all, running with great balance, breaks contact and gets going in a hurry. Top 3 of Bama, Auburn, UGA - this should end up being an Iron Bowl battle that Alabama wins, though it does appear Riley might take his time. If Alabama pushes hard, he could be a summer commit.
2. 4* Daniel Hill Meridian in Meridian, MS (E MS) 247: #196, On3: #194, Comp2: #195 One of the more unique RB prospects, Daniel Hill is a big bodied guy but plays a ton of receiver as well - not a comparison but could have a Najee Harris-esque roll. Alabama is battling South Carolina here, with the Cocks having some buzz after an early Bama lean. Bama is not done here but might need to press harder.
3. 4* Nate Frazier Mater Dei in Santa Ana, CA (SoCal) 247: #76, On3: #74, Comp2: #75 One of the nation's top RB prospects with some of the best long speed, Nate Frazier will push for #1 back status in 2024. Frazier is pretty wide open currently, being highly desired by both the local west coast school and the SEC powerhouses. I'd have trouble projecting him anywhere yet but it would be really cool if it was Alabama.
WR (2-4 Needed/2 Commited)
Overview: Alabama has taken 10 non-transfer WRs over the past 2 cycles so while I think they'll take a normal # in 2024, I'd lean more towards 3 than 4 total, unless a 'best available' type wants in
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 5* Perry Thompson Foley in Foley, AL (Mobile area) 247: #27, On3: #29, Comp2: #28 A taller receiver, Perry thrives with straight-line speed and a suprising ability to weave through space - Thompson earned his offer last season in camp routing up 2023 5* DBs. As a high-ranking prospect, Perry is somewhat keeping his options open and will likely take visits but has repeatedly reaffirmed his commit - Alabama's steady pursuit should allow them to hold on.
2. 4* Rico Scott Bishop McDevitt in Harrisburg, PA (Cent PA) 247: #372, On3: #289, Comp2: #330 A real smooth operator - plays RB and WR and is at his best going up the field. A bit of a suprise to some, Bama had seen him previously in camp and then watched his fall progress and saw what they needed to pull the trigger. I think we'll finish in the top 150-170
Top Targets
1. 4* Amari Jefferson Baylor School in Chattanooga, TN 247: #270, On3: #288, Comp2: #279 My favorite realistic WR addition - his vertical and lateral speed POP off the screen, looks like a top 75 guy. Currently a Tennessee baseball commit, football is his likely future, as Alabama and Georgia battle it out. This will be a tough battle but one I very much hope the Tide wins.
2. 4* Aeryn Hampton Carthage in Carthage, TX (E TX) 247: #116, On3: #126, Comp2: #121 More fast than quick, Aeryn runs like a RB, weaving through traffic and hitting the jets. Aeryn has been up-front about his love for Alabama and has narrowed his list to Bama and Texas, his former commitment. Aeryn has the green light to commit but seems like a guy who could go back and forth so unclear where this ends up.
3. 4* Cam Coleman Central in Phenix City, AL (E AL) 247: #54, On3: #25, Comp2: #38 This guy's the real deal - big bodied but with slot speed and one of the best high-pointers in the class. Alabama's been trying to get him on campus and he's been uninterested, so the communication has been laid back. Cam and Perry Thompson kinda fill the same role so it's not a huge concern but Auburn is leading here and would give Hugh Freeze a real weapon.
TE (1-2 Needed/0 Commited)
Overview: I think *how* Tommy Rees constructed/called his ND offenses is a bit overblown in how his Bama offenses will look (you play with the talent you have) but Bama has been trying to find their Kyle Pitts/Brock Bowers/Michael Mayer for years now - really since OJ Howard/Irv Smith with a brief detour into Jahleel Billingsley. Alabama would like multiple bodies here if available but would really like a least one really good on in 2024
Name H.S. Rank Notes
Top Targets
1. 4* Caleb Odom Carrollton in Carrollton, GA (W GA) 247: #85, On3: #69, Comp2: #77 A true mismatch nightmare, Odom is a true receiving threat TE, big bodied with room to grow but a little slender currently. Caleb is kinda wide open at the moment but this feels like one where Bama should start to push, with UGA snagging two of their targets in Jaden Reddell and Colton Heinrich
OL (4-5 Needed/0 Commited)
Overview: Alabama brought in a big OL class in 2023, which is already living up to expectations behind the scenes. They'll try to repeat the process in 2024, as they continue to re-tool their OL room
Name H.S. Rank Notes
Top Targets
1. 4* OT Daniel Calhoun Walton in Marietta, GA (Atlanta Metro) 247: #86, On3: #106, Comp2: #96 A mammoth of a prospect, Calhoun has the look of a SEC lineman, able to play on the left or right side of the offensive line. Top 3 of Bama, UGA, and Texas but suprise suprise, this looks like another Bama/UGA battle. Feel better about Bama in this one but it's close and OVs will be big.
2. 4* IOL Casey Poe Lindale in Lindale, TX (E TX) 247: #142, On3: #134, Comp2: #138 One of the most coveted interior prospects, Poe boasts both a mean streak as well as the ability to move the center, making him about as A1 as you can get for an interior OL prospect. Top 3 currently would be Alabama, Oklahoma, and UGA. Will be a tough battle but Alabama is the perceived leader heading into visits. Bama REALLY wants him.
3. 4* OL Jordan Seaton IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL (Originally from Washington DC) 247: #41, On3: #42, Comp2: #41 Big, athletic frame who could end up playing inside or out - Seaton prefers OT but somecurrently leaning towards IOL. Ohio State was and is very involved but Bama/UGA feel like the primary players since making the move to IMG. I believe he visited for the A-Day game and it certainly seems like Bama will be an option until the end here.
4. 4* OT Marques Easley Kankakee in Kankakee, IL (NE IL) 247: #263, On3: #240, Comp2: #251 A longer and leaner tackle prospect, Bama and UGA are again involved with Tennessee being the 3rd team in the mix, as well as the possible leader. Despite the Vols' early lead, this one can really go any direction after visits.
5. 4* OT Weston Davis Beaumont United in Beaumont, TX (SE TX) 247: #180, On3: #124, Comp2: #152 A basketball-first prospect with high-upside as an OT, Davis has some interest in Bama but local programs like Texas A&M are getting some good recent buzz. Think it'll be paramount for Weston to camp.
DL (3-4 Needed/1 Commited)
Overview: Another unit Alabama's been trying to step-up, talent is a necessity in 2024
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 4* DE Jeremiah Beamon Parker in Birmingham, AL 247: #103, On3: #98, Comp2: #100 Alabama's most recent commitment, Jeremiah is a FORCE rushing the passer, a little undersized with plenty of room to grow before a potential reneissance. If that sounds like Quinnen Williams, it's because that's the comp he's been getting. Many thought he'd be a sooner or later kinda commit and he went ahead and stopped messing around.
Top Targets
1. 5* DE Eddrick Houston Buford in Buford, GA (Atlanta Metro) 247: #15, On3: #15, Comp2: #15 High upside, athleticism, and flexibility - bit of a tweener for the Saban defense who could slim down to an Anfernee Jennings role and add some weight to try and emulate Jonathan Allen. Another prospect that I think comes down to Bama and UGA, I feel better about Bama's chances here than with Eddrick's Buford teammate, KJ Bolden.
2. 4* DT Terrance Hibler Holmes County Central in Lexington, MS (Cent MS) 247: #281, On3: #368, Comp2: #324 A bit undersized, Terrance makes up for it with violence, punch, and pure 'want-to'. Alabama has made a great early impression, alongside local Miss State, and the Tide are in a great spot if they choose to push here.
3. 3* DE Utah Commit Isaia Faga Central in Phenix City, AL (E AL) 247: #733, On3: #676, Comp2: #704 Alabama has seen some recent success with Pacific Island players but it's rare to have one so local. Isaia excels at getting through traffic and getting into the backfield. Isaia's uncle is the Utah DL coach, leading to the early commitment, but Alabama is interested in seeing him camp and who knows where it could go from there.
EDGE (1-2 Needed/1 Commited)
Overview: The highest star rating per capita, talent is hardly a problem here but we'd love to have more.
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 4* Cayden Jones Christ School in Arden, NC (W NC) 247: #147, On3: #171, Comp2: #159 Alabama has been looking more and more at hybrid LB types who could end up on the EDGE or off-ball (Jihaad Campell, Qua Russaw) - Cayden Jones is another, playing a ton off-ball and walking down to the edge and will likely project into a Terrell Lewis/Dallas Turner - type role. Since last year, Cayden had been up-front about wanting the green light to commit and jumped on it when he got the chance.
Top Targets
1. 5* Dylan Stewart Friendship Collegiate Academy in Washington DC 247: #10, On3: #9, Comp2: #9 Maybe the top pure Edge guy, Dylan reminds me of Keon Keeley from last cycle; similar build, bend and length. Visits to Alabama, Ohio State, Miami, South Carolina and UGA have put all 5 in contention, similar to Keeley. I'd give the Gamecocks and Hurricanes the edge going into the summer but Alabama is RIGHT there and another visit to campus could flip the script.
2. 4* Jordan Ross Vestavia Hills in Birmingham, AL 247: #38, On3: #33, Comp2: #35 A high-end Edge, Jordan flashes natural talent that can only grow with development. A little undersized, Alabama has told him to gain weight and camp prior to a serious pursuit, giving UGA and Tennessee an early lead. This could change quickly this summer, as Jordan finds his way onto campus.
3. 5* Colin Simmons Duncanville in Duncanville, TX (DFW Metro) 247: #4, On3: #3, Comp2: #3 One of the Nation's top athletes, Simmons effortlessly flies around off the edge. LSU and Texas are battling it out thus far but Alabama will continue to work here.
LB (2-3 Needed/1 Commited)
Overview: There's somewhat of a logjam of older player at the LB position so I would expect attrition after 2023, which will need to be replaced by incoming players.
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 4* Sterling Dixon Mobile Christian School in Mobile, AL 247: #188, On3: #164, Comp2: #176 Similar to Cayden Jones, Sterling is another hybrid type - beginning as an edge type with some off-ball experience, Sterling will transition to ILB this offseason for Mobile Christian and then at Alabama. A long-time commit, Sterling will take some visits but there's not a huge concern there.
Top Targets
1. 5* UGA Commit Demarcus Riddick Chilton County in Clanton, AL (Cent AL) 247: #25, On3: #38, Comp2: #31 Demarcus is an excellent example of a modern LB and exactly what Alabama wants from the position: excellent weaving through traffic, sideline-to-sideline movement and can shade down to rush the passer. An early UGA commit, the strength of that commitment has wavered significantly and while there's still some work to do, the feeling is he could very likely flip to Alabama over the summer.
2. 5* Justin Williams Oak Ridge in Conroe, TX (Houston area) 247: #13, On3: #12, Comp2: #12 Similarly archetypal LB prospect: a bit slight at the moment, he makes up for it with WR-level speed and burst, making him a real weapon against a high-powered offense. Oregon, Alabama, and UGA are the likely top 3 - Bama made a good impression this spring but needs to get him back on campus ASAP - feels like UGA could swoop in here if Riddick flips.
3. 4* Bradley Shaw Hoover in Hoover, AL (Birmingham area) 247: #176, On3: #139, Comp2: #157 More of a traditional ILB, football IQ and sure tackling give him a Shaun Dion Hamilton feel. Alabama, Auburn, and UGA are the top 3 schools and this feels like Iron Bowl battle, where Alabama will win or lose based on how they push to reel him in.
DB (4-5 Needed/1 commited)
Overview: You gotta take a solid # of DBs every cycle but CB is one of the most important/most needed positions in 2024 after losses to the transfer portal.
Name H.S. Rank Notes
1. 5* CB Jaylen Mbakwe Clay-Chalkville in Pinson, AL (Birmingham area) 247: #19, On3: #17, Comp2: #18 A legitimate two-way player, Mbakwe, like Kool-Aid before him, could have been a 5* WR as well as DB but prefers defense. Jaylen is the defensive leader of the class and will be pretty instrumental in how the defensive class comes together.
Top Targets
1. 5* CB Charles Lester III Riverview in Sarasota, FL (Cent FL) 247: #16, On3: #19, Comp2: #17 An all-around athlete with the ability to play multiple DB positions, CL3 could be commited or off the board at any moment. There's a clear interest in Alabama on his end but the Tide have yet to really push, leaving the door wide open for FSU. He OVs on June 3rd so it's likely that we'll have a better idea of where Bama goes after that.
2. 4* CB Jameer Grimsley Tampa Catholic in Tampa, FL 247: #230, On3: #195, Comp2: #212 Somewhat of the prototypical Saban corner, with a long and lean build and a wingspan for days. Jameer has seen his recruitment skyrocket this spring and schools like Bama, FSU, and Penn State are pushing. Bama's got a great shot for this prospect who should continue to rise.
3. 4* S UGA Commit Peyton Woodward St. John Bosco in Bellflower, CA (SoCal) 247: #69, On3: #70, Comp2: #69 Peyton shows good play speed and flows to the target in run defense; a good balanced safety. Peyton has not been shy about letting other programs try to flip him from the Dawgs and his family is full of Alabama fans, making the Tide a very possible flip option.
4. 4* CB Zabien Brown Mater Dei in Santa Ana, CA (SoCal) 247: #57, On3: #56 , Comp2: #56 Zabien is a physical pass defender who excels at getting in passing lanes and making plays on the ball - not a specimen but a true competitor. As a Mater Dei kid, the axiom has been USC most often has first right of refusal so we'll see how the summer visits go and if Bama can/will make a push here.
5. 5* S KJ Bolden Buford in Buford, GA (Atlanta Metro) 247: #8, On3: #5, Comp2: #6 Likely the top DB in the 2024 class, KJ is how they come; a true 5* safety. UGA has a healthy lead thus far but Bama (alongside others) will have a chance to fight back during summer OVs
6. 5* CB UGA Commit Ellis Robinson IV IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL (Originally from CT) 247: #5, On3: #7, Comp2: #6 One of the stickiest DBs in the class, Ellis was the other 5* CB alongside Alabama freshman Desmond Ricks at IMG in 2023. Alabama led early but UGA got the momentum and the commitment. It's likely Ellis will take visits, including a potential OV to Alabama, but I would not predict a flip to Alabama at this time or in the future.
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