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2022.06.03 14:38 huggothebear Mushrooms4Coldsores

A subreddit to talk about and share experiences trying to use mushroom extracts (specifically reishi, chaga, cordyceps, lion's mane, shiitake and maitake, and turkey tail) to control oral herpes / HSV-1. **1. SAVE 15% on TIMEHEALTH products by using the promo code in checkout: ”mushrooms4coldsores15” **2. SAVE 10% on FRESHCAP products by using the promo code in checkout: “mushrooms4coldsores10” (You can save 20% on each order by subscribing to the company, check their site for info!)

2023.06.06 17:30 NumNum3318 Is is cold sores?

June first a bump appeared on my upper lip, I thought it was just a pimple. Then June 3rd it spread out on my upper lip. I had small white bumps and two other red bumps like the first one that appeared. I went and got some over the counter medicine that day abrva.
Then June 4th I started having a panic attack because I'm so scared it could spread to my genitals. I went to the hospital got told it didn't look like cold sores then was sent home with viral syndrome. I then wanting to get the the bottom of this went to urgent care yesterday. Showed her a picture of it when it was at its worst and the Doctor said it looks like cold sores.
It's already healing whatever it is and she said there was nothing she could do about it and didn't want to take blood work because it would be inconclusive. So really I'm just confused as to what it is, I've never gotten cold sores. My boyfriend who I kissed Friday has no symptoms, no bumps, nothing.
My brain won't shut up and leave me alone so please anyone who has any advice or can tell me if it is cold sores the picture above is how worse it got when I went to the hospital. I just want to put this all behind me. Thank you and ignore the chin acne.
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2023.06.06 17:26 -rubyxcube- Kissing Precautions

What do you all do to prevent transmitting HSV-1? Do you still kiss your partners? What precautions do you take? Has anyone been on daily antivirals for HSV-1 suppression and what was that experience like? How much does it reduce viral shedding and is it worth it? I’ve gotten cold sores since I was a kid but just recently got a formal diagnosis and tested positive for HSV-1 with a blood test. This is taking a big toll on my mental health, and I need support! I miss kissing/making out and I really struggle with intimacy without that component, and also feel so much shame :(
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2023.06.06 17:09 obnoxiousstarfish MIL entered LO in online photo contest without permission

To start from the beginning:
Before we had baby, we told all family members some ground rules. No one was allowed at the hospital except my husband (policy). I could have 1 other, she kept pushing to go. I told her if I did have 1 other person it would be my own mother, but we opted to have it be just us 2 to enjoy the experience. We also told everyone no coming over unannounced, and to hold baby everyone must wash hands and no kisses (I personally feel like those are family laxed rules compared to many others).
Went into labor, notified family, and she showed up at the hospital. Told my husband AFTER she got there. She said she would just wait in the parking lot, but he told her then and we told her before we did not want anyone there (more pressure on us and not fair to other family members). She was there from about 10 AM to midnight. She kept trying to pull my husband to spend time with her instead of being with me while I was in labor. They found their way into the hospital somehow, but we still told them no visitors. She then kept pushing my husband to send our baby straight to the nursery so they could see him, since they could see the nursery babies but we wouldn't allow them in our room. The next day when we allowed visitors, she showed up over an hour early so she could be the first one to meet him. A nurse let her in the room before other family members were even there. I was not yet ready for visitors.
The first day home was rough. She didn't get to see him that day, so the next morning she decided she was going to just show up. Husband called her in the morning to chat since she was feeling neglected, and she told him she was already half way to our house (lives 45 mins away). I about lost it and told him to tell her no. Baby wasn't latching and I was in so much pain, just needed some space from visitors. She was upset about being told no for a while and husband had to keep calming her down (he didn't want her here either that day, not just me)
She invited us over for Easter, said lunch at 12. We also had my family and FIL, so worked out times around her family. She asked us to come early so she could see LO, so we got there around 1145. She told me I had to feed him before family shows up so they could spend time with him (not how that works). Come to find out lunch was at 1 and she lied to us to get us to spend more time with her.
I didn't notice until we were about to leave she had a cold sore. She had a cold sore and held my 6 week old newborn. I told my husband about how dangerous it was, he mentioned it to her after and she said it wasn't a big deal. He ended uo getting a cold sore right after that, so it made our family time more difficult as he had to be more careful around the baby. Baby also got sick righr after Easter, which was very hard on all of us, but luckily it wasn't from the cold sore.
LO is 3 months old. She sees him at least 1 time a week. And STILL have to tell her to wash her hands before holding him. She said we will have to keep reminding her.
She has made mean comments about my appearance and me being in a swimsuit 3 months pp. I am back to pre pregnant size.
Lots of other small needy and selfish things throughout.
Last week she sent us a link to an online photo contest for baby. We said it's cute and how he should win, but never said we would do it. You have to submit a photo and give personal information, and write a summary about our family. She texted husband a few days ago and told him she entered our baby in the contest. WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. It has a cash prize, so she would win that if baby was chosen. We don't know what she wrote about us in the summary. We asked and she can not delete the contest entry. It took her 2 days to apologize to husband but I have still heard nothing from her. I don't think she actually sees anything wrong with doing this.
My mom retired to take care or LO when we both are working. MIL wants to watch 1 day a week. I don't feel like I cant trust her. She has no respect for our boundaries, still can't keep her hands clean, and lies to us. I have cought her kissing LO and had to tell her to stop. I'm worried what she would do with LO since she apparently doesn't know right from wrong unless we are there to tell her.
I am not sure how to move forward now. I don't even want to see her and I don't want her around LO, but she is his grandma and wants to be in his life. Husband has had many conversations with her after every instance, but after 3 months the behavior of her respecting our boundaries trust has just gotten worse, i don't see it getting any better. Advice on how to move forward?
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2023.06.06 17:01 No_Grapefruit_320 Differin Frustration should I just quit?

Just for context I am a 17 yo teen (F) and I have acne for about my whole life (since I was 8 😭) I have oily acne prone skin.
About 16 weeks ago I started using Differin Adapalene gel because I wanted to get rid of my existing acne. My skin is familiar with actives (BHAs, AHAs) as I have been using them all along. It's my first time using Differin however I've used stronger acne treatments before like Tretinion that was prescribed to me by my doctor 3 years ago when I was 14 alongside Doxycycline to keep my acne at bay. I was on it for 6 months and it worked for me, however I've stopped using it after I've used them up and never visited my doctor for my skin since. My skin healed a lot after those treatmens and so I Just sticked to using regular skincare products. I still suffered from breakouts ,being a teenager and all and so thats why I thought I could just get my hands on differin to get back clear skin. I reckon that since differin is supposedly less stronger than Tretinion, my skin would be able to handle it.I was also aware that there would be a purging period however, from my own research, shouldn't the purging subside by now? When I first started, the purging was managable however it never seemed to subside. In fact, right now my skin is worse than before I started differin and it's honestly affecting my mood negatively. I am breaking out in my regular areas which I regularly get acne which is my jawline area, chin and neck (I suspect I have hormonal acne) . However, my forehead and cheek is relatively clear and I noticed that Differin actually helps with my blackheads that I get on my nose. It seems to be the only solution to that.
Hence, I'm vv much conflicted as to if I should continue using Differin or should I just quit using Differin and start Tretinion again? If so, how do I implement the change of acne treatment so that my skin would not freak out?
Out of the 7 days in a week, I use differin on 4 days only. The rest I would either not apply any acne treatments or use BHAs.
My skincare for reference ☀️ - Iunik centella bubble cleansing foam - Anua heartleaf toner - Beplain Cicaful ampoule - Skin1004 halu-cica sun serum
🌑 - Dear klairs fresh cleansing oil - Iunik centella bubble cleansing foam - Anua heartleaf toner - Benton snail bee essence - illyoon ceramide ato soothing gel (Wait for my skin to dry and apply differin on differin days) If not I use Benzac gel (5%) or nothing else
Pls help atp I'm desperate for any advice 😭😭
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2023.06.06 17:00 quinks0 Why is it constant ? I can't stand it anymore

30M, i've been feeling these rls symptoms in my legs since 6 months but it's been 3 months since it's 24/7 : i always feel some crawlings even when i'm standing + my calves and ankles are sore and stiff as soon as i sit or lay. And it gets worse every day i get it more and more often in my arms now, life is slowly turing into a never ending nightmare. I've been diagnosed by 2 neurologists. The last one gave me a treatment with alprazolam and ropinirole (4 days with one 4 days with the other to avoid the augmentation threat) but I haven't taken the ropinirole yet.
My ferritinin level is really good and i have no nerve damages. Symptoms started after i've been taking SSRI (amytriptyline) to treat pancreatic pain (i had an acute pancreatisis in augut 2022). I took it at very low dose (starting dose) for two month every day til i learned about RLS and stopped cold turkey 3 months ago.
I really don't understand why it kept on getting worse after i stopped what could worsen it. I think there's a correlation with my sugar intake but c'mon... Can someone explain why is it constant and why is it intermittent for the majority of us ? Is it still really the same things ?
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2023.06.06 16:57 Mysterymachine72 Annual roo reminders from a nurse :)

‘Tis the season for my annual roo post. I hope you all find these tips helpful and please feel free to add some helpful tips and tricks for how to enjoy roo and still feel good.
Pre-Roo Prep**
*Get out and ~walk~ This is SUPER important, at Roo you will be walking a ton. Wayy over your usual steps a day. If your body isn't ready for that you are going to be exhausted, sore, and kind of miserable. My advice would be to take a daily walk outside preferably in the shoes you plan on wearing at the festival, and then try to do some sort of cardio a few a week. If you start now you will most likely be able to enjoy yourself more and dance into the night. Also, pro-tip build your back muscles, those bad boys are supporting you all day and back pain is not fun at all. Building those muscles will not only improve your posture but also keep you on your feet for longer. And pack a little Advil just in case :)
*if you don’t already start taking a multivitamin, and be generally mindful of ways to support your immune system :) I like to bring q tips and nasal spray to clean out my nose every night since that is where viruses love to set up camp. Roo flu is real and definitely a bummer post festival.
At Roo
*wear sunscreen and reapply often, like every two hours… the way I keep up with it is between every set get your hot spots like face, shoulders, back, and chest. Then during meals do a really good thorough sunscreen.
If you suspect you or one of your buddies are at risk for a heat stroke get them to the medical tent *immediately**. Heat strokes can be dangerous so it is super important they get medical attention ASAP. On your way to the med tent get them to drink some water, and put something cool or cold against the back of their neck. Signs and Symptoms of Heath Stroke - Headache. - Dizziness and light-headedness - They stop sweating - Red, hot, and dry skin (like a fever) - Nausea and vomiting
*Sleep when you can where you can. This is pretty self-explanatory. I always feel like a new woman when I take a quick afternoon nap. Being well rested also makes you less of a susceptible host for viruses and or bacteria. But don't let this stop you from dancing until sunrise, Bonnaroo is 4 days just be sure to pace yourself
*Alcohol is fun but also dangerous. It can cause severe dehydration which can ruin a whole day because if you pass out you go to the medical tent and they might have to stick an IV in your arm. That's not how I like to enjoy roo I don't know about you guys. Again, know yourself, June in Tennessee is hot and humid making it the perfect storm to either blackout or get crazy dehydrated. It is ultimately your choice, maybe save your heavy drinking until the sun goes down, and chug a bottle of water before you go to sleep. Hangovers are lame but can be lessened by fatty carby food and good hydration
Sorry this is insanely long, can’t wait to see you all next week!
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2023.06.06 16:32 BroMandi [Amazon] Vicks DayQuil & Super C Convenience Pack: DayQuil Severe Medicine for Cold & Flu Relief $6.91 w/s&s [Deal: $6.91, Actual: $19.99]

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2023.06.06 16:21 NetKitchen6109 Holy Grail sighting!

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2023.06.06 16:17 ratboy8555 I hope I’m wrong

Hello all. I know I need to be evaluated by a doctor first, but there’s a reason I haven’t been just yet that’s beyond my control. I live in the US, and lost my health insurance at the end of May. About two weeks ago, I had three cavities (three rear molars on the bottom left jaw) drilled and filled, along the gum line and in between. I was thrilled about this because I knew I’d never be able to afford to have it done without insurance, and it had been a long time coming. My dentist (a man) worked quickly, and was rather aggressive compared to some of the woman dentists I’d had do dental work on me before, especially with the anesthetic needle. In any case, it went well as far as I could tell, and thought all would be normal in a few days. When I had some on the other side done a couple of years ago, my jaw was a bit sore from having my mouth open but I didn’t have any significant pain to speak of. This has been completely different. I have been in the worst pain of my life, in the sense that I’m having to take ibuprofen and acetaminophen at the maximum recommended dosages every day, and waking up early because of the pain. There’s kind of a dull ache, which could be just my jaw, but what’s really getting to me are these sudden waves of sharp pain radiating through the left side of my jaw, teeth, and face up to my ear. I’m not sure exactly what triggers it because it’s been inconsistent— maybe chewing very chewy gummy vitamins, one time it was triggered by using fluoride rinse, sometimes just drinking something cold but sometimes not. I called the dentist last week and asked if it was normal to still be in this kind of pain, and the person I spoke to said that they were pretty deep cavities, but that I could come in and they’d check me out. The problem is, this place is an hour drive away, and as I mentioned, I lost my insurance at the end of the month, so I’m afraid. In any case, I’m going to be in town on Thursday for a job interview, so I am going to see if they can squeeze me in. Anyone have any thoughts or advice? I hope this isn’t TN.
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2023.06.06 15:45 Small_Ostrich6445 [Routine Help] Analyze my skincare routine!

I recently decided to up my skin care routine after many years of subpar skin. For the last decade [27f] my skin has been low maintenance but not really "nice". Not dry nor oily, not acne prone but dull and large pores that clog easily. I don't really have blackheads, but absolutely have issues with sebaceous/dirt filled pores around my nose and cheeks.
It's been one full month of about 95% consistency [morning routine always gets done, some Saturday nights I have missed the night routine] and I haven't seen any changes really at all. Please read my breakdown and let me know if I'm missing anything, if I need more time, professional services, or if I'm just doomed to have cloggy looking pores forever lol.
> Burts Bees oil cleanser
> La Rosche Posay gentle non-foaming cream cleanser
> BHA/AHA exfoliation toner by Peachy - NOTE: pores look better after this but only temporary
> Glycolic undereye cream by Mario Bedasceau
> Niacinamide from the Ordinary
> Beija Flor Elasti-cream by Sol De Janerio
> Cetaphil sheer sunscreen
> The same except instead of sunscreen, I do a nighttime cream with retinol by Paulas Choice and a vitamin C under eye cream instead of glycolic.
> Occasionally use a velvet skin elixir 'drink' but I'm not sure the brand, it's a sample size
> Once weekly I use the red chemical peel from the Ordinary.
Everyone says not to extract the oil/filaments, but I don't know how else they would clear up. They're very visible, and while I have no major expectations because I know skincare isn't magic, but they just look so shitty for the amount of effort I've been putting in. As far as technique, I follow the instructions to a T on all of the products. I don't touch my face very much throughout the day and wash my hands frequently anyway!
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2023.06.06 15:30 Empava-Appliances Hot-Cold Water Therapy Discover Contrast Baths

Hot-Cold Water Therapy Discover Contrast Baths
Looking for a refreshing way to revitalize your body and mind? Try contrast baths - a simple therapy that alternates between hot and cold water immersion. Start with hot water for 3-4 minutes, followed by 30 seconds to 1 minute in cold water. Repeat the cycle several times, ending with cold water. This therapy has been shown to have numerous benefits, including improved circulation, reduced muscle soreness, and increased energy levels. Best of all, it's easy to do at home with just a bathtub or buckets of water. Give it a try and see the difference it makes!
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2023.06.06 15:22 Soul-Reaper-of-Hell My Life Story (so far, no TLDR)

Well you see, nearly 10 years ago, my grandmother called CPS on my mother, for weed of all things. She was a good mother, she was nice, and CPS decided to take away her rights to me and my siblings.
I'm the oldest, I spent my life so far in 3 different foster homes, 2 mental hospitals, and 12 different schools. My father left when I was 4.
My life got fucked up, at the first mental hospital, it was like forced Christianity. They were psychotic.
Second one was my aunt and uncle's, aunt was just fucking rude, uncle was a drunk asshole.
Then a the first mental hospital, it was alright. Once got my toenail pushed in from a pull out chair there. A few days later I was tosses into an ambulance (not for the pushed in nail) and sent to another mental hospital, with a bunch of other kids up in North Dakota.
One girl there ripped her toenail off, me and another kid got someone's key card and ran to the door and nearly got out.
They got me, I had the card and they took it. Half a year later and I got let out and sent to the third foster home, good foster mom and great foster dad, and I loved my foster sister. Closest person I had. Things were great for 2 years, then a new kid game, a girl, an asshole named Marissa.
She played football, once I accidentally hit her leg, she got pissed, I ran all the way up to my room, she caught me and threw me at my wall and started just kicking me, full force. I hated her with all my being.
Then A got a boyfriend, (not even gonna censor his first name) Lee, I hated him. He drank and smoked all fucking day, and got A to start as well. S started becoming cold to me, and Bitch (Marissa) always hung out with her.
They hated me together. One day A blamed me for taking Lee's microphone for his headset, I didn't, they found it in my room. S and Bitch planted it in my room to get me in trouble. They took my Chromebook, I needed it for school work and without it I had nothing to do. And when I tried explaining why I wouldn't take it, because my Xbox controller was taken by them, they didn't care.
I ran away that day, it was raining. All I had was an umbrella, a hoodie, sweatpants, and my shoes that I'd worn all day. It was starting to become nighttime, and I had nowhere to go. So I started yelling, asking people passing by to call the police.
Eventually the cops got to me and brought me back to Hell, ("home") and I was shivering half to death, I got a warm shower, and S said "oh, so now he gets special treatment?!" By the way this was the early days of TikTok, after it was changed from Music.ly.
A few years before things got fucked upside down and up the ass, they asked if I wanted to be adopted, I said yes. Then things got fucked upside the ass and then I didn't. The last year, okay, short part of the year, I was asked by a new social worker (old one was a bitch who cares only for money) if I wanted to go back to my grandmother, I said yes.
Then when it was time, I said my goodbyes, Sis didn't care, and A was crying, oh and Lee was gone at the time, main reason I left then was because I didn't have any reason left to stay.
Anywho, then I was back with my grandmother and grandfather, things were okay. My mom came back and I cried then, tears of joy. We all were living okay. But I still didn't get to see my siblings.
My blood sister, I missed the most. I still do. I've been here for five years... closest I've gotten was talking with her father, Steve Litzau. I remember my mother's Boyfriend (I like him, he's cool) asking him when a good time is. Steve's answer was "never, he's never gonna see her." And Steve can kill himself for all I care. Oh, and my sisters grandmother is Lori La Bey. She may seem like a kind lady, founder of Alzheimer's Speaks, truth is she's a terrible person. She's the reason I can't see my siblings, she fed lies to CPS and they believed her. Or she paid them. One of the two.
Family is supposed to help each other, so why did my aunt adopt my brothers and my grandmother adopt me?! My mother's brother died at 9 years old, hit by a train. Grandmother recently said to my mother in one of their thousand arguments, which granny cries for sympathy after each one, she said to my mom "I wish you died instead of [uncle's name here]!"
I dislike my grandmother greatly, and she's always rude to my grandfather who is currently on oxygen, he has to sleep on the couch apparently. Many inconsistencies in my life story because I've stuffed those memories deep, deep down, I'd rather not remember.
Oh, and S died in 2021. (If you want the obituary link, ask) I cried for the rest of the year. And all the ones after. (Let's just say that Pneumonia and Asthma are not a good combination) I'm still fucked up, depressed, damn near suicidal. And I feel miserable, empty. I rarely eat. I don't cry anymore.
OH! and I know why things got fucked at my old foster home. Marissa Jasso or some shit, she fucked with everything, IF SHE DIDNT SHOW HER UGLY ASS FUCKING FACE THINGS WOULD'VE TURNED OHT GREAT! I WOULDNT BE SO FUCKING MISERABLE RIGHT NOW! EVERY OUNCE OF HAPPINESS THAT I USED TO HAVE IS GONE! I'M FUCKING EMPTY! and that emptiness is overwhelming...
I visited FMom, she was doing much better, and she knows she did wrong back then, plus she lost her foster license...
Steve still hasn't gotten any reprocussions, but he will... one day.
Welp, that's my life story! Do with that as you will.
Sorry if you read this and wasted your time.
-My Life Story (so far, no TLDR) by V.
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2023.06.06 15:20 _Wolfheart1200_ Please help the family be able to save their cat

Please help the family be able to save their cat
She’s a loving and friendly cat who recently came into their lives, unfortunately she has been sick and is suspected to have cancer but the family cannot afford to get her reliable treatment. They love her so unconditionally and want a longer, loving life for her. Originally losing her previous owner and living outside the same house she was no longer allowed to be in, the family that took her in had just moved in as a neighbor and observed that she was alone, the night became cold and they took her in every night, now she’s there permanently. Unfortunately as spring came along she started developing symptoms that have now gotten worse. She bleeds heavily from her eye and nostril. They don’t know how much time they have.
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2023.06.06 15:17 _Wolfheart1200_ Please help the family be able to save their cat

Please help the family be able to save their cat
Please help the family be able to save their cat
She’s a loving and friendly cat who recently came into their lives, unfortunately she has been sick and is suspected to have cancer but the family cannot afford to get her reliable treatment. They love her so unconditionally and want a longer, loving life for her. Originally losing her previous owner and living outside the same house she was no longer allowed to be in, the family that took her in had just moved in as a neighbor and observed that she was alone, the night became cold and they took her in every night, now she’s there permanently. Unfortunately as spring came along she started developing symptoms that have now gotten worse. She bleeds heavily from her eye and nostril. They don’t know how much time they have.
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2023.06.06 15:15 RowSilent5240 Cold Sores

31F, 5'7, 140 lbs, regular medications: citalopram 20mg, non-smoker, non-drinker, living in UK.
I've been getting cold sores on my lips since I was little. Usually I use aciclovir cream and the blister goes away within a week or so. This time it has been on-going for almost 5 weeks: one blister heals - another appears. It is so frustrating!
I know this is possibly happening due to my poor immune system ( I had to take a course of antibiotics in April for a chest infection) and high stress levels. I've been working on it with vitamins and probiotics.
For the cold sores I've been using Zovirax cream and trying to follow recommendations (not to touch the blister, hydrate properly, lip balm with SPF etc.).
My question: is it worth getting a prescription for aciclovir tablets? A lot of research seem to say that it reduces the duration of a cold sore by one day (same as the cream) and it is not that effective once you have an outbreak of the virus already. So, is it worth it? If so, what strength should I ask for? Anything else I should do?
Any advice would be very appreciated as it is extremely difficult to get a doctors appointment where I am at the moment.
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2023.06.06 15:13 _Wolfheart1200_ Please help this family save their cat

Please help the family be able to save their cat
She’s a loving and friendly cat who recently came into their lives, unfortunately she has been sick and is suspected to have cancer but the family cannot afford to get her reliable treatment. They love her so unconditionally and want a longer, loving life for her. Originally losing her previous owner and living outside the same house she was no longer allowed to be in, the family that took her in had just moved in as a neighbor and observed that she was alone, the night became cold and they took her in every night, now she’s there permanently. Unfortunately as spring came along she started developing symptoms that have now gotten worse. She bleeds heavily from her eye and nostril. They don’t know how much time they have.
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2023.06.06 15:10 _Wolfheart1200_ PLEASE help this family save this cat

PLEASE help this family save this cat
Please help the family be able to save their cat She’s a loving and friendly cat who recently came into their lives, unfortunately she has been sick and is suspected to have cancer but the family cannot afford to get her reliable treatment. They love her so unconditionally and want a longer, loving life for her. Originally losing her previous owner and living outside the same house she was no longer allowed to be in, the family that took her in had just moved in as a neighbor and observed that she was alone, the night became cold and they took her in every night, now she’s there permanently. Unfortunately as spring came along she started developing symptoms that have now gotten worse. She bleeds heavily from her eye and nostril. They don’t know how much time they have.
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2023.06.06 14:39 EdogawaConan2 Pain at the sides/gums/while biting of a root-canal'd teeth (months ago) and

Hello, I have a question.

So in around Feb/March-ish, I actually had a big tootache (tooth 36), which required me to go under root canal treatment. I had a huge sensivity to hot/cold, very (VERY) painful. Thankfully this got fixed with the root canal, I still have some pains from time to time but they're pretty rare and quickly fade out (no sensitivity to cold/hot). However, I went to the dentist last thursday, she did a checkup, I had bitewing xrays for all 4 sides of my cavity. Apparently, everything's fine except maybe my root canal filling had a slight issue (I forgot what) but the dentist told me it wasn't worrying right now. I also had a decay which apparently gets closer to the other side of the teeth (46), but I'll have to ask an appointment and come back in a few weeks to try cleaning it first and see how it goes.
I have to indicate that I brush my teeth between 1 to 3 times a day (depending on the day)
It's been fine since that thursday, however, since yesterday I've noticed that on the gums of my tooth 36, it's been pretty painful when I touch the gum around there, pressing on the teeth does hurt but I feel like the pain comes from the gum part. I don't think it's the tooth itself since it's been root-canal'd. I kinda feel like it when biting too, I couldn't eat easily this morning because of the pain, it's not unbearable but it kinda stays and is not comfortable. It was worse today than yesterday too. My gums aren't bleeding so I'm not sure if it's a gingivitis and I don't see any inflammation so far at the side of my teeth, I'm actually scared about it being an abcess or parodontis considering that I'm far from where my dentist is for a few weeks :/ and I'm not sure but I kinda FEEL (really not sure about this) that my teeth is SLIGHTLY higher than usual (but don't take this for a proof of abcess, I'm not really sure if it really is higher or just placebo)
What if this could just be irritation from the thing you bite for bitewing xrays? I'm not sure but if I remember correctly this one slid off a little when I had to bite, maybe it still irritated the gum..?

Any idea? Thanks!
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2023.06.06 14:25 Less_Soup3923 Symptoms in less than 24h. Is it likely to be something else than herpes?

So started seeing this girl early last week we have been making out since the first date but no sex. On the third or fourth date we finally had sex this weekend. We had wild sex from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon. We used condoms without fail. Saturday evening we both started to get sores on our genital area or at least feeling painful and by Sunday morning it was abnormally painful. I feel that the fact that we both have symptoms less than 24h after sex is unlikely to be herpes.
We both talked about it yesterday because at first we just tought that we were irritated by the amount of sex we had or tought they were razor bumps at first. From my end I thought that maybe I didn’t wash up quickly enough and was having a skin reaction because I have excessively sensitive skin or that I used latex condoms by accident and was having a reaction since I’m allergic or some other kind of weird skin reaction since my skin is so sensitive to any kind of irritation and products.
I have painful bumps around the base of my penis where the condom weren’t covering and on my pubis and it was already hurting less than 6 h after we last had sex. After talking to her it’s been the same for her. She went to see her gynaecologist (also her family doctor) yesterday and he seems to think it’s herpes but she hasn’t slept around much in her life apart from her 2 boyfriends and a random guy that works in a bar over a month ago but no oral sex and they used a condom.
She has the same types of bumps but inside her vagina and she didn’t have them when we were having sex.
She had a cold with a runny nose a lot of coughing and started to have muscle soreness like a flu Sunday morning which is why she went to see her doctor.
She was freaking out about it being herpes but I know a bit about it and know it’s not the end of the world.
I’m getting tested later today as well and consider myself lucky to have nothing on my penis but having more medical knowledge than most I feel that’s it unlikely for it to be herpes given the very short time frame.( both my parents are doctors and father is a urologist).
Anyway I’m not overly familiar with the herpes virus and looking for information about what it could be. There’s is a picture of my pubic area but I didn’t include my private parts.(seems it’s not possible to post a picture so I will include it in the comments if it lets me)
Thank you in advance for all information you can provide!
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2023.06.06 14:04 InevitableAd1535 Today is my 1 year anniversary

I can't believe it's been a year already! There were so parts that were so slow it felt like a drag to get to the next month. But all of a sudden, the months flew by and next thing I knew it was a year!
This has been an awfully hard journey. I remember months 4/5/6 crying most nights because of the pain. Dying to go home after work for my bath because it's the only way I could feel relief. Covering myself in bandages and compression gloves. I threw my gloves out recently. I don't need them anymore.
I am 95% healed at this point. I don't even think of my skin anymore. I'm able to use lotion with fragrance and I couldn't tell you the last time I need a bath for relief.
I am surprised I'm not flaring due to the stress of this month (I'm working a summer stock and hosting friends this week). But I feel this proves I never had eczema and I was given steroids for no reason. I was told I would have to use it every day for the rest of my life. Now I am almost completely normal!
This journey has made me more appreciative of the small things. Like how I can put on a shirt without wanting to vomit from the feeling. But I'm happy I don't have to think of my skin first. No more treatments, no more collagen smoothies (but I'll keep the cold showers, I've been converted into a cold shower girly) Just my normal life!
I'm sure I will edit and add more later because I'm writing this before work, but I'm just so happy to be where I am today. This was a hard journey but I knew I would see the other side eventually ❤️
Hoping for healing for you all!
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2023.06.06 13:42 TheMightyRass Should we keep trying with FIL or just let it fizzle out?

My father in law (60ishM) is a widower, MIL (60ish) died 1.5 years ago. Husband (32M) and I (31F) have been a couple for 10 years, married for 2. We previously had a difficult few years with no contact from me towards MIL in particular because she would have unpredictable angry outbursts and I could not subject myself to that anymore. I never confronted her or anything, just would not come around anymore and after a while they noticed that husband would come alone and they did not receive invites to visit. She died from a chronic illness but nevertheless quite suddenly, and we both were in the hospital with them as she passed and helping with the funeral afterwards.
I need to explain that in their family, historically MILs behaviour would be rugswept immediately, and appearances were to be upheld. Nothing is ever talked through, in fear of her throwing a fit. After she passed, we learned that FIL had the same behaviour, when my husband asked something benign about his schooldays. Apparently MIL was just always quicker to react. My husband is very avoidant about talking and asking for consideration or explanations, not surprisingly.
Soon after MILs death, we got pregnant with our first, he is half a year now. It was difficult for my FIL to visit with us as MIL had never been invited to our (not new anymore) house, but a month after the birth of our son he came to visit with my sister in law. They live 40 minutes by car. My sister in law has downs syndrome and lives in an assisted living facility while working as well. She is as involved as can be with our son, asking for frequent updates and photos. We got them both digital photoframes for their houses, and regularly put up photos. We invited them for Christmas as well, and went for our first visit when LO was 3 months old. FIL seems to enjoy holding LO and talking to him, like genuinely happy. The baby hates car rides with a passion though and we obviously need to haul a lot of stuff for a visit, so taking turns visiting would be nice.
We have visited again last weekend for SILs birthday, and it was not enjoyable. No consideration for our sons needs, no consideration for his health or what we as parents ask of FIL (e.g. not letting baby grab SILs glasses from her face, not letting baby touch his or SILs mouth due to cold sores, being excessively loud in the hallway after he literally witnessed and helped us put baby to nap just 2 minutes earlier). So we can’t leave them unattended, and in case of the nap, I had to take baby outside in a wrap and have him contactnap during a walk. Not fun. So there really is hardly any quality time left to spend for them. FIL only ever calls if he needs something from my husband, like a signature. He never asks about our son, never asks for photos, immediately changes topics when we talk about something we or son did, responds vaguely when we ask to do stuff together and never follows up when plans could get concrete.
My husband and I talked about trying to improve the relationship, we’d both like that, but at this rate we will see him with SILs birthday and maybe around Christmas.
Today, the reason why I am posting, is that we forgot the babymonitor at FILs during SILs birthday, and inquired whether he could send it via post. Instead, he said he would come over. Great, we thought, finally he takes initiative to see us/his grandson just because! However, he came by, would not go inside, but said he wanted to make photos at the nearby beach. We asked if he would come by again after. No, no time, apparently, he needs to do something in his yard. So he left. This is not really new behaviour, so I don’t know why we are surprised. He is frequently in the town we live in the suburbs of, or at the beach closeby, but usually we hear about it afterwards, not literally see him turn away after 3 minutes standing on the porch.
At this point, it feels intentional, and my husband and I assume he just does not want to interact with us and our son much. What if our assumption is wrong though, and his distant behaviour is based in grief and boomer-awkwardness? Husband is thinking of asking about clarification on this, as we keep trying to reach out and would then stop putting effort into this relationship that is not wanted by him, getting rejected in the process which kinda damages the relationship further. He thinks he already knows though that FIL will take it badly, misunderstand what he tries to say, tell husband he is ungrateful, yada yada. Husband sadly has a script in his head for situations like this, as they always go the same way, no matter what he asks. It seems as if he (or I) is not actually listened to when we speak. I am thinking of writing a empathic and non-judgmental letter, but husband thinks this is too confrontational and would end the same way. Anger and hurt feelings. We have had a couples therapist in the past to try to sort out the situation with MIL, but never got around to the mediation part with MIL and FIL. Husband was stalling out of fear for months and then MIL declined so rapidly. Both me and husband think there is potential in having a few family sessions with FIL and the therapist, but husband is afraid of even actually touching on the subject in conversation, much less ask for participation in therapy.
I’d like help from the community. Whenever stuff like this happens, my husbands feelings get hurt, and I am brooding all day about ways to improve the relationship without ever saying anything to FIL as husband doesn’t want to escalate anything. Are we delusional here, is there too much buried hurt and grief and should we drop the rope so FIL can live his best life? Should we make one concentrated effort, with clear words explaining how we’d like to have a better relationship and how to work towards that (e.g. no angry outbursts anymore)? The situation is so difficult as well because of lovely SIL and her life long dependancy on a caretaker. However, any care decisions have always been made and still are made without even asking what my husband thinks or wants, which will suck later on.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Tl;dr: Widower FIL is happy when he sees grandson, but does not pursue meeting up to the point it seems intentional. There is a lot of hurt feelings probably on both sides, should we keep trying to improve the relationship or let it fizzle out?
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2023.06.06 13:16 tsundereb1tch I got plastic surgery but I got more depressed

Context, i'm 23, trans woman on HRT for 1.5 years. I'm 181, which is 20cm taller than the average AFAB in my country, and about 11cm taller than the average AMAB. I stick out like a sore thumb in most social situations, I don't want to stick out in the ways I do. I'm taller than all of my male friends. I have very masculine features (some of which I was fortunate enough to remove out of me, for example my adams apple), and a generally masculine build. I am currently in the hospital recovering from my forehead shaving surgery, which is a common treatment for transfems. I am waiting on my breast implants in a couple days time.
I am so troubled because I came to this hospital seeking a better version of myself, one that can just participate in society without dealing with the abuse and hatred. My voice is not perfect, but unless in the early morning or if I'm unwell, I am able to talk in public without creating much suspicion. But usually when people approach me first, they will more often than not call me sir or those masculine terms. This is super problematic because I am a tutor and a to-be teacher, and parents absolutely hate it when they find out I am trans. I was denied a few tutoring students because the parents found out I was trans, and made, lets just say, problematic statements about me. I just want to get around life without feeling like a complete loser, I just want to live a normal life and have a normal job, but this body and society refuses to allow me to participate in any reasonable manner.
As a hobby i'm also a cosplayer, and i basically cant do anything because any time I walk out of the house in a wig, I'm automatically assumed to be a creepy crossdresser. Photographers will approach with language like 'bro' and snickering laughter and demeaning comments like 'youre too tall for this character' (which, for context, the characters I cosplay are all 170+). The social environment here is very traditional (asia lmao) and I feel like men are insecure when they see me, which leads to these comments. But I can't change the fact that they are insecure, I can't control when they appear in my life, and I've slowly learnt to just stay home more and avoid human contact. For my anti-depression regime, I'm forcing myself to go out once a day, and these days I just try to just go to work and buy groceries on the day and quickly return home as fast as possible. I acknowledge the benefits of leaving the house, but I'd rather take as little chances as possible while exposing myself to that sweet sunlight.
TLDR: i dont pass, and i realise after my plastic surgery that that nothing will ever make me pass. I'm becoming more socially reclusive and i hate this body of mine. i dont know what to do.
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