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2014.05.14 07:33 AustNerevar Minimon: Adventure of Minions, the Cyclop Monsters RPG by TFJoy

Minimon: Adventure of Minions, the Cyclop Monsters RPG mobile game by TFJoy, for Android and iOS.

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2023.03.24 06:22 AmenCupid Counter-Strike 2 leaked online and its playable

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2023.03.24 06:18 69Breadsticks69 2TC With Adora and Prince of Darkness

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2023.03.24 06:13 2222wwww1 COCK HERO EVOLUTION christmas game sexy big ass latina teasing twerking giving a perfect blowjob and fingering her ass can you win in this game??

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2023.03.24 06:13 Physicist_Dinosaur You only need 32,000 g to get The Sentinus

General considerations

This is for Fable I.
The best way you can test it yourself is using Cheat Engine to change the gold to donate, instead of rising it up slooooow...lyyy... You can also use it to change the alignment, which I didn't but should have, as I ate 176 Crunchy chicks instead Dx.
I know for a fact that the alignment value we see isn't exactly the real one, because you can eat a few chicks or tofu without the scale visibly changing. That means, for Cheat Engine, this is a floating value. I calculated that:
5 ccEP 20 GAP,
where ccEP are Evil Points (EP from now) got from Crunchy chicks, and GAP is Good Alignment Points.
Sometimes they granted less than 20 GAP.
I tried different alignment levels and got the very different results we all now we can get. I had always Dark Platemail Suit and Dark Chain Mail Helmet, shirtless, with The Eyes of Skorm tattoo and every other dark alignment ones.

Experimental Design

I did a half-baked experimental design to get some insights. Halfway I realised I could have planned it better and write down everything.
Good points: GP from now on.
My hypothesis was that one shouldn't have to excede or gamble the amount of gold and it should be calculable with these two variables: alignment and gold amount. I'm pretty sure daytime is useless and I didn't test for alignment-changing clothes and tattoos, so I went tattooless and fully nude.
I tested it like 70 times with different variables, but the official experimental design was like this:
- I was at -100 or fully evil alignment. I forgot to eat more chicks after getting there, so it could have not being at exactly fully evil.
- I had no clothes or tatoos.
- I tried from 100 to 150,000 g. This is the treatment in experimental design jargon.
- I almost never repeated a gold amount, as they're apparently in a scale. This is the repetitions in the same jargon.


Apparently, the rewards system count the total GP obtained on a visit, so when a given GP amount are reached, any donation that makes the total GP excede a reward requirement, grants the highest reward possible. That means that if you already got the GP requirement but didn't get the associated reward, you can get it for 1 g. You only can get one reward at a time.
There are 5 different "thanks" categories. The first division is around 275, I didn't test it to the coin. The last one is from 31,999 to 32,000. The last one got me 1000 GP, granting me The Sentinus instantly, and giving 1 g two times more, granted me the age reduction and the title rewards with little as on two digits. The former one got me 600 GP. I don't remember getting any reward with 31,999 that one last test, but I remeber getting the title on the previous tests with a low gold amount (around idk, 10,000 I think), and the age reduction with around 22,000 perhaps, but I didn't register anything about it.
Any gold amount in an accumulated thanks level range got me the same non-GP rewards.
1000 GP is the maximum you can get, and the one that gets you The Sentinus at fully evil. Any gold above the minimum for getting 1000 GP goes to waste.
Non-GP rewards hierarchy are:
  1. The Sentinus at 1000 GP.
  2. The Age reduction. You can repeat until you randomly get 10 years. Unknown GP requirement.
  3. The Paladin Title. Unknown GP requirement.


The 5 "thanks" levels were unexpected, and could be used to calibrate the gold (and GP) equivalence and requirements between fully evil, fully good, and (specially) any mid-way alignments.
I suppose it could be pair-tested with two different alignments or more (treatments), and with the appropriate analysis method we can decide if we have significant results and that they can be used confidently.
With the Crunchy chick alignment change test I did while eating them, we could infer that even if we aproximate, we'll probably still need to round up the gold if grey alignment. Still, the first donation changes it although, if fully evil, that change can actually be precise.
The hypothesis is yet to be confirmed. More tests are required:
- With clothes, without tattoos.
- With tatoos, without clothes.
- With daytime, just to be 100% sure it doesn't matter.

Final notes

Well, we all now we can be rich a few hours into this game, but I think these tests are still useful. Specially for the newcomers, and we all want them to share our love.
I'm a biologist, and I usually use experimental design, but I don't have the time I'd like to to do it here. I'm not planning on doing the testing. If you want to do it, I can provide you the experimental design and guide you through the process. I can also provide anyone the cheat table (cheat engine), although it's super easy to learn how to do it.
Some folks say that they got to 15 years reduction. Can someone confirm this is possible?
For the newbies from the future: you can exploit the Hero save+Age reduction combo during The Archaeologist quest.
Clothes and tattoos are ignored while developing alignment based spells.
You can get a lot of chicks and tofu buying them everytime. It's easy to get alignment this way.
The alternative to all this is that one person who is more nerd than me and actually knows how to dive into the game files and get the formula.
I love you all :3

TL;DR: you only need 32,000 if fully evil. Then just donate 1g two times to get the two other rewards.
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2023.03.24 06:12 ad1s6h Please help, cant win anything with these shitty ass team and im going mad Please suggest changes

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2023.03.24 06:06 whatnamehuh For sale: Fire emblem three hopes for nintendo switch. 1900php. Valenzuela area

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2023.03.24 05:58 OnigokkoMLLB When is the emblem revamp and is jungle emblem getting removed?

As a jungle player, I enjoyed tank meta but now it’s getting quite boring and the for the future esports tournament we could get to see more games where the junglers isn’t using the same heroes constantly. Surely mage meta next season bc ppl are starting to use Alice, lunox and valentina jungle from what I seen so far.
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2023.03.24 05:57 MrSir001_ Can I run fallout 4 with my laptop?

Can I play Fallout 4 on my laptop?
Here are my specs:
Device name (censored)
Processor AMD Ryzen 3 2200U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx 2.50 GHz ( around 200mb of vram)
Installed RAM 4,00 GB (3,66 GB usable)
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
How much FPS would I get?
Please tell me cause I wanna buy this game!!
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2023.03.24 05:52 Amaria77 [REQUEST] Looking for a second decent gacha or gacha-ish game.

Single/Multiplayer: Single player is fine, co-op would be better so long as it's not super time-consuming.
Genre: Gacha or gacha-ish, resource management.
Online/Offline: Online
Monetization/Cost: Under $50/mo.
Portrait/Landscape: Either.
Key Features: Resource management over long periods of time, challenging endgame
Any additional info/details/similar games:
I've played a few gacha games including Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation, Marvel Strike Force, and Dissidia Final Fantasy Omnia Opera. The first three were too expensive to keep up, but I did like them all. I especially liked MSF due to the co-op raid aspect. I played that one for a few years, but when covid hit, my income tanked and I had to quit. I don't really want to be in a situation where I'm impossibly far behind due to lack of spending ability.
Now I'm having a lot of fun with DFFOO. It's pretty chill. I pay $5/mo to have a solid roster and be able to do all of the new content as it releases so long as I carefully manage my resources. The multiplayer aspect is basically non-existent, but I'm fine with that since PVP is typically what forces spending.
So I'm looking for something in the resource management/building genre. I don't really care if it's fantasy characters, spaceships, or anything else. I'm mainly just looking for a game that lets me build up some stuff then has a challenging endgame to actually make the building worthwhile.
I've considered Homeworld Mobile, but I've had a hard time finding out what the endgame is like, how much time/money is needed in the endgame, etc. Either way, I'm just looking for something else to do that has a fun/challenging endgame that I can add to my daily rotation.
Thanks for any suggestions!
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2023.03.24 05:43 Underthe3 1/2 All-in, bad call?

1/2 game sitting with about 450 in front of me. Early position raised to $20 ($15-20 open common in this game) hero in late position looks down at A,K hearts. Raise to 55
Button Jams for 101 (button been jaming with anything)
Villain now shoves all in I have him covered by $30-40
I tank call. Villain turns over AA
I don’t improve.
Should I just always be folding here. I mean this is always AA OR KK maybe QQ small percentage of the time. Is it ever okay to call this off?
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2023.03.24 05:41 Demacore I broke the record in most gear held?

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2023.03.24 05:38 uglybutalive Why has my splits not save properly?

Why has my splits not save properly?
I finished a run with my fastest time and went to save it, but when I saved it, it didn't go down to the times that I received, even though the correct times are shown in the splits editor. Is there a way to fix this?
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2023.03.24 05:29 VinkyStagina Nostalgia! Fun rip.

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2023.03.24 05:25 Croospost1 COCK HERO EVOLUTION christmas game sexy big ass latina teasing twerking giving a perfect blowjob and fingering her ass can you win in this game??

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2023.03.24 05:21 Yander3 The biggest issues when it comes to Ultra banners in this game.

Firstly I want to start off by saying that I wanted to include newer LF banners in this discussion as well but there are no new LF banners up right so I didn't do my research about them. So this post will mostly be talking about ultra banners, more specifically the Rose one which is up now. I think the last paragraph of those post is also extremely important for us to take notice.
From what I've counted there are over 40 hero units, over 120 ex units, and over 150 normal sparking units on the Rose banner. As you may have guessed 99% of the units are non meta and should be restricted to master pack summons.
Of the 200+ units that are on the banner let's say only about 15 are usable (and this is being generous since I'm also including zenkais that are more recent but still haven't really been used like Jiren, kefla, Bergamo, and 21). ONLY 3 of these 15 units are actually meta which are Ultra rose himself, zenkai purple rose, and blue zamasu.
If memory serves me right the only two recent (and by recent I meant released last anniversary) extreme units we have are the blue kale and Yurin. For whatever reason they didn't even decide to the in the tag trunks/Gohan unit which shares a tag with rose, the newer extreme units ssb Goku and Vegeta (that you probably forgot existed) who also share a tag with rose, and the blue ex Omega shenron with that sweet art that shars a tag with rose. There other more recent-ish ex units that didn't make the banner like Bergamo, blue uub, blue buff kale, and yellow 18. Newer ex units are already hard enough to pull and they simply refuse to put them on some banners even months or close to a year after they've released.
As for Sparkings tapion isn't on this freaking banner, red super Buu, Mecha Frieza, purple whis, and neither of the gammas. Those units aren't meta but if a newer player or just anyone summoning on the banner wanted to start a team with rose those that share a tag would be useful. Also I think part of the reason that some of those units haven't been seen in pvp is because a lot of people skipped their banners waiting for the next ultra or LF and they just don't get featured in the newer banners often.
We get hyped when they reveal an Ultra unit like Rose and that hype blinds us from the harsh reality. We as a community honestly just don't put enough pressure on the company to make these changes that would be for the better of the game and make it more enjoyable for the player base.
We have let them get away with too much. They release only LF and Ultras units that you have to pull in order to use on events to get crystals (you know, the crystals that you would need in the first place to even summon on the units). If you have found yourself not playing much of the events or even not finishing them because you don't have the newer unit THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT, they are indirectly reducing amount of crystals you get because you are demotivated from going after them(I am a victim of this as well). Look at the current event raging battle; the only two green boost units are the ultra rose and the green transforming Goku black that released so long ago and his boost isn't even isn't even half of what Rose's is. Which isn't zenkai LF Vegeta a boost unit? he's a green unit from the future trunks saga which is the tag they seem to be boosting for that event. Bandai is smart as hell and they got away it. I know this post probably won't get much attention since I posted it late as hell and even if it does, hype from the next announced LF or ultra unit will overshadow our feelings and the truth of what's happening. I'm just hoping to bring more light on the subject, I'm sure most of us here already know what's happening but probably don't think there's a point. As a community we have more power than we believe. How about in the next surgery instead of just asking for which unit we want to see next we just all try to remember to address these issues? I'd hope that YouTubers that have more reach/influence over the community would talk about this as well.
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2023.03.24 05:18 Loserweebs looking for fantasy & medieval old rts/tower defense style game on android?

looking for fantasy & medieval old rts/tower defense style game on android?
This game is a hybrid of rts/tower defense where you can place tower to defend the main base, but you can only do it in pre determined spot (i think you have 6 or 8 spot on the map, every campaign mission use the same map), every time you build a tower or deploy troop you need bread, bread can only be created from bakery and bakery will take a spot in your map. You can deploy troop or heroes on the map, also use bread (heroes are very expensive, on the tutorial map you can deploy 3 paladin cost 500 bread), the building give me the same vibe like this. The game also have day/night cycle which does nothing. Also i think you can play as demon?
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2023.03.24 05:13 yasssssss_queen Does anyone else not see a main building for the samurai on the war map?

Does anyone else not see a main building for the samurai on the war map?
Every other faction has a "main building" on the map but all we have is a flag. Is this just my game or is it for everyone? It's kinda lame.
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2023.03.24 05:09 LengthProof Worth taking advantage of tower/hero sale?

I don't usually spend money on games, but I see the current sale has some heros and towers at only one dollar. Are any of those dollar heros or towers worth buying?
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2023.03.24 05:07 FaithlessnessJolly64 Yeah wtf is this ad

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2023.03.24 05:03 TilamookCheese What are some good games that DON'T have physics

I'm looking for games that have either base building or progression. Something along the lines of Factorio or cookie clicker
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2023.03.24 04:56 SergeantPocoyo Truly feel this game is unplayable now unless you have god like reflexes

I’ve been playing this game on and off since release. I absolutely loved the game when it came out early. As much as people hated the turtle meta, I liked it. Things were actually react able.
Now it just feels like every game is players spamming offence with unlimited stamina until I die. I truly don’t know how you block a light let alone parry one. I’d say I parry a light on accident more often then on purpose. Mix in unblockables and feints and I truly can’t block anything anymore.
Everything is so damn fast. It’s like every patch I read, things are just faster and faster. 500m, 400ms, 300ms, etc. it just feels so bad to get lighted to death by every player I fight. All that’s left are absolute god tier players that seem to call every unblockable and light I let out.
I just don’t know how anyone enjoys the spam anymore. I miss the old for Honor
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2023.03.24 04:49 Important_Pay6002 Song i made for techno

If someone wants to actually sing it with chorus be my guest its just some thing i made the day he passed I’ve been holding onto it for the condolences book on hypixel but my pc wasn’t working so here you go techno fam
Verse 1: In the world of Minecraft, there's a legend they say A warrior so fierce, he can never be swayed His armor gleams bright as he charges ahead With his trusty sword, he leaves his foes for dead
Chorus: Technoblade, oh Technoblade A hero of the game, a master of the trade With his skill and his might, he'll never be afraid Technoblade, oh Technoblade
Verse 2: He's faced many battles, both great and small But he always emerges the victor, standing tall From the Dream SMP to the darkest of hells He'll fight anyone who dares to cross his path, he tells
Chorus: Technoblade, oh Technoblade A hero of the game, a master of the trade With his skill and his might, he'll never be afraid Technoblade, oh Technoblade
Bridge: His fans they adore him, his enemies fear For when Technoblade's near, the end is surely near He's a force to be reckoned with, a true Minecraft king And with each new victory, his legend will only sing
Chorus: Technoblade, oh Technoblade A hero of the game, a master of the trade With his skill and his might, he'll never be afraid Technoblade, oh Technoblade
Outro: So if ever you're in trouble in the world of Minecraft Just call out his name, and Technoblade will have your back For he's the greatest warrior, the game has ever seen Technoblade, oh Technoblade, forever reign supreme.
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