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2023.06.06 19:07 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in KS Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Cargill Electromechanical Technician Kansas City
Conduent, Inc. CRC Specialist Lebanon
Conduent, Inc. Customer Service Representative Lebanon
Research Medical Center RN Lenexa
Research Medical Center Registered Nurse (RN) Lenexa
Cargill Utility Operator Overland Park
Talkspace Mental Health Therapist Kansas
Talkspace Licensed Mental Health Therapist Counselor (Remote) Olathe
Job News Recruitment Advertising Consultant (Inside Sales) Overland Park
Job News Inside Sales Representative Overland Park
BayMark Health Services PRN Pharmacist Topeka
BayMark Health Services Part Time Addiction Counselor Topeka
BayMark Health Services Full- time Substance Use Counselor Topeka
BG Products, Inc Technical Service Advisor WICHITA
Linde Immediate Openings Class A CDL Tanker Truck Driver Dodge City Dodge City
Abilene Machine LLC Warehouse Receiving Associate Abilene
Creekstone Farms Premium Beef Shipping Supervisor - 2nd Shift Arkansas City
Mcfarlane Aviation Llc Shipping & Invoicing Rep Baldwin City
Orscheln Industries Receiver Basehor
Novolex Packaging Associate Baxter Springs
Agco Truck Loader Beloit
Sapp Bros., Inc. Local CDL Bobtail Driver Blue Rapids
CHS Inc. Warehouse Specialist Brewster
Locke Supply Co. Delivery Driver - Light Warehouse Chanute
Helena - Agri Enterprises, LLC Warehouse Associate - Temporary Cimarron
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ks. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 18:56 SignalAssociation291 Should I accept an insulting salary to finally get my assistant prof promotion?

Recently got promoted to an assistant prof at a private medical school in California. They offered me a salary well below the minimum salary range for a new hire for my position. They just made a “new rule” that promotions get you a specific dollar amount raise — even though that puts me several thousand below the MINIMUM for a newly hired assistant professor.
I politely rejected their offer and told them to please come back with one above the minimum range. I also let them know that I am well aware of the salaries of my colleagues and that they were not subjected to this “new rule” and are well above the minimum even if they have substantially less experience than me. They told me “not to compare”…. I told them that’s actually what they are supposed to do…Compare my experience, background, performance etc and compensate me in accordance to that and in relation to the salaries of my colleagues.
Any tips on how to navigate this? Has anyone dealt with this personally? Becoming an assistant professor will significantly boost my resume to transition to a university that is not purely focused on their bottom line.
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2023.06.06 18:56 SignalAssociation291 Should I accept an insulting salary to finally get my assistant prof promotion?

Recently got promoted to an assistant prof at a private medical school in California. They offered me a salary well below the minimum salary range for a new hire for my position. They just made a “new rule” that promotions get you a specific dollar amount raise — even though that puts me several thousand below the MINIMUM for a newly hired assistant professor.
I politely rejected their offer and told them to please come back with one above the minimum range. I also let them know that I am well aware of the salaries of my colleagues and that they were not subjected to this “new rule” and are well above the minimum even if they have substantially less experience than me. They told me “not to compare”…. I told them that’s actually what they are supposed to do…Compare my experience, background, performance etc and compensate me in accordance to that and in relation to the salaries of my colleagues.
Any tips on how to navigate this? Has anyone dealt with this personally? Becoming an assistant professor will significantly boost my resume to transition to a university that is not purely focused on their bottom line.
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2023.06.06 18:55 your-pal-ben What if Dunkin' connected their Providence locations with a rail system?

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2023.06.06 18:55 your-pal-ben What if Dunkin' connected their Providence locations with a rail system?

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2023.06.06 18:53 hotsprinkle yardly working

I spent some time cleaning up all the trees and stumps that were in my lil stardew farm and realized my own yard irl was getting out of control too. When I went to my shed to get out my lawnmower the next day, I found a tree limb clipper that I’ve never seen before and definitely did not buy (a gift from the universe? Or it came with the house?). I was suddenly inspired to spend the day cutting back trees and wild shrubs growing in my yard. I realized after that I wouldn’t have been inspired to do any of that stuff if my pleasure/rewards center in my brain wasn’t activated by stardew valley. So thanks, Concerned Ape.
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2023.06.06 18:46 sweetiefur Post-Graduation Existential Crisis

It's been less than a month since I graduated, pero yung iyak ko in the past few weeks about my career, mas malala na kesa sa breakup ko with my first boyfriend.
I graduated with Latin Honors, awarded as the Outstanding Graduate of our School/College, and was even a candidate for Valedictorian. I have been very active with extracurriculars; and was also awarded sa mga pabida moments ko.
Pero heto ako ngayon, tambay sa LinkedIn,, FB Groups for WFH, at marami pang iba.
My parents have always suggested two options during college years: Med or Law (actually, since Grade school? haha). Initially, I've considered both of these career paths naman since they're known to be lucrative, pero the more they were suggested to me, mas nagiging ayaw ko siyang kunin. Mas nawalan pa ako ng gana to take either of these career paths when I found out (from my cousin) na they didn't want me to take Masters (the only choice that I was sure of since 1st year). Ang bigat sa pakiramdam non, so what I did was to take both paths into consideration (for the sake). Pero as I continued my last 2 years in college, parang nawalan na ako ng gana to think about the future. I focused with my academics and extracurriculars and prayed to the universe that clarity on my career will follow.
Going back to these two career paths, I did pass in one (and only) Law school I've applied for, and my NMAT PR was acceptable despite not studying intensely. But this time, I feel like I have enough courage to fight for my masters. After several discussions, they agreed to it. So ayun, okay na!
Now here comes the ff problems:
(1) The specific masters' program that I have in mind is in Luzon. I'm from Mindanao, and I don't have relatives that live in the former. So that means I have to find a place to stay for atleast 2 years.
(2) I am expecting that my financial burdens will skyrocket. I don't want to depend on them for schooling kasi, especially since they didn't have this in their choices for me. So Dorm, Food, TOF = kargo ko. Sa dami ba namang utang + my brother will be enrolling for SHS, and ultimately, I have a my sister who's diagnosed with ASD so that entails a lot of medications and therapy sessions.
(3) I don't have enough savings. If right from the get-go okay sa kanila, would've starved myself and sold everything I have just to have something. Pero I can't blame them fully either. Kaya here I am now, job hunting. And right now, it's so hard :((
Should I be accepted, I have to fly around August or September.

All of these struggles make me think, "Mali ba tong desisyon ko?" Should I just have chosen a path they favored more over this? Should I just stay here?

Well, I think that's all for now. Gusto ko lang mailabas lahat ng mga to at 12 midnight.
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2023.06.06 18:39 all3ycat_ 29F with ovarian cyst

Hi y’all, I need help understanding how urgent this might be and if I need to expedite care.
As the title says, I’m 29F, not taking any medication but I am on the Paragard IUD.
I had some medical issues last year (diagnosed with periductal mastitis after biopsy) and saw an OB during this time for pain and constant spotting in between periods, in conjunction with seeing them for the sizable and horrendously painful lump in my breast. They performed an ultrasound (transvaginal) to check on my IUD and advised that I may have PCOS because I have multiple cysts on my ovaries, most notably on my left ovary. The visit was unremarkable, IUD was in place and I received care elsewhere for my breast.
Fast forward to this year, I am experiencing light-headed spells after sex, pink to red spotting and pain after insertion (despite foreplay and lubrication). In April I went to a new OBGYN (had been to this OBGYN pre-pandemic and they were great but had no appts for a long while so I settled for the above mentioned place that advised I may have PCOS). Explained all of my symptoms to this doctor and he scheduled me for a transvaginal ultrasound (yesterday). The day before this ultrasound (Sunday June 4th), I woke up and went to the restroom. I usually feel a weird squirm or torse of my ovaries but this one caused me to lose my hearing and vision for a bit. I sat and took deep breaths and recovered. I let my doctor know this when I saw him yesterday.
At the doctor, Insertion of the device was painful and the tech advised that I had a cyst on my left ovary. Went to the exam room and the doctor came in to tell me the same thing. He asked if I wanted to remove it or keep an eye on it. With my most recent symptoms, having this removed seems like the best idea (to me). He advised that their surgery center would call me to schedule the surgery.
Here are the measurements: uterus: 9.6x4.3x5.7cm Endometrium: 5.7mm right ovary: 4.1x3.0x3.2cm left ovary: 4.2x2.0x2.7cm LT paraovarian cyst seen measuring 4.2x2.9x2.7cm
I need to know: is the size of this cyst normal? Could I potentially wait this out? The exposition regarding last year and my complications was to say that the cyst wasn’t this size last year. Is a year the normal amount of time for a cyst to reach this size? Thank you for your time.
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2023.06.06 18:38 Old_Warning7964 I'm tired of hearing everyone extoll my grandmother's virtues; no one knows or wants to admit what a two-faced liar she really was.

Our extended family tree, her "friends", and neighbors all act like she was the Mr. Rogers incarnate of her neighborhood. But for decades, she lied about so many aspects of her life--including fake health scares and invented family drama-- to be the center of attention or perpetual victim for sympathy. Her relationships with people were purely transactional, she would target and befriend impressionable people, emotionally manipulate, and drain them until she got bored. Then move on to the next person in her rotation.
I can't forgive how she treated her children differently, as if they were social experiments, causing them all to grow up damaged in irreparable ways and never have to take responsibility for it. How, in front of the few family members she didn't care enough to fake it for, the public mask came off and showed how truly apathetic she was about us.
With her death we will never really know the truth of why she didn't care for certain children or grandchildren, treated them like afterthoughts, why she would hold us at arm's length when we would try to connect with her, only to have her cry to others that we abandoned her. I look back to all those times she isolated us from the rest of the family, and how after her death, the depth and breadth of all of the lies about us came out of the woodwork. People, family I never got to really know, already made up their mind about me and the type of person I am because of her.
Her lies (especially those about family) were brainwashed into her social circle for so many years, that even with concrete evidence proving that she lied (like medical records), the proof would be so ludicrous to them that they would simply deny it.
I want to move forward, make peace, but everytime some neighbor reminisces about her, all of the bitterness wells back up.
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2023.06.06 18:37 fluffydaphne Is current mental health communication doing a disservice to the general population and the mentally ill?

Let me clarify first: I am 100% in favor of raising awareness about mental health and reducing the stigma associated with mental illness. Having bipolar disorder myself, a cousin with schizoaffective disorder and a great hunt who was most likely suffering from an untreated bipolar disorder and was essentially abandoned by her family because of it (with the fact still being a taboo subject for my grandfather), I believe I have enough first hand experience of the damages stigma causes. Also, in the title I'm not referring to terrible mental health content on TikTok or other social media.
I'm just a med student, but even in the university setting, most of the mental health panels and awareness raising events I've come across on campus have a tendency to be vague and rarely approach the subject from a scientific angle, for example never exploring in depth what various mental disorders entail. I believe this is so because the organizers and panelists want to reach as many people as possible and teach basic mental health prevention strategies, all the while avoiding to stoke anxiety about illnesses. On the other hand, this seems to me to produce the opposite effect: while often very aware of mental health related issues, many of my (generally not med student) friends tend to pathologize what seem to me "normal human experiences" or psychosocial (rather than medical) issues and to be pretty oblivious when it comes to more serious mental disorders.
I'm curious about what more experienced mental health professionals think about this. As I said in the beginning, I believe our societies sorely need more mental health education, but are our current efforts maybe misguided? What do you think should be done instead?
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2023.06.06 18:33 Ok-Age3092 PTSD and psychedelics

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share an experience between my inner world and LSD.
I begin by saying that I don’t recommend the use of illegal substances to auto- medicate if you’re not ready or think it’ll affect you in a negative way. Be always prudent.
I’m a (20yo) girl and tried LSD a few times in my life but I’ve never experienced anything like this.
I basically know I have PTSD from losing my mum when I was 16 due to cancer and CPTSD from a rough childhood where I was divided between my parents and then took away from my dad with substance abuse.
Anyway, I basically don’t know when or how it happened but my ego, my vision of self, had become more and more shattered as time passed, I didn’t know who I am anymore and everything was an anxiety or depression trigger, mostly going back to my home in fact I basically never go back home anymore to avoid dissociating and possible triggers.
I took a LSD drop of 200 mg and had the best trip of my life because in these last months I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot (gone out living by myself), passing university exams etc. Slowly, as I was listening to live tribal music, the acid kicked in and the first thought I had in mind was the union, the origin, the number one where everything comes together, I tried to find my centre and can say it happened. (Then I had a weird experience with runic alphabet, I’ve seen Tiwaz, the rune with the arrow symbol, but that’s another story, if anyone knows anything about runic alphabet write to me) I’ve never felt more connected with myself and instead of self blaming I started listening to myself and my inner child, I was treating me as if I was my best friend I know I have a sun inside of me and it deserves to shine regardless of what happened to me.
hadn’t realised how much I got used to being depressed or anxious. I personally feel more at peace with myself than I ever felt in almost 4 years. It’s incredible how much our brain gets used to feeling bad I finally felt how I “was supposed to” and still feeling like this even if the acid wore out, I feel like myself again, I feel like I am enough and I am beautiful I feel like a warrior, not a victim. I cried thinking about all of this but they weren’t sad and bitter tears they were tears of liberation and freedom. It’s incredible how this substance could potentially change your approach to deep trauma, it makes you change point of view and embraces your pain. LSD doesn’t heal you, it makes you more comfortable with the paradox of life and helps you overcome taboo topics such as death.
There could be a lot of things I could write that this sacred molecule has taught me, I can only say it helped me more than psychotherapy. (I’m not saying everyone should use this instead of going to therapy but for me it worked)
Eventually sorry for my English, I’m not mother tongue I’m from Italy, thanks for reading :)
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2023.06.06 18:30 tulpacat1 To Kill a Predator, Chapter 24

Hi everyone.
To Kill a Predator is a work of fan fiction set in the Nature of Predators universe originally created by SpacePaladin15 whose Patreon you should subscribe to.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Depiction does not equal endorsement.
Hope you enjoy it!
[First] [Previous]
Memory transcription subject: Thiva, Venlil Civilian
Date [standardized human time]: December 6th, 2136

Thank the Protector for Vilek.
She had stepped up in every possible way. She coached me on the right answers to give to the assessors. She worked with a Krakotl named Jarkim to keep the Exterminator’s office at bay. And she took care of answering questions from a reporter named Sharnet that reached out to me since both the humans who contacted her, mister Sinclair and Martin, had fallen prey to the Liberators.
This was the paw where I got to leave the hospital. My injuries were actually quite minor (or so they claimed), but they had kept me under observation for several paws to see if I’d display Predator Disease after everything that happened. There was a real risk that after all that, after what Martin sacrificed for me, I’d just end up in a Facility.
At first I thought I probably should be. I was happy that Renak was dead, and I wanted Vansi to die too. For the first couple of paws just thinking about being tied in that chair with Renak whistling and leaning over me with his knife and claws and teeth… it made me shake and scream, once even until I soiled myself.
Thinking about what Vansi had done to Martin made me shriek with anger and throw things and tear curtains. Vilek had stayed by my side though, and helped cover up the incidents each time. Without her I’d be in a Facility for sure.
Then she got me in contact with a human assessor over video calls, a man named doctor Johan Eriksson with ice-blue eyes and a lot of yellow fur all over his face. And just as Martin had promised, Johan was aghast at hearing about the Federation’s treatment of Predator Disease. Johan promised me that my feelings were entirely normal, and that he’d help me work through everything.

I’ve had three calls with him since then, and while every one of them ended with me in tears I always felt better afterwards. He was teaching me a system called ‘Mindfulness’. By examining my own emotions and surroundings in a neutral way, it was possible for me to significantly reduce the symptoms! And it was working, it really was. I was more able to manage my emotions. I could recognize when the world was fading into a furious orange or horrid gray, and pull myself back from the brink.
And he said there were other coping strategies to use too, that he’d be providing me with all the tools I needed to grow myself like a garden: Pruning the bad parts, watering the good, and planting the seeds of the sort of person I wanted to grow into.
The humans love their metaphors! But this one was rather beautiful, so I didn’t mind. I quite liked to imagine myself as a garden! But not the ones on Venlil Prime. One of the ones on Earth. Johan had showed me pictures. So full of different colors, dozens of types of insects, so many birds… an explosion of life and color and joy!
That’s the kind of garden I wanted to be. Someday.

Coming back home was tough. Not just because I had to pick between being woozy from painkillers or aching with all the little motions of daily life (I had settled on being woozy), but also because of all the little reminders.
Vilek had pressured the landlord into replacing the front door, but the new color reminded me of the break-in. The door to Martin’s room was entirely absent. Martin was entirely absent.
I didn’t feel safe sleeping in my bed. Vilek let me share hers. I woke up crying and feeling her claws stroking through my fur to comfort me.
I was grateful, truly grateful, for my friend. But she wasn’t the one I wanted to hold me.
A claw later I screamed when the pad rang for a phone call, and had to sit and do my mindfulness exercises while Vilek answered it.
She hung up in a hurry and rushed over to me and grasped my paw. “Thiva, we have to get to the hospital! Right now!”


Memory transcription subject: Martin Russo, Human Refugee
Date [standardized human time]: December 11th, 2136

I am in more pain than at any other point in my entire life.
Every single part of my being hurts on a level so deep I can feel it in my soul, and I don’t even believe those exist.
My tears are flowing freely and shamelessly. My mouth is open and my drool tastes alkaline, my throat trying to shield itself from the vomit that’s threatening to flow forth.
Taking a single step requires more willpower than I can even wrap my head around. Every single muscle has to be tensed manually, my brain simply refuses to pass the ‘walk’ signal to the body. My shaking limbs move in slow motion, like wading through thick non-Newtonian fluid. Like an arthritic, decrepit old man.
And always that voice. That fucking voice. That fucking voice I need to shut it up I hate you I hate you so much I hate you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

“Good job, Martin! One more step, c’mon, you can do it! Gold star!”
“fuck you… fuck you… fuck you… fuck you…” The mantra helps me manage the last step, before I collapse. First to my knees, then down to my hands. Then onto my face, on the soft and spongy floor.
Chasa, my Zurulian arch-nemesis, pads over to me fearlessly and sits down. She licks a paw before stroking it through my hair, giving me a cowlick. “Great job! I can tell you’ve been doing your exercises! Good boy!”
I can’t move my limbs right now. “hate you. hate you so much.”
She pads over to a small teddy bear-sized table and holds up my medical file. She’s had it printed out on actual paper with an actual manila folder, just for this purpose. “That’s fine! You don’t hate the gold star, though, do you?”
“…that’s for children…”
“Oh, so you don’t want it?”
I growl as menacingly as I can. It’s not particularly impressive. She holds up the little gold star sticker and wags it at me, before placing it on my file. She doesn’t seem particularly afraid of me. Though to be fair, even though she weighs maybe 20 kilos soaking wet she could probably take me in a fight.
Chasa looked up human physical therapy before taking on my case, and apparently learned about this incentive system… someplace. Each session she gives me a gold star if I manage to go above and beyond. I hate it. It’s infantilizing, condescending, and juvenile. And it works. I want the gold star. This is my fifth fucking physical therapy session and I want my fifth fucking gold star. It’s the least she can do after she makes me torture myself.
“Fantastic work! Alright, so after third-meal I want you to try and walk around your bed. Back and forth, as many times as you can. And remember to rotate your arm!”
“ah, i see. you hate me too.”
Chasa looks immensely happy and pleased as a couple of Venlil nurses get me onto a too-small gurney. She takes a little sugar and salt treat from a bowl for cubs or pups or whatever, and walks over to place it in my lap. “See you next paw, Martin!”
I will find a way to pay her back for this.

I woke up around five or six paws ago with tubes in every orifice on my body, and was very surprised to find myself alive.
The full story only came later. Slavik and Jarkim had taken out one of the Liberators, but Jarkim had gotten badly wounded as a result. As soon as they had dumped Jarkim back at the truck, Slavik double-timed it to the house. They passed Thiva and Mosun on the way, and managed to arrive in time to stop Vansi from setting me on fire. By shooting her.
Not that that would’ve mattered, considering my massive blood loss and organ damage and being stuck out in the middle of Fuckoff Nowheresota.
The fact that there was a UN army base about two dozen miles away saved me, as their helicopters showed up to take over the scene and haul all the injured to the hospital. The medics were able to get to me within the Golden Hour. Though considering the extent of my injuries it was apparently closer to the Golden Ten Minutes.
Since then I had been in a medically induced coma while the hospital grew replacements for just about every single one of my organs. To hear tell of it, I’d have had no chance long-term without the Zurulians’ almost unfathomably advanced technology. The alien teddy bears were able to salvage my broken body, even though it’s likely that my left leg, left arm, and right hand will never be the same again.
And now I get to torture myself back to health. Oh joy.

My lambchops have been showing up every day or paw or whatever for visiting hours, and staying each time until they’re chased out by the nurses.
Each time I see them enter my room it feels better than a shot of whatever the aliens use instead of morphine; the sight of them together and safe lifts my spirits and puts a smile on my face.
We spend most of our time watching movies or TV shows on the pad, while they take turns holding my hand or stroking my head. I pet them back as much as I can, but for now both that and talking for any length of time are too draining.
They’ve been showing me some of the classic works of the Venlil. I’ve been showing them classics of humanity.
“Hey Blondie! You know what you are?! Just a dirty sonofa-” Aaa-aa-aaaaa!
The lambchops whistle with joyful laughter, releasing the tension of the long finale of the finest Western of all time.
Thiva sighs with relief. “Oh Protector, I really thought he was going to kill Tuco!”
“No way, he’s ‘The good’ of the title! And it was a call-back to the first part of the film where he kept shooting him down, there’s no way they wouldn’t take the opportunity to tie it all together!”
“Yeah, I guess… Is that seriously what humans considered ‘good’ back then?”
I interject. “You could argue that Blondie is supposed to be ‘the good’, but he’s really more like the ‘least bad’. The people making the movie were living under a dictatorship, so a lot of films from the nation of Spain around that time were made from a very cynical point of view.”
Thiva leans against me and runs her claws through my hair, making me shiver. “You haven’t been showing us a lot of movies with war in them, but they’re apparently pretty common for humans?”
I give a nod. “Yes. We’ve always had a complex relationship with war and violence. You might’ve noticed that this movie took a very somber perspective, largely viewing the war as pointless. While it was a controversial conflict in the past, nowadays the common view of the US civil war is that it was a necessary conflict to end the evils of chattel slavery.”
Vilek is silent for a short bit. “So like Blondie, violence isn’t necessarily good, but sometimes it’s the least bad.”
“Oh, I like that. That’s clever.”
She wags her tail. “Alright, what’s next on the list?”
“Next… I do my exercises, before I get too tired. Can you girls help me get into the leg brace? Can’t walk at all without the damn thing.”

They help manhandle me into a standing position and latch the leg brace, and I can start my agonizingly slow and agonizingly agonizing journey around the bed and back again.
To keep my mind off of the pain, and because I can’t loudly curse my beloved lambchops out like I can my arch-nemesis Chasa, I try to talk instead. “S-So… I’ve been looking into… human universities… that’ll take both of you… and ideally… transfer your… credits…”
Vilek wags encouragingly, and helps support me on my slow journey. “That’s great! We can all head to Earth instead and I can become a human assess-no, therapist!”
Thiva sighs. “Honestly, I like the sound of that. I feel safer around humans than around Venlil at this point.”
“Great… I’ll let you know… once I hear back…” Shit that topic didn’t last long. Okay what else what else “How’s that… trial thing… coming along…?”
Thiva grumbles. “The Liberators plead guilty today… including Vansi, who was being tried as a member of the group.” She had survived, but Slavik’s plasma rifle had seared her arm off at the shoulder.
“No media’s being allowed in the courtroom, to ensure they don’t get an audience for their views. The sentence hasn’t come down yet but it looks like none of them are going to feel the free breeze again for as long as they live.”
“Can’t say… I feel bad…”
“It’s too good for them!”
“The state… shouldn’t get… to do worse… than imprison… fuck, I’m done, please help.” My leg gives out and I’m left to cling to the bed frame until the girls intervene.
They help me back onto the bed before Vilek speaks. “…Even someone like Kalsim?”

I nod, sweat covering my body in a thin sheen. I take a deep drink of water and wait a few moments before answering. “Yeah… Kalsim’s not a threat in a jail cell. The state has a monopoly on violence, and shouldn’t get to use it to kill people just because we’re upset at them.”
Thiva frowns. “What about justice, though? Don’t people deserve to see those that have hurt them get punished?”
I shake my head. “That’s not justice. See it like this… Why not eat him?”
The girls look disgusted. I press on. “See… If killing him as punishment is fine, then just beating him up has to be fine too. Right? That’s less bad than killing him. And torture, that’s still less bad than killing. And if killing is fine, how about killing him extra painfully like by setting him on fire? And at that point we might as well eat him. I mean, why not?”
Thiva protests. “Because… Because that’s barbaric! You humans don’t eat sapients, you all say so!”
I nod firmly. “Yeah, exactly. Because it is barbaric. State punishment is just barbarism, just sadism to make the worst part of us feel better. Once we agree that it’s acceptable to do that to anyone, all we’re doing is haggling over price. There was a human philosopher named Nietzsche. He said ‘Beware of those in whom the urge to punish is strong’, and I think that’s the sort of thing he meant. Not just to beware of people in power who seek out punishment for people they have power over, but… to beware that part of ourselves.”
The girls are silent for a moment. I take a slow drink of water and speak more, even though it’s really tiring by now. But this is important.
“Listen, Vilek… When you study to become a therapist, please keep something in mind. Predator Disease doesn’t exist. Not even Renak had Predator Disease.”
Vilek frowns confusedly and bursts out. “What?! But you said he was a ‘textbook psychopath’! You said he was a monster who didn’t feel empathy! You said so yourself!”
“Yes, I did. But in human society… the majority of people with that condition are not actually more dangerous than anyone else. Because they can be taught coping mechanisms, by therapists, to fit into society. Renak was a monster because Venlil society, and Vansi, failed him.”
Thiva protests. “But…”
I shake my head. “Nobody is born a monster. And even in cases where people are truly unsalvageable for whatever reason… what’s the point in punishing them for it? Thiva, I didn’t shoot your brother because he was a psychopath. I shot him to keep you safe. Slavik didn’t shoot your mother because she was an abuser, they shot her because she was about to set me on fire. If someone shot Kalsim at this point… how would that make anyone safer?”
I sigh and take another slow drink of water. “...Christ, I do not have the energy for this heavy stuff right now. Next film, girls, what’ll it be?”
They start bickering, apparently as happy to be distracted from the topic as I am. Every time it’s their turn to pick they end up fighting over it, you’d think they’d make a list ahead of time instead. “Flower-bird Red!” “Fainting for You!” “Garden in the Stars!” “Okay, yeah, that’s good. Remake or original?” “Original, obviously!” “But the remake-” “We can just show him both!” “Okay, deal!”
I don’t end up remembering a blessed thing about the film. With the girls cuddled up to me on the Mazic-size bed I’ve been given for use since they apparently lacked human-size ones, I fall asleep by the end of the opening credits.

Date [standardized human time]: December 14th, 2136

“Hey human, you got visitors.” The nurse informs me. I glance at the clock on my pad, which I had set to count down to the lambchops’ daily visit. Still half a claw out.
Instead of my cherished friends, I see two other people step into the room. A Venlil, and Robert McGinley.
“…Hey Bob. You’ll forgive me if I don’t get up.” I jest from the hospital bed. McGinley doesn’t seem to find it amusing.
“I’ve been waiting for you to show up, to be honest. Who’s your friend?”
“District Magister Vaska. Russo, we need you to sign-”
“Fuck off, McGinley.”
“If you don’t sign these documents, your refugee status can be rescinded.”
“No it can’t. Literally, there’s a list of reasons I can have my refugee status taken away, and ‘not signing hush documents’ isn’t on the list.”
McGinley gives me a tiny smile. On his blank face that might as well be an ear-to-ear grin. “But it can be if you’ve been charged with a crime in the host sovereignty.”
I nod. “Yeah, that is true. I don’t even need to be convicted.”
“So I haven’t been charged with anything yet. And if I had to guess, I’m not going to be.”
McGinley scowls. Vaska scowls beside him too.

I continue. Talking is a bit tiring, but not as bad as it was just a few days ago. “Because if I’m charged with a crime, I’ll need to take the witness stand. And I can have ex-officer Jarkim take the stand. And you don’t want that. Because the raid on the Liberators’ compound here in Greenmeadow was ‘a heroic joint operation between the UN and the Exterminators’ office, approved by Governor Tarva herself’.”
Now Vaska speaks up. His voice is trembling with anger. “A stunt that you forced us to engage in! I had to call the governor on the emergency line to get approval for it! A UN military operation on sovereign Venlil soil!”
“I’m not going to apologize for making you do your fucking job.”
McGinley takes a step forward. I don’t bother to flinch back, since I can’t exactly run anywhere anyway. Instead I just look up at him passively and wait for him to say something. “It’s in your best interests to play nice, Russo.”
“Because that worked out so well for both of us last time. Remember ‘An inferno of incredible horror’? Pretty great article, really. ‘The Liberators Unveiled: Terror and death in Greenmeadow’ was killer too. Do you really want to go for a third, about what really happened to VP’s little homegrown terrorist cell that was literally funded with the salaries of the Exterminators in it?”
The ‘Liberators Unveiled’ article had run while I was comatose, revealing the full truth of the shelter arson and the identities of the Liberators involved. However, it had neither contradicted nor reaffirmed the official government narrative about the ‘joint operation’ that took the bastards down.
McGinley is practically snarling now, putting both hands on my hospital bed and making it shake a bit. I wince with pain, while he raises his voice for the first time in either of my meetings with the man. “You can’t be allowed to just run around doing whatever you want. There have to be consequences for your actions, Russo!”
I nod solemnly. “I agree. That’s what the law is for. So charge me with a crime, or fuck off.”
He shakes the bed slightly. There’s a few beeps from some of the machinery monitoring me and making sure I’m still alive. Vaska looks a bit taken aback. “You nearly ruined the whole investigation; you almost destabilized the relationship between humanity and the Venlil!”
I take a steadying breath. He’s being overly dramatic. “So charge me with a crime, or fuck off.”
McGinley snarls and slams a bundle of papers down on the bedside table. “I’m offering you a chance to change your mind.”
I glance at the papers, then lift them up with more effort than I’d like to admit and drop them directly into the waste bin.
I wave my hand, tired of this pointless farce. “No, seriously. Fuck off, McGinley. Magister, a word of advice. If you want my silence, try offering some hush money next time. Us humans are a lot more partial to bribes than to threats.”
They storm out.
Guess I won’t be going to jail. The rest of the posse will be fine too, then.
I lean back and sigh and try to take a nap. I don’t want to still be pissed off when the lambchops show up. I have something important to show them.
Some of the universities I’ve reached out to have answered back.
Sharnet is of course the very same from u/Acceptable_Egg5560's inimitable The Nature of a Giant.
[First] [Previous]
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2023.06.06 18:27 Accomplished_Bit6769 Not sure how much longer I can do this (long post)

(24F) I have struggled with depression from an early age, but up until some point my parents would not take it seriously. I got very little acknowledgement for my feelings and was mostly encouraged to "just go for a walk" or "smile at yourself in the mirror until you feel happy".
I started therapy fall 2020. This happened because I reached the breaking point after a painful breakup preceeded by 2 years of almost complete isolation and unrecognised depression during uni. While everyone else was out there making friends, I was completely alone in a foreign country and placed all my happiness into this one person who then left me. I think my parents saw my state and realised I need help. Back then I thought this would be as bad as I would ever feel.
I have been in therapy ever since. It's helped me figure out my childhood trauma, understand that I need to set boundaries and in general has given me hope. I would still go through waves of heavy depression and what I now know was hypomania, but did not think that my situation was sufficient for getting psychiatric help.
In fall 2021 I reached an ever lower low, at which point my parents finally encouraged me to talk to a psychiatrist. I was struggling for over 6 months after that because I got diagnosed with minor depression and was given a very low dosage of medication which pretty much did nothing. Finally, after another incredibly painful breakup I started getting suicidal thoughts and self harming. At this point I found another psychiatrist and got diagnosed with bipolar 2.
After that, everything went uphill. I finally got hope and felt amazing. I moved to a city I love, managed to make friends that truly got my back and are here for me. Other than crippling anxiety which I struggle with regularly, I had no symptoms of depression for a long time. This entire academic year I was so proud of myself for finishing one university degree and starting another, excelling at it, finally meeting my people and overall becoming so much stronger than I was before.
Breakups (and relationships in general) have always been my trigger and I knew that, but a couple of months ago I met a guy with whom I felt like everything was different. I was very careful and took it slow, watched out for the red flags and didn't find any (all my previous relationships have been very toxic). Long story short, I chose to end it now because he had to leave the country and is not sure when he is coming back.
The past week has been hell for me. No matter how much I've worked on myself, no matter how many therapy sessions I've had and how much I thought I've learned, I am severely depressed. I started harming myself again and having suicidal thought (I won't actually kill myself but it calms me down to know that I can always just switch this all off if it gets to that poiint). The only way I can function through the day is if I take a bunch of xanax, otherwise I'll just fall apart.
On the surface my life is great. I almost finished my masters degree, live with my best friends, starting my dream job in August. My parents have grown to be much more supportive over the years too. But none of this matters. Everything I've achieved and all the healing I've done just feels like a lie I told myself. It's like there is this darkness within me, I keep running away from it but it always catches up eventually. I'm tired of waking up in the morning and not knowing how the fuck ill get through the day. I reach out for support all the time, but I feel absolutely alone. Its like I see the life happening in front of me but I'm just in some sort of glass box that I do not know how to get out of. I don't know how to fight anymore, I don't think I have hope that I will ever be happy in a romantic relationship. And most of all I'm just scared because I was sure this feeling will never come back again, or at least that it will be much weaker than before now that I'm taking my meds. If I believed in that sort of thing I'd probably say I'm cursed or something.
I guess I'm just looking for support here. Maybe someone will relate and share a new perspective on this situation. I have no idea what to do and how to deal with the fact that this darkness will always be inside me and will keep resurfacing.
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2023.06.06 18:20 LunaWolf92 You want less downtime? You got it.

I'm a medical interpreter, working from home most days but at an OBGYN Center once a week. In between patients (1 minute or less), I'm supposed to be checking emails, or catching up on training, tidying up my desk, or adding patient data. What that consists of is typing in the time started, time ended, patient's last name, and provider's name. It usually takes me a total of 15 minutes to do all of the above because I'm pretty tidy and organized. Others take 45+ to do the same tasks
Yesterday I got reprimanded because I only spend 15 minutes doing this stuff and the rest is "downtime" according to the computer. Right now I'm averaging about 20% downtime per day. Apparently this isn't good enough. I told them it doesn't take me that long to complete all those tasks but they insist I be better.
Here's what I've done today: read 1 email, play Tears of the Kingdom. Input 1 patient's data, browse Reddit. "Tidy up" (play some more TOTK), look up cute comics on Insta. Another email, watch a YouTube video. You get the pattern.
I got praised for all the extra work I put in today, despite my new lack of efficiency
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2023.06.06 18:18 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in TN Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Cane Ridge Dentist Dental Hygienist Antioch
PulteGroup, Inc. Sales Agent Brentwood
Teleperformance USA Customer Service Representative BRISTOL
Teleperformance USA CRC Specialist BRISTOL
Teleperformance USA Customer Service Representative- Tethered- Within 50miles of Bristol, TN BRISTOL
Parkridge East Hospital Operating Room Nurse Chattanooga
Parkridge East Hospital RN Mother Baby Chattanooga
Parkridge East Hospital OR Nurse Chattanooga
Johns Family & Implant Dentistry Hygiene Assistant Cookeville
Johns Family & Implant Dentistry Dental Hygienist Cookeville
Sumner Regional Medical Center - Highpoint RN - CCU FT 7P-7A Gallatin
Jackson Nurse Professionals Travel RN Kingsport
AT&T Telecommunications Technician Kodak
AT&T Field Service Technician Kodak
AT&T Internet Technician Kodak
TriStar Centennial Medical Center ECMO Specialist Lead Nurse Lebanon
AT&T Internet Technician Lenoir City
AT&T Maintenance Technician Lenoir City
AT&T Cable Technician Lenoir City
AT&T Installation Technician Maryville
AT&T Wire Technician Maryville
AT&T Field Service Technician Maryville
Ascension Talent Acquisition Coordinator Murfreesboro
Ascension PCT Murfreesboro
TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center RN Medical Surgical Nashville
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 18:16 VentureVoyage How Duolingo A/B Tested Their Way into a $6.4 Billion Worth With Its Freemium Model

''Beg for your life in Spanish,'' says the green Duolingo owl popping up on your screen because you forgot to do your lesson. But he's not always threatening. Sometimes, the messages are more passive-aggressive.
But are Duo's threat's responsible for Duolingo generating a revenue of $116 million in 2023 Q1, a 42% increase from 2022? Or is the mascot's menacing stance why the company has reported a 62% DAU (Daily Active Users) growth year-over-year?
Maybe and maybe.
But we believe Luis von Ahn's vision and the company's focus on A/B testing had a bigger role in its success. Here's what we mean.

Target to a Large Market (sometimes).

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs believe the formula to success is to focus on a niche market, and we're not saying that's wrong. But Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker, the founders of Duolingo, did things differently.
Before Duolingo was even a thing, Rosetta Stone was all the hype in the language learning industry, raising $112.5 million on its first trading day. But here's where the company went wrong: it targeted only a small group by charging hundreds of dollars for its subscription plans.
The Duolingo founders were of the belief that ''true equality is when spending more can’t buy you a better education.” That's how the idea of a free language-learning app came into being.
Duolingo was able to give its competitors a run for their money by simply finding untapped potential. The idea was to let people learn languages for free. And it worked!
Today, everyone uses Duolingo, from a student who wants to learn Spanish to work at a call center to Bill Gates and Khloe Kardashian.
And von Ahn considers it a success that the ''richest man in the world is using the same system as the lowest people on the economic scale.''
As of 2022, Duolingo had 3.3 million paid subscribers and 49.5 million monthly active users. That includes Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter, and Syrian refugees living in Turkey.

Be Data-Driven and A/B Test Everything.

Duolingo repeatedly says that it's a data-driven company. Because it is.
Micro changes have been the prime reason Duolingo's user base increased from 120 million in 2015 to 575 million in 2021. One example of this is the optimization of Duolingo's signup page.
The company noticed many users open the app but don't sign up. So, they experimented with different signup screens.
Eventually, they discovered that letting people use the app for a while before asking them to sign up would work. And it did, increasing the DAUs by 20%.
The team did the same with streaks. They quickly realized that even after sign-ups, it was hard to get people to open the app every day. So, they introduced streaks, urging users to come back every day.
Tweaking the stream notification copy alone increased DAUs by 5%.

Never Stop Evolving and Experimenting.

Had von Ahn kept Duolingo stagnant like Rosetta Stone, it would have never become the sensation it is today. Here's how quickly and consistently Duolingo evolved:
There you have it; Duolingo's recipe for success.
We would love to hear your feedback on this post, as this was our first. Any and all suggestions are welcome!
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2023.06.06 18:16 SafeRecoveryHC Safe Recovery Mobile Needle Exchange Van Hours and locations

Will be adding hours at Martha’s kitchen 11am to 1pm every Wednesday starting 6/14/23
Weekly Hours
Cadillac Motel 2-4pm
Martha’s Kitchen 11am to 1pm
Howard Center St Albans 2pm-3pm
Howard Center St Albans 2pm-3pm
Hours and locations will be expanding Any questions about the program locations and or hours please call Josh @8023431720
The Van offers Safe Injection supplies as well as safe smoking supplies (chore,stems,bubble pipes) Narcan etc. Also information about community resources, substance abuse treatment and medication assisted therapy.
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2023.06.06 18:12 ditaprieta How do i (28F) deal with my boyfriends (28M) failures?

english is not my first language so sorry in advance..
i know i must be one of the worst people on earth...but i need help.
i F28 have been with my bf m28 since we were 19 years old. i was almost graduating college when we first meet (i started at 17, and worked my ass off to make it possible). he was studying medicine wich cannot take such shortcuts like mine.
in this 9 years i've work my way up the ladder, got myself a job and i can say i have improved myself physically and mentally. while he has...not? he had problems with the university and had to switch mid career loosing a lot of credits and basically beginning again. i have seem he has worked his butt off to achieve his dreams but life has not been great with him...
During this 9 years i have put on hold my desires to be married and have children. 2 years ago i gave an ultimatum and he told me a time-detailing plan that made me feel confortable while not being in a rush.
i can tell he wants to give me the world as much as i do and try to do with him always gets in the way for him.
we have had our share of problems, (different sex drives, different life goals) but he has always been my rock and support in my life journey (specially with my family who are narcissistic)
the thing is i'm almost 30. i want to have a family and he has not achieve anything in life...
he finished medical school 2 years ago, got himself. a job he hated and had to quit because of his depression. he was awaiting to enter intership anyway so it was just a month so i was ok.
well today he told me, he didn't make the cut to enter to the intership. i dont know how to deal with that. i love this man, he is so kind and he loves me with his life, i love him too but...i can't wait for him forever? i'm i being cruel? should i stay with him even if he never makes it? i feel so lost....
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2023.06.06 18:12 possiblecoin What if Dunkin' connected their Providence locations with a rail system?

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2023.06.06 18:04 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NC Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
United States Secret Service Criminal Investigator Greensboro
United States Secret Service Criminal Investigator Raleigh
The Adecco Group Warehouse Worker Apex
The Adecco Group Warehouse Associate Apex
The Adecco Group Storeman Apex
Discount Tire Tire Technician Cary
Duke Health Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Chapel Hill
Duke Health Registered Nurse PRN - Cancer Center GYN Procedural Durham, NC Chapel Hill
Duke Health Registered Nurse - General Surgery - Duke Regional Hospital - PRN Chapel Hill
Aveanna Healthcare Private Duty Nurse LPN - Gtube Day Shift Clinton
Valet Living EVS Worker Concord
Cannon Crossroads Dental Care Dental Hygienist Concord
Thriveworks LCMHC Associate Cornelius
Duke Health Experienced RN- Duke Primary Care Float Pool - FT or PT - multiple locations Durham
Duke Health Registered Nurse (Experienced) - Duke University Hospital - Operating Room - Gynecology Durham
Duke Health Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Durham
Duke Health Registered Nurse PRN (Experienced RN) - DUH - Hyperbaric Treatment - Day Shifts Efland
Duke Health Registered Nurse (Experienced RN) - Duke Ambulatory Surgery Center Operating Room- 40hrs Efland
Duke Health L&D RN Efland
Aveanna Healthcare Aveanna Private Duty Nurse LPN Fayetteville
Thriveworks OP Therapist Fayetteville
Aveanna Healthcare Private Duty Nurse LPN - Vent Night Shifts Fort Bragg
STG Logistics Owner Driver Gastonia
UniFirst Maintenance Custodian - UniFirst Goldsboro
Travel Nurse Across America PCU RN Greenville
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nc. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 18:04 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in ID Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
GEO Reentry Services Assistant Case Manager Boise
Saint Alphonsus Health System Catheter Laboratory Nurse Boise
Air Methods Corporation Flight Medic Idaho Falls
GEO Reentry Services Assistant Case Manager Meridian
US Customs & Border Protection Border Patrol Agent, Entry Level Boise City
Viva Railings Welder DFW Lewisville
Spears Manufacturing Immediate Openings Press Operator Gluer Jerome Jerome
Spears Manufacturing Immediate Openings Department Supervisor Jerome Jerome
Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. Stockroom Receiver American Falls
Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. Warehouse Assistant American Falls
Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. Packaging Operator American Falls
Spudnik Stockroom Associate Blackfoot
Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. Dock WorkeForklift Operator Blackfoot
Swire Coca-Cola, USA Warehouse Supervisor Boise
OnTrac Warehouse Package Handler Boise
Northwest Equipment Sales Parts Warehouse / Parts Runner Boise
Idaho School Boards Association Head Warehouseman Receiving/Delivery Boise
Norco, Inc Warehouse Distribution Center Material Handler Boise
Capstone Logistics Warehouse Associate Boise
Explore Jobs Search Warehouse Supervisor Boise
Bigelow LLC OperatoPacker Boise
Orepac Holding Company Warehouse Associate Boise
Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. Dock WorkeForklift Operator Boise
Bass Pro Shops Receiving Team Lead Boise
Interstate Advanced Materials Warehouse / Delivery Driver Boise
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in id. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 18:04 strbrry_20 Is it bad to apologize during admissions interview?

As the title states, I apologized during the interview and the panelist got mad (?) For context, this is how the conversation roughly went:
And that is the gist. Of course I said no, since the review center did not teach us that. It’s just my nature to apologize, and i did it out of habit 🥹 Do you think this would lower my chances of being admitted in this law school? Thanks in advance 🫶
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