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Memes for the Roughest Romans.

2023.03.24 06:25 Shamelesssteelxo A experience that changed my life

When I was 14 years old. I was raped by my ex boyfriend. I know I was young, but whatever we called each other boyfriend/girlfriend.
Anyway, we broke up, then he started to see someone else. I got drunk one night and he was drinking somewhere else with his friends. They came over to my house, and I gave him a 5 second handjob in the back of the truck, knowing he was with another person. We got to the place we were going, everyone went inside. We stayed in the truck. I touched it a few times as I was young and scared and didn’t want to go too far.
That’s how it started. After that he treated me like an object. He told one of his friends everytime I was over he’d be like I want to get her drunk so she’ll do things with me.
I was best friends with his sister. She threw a 15th birthday party for me. It was just me my friend and our other friend. The three of us, or it was supposed to. He was there that night, he wasn’t supposed to be, but he was.
So by this point, he was seeing someone else (not the person from the story above). He was on the phone with her for a while. My other two friends went upstairs and I stayed downstairs and watched movies. He came in telling me “I’m an asshole” I’m like “well yeah”. Trying to bring up some bullshit conversation to have an excuse to come in the room and “talk” to me. He started coming onto me. He was grabbing my tits and I didn’t want him too, I didn’t want him to cheat on his gf with me again. It put me in a terrible position last time, and he didn’t get into any fuckin trouble.
I reminded him he had a gf and to leave me alone. He told me to shut up in a joking way, it wasn’t funny to me. He fucked off somewhere and I just watched Homeward Bound.
My friend saw him come out of her room and I was in there and she’s like “why are you hanging out with him?” And I was like I dunno.
Anyway, we went to the kitchen and on the way there, we had to pass his room. My two friends walked by and when I walked by he walked by me and grabbed my ass. I said fuck off
The night went on and I drank more. I still had feelings for him at the time, but I was trying to hold it back cause he was with someone else. I acted on them when I was drunk. Everyone was in the kitchen at this point, I snuck off to his room and changed into his clothes. I was young drunk and thought it would be funny coming out to the kitchen in guy clothes. I changed out of them eventually. Everyone was in the kitchen, so I took off again to change back into my clothes. I was halfway dressed, I didn’t get my pants on yet, and he came into the closet and asked if I was done changing, I said no? Like obviously not you can see my pants are off bro. He came in closer and stuck his hands down my underwear and started rubbing my clit. I didn’t want that it scared me.
But I still wanted him. So we started making out after that and we fell onto his bed. I stopped kissing him and closed my eyes. He continued kissing me. I was losing consciousness at this point. I just wanted to pass out. He lifted my pants, there was a pause, then he fingered me. I remember shouting “ow my cunt!” Then he stuck his fingers up further and I said “ow!” He finally stopped. It was like 2 seconds but it ruined my life.
Just because someone says yes one time, doesn’t mean it’s yes everytime. My boundaries were not valid to him and he took advantage of me when I was vulnerable.
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2023.03.24 06:21 forgot_username1234 Happy first birthday my little baby Beni ❤️

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2023.03.24 06:20 3_Metre_Flatty Happy 12th Birthday, Tess Stickles.

Love from your parent's Rich and Sally Stickles
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2023.03.24 06:19 Https-Alona i forgot to check the date. so no edit (i promise it'll appear next year) happy birthday Eddy!!

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2023.03.24 06:18 witchycat_40 Someone confessed to me.

Let's call her Angel (40yrs), Angel has be having an relationship with her brother for the past 6 years.
It all started after she had just gotten divorced and she wanted to start becoming closer to her family, they had lost touch over the years, because since she was trapped in an abusive marriage, she wanted to hide it from her family so it was better to stop seeing them all together.
So after the divorce Angel became closer and started attending cook outs, birthday parties, family holidays and everything was starting to go back to normal. She was finally happy with her life.
Angel also told me she had a few older brothers and younger sisters. She wasn't particularly close to her family but they all had the same childhood and are close in age so that's what they had in common.
So this one night she and one of her older brother decide to hang out, they laugh, have a few drinks, talk about their lives and also about Angel's single life and her wanting to get back into the dating scene.
She told me that noticed that her brother was against the idea of her meeting someone.
Now here is where Angel left a big gap for me to understand just how they decided to bed each other. She said something along the lines that he mentioned that he loved her and that he can take care of her better then any other man can. They have sex for the first time and she felt like this was the first time she ever felt the feeling of making love. So this has become a normal thing for them to meet up and have sex at least 3 times a week. She mentioned that she is in a committed relationship with her brother and she is not allowed to date. He however has a wife and is married with kids. She tells me that he has plans to leave his wife and they have made arrangements to move to another state and start over. Then tells me she's nervous that he won't leave his wife. Tell me I'm not stupid for believing him? She asked me.
Wow, just wow! I remember saying.
Sometimes it's just better to listen. Because what in the world could I have possibly said to her?!
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2023.03.24 06:17 lexiheaney Online Greeting Cards For Best Friend

Online Greeting Cards For Best Friend
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2023.03.24 06:17 Geovannyrice Greeting Cards for Mom from Daughter, Heartfelt Birthday Wishes

Greeting Cards for Mom from Daughter, Heartfelt Birthday Wishes

Mom is full of love, the best caretaker, a teacher, and a friend, and becomes the world to us. Mother is the person who brings you into this world. Whatever your age is for your mom, you are her precious child, and her love, care, & worry for you will never get less. It will increase day by day, and she grows you with a shower of her love. She is considered your first teacher as she teaches you how to eat, walk, learn, and protect you from making mistakes. In the mother's shelter, children feel safe and confident. Words are less when you want to describe a mother. Her sacrifices and struggles in raising children are unmatched, and no one can take place of mom.
For such a wonderful person, a birthday is the best occasion to greet her and show your love & care for her. You need adoring MOM birthday wishes. We offer lovely and sweet happy birthday MOM card. That are easy to editable online. Whatever you call your mother, maa, mom, mommy, momma, mum or mother-in-law, we have the best quotes to deliver the warm birthday messages to feel her proud. You can customize the greetings using the best MOM birthday wishes or messages with her beautiful images.
Having our mom by our side is an absolute blessing. She takes care of all our needs even before the day we are born. Thus, she does everything to make us happy. Hence, her compromises and love are unmatchable. Also, words will be always less even if you try to express how much you love her. But, this birthday card is the best solution for that. The creative style of this card will simply blow your mind. Therefore, use this birthday card to send it on your mom’s birthday. The different types of font texts and font styles look impressive and unique.
It is a premade virtual birthday card so you don’t have to hustle adjusting anything. This card also has a quote that wishes a joy-filled happy birthday to your mom. The balance of dark colors along with its lighter shade looks perfect. Just download and send it directly to your mother right away with a heart-warming message.
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2023.03.24 06:16 rockyracoon845 I’m 30 today

Today I turn 30.. and I feel weird. Life’s anxieties have gotten a hold of me in a major way and I can’t seem to shake free. I have a few stressors happening in my life but nothing that most people aren’t dealing with. I have a great life. I’m blessed and have much to be grateful for. So why am I always struggling? Why do I find myself wanting to hide away! I hope my 30s are better. So.. happy birthday to me.. even though I’m difficult I still love myself dearly and should tell myself that more often. XOXO thanks
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2023.03.24 06:15 Opposite_Fun_9340 Am I being selfish?

Tl;dr would it be selfish to ask my wife to do more for me?
I (25m) and my wife (23f) have been married 2 years after dating for 2. I have always, and still do, enjoy doing things from time to time to make her day. Usually just little things, like stopping at the gas station to get her favorite ice cream on my way home from work, surprising her with a night out, or leaving a note on her mirror in the morning. I also start thinking about what to get her for her birthday/Christmas way in advance, and save my extra cash if I need to, to get her something I know she really wants. She frequently tells me that I’m the best and she’s so lucky or that she doesn’t what she did to deserve a guy like me. But for the couple years she really hasn’t done much of anything special for me. Part of me feels like it would be selfish of me to bring it up though. I still get gifts from her on all the expected days (even though it’s always an assortment of random stuff that I’ve always suspected she grabbed last minute) and we still have sex several times a week (but she hasn’t initiated it for a very long time) I’m definitely still happy in the relationship, but I do feel like there is a lot more effort coming from me. Would it be selfish of me to ask that she put more effort into the relationship? And how could I bring this up without making her feel like I’m attacking her?
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2023.03.24 06:15 Junnielocked [Official Art] Happy birthday Tsubasa!

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2023.03.24 06:14 thslifesucks AITA for not talking to one of my best friends in over two weeks?

Hello. First of all English is not my mother language, so I apologize in advance for any typos or mistakes. I have seen a lot of tiktoks of Reddits posts and people actually got good advice from it so I hope it would be the same for me. For a little bit of context, I, 22 F, was born in Cuba and lived there my whole life until last year. I know a lot of people there but only consider a few my true friends. April of 2021, I left Cuba and moved to the united states with my dad and stepmom, leaving behind my mom, the rest of my life, my boyfriend of six years and my best friends. It was extremely hard to say the very least. I wasn't used to live with my dad at all, my mom and him got divorce when I was five and haven't live together since that time. We have similar personalities and that's the reason we don't fit at all. I had awful days, was depressed and nothing would cheer me up. Regarding everything, I kept in contact with all the people important to me and when I finally started working and make my own money, I helped my dad with the house bills, I started sending money to my mom and gifts to my friends, helping the rest of my family too. I definitely felt better, being able to help them was the exact moment when all the tears payed off. December last year, one of my closest friends, 20 F, which I adore got to the US but unfortunately she lives in Texas and I'm currently on Florida. Since none of us can't travel because of immigration issues, we haven't been able to see each other again. When she got here, she started feeling everything that I went through back when I first arrive. She was sad, crying every day, deeply missing everyone and her old life. I understood pretty good because I was in the exact same position months before. Since I knew the feeling well, I did everything on my power to make her feel better. She didn't have any money because she had just arrived at the country and wasn't even working yet, so I changed my Spotify plan to a premium duo one, which is more expensive than the single one I was paying before, so she could have it too because she loves music, I bought Disney plus and gave her one profile because she also loves Disney movies and shows, I bought her a concert ticket for one band that we absolutely adore from the early years of our life that is touring this year for the first time in 15 years and is the last tour as well, therefor our only chance to see them live and I really didn't want her to miss it, I stayed up until 3 in the morning just to watch something with her over rave and keep her company, I did a lot of things that no-one did for me back then but I would had loved. She definitely started to feeling better and I was really happy. A couple of months later, another of my best friends (besides the group of 4) passed away on the same day of my friend's birthday after giving birth. I was devastated. She was the first person I called when found out and she kept me going through it. I screamed and cried my soul out. However, like a month an a half ago, she found a job (which I was truly happy fro her, because I knew how she needed the money and how good it feels when you can afford your own things) but things slowly started to change. At first, she almost didn't had the time to talk to us in the group chat when we used to do that everyday, then she missed our movie night because she needed to woke up early in the morning for work (which I understand, but I stayed up for her a lot of my works nights), then she wasn't talking to us at all and every time I texted her, she also found an excuse to postpone the conversation. I honestly just wanted to know how she was doing, nothing more, because she is one of the most important person in my life and I missed her and was worried. The thing that made me feel worst is that she came to our group chat saying that we should stop texting her when she doesn't replies because she is very upset and sad lately and she needs space. However, she was talking to other friends and hanging out with a guy that she meet at work. My other friends an I, we are a group of four, were really upset too. she told me that I should respect that she is going through a lot of changes right now, meeting new people and adjusting. I wasn't against at all of her socializing, I was even the one that suggested on the first place, but it made me feel awful because when she went to the first emotional breakdown when she got here and didn't had no-one else, I tried everything in my hands to help, and now that she is going out and meeting new people, she is throwing us away, specially when I just lost one of my closest friends and was grieving her. We had a fight about it and haven't talked to each other since then.
This may sound like nothing for a lot of people and I admit that was a really heartbreaking time. I was hurting so much and maybe that made me said some things that I shouldn't, or maybe overreact to the situation, but she was and still is one of my dearest people and when she came to me to tell me that when I was in such a hard time, I simply snapped. My others friends in the group says I should talk to her, but im still hurt and can't do it. So AITA?
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2023.03.24 06:10 Redot81 Happy 5th Birthday, Places We Don’t Know!

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2023.03.24 06:09 Glamrock-Gal peace

it seems like I’ve reached the point I’ve wanted to reach for so long. I am.. content. At peace. All has settled in my mind, and I have healed. I am missing many answers; there are answers I just might never find. But it’s alright. It’s… I don’t need them anymore. My curiosity lingers—it will always linger, i’m sure— but I am set. This feeling of content has brought me to tears. Perhaps I just never thought I could feel this. I figured that my mental illnesses would stop me. But I have simply learned to coexist with them. To be at ease with them. I understand now. My sense of trust was broken for so long. I’ve been slowly picking up the pieces and putting myself back together. My lovely partner has been helping me find those pieces, putting them together in a way that completes me. I’m grateful. I really am. I wish I could describe how much he means to me. I wish everyone could understand how wonderful the love we share feels. I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve it. And yet, the time I’ve spent with him makes me feel as though there really is some divine being watching me, blessing me with him.
I have stopped going to therapy weekly for a while. I only see her once a month— just once to check in. I’ve stopped taking my medication. My desire to smoke is still there, but it’s not quite as strong anymore. I forget about it so easily. I’ve just.. I don’t know. I wouldn’t call myself perfect. I am just content. This is probably the pleasure I learned about in my philosophy class.
My birthday is coming up soon. This time of the year is always so strange. I wonder if I will cry like I did last year. If I do, I hope it’s because I’m happy. Nothing is changing. But I will be.. happier this time. What’s strange is that I never anticipated this. The things I wanted so badly last year.. I’m so happy that I never got them. Now, I want nothing. I simply want to be happy with my lover. I want to maintain the status quo.
I don’t understand how life works. I don’t understand why I had to endure so much to be here. I don’t know. It feels like I’ve forgotten — and yet I haven’t. I look at my past with deep sadness now. I have let go, but I mourn the person I was. I mourn the hope and light that once filled me. I mourn the poor girl that simply wanted to love. And yet, I’m glad she suffered. And I forget that a part of her is still with me. I can feel her warmth— her hope— deep in me. Her dying light has been lit once more.
I pray everyday that this is the end. I want it to be over. No more pointless suffering. struggle. Now, it means something. It must.
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2023.03.24 06:08 vittyvipul Happy birthday Lord Emraan

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2023.03.24 06:07 kotm20 Happy Birthday to the Empress, Maika!

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2023.03.24 06:07 JusticeKangaroo Happy Birthday to the lovely Victoria Pedretti 🥰

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2023.03.24 06:06 TNCNow Thanks to The Manila Times Entertainment for this special feature of TNC and #GlobalWomenWhoRULE2023

Thanks to The Manila Times Entertainment for this special feature of TNC and #GlobalWomenWhoRULE2023
Thanks to The Manila Times Entertainment for this special feature of TNC and #GlobalWomenWhoRULE2023

Get a print copy from 7-11 or read the story here: https://www.manilatimes.net/2023/03/24/entertainment-lifestyle/show-times/tnc-streams-global-women-who-rule-2023/1884093/amp

#TNC2022 #TNC2023 #TNC #TNConline #TheNewChannel #TNCNOW #OnlineChannel #GWWR #GlobalWomenWhoRULE
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2023.03.24 06:04 ZappingThunder [Happy birthday, Rimi!] A Look Into Rimi

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2023.03.24 06:04 whsueisku A description of my dad.

I love my dad, but I’m seeing more of how he’s emotionally neglected me growing up. He’s been more like a best friend than a dad, or a “funny uncle”. I remember him being passive-aggressive now and then, though I’m not sure if that’s the right word. He would often go muttering for himself, often repeating “it is what it is” over and over and making a sound, a sound that I can’t stand to hear to this day, as well as those words, it makes me feel so uncomfortable. He wouldn’t communicate with me, and if he did then he’d look at me, talk to me like I was a stranger. This also happened when I personally hadn’t done anything wrong: when someone else did whatever the fuck he didn’t know how to handle. Leaving me confused as fuck. I remember one time it was because he asked a woman out on a date and she declined. I was around 13. He’s never confronted me face to face, if something was up, he’d write a long paragraph over Facebook, and it would usually contain the words “I’m deeply depressed.” And as a remember, then he just wouldn’t talk to me for a while, silent-treatment, and when he was in a good mood again, he of course just expected me, everyone, to be in a good mood too, never talking shit through, and usually he would say that he quit drinking Coca Cola as an excuse for his so-called depression. He’s used that excuse my whole life, or another excuse, whatever, he just never addressed the actual problem, never talked it through with me. I guess passive-aggressive is the word to describe this? Emotionally distant? I’m not sure though because I don’t think he’s doing it on purpose, I don’t think he’s doing it to be evil, I know he loves me a lot, he cares about me, he shows his love and care in different ways, but no matter what: that emotionally immature behaviour has negatively affected me. He don’t have those skills due to a rough childhood, my mom agrees with that, but that doesn’t make it OK! He seem scared of asking how I’m doing, nervous, usually would text my mom if something was bothering me, if I for example did something, like leaving a fucking group chat on Facebook (just an example from a few days ago), then he’d text my mom shit like: “why did [my name] leave the group chat?” He never fucking communicated with me if he was worried or wondering about something, wondering if he’d done something wrong. I barely got the “how are you doing?” My mom says it’s because he’s scared of my response, and I agree, he’s scared, but he’s also fucking immature. He obviously has low self-esteem, he makes these “I’m better than you” comments, “discussions”, often, not about his children, his parents or my mom (my parents are divorced, though good friends: platonic love), but for example about people on the television. He proudly tells about how he did bla, bla, bla to intentionally annoy people. He’s just so negative in his way of talking, loves when someone talks negatively about someone or something, talks about anything that’s bothering them, because he always has something to say about that. I can never tell when he’s joking and when he’s being serious and that’s confusing sometimes because if you ask into some of the stuff he’s rambling about, “why?”, then he gets all quiet and doesn’t know what to say. He gets extremely uncomfortable when there’s too many feelings he doesn’t know how to handle and when I, around two months back, expressed how I feel about something he said or did that hurt me, then he shut down, raised his voice a little and ignored me, didn’t validate my feelings at all. He only apologised because my mom told him to, it felt fake. That was the first time I actually cried in front of him and I ended up feeling guilt, I fucking also apologised to him, I felt like I was overreacting: that is so stupid. He doesn’t have any friends and sometimes when he comes to our house (my mom and I) then he talks like he’s talking to a fucking therapist. Usually “jokefully”, aka “I’m better” statements with a laugh, for example about how stupid his boss is. Most of my memories with him are happy, I love him, I know he loves me, but that doesn’t justify his immature fucking behaviour, grow up. It’s like he doesn’t think before talking and he doesn’t know when to shut up.
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2023.03.24 06:04 resolutionpleased Thanks I hate Mayonaise and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

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2023.03.24 05:59 Tubur The state of this sub

First of all, if you don’t want to read my autistic story that’s fine
Please forgive any retard grammar, I’m off the liquor rn
So like a lot of y’all I was into soosh and jam a couple years ago when they “peaked”. No need to tell the whole story, there’s plenty of posts like this already. Stopped following them closely about a year ago, just lost interest after they split and didn’t feel the same energy from them.
I was an early lurker of this sub and back then it was legitimately cool and funny stuff about soosh and related groups.
For most of 2022 I didn’t visit this sub. I don’t use tiktok, barely follow the current youngLithuania influencers besides the OGs, and generally have lost interest in the current fitness scene. I just have better things to do now.
I’m 23 now and started browsing this sub for the past couple months. There’s some seriously funny shit posted here. However, it may just be me getting old, but the excessive hate on these guys has gotten cringeworthy in itself.
Yes, soosh is rich and a bit delusional, Weston is boring content wise. I thought the stuff about his kid was funny at first but quickly realized the hate was too excessive. From what I understand, Weston never actually has abandoned the kid, he just wants the mom and kid away from social media. Yes the $70 cookie shit is funny to some degree, but ripping the guys life apart just sits wrong with me.
I didn’t know who that Carly / killjoy girl was until I browsed this sub. I’m sure she posts a lot of cringe stuff on tiktok, but man she’s young as fuck and trying to make that bag by catering to a demographic that fits the algo. Y’all want to stomp her into the ground too when she’s legitimately a pretty girl. Most of these people probably have kind souls and you’d regret any of this online shit if you met them in person.
IDGAF if I get torched for this because y’all know I’m right. If you’re 14-16 years old here posting death threats and wishing these guys would wreck their cars, you’re legit a loser yourself. You don’t have to like these guys… I really don’t either anymore.
Hate isn’t cool and at this level it’s probably fucking with some of these guys. If I was weston reading these posts I would legit hate myself. He doesn’t deserve that level of hate in all honesty. Bullying can make your life absolute hell, and it can be so miserable you really do wish you weren’t here anymore. I speak from experience. Coming from old school 4chan groups, you guys need to realize that posts like this can actually make someone off themselves. Say what you want to try and be funny… no one actually thinks it’s funny. It’s serious shit losing a friend, and some of you haven’t experienced that yet.
If some of you are younger than me, please take a few moments to self reflect and realize everyone has their own troubles, demons and scars in upbringing. These people aren’t just online memes, they’re people with emotions that you’re not seeing.
Anyways, rant over. I was bullied in school and participated in bullying as well, so I know what it really does to people no matter their age. There’s a line between funny shit and straight up hatred, and I haven’t been feeling this subs vibe at all lately.
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2023.03.24 05:58 False-University-768 Happy belated birthday Sui-tan

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