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2023.03.20 21:14 Huntzman2020 Is it just me or does it feel like the Devs are detached from reality?

I probably sound like a broken record here on the whole Pentagon / DARPA bug, but I'm beginning to think the Devs just don't give a sh*t. I mean how long did it take to fix the original 'breach' bug ? Is DARPA going to take just as long ?
I mean you would think that if you knew you had a problem with this whole mission you wouldn't, I don't know, make it a part of the damn League challenge or make it part of the daily mission requirement,....... I know, call me crazy.
I got on today, loaded up the projects and was like, well f*ck........
Between the lag / getting dumped / bugged missions, is Ubisoft 'trying' to kill off the remaining player base so they can dump the servers and move on?
I'm invested in this franchise, paid good money for both games and supported the seasons, but it annoys the hell out of me that the response is start a new character and 'maybe' that will work...... (Hint: it didn't)
Uhm, how about fix the game that I paid you for?
Sorry, just had to vent.
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2023.03.20 21:14 moon_daydreamer forever questioning (tw: si & sh)

hi there,
i was wondering of anyone else is the same or has some advice.
i'm 21 and have been questioning my sexuality since i was about 14 and my gender since about 17. i know it's good to take your time and that but i feel like i've been questioning for too long and just want to know.
i am fine with the fact that i'm romantically attracted to different genders. though idk about sexuality as i have no feelings and no experience and don't know if i'm ace, scared of sex, trauma or just don't feel that due to depression or something physically wrong with me.
with gender i have a lot of dysphoria (mostly top) which honestly i dont know how to live with this anymore (it genuinely makes me suicidal) and i hate my name as its too feminine and ive always disliked it. i am certain i want top surgery but i don't know if im trans male or non binary. i'm also worried this is all just body image issues and i'm actually just a girl who just hates my boobs, my name, being called a woman girl lady etc. and looking like a girl.
i have refered myself to the gender identity clinic but idk if they can even help me when i'm this unsure and it would take years until i can even access help due to waiting lists. and i need help now not in years to come, like i said top surgery is something that would really help elevate dysphoria whatever my identity is and dysphoria is completely unbearable at the moment. to the point where ive considered cutting them off myself (i know this wouldn't work out well which is stopping me from trying but i think about it all the time)
a few close friends use they them pronouns for me but i'm too scared to ask people i'm not close with to use any other pronouns except she/her. i think i'd be happier with he him pronouns as well as they them but I look like a girl (which i hate but am also too scared to change as i'd have to be out or people would make assumptions and im terrified of people knowing)
i just worry that I'm going to spend the rest of my life uncertain and be too scared to make any changes or ask people to call me things and that's just a life i can't live. i just want to be able to know who i am and be able to freely live as myself without it being mocked or ridiculed or seen as some kind of "woke" political statement (i've seen a lot of people arguing that trans and non binary doesn't exist and that makes me feel scared and like i can never express myself the way i would feel comfortable or use the pronouns i want)
i'm sorry this is a bit all over the place. i would really appreciate some advice or to feel less alone if anyone else feels the same way
also put a trigger warning just in case as i mentioned suicidal ideation and self harm (diy top surgery thoughts)
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2023.03.20 21:13 quiteagentleman My bar side got closed off and now I’m sol

I apologize if this doesn’t get structured properly, but I really gotta rant about this.
So, I’ve worked in the food industry for a good minute. About 5-6 years now. I’ve been spending the last two years of that bartending, and close to a year of that being at a chain (insert nationality here) restaurant you may or may not have heard of and my time here has been, interesting. High turnover rates, bouncing between low hours to working doubles back to back, inventory being poorly handled to the point where I’m making all my cocktails with vodka and a hope and a prayer. All this with a promise of a big renovation that’ll fix everything, thats also been pushed back 4 times now. In the time I’ve been here, I have seen 7 bartenders and countless servers quit/get fired, 2 gym’s get fired, 3 managers quitting, and 2 getting fired, and who knows how many back of house.
All this to say, it’s been a mess. A lot of it because of poor management, owners coming in changing up a laundry list of rules that could only come up from people who haven’t worked inside a restaurant for probably the last 15 years. But this Friday tops it all. I came in after a nice refreshing weekend to see my bar now has a giant wall with a little door for staff to go through, and a sign that says “BAR CLOSED.” I ask my manager what’s going on, and they say, “Renovations are coming up, so they’re getting a head start on the bar. You won’t be taking any bar tops, just make drinks for the servers. This will be until renovations officially begin in 2 months.” I ask, “what about my tips? That’s more than a third of my income I’m losing out on because of this,” to which, after just now finding out today, the owners say, “lol oh well. Either keep on trying to get by with your meager hourly and tips outs or host and make drinks but we’re only gonna pay you a host wage.”
I’m so upset. I’m furious that these people can be so callous towards someone who’s stuck around when there have been so many times I should’ve left. Who can have such a disregard for someone who’s just trying to make a living and enjoying the job while I do it. These last few days of work have been me standing behind the bar being miserable, making the few drinks that come in every other half hour. I hate it. I miss chatting with my regulars. I miss making drinks for people who’s reactions I can see, talking bullshit with the folks who wonder in my bar after getting off the greyhound. Shit, I even miss the assholes who could never be satisfied. I’m miserable, and my income has been cut because I decided 11 months ago I wanted to bartend here.
I am looking for other jobs, and though I know it’ll be difficult, what with the hiring market’s looking like right now, I am hopeful I can get out of this strut. It’s unfortunate I’m getting driven out, but I hope at the end of all this I’ll find myself in a new bar with a management staff that’ll appreciate me. Thank you for reading all this if you got this far.
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2023.03.20 21:13 agnesfalqueto I want to leave my parents’ house

I’m 26F and only child. I make more money than they do and since I started working I pay my part for our life cost (we don’t pay rent because they own the apartment, but I pay for food and other apartment expenses). In my country, especially my parents’ religion, it’s uncommon to leave your parents house if you’re not getting married or to study or work in another state.
I’m lesbian and even though my parents know about that, they don’t treat that subject as “normal” to them, they just ignore that part of my life. I started dating a very nice woman recently and it’s just uncomfortable to bring her here, and as a result I spend a lot of time and money taking her to dates to be with her. I go to her place very frequently, but she also lives with her parents so we don’t have a lot of privacy. I would like to invite her to work from home (we work remotely), watch movies after work or just be with her in my own house, but I can’t and it’s a burden having to go out whenever I want to see her.
I also am starting to feel somewhat bothered by incompatibilities in our life styles (how and when to do chores, how I organize my own stuff in my room). Even before I started dating, I was struggling with privacy issues, my parents feel entitled to move my things around and reorganize my stuff and even after I expressed that I don’t like that, they don’t respect my feelings about that.
I was planning to move out when I had the money to buy an apartment (in about 2 years), but it’s becoming unsustainable for me. We had some fights in the past weeks that consisted of me trying to make myself some “space” in my own house (e.g. drawing boundaries on my things so that they don’t feel entitled to open my closets), so there is some stress in the air already.
I know I can do it anytime as an independent adult, but I don’t want to hurt their feelings or be in bad terms with them. We’ve always had communication problems and I know it would be hard to talk through this with them without being guilt trapped or without them putting me down saying I won’t be capable of taking care of myself or my dog. I never mentioned moving out for them, and I feel guilty that they won’t have time to prepare for that (I’m planning to move next month).
Because I’m moving out in a non-traditional way (not being because of work, studies or marriage), I’m scared that it might come off as I don’t appreciate them or I don’t like them. I’m looking for advice on how can I get them to understand me and not feel that I’m abandoning them.
tl;dr How do I tell my parents I want to live by myself without making them take my decision personally, hurting their feelings or degrading our relationship?
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2023.03.20 21:13 thevideogameraptor Something I always thought was weird about Star Force 3.

Why does Joker get to have his own version? Every other split version namesake makes sense. But for Star Force 3, it's Black Ace (a new hero character), and Red Joker (some random shmuck that works for the villains). I thought it might have been a nice touch if Joker and Ace's roles swapped between the two versions. Playing Black Ace will keep everything as normal, but playing Red Joker will have Joker be a hero and Ace be a villain.
Maybe it's just because Red Joker is the version that I played, but there's something about Ace that seems off to me. Maybe it's how sharp and angular he is.
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2023.03.20 21:13 GuitaristComposer [Question] How to use expression pedal that has on/off switch below it?

I am learning this song: you can see that he plays solo after riff at 3:45. Here you can see that he plays slide when he starts solo at 2:48

weird thing about pedals that have knob below expression pedal is that it turns on pedal when it is in maximum position. for example if I use whammy pedal, then effect will not star form 0 semitones. it will start from value that you selected. I have korg ax1500g processor and it changes quality of sound when I use whammy pedal. it is a reason why I have to turn it on and off.

why pedal do not have on/off know on other side below expression pedal?

and how to play that solo? I should play riff and when I start to do slide up, I should turn on pedal and very fast move it back and then play it? it seems hard to learn. and how to figure our rhythm on wah pedal?
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2023.03.20 21:13 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 629

The Dauntless

“Oh wonderful. So our predictions were completely accurate?” Admiral Cistern notes.
“More or less sir, granted the worst case scenarios we sent the men into on the simulations did NOT happen, but there was a more or less total outbreak of hostilities between the gangs.” Private Stream answers and Admiral Cistern thinks.
“How responsible is project Phoenix Fire?” He asks.
“If you listen to the man’s own reports he’s responsible for everything from the Hindenburg to last night’s unrest to the sinking of the Titanic. He’d fit original sin in there as well if he thought we were a big enough sucker for it. At worst all our man did was accelerate an incredibly volatile situation. To him the gangs being almost impossible to infiltrate and unwilling to even contemplate bringing someone new in meant they were defensive and stable. What it really meant is that each gang was hyper paranoid and just looking for an excuse. Whatever he did was at most the straw that broke the camel’s back.”
“For someone who claims intelligence it’s rather stupid of him to miss that.”
“He is intelligent, but he has an ego sir. A big one. He’s been at the sidelines of society and judging the movements of peoples for centuries. Growing contemptuous and disdainful over everyone. He has learned a lot and is very capable, but he’s so cynical and dismissive of others he always settles on his first assumption and never leaves it. Sometimes it’s right, other times it’s far from it. It’s how we were able to jump on him so easily. He was so convinced that his safehouse undetectable. But to be honest... he’s not all that good at hiding them. The ones he’s set up on level eight we’ve had to cover up further.”
“I see... what’s your assessment of him?”
“We’ve observed him in action. He’s vicious, opportunistic and patient. Fine traits in a field agent, if we can carve away his arrogance, complete apathy to the death and suffering of others and outright scorn for the mental capacity of other people he might make a decent person. Unfortunately he seems to think we only have control of him because we got lucky and while he knows some ways to get us to do what he wants us to, he can’t seem to understand that we’re perfectly aware of what he’s doing.”
“So you’re saying the man needs to be humbled?” Admiral Cistern asks.
“Yes sir.”
“I’m not comfortable setting people up for humiliations and possible torture.” Admiral Cistern says politically.
“There’s little, if any need for that sir. He’s already had his first taste of humility. He has nearly died in the pursuit of the goals last night and has learned quite clearly that our insistence that all agents on the field wear at least a low profile armoured vest is a very well reasoned and intelligent idea.” Private Stream explains and Admiral Cistern huffs somewhat in amusement.
“How bad was it?”
“Point blank plasma shot. It melted through the first metal layer of the plate, burnt the first ceramic layer, slagged the second metal layer and cooked the second ceramic layer and then heated up the final metal layer red hot. This saved his life as it was right over his heart.”
“So our design works even with point blank plasma shots?” Admiral Cistern asks.
“Yes sir, but it will only take one shot at point blank range, and only from a low yield weapon. If his opponent had a plasma rifle then we would have a very dead Carib to deal with.” Private Stream answers.
“Hmm... it’ll do for now, but we’ll need to keep R&D on it.” Admiral Cistern notes. Then a coffee mug is placed to his left by another Private Stream and a third steps up to put a small tray of donuts next to it. “You’re getting good at this.”
“Sir! Thank you sir!” The Streams reply just before the door opens and Ambassador Nikta Tal walks in and pauses.
She then takes a big meaty pinch out of her thigh and blinks. “No, no this isn’t some strange fetish dream.”
“Fetish dream?” Admiral Cistern asks as she walks in and the Private Streams vanish.
“Oh you know, going airtight and still needing to use my hands for something.” She answers and his eyebrows go up. “Oh like you haven’t had little dreams of a horde of bouncy green sisters doing every nasty little thing with every part of ourselves.” Ambassador Tal says and there’s a faint pink blush across Admiral Cistern’s face. “There’s a blush, I know I got you.”
She saunters fully into the room with the secretary outside looking in with wide eyes. A stern glance from Admiral Cistern has the door close as Ambassador Tal smiles.
“So... new recruits are nearly finished.” She says walking up, a distinctive bounce to her bottom with every step.
“Soon to take the oath of the Undaunted.” She continues as she hops up onto his desk and he stands so she doesn’t completely tower over him. She still bends over to give him a very good look into her cleavage. “Big cunning man is getting the sons and daughters of Centris loyal to him and his ways.”
“I do what I can.” He says very aware that the glistening black gloss over her lips not only matches her hair but from the way her tongue flicks over it she clearly either likes the taste or is eager to put it to use.
“And I’d like to do something I can. How open is your schedule?” She asks and he pokes a button on his desk.
“Free up my next two hours.” He orders his secretary. Before the confirmation comes he’s already contending with Ambassador Tal’s tongue in his mouth.
“Uh sir you have a uhm....” Doctor Samuel says as he sees Admiral Cistern enter and notices the black smear on his jaw. Then he spots the Ambassador Tal applying more black lipstick and smacking her lips together.
“I’m aware.” Admiral Cistern states. “You wanted to see me?”
“Yes sir. This way please.” Doctor Samuel states, not mentioning that he had expected to see the Admiral an hour ago. It’s no mystery what’s going on. Not in the slightest.
“We have had several interesting tests and the initial trials with the hologram technology have proven very successful. Coupled with the prediction algorithms and we’re ready much sooner than expected when it comes to releasing fully immersive AI environments.”
“I saw the training programs. It looked fairly well done already.”
“Somewhat, we’re adapting entertainment systems to do this Sir. We didn’t have any real psychological profiles or proper interaction integration beyond injured and needs assistance or up and fighting.”
“Ah, so you’re saying the test lacked the ability to include diplomacy and intimidation as options.” Admiral Cistern notes.
“Just be careful with this tech. The Synthetic Ascendance often protests if you make a character in games like this too realistic.” Nikta says and Admiral Cistern looks at her in confusion. “Well think about it! Who plays those games more or better? They get way too involved in them and there’s more than one case where they’ve accidentally copied bits of themselves into it and had digital kids that way! Lots of fun scandals.”
The particular pronunciation of fun spoke volumes.
“Anything you’d like to get off your chest?” Admiral Cistern asks.
“But I just got the bra back on!” She states and he rolls his eyes. “But no. Just typically whine whine whine, oh your new holo-complex might have the programming required for this or that and it can be abused in this or that way and I’d rather you not have something then there by any risk at all that any citizen of mine get caught doing something they shouldn’t.”
“Sore subject?”
“Annoying subject. Bruel is a Frontier world. We need less regulations to thrive not more. Also, it’s not like we actually listen, but then some paper pusher comes screaming into my office and threatens sanctions they can’t enforce or trade embargos with nations and polities that aren’t trading with Bruel to begin with and it’s just so annoying.”
“Ah, those types.” Admiral Cistern says sympathetically. “Unfortunately necessary. Nitpickers are annoying, but needed, preferably where there’s a lot of nits to pick.”
“Nitpicker? Nit picker? An interesting way to describe the pedantic, detail obsessed and idiotic.”
“That’s basically what it means. Someone who focuses on unimportant details to the detriment of everything else.”
“As fascinating as the linguistic conversation is I do have some more for you than just the holo-training updates.”
“By all means.” Admiral Cistern states and Doctor Samuel looks quickly to Ambassador Tal and then turns to lead them in.
“As you know, we have been studying many, many differing types of weapons. So many in fact that many soldiers have taken to using compressed space techniques to carry their entire armouries in the equivalent of cigarette cases. This has been a very useful stopgap method and one I heartily encourage continued use of. But the issue is that there are numerous Axiom effects which can and will cause such things to effectively detonate. A disruption of the expanded space finds a soldier quickly buried in their concealed armoury.” Doctor Samuel explains.
“Have you found a solution?”
“We are working on a morphic weapon prototype. It is incredibly Null Vulnerable, but unlike many other Null Vulnerable techniques it’s merely disabled rather than destroyed when disrupted.” Doctor Samuel says.
“How did you do that? Is it carved in khutha?” Ambassador Tal asks.
“Lined with khutha Ambassador. We have an aluminum frame that has carved out areas lined with a thin khutha layer. This keeps the device lightweight and effective.” Doctor Samuel states as he leads them into a weapons range. Being operated by a scientist are several weapons in two different clear configurations. A long range laser and a short range plasma spread burst.
“Meet the Mark One Shift Rifle. Currently it has two modes. A short range plasma burst that spreads out in a cone three five meters long and wide. And a medium range burn laser effective out to twenty meters. It can freely shift between the two configurations and the shifting feature even works in Axiom Poor environments.”
“I see.” Admiral Cistern says taking up the weapon. “How does it work. Is it this small lever on the side?”
“Yes, you pull it out to unlock the shifting. Shift it to the desired configuration and then push it in to lock it again. The weapon will not fire while unlocked.”
“Smart safety feature.”
“One we implemented a little too late. I have a scientist in medical for the rest of the day.” Doctor Samuel states.
“I wasn’t informed about any injuries.”
First degree burn and nerves sir. We’ve had worse coffee spills. He’s getting some ointment and a day out of the lab to calm down before he really hurts himself.” Doctor Samuel explains and Admiral Cistern frowns a little as he shifts the weapon into another configuration. There’s a red aura around it now.
“Red is the plasma burst. Yellow is burn laser.” Doctor Samuel states.
“It’s a little clunky. The change was slow and required a bit more force than expected.”
“We’re working on that sir. Right now the best way around that is to give the muzzle a swing while it shifts.” Doctor Samuel advises.
“And light up half the room? No thank you doctor.” Admiral Cistern says pulling the weapon into it’s laser configuration. “Still, this will take a slight bite out of the sheer size of armouries that our boys are lugging around.”
“Our eventual hope is to get all formats of energy weapons stacked onto a single stock. Couple that with a pistol, a knife and their armour and our boys will be ready for just about any minor skirmish the galaxy over without the risk that an Axiom disruption will render someone vulnerable or your munitions easily stolen.” Doctor Samuel says.
“Hmm... still I think we’ll go with a hybrid style. Easily modified weapons in arm’s reach, but still having a moderate to large number of weapons to increase the firepower and versatility.”
“So more Doom Eternal than Jak and Daxter.” Doctor Samuel asks and Admiral Cistern just blinks at him. “Videogame references sir.”
“Doom Eternal? What kind of game is that?” Ambassador Tal asks.
“One unimaginably angry super-soldier against an unending horde of demons. And the demons are rightfully terrified of him.” Doctor Samuel explains.
“... I want to play that.” Ambassador Tal says with a big smile.
“It shouldn’t be too hard to do that.” Admiral Cistern replies.
“Can we?”
Private Stream pointedly does NOT laugh as he brings in the latest report of what Moriarty is up to. It’s rather difficult as Ambassador Tal has embraced her inner gremlin and is sitting on the floor with a game system set up and giggling like a lunatic while she glorykills a baron of hell.
“Thank you Private Stream.” Admiral Cistern says as he takes the paperwork. The man had clearly just finally had a moment to sip his coffee and here he was with more work.
“You’re welcome sir.”

First Last
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2023.03.20 21:13 duncan_chaos AI Dungeon (Day 20 of 31 Days of RPG Solo Tools)

This tool is very different to the generators, emulators and other tools so far. AI Dungeon will be your games master, although there is no dice rolling for you.
Choose a setting, choose a type of character, give a name and you're off. AI Dungeon will give you a starting situation, you can type in your actions and it will describe what happens. There is also a list of the World Information.
You might find this is how you want to solo play, or try for something different.
The tool can also be used to give a starting situation (or enough to get started). Maybe a background for an NPC. The text can also be edited if you don't like what happens.
There's a subreddit for it at AIDungeon
Have you used AI Dungeon? Are there similar tools you prefer?
[Full list of 31 Days of RPG Solo Gens]
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2023.03.20 21:12 mynameis_me Islamic will and children

Salaam all. Long time follower but first time posting here. I wanted to get some perspective from you all regarding Islamic wills and who would take care of your children if you and your spouse pass away. I just executed my will/trust and instructed that my children should be cared for by my spouses sibling rather than my own. My spouses sibling is well off and we believe would raise our kids more closer to how we are raising them, instead of my own sibling. How would you share with them, without offending them, that this is our plan?
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2023.03.20 21:12 Tobyv0 Idiot Karen thinks dinosaurs are fake, ends up staring one in the face.

This is a story for those who are huge fans of the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World saga and have seen ALL of the films(including Dominion).
Cast: Me=Me, OG=Owen Grady, CD=Claire Dearing, ML=Maisie Lockwood, EM=Entitled Mother, CLD=Cool Dad, ND=Nice Daughter
This takes place about 2 weeks after the events of Jurassic World: Dominion.
With Dinosaurs now back in the world once more, we have started attempting to coexist. Owen Grady has decided to turn his ranch into a safe haven for some of the dinosaurs. Mostly herbivores like Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and a couple small Carnivores, including Velociraptors Blue and Beta, who are now tamed.
One very early crystal clear morning, when the sky was just starting to turn that lovely shade of orange, after we got up and had breakfast, we heard a noise coming from outside. We got outside and saw Blue growling loudly near the paddock fence.(despite being tamed, Blue can still be aggressive, but only when the situation is justified)
We looked in the direction the raptor was facing and saw 3 people get out of a car. A woman(the entitled mother, complete with Karen haircut, posture and face), a man(the cool Dad, who actually looked quite shocked at seeing real dinosaurs) and a 19 year old girl.(the nice Daughter, who despite having a similar hairstyle to her mom, wasn’t entitled or snotty)
Owen ordered for Blue to stand down and, like a good girl, she did.
Owen: *shouts* “Hey!”
CLD: “Hey! You’re Owen Grady, right?”
Owen: “Yes I am. How’d you know?”
ND: “My dad is a big fan of you. He saw videos of you training actual Velociraptors! It’s sucks that they’re gone though.”
CD: “Theyre not ALL gone. Blue is still alive.”
ND: “Really?!” *her eyes widen*
Me: ”Yes! And she has a baby.”
CLD: “Like, can we see the raptor?”
CD: “Absolutely!”
Owen does his thing with the clicker and calls out Blue’s name and she immediately comes running, followed by Beta.
ND: “Awwww she’s adorable! Can I pet her?”
OG: “You have to be careful though. She can still be very dangerous.”
Thats when the EM started.
EM: “Well if she’s soooo dangerous then why do you even have her? Besides, you’re not fooling me.”
CLD: “EM, what’re you talking about?”
EM: “This isn’t real. These things are all fake. In my church, I was taught that there are no such things as “dinosaurs.” The earth was only born 6000 years ago, not 4.6 billion. These are all, what, stupid people in costumes or some type of animatronic stuff. This is all Stupid Blasphemy.”
Owen, Claire and Maisie all shared a WTF expression. Blue even tilted her head in confusion.
ML: “Um, this IS real. You are looking at a real dinosaur in the flesh!“
ND: “Mom, please don’t start. How could you even THINK these are fake?”
CD: “You seriously can’t be that delusional.”
EM: “First of all, these so called “bones” and “fossils” were not from real animals. Satanists put these on earth to scam true religious people. And I also heard about this THING *she gestures to Maisie* being a “Clone” of a young human who “presumably” died in a car accident. Gimme a break! *mutters the R word under her breath* kid.”
Maisie gasps at this response and she is nearly in tears.
Me: “How could you say something like that?! This little girl lost her grandfather at a young age and she was kidnapped by poachers, along with the baby raptor!”
EM: *now being all smug like she knows everything* ”Well, she probably had it coming for being a disgusting FREAK of nature! Claiming to be a stupid clone and all.”
Claire gasped at this and Maisie was crying.
The baby Velociraptor came up to the ND and started nuzzling her hand, but EM decided to fricking KICK the baby dinosaur like a dog!!!
Beta shrieked and fell into the snow, but she got up. To say that Blue was pissed was an UNDERSTATEMENT! She ran up to the EM and full on TACKLED her to the ground, but due to being tamed, she knew not to actually bite. She was just growling and snarling loudly.
CD: “Call the police!”
OG: “Already on it.”
He whistled for Blue to get off of the EM and she did, but was still growling.
About 5 minutes later, the Police arrived and PO1 and PO2 walked up to us.
PO1: “What seems to be the problem here, folks?”
Before any of us could even get a word in, the EM started twisting the story and putting on fake tears.
EM: “I was just coming to tell them how beautiful their animals were, and then that A**HOLE *points at Owen* told his stupid pet Velociraptor to attack me for no reason! I want that THING KILLED RIGHT NOW!
OG: “I did no such thing, you lunatic!”
CD: “This coming from the moron who KICKED a baby dinosaur like a dog because it was playing with your daughter! And called MY Daughter a Freak of nature and a r****d!”
EM: “THAT ABOMINATION WAS GOING TO MAUL MY DAUGHTER TO DEATH YOU FAT COW!”(Claire Dearing is pretty curvy, but is in NO way shape or form, obese.)
PO2: Ma’am, I’m gonna need you to put your hands behind your back right now.”
EM: “WHAT?!”
PO1: “You’re under arrest for lying to a police officer, threatening to kill an animal and promoting kidnapping towards people with special needs *referring to Maisie*. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defense if you do not mention when questioned, something which you later rely on in court. Anything you say may be given in evidence.”
OG: “Oh, cut the crap! You brought this on yourself. Take her away.”
Me: “Hold up there, officers! I’d like to just do one more thing!” *I do a two finger whistle like in cartoons or movies and we hear thudding footsteps.*
EM: ”Oh that was just a stupid earthquake or a tree falling down.”
Trees were indeed falling down, but the thumps were rhythmic, and getting louder.
Me, ND, and CLD all said in unison “Don’t move!”
There was something beyond the leaves.
The EM looked up, higher.
Behind the foliage, beyond the cabin, she saw what looked like a thick body with a pebbled, grainy surface like the bark of a tree. But it wasn't a tree. She continued to look higher, slowly tilting her head upward.
She saw the huge head of Rexy, the elderly Tyrannosaurus just standing there, looking through the trees at us! EM turned her flashlight on, and the big animal rolled its head and BELLOWED in the glaring light! Then darkness, and silence again, and the chittering of night critters.
There was another pause. EM watched the scarred Tyrannosaur. The head was huge! The animal looked around slowly, scanning its surroundings and searching for prey. She seemed to stare right at EM!
In the flashlight, the eyes glowed bright red.
EM: "Jesus Christ!”
The greatest predator the world has ever known. The most fearsome attack in human history. Somewhere in the back of her Karen brain, EM was in disbelief, but she could feel her knees begin to shake uncontrollably, her trousers flapping like flags.
Man, she was frightened. She didn't want to be here. Alone among all the people on the scene, EM was crazy religious. She didn’t believe in dinosaurs. She thought that all the fossils and skeletons were a scam by satanists to thwart religion, or in her words, “Blasphemy.”
She tried to reassure herself that she was hallucinating, but her eyes were not deceiving her at all! She was looking at a giant dinosaur! But it wasn’t just any dinosaur, this was a rex! Much, much bigger! The greatest meat-eater that ever walked the earth!
When the Tyrannosaur roared it was TERRIFYING, a SCREAM from some other world! EM felt the spreading warmth in her trousers. She’d peed in her pants! She was simultaneously embarrassed and terrified. But she knew she had to do something. She couldn't just stay here. She had to do something. Something! Her hands were shaking, trembling in her pant pockets.
EM: “Jesus Christ!”
ML: (While wagging her finger at her) “Bad language!”
EM started whimpering and we swung our heads away from the Tyrannosaur. Our flashlights streaked laterally-in time to see EM tripping over her high heels and struggling to get back up.
The police officers cuffed her and dragged her into their vehicle while she was screaming gibberish about knowing the mayor, having a cop brother, threatening to sue.

Needless to say, we never saw her again.

TL;DR Stupid entitled Karen who doesn’t believe in dinosaurs, comes face to face with one.
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2023.03.20 21:12 Dry-Student5673 little free libraries in airports??

Obviously I’m sure Hudson News, etc would shut it down immediately, but…Wouldn’t it be rad to have Little Free Libraries in airports?? (google if you’re not familiar)
We have one in my neighborhood and I love dropping books off weekly. Now that I’m a very frequent traveler (3x/month), I’d love to pass books along to fellow travelers.
Maybe this exists and I just don’t know it? (But highly doubtful, seeing as how I’ve bought so many books at airports in the last decade).
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2023.03.20 21:12 mercfh85 WebAPI Action/Routing confusion

So im new to .net, and learning the WebAPI references on Microsoft's documentation.
In the "sample code" when creating a new webapi project you are given the WeatherForeCast controller.
So...for the most part it makes sense, however the part about actions is more confusing because the naming/structure isn't consistent.
For example here:
 [HttpGet(Name = "GetWeatherForecast")] public IEnumerable Get() 
Ok, that makes sense....but whats the point of the "name =" part.
Furthermore on their own documentation:
They omit these....sometimes?
public class ProductsController : ApiController { public IEnumerable GetAll() {} public Product GetById(int id, double version = 1.0) {} [HttpGet] public void FindProductsByName(string name) {} public void Post(Product value) {} public void Put(int id, Product value) {} } come only ONE of those has an actual [HttpGet] attribute...what about the others?
It also says here:
You can specify the HTTP method with an attribute: AcceptVerbs, HttpDelete, HttpGet, HttpHead, HttpOptions, HttpPatch, HttpPost, or HttpPut.
Otherwise, if the name of the controller method starts with "Get", "Post", "Put", "Delete", "Head", "Options", or "Patch", then by convention the action supports that HTTP method.
If none of the above, the method supports POST. the attribute not even necessary? (As a .net docs are not beginner friendly IMO lol)
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2023.03.20 21:12 suh_duu Dodgers “considering moving Mookie” to the 2 or 3 spot in the lineup

Yesterday in a Freddie Freeman interview: “They’re thinking of taking him (Mookie) out and to a more run producing spot in the lineup, but I still think he’ll be leading off”
Thoughts? My guess is it’ll depend on how productive Max and JD will be
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2023.03.20 21:12 bendune16 Help with tasks?

I need assistance with a couple of things and dont know if help is available or how to find it.
  1. I struggle with phone calls... to the extent I wouldn't even claim about $6k when I was homeless because it involved making a call. I need to do a couple of things that involve making calls. I have been putting it off about 1.5 years, but really need to get it taken care of. Unfortunately, I don't have friends, and my coworkers are either unreliable or don't have the time/energy to help.
  2. Cleaning/organizing. My apartment is a disaster, and I often feel like it is just barely livable. My wife has ADHD, and I am just too overwhelmed with all the mess to be able to tackle anything, so it is just getting worse and worse. Cleaning services don't fix this kind of thing- they just vacuum and dust and such. I need someone who can organize and get rid of stuff and just make it so I actually have floor and table space, not just piles of stuff...
Does anyone know where I would start looking for someone who can help with these kinds of things?
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2023.03.20 21:12 Indigenous-Creature Looking for living situation advice!

Hello there! I am TTC for the first time for just under a year. I am 29 and my husband is 30. We are hoping for good news soon, but in the meantime we have a dilemma. We currently live in a suite in my in-laws house. This obviously has its challenges, but for the most part, is okay. Almost 2 years ago we were able to purchase a condo pre build, and it finally is going to be ready this summer. It is a beautiful place with an ocean view, in a safe area downtown, and very short walking distance to both our offices, although we both are able to work from home for the most part as well.
The problem is, the condo is only 500 sq ft and 1 bedroom. Our budget didn't allow us to purchase anything larger. If we were to conceive soon, which is what we are hoping for, would it be a bad idea to move in? The suite in the family house is bigger than the condo, and it would have the added benefit of having my retired MIL around to help out. We are also worried about the space, and if its worth a move to a 1 bedroom when we know we'd eventually have to sell and move somewhere with more space.
On the other hand, we have never lived in our own home separate from the family. We are comfortable here and able to have and enjoy our own space, but it is different from living alone (which I was doing prior to moving in). We want to start our own lives, and live in our own home eventually of course. I also am unsure of how my MIL would be with a grandchild - if she would be overbearing or not. However, I am close with her and would be able to ask for space if I needed it.
I am just unsure, because it has been taking us awhile to conceive with ovulation tracking etc, and I don't know how much longer it will take. I really think living in our own home would be beneficial for us as a couple, but with a baby hopefully soon, it seems counter-productive since it will be our first and I'm sure we would appreciate extra help.
I was just wondering if anyone has any advice or experiences to share. Have you lived in a small condo with a baby? Would you prefer to have lived with your in-laws? Would the lack of space be bothersome? In your experience is living with in-laws and a new baby helpful or stressful?
If we didn't move in, I think we would try to sell it and keep our eyes open for a bigger space or house to eventually move into. The condo was a little more expensive because of the view and location, and if we were to look to purchase somewhere that isn't downtown, I think we could afford somewhere larger. I also think we would make some money off of it because things are usually cheaper pre build. I would love to live there, but we were expecting it to be ready last September at the latest and it was delayed, so now we just don't know.
Thank you so much for reading this far, and I am open to any and all advice and experiences! I hope you're having a wonderful day <3
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2023.03.20 21:11 Ok-Distribution1777 I keep dreaming about dogs

I wasn't quite sure how to flare this, so sorry if I did it wrong
In every dream they are strays that I take in, and they all AGGRESSIVELY protect me from people, more specifically men that try to hurt me in my dreams.
First two or three dreams where brown pitbulls. They were the sweetest dogs and their names were Jam. I could call them from any place in my dream and they'd leap over anything to protect me.
The latest one that I remember clearly was lastnight and it was a German shepherd-wolf dog cross. Not as snuggly or sweet, but this dream was much more aggressive. I don't remember his name. At some point I was at my dad's house and I fell off his old deck, only to see his old dog- in my dream I acknowledge this can't be right because he passed away years ago but some voice- possibly from the dog, stating it is right and he's okay.
What does this mean? Why do I keep dreaming about dogs??
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2023.03.20 21:11 statnews Denied by AI: How Medicare Advantage plans use algorithms to cut off care for seniors in need

STAT Reporters Bob Herman and Casey Ross released a major investigation this week on artificial intelligence and Medicare.
Health insurance companies have rejected medical claims for as long as they’ve been around — but now AI is driving denials to new heights in Medicare Advantage. Insurers are using unregulated predictive algorithms to pinpoint the precise moment when they can plausibly cut off payment for an elderly patient’s treatment.
Elderly people who spent their lives paying into Medicare, and who are now facing amputation, fast-spreading cancers, and other devastating diagnoses, are left to either pay for their care themselves or go without it.
Read the full story here:
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2023.03.20 21:11 ThrowRAsupercat I'm (30f) really hurt at how a work college (45f) spoke to me at an event.

A lady was at a work event today who I spent a few months working with not long ago. She was always very nice to me and said I did well. I was excited to see her again. After the time we worked together I sent her and the others there a 'Thank you' and she emailed saying she really enjoyed working together. I know we weren't 'friends' as she's very much my superior but I thought we were on friendly terms.
At the event I spoke to all of the others, and saw her chatting to other people.
At the end she was at a table handing out brochures. She saw me but then looked down and ignored me. I said Hi and smiled and she did a very quick glance then looked away but said "Hi how are you?" I said "Yeah good thanks you?" She sharply and rapidly said "Good good good" like ushered me off and said "Hi how are you" to the next person. Like she wanted me to leave asap.
It kinda hurt. I feel I did something wrong but everyone else was fine with me. I don't know why she talked to everyone else apart from me, or why she shooed me off like that. Literally nothing has happened since the very nice "Thank you" email 2 months ago. I know I can't dwell on it but it's confusing. I just want to know the reason. Has she just forgot me or was I sadly just a number to her?
I'm a girl btw this was just a work situation with someone I admired in a work context.
TL:Dr: College I trained with for months last year seemed unhappy to see me at a work do. I don't know why and it's hurt.
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2023.03.20 21:11 itzzjackie23 Me (27F) and my partner (27M) are struggling with intimacy. How can you tell if something is a rough patch or the end?

TLDR: intimacy struggles consistent over the last 3 years with recurring conversations to repair it, but we always fall back to the old ways and can’t find a solution that sticks. Do we stay together through it and hope something changes or go separate ways?
My (27f) fiancé (27m) and I have been together for 8 years (engaged about 2). We have lived together for 6 out of our 8 years together and used to have sex 3-5 times a week. Now we are lucky to have it once a month. We cycle through this issue about every 4-6 months for probably the last 3 years and it is the only argument/disagreement we have.
For context: Our normal routine is he is gone for work by the time I get up. I WFH and he gets home around 5:30-6PM. He says he turns his brain off once he’s off work so we maybe exchange 10-20 words, he showers, and goes to play video games with friends. I will cook dinner about an hour after he gets home. He eats while playing games in the office and I eat at the table or couch watching a show. I clean the kitchen, shower, and go to bed. Normally he comes to bed about 20 minutes after me, we exchange a goodnight and a kiss, then to sleep. Rinse and repeat. Weekends consist of me grocery shopping, he playing games or we go shopping for something the house needs and then it’s back to separate rooms to do our own things. Dinner date out once a week or two, but not tons of conversation.
We have this disagreement, both say things that each other will do to improve it. He will make an effort to spend more time with me and asking about my days and following more of my love language (acts of service/gifts) like bringing home flowers or cleaning when I don’t explicitly ask him to. I say I will try to do more things to get myself in the mood, like doing hair and makeup, wearing clothes that make me feel good, porn, etc (his love language is physical touch). It works for a month or two and then it’s back into the same routine. He slowly stops interacting/cleaning/etc and I slowly start pushing back on the affection. He is no longer trying to initiate sex because he has been turned down too many times by me that he just expects I will say no, which I understand, but I struggle to initiate because I feel like we are just roommates now and there’s nothing there to work off of. Whenever I do initiate, he is always down and we will have sex.
We both love each other, but I’m starting to wonder if I just love him as a person and I’m not so much in love with him anymore. I’m scared this will be the rest of our lives and I feel this doubt that this shouldn’t be happening to people in love who are getting married. We both feel like something needs to change, we both don’t want to leave, but we’re both feeling very sad and distant the past few months and can’t find a way to resolve it.
How do I/we know if this patch will last? How do you get over the feeling that if this isn’t what is right for us, that we are losing someone that’s been apart of our life for 8 years and starting over completely? Has someone’s relationship succeeded after something like this? What changed?
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2023.03.20 21:11 b66446 Need career advice

Hi, I'm 22 years old. I have my bachelor's degree in education. I chose this path because education seemed meaningful to me. I didn't have a good experience in school when I was younger, so I thought I'd become a teacher and I'd be able to help kids like me. I wouldn't label teaching as a passion of mine, though. I don't think I have any passions. All I know is that teaching is important and when deciding my major, it was the one I gravitated towards.
I am currently a paraeducator at a high school. I've been here since the start of the new year. And I am having so many second thoughts. I just keep thinking I could be doing something more, something "better," something that makes more money. I don't have a partner and I don't want to count on getting one or doing anything for me, so that is contributing to my doubts, since I realize I want to make more money. It feels silly to commit myself to a life that I know won't make a lot of money when I still have the chance to back out. I know teachers get good pensions, and time off, but I can't shake the feeling of "I should be doing something else." And as a paraeducator, I don't know how much I actually want to be in an actual teacher's role. I feel kind of worn out and depressed, but I've been dealing with these feelings most of my life so I don't know how much can be attributed to working at a high school. But I also think if this was my dream job, wouldn't I be happy? I've built rapport with the students, they seem to like me and respect me, I care for and respect them, I'm on track to fulfilling what younger me thought I would've wanted. So why am I so upset and dissatisfied? I am 22, my options should feel limitless? Are they? I feel confined to the path younger me chose for herself. But now that I am here, I think I should venture off and do something better. Why did I pay the same amount for college as people getting comp sci degrees or are going into medical fields who will make so much more money than I would if I do proceed with the field of education? Im mad at my younger self for being careless.
Advice I've gotten/things I've considered so far:
  1. Get my teaching credential and to just try it out, if I don't like it, I could leave. My issue with this is that I don't believe teaching should be taken that lightly. Kids are counting on me to preform and teach them. I don't think it would be right of me to "experiment" with it and then just be like bye! the minute I decide I don't like it. If I go and get my teaching credential, I want to be sure of it.
  2. Take different kinds of classes at community college to see what strikes your interest. I like this idea but it hurts my ego and makes me feel like an idiot if im being honest. I already went to community college, and then transferred to a 4 year to get my degree. To go backwards feels like a major blow. It feels like a waste of time. And it makes me feel ashamed that my life isnt panning out the way I thought it would.
  3. To consider jobs that require an education degree, but aren't exactly teaching (such as admin)Or to consider jobs outside of education that'll hire you with any bachelor's degree?
  4. Trade school. Ive lightly considered this idk what I'd do, I just know its an option.

If anyone took the time to read this, I really want to say thank you. I guess my question would be, genuinely, what do you think I should do? Please don't say "only you can know that" because honestly I don't. I need some guidance.
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2023.03.20 21:11 thrwwyx0 Am I (29F) dramatic for breaking it off with the guy (31M) I've been dating over this?

I wanted advice on a situation that has been bothering me- I would appreciate empathy and understanding from whoever decides to answer. Thank you in advance if you decide to help.
So I've been dating this guy for about three months now. I find dating challenging so I was happy to have met him since up until recently I thought we were super compatible and want similar things out of life. We get along really well and things have been going great.
The other night we were at his apartment goofing off on his couch, basically just teasing each other over silly stuff. I was genuinely having a good time, he was tickling me and whatnot and it was very innocent and playful at first. We were going back and forth joking around with each other, I said his earrings make him look like a teenager, he said my fur coat is ridiculous, etc. We were going back and forth and it was funny and innocent until he made a certain comment.... he said my vagina looked like roast beef......
I felt self conscious in the moment about killing the fun night we were having (we havent been dating long) but I basically said ouch.... and he goes come on, you know I'm just kidding we're just having fun and Im pushing your buttons etc. I felt really awkward and uncomfortable and we ended up just watching a movie in silence until I left. I cried in the car in the entire ride home. I was so humiliated at how he would point out something I have no control over.
Its difficult accepting how your body changes sometimes for the negative as you get older, and as women I think we all want a partner who finds us beautiful. I felt disgusting and ugly after he made that comment, and I'm not sure I can ever be comfortable being intimate with him again. I'm so repulsed by him at this point that I've been debating cutting things off with him. It's only been a few days and I havent talked to him about it, but I was considering telling him that comment was rude and I cant be with someone who talks about my body like that. Is this dramatic, considering we have been getting along so well and have had no other issues over the past few months? I felt something blooming up until that comment- now I'm irritated with him.
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2023.03.20 21:11 YotaRolla199E Changes to time penalty payment in Sport mode?

We can all complain about how unforgiving it is with pit limits or certain track limits despite losing time, or "forcing another car off track" penalties, but this time let's focus on how you pay the penalties.
Let's say you get a 1 second time penalty because someone threw a bad block and wrecked themselves on you. Now on the long straightaway you have to serve that 1 second time penalty.
Slow way down, and then speed up.
By the exit of the next corner, you just lost 3 or more seconds because you served your 1 second time penalty for something that wasn't even your fault. If it's the last lap, you have no chance to pay this penalty and you will have the penalty plus an extra 1 second added to your time.
I would much rather it be how it is in custom races where you just have the penalty and you can slow down whenever you want to pay it, or it just adds up and applies at the end of the race.
Just had to rant a bit k bye
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