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Pediatrics ATI questions for Exam 1, Correct answers provided. 2020/2023

2023.03.22 08:43 Popular-Book-8221 Pediatrics ATI questions for Exam 1, Correct answers provided. 2020/2023

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2023.03.20 18:37 beaumonte Got a 95% on the TEAS 7 this week!

Willing to answer any questions you may have about the exam!
Breakdown: 97% Reading, 100% Math, 96% Science, 88% English
My background:
My goal is to get into an ABSN program in California. I have a previous BS in Psychobiology. I’ve completed coursework in Chemistry, Biology, and Anatomy with their associated labs. I’ve taken multiple writing, literature, and critical reading courses as well. I’ve received all As in my courses so far. I’m in the middle of taking Microbiology, and have not taken Physiology yet. I studied for the TEAS for 6 weeks.
How I studied:
First, I started off by purchasing the ATI Online Practice Test package. This includes an A&P practice exam with 70 questions, and two full length TEAS practice assessments. I did all three of these exams over two days and used it as a baseline for what I needed to work on. I scored an 80% on the A&P exam, 89% on practice test A, and 87% on practice test B. During the exams, I had a sheet of paper where I was writing down a list of concepts I was unsure about, even if I got a question right through guessing. At the end of every exam, ATI also presented a score report of a list of topics that I needed to work on. I compiled both of these lists together and went through the topics one by one.
To study, I mainly used Mometrix’s TEAS 7 book. The book had excellent in depth explanations of literally everything you will encounter on the exam, and came with 2 full length practice tests as well. They also had 6 more bonus exams on their website for people who have the book. These bonus exams were critical to my success, as not only does Mometrix tell you why an answer is correct, it goes through all the other answer choices and explains why they are incorrect, something ATI does not do. I tried to do at least two full length assessments a week. For topics I continuously struggled on, I went back and read their respective sections in the Mometrix book.
While studying, I also made a Quizlet of everything I needed to memorize and would go through those flash cards during my free time. I was constantly adding to the stack every week as I covered more and more material.
When I was at the gym or doing more mundane tasks like driving, I would listen to different podcasts or watch Youtube videos pertaining to different content. For example, Science with Susanna on Youtube was really helpful when I was struggling with the Immune system and Endocrine system. A podcast I often listened to was “Straight A Nursing” and “Study Sesh” by the same host. Be aware that this is not a podcast specifically tailored towards TEAS. She mainly goes over different material that will be covered in nursing school, some of which overlap with what is tested on the TEAS.
The exam itself:
My exam was all multiple choice even though I was told the TEAS 7 would have matching, fill in the blank, etc. I felt like the questions themselves were really similar to the ATI practice assessments and a bit easier than the Mometrix exams.
Honestly, the test wasn’t bad at all and if you do well in your prerequisite courses, you should do well on the exam with only a few weeks of studying. Most of my success was really just from remembering the material from my classes and doing practice tests over and over. Good luck to those about to take the exam and let me know if I can help in any way :)
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2023.03.20 07:36 tepisa3533 HESI PN&RN Exit Exam Version 1 Questions with Revised Answers; Complete GUIDE for a GRADE BOOST

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2023.03.20 07:29 tepisa3533 HESI PN V2 Exit Exam Questions and Answers

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2023.03.20 06:53 tepisa3533 HESI PRACTICE EXIT EXAM 2020 (100%) VERIFIED

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2023.03.19 21:34 Lazy-Association6904 Passed NCLEX PN in 75 questions

*This is not a post about what was on my test. * it is all a blur
Took the NCLEX PN Friday March 17th. Just got my quick results that say I passed. I did the PVT trick on Friday but didn’t trust it 🫣.
I read through so many posts on Reddit and Facebook groups before and after I took the exam. I wanted to make a post for anyone who is feeling as anxious as I was, in hopes that they will feel a-little better after reading about my experience.
I graduated end of December 2022. Our school had us do the ATI live review for 3 days and retake the comprehensive predictor before they would said our names to the BON. Looking back the ATI Live review was NOT helpful I did get a 97% chance of passing based on the comp predictor.
I studied for a total of 4 weeks, almost everyday. I did some content review using Saunders PN text book but that fizzled out because that book is overwhelming !! It’s a great book if you have more than 4 weeks or if you’re currently in school. Then I purchased archer. I liked archer because they have videos of their live nclex review. I watched both of them (they are super long) and took notes the whole time. I blew through the whole archer question bank, with a low percentage correct, 47%. However, I did one CAT assessment and passed and two readiness assessments which I scored a high and very high chance of passing.
After I blew thought archer I started using ATI boardvitals because we had to buy ATI for school. I bought u world too because everyone says how great it is. I would say UWORLD is the most like nclex and have the best rationales. It is pricey but worth it. I didn’t finish every question on uworld and my percentage correct was only a 62%.
ATI has CAT exams too but I don’t understand how they work. I was getting 200 questions and scoring in the mid 50s and it doesn’t tell you if that is a pass. It just tells you what percentile you rank and what the level is of the question your answering (easy medium hard). On the ATI board vitals questions in regular test mode my average was a 74%.
I also listened to all the free stuff from NCLEX high yield. And Mark K was very helpful.
I know that is alot of resources to pull from but I know from experience that I learn best from information being presented in multiple ways.
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2023.03.18 15:47 100Kto0 Got a 92% on my TEAS Today!

I’m super excited since I didn’t expect to do this well! I signed up for the exam last Sunday and studied about 3 hours for 5 days since I have extra classes starting Spring 2 next week. As long as I do well in my classes, I should be a very strong candidate for my program!
My Scores:
Overall: 92%
Reading: 95% Math: 97% Science: 86% English: 91%
Study Material:
ATI TEAS Study Guide 2020-2021 YouTube
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