Murtala muhammed international airport flight schedule

Safest ,Fastest and Economical Air Ambulance services

2023.03.24 07:16 JyotiAmbulance1 Safest ,Fastest and Economical Air Ambulance services

With the Help of Jyoti Ambulance Service in Delhi You could be safely transferred from a foreign medical facility to a local medical facility by way of an air Ambulance service in Delhi. Your safe return home is ensured by the bedside-to-bed service provided by your medical assistance team. The clinical gathering can likewise supply clinical help while going on an outing.
If you are hurt or hospitalized while traveling abroad, you or a family member can immediately Can call the Ambulance Service in Delhi fix to arrange transportation home. Having their number with you will positively work with this methodology. The Jyoti Ambulance company could handle communication between your family, medical professionals, insurance company, airport terminals, and healthcare facility properties.
How an Air Ambulance Service Can Safely Transfer You From One Location to Another An Air Ambulance service in Delhi can safely transfer you from a foreign hospital to a local healthcare facility. Your risk-free transportation back home is guaranteed by your medical assistance team's bedside-to-bedside fix. While on vacation, the medical team can also provide medical assistance.
On the off chance that you are hurt or hospitalized while you are voyaging abroad, you or an individual from the family can call the air rescue vehicle administration directly to coordinate transportation home. Having their phone number on hand will undoubtedly make this process easier. The interaction between the residences of the healthcare facility, physicians, insurance company, flight terminals, and your family could be managed by Jyoti Ambulance company.
Include the number of an Jyoti Ambulance company in your emergency call list when planning your trip abroad. Air ambulance crews can quickly and safely prepare to take you back home if you get hurt or sick while traveling.
A problem could arise if a health issue arises while traveling, especially to another country. Do you know what to do if you or a loved one gets sick or hurt while on vacation? Ambulance Service in Delhi offer medical flights, which have the potential to successfully transport patients to safe locations for treatment. The number of providers of air ambulance services has increased recently, and you can find them in the Yellow Pages or online by searching for "air ambulance" or "medical trips."
A little preparation can go a long way. Look for Ambulance Service in Delhi that will take care of all of the details for you and will work with your insurance company to efficiently refine the case.
There are a number of factors that can influence the cost of an air ambulance ride. Examine the online rates carefully and ask questions about the total cost. You must absolutely request an itemized quote if one has not been provided to you.

Medical transportation with the help of air ambulance

By transporting patients to and from medical facilities, hospitals, and other areas that are prone to accidents, ambulances play a crucial role in saving lives. Air medical evacuation services have been established by a number of organizations and businesses for individuals who absolutely require immediate transportation. You will have access to both domestic and international air services, as well as specialists to treat patients. It is possible to provide bed-to-bed services to severely ill patients. Depending on the condition, the individual may receive high specialization and treatment.
The need for an air ambulance Jyoti Ambulance is providing emergency aircraft can transport a wide range of patients to any location. You can get good transportation from your home to the hospitals that are closest to you from Ambulance Service in Delhi . After the treatment is over, patients will be transported in a variety of ways. Depending on the circumstances, the individuals in charge of the patients will take care of their movement. You need to check to see if the ambulance drivers have the necessary equipment to provide first aid and subsequent treatment. In the event of an emergency, a member with certification and expertise will be on hand in the vehicle. During the transportation, additional medical personnel, including physicians, paramedics, and nurses, should be present in the air vehicle.
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2023.03.24 07:15 ToughAsRoses Connecting flight too close

Ok so wife and I will be landing in BKK in May but the problem is we have to catch another flight that departs three hours after the scheduled arrival time.
This is a flight booking (one way, domestic) separate from the primary one (in and out of the country itself).
How much time does it usually take between landing and clearing immigration to collecting luggage and then checking into the domestic flight? I keep getting a feeling I've cut it too close.
Is there any way of speeding things up on a slightly priorotised basis at BKK airport? Pretty sure not everyone who lands has a separate flight to catch within the next few hours.
Any help would be a huge plus. I can feel myslelf losing hair and sleep over this 😔
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2023.03.24 06:55 carrieobrien Delta Terminal Denver

The Delta Terminal at Denver International Airport is located on Concourse A and offers a range of amenities and services to passengers. The terminal has multiple check-in counters, self-service kiosks, and baggage drop-off stations to expedite the check-in process. There are also several restaurants, cafes, and shops where passengers can grab a bite to eat or shop for souvenirs before their flight. In addition, the Delta terminal Denver has charging stations, free Wi-Fi, and a Delta Sky Club lounge for eligible passengers to relax in before their flight.
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2023.03.24 06:35 Logical-Plum5174 How likely are electronic devices to be checked at Canadian customs?

I will be travelling to Toronto in the Fall via an international flight which also has a layover in Germany.
The thing is, my storage devices have a whole bunch of pirated movies and games. How likely is it that my electronic items might get checked by officials at the airport? What happens if they come across any pirated content during such a check?
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2023.03.24 06:22 hardware1197 NY Rangers 22-23 Roadtrip Travel Report – 3/24/2023

This is your NY Rangers Air Travel Report for 3/23 to Ft. Lauderdale, FL from Raleigh, NC
Trip Overview: Good flight: Short southern hop. Flight: Delta 8951 Equipment: Delta 757-200 N666DN Built 32.1 Years ago Renton, WA Departed: RDU Raleigh Durham International Airport 3/23 23:03 Eastern (Wheels up 33m late) Arrived: FLL Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport 3/24 00:43 Eastern (24m late) Flightplan: RDU>FLL No deviations. FILED AS: KRDU.ROZBO5.ROZBO.GARIC.JRDAN.Y291.MAJIK.CUUDA2.KFLL Flight time: 1h32m Flight miles: 725 Miles Trip Report/Special notes: Smooth routing and short taxis made for a good flight. Good weather and minor winds on departure. Gusty winds on arrival. Departed private Atlantic Aviation Services ramp. Arrived private Signature Air Services ramp.
Roadtrip reports are provided for insight into the NYR travel schedule during the regular season.
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2023.03.24 06:14 Kreos642 First-Time Cross-Country Flight - Any Advice and/or Suggestions?

Hi there, everyone.
First time posting, bare with me please! I'm headed to Vegas in July for a convention and I have never flown on my own from East to West coast before. I have been on a flight cross-country like that in the past, but that's when I was a teen/unaware young adult and my parents did the bookings. I thought it'd be best to be specific with what I'm doing, so I added the questions and extra things in as bullets instead of a huge paragraph.
My biggest goal: A flight that doesn't cancel, and a direct flight with no intentional layovers (is that a thing? Transfers i guess is maybe what its called)?
If you guys have any pointers besides dressing comfy, wearing easy on/off shoes, the basics as a passenger, I'd be seriously grateful.
Here's the details and questions:
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2023.03.24 06:04 Glindanorth They're snotty and gross and unsupervised. Ugh.

Today, I was thinking of this community while I waited for my flight. I know you will understand my dismay and frustration. First, let me say, I don't hate children, I just have no interest in parenting or spending time with them. I do very much have an issue with clueless, inconsiderate parents.
I recently recovered from Covid. I had a rough go of it, despite being vaccinated, boosted, and careful about keeping myself safe. I'm immunocompromised and I've had pneumonia five times. Covid was a big deal and the last three years have been difficult for me. Still, I have things to do, so I protect myself as best I can.
My mom died a few months ago, and I'm in charge of her estate. Today I had to fly to the state where she lived as I'm in the final stages of getting her house ready to sell.
While I was waiting in the gate area at a major international airport in the US, I was wearing a mask and keeping myself distanced from others as best I could. There was a mom traveling with her little girl (maybe 4 years old?) also in the gate area waiting for the same flight. The child was obviously sick. She had a bright red snotty nose, and she had a hacking cough. The kid was running around the gate area, touching everything, and just coughing into the air, never once covering her mouth, and wiping her gooey nose on the palm of her hand. Her mother did absolutely nothing to rein her in.
At one point, the child ran past a row of seats near me, while hacking up actual phlegm, and I watched a family of four look at each other and immediately mask up. Every once in a while, the mother would say, "You're coughing too much. Sit down and rest." Mostly, though, the mother ignored the kid and the kid just kept smearing snot everywhere and running around coughing into the air. I really wish I were exaggerating this situation, but I'm not.
I hate that this child was on my flight, and I hate that her mother let this toxic sick child run around spreading illness as if it were flower petals. If I get sick again at this point, I will likely end up hospitalized. Why, why, why won't parents control their children and think of the people they may be doing harm to? I get that maybe they had to travel, but this felt like profound lack of consideration on the part of the mom. I really wish child-free flights were an option.
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2023.03.24 05:19 DhruvuVikram Amadeus Flight Booking

Amadeus Flight Booking

Amadeus Flight Booking
Amadeus is an outstanding travel distribution and technology partner to the industry, with a global presence, underpinned by local expertise. The company makes critical solutions that help airlines and airports, hotels and railways, search engines, travel agencies, tour operators, and other travel players to run their operations and increase the travel experience.
Amadeus Professionals have managed Amadeus Flight API. This Amadeus Flight API is one of the most popular & preferable flight booking API in the world. Amadeus give the best Flight API XML Integration solution for flight booking.
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Amadeus Flight API Integration
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Amadeus gives best Flight Booking XML API Integration for travel agent which provide quick allow to interactive flight booking solution for efficient flight booking management and distribution using Amadeus Flight Booking API connectivity.
Amadeus GDS is one of the main three global distribution systems and is of service to airlines, hotels, and car rental companies via improved distribution. Airlines, Hotels and Car Rental companies are connected with Amadeus’s GDS system which enters travel companies to access live inventory information, enabling them to sell airline tickets, hotel rooms and car rental products to their customers.
Amadeus GDS gives IT Solutions and services to address airlines’ key operational requirements in the areas of sales, booking& ticketing, inventory management, departure control and e-commerce through Amadeus Integration.
Key Features of Our Amadeus Booking System:
Flight XML API Integration (International & Domestic)
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What does Amadeus Software mean to the travel providers?
There are several GDS available like Amadeus, sabre, Travelport. GDS gives extensive integration with websites so users can get flight information, flight booking and real time updates of availability of seats.
Amadeus is one of GDS which gives API services for flights, hotels, car and cruise booking too. With their seamless integration users can get flight details, booking of flights, handling of tickets and availability of seats easily. Which helps travel agents, DMC and hotels to book their flights, hotels on their website with Amadeus Flight API Integration.
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Why to use back office system for Amadeus flight tickets?
Please note that all flights are required by new security laws in multiple countries to give security, customs and immigration authorities enters to passenger data. Accordingly, any information we hold about you and your travel arrangements may be disclosed to the relevant authorities in these countries in your itinerary. Your data will only be used for security purposes.
I hereby certify that all information I have provided (including required APIS/APP information) are true, accurate, and correct.
I understand that in the event that i have knowingly or otherwise i have provided any false or inaccurate information, I shall be held liable for any costs, fines, including legal expenses.
I understand that I am responsible in having/obtaining a valid identification document, passport, visa, and/or any other travel document throughout my travels which is required by the authorities of the destination country or the countries in transit.
For more details, please visit our website:
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2023.03.24 05:10 Party-Neither Is this unrealistic?

Hey all. Just wanted some advice regarding my plans for my first international solo trip. I will be landing at Istanbul at 13:00. I wanted to take a two day trip to Cappadocia too, but I didn’t want to waste time travelling back and forth to Airport on multiple days, so I booked a flight from Istanbul to Kayseri at 16:05 separately.
Now I’m thinking, if this was too unrealistic for me too book? I’ve never been to Turkiye, and not sure if I will be able to realistically land at 13:00, get my checked-in baggage, go to whatever terminal the domestic flight is at, and then check-in all my baggage for the next flight in time?
Any advice would be much appreciated!
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2023.03.24 04:52 Party-Neither Is this too much?

Hey all. Just wanted some advice regarding my plans for my first international solo trip. I will be landing at Istanbul at 13:00. I wanted to take a two day trip to Cappadocia too, but I didn’t want to waste time travelling back and forth to Airport on multiple days, so I booked a flight from Istanbul to Kayseri at 16:05 separately.
Now I’m thinking, if this was too unrealistic for me too book? I’ve never been to Turkiye, and not sure if I will be able to realistically land at 13:00, get my checked-in baggage, go to whatever terminal the domestic flight is at, and then check-in all my baggage for the next flight in time?
Any advice would be much appreciated!
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2023.03.24 02:55 autotldr Bordeaux city hall set on fire amid nationwide protests against French pension changes

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 45%. (I'm a bot)
French workers angry with a rise in the pension age have blocked access to a terminal at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris as part of a nationwide day of protests.
Train services were disrupted and some schools shut while rubbish piled up on the streets, and electricity output was cut as unions raised pressure on the government to withdraw the law that delays retirement by two years to 64.
Plumes of smoke were seen rising from burning piles of debris blocking traffic on a highway near Toulouse, south-west France, and wildcat strikes briefly blocked roads in other cities.
The spontaneous protest near Terminal 1 of the airport would not affect flights, a spokesperson for Aéroports de Paris said.
Protest rallies have been scheduled across France later on Thursday, as protests also targeted oil depots and blocked a liquefied natural gas terminal in the northern city of Dunkirk.
Protests against the policy changes, which also accelerate a planned increase of the number of years people must work to draw a full pension, have drawn huge crowds in rallies organised by unions since January.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: protest#1 blocked#2 union#3 terminal#4 year#5
Post found in /worldnews, /labor, /TheColorIsBlue, /AutoNewspaper, /RedditSample, /viral and /GUARDIANauto.
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2023.03.24 02:33 New_Hawaialawan Back to LDR...

I met my current partner almost 8 years ago in person while on a trip abroad. We were in the unofficial, periodic dating stage for the next 3 plus years. I would return to her place for work reasons perhaps once or twice per year. We both saw other people during that time but were always drawn back to each other. Then in 2017, I returned for what was supposed to be a 1 year long work trip.
Before arrival, I was thinking it's the perfect opportunity to truly test if we are compatible. We spent time together for a month or so at a time prior to that but still, in my opinion, that wasn't enough to test our compatibility. We made it official a few months after my arrival.
My one year work trip turned into 2 due to procrastination and my desire to spend more time with her. I sort of went AWOL and my supervisor didn't really press me on the issue and in fact gave me side work online to help me continue my stay. In addition to loving her, I truly do love the place she lives in. I am still confused about where my home is after all these experiences.
I had a flight booked to return home in March of 2020 to tie up loose ends in my home country after being away so long. The news of the pandemic was accelerating rapidly. Then, my partner's home country announced enormous lockdowns to be implemented just two days after my scheduled flight. Like billions of people globally, it was a time anxiety for us, particularly the week leading to my flight. At the last minute, I decided to cancel my flight because I wasn't sure when I'd be able to return to see her again.
It was the right decision because her country experienced what many people described as the "hardest lockdown" on earth. If I left, I would not have seen her again for 2 years or so. All domestic flights, let alone international, were grounded for approximately a year. Even local citizens of this country were stranded in provinces that weren't their own. I'm so glad I made that last minute decision to stay so we could be locked down together during the pandemic.
But I was forced to finally leave in 2022 for work. Before I left, I proposed marriage and she accepted. We were separated approximately 10 months and it was awful. I missed her and also this place. But I worked hard and filed paperwork for her to move with me in my country.
The plan was for me to return and stay for maybe 6 months again. However, with inflation and the terrible job market in my field currently, my funds are running out and I need to leave her again after only 2 1/2 months. I have just more than one week left with her.
This is temporary and we plan to close the gap ASAP. But it still is heartbreaking to leave. We'll be apart but only temporarily. I'm also sad that this may be my final time in this place I love for years at least.
Not sure the point of this post. I actually joined this sub when I booked my flight to leave back in 2020 but then cancelled the flight so had no reason to be active on this sub. But I guess I belong in this sub yet again. I'm just venting.
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2023.03.24 02:01 xatarxyz Why is it 2x Held by import Customs?

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2023.03.24 02:01 xatarxyz Why is it 2x Held by import Customs?

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2023.03.24 00:21 cwtheking The March of Industry (2/?)

Two in one day because why not, also PEPPER READ IT so that's my validation needed to keep going for the foreseeable future. Anyways enjoy and any advise is welcome. Edited some spelling mistakes.
The flight from Seattle to Alaska took far to long for Coulson's liking, at least the company gave him a ride on a private plane. It was snowing as the plan landed on a runway and Coulson exited. Outside was a white SUV that drove to the plan and opened its door as a man in a company uniform stepped out.“Mr. Coulson please step in we will head to the facility.”
The car ride was considerably shorter than the flight they probably picked this facility due to its location to the airport. Coulson looked out the window as they passed a checkpoint to the facility, it looked to be a repurposed old oil refinery, made sense, they definitely had the space inside if you gutted them. The SUV went down into a basement section as they stopped and disembarked.
A man approached them as they walked to the door wearing a lab coat and white fuzzy hair. “Mr. Coulson it’s a pleasure I’m Doctor Lamarr the head of the quantum tunneling project. Were you told about the procedure you will partake before entering?” Coulson shot up at that. “What procedure? You’re going to do surgery on me?”
The scientist seemed surprised he wasn’t told; in response he spoke to calm him down. “Don’t worry we are not going to replace your heart anything, we need to implant and run test with the suit to make sure it interfaces with your nervous system properly.”
Coulson shook his head putting a finger to the doctor. “Whoa whoa whoa hold on what suit? What do you mean interface with my nervous system?”
The doctor sighed leading him into the base into a workshop section, suspended in the air on chains and pipes an amalgamation of steel and cable sat. It appeared to be shaped for someone to sit ‘inside’ it with the suit wrapped around his back.
“This is the MHI-01 Industrial Augmentation Suit, since your going to a place with werewolves and dragons we thought it would be wise to give you your own edge, besides, since its just you going you will not have a team to help you assemble the equipment so this suit will allow you to use heavy specialized tools. It runs off of 2 hydrogen fuel cell arrays both of which can be refilled once you setup the equipment. The suit features a camera arm located on your left shoulder which will open the spectrum and range you can see while the right arm is equipped to hold and rapidly equip a wide array of industrial features.”
Coulson walked around inspecting it, the suit was larger then him in total, he was only 6ft but with the suit on he would probably stand at about 7ft tall, not to mention the size of the motors and hydraulics on the limbs. “So, how strong is it?”
“Well it’s hard to estimate but in testing we got its arms to pull apart a bar of structure steel so at least 400 megapascals on the arms. One of the terms for sending you through was that we were not allowed to bring handheld firearms. With that in mind we decided to give you the best chance by giving you some super strength.”
“Inside the neck just below your skull is the main processing components, its armored with titanium and is equipped with our latest in artificial intelligence.” Coulson jumped a bit at that looking to the doctor. “Wait AI? I don’t want to be stuck with a chatty voice stuck in my head!” The doctor giggled and responded waving his hands “Not to fear Mr. Coulson the AI is mute and not nearly that smart, its purpose is to run the suit and ensure the success of your mission that’s all.”
Coulson was amazed at this; he knew they were working on a suit program to expand there drilling and mining operations, but he had no clue it was this far ahead. Even if it was with an AI stuck watching everything. Just to crush his dreams however the doctor coughed and spoke up.
“Bad news, however. You see this suit is complicated and it works by tapping into the electrical signals your brain sends to your muscles and mimicking them. This has the side effect of needing multiple needles shoved into your body so the suit can interface probably. Also, to make sure they are positioned correctly we will need to test right which means your going to have to be awake. In short this is going to hurt, a lot, please with me.
The doctor lead him though the hallways down to a separate part of the facility where above him robotic arms mounted to the ceiling sat each equipped with various surgical tools and grips. The doctor patted on Coulson’s shoulder and lead him to a what looked like a chair with holes in the back of it and straps for his hands waste and legs.
After a bit of hesitation Coulson sat down as the doctor strapped him in. “Now I must be going, the machine will control the implantation try to think happy thoughts and here, you’re going to need this. "The doctor put a bite guard in his mouth as the chair extended and laid back as the lights changed a bit while the doctor left the door shutting and the arms whirring to live into position.

~(WARNING: Next section will be a bit graphic so if you are not okay with that skip to the next section)~
The arms moved back grabbing a few plates as he felt his neck get grabbed in locked in place. Two moved in front of him placing plates on his shoulders as he felt a prick then screamed as two nails were pushed in to secure them to bone. Meanwhile 6 more pushed and nailed into his back securing to rib as various smaller quarter sized slots where cut into his arms and legs.
He felt water running down his feet and was worried he wet himself only to realize it was blood. For a few seconds the machine stopped as he was able to catch his breath only to hear something spinning up like a drill. It was only a few seconds later that he tried to scream and nearly bite the mouth guard in two as he felt the drill push into the back of his skull and implant something before sliding out as he drifted into black.
~~~~(Graphic bits over continue here)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Coulson, Mr. Coulson wake up its time ”Coulson opened his eyes to see the face of the doctor coming into view as he was being tapped on his chin, he tried to get up but heard the sound of whirring as he was jutted forward his arms feeling heavier than usual.
Looking around he inspected his body and saw the suit was attached and secured to his body large needles going into the metal plates that were fixed on his body, on his left shoulder a large disc like ring of cameras sat on a gimbaled arm that seemed to be fixed in place as he moved around tracking his head. His right forearm was covered in plates and attachment points.
“Good morning sleepy head, you were out for a while from the pain so we went ahead and put you in the suit, The neural interface in the back of your head should give you visual and interface data in a minute once our brain figures out how it works.”
The doctor was writing on a clipboard as a few employed helped you up and started attaching tools and equipment to the suit all the while pushing him forward as they moved though a heavy door into a large emptied room. There was a glass control room on the left and in front of them a ring like object with various cables and devices hooked up and whirring around the place.
“Welcome to the quantum tunneling chamber now due to your little nap we are behind schedule, your equipment has already been sent though and your go to be sent in…minute thirty so we got to be in the control room, just stay here and listen to orders.”
This was happening fast, time is money he guessed but he just woke up. Suddenly the rooms lights darkened several going out as the ring lit up and sparked as various devices started up the room shaking a bit while on his left the doctor entered the control room and spoke on an intercom.
“Enforcer unit ready for travel started tunneling checklist.”
“Power? Go”
“Tear stability? Go”
“Data call and response? Clear”
“Opening tear to 7 ft.”
The room shook heavily as a circle formed in the middle of the ring spinning rapidly like it was cutting though the wall but in middle of the air, suddenly like a tear in paper a window opened growing larger till it reached the size of the ring sparks flying though the room as the intercom opened up.
“Tunnel open, Enforcer one you are clear for transfer immediately. ”The doctor nodded towards Coulson, no time to explain apparently as Coulson ran ahead leaping though the portal. Lights flashed as he was transported though time and space and suddenly as quickly as it started.
Green. Green of the trees and blue of the sky as he looked up and heard birds chirping the portal closing behind him. Before doing anything, he decided to sit there, just sit and look up enjoying the air and sounds of nature before he was surprised.
“OY get to work your not being paid to laid down.”
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2023.03.24 00:10 JapaneseWBeard I got spitted on by COVID Karen

I have always thought I didn't have any stories about entitled people to post here to be interesting enough and read the most absurd reactions of entitled people and could not conceive it was possible until it happened to me. I think this story fits here, but if it doesn't, please accept my apologies.
So for context, I'm a lab technician and work on the diagnosis laboratory of a big hospital from my country, I got my job here on the end of 2020 when they put up a facility on my city's international airport, since COVID testing was needed for travel and they thought it would be a good idea to offer a service for travelers that needed a negative report for COVID in order to travel that could be collected right there and released in a couple of hours faster than you could in any other healthcare facility as we were there specifically for this only, although when word got out, people went there just to be tested as we did a pretty good job on releasing results within an hour or so, opposed to hospitals which were packed at that time still.
I worked at the night shift, which was full of work until about midnight and movement would fall as the last flight left at about 3am and then we would be pretty much free to do whatever we wanted. Usually there wasn't much to do, since the machine did pretty much all the work, negative results would be automatically released while the positive one's we needed to check if they were within acceptable range (meaning, safe enough so people wouldn't be transmitting COVID), and passengers could either request for a printed report or pick it up on the hospital's app.
For those of you who aren't familiar to Real Time PCR testing, basically the machine does cycles in order to duplicate the amount of genetic material in the analyzed sample. It does so by having a fluorescent probe that is released after a certain gene is duplicated and it can be picked up by the sensors after a certain threshold, hence the name Cycle Threshold or CT for short, which is the amount of cycles that the machine needed to detect a certain portion of genes is present in a given sample. It's a bit more complex than that, but I think it's enough so you all can understand what a low CT (less cycles, more positive) and a high CT (more cycles, less positive) means.
What about negative samples? Well, the machine does a maximum of 45 cycles per sample, so if it doesn't duplicate by then, you're good to go, and this takes about an hour and a half to be completed, so it's pretty fast. In case it was positive, the machine released the results in about 20 minutes, as it didn't need the full cycles to detect the virus genetic material.
We also offered the antigen quick tests, which I guess most people are familiar with now, it's less sensitive than the PCR testing, meaning if you come out as positive with it, you're basically a walking virus incubator. This one takes about fifteen minutes to be done, or less if you're really positive as the strip gets red immediately if you're really sick (if you're self testing and it gets red immediately, you don't have to wait, you pretty much have COVID), but we left it for the full fifteen minutes since that's what the manufacturer recommends before releasing the result.
Now for the story
I think this happened in the beginning of 2021 when the US borders opened up for traveling again and it was packed most of the days as lots of people rescheduled their trips to Disneyland mostly (it's pretty much everyone's dream here) to that period. We were used to the people from front desk coming over to the lab and ask us to prioritize certain individuals (some where Karens, some where genuinely desperate, or some of them invented a sob story about we're going to our honeymoon, etc.), and although they should not come a lab with possible COVID-positive samples, it didn't stop them, I used to joke to them "Well, if they want their tests to come out positive, positives come out in about 20 minutes." or "Would the passenger want some extra fries with that?" and whatnot.
Sometimes, when it was packed, we couldn't process more than 48 samples per round, since this was all the machine could receive, and PCRs would take up to 2 hours, we advertised the tests to be released in up to 3 hours, but it rarely came to that, unless we needed to repeat someone's test.
Enter our Karen, it was a packed day, Tuesday when the flights are cheaper for some reason and people were nuts as the lines for testing were spiraling around the departure terminal. I arrived at 7pm to start my shift, met my friend outside was we smoked before entering and saw that huge line seeing we would have a busy day, and little did we know what was about to unfold. The day shift passed to us that there was a passenger who was ballistic waiting for hers and her family quick tests, since she had already rescheduled this trip 3x and bla bla bla.
I put on my protective gear and processed her sample as it's pretty simple to do and lo and behold, it was an instant positive, while her family's were all negative, I called my shift partner and we looked to each other with that "oh shit" face as someone from the front desk (let's call her Amanda, whom I had great friendship with BTW) asked if it was ready as the woman was already starting to get annoyed (it had passed exactly 5 minutes since they collected and her sample was in our lab).
Me: Well, we might have a problem.
A: Why?
I picked up K's strip and asked Amanda to take a look and I could see her expression changing:
A: Is that K's test?
Me: Yep.
A: And that's a quick test and it's positive? Seemed to me she was in denial or something.
Me: Yep.
A: What should I do? What about the family?
Me: Looks like they're gonna be negative, and hers is positive. Well, there's nothing we can do, darling.
A: Can't you retest it? I was already getting annoyed myself at this point as it was packed and there were lots of other samples to process.
Me: We could, but it would be a waste to do so...
A: But it could come out negative, couldn't it?
I put my hands together, took a deep breath and responded: Amanda, darling... She could be Mother Theresa or Obama and I would still release a positive result, there's nothing we can do, and with this result, it would be pretty much negligent and insensitive from our part to the world's situation... Just remember to stay away from her while talking to her.
Just for context, sometimes the strip gets a really faded red result, which by the kit manufacturer's instructions, it is still a positive, but we repeated those tests on the same sample to see if happens again and we release the second result as it may or may not come out positive. I know, it's wrong IMHO, but our hospital's doctors said it was ok, so we went with our orders.
She shrugged, accepted her fate and left. I released the positive result and as expected, a minute goes by and let's call him Bill enters the lab, with me already knowing what this is about:
B: K's going ballistic outside, saying it's impossible for her to be positive while her family is negative, and she's visiting her father regularly and he has cancer. She's demanding we release her a negative report.
Me: Uh... We cannot do that, you know that.
B: Can't you retest it so it might come out negative?
I explained to him, again, why that wasn't going to happen, but I said we could offer her and the family a free PCR test, which would take longer, was more expensive, but that it would definitely come out positive for her anyways. I did that as it happened quite frequently and it was merely to protect ourselves legally in case someone sued the hospital (most of the time they did sue as I found out through my boss later) as PCR is a more sensitive test and the gold standard when it comes to COVID.
He said ok and called in saying K was annoyed, but accepted the free PCR and demanded it was released fast. I called my boss at this point to give him the heads up, but that would impact the rest of the passengers' tests since we would have to use 4 spaces in the machine for her family alone, he understood and gave me the green light.
Well, as I explained at the beginning of the post, K's test took about 20 minutes to be analyzed by the machine. Her CT was 12. It was probably the record for lowest CT we'd ever have at that place. And 20 minutes later her husband would come out as 28 and their kids would be 30ish. Like I said, quick tests regularly wouldn't detect lower viral burdens, but 30ish would be acceptable for traveling according to the hospital's doctors. So, basically either the kids and HB were getting better and passed it to K, or K passed to the rest of the family and were getting sicker.
This is why some of the countries made obligatory testing when travelers arrived at their final locations. Since in the airport with no clinical history, we cannot attest if it is the initial or final phase and in some hours until the arrival, the viral burden may increase or decrease. So basically, I had to release her and hubby as positives and the kids were "negative".
You think a normal person would simply accept and leave, but not a K. Two minutes go by and A enters sobbing in the lab.
Me: What happened, A?
A explained to me, while sobbing hard (she's a fluffy and soft cotton candy, you see, anything gets her crying), that K was throwing a tantrum, calling her names, you know the drill, and A asked me if any of us could go out there and try to reason with her. Even though you can't argue with these people and all of my cells were telling me not to, I went out as I can't stand seeing a friend crying because of some K, put on my white coat and see this woman screaming and cursing, as I was already rolling my eyes and SMH, but little did I know.
I maintained my distance since I knew she was positive and started speaking:
Me: Ahem, Mrs. K?
K: Finally, someone with a white coat. Can't you tell to these morons that this test is wrong and your hospital is forcibly making us good citizens lose our dreams?
All of this while getting uncomfortably close to me while I try to take a few steps back.
HB: Yeah, you're ruining the vacation for us and our kids. We demand that you correct your results.
Me: Sir, I can't...
K: Yes, you only want our money, and are bitter because we can travel and you don't.
Me: Uh... We offered you a free PCR, we retested you already.
K: See? Disgraceful. You Chinese think you're so much smarter than us. (In my country, people have this horrible habit to call Asians either Chinese or Japanese, because that's all there is in East Asia for them).
Me, trying to maintain calm: I didn't say anything, the machine tested you and you're positive.
HB: How come our kids aren't positive? This is impossible.
Me: Sir, your kids might have it. They could have gotten from you or the other way around. (I'm not allowed to say the exact CT to them, according to the hospital's policy only the physicians and us from the lab have access to that).
K: Don't you dare say my kids or me are responsible for this.
Me: I'm not, the virus is responsible for this.
K: No, you're all inventing this virus to ruin our economy, while we hard workers are trying to fix it up. We don't have any symptoms. I have visited my father recently who has cancer and he didn't get it.
Me: Ma'am, you know that's not how it works...
K: Are you calling me stupid? (in my head: yes)
Me: No, ma'am, th-
Me: I can't, you both have already been reported to the Health Surveillance and you passports banned for 10 days from traveling.
HB: You did what? UNDO IT, NOW. We're doing our test somewhere else and you'll be sorry, we will sue you.
Me: Sir, I don't have that pow-
K: You're a disgrace to this country, you people should have been razed to the ground by the US, then you wouldn't have invented this virus to f the world up to earn money on expense of us Westerners.
Me: Excuse me?
And then, K spit right on my face and eyes.
Me: WTF?
K: Now, here is your virus. Enjoy it.
I stood there motionless processing what had just happened.
HB: Go back to your filthy continent!
By this point, security showed up and escorted them to the HS office. I cleared myself, and continued working for the rest of the night, as COVID takes a few days anyways to show up and be transmittable, and kept testing myself after a few days to see if I started getting sick, and I ended up being asymptomatic.
After this episode, my boss ordered that none of us from the lab got out. He was worried people would follow us to the parking lot and do these kind of things.
Got myself 15 days at home and this story, but the second time I contracted it would be much worse, that's a story for another time.
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2023.03.24 00:07 Puzzleheaded_Fly2948 Turkey Nose Job Tips

I've been researching rhinoplasty for years now, and I've made a list of tips and advice that might be useful to those getting a nose job in Turkey!
Please let me know if I should add anything, I'm scheduled for June 13 with Dogan Pinar.

Things to Buy

Before Leaving

Pre Op

Post Op



Note on Arnica/Bromelian: There is not enough scientific evidence to suggest that Arnica or Bromelian can be useful for post op swelling/bruising, it is homeopathic medicine. Arnica can be harmful if ingested in big amounts; Arnica gel creams are usually diluted past the point of any effectiveness. Bromelian is an enzyme, it can't do much if ingested - same goes for pineapple juice (it's healthy to drink it, but it won't do anything specifically for swelling). Most people who experience positive effects from these herbal remedies are experiencing placebo; plus, keep in mind that the majority of people getting rhinoplasty are in their early to mid 20s, and therefore heal fast anyways.
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2023.03.23 23:33 TheThirdDumpling Aleppo International Airport to resume flights tomorrow

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2023.03.23 23:21 orientallevel9000 Itinerary Check for a 10-Day trip in April!

Hi all! My boyfriend and I are taking a 10-day trip from April 14-24 and would greatly appreciate any feedback on our itinerary! We will mostly be using the 7-day JR Pass to get around. Our schedule is pretty much decided except the last 2 days, but we always welcome any comments or suggestions!
I do know that this is quite the packed schedule, but these are all things that we are really hoping to be able to do.
Day 1- Tokyo → Osaka - Fly from LAX to Haneda. Arrive at 3:25 PM - Get luggage, activate JR Pass, and take a train to Osaka (I know it’s not ideal, but we need to end our trip in Tokyo, so we decided to activate it and go to Osaka first to get the more expensive trips out of the way) - Rest in hotel
Day 2- Osaka - Tsuyunoten Jinja (Shrine of Lovers) - Osaka Aquarium - Dotonbori
Day 3- Osaka + Hiroshima - Hiroshima Peace Memorial - Head back to Osaka to eat dinner
Day 4- Nara + Kyoto - Nara Deer Park + Nakatanidou (mochi pounding!) in the morning and afternoon - Fushimi Inari in the afternoon - Sannenzaka in the evening
Day 5- Kyoto - Still deciding whether to go to Arashiyama Monkey Park - Nishiki market for lunch - Miyako Odori (Geisha show) after lunch - Philosopher’s Path
Day 6- Osaka → Tokyo - Take Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo Settle down in hotel (Shinjuku area) and head to - Shinjuku Gyoen National Park - Shibuya crossing to see Hachiko! - Harajuku (maybe)
Day 7- Tokyo - Meiji Jingu Temple - Mameshiba Cafe - teamLab Planets Tokyo - Tsukiji Outer Market for lunch - Hang Out
Day 8- Tokyo + Yokohama - Ueno Park - Asakusa - Senso-Ji - Travel to Yokohama for Chinatown + Cup Noodle Museum
Day 9- Tokyo - This day is pretty free as we don’t have too much planned in Tokyo - Meguro Parasitological Museum?
Day 10- Tokyo - Our flight takes off at 9:05 so we have the better part of the day to burn - Ikea? Yoyogi Park? We are open to suggestions! - Head back to Haneda airport at 5-6 PM
Any advice for first timers in general? I know a bit of Japanese (conversational) and can read/write Hiragana, Katakana, and some Kanji so I don’t expect toooo much of a language barrier. TIA!
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2023.03.23 22:12 JanAusDerUni Steven, you NEED to read this

People of Interest: (This list is a bit hard to follow because of the long names. This chart : will help you clarify who is who.) King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud (King Saud. Deceased) : King of Saudi Arabia (1932-1953) King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Deceased) : 5th son of King Saud. King of Saudi Arabia until his death in 2015. Successor is King Salman Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Henceforth King Salman): Current King of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). 8th son of deceased King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud. Mohammad bin Salman (Henceforth Crown Prince Mohammad): Son of King Salman. Currently next in line to be king after King Salman. Muqrin bin Abdulaziz (Former Deputy Crown Prince. Henceforth Muqrin) : 9th son of deceased King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud. Was next in line to be king if King Salman had died before being crowned king. IS THE FATHER OF Mansour bin Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud! THE MAN KILLED IN THE HELICOPTOR CRASH ON 11/5/2017. Mansour bin Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Henceforth Mansour) : Son of Muqrin bin Abdulaziz. Died 11/5/2017, the day of the failed coup on the throne of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Alwaleed bin Talal (Henceforth Talal) : Billionaire businessmen. Grandson of King Saud. Has ties to DNC, Clinton, Podesta. Arrested 11/4/2017 for corruption. Owns The Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (Four Seasons occupy the top floors of Mandalay Bay) Owns shares in Twitter as well as other high-tech silicon valley companies. Has had spats with Trump in the past. I know that's a mouthful of names, but bear with me. Just remember 4 names: Salman, Mohammad, Muqrin, and Mansour. Do you remember how President Trump visited Saudi Arabia back in May of 2017? Do you remember how warmly he was greeted by King Salman? I do. It was a spectacle. Why was he greeted so welcomingly? After all, President Obama's reception was... shall we say, less than grand. Do you remember how after Trump's visit, Saudi Arabia started becoming more open in their policies? Women can drive there now. Did you notice how the Syrian rebellion became quiet? Did you notice how quickly ISIS was crushed after the visit? Why did Saudi Arabia suddenly want to get their oil companies listed on the NYSE? What could have caused this? To answer this, we have to look a little further back. Back to around 2010. It all goes back to fracking. You see, the Kindom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has always relied heavily on its vast petrol reserves for wealth and prosperity. And they were ruthless. OPEC. The cartel of gasoline. You can't count the number of times throughout history that OPEC used its power to crush governments, manipulate prices, control supplies, and fund activities. If there ever was a international group of bullies, OPEC was it. And at the head of this organization was the mighty KSA. Then came the fracking boom. Suddenly, the world was no longer at the mercy of OPEC. This made them nervous. So, they did what they always do. They pumped out more petroleum, driving the price of gas to lowest in decades. What was their objective? To bankrupt these fracking businesses. KSA is rich. Very rich. They figured, we'll just drive gas prices unbelievably low and take the loss until all these fracking business startups crumble. Do you remember how cheap gas got between 2013-2016? It was ridiculous, wasn't it? But what they didn't count on was just how cheap fracking had become. So many of these business didn't go bankrupt. So they took another step. To convince the world that fracking was bad for the environment. So they lobbied and supplied funds to the Democratic party. Why? Because the leftist are usually the ones who support ANY and ALL environmental regulations. Do you remember all the legal battles that fracking had to go through? Hell, it's still illegal in most blue states. Do you now understand why the Saudis donated so much money to the Clinton campaign? She was HEAVILY favored to win and if she did, you can bet your ass that illegalizing fracking would have been on the top of her list, returning us to dependence on arab oil. But... this didn't work either. Fracking continued. And then, a shitstorm of reality hit them hard. You see, KSA had vastly underestimated the amount of total shale reserves in North America. They had no idea that so much of this stuff exists. They thought maybe they could ride it out if the reserves would dry up in a decade or so. But nope. We have enough shale to supply us for at least 50 years. Hmmm... big problem. So, if you're King Salman, what do you do? Well, there's only one thing you can do. Give up the reliance on oil production and try to use existing wealth to stay wealthy. To modernize its trade to include more than just exports of oil. They would need to build an entire industrial country from scratch. To do that, he needed the help of the USA. And that's where President Trump comes in. You see, the May 2017 meeting between Trump and King Salman (and his son Mohammad), was not just another meeting. It was a business meeting. King Salman asked Trump for help. Trump was more than willing to give it (like listing the oil companies on the NYSE) but his help would come with a price. Liberalization and the stop of illegal funding. No more contributions to American politics. No more supplying funds to terrorists or splinter groups. King Salman took the deal. All of a sudden, women were allowed to drive. ISIS was retreating. Syrian rebels suddenly ran out of ammunition. Yay. All good up to this point. Now comes the bad Not all the royalties in KSA are into this. They don't like losing the power they once had. What's worse, they don't want to become liberal. They now start resenting King Salmon. They start plotting against him. At the forefront of this movement is none other than the previous Deputy Crown Prince, Muqrin, and his son, Mansour (the man killed in the helicopter crash of 11/5/17). October 1, 2017. The top floors of Mandalay Bay isn't Mandalay Bay, but is Four Seasons, owned by billionaire Talal. Who was occupying that whole floor that night? I can't remember where, but I heard that the whole floor was reserved for that week. Now, no one would do that unless they were Saudi royalty. We don't know for sure, but my guess is Crown Prince Mohammad. We know it wasn't King Salman, because he was in Russia at the time. The plan is to take out the crown prince. Then kill King Salman. With the King and the Crown Prince dead, who is next in line? Yup. The former deputy crown prince, Muqrin. So, posing as terrorists who wanted to buy the guns for some terrorist attack, they dupe the CIA or FBI to supply the guns to the death squad. Their real plan is to climb the stairs right after the deal and kill the VIP in the floors above them. This is why the weapons cashe was located on the 32nd floor. They would only have to climb a few stairs or take the elevator up a little to start the killing. Now, here's what happened that night: With the post from kneejerk55, I have modified the events of the night. I think it fits much better Paddock is the contact man to supply the guns. He meets a couple of assassins ahead of time (remember, the shooting starts at 10:05). At this point, Paddock is thinking this is a gun deal. Only a few magazines are loaded. He merely wants to show the customers how to load the chamber etc... What he doesn't know is that the advance team was sent to secure the floor. That all but one entry point to the floor would be barricaded (crucial since the reason Campos becomes suspicious of the blocked doors is what ultimately leads him to investigate) The reason for the barricade is that once the assault starts, the assassins want to make sure to impede the authorities as much as possible from reaching the top floors. CIA/FBI (or Trump's own intelligence) got wind of the assassination that was about to take place. Immediate action is taken to round up the assassins. Remember, we're talking about an army of assassins here. You can't kill a Crown Prince who's protected by 30 armed bodyguards by pulling a Jack Ruby. I estimate at least 20 assassins in total. What the assassins didn't know was that the prince had disguised himself as a regular dude to enjoy the nightlife in Vegas. (Saudi princes have been known to do this) He had slipped away from the Mandalay and was at the Tropicana playing some cards. As soon as the FBI (or some other agency) learned of the assassination plot, they stormed the Tropicana and extracted the prince. The video can be seen here. They lead him out of the casino and escort him to the nearest helipad to be picked up. BUT, on the way, they encounter some resistance from a few assassins. Hence the firefight at the airport. Eventually, he makes it to the chopper and is whisked away. This explains the flight radar reports you see all over the net. Meanwhile, the FBI has gathered up as many of the assassins as they can. A few are armed with sidearms. They don't have rifles yet because the rendezvous with Paddock hasn't occurred yet. Hence the random firefights at various casinos that night. A few are killed. Hence the Laura Loomer videos of covered up dead people. The assassins already in Paddock's room gets a call. They are told that the Prince is not in his suite above. That he's being escorted out of the Tropicana. They start panicking. If they get caught in this plot to assassinate the crown prince, not only are they dead, but their employer is dead as well. They come up with a plan. They will kill Paddock and start firing on the crowd below. They're gonna make him a crazy lone gunman. So they kill Paddock. They break a window. They pick up a rifle and start firing at the crowd below. After a couple of mags, they realize that the other mags aren't loaded! Holy fuck. They start reloading as fast as possible. This is why the average time between bursts of fire is over 40 seconds. One of them gets an idea. Let me go to the other room and break that window and shoot at the fuel tanks at a nearby airport. This will draw the police away from the Mandalay and they can escape. So he goes and attempts just that. Unfortunately, the tanks do not blow up. By this time, Jesus Campos is knocking on the door. So they just unload on him. This is why there are (supposedly) 200 shots through the door. Campos escapes a lethal shot and calls in security. Now the assassins are getting nervous. They realize that someone in the hotel knows that someone is firing. They fire as much as they can. They are thinking as soon as this barrage is done, we run. But the swat team starts knocking on the door. Fuck. The assassins realize they're screwed. So the first one shoots himself. (This is the first of the single shots you hear at the end). The second assassin isn't so sure. He doesn't want to die. So after 10 seconds of courage gathering, he shoots himself as well. The SWAT team bursts in and finds 3 bodies. They start asking questions. But because the FBI is already there (remember, they extracted the prince) they take over. They quickly assess the situation. They realize the implications. They remove the 2 assassins bodies, take a picture of Paddock lying there, and release it to 4chan to solidify their narrative. Paddock is made the patsy. Why? Because if a failed Saudi assassination attempt was responsible for the deaths, if the FBI/CIA had supplied the guns that killed 58 innocent people (not counting Paddock since he's an asset), then two things would happen. One, we would demand that we go to war with Saudi Arabia. And two, which ever organization that Paddock worked for would be utterly dismantled. Wew lads, I know. Quite a story. Now, let's fast forward to one month later. We know a missile was intercepted by the Saudi military on November 3 or 4th. This was probably the final effort by the anti King Salman group. This was their last ditch effort to kill him. OR, it was staged to give King Salman the excuse to round everyone up in retaliation of the assassination attempt. We know that MASSIVE raids and the rounding of Saudi princes took place on the 5th. I will guarantee you that all these people are anti Salman/Mohammad. And who was just killed? Yes. The son of Muqrin, Mansour. Mansour's death was retaliation. I have no doubt of it. He was executed. Ok, now that this has happened, what's next? Well, my guess will be that we will learn all of the funding that has been coming out of Saudi Arabia for the past decade. It will expose their connections to the DNC. We will learn that they have been at the root of all the turmoil in the Middle East. Then, they'll all be executed.
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2023.03.23 21:54 hyun18 Transportation from Milan to Tirano at night

Hello !!!
We will be arriving in Milan at night time from Catania . Either by 6pm or a later flight at 9pm . We will need transportation to Tirano to stay the night and to board the Bernina express in the morning at 8am .
However , it seems there are no bus routes from the Milan Linate airport after 6:30pm ? I am getting this from google maps but I am not sure if it changes in the summer season?
Can anyone please offer any help ? We have limited vacation so our schedules are tight hence why we are arriving late from Catania . Thank you so much!!
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2023.03.23 21:31 clootch1 Epazz Holdings: ZenaDrone 1000 AI Predictive Gaining Traction With the US Military and is Filing International Patent for Drone Platform

CHICAGO, IL, March 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire – Epazz Inc. (OTC: EPAZ), a mission-critical provider of drone technology, blockchain mobile apps and cloud-based business software solutions, announced today it has presented ZenaDrone 1000 in front of various branches of the U.S. military. The military’s response has led to additional flight demonstrations with the U.S. Army. In addition, Epazz is filing a new international patent for the ZenaDrone 1000 platform, which is separate from the smart charging pad patent.

Epazz has just returned from California, where we have been busy with presentations and meetings with various branches of the U.S. military. The military has asked Epazz to provide flight demonstrations of our drone technology over the next month. For Epazz to move to the next step of providing drone technology to the government, it is important for the military to evaluate ZenaDrone 1000.

There have been new changes that have contributed to a seamless process for ZenaDrone becoming a government provider of drone technology. ZenaDrone is in the process of qualifying for Green UAS certification, which is a new compliance program like Blue UAS. Green UAS is from AUVSI, a nonprofit that works closely with the Defense Innovation Unit’s Blue UAS certification. This program will expedite the process of ZenaDrone getting Blue UAS certification if the drone manufacturer goes through the process of acquiring Green UAS certification and then applies for Blue UAS, which is funded by a Defense Innovation Unit authority.

CEO Shaun Passley, Ph.D., said, “We have picked up the interest of the US Army for flight demonstrations and have discussions, which have been to the next level of other branches of the US military. We are excited about our process and looking to move to the next level of this company.”

ZenaDrone Inc. is a provider of a multifunctional unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with machine learning systems, multispectral sensors and AI technology. ZenaDrone uses the data captured from its cameras to create a 3D interactive environment.

The ZenaDrone 1000 has garnered positive reviews from several industries, especially the military, agriculture, oil and gas, wildfire management and civil engineering industries. This year, ZenaDrone is aiming to enhance its AI capabilities to include autonomous navigation of unmapped terrains, deep learning algorithms for various actions and dual-use features to accommodate commercial and military drone applications.

The ZenaDrone team will use predictive AI analytics or predictive modeling — a type of analysis that employs methods and resources — to create predictive models and forecast future outcomes based on acquired data. Predictive analytics refers to a method rather than a specific technology. Techniques used in predictive analytics include machine learning algorithms, sophisticated mathematics, statistical modeling, descriptive analytics and data mining.

Epazz Holdings will prioritize upgrading the ZenaDrone 1000’s AI technology to increase its global reach across industries.

About ZenaDrone Inc. (

ZenaDrone Inc. is dedicated to improving its intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle technology that incorporates machine learning software and AI. It was created to revolutionize the hemp farming sector and later evolved into an intelligent multifunctional industrial surveillance, inspection and monitoring solution.

About Epazz Inc. (

Epazz Inc. is a leading cloud-based software company that specializes in providing customized cloud applications to the corporate world, higher education institutions and the public sector. Epazz BoxesOS™ v3.0 is a complete web-based software package for small and midsized businesses, Fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies and higher education institutions. BoxesOS™ provides many of the web-based applications organizations would otherwise need to purchase separately. Epazz’s other products include DeskFlex™ (room-scheduling software) and Provitrac™ (an applicant-tracking system).


This Safe Harbor statement is made under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

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