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2023.03.24 07:27 squidhero6 Roast my solar system proposal (San Diego)

Like many others, I'm trying to lock in NEM 2.0 before the deadline. So that is the determining factor when picking an installer (eg. Tesla is out of the question). Quality and customer service are important too, no doubt.
I've signed with a reputable local installer (Baker) but still have time to cancel. I am in the middle of receiving more bids but in the meantime, need this community's expertise.
My proposal is for a 9.84 kW system. $38,918 gross purchase price. $3.96 per W before tax credit.
Equipment: - 1 Enphase Envoy/Enlighten Wireless - 24 REC Solar Panel REC410AA Pure-R - 24 Enphase Inverter IQ 7X
I know the environment has changed a lot in the past 2 years and San Diego is more expensive than many other areas, but $3.96 per W seems ridiculous. I see folks mention $2.50-$3.00 as reasonable. I am weighing the NEM 2.0 deadline plus the installer's reputation and warranty. All insights welcome!
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2023.03.24 07:19 Icy-Establishment329 Upcoming survivors & hunters based on the lore

Upcoming survivors & hunters based on the lore
If I’m wrong about something or missed something important, feel free to correct me! Also I’m not including every possible survivor and hunter ever, just a few I felt worth noting and may be possible in my opinion.
Some important context: Netease mentioned Identity switches don’t have to be the same character. Identity switches can also be survivosurvivor and huntehunter instead of just survivohunter.
Alice DeRoss “The journalist”: Alice will be introduced next season with the Ashes of Memory event. Little girl is Orpheus’ memory of Alice from when they were children. Journalist is the adult form of Little girl and it’s theorized Alice went to the manor to presumably be reunited with Orpheus and end the manor games. It’ll likely be a survivosurvivor identity switch between Journalist and Little girl.
Current Alice as \"Journalist\"
Young Alice
Entomologist and Prospector (Hunter version): Confirmed in a Q&A. We also have a slight visual of what these two would look like as hunters from the "Go Hunting" lore video on Youtube, but there’s a chance these designs could be tweaked. Entomologist and Prospector are connected to Orpheus’ and Journalist’s lore yet they haven’t been teased for part 1 of the Ashes of Memory event. Rather, the hunter versions of Entomologist and Prospector will likely come in the second half of the event as Netease mentioned adding “new characters.”
Hunter Prospector
Hunter Entomologist
To be expected:
Hell Ember (Survivor version): It would be surprising if Netease doesn’t give him a survivor switch. Leo was mentioned to have been a survivor before becoming the hunter of game 4. We have an idea of how he looked before his transformation and attempted suic*de by fire. But due to the severity of his injuries, Leo's appearance as a survivor is most likely subject to change as he was invited to the manor after his attempt.
Jerry Carl (Embalmer’s adopted Fathementor): Essentially set up Aesop on his journey as a serial killer and taught him that killing others was for the “greater good.” Jerry was invited to the manor and agreed to go in hopes of “guiding lost souls.” He would later survive his game but was in critical condition. Aesop saw this as his “final lesson” given to him and let Jerry die instead of taking him to a Doctor. Based on Jack's recent letter, Jerry may have been part of game 2 alongside (possibly) Clerk and (possibly) Wax Artist as all contestants were described as having a sense of “justice.”
[No image available]
The Feaster (survivor version) “Arthur Byers:” Mentioned in Hastur’s and Fiona’s letters. As a child, Arthur was found very close to Lakeside village, having “narrowly escaped.” Therefore he became very focused on Hastur and the sacrifices happening in Lakeside as he grew up. He would meet with Priestess several times to discuss spirituality & religion as he could never let go of what happened to him as a child. Arthur either became a politician or was involved in politics as he mentioned going to the manor upon the “eve of the election.” Personality wise, Arthur found humans to be easily manipulated and described himself as a “showman” when it comes to manipulation as he’s very persuasive. Despite sharing a language only “they could understand,” Arthur would later sacrifice Fiona before vanishing into water. Arthur Byers may be the stand-in for survivor Hastur and most likely serves as the host for Hastur’s spirit.
[No image available]
Geisha (survivor version)- “Miles Donald”: Miles is an army officer and Geisha’s husband. After Michiko was killed by Miles’ father, Miles has been searching for Michiko for several years as he doesn’t know she was murdered. Miles mentions that he frequently suffers from nightmares as well. Appearance wise, he’s described as having “deep eyes and a tall nose” and might wear an army uniform due to his occupation. Miles was eventually invited to the manor to retrieve Michiko’s hatpin but decided to stay and play in the manor games to retrieve more answers on what happened to his wife. In turn, he’ll most likely be Michiko’s survivor switch since Michiko’s canonically dead.
Miles' Shadow
Andrea: Antonio’s former lover and likely a singer. Antonio stated that Andrea was one of the few who truly understood his music. Antonio claims that there was a “barrier” in Andrea’s ears and said she lacks “normal hearing,” suggesting she may be partially deaf or there’s a health concern involving her ears. The mention of lacking “self-claimed elegance” could imply that Andrea’s a very humble person as well. Andrea would plead with Antonio numerous times to quit his temptations as well as threaten that she would break up with him if he didn’t stop. Yet Antonio didn’t and he would eventually beat Andrea with the bow of his violin. Andrea would flee from Antonio and Antonio had expressed remorse for what he did. A theater owner would later say that Andrea had gone to the manor, implying she may have either become a survivor or a hunter. It’s uncertain if she’ll be a survivor switch but I think she’ll be her own character in my opinion. As Andrea went to the manor first before Antonio, I’m inclined to think she’ll be playable.
[No image available]
Sam Bourbon: Demi’s adopted Brother who is skilled in mixing alcohol. Because of Sam’s cocktails, Sam was invited to the manor and “never came back.” It’s speculated that Sam helped Baron DeRoss (implied to be Orpheus) conduct his experiments in drug making hence why he was invited. As Sam “never came back” we can guess Sam eventually became a survivor or perished while assisting Baron DeRoss. It’s uncertain if he’ll be playable but if so I think he’ll be his own character rather than a survivor switch.
Violinist (Survivor version): Upon hearing his former lover Andrea had gone to the manor, Antonio heads there as well to go look for her and presumably apologize for hurting her. Antonio claims he was under the devil’s control when it happened but there was also a chance he was under the influence of alcohol. Perhaps Antonio will have a “SmileyFace/Weeping clown” situation where the hunter identity switch reflects the darker side of a character’s behavior. Violinist represents the darker nature of Antonio’s character under the devil’s influence- Meanwhile a survivor version of Antonio will reflect how he wants to make up for his actions as Antonio also seeks to free himself from the devil’s control by going to the manor. The chance of Antonio becoming a survivor is 100% speculative though as there’s currently no hints towards it other than how Antonio wishes to change. (Not implying that survivors are necessarily good people though.)
[No image available]
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2023.03.24 07:18 Fragrant-Biscotti730 i need help finding who i truly am

idk exactly where to start, but i'm going to try and explain this in the best way i can.

i'm a 23 year old female and i'm struggling to find my true identity. i had a rough upbringing, i suppress a lot of trauma that i've endured, i'm constantly in a fight or flight response, my guard is constantly up, i struggle with eating problems. you get the point. i'm basically a person who hides their emotions and doesn't talk to speak about her past much unless i truly trust somebody. i don't really remember a lot of my childhood/teenage hood except for when i'm high. so generally i'm overall a really depressed person, i've struggled for 11 years mentally and physically with my health.
i've met my 23 year old boyfriend when i was 19, at the time i was going through another difficult phase in my life. anyways, he has made me happy, he continues to make me very happy and i feel safe with him. he's my best friend.
anyways, getting back to the title of the actual post, about 3 years ago, we discovered the magical world of thc edibles, marijuana, and stuff like that. i've discovered that i love getting high. i've learned that i love the person i become when i'm high, i love how happy and carefree i feel. i love how confident i become when i'm intoxicated with thc.
sober me feels like my depression is always there, i'm constantly being weighed down and i feel like even if i have a good day physically, my depression still lingers and waits till i'm alone or not doing anything to distract myself before it consumes me. i feel like i've escaped a toxic and physically abusive relationship with my depression and it somehow finds me and tortures me again until i cave and let it in all over.
once i let the thc or marijuana take over my body and my mind, i feel like a totally different person. i feel so happy, i feel freedom from my depression, i feel like i dont need to have my guard up, i feel safe almost. i feel like i'm on top of the world, and i know that people use that phrase a lot, but i feel like i will be okay. so with me feeling so happy and free, and eating without feeling guilty afterwards, i have purchased a pen, like a thc pen to hit to constantly stay high so i can continue to be this happy person because i love this version of me. i love who this woman truly is...but my question is, how do i access this girl when i'm sober? how do i fully become this girl who i turn into when i'm high? i know it's literally the same person, aka me, with the same body but we have different minds almost? could it be DID? could it be a personality disorder? i just want to know how to meet this lady when i'm sober, because she's who i want to be 24/7, not the sad girl who can't trust anybody and struggles to get out of bed most days.
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2023.03.24 07:15 ToughAsRoses Connecting flight too close

Ok so wife and I will be landing in BKK in May but the problem is we have to catch another flight that departs three hours after the scheduled arrival time.
This is a flight booking (one way, domestic) separate from the primary one (in and out of the country itself).
How much time does it usually take between landing and clearing immigration to collecting luggage and then checking into the domestic flight? I keep getting a feeling I've cut it too close.
Is there any way of speeding things up on a slightly priorotised basis at BKK airport? Pretty sure not everyone who lands has a separate flight to catch within the next few hours.
Any help would be a huge plus. I can feel myslelf losing hair and sleep over this 😔
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2023.03.24 07:11 Immediate_Net513 Fresh out of the ovenSingle and heartbroken.

Two days ago, I broke up with someone I've had the best relationship with. It was a fairy tale that ended because of a very sad event in our lives. And because we were not on the same page about how to go through the dramatic change. He did not talk to me about his worries about our relationship. That made his romantic love fade away with each day, however he had hope that things will get better once the life is more stable and solid. He did not take direct action to fix things on his side tho. I did all the “lets talk about us”. Right until I couldn't do it anymore.
We said our goodbye yesterday. Around 6 hours of talking, crying, laughing, remembering happy times. Best breakup I've had after a serious relationship. We want to be friends. Not sure how to be friends if I am in so much pain right now. After the goodbyes I felt sad but calm.
A new morning - and I burst out crying in a street on my way to the hotel. I have a headache, my mouth, lips and my throat hurt because I cry so loudly. If feels like my body has been turned inside out, and left to sit there in cold wind. I know I shouldn't drink or smoke. I do not want that. I do not even want to eat.
I am alone very very far from home. We came here together. Now I do not know of we can leave together. Neither of us have homes cause our home is physically unsafe.
I have no other friends here and I do not know what to do to make this transition to being single as smooth as possible. I've met ppl. But those are just charting and chilling. Plus everybody gets high where I am now. I need someone to be near me not online. And I can't go back home right away : 1) it is unsafe 2) it is expensive 3) I am not ready to get on a plane alone. Don't want to spend 10+ flight crying because I am alone and it would be my first flight solo.
This is my third serious relationship. But I have never been 100% alone in between relationships. Since 2016. Fuck. How do I learn to be single? I am writing this because I am desperate. I read articles “how to get over the ex if you still love them” because I fucking do! We broke up because I was hurting because he did not love me as I loved him. And I know this was a right decision. And I am proud I did it. But damn. I am absolutely alone. I will start therapy soon. But what do I do in the meantime? To stay alive and not harm myself because I do not want to feel this pain anymore.
I wake up in the morning and before I open my sleepy eyes i know - it is there. It sits in my chest and under my ribs. It makes the inside of me so empty yet heavy.
I've read I should go out for a walk or a hike move and not sit at home all day. But hiking was our thing. How do I get over him if I am surrounded by memories of him all around?
I want to call him up and ask him to come over and just lay next to me. Because he is the only person I know here. I do not want to get back together. I just need a friend now. Is that a bad idea? Given that I cannot access my friends right away.
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2023.03.24 07:07 0nsojubeerandregrets the end where I begin

Sabi nga nila, every ending is a new beginning & when one door closes, another opens. We just have to open our eyes and see. So this is me embracing the end of what was once ours. Ito na 'yung pagbitaw ko. Sa'yo, sa'tin, at sa mga bagay na minsan nating pinanghawakan nang magkasama.
Ito na 'yung pagtatapos kung sa'n ako magsisimula ulit. This time, seryoso na. This time, mas maayos na. This time, may kasama nang pagtanggap na tapos na talaga. This time, wala nang sama ng loob.
Masaya akong masaya ka. 'Di ba sinabi ko naman 'yun sa'yo? Na I want you to be happy. Even if it's not with me. And ako rin dapat. I deserve to be happy. Even if it's not with you.
Palangga ta ka. Totoo pa rin 'yun. Pero handa na 'kong harapin 'yung mga pagbabago sa buhay ko nang wala ka. Handa na 'kong magbigay at tumanggap ulit ng iba't-ibang klaseng pagmamahal galing sa mga taong nasa paligid ko pati na rin sa mga makikilala ko pa lang.
Handa na 'kong umusad mag-isa. Handa na 'kong magsimula ulit. 'Yung totoo na.
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2023.03.24 07:05 Softerland Worried about telling my psychiatrist I would like some help and support coming off from opioid use after hearing about how they will call off any other prescription drugs with misuse risk especially encase it implicates my long term ADHD treatments and PRN benzodiazepines. Struggling

Okay so like I completely get it on the one hand, but up untill like almost a year in of the last four years of an extremely successful treatment for late undiagnosed ADHD while being treated on stimulants including Methylphenidate (In Ritalin Form) and Amphetamines, I had no clue they were even addictive, along side an SSri for OCD/ depression related issues and Prn Quatiapine IR For sleep and occasionally a temp script for Lorazepam for flights/operations dental this has been the most significantly dramatic health improvement treatment I have been on since spending along 14 years within mental health services on trials and errors of all sorts with all sorts of labels.
Don’t get me wrong although I have been called everything under the sun all these years, some I will agree with like the ocd/panic disorder and a couple others ect but the treatments were never really fully successful until one of the leading consultants in the clinic look at my case over four years and suggested I have a tri-clinical re evaluation which was interestingly listing a large number of the same old labels as before whilst including a new one of adhd. Tbh I was baffled because I never even considered this as a problem as I always thought it was some childhood thing only but when they looked into everything and asked if I had any school records which I only had one left anyway (not that they said this will show definitively all the proof) the one school year records I had left were all they needed to confirm everything else. I was started on stimulant treatments alongside some of my older medications and it was completely the missing fit, it’s been almost four years now whilst I have been on them and it’s also been four years since working full time again and holding a job down for the first time in a decade, relationships with family and friendships are significantly better and overall my anxiety and ocd are even loads better which was surprising to me. I’m over all a lot less stressed out and feel calmer and clearer and my life now has left all the trouble and homelessness and I’m now ultimately living in my own place feeling like a regular human. The problem is prior to my adhd use, following an injury or some dental procedure I can’t even recall where I was prescribed strong opioid pain relief, I kept taking them and a large variety of others because I realised how much it could slow my mental head speed down for a while. Considering I never really liked drinking or felt intrigued to use illegal substances off the street all my life, it just took up untill then to realise something else could help (again this was prior to actually receiving real treatment). I did mention it breifly to one of the consultants along the way when they asked if I had ever used drugs, but it never really became a frequent conversation, and now having realised how well my life is, I’m half ashamed to bring up the fact I still need help coming away from them now that I no longer need it, aswell as fearing they might re look into the safety of my other drugs which can apparently be addictive? I’m more concerned the only reason I don’t like wanting to use them is because of the therapeutic help and life change my life has had since clarifying finally a healthy treatment balance and I just simply do not want to rock the boat at all. I couldn’t imagine what’s so addictive about these stimulants anyway as to high a dosage for me last time felt like I was a silent dying mouse and benzos just make me feel “not right” but either way while addressing my want for help to stop taking opioids with a pharmacist, he essentially made me realise I could lose both those scripts also anyway?
I just don’t want to keep on wrecking my body physically with high large dosage ibuprofen and codiene anymore or oxycodone dhc ect, and would like to look in arranging something like a subutex replacement therapy programme or something so I can feel safer while coming off them but now I’m just extremely scared to ask about help for it now.
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2023.03.24 07:05 silverintorain i need hope

this is long but i’d severely appreciate advice or kind words
i’m 20 yrs old, got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when i was 12 yrs. i was immediately put on 8 pills of methotrexate when i was first diagnosed and eventually it worked, and i didn’t have any severe flare ups for years until recently. i was able to live my life close to normally and was mainly able bodied, i was even put into remission for RA. but last year in november my arthritis suddenly got terrible after i took a flight to see extended family. the day after getting back i slept for 18 hours and couldn’t even lift my arm without being in excruciating pain. since then my entire life has been on pause- i had to drop out of college, i can’t dress myself, i can barely stand, i’m entirely home bound and my life has done a complete 180 since then. my social life is nonexistent. not to mention my mental health and ability to take care of my type one diabetes has suffered tremendously. i’m hanging on by a thread and my 21st birthday is coming up on easter day. i’m currently on 8 pills of methotrexate again and with 5mg of prednisone and 15 mg of meloxicam. i’ve been on this dose of methotrexate for over a week now but have been on a lighter dose (the four pills then six) for over two months. i’ve seen little to no progress and have been walking less and less as the days pass. it’s a weird feeling but it feels like i’m forgetting how to walk every time i try to stand. i have to immediately sit back down and taking steps i feel like i’m going to fall over, not even to mention the pain. my rheumatologist honestly doesn’t understand that my life has been on pause and she’s super booked until august. she recently suggested adding humira onto what i’m taking now but i’m honestly scared for a list of reasons, im a diabetic so i’m used to shots but the side effects scare me lol. i’ve been thinking of getting a gym membership to try out a pool, every time i take a bath it feels like magic for my knees, like the weight of gravity immediately is lifted off of them. reading through this page has given me relief, just knowing that people live with arthritis has helped me feel less alone in this weird sudden part of my life. i’d appreciate any words of encouragement or advice too.
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2023.03.24 06:59 HobbleSmittz There’s actually no way that he made an 11hr drive (El Paso to Houston) in 7hrs on a Greyhound bus which makes rest stops. Am I missing something? The fastest Greyhound for today is a 15hr ride.

There’s actually no way that he made an 11hr drive (El Paso to Houston) in 7hrs on a Greyhound bus which makes rest stops. Am I missing something? The fastest Greyhound for today is a 15hr ride. submitted by HobbleSmittz to Daniellarson [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 06:57 BookMyTripindia Book Your Delhi To Mumbai Cheap Flight Ticket

Book Your Delhi To Mumbai Cheap Flight Ticket
There are so many Delhi to Mumbai flight routes. When we go on this route we are always worried about the flights because this route is the most busiest route and thousands of visitors go daily and come from Delhi to Mumbai. Delhi to Mumbai is the busiest flying route and in that situation you want to search for a cheap flight. So now you can imagine how difficult it is. But don’t worry, BookMyTrip provides you the best deal according to your convenience. They always take care of your needs and what you want.
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Mumbai and Delhi both are famous cities and we all know how much rush in these cities will become daily. There are lots of tourists who will come daily for wandering.
Delhi To Mumbai Flight Time And Distance
Delhi To Mumbai flight Time and Distance. There are so many flights on this route but it’s a human tendency when we go out we always worry about the time and delhi to mumbai flight distance and I think that was not wrong. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, but sometimes we go for a business meeting, Holiday trip. We always go on time.
So in this situation BookMyTrip provides you all the details like at what time your flight was taken off and how much air distance you consume.
There are so many flights on this route so you don’t need to worry about tickets but if you want some specific ticket according to your choice at the end of the moment, that is not possible. The flight distance from Delhi To Mumbai was 2 hours 15 min to reach Mumbai from Delhi. The aerial distance from Delhi To Mumbai is 1137 km.
Delhi To Mumbai Flight Ticket Price
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Places to Visit in Mumbai

Mumbai is the city of dreams. So many people go to fulfil their dreams and needs. Mumbai is the financial and entertainment capital of Maharashtra state. There are a lot of places in Mumbai where you can go for wandering like temples and beautiful old colonial architecture and so on. Everyone says and we all know that Mumbai people's life is not only busy on a day in fact they have a busy nightlife also. There people were not sleeping in the night. Mumbai is a mixture of history, culture, Bollywood and beaches. This is the main part of Mumbai. If you go out a Mumbai for work or for any other reason you always want to see a sea in Mumbai.

Places to Visit in New Delhi

If i describe you some details about Delhi. Delhi is also a very huge city and a famous city. There are a lot of places where we can wander, mostly the historical places and markets, delicious food and so many things where we can go and enjoy a lot. Here I will describe a little bit of the names of some places if you are new in Delhi so you can easily go and visit. So if you are a foodie you can go for an authentic and delicious food taste in chandni chowk, if you want to go see some historical place then you go India Gate, Qutomb Minar, Red Fort and so many other places.
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2023.03.24 06:51 Stunning-Giraffe-726 DFW American Airlines trash service. They asked me to give up my seat for no valid reason to a standby passenger while I already got on the plane and they even took my carry on to check in since it’s a full flight.

I had the worst experience and the most horrible customer service today with these staffers from American Airlines. The guy is Michael and the mean lady is actually the "manager" Samantha. It was a company trip and I did check in for both my flights today, originally from SNA, stop in DFW, and final destination is MCI. I boarded the flight at gate C38 just fine, they scanned my pass, took my carry on and tagged it for check in since there is no more space on the plane according to Michael. Got seated in my seat, buckled up and ready to go. Only 5 mins later, another guy showed up with the exact same seat on his boarding pass. I also got that seat and I checked in 24 hours prior and got 2 boarding passes. I meant I did fly from SNA to DFW w no issues. First, flight attendant asked for my boarding pass. Then here come Michael, yelling at me demanding my boarding pass again, and took my ID then said "it's on your phone, you have to get off the plane now" and even told me I didn't check in. How are you supposed to get 2 boarding passes if you didn't check in??? The whole thing was so rude and quick and guess what the carry on they took in earlier when they boarded was on that flight to MCI instead of me, how funny is that. Then Michael signaled me to wait, no explanation no greeting, no apology, the attitude was like get the f off this plane or else we'll arrest you for perhaps "doing nothing wrong". Then the manager came, look at the manager Samantha in the photo and you tell me if she is nice or not. The gate crew indeed gang up and attack me as if it was my fault in the first place. And guess what there no more flights going to MCI for the day or else I had to sleep at DWF because of them. I then called my company travel agent and they confirmed to me that they saw in the system that I indeed did check in for both flights and so is the customer service desk at gate C25. The people there even felt bad for me and provided me with info on how to file a complaint. It was so horrible that I decided to just take a flight back home and cancel my company event in Kansas City. NEVER again DFW and AA. Screw you. We'll be filling a lawsuit soon.
I did some research when I got home and this is called involuntarily bumping but with absolutely no valid reason according to the DOT. Also if you remember that Dr. David Dao who got dragged off a plane violently on a United Airlines flight, this is similar to his case, only thing is I just got off. Wonder if this ever happened to anyone and what did you do?
I will never come back to DFW or fly AA. First time flying AA and will also be the last. Thanks for all the advices in advance!
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2023.03.24 06:49 CurtRaffle24 I forgot how huge Texas is

I forgot how huge Texas is submitted by CurtRaffle24 to Daniellarson [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 06:45 RomelGreeks That Miami pick scares the shit outta me, but here’s to the canes!

That Miami pick scares the shit outta me, but here’s to the canes! submitted by RomelGreeks to sportsbetting [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 06:44 Cantland Is it me or my CFI?

Looking for feedback here.
I am a PPL student at roughly 65 hours. My knowledge is decent (90+ on written test) and I'm about to do my solo xc. I've been given feedback that I tend to fixate on things, don't react quickly enough, and can't manage enough things at one time, which compromises safety.
I have taken that feedback without any push back and tried to correct each item but am starting to notice something about my instructor that I should have noticed much earlier on.
My instructor keeps me in the mindset of waiting for his ordedirective because things aren't perfect enough. It's constant chatter on flights and I'm finding myself getting to the point where I'm asking him not to talk because it distracts me so much - ex: talking over ATC then getting corrected for not being able to hear him and the controller at the same time, telling me to slip 100ft above the runway unplanned so I can hit the numbers perfectly and etc etc.
I noticed myself doing this instead of thinking critically about the stages of flight that I'm in and I feel like it's created a horrible habit and makes me a dangerous pilot because I'm mentally absent simply waiting for the next order, and when I try to focus on my own thoughts, I get corrected on the 5 things I'm doing wrong which starts to impact my morale. (Keep in mind this is during flight and within seconds)
I have given him this feedback that it severely impacts my concentration and that I don't have thousands of hours flying like he does. His response is something like "you need to be able to handle stressful situations with many things going on at once, which is why I do this"
I bought into this line of thinking from the very start but am starting to feel like I made a huge mistake that I now have to correct for, because I have learned on implementing orders and not critically thinking.
One more thing to include - I have soloed and do not have this problem when I'm alone or flying with other instructors. I'm around month 10 of getting my PPL. I also really like and respect my instructor as a pilot and person.
Be brutally honest, am I thinking about this wrong? Am I the problem here?
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2023.03.24 06:41 Evening_Whole_2427 Delta Reserve Recognition

I realize the chances of getting an upgrade with this card alone are slim to none to begin with, but I recently upgraded from a platinum about three days from my flight. I bought the tickets with the platinum version of it and am wondering if my upgraded card will even be recognized for an upgrade chance within that time frame? Same with Skyclub access. Note I won't have the physical card before the flight even.
Also, does Delta even upgrade international flights? Couldn't find an answer to any of these questions online.
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2023.03.24 06:37 Uniquebuilderstexas1 Kitchen Remodeling Houston Unique Builders

Kitchen Remodeling Houston Unique Builders
Kitchen Remodeling Houston experts, Unique Builders, specialize in kitchen remodeling and renovation services which is why we're New York Times Best Houston Kitchen Remodeling Contractor and Texas Monthly Best Remodeling Contractor, known for our outstanding craftsmanship. To find out more about how we can help you, give us a call today at (713) 263-8138 or email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
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2023.03.24 06:31 silvicvltrix I am so angry all the time and it’s exhausting

I hate feeling like this. It’s overwhelming and sometimes embarrassing and I don’t even know where to begin to help myself. I’ve gotten into verbal altercations in stores with other women and men who were 2x my size before because I can’t just shut my mouth and mind my business. I tell myself to calm down, just ignore it and don’t react but it’s such a struggle for me. I feel like I’m constantly in fight or flight and when something triggers me, it’s like my cortisol skyrockets and most times my entire body starts shaking, which is almost always followed by me crying. It takes me several minutes to calm down and hours til I’ve stopped ruminating over whatever situation upset me. The problem is that most things trigger me. My partner makes music as a hobby and having to listen to the same samples played over and over again irritates me to no end. The sound of people chewing genuinely makes me feel so angry that I will leave the room. Humming/whistling makes me grit my teeth. I guess noises, especially repetitive ones, bother me in general. I love cuddling and intimacy just as much as the next person but that too makes me angry sometimes. I feel so bad telling my partner not to touch me because it comes across as cold and I feel like it’s not normal for me to feel that way. I was in a car accident 5 years ago that was a result of me having road rage. Obviously I didn’t intentionally hit somebody, but feeling angry that I had been cut off led to me speeding and rear-ending somebody else by accident. I’ve done DBT in the past and that helped me a lot at that time but I was much younger and it’s been so long since then. I just feel like there is something wrong with me. I wish I could feel inner peace but that feels impossible right now.
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2023.03.24 06:27 Key-Construction-558 Affordable CNC Service

Affordable CNC Service
Started in CNC and told to try here. I need a small part milled for a project I'm doing. I'm hoping someone here can help. Obviously I'd pay, just trying not to pay big CNC shop prices for what will hopefully be a single part.
Basic Dimensions 33,14, 3.5 mm
7075-T6 Aluminum
In San Antonio area if anyone here is willing.
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2023.03.24 06:24 Henai1985 My personal view on GENKI Waveform ANC wireless earbuds

This is probably the only pair of wireless earbuds which boost unique features such as: - dualstream (allow users to connect to two different devices at the same time and stream audio from two different devices at the same time) - charging case with bluetooth transmitter (perfect for devices which do not have Bluetooth and of course in-flight entertainment system)
But at 199USD… it might not be for everyone
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2023.03.24 06:22 hardware1197 NY Rangers 22-23 Roadtrip Travel Report – 3/24/2023

This is your NY Rangers Air Travel Report for 3/23 to Ft. Lauderdale, FL from Raleigh, NC
Trip Overview: Good flight: Short southern hop. Flight: Delta 8951 Equipment: Delta 757-200 N666DN Built 32.1 Years ago Renton, WA Departed: RDU Raleigh Durham International Airport 3/23 23:03 Eastern (Wheels up 33m late) Arrived: FLL Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport 3/24 00:43 Eastern (24m late) Flightplan: RDU>FLL No deviations. FILED AS: KRDU.ROZBO5.ROZBO.GARIC.JRDAN.Y291.MAJIK.CUUDA2.KFLL Flight time: 1h32m Flight miles: 725 Miles Trip Report/Special notes: Smooth routing and short taxis made for a good flight. Good weather and minor winds on departure. Gusty winds on arrival. Departed private Atlantic Aviation Services ramp. Arrived private Signature Air Services ramp.
Roadtrip reports are provided for insight into the NYR travel schedule during the regular season.
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2023.03.24 06:21 terrancewrist Willing to pay for advice for my parent's trip!

Hey everyone!
I have approx 1.5m amex points and I wanted to use them to treat my parents to a trip to Europe (at least the flights anyway)
I've tried researching all the different ways but am super overwhelmed. Especially because we're in New Zealand so not much award/reward discussion.
But details are below for 2x people
Happy to fly economy (premium economy better). Business would be great if possible (my mum has always wanted to fly business one time).
We don't have any status or anything like that with any airline or hotel (not a big thing in NZ)
I'm not too worried about squeezing out the absolute best points to $ ratio, just something nice for parents.
I'm willing to pay whatever you think is reasonable for your time to help me look and book these. Please DM or comment :)
Thank you in advance!
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2023.03.24 06:17 makesmashgreatagain Pride Night in the NHL Devolving

So some of you guys must follow hockey, but theres been this giant meme developing in the NHL. All teams have a Pride Night and its been a thing for idk at least a few years. Some teams, like the Florida Panthers, have been doing it for like 10 or something. But this year there has been a lot of resistance (truly shocking given current political climate surrounding gay/trans discourse). The main thing about Pride Nights are that the home team wears a Pride Jersey during warm ups. They do this type of support a lot, for instance for "Hockey Fights Cancer" the warm up jersey would be purple.
It started with Ivan Provorov, from the Philadelphia Flyers, deciding not to wear one, citing religious reasons. It was earlier this year and it was a bit of a surprise. I thought at the time it might would fizzle because surely more players wouldn't follow suit. It didn't lmao. IRRC both New York teams did not wear their pride jerseys for pride night, a organization decision. San Jose Sharks goalie last week decided not wear his because of his religion citing wanting to live like Christ lmao. The Blackhawks, another historic franchise, decided not to because they "didnt want to pressure their Russian players" presumably to take a stance in support of gays. Allegedly the Russian players were not even consulted about this.
The cream of the crop by far is Eric Staal, a veteran player. This man(and his brother) also don't wear their jersey citing being a Christian. Some reporter looks it up and notices he has worn one before and asks him and Eric Staal denies it
Its pretty sad honestly. Many people, within the league, have pointed out that you dont have to approve of gay/lgbtq people, you're just saying its a safe place for them to be, work and play. The NHL has this slogan "hockey is for everyone." Given this and the numerous hazing, sexual assault and other horrible accusations and convictions going about, I get the feeling that hockey isn't really for everyone lmao.
tldr- a fair number of players are not supporting pride night, including some entire teams lol. Hockey isn't for everyone
(I will point out that a number of players have spoken out saying that they do support gay people watching and playing hockey. Some even on the teams of these guys, which i find hilarious)
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