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Hours Cut At Mineola CVS/Pharmacy

2023.03.24 06:44 SaveThePinesLI Hours Cut At Mineola CVS/Pharmacy

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2023.03.24 06:33 foxik20 Why there can be 20 cars in Whataburger, and nobody’s going to complain while we have three cars in the drive-through and people start to rage, speed up around, come inside the pharmacy and yell at us for having a long time to wait?

I’m not understanding even if we compare us to Whataburger people are much nicer there and can wait for 30 minutes in line , and people with cvs cannot wait in the pharmacy for five minutes. They’re not people who pick up narcotics, just regular people who just need basic medication’s but they act like they’re needing anxiety meds.
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2023.03.24 05:12 kaiper_kitty Difference between prescriptions

CVS used to give me dextroamphetamine right... Well they were out so often that I switched to a locally owned pharmacy so I didn't have to wait a month for meds.
They gave me amphetamine salts instead. Same dose
I feel like they affect me differently. I like the Dextro instead.
However the pharmacist and my psych say they're the same just like different generic brands. They should feel the same. I feel like the salts one I feel less motivated than the other one?
So, has anyone taken these two and felt a difference or do you think that maybe it's just my vibes are off lately? She also started me on Lexapro a month ago so idk if maybe I'm going through the motions of getting used to that? I still got 2 months before that's supposed to work as it should for my depression.
I'd love to hear some input! I want to believe my docs and pharmacist ofc. I'm hoping that maybe stress is just getting to me lately. I thought I'd ask other ADHD folks like you what you think!
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2023.03.24 05:06 dataentrytard WIN a $50 CVS/pharmacy eGift Card (03/30/2023) {US}

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2023.03.24 05:06 dataentrytard WIN a $50 CVS/pharmacy eGift Card (03/30/2023) {US}

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2023.03.24 04:03 rakishtennesseean Is it possible for this display to run two of these controllers? One throttle one pas, two brake levers 2 motors

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2023.03.24 03:50 Nexus117 Xiidra and insurance

Hello folks. I'm fairly unknowledgeable when it comes to insurance and was wondering if anyone had a similar situation.
I finally went to my eye doctor and started to approach my dry eyes, and they wrote a script for Xiidra. After doing some research, I feel that it would be good to try out to see if it could help, however when it is was sent to my pharmacy they said it would be $1,390. I have CVS Caremark and have never had problems with drug prices before.
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2023.03.24 00:32 hobbit_lamp need help deciding if I should call the "on-call"physician

as y'all probably are all aware, there's been an Adderall shortage. I normally use Kroger to fill my prescriptions, however they have been out of stock. I was able to find some on Monday at a nearby CVS. I called my Dr office to let them know and gave all the phone and address info. Unfortunately, the Rx was still sent to Kroger. Not only that, but I had also asked to make sure not to send my last month's Rx as it was changed temporarily to XR bc that was all that was available at the time. Needless to say, Kroger did not have the meds anyway.
I called on Tuesday to inform them of the mistake. By Tuesday, CVS no longer had the medication in stock (of course!) But I was able to locate the med at a Costco. I again left all the info with address, phone number and verified the correct Rx. Nothing was sent on Tuesday or Wednesday.
I called early today very frustrated and explained that I have been out of my meds but very patient and very concerned about not getting the meds filled bc the Rx is not being called in. I finally speak with someone who eventually confirms they will send it over. I call the Costco later and ask if they have the Rx and the Costco tells me it's at another location! They called the wrong pharmacy again!!
I called that pharmacy and of course that location is out of the medication.
this was around 3 o clock. my doctor's office is supposed to be open until 6 but was not answering phones and I even drove up to the office and the doors were locked but "open" sign was on.
is this a legitimate reason for a call to the on call physician? I've never done so before but I'm at my wits end at this point. :(
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2023.03.23 21:56 Large-Truck-2732 $7 Dollars includes heavy pay

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2023.03.23 18:41 Cold_Nobody_9685 Help me understand my insurance plan

So I'm considering changing employers, and with that insurance. I've been in the U.S. for less than a year and feel like I don't understand something fundamental about insurance. I have a United Oxford OHI EPO insurance with the following stats:
PCP: $30 Spec: $80 Ded IND/FAM: $3750/$7600 OOPM IND/FAM: $9100/$18200
What I understand: When I go to a family doctor, I pay $30. When I got to a specialist $80. What I don't understand: I'm taking a medicine that costs $20K. That's above my deductible of $3750. So by that logic, I should pay $20,000 - $3,750, right? But, my bill was $200 and lowered by calling the pharmacy down to $5. This is great, but I don't understand the math. This makes it difficult for me to know whether my new insurance will be as good as this.
Yesterday I went to pick up some medicine from CVS. My pills were $3.25. Why? What is the math being done here? I always understood that I pay the amount up until the deductible, but so far, that hasn't been the case. Is it completely at the insurance companies discretion?
I'd appreciate any help here!
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2023.03.23 17:44 xoxsarahxo2 10mg anywhere in NE Pennsylvania?

This is the first time I’ve had issues filling - 10mg was ordered from CVS on 3/17 and they’re still out of stock. Anyone having any luck at other pharmacies In Pennsylvania?
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2023.03.23 17:18 GotStanged13 Shroud rocking the LTT water bottle

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2023.03.23 17:06 EinTheFox Looking for Perspectives from Employees

Hiyo. I've been reading over this sub for a bit, as I am currently in a program sponsored by CVS with my local vocational rehabilitation office to become a CPhT. As I am finishing the store training portion and heading into the PTCB prep course, I'm looking for some experiences of current and former employees working as techs. I also want to know if anyone who works with the Coram section of CVS has any experiences they would be willing to share, as that's a section of the company I am also looking at.
This experience is a stepping stone, as my ultimate goal is to use CVS to gain experience and eventually move into a hospital pharmacy environment. While working, I hope to gain additional certifications (such as for nuclear pharmaceuticals) to be a more promising employee with another company entirely.
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2023.03.23 15:14 Noskyofficial [HIRING] 21 Jobs in San Francisco Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
HelioHire Senior AWS Cloud Architect San Francisco
Continental Quality Grader San Francisco
BioSpace, Inc. Oncology Account Specialist - Sacramento, CA San Francisco
Stephen F. Austin University Student Assistant / Grader San Francisco
CVRx Clinical Sales Representative - Orlando, Florida San Francisco
Winn Dixie Retail Stores Seafood Associate San Francisco
Nuclear Care Partners Home Health Aide (HHA) San Francisco
Texas State University VP, Global Education & Online San Francisco
Cardinal Health Territory Account Manager - Pharmacy Solutions Consultant San Francisco
Eisai Oncology Sales Specialist - S3 - (Kansas City, MO) San Francisco
ARAMARK Route Sales Representative (NFQI) San Francisco
Saint Francis Memorial Hospital Staff Nurse Ii 10 Hr San Francisco
Saint Francis Memorial Hospital Staff Nurse Ii San Francisco
Boston Consulting Group Business Operations Analyst San Francisco
Delta Airlines Flight Attendant (PT or FT) South San Francisco
Delta Airlines Customer Service Agent (PT or FT) South San Francisco
Ellsworth Engineering Sales Representative San Francisco
BodyArmor Field Sales Intern - Northern CA San Francisco
Adyen Commercial Growth Manager, Platforms and Financial Services San Francisco
Team District Sales Representative, Harbor City, CA San Francisco
Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. Territory Sales Representative San Francisco
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in san francisco. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.03.23 14:00 IndicationActive9356 Maybe CVS was a mistake

i’m a pharmacy tech that’s been with cvs for over a year now. recently i was getting a bit of overtime to make ends meet, and my pm told me i couldn’t do that because it dings to our dm and could get them in trouble. i also got paid recently and noticed my check was shortened because my time was “fixed” to not go over 40hrs a week. that put me in a situation i did NOT want to be in going into april. THEN only to get told a while later that we have so many demand hours that need to be filled. literally gonna be my last straw with them as a company.
UPDATE: Finished talking to HR and Pm is under investigation along with Sm. Also decided they’re gonna add my lost hours into my next paycheck (Kinda sad can’t get it sooner, but glad i’m gonna get it back)
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2023.03.23 13:54 meganopolis Warning: Vitamin D and Magnesium

I was prescribed 50,000 IU of Vitamin D to take weekly and read on here how one should take magnesium to help the body absorb the vitamin D better. So I went to my pharmacy and asked the pharmacist if 400mg of magnesium would benefit my prescription for the Vit D, and she said yes.
Well, it turns out that there are DIFFERENT kinds of magnesium and the OTC bottles you find at places like CVS/Walgreens are magnesium oxide, which might as well be a laxative.
I just spent all night with nausea, cramping, and diarrhea.
After further research, the kind that you want to take with Vitamin D is magnesium glycinate. Sure wish I would’ve learned that sooner.
Does anyone here take magnesium and do you take Mg glycinate? What dosage do you take and does it give you any side effects? I want to know if it’s really worth trying magnesium again.
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2023.03.23 08:04 PoppedARoxi On Vacation nd I’m Still Scoring 🫡😵‍💫

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2023.03.23 06:08 np3est8x Prescriptions from different pharmacies cause different side effects?

Have you ever gotten gabapentin from different pharmacies and experienced different side effects? When I get gab from CVS, I don’t have any issues, it does what it’s supposed to and I feel the way I always have for the last ten years. Today I got gab from hyvee and I am super angry and agitated. I lost my insurance and had to use GoodRx and hyvee was the cheapest. Right now I have to smoke a bowl because I am irrationally mad about nothing. It’s a 90 day supply, I can’t feel like this for the next 3 months everyday . Do I have any options? I have a doctor, but no insurance. Only thing I can think of is, trying to use GoodRx again and pay more at CVS?
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2023.03.23 01:59 ShyGirl_96 Intern to Rph Transition

Hey guys! I graduate in May and have accepted a position with CVS so far. I know what you all are thinking, but hey I'm trying to stay positive and know this doesn't have to be forever. Pay they are offering me so far is good though.
What advice or tips can you guys give me? What are things you wish someone taught you on RxConnect (shortcuts, etc.) that you wish you knew earlier. I'm trying to be as efficient as possible and would love to hear from current CVS Rphs on how they became a great pharmacist when they first started. I have been with CVS for over 1 year now but feel like there's always room to learn and grow, especially when it comes to navigating technical things on our system. What's something that techs wish their pharmacist knew how to do? I not only want to be a good pharmacist, but I also want to be able to help my techs because I feel like there's a lot of pharmacists that when I ask them something they tell me instead to go ask our lead tech.

Here are some questions off the top off my head:

  1. What's the fast way to transfer out (TO) a rx? I hate that I have to go to QI and put it on hold and go back to the this the fastest way?
  2. Sometimes when I am viewing a rx and there is a prescriber request, sometimes it does not let me view it? What's the fastest and most efficient way to resolve prescriber requests on the system? How do you guys handle PRs when something is sent it and you need to reach out?
  3. What is the procedure for when pills fall on the ground? I don't fill too often so never have had to experience this.
  4. SCRIPT PRO SCREEN TROUBLESHOOTING. I literally do not know how to use script pro. I just rely that it is always working, but have many questions on what to do on the screen etc. Any tips appreciated.
  5. How do I view the full script information when I am transferring/inactivating a rx to another pharmacy (non-CVS). Also...I have noticed that sometimes when I am TO-ing to another pharmacy that it won't show that last page with all the info, but sometimes it does? AND then sometimes it will fax electronically, but then sometimes it will not which is frustrating.
  6. Can ICD-10 codes be given verbally? What if we request it electronically, but the MD calls back to give it to us?
  7. Is there a way to view hard copy of pt's rx from their profile. I feel like sometimes when I am clicking on a script, I want to see the hardcopy but it's blank so I have to do all the steps to go back and print the hardcopy. Is there a faster way?
  8. How do i access these items: med guides for drugs, deleted scripts, full extended directions if necessary on a prescription. I feel like sometimes I forget these little things, like when I click V1 how come it doesn't always show all the prescriber info or am going crazy lol?
  9. INSULIN needles/syringes: Do you guys have a go to that you type in when prescribers send their scripts. I feel like I can never find the correct needle gauge size or anything when I am typing it up. I want to know how you guys go about this?
  10. How do I check the price of something in QI?
  11. Random, but you can break open albuterol solution boxes for individual vials? For example, the prescription reads 30ml (ten 3mL vials) but the whole box is 25 vials (5 pouches of 5x3mL vials). Not sure why I randomly thought of this lol
  12. How did you like floating when you first started and how quickly was it before you became a staff pharmacist?
Thank you in advance :)
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2023.03.23 01:18 Vividevasion0 My husbands prescription insurance is making me want to burn it all down.

On mobile so sorry if formatting is blah. There was just a post from a different Op who is financially dependent on her husband, Hi me too and it works well for us! As a result, our insurance is through him too and usually its pretty good... Except they switched to express scripts.
Express scripts can choke on a rancid dick. The whole concept enrages me so if you're in the mood to commiserate, join me. If you'd rather not read a long bitchy complaint scroll on and may your day be bright ❤️.
I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in adhd women because it concerns my adhd/mental health but maybe you amazing mums would have a suggestion or something; i invite you to whine with me...
I've been on 3 different medications since last year. Finally just did a gene-sites test to see if there is something that could be working better... It doesn't make sense for me to fill scripts through the mail because I am regularly prescribed unusual ammounts to take as we increase my doses or decrease to come off them. Today I needed to continue a newer medication past 1 month (30 days), its my 2nd time filling this script. I paid $15-ish last month for 30 day supply... The same pharmacy the same dose same everything $200 otc.
If I dont take this tomorrow morning I will have a raging headache and be nauseated/useless all day. I can neither spare the mental juice to call it in to express scripts nor can I wait for them to send it. And next month when we probably change to something (hopefully better) I dont want to deal with calling them to cancel and switch or use their very confusing and misleading website.
This is brain altering medicine for seritonin, dopamine and norepinephrine ... I need to be timely and consistent with my use, this is if I can even remember to take it at all. (This is a huge side eye to ppl who think folks with adhd scripts are addicts. ) I know that this time, its on me for not realizing I was low and today was my last dose but it shouldn't ducking matter. I SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO FILL AT THE PHARMACY FOR THE SAME GODDAMN PRICE!
Furthermore I take birthcontrol (the ring), and imagine this: not to prevent babies but so I dont bleed out and die! The first time I filled it was $10. I thought "wow this is reasonable," I went to fill it the next month $215! They said I could save 10$ if I tried filling across town. Cvs was able to do some voodoo magic and get it down to under $80 but what the fuck.
ES sends 3months worth at a time for about $20 ish which is reasonable... So far its arrived within hours of when I was meant to change it which is NOT REASONABLE... Why can't it come a week early! I finally asked for an emergency prescription frok my OB so when its inevitably late I have a backup. At least they pack it in a cooler with ice packs in the summer...
To further this... My heart aches for people who dont have it as simple as I do. If I dont take my medications I'll have some side effects sure... But I wont suddenly drop dead or become catatonic... What about the folks who rely on ES to get their life saving medication on time? Furthermore I dont ducking trust it to come in the mail! If its costing $$$ at the pharmacy whats stopping my mail carrier from figuring it out and stealing it!?
And on top of it all (cause y'know this isn't the only thing happening in my life right now) I'm so tired of being angry. I'm so so tired. I dont want to be furiously enraged about injustices anymore. I just want easy reasonable access to medication that makes my brain work like it should. And to get back to enjoying my kids again.
So help me God if they duck up my sons athsma medicine deliveries. If you've read this far, I'll get off my soap box now, thamks for being mad with me... If you're wondering what I'm on I'm happy to answer questions. ✌️
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2023.03.23 00:23 Direct-Box-8588 Am I done? Story in comments.

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2023.03.22 21:42 Autobotworrier11111 pharmacy

does anyone here work at the ormand beach fl CVS pharmacy? if so i got a few questions if u can answer them. like for the ones who work with the scripts and stuff.
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