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2023.03.24 06:42 secretclean- Why United States have so many autistic kids? Hear me out…

Im from South America, born and raised, came here in my teens… there isn’t a lot of autistic people there, there’s still some down síndrome and others clearly since birth. And living here and seeing so so many people with autism that are totally normal otherwise makes me wonder.. I was talking with some family that are from the same place, and we came up with a theory that maybe because the way Americans treat babies since they are born? With letting cry out loud since birth, sleep training, all that stuff… because my culture is the opposite, we are very very loving (not that Americans aren’t) sleep with the babies on our arms if that’s what they seem to want/need, very warm people and friendly/touchy. And we say this because one family of ours is our sister in law, born and raised here in usa, has a 2 year old the same age as the other 2 year old in our family that is raised by South American parents, they are completely different. The American one doesn’t like to be touched, doesn’t like to speak, super serious and shy and we’ve seen his mom letting him cry out loud and we even had to get in a fight w her and told her she isn’t allowed to do that in our home. She didn’t let us help him and touch him when he clearly wanted someone’s arms. The other kid is the opposite, doesn’t stop speaking, loves to be held, loves to cuddle, has a super sweet funny personality, speak two different languages by the age of 2, etc… I’m not saying that the American one has autism, but it makes us wonder that if the way they are raised since babies has anything to do with the way they are. I’m not judging or anything I hope you guys don’t feel like I am, I’m just sharing this because I want to hear your thoughts, maybe I could completely be wrong. Thank you 🙏
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2023.03.24 06:39 Hauntedthrowaway598 Screaming in house

I've posted one thing to this sub before on my main account but I'd rather separate the two being my other is more of a focus on just browsing and music. I have had several weird experiences in my life and some I believe to be connected and others I feel just happened to come across me for some reason. This experience is different than the others being I was not alone to witness this. I will post more in the past and maybe some of you will see more connections than I have seen. I am not going in order. Just as I think of them. Two friends and I decided to stay at my mom and stepdads one weekend and play video games and chill as teenagers. Around 10 or so years ago now in a house that I never felt any bad thoughts about other than the location which I don't mind saying was in Centerpoint, AL. I don't know of anything really haunting that area besides crime so ghost were never a concern. We were in the basement hanging out (not a creepy horror movie basement. Fully furnished) pool table, heater, tv, etc.... Sometime during the night we get on my friends phone and start looking at pictures and go to an image that was saved months back of a band logo for a band my friend loved. The image flickered kinda how a gif does but just 1 quick flicker. We scroll back then to the pic again and it flickers again, so the next time I tell my friend you scroll and I will hit the buttons to screenshot. We did. It was a blurry mess. After about 15 mins of trying to figure out the pic I turn the phone and the jumbled mess is more clear but still got a haze or almost like a distorted filter over it. It was a pic of my friend and I in the basement that night. No biggie at first we thought maybe we hit the camera but after looking we noticed what was wrong. The pic was taken from behind us for one... Which was impossible being there was a wall behind us. The other issue is even if there was no wall, the pic would have been impossible for us to take being how we were positioned. She looked like she was sitting near the end of me or maybe the start of my legs. I was on my back, like a back bend almost and you could make out my arm going behind my head. I tried recreating the pic and had no luck within the several attempts I tried. Which I am a very persistent person and tried and tried and tried until we went and got food. (FYI none of us are friends anymore. Ended on bad terms and I'm not even sure if my old friend has the phone or pic anymore but to anyone else seeing it, it wouldn't be too weird unless you knew the room and the wall placement. I guess the weirdest part would be you trying to figure out how to pose for that pic without dislocation your shoulder) so anyways, after food we play more games and honestly had forgotten about the pic. It is probably 11ish or so with what comes next. For some context the only people in the house are my two friends, my stepdad/mom, dog (in their room with them across the basement hall), my cat (upstairs), and me. My friends and I are doing our thing and all of a sudden a scream in which I've never heard anything like in my life comes from directly above us upstairs. My description I give some people is like if you put an alien inside of big foot or something and let it burst out. It sounded like a beast or 2 fighting and ripping something apart. I'm not too easy to scare and it had me shaking. We all just sat there. One of my friends started tearing up and honestly, never blamed them for a second. I went across the hall and asked my mom and stepdad who were asleep if they heard that sound which they brushed off thinking we were just being teens. I finally talked one of my friends into going upstairs with me. When I opened the door my cat was standing 5 feet away with its hair raised looking terrified. We all know cats can make ungodly sounds that can wake the dead but this was no cat. For one, my cat was beyond chill. Hardly made a sound besides it plopping over to sleep. 2, just no. It was no cat. I checked every room, lock, and even walked outside to see if anyone else possibly heard the commotion. Found nothing. About 6 years later I am talking to my stepsister who use to live there. We were talking about how much fun we use to have there with our friends and swimming. Then she says that the only thing she hated was whatever was in the attic. I remember as a teenager she would always complain about it but I never heard anything up there and honestly so cliche that I brushed it off. However, the attic was the only place I never checked, and I am glad I didn't. If anyone knows of anything in the Centerpoint area I don't know about that could explain, feel free to post. I've tried finding answers. I am not one to say it is paranormal.... but it wasn't normal.
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2023.03.24 06:39 idergollasper A tale of warning to prospective low-income, out of staters

I know, Reddit, and before you say anything: the community is small but we do in fact exist (just on a lot of scholarship and FA).
To any prospective students that aren’t massively rich and are from out of state (far enough you can’t drive there), I have 2 things to warn you about.
Firstly, Michigan is Hard and it’s even more hard when you’re essentially stranded here. When you’re on the cliffs edge of too many credits, not enough sleep, way too much burn out and just want to go home - and you can’t because plane tickets for anytime soon are 600$. It’s hard and it’s frustrating and it’s a little regretful that when all you want to do is see your family and you can’t.
Secondly, when you’re experiencing that, it’s lonely. Most of the people you will know are either rich out of staters who’s parents can buy them a plane ticket or low-income kids who are in state. It’s hard to find people who relate to it.
BUT I will say, this university is a school of dreams. And yeah it sucks sometimes. Sometimes it’s so unimaginably hard, I know you think it won’t be. I promise you’ll have the day, week, month where it’s harder than you ever imagined. But it’s worth it. And you’ll love it. And it’s beautiful and so special in every way for you to grow and flourish in.
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2023.03.24 06:38 notsoospicy How do you deal with nights when a sleep trained baby has trouble sleeping?

We had great success with sleep training and LO has been sleeping well for the past month. 3 nights ago we had an abnormal night where baby woke up and cried intermittently for almost an hour. I usually set the timer for 15mins before going in, but he would wake up, cry, fall back asleep all within 5mins, but it kept happening over and over. I thought maybe he had gas so I went in there to help him. The whole time I was in there he stopped crying, just looked at me and smiled. That made me wonder if he wasn’t actually feeling ill. Of course the second I left he screamed for 10mins until my mom went in there to carry him. Once again he stopped crying. Then he cried again for 15mins after she put him back down and finally passed out and slept till morning. I know sleep training rules don’t apply when baby is sick, but if baby is having a rough night and he might not be sick, do you still go in to comfort?
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2023.03.24 06:37 Intelligent-Wrap-346 lucid dream experiences?

does anyone have tips on how to control your lucid dreams better? I feel like it’s hard for me to control the dream and extremely draining. I end up going into sleep paralysis if I try too hard. When I experience sleep paralysis after a lucid dream, I’m halfway awake, but I won’t be able to open my eyes. My head will also kind of feel like it’s vibrating. I’ve learned how to wake up from sleep paralysis faster, but sometimes i’ll just keep slipping into new dreams until I’m able to wake up completely. The thing about these dreams is that because i’m halfway awake (I just can’t open my eyes), it’s like im watching a movie. I know im dreaming, but I have no place in the dream. Has anyone else experienced this?
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2023.03.24 06:36 littlekaguya1223 Is it too early to decide?

"Hindi ako magaanak"
Ayan ang sinasabi ko sa mga tao. All of them has the same answer.
"Masyado ka pang bata kaya mo sinasabi yan".
I explained to them the reason why. I took care of my little brother when i was 15yo. I experienced everything with my parents. It's so stressful tbh. Waking up with poop all over the bed, having him cry for hours, staying up late because he couldn't sleep, falling asleep and waking up on him making a mess, etc. I honestly have respect for single parents. These are so difficult to deal with for a long period of time. Now I'm at my promiscuous stage in life and I recently visited an Obgyne to consult on what types of BC i can take when I have PCOS. Doc said
"Usually mga pumupunta ditong may PCOS gustong magkaanak".
"Ako po, walang balak. Ayoko po talaga"
After that napapaisip ako recently ulet, am I really sure that I'm closing my uterus for babies? I am still young and who knows? Maybe Ill meet someone that I love enough for me to actually agree of being pregnant.
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2023.03.24 06:36 JosephPaulWall Questions about safety in a suboptimal rental charging situation

I want to purchase a Bolt EV soon and I want some input on whether my hypothetical charging setup would be safe.
I have a 14-30 dryer outlet that I want to use by plugging a switched splitter that forces only the dryer or the charger to be enabled (to completely eliminate the risk of running both at the same time), and then into that switch I'll be running a 50 foot extension cable, and into that I'll be plugging an EVSE that's hard limited to 16 amps, with probably a 20ish foot cable, as that's what all the decent EVSEs come with. The outlet is installed in a mobile home just a few feet from the breaker so the wire run in the wall is very short, and the extension cable will be a heavy duty 4 prong 10 gauge cable rated for 30 amps at 240v.
The dryer I'm using has a sticker on it saying that it requires a 30 amp cable, and it's been used safely on this outlet for years, so I'm assuming based on that, that the wiring and the outlet can handle 16 amp continuous just fine. Is that a bad assumption? I'm also hoping that the splitter, long extension cable, and the EVSE cable are okay over such a distance, but I'm thinking that limiting to a 16 amp charger (instead of going up to 24) would make it as safe as possible in this ridiculous scenario (that I can't change because it's a rental). Also the EVSE I'm looking at is UL certified, indoooutdoor capable, and from clipper creek, a reputable dealer afaik, if those things make any difference. All of the parts I'll be using are UL listed, actually.
Am I being careful enough? Is all of this enough precaution to safely charge a Chevy Bolt EV at 240v 16 amp, so I can replenish a 6 day 65 mile commute from just a mobile home's dryer outlet? If my calculations are correct I won't even need to leave it while I sleep, I should be able to get my commute back in my time after work at home, so I'll be right there for extra safety.
Feel free to tell me it's a bad idea and just wait 'till I can buy a house to buy an EV. I was just thinking that level 1 just isn't feasible for 65 miles 6 days with efficiency losses in winter, and it would definitely be less safe to use because I know these 120v outlets in this place are loose and have been repeatedly plugged and unplugged for years and could definitely overheat and catch fire from 10+ hours of charging from a slightly loose level 1 charger, whereas the dryer plug has been unplugged maybe 6 times total in its' lifespan, and is rated for almost double what I'll be asking from it, albeit traveling through a very very long run of extension cable. Using the switch will prevent future replugging and loosening of the 14-30 outlet, though, so the plugs should all stay secure.
What do you think? I didn't know this subreddit was here so I cross posted this but I'm assuming I'll get more specific responses here.
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2023.03.24 06:36 Particular_Brush7136 bro got suspended

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2023.03.24 06:36 Open_Profit_Close I had a dream that I was hanging out with Hasbullah

I’ve been taking some medication for sleep and anxiety lately and it’s been giving me crazy, vivid dreams that I’m able to remember in great detail. Last night I dreamed that I was hanging out with Hasbullah, and he had a huge mansion. We were sitting in some couches in the living room and suddenly Hasbullah started freaking out about something. I realized that his house was being raided by the FBI. Somehow I knew right where Hasbullah kept a safe full of fat stacks of money, and I had enough time to run there and grab some. Hasbullah was kinda mad but he still let me take it. I think he thought that at least someone should get to enjoy it. Then things got weirder. Out of no where, Andrew Tate was there, but it was like he had been hanging with us the whole time. He had a British a accent for some reason and he was like “You’re gonna need a Porsche!” He then threw me the keys to a Porsche. Everything almost paused for a second and in my dream I thought to myself, “wait, Andrew Tate isn’t British.” It was like someone hit the rewind button and that scene then replayed with his normal voice. I ran outside with the cash and key, somehow totally evading the FBI, and hopped in this White Porsche supercar. Finally, I drove off into the sunset, which is the only part that made sense to me. I think this dream was just a random combination of the memes, news, and shows/movies I’ve been watching, but what do you think? Any meaning I should take from this?
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2023.03.24 06:36 redditslayer95 I'm having palpitations right now..

Before anyone reads, I'm in the middle of an anxiety attack so everything in this post is everywhere and some words may be misspelled.
I think I know why too because the last time it happened I ate food that caused me to have a previous anxiety attack.
After I finish this I'm going to get some sleep so I will read any comments and make the necessary corrections to this post in the morning.
So anyway. I went across the street from work today to get some food from this "chicken spot" called Kennedy Chicken, I live in NYC, they're on every corner.
ALL of their food is super duper unhealthy. It's all deep fried foods. Chicken and mozzarella sticks is what I ate. They even gave me spoiled marinara sauce which I didn't eat because I noticed as soon as I opened the sauce container, the air pressure made the sauce fly everywhere on my hands and there were bubbles in it. I smelled it and it had an obvious spoiled smell to it like fermented tomatoes. 😖 I'm never eating from there again. EVER! And honestly I don't know how they're even still open.
It has been a while since I ate their food until today.
I've been trying to eat healthier foods. Even if I have to order out on days I don't pack my lunch at home, I choose a healthier option.
OR!!.. or..
It could be that I haven't been getting enough sleep since Monday. And everytime I feel the palpitations coming on, I always go to sleep and the next morning I feel better.
I've been to the ER multiple times for palpitations and they tell me it's due to stress and not enough sleep.
I work a full time job and I used up all my pto so it's difficult for me to take a day or two off for myself.
figuratively rips hair out
I hate working full time and I think I'm about to make a big sacrifice and go part time. Or maybe I just need to ride it out... I have so many financial issues right now that I can't do this anymore.
I want to move back home with my family.. but I don't have a car... I don't have money.... I need to buy at least a month's worth of food for 1 person (me) so I don't have to order out.
I don't have any idea how I've come this far and haven't ended up homeless.
At this point I'm rambling and I need a hug... but these are things I'm dealing with at the moment.
That food honestly tasted horrible though. 😕 I'm betting on my palpitations being caused by both lack of sleep and the fast food though.
I wish there was a way to get my rent lowered so that I can afford to pay all my bills properly... I might talk to my roommate about it and see what she says.
Okay.. if I have anything else left to talk about I'll make another post.
Thank you to anyone who decides to read this craziness!
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2023.03.24 06:34 PopTartAfficionado How to set boundaries that I don't want my spouse to be high around our kids

Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can help me get started on setting the boundary that I don't want my husband being around our kids if he is high. He is a heavy user of marijuana, and I am starting to realize that I have been too tolerant in the past. Today I had to handle a medical emergency for my baby that required me to take her to the ER, meaning my husband had to pick up our toddler from preschool and handle her alone until I got home several hours later.
When I got home I was really shaken up and exhausted from my experience being at the hospital with the baby, and my husband was just acting extremely goofy and strange. For example I was trying to put the baby to sleep and he was blasting the backstreet boys, singing along. I had to ask him to be quiet. The toddler was still up, over an hour past her usual bedtime and was eating popsicles watching cartoons. I was trying to explain to him what I went through and he was making really silly jokes, showing no concern for anything that happened or what I went thru, and when I told him he was upsetting me he started criticizing me saying I just need to chill out. I had taken the baby to the ER based on our pediatrician's instructions, and the doctors there confirmed I had done the right thing taking her in. My husband had tried to convince me it wasn't necessary and that I was overreacting and being crazy.
Anyway when I got home he was acting just giddy like a college kid on spring break. His energy felt really strange and offputting to me considering that the baby and I had just been thru a traumatic experience. I asked him if he had taken edibles and he said no but he had smoked a big joint on his way home from work (aka before picking our toddler up from school).
It has finally dawned on me. Why am I tolerating this? This is unsafe and inappropriate. How do I get started setting boundaries? I don't want my kids around this anymore. How do I protect them?
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2023.03.24 06:33 Wide-Helicopter8898 I can't get it right

I keep causing problems in my relationships and saying the wrong thing. I don't know how to be better, I'm so scared to leave and be alone. Sometimes I wish I just wouldn't wake up, I know I'm not able to hurt myself but just going to sleep forever feels like such a relief.
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2023.03.24 06:30 mcfucking BANK RUNS FOR DANK FUNS - BANS AND UPDATES

G'day cucks. I know most of you have a weekend of sleeping on the couch to look forward to, as your significant others have their partners, over so I won't keep you long. Let's get this post.

- Mod's have taken a suggestion on board from u/anticgt and had a discussion about it. Going forward we will be trialing Rule 12 - Count or Ban. The premise is simple: once you start counting for an announcement you can't stop. If you miss a day you'll be banned until the announcement is made OR 6 months. Whatever comes first. From now on if someone starts counting towards an announcement mods will give them the warning "'Hey u/xxx You have begun an indefinite count. You must now continue this process until the XYZ announcement takes place. Should you fail you'll be banned for 6 months or until XYZ announcement materializes..."
For now, it will be until the announcement happens OR 6 months, whatever comes first, but it may change in the future due to feedback and mod discussions.

- u/luner124 continues to be stalked by paparazzi

- There's been a few unsolicited referral links from a particular broker running a ~~ponzi~~ referral scheme recently. Posts for referral links will get shitcanned. Comments are a free-for-all for angry mob justice mass downvoting. We saw it previously when another broker ran theirs and we'll see it again. I have no problem if someone asks for one, but unsolicited is just annoying, especially when people are spamming it.

- u/MvTwo__ bet on the yanks shitting the bed risking a month ban for every 1%
- u/Effective-Control585 took the opposite side. That's a month for you.

- u/Far_Unit9020 saw the US tank, talk of bank failures and thought surelý the XJO will like this. You bet flat or green and we tanked 2%. That's 2 weeks for you.

- u/a380-king has bet IXR to announce mining license approval, and feasibility study before the end of March, or else a month in the SHU.
- u/high_frame_rates bet M24 will hit 35c at some point before the end of March. It's not looking great currently.
- u/High-in-melbourne has said HVY will be above 26c by end of April. They have more time, but at this moment, it's not looking great.
- u/PowerBottomBear92 bet on an IVZ price-sensitive announcement that failed to appear. Not to worry, Pepperidge Farm remembers

- u/SnooDonuts1536 has bet PLS to hit $2 within 6 months or a 1-month ban. Not content with their down ramping they also tried to make another ban bet. Remember to keep it to 1 at a time.

- u/Icy_Chain2075 suffering from PTLD post-traumatic lake disorder, bet LKE to $1 by end of year or it's goodbye permanently

- u/Big_Package2650 has bet EYE to be under 20c by end April or 1 month ban.

- u/MUKLUK forever untaggable bet AVZ to receive ML before March 20. That's 2 months off to think about your actions

Τι εννοείτε, η τράπεζα έχει ξεμείνει από χρήματα;
Αφερέγγυος? Έχετε μόνο αρκετά μετρητά για τους επόμενους τρεις πελάτες;
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2023.03.24 06:28 Deathly_Vader New MSI Alpha 15 not even 15 days old randomly reboots itself instead of sleep goes to shutdown and instead of shutdown goes to restart sometimes it's really frustrating.

New MSI Alpha 15 not even 15 days old randomly reboots itself instead of sleep goes to shutdown and instead of shutdown goes to restart sometimes it's really frustrating.
Please someone help 😭 I have tried few things from the web to fix it but nothing. Like disabilng automatically sleep after 3 minutes to never but still after few it gets shutdown instead of sleep. WTH it's not the case with my other laptop Lenovo IdeaPad s 145 but MSI damn . Not going into hibernation too sometimes hibernation works even sleep works but sometimes instead of sleep and hibernation it goes to restart. And sometimes when I click shutdown instead of that it goes to restart. What might be wrong ? How do I find logs something like that for diagnosing
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2023.03.24 06:28 Spare-Shine-151 What is it like to be an IIMian?

What is it like to be an IIMian?

![img](70cmg7irhmpa1 " Studying in an IIM is a dream for many in this country. The fact that an IIM degree will fetch huge paychecks, happening life, business meetings and suits, chauffeurs, CXOs, big brands, does hold a lot of significance. These fancy experiences are true and exists in real. But it comes at the cost of countless nights without sleep, nerve-breaking deadlines, late night assignments and a lot of hard work. At IIM, inside these walls, a different world exists where every individual is special in his/her way. Almost everything is available for the students including expert faculties, fancy hostel rooms, excellent food to never ending fun activities. Thus, to experience this, one has to crack CAT with excellent results. CAT is majorly about strategies; hence, you can get some bits of help from the following online portals as well: i. Physics Wallah ii. GMAT Club iii. Manhattan discussion form ")
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2023.03.24 06:28 tototatatiti Trying to find movie I saw as a child

Im trying to find a movie that i saw a scene from when i was really little. the scene was a guy dressed as santa, or maybe it really was santa, and he was driving around a snowy city at night. it looked like a kinda shitty city, maybe detriot. he sneaks into this apartment and tries to smother a guy sleeping with a pillow. the guy starts struggling and eventually santa grabs a star from the top of a tree i think and slits the guys throat when he sits up and gasps for breath. the movie looked kinda old, probably 80s. thats all i remember.
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2023.03.24 06:26 pdrlx Got a strange phone calls last night

Somebody from a UAE mobile number started to call me at 3:22am. I woke up looking at a unknown number and picked up the phone. A man was talking Arabic to me, what I did not understand. After I have asked why he is calling me in the middle of the night, he continued in Arabic. I dropped that call. Seconds later he called me again. Finally I turned my phone to fly mode and went back to sleep. He called me 4-5 times in total until 4am.
I am sure that this might be a typical scam but maybe someone can explain the scheme. Thank you
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2023.03.24 06:24 Character_Resolve657 Just my story. Think I need to talk bout it seance I’m been thinking bout it. Just a easy to cope, You don’t need to teals it or anything

So my life. Life hit its first bump at five. Dad got locked up. Got 3 to 15. Didn’t understand but I knew I wasn’t gonna get to see my hero. That triggered a chain reaction. At 7 I started lying and stealing. At 12 started smoking and doing other drugs. Dad got out by this time and I was sneaking out to him but mom was keeping me from him. Then be next bump hits. I get locked up. Not going to say why cuz I’m not going to lie to you. But I was locked up for 14 months. First little bit I thought I was hard but found out I wasn’t. Got my ass beat everyday. And from the streets I learned not to snitch but here if you do you get stabbed. So I took it. I knew how to take a punch and I’ve been in fight but not like this. I was always in punished there, always was doin shit to get in trouble. But I got my act straight and learned to fight better. One day they came up in the kitchen part while we were cleaning and I hit it the guy with a pan over the head. Still got my ass beat but didn’t happed again except a few fights. I gained respect. But I knew my place. I bettered myself. Read a lot. Got really good at chess. My body best ever. But I also found peace for the first time ever. I wasn’t always depressed but I never was particularly happy. But I found it. I had a routine, knew my place, some of the guards there I deemed family, and some of the other kids. This is four months in. The days felt like weeks but the weeks felt like days, if that makes sense. I got a job there folding the clothes and shit. We washed everything at the jail. But with that job I got radio headphones. First time I fell in love with music. I escaped with it. To listen I became amazing with my job. I handed out clothes before showers and I knew everyone’s size and it folded perfectly, I had a little more security in life. It felt good. Don’t get me wrong freedom is better but the the first time I was happy. Here’s the next bump. I have a neck pain I find. This is month 5. I wouldn’t find out this set me back for a year. Everyone was telling me it was a basketball injury but I knew it wasn’t. Find out I haven’t ha my final court date cuz they didn’t know what to do with me. My mom wouldn’t take me but wouldn’t let my dad take me. They finally put me in a low secure program.this is 6 months and 12 days in This is good and bad news. It was definitely a lot more freedom. I had a pillow. That was new. I had my own cloths. All to small cuz I grew a lot in 6 months. But they were mine. The doors were unlocked. There were couches. Uncomfortable af couches but they were couches. Still had to ask to get up, ask another human being to go to the bath room. That’s humiliating. But it was a upgrade. I have mris and shit for the neck and was in hella pain but nobody believed me. In the end they wet e going to press charges against my mom for child abandonment so she let my dad have me. Day one was like a acid trip. It was surreal. I had my own room.I could go to the bathroom when I wanted, get food when I wanted, sleep when I want, I had a dog. It was awesome. I still had a lot of pain and couldn’t turn my neck.well one day my dad got me a mri scheduled and I got it. The rushed me into a c coller and put me into a ambulance. We went to the bigger hospital and I was there for 21 days. I was told I have a tumor in my neck. The did a biopsy and turned out I had less then 6 months. That was awesome. I was 14 almost 15 at the time. I got wasted and high every day. Like fuck it. Mom took me back. Imagine that. Only reason I went back was for my siblings. I couldn’t leave them. I hadn’t seen them in two years. That was the hardest part. So I went there 50 50. It turned out the misdiagnosed me. But what I had was super rare. First person in my state to have it. It was a ini1- chardoma. They didn’t the best was to treat it but chemo was the way to go. They just didn’t know what ones were the most effective. I took it tho. And I reacted amazingly. Better then they thought. I had a chance of living now. Basketball was out of the picture now. I had to drop out of high school. But it is what it is. I went through and accepted death. One of my lowest points. High chance I move wrong one day and it on my spinal cord could paralyze me form the neck down and I die. I used to be suicidal and tried to take my own life at one point. I couldn’t care to a extent. I still valued life. I still had time with my siblings. That’s what counts. But I want afraid of it. I’ve been shot at before on multiple occasions. Saw my best friend get shot and killed. I had to decide wether to stop and get shot or keep running so I don’t die but by doing so leaving my friend. I left him. My biggest regret. I would of rather die trying to help him then hold the weight of his death. I put that life behind me. I had a lot of enemies. Couldn’t do to some places without the crew. But that’s the consequences of my actions. But what I’m saying I’ve looked at death in the eyes. Now it’s sitting next to me flirting. Almost fell for it tbh. But like I said I had people. I lived. I got surgery. Post surgery was the lowest point in my life. Not only couldn’t I go to the bathroom whenever I had to have people helps me. I lost all my rights again it felt like. I told myself I’ll die before I get locked up again. I was happy was so depressed there. But anyway. I lost basketball and I lost cross country. Recovery was hard. But I’m here now. 16 years old making hella money. I think it all worked out for me. Still have some minor bumps it nothing I can’t handle.
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2023.03.24 06:24 Henai1985 My personal view on GENKI Waveform ANC wireless earbuds

This is probably the only pair of wireless earbuds which boost unique features such as: - dualstream (allow users to connect to two different devices at the same time and stream audio from two different devices at the same time) - charging case with bluetooth transmitter (perfect for devices which do not have Bluetooth and of course in-flight entertainment system)
But at 199USD… it might not be for everyone
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2023.03.24 06:23 sun_kissed_baby Finally changing and healing from this toxic behavior

Finally at that point in my life after 1 year of exploring and having fun.
Kita naman sa previous posts ko what I've been up to the past year. I was one of those ladies na kahit nung college, strict sa sarili, guarded, strong boundaries, hindi bulakbol, and conservative. I had a moment last year that made me think, maybe it's time to put myself out there. So I did. I had hookups and FWBs na hindi tumatagal more than 3 months. I also tried dating seriously but hindi rin tumagal because the guy was a cheater. Another date naman akala ko totoo at seryoso pero secretly ang motibo is sex din. I immediately ended things with him.
I read some posts days ago about std, hiv, body counts, and relationships. These are the contents of those posts, and I thought to myself, holy fuck. I had a realization that I cannot explain, and it felt like I was thrown into a pool full of ice cold water. It was my wake up call that it's time to get my shit together. I practiced naman safe sex, I made sure to get tested regularly (thankful na clean and no findings), and I always kept my hygiene in check in that 1 year. I think another breaking point was when I told a friend that I'm finally changing my ways seriously and for good this time. Her answer?
"Sinabi mo na yan dati."
Made me realize that my most trusted friend can also doubt my ability to change, and it scared me shitless. I also thought about the cons of this lifestyle. Mas mahirap if I ended up on the wrong side of things. Besides that, the judgement or stigma that comes with it. I don't mind if I get judged for my activities because to each their own, because I made that decision. But in the long run, magiging healthy ba talaga ito for me? Will I really find true, honest, and happy connections?
It made me reflect, why am I doing this? What's the truth? I will keep my answers to that to myself, and my answers may differ from yours (or not, who knows). I posted last time as well that I finally have that inner peace and acceptance, but is it 100% if I still have a lifestyle that makes me question my ability to change? My worth?
I already eleted my tg, lessen my social media activity, and have been in touch with my real friends and connections. I have an fwb that I'm about to end when we talk again. It feels good, feels amazing to slowly get out of it. I'm doing this because I think it has been a toxic habit and activity sa sarili ko. Brings back insecurities, pain, loneliness, and trauma.
Btw, no judgement or personal attack on people who are in the hookup/fwb setup. I still support openness, sex positivity, and sex education. I am all for safe sex (kasi please wag tayo maging comfy and lenient). It's not bad to have fun basta careful ka and you're aware and you consent to whatever you are about to do.
This is just my experience and what I want to change with myself. I guess I'm here sharing this to see if anyone is alike, if anyone also went through this and can give their advice, if anyone can finally recognize that people like me can change. It won't be an easy way out obviously, but I've made up my mind.
Sarili ko muna. Time to get back on track.
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2023.03.24 06:23 Sure_Strawberry_3440 I have a young child with Autism

My husband and I just bought our first home last year, it is a row style home so we have neighbors on both sides of us.
We have a 4 year old child with autism. They are non verbal but that doesn't mean quiet. Often times her sleep schedule is off and I get woke up throughout most nights to the noise of her playing or banging her head on the wall, etc.
This evening she had a complete meltdown upon taking her to bed. She screamed at the top of her lungs for about 10 minutes before the neighbors started pounding on their wall. Of course this gets me feeling angry and frustrated.
The pounding on the walls from them just made my daughter scream even louder. At this point I'm shouting to the neighbors asking them what they expect me to do. They just continue pounding. I worry that someday it might escalate into them calling the police or CPS.
What would happen if they do? Would they take just the child with autism away? We have other kids, but they are old enough/ have the capacity to understand and control themselves.
With my youngest daughter, that is simply not always possible despite our best efforts. Of course the night time wakings are a stim thing. I usually just let her do her thing until she goes back to sleep. But I'm certain the neighbors can't stand it.
The meltdown.. I have no idea what brought it on tonight. The only thing out of the ordinary is one of her siblings went to stay the night with their cousin. Other than that, same old routine. After coming up into her room and tucked into bed, BOOM, instant meltdown. She's finally asleep.
There are so many people that take being neurotypical for granted and even more that simply do not understand or even acknowledge Autism.
I wouldn't change my daughter for the world but I would change the world for my daughter.
Has anyone ever had a similar situation happen? Where neighbors were not thrilled about living nextdoor to a child with special needs? What happened? Is there something that can be done? I could really use some advice, reassurance and perhaps some validation.
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2023.03.24 06:20 Cannabun Guess I'm headed to jail for being me?

-tries to not panic- tl;dr Did not ask to be a homeowner, didn't ask for any of my disabilities either, yet here I am. If you don't live in a corrupt "small city" (less than 5k residents) this might not make sense to you. I also have C-PTSD, so my need to feel safe is like a priority. Having an Officer lack the intelligence to understand that just because a neighbor cried to you on the phone that "cameras are scary" does not mean her cry session turns into a law... Tell everyone else to take their cameras down. This not so intelligent Officer is willing to turn a civil complaint into a criminal one, all because he "hates coming down here". And of course, the day of my psych appointment, the poor woman is sick :( I was soooooo looking forward to her advice. Yes, autistic/adhd folks can say big words too, maybe not correctly but we can spell it! I contacted thirty-nine lawyers, none are interested in pursuing, so I might just go Pro Se in small claims court. I did report the police to the US DOJ Civil Rights division. Wrote a new template, this time they'll want to embark on this journey with me? lol
"I implore you, with the utmost urgency and fervor, to provide your astute legal expertise and unyielding advocacy as I am relentlessly besieged by a nefarious campaign of harassment and discrimination orchestrated by the (City Redacted) Police Department in (City Redacted), (State Redacted). As a young (exact age redacted)-year-old adult grappling with a plethora of physical and mental health challenges, I face this abhorrent tempest of injustice with heightened anxiety, borne from the indelible scars of my childhood traumas. The insidious climate of political partisanship pervading the (City Redacted) Police Department obfuscates the truth and makes it nearly impossible to discern whether I am receiving fair treatment or being victimized due to my political affiliations. In 2018, a malevolent (City Redacted) City Councilman, incensed by my exposure of his embezzlement of over $40,000 from a local tri-state business in the 1990s, left a chilling death threat on my cellular voicemail. This reprehensible act should have disqualified him from public office. Yet, the (City Redacted) Police Department's audacious dismissal of my report, underscored by their mocking laughter, unambiguously displayed their blatant disregard for my safety, welfare, and very existence. The year 2023 has witnessed a nefarious resurgence of harassment by the (City Redacted) Police Department. In their latest stratagem, they seek to distort a civil neighbor dispute into a criminal matter, justifying their actions with the spurious claim of being "tired of coming out here." They have brandished their supposed authority to arrest me, labeling me a "nuisance" for the mere presence of three Amazon packages on my porch, whose cumulative weight surpasses my physical capabilities due to my debilitating disabilities.
My primary care physician has corroborated my struggle with Complex-PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, arachnoiditis, scoliosis, kyphosis, and limb length irregularities, which inflict agonizing pain in my hips. An advanced functional MRI has disclosed that my bones belie an age nine years advanced beyond my chronological age. Furthermore, I am assailed by a life-threatening Vitamin D deficiency, with my blood containing a paltry 5.6ug of Vitamin D, a stark contrast to the 30ug typically found in healthy males. My already formidable health challenges are intensified by a genetic disorder known as Mosaic 47 XXY Klinefelter's Syndrome. The pernicious consequences of the (City Redacted) Police Department's incessant harassment on my physical and mental well-being are magnified by the constant looming threat of their unannounced appearance at my doorstep to arrest me for any pretext. Their calculated targeting capitalizes on my vulnerability as a disabled individual devoid of a support network and stable employment, resulting in a flagrant violation of my constitutional rights under the First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendments. Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) explicitly prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities and requires public entities, including law enforcement agencies, to accommodate the needs of such individuals. The actions of the (City Redacted) Police Department not only contravene the ADA but also perpetuate a toxic culture of harassment and discrimination that has become utterly intolerable. In the face of these appalling circumstances, I entreat you with the utmost urgency to provide your legal assistance in redressing the violations of my rights and holding the (City Redacted) Police Department accountable for their reprehensible actions. If, however, you decline to render such assistance, I shall be forced to represent myself as a pro se litigant, undaunted in my pursuit of justice and determined to expose the systemic discrimination and harassment that has plagued my existence. The unscrupulous conduct of the (City Redacted) Police Department extends far beyond my own experience, insinuating a deep-seated pattern of prejudiced behavior that has, for too long, evaded scrutiny and reproach. I am but one among a multitude of victims ensnared in their web of misconduct, and it is imperative that we dismantle this pernicious structure to ensure the protection of our fundamental rights and liberties. This unyielding determination to seek retribution and restore my dignity is fueled by the hope that my actions may serve as a catalyst for change, inspiring others to stand against the oppressive machinations of the (City Redacted) Police Department and bring about a transformation that will foster a more just and equitable society for all.
In this arduous and grueling battle, your adept legal acumen and unwavering advocacy will be invaluable in navigating the labyrinthine complexities of the legal system and securing a favorable outcome that will not only vindicate my rights but also illuminate the path towards reform. My steadfast resolve is fortified by the knowledge that, together, we can confront the insidious specter of injustice and discrimination that has shrouded the (City Redacted) Police Department and usher in an era of accountability, transparency, and respect for the rule of law. I implore you, once more, to lend your formidable talents and unrelenting support to this critical endeavor, as we strive to dismantle the pernicious forces that have sought to undermine our collective dignity and erode the foundational principles upon which our nation was built. In the event that you decline to assist me in this noble pursuit, I will not falter or waver. As a pro se litigant, I will marshal all my resources and muster the indomitable spirit that has sustained me thus far to expose the truth, hold the (City Redacted) Police Department accountable, and initiate a process of healing and renewal that will reverberate throughout our community and beyond. The weight of this monumental undertaking is immense, and the stakes are higher than ever. However, with your esteemed guidance and unwavering support, we can triumph over adversity, confront the scourge of injustice, and restore faith in the institutions that have long been the bedrock of our society. It is with this fervent plea that I beseech your timely intervention and legal expertise in this matter of utmost importance, for the restoration of my rights, the pursuit of justice, and the realization of a more equitable future for all. As we embark upon this odyssey for justice, I am cognizant of the daunting challenges that await us. Yet, it is the very gravity of these obstacles that imparts a sense of urgency and purpose to our endeavors. In the face of adversity, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to uncover the truth, hold the (City Redacted) Police Department accountable, and vindicate the inalienable rights that are the cornerstone of our democracy. In the annals of history, it is often the most unyielding of struggles that engender the most profound and lasting transformations. We stand at the precipice of such a defining moment, poised to reshape the contours of our society and usher in a new era of equity, fairness, and justice for all. As I entrust my fate to your expert guidance and legal prowess, I am buoyed by the unwavering belief in the righteousness of our cause and the unshakable conviction that, together, we can surmount even the most formidable of challenges. It is through our collective efforts that we will ultimately prevail, securing not only the vindication of my rights but also the restoration of faith in the institutions that have long served as the guardians of our liberties. I implore you to join me in this momentous undertaking, lending your considerable expertise and indomitable spirit to our shared pursuit of justice. In the face of adversity, let us stand resolutely, united in our resolve to expose the insidious practices of the (City Redacted) Police Department and champion the cause of those who have been similarly victimized.
In the event that you are unable to offer your assistance, I will forge ahead undeterred, embracing the mantle of pro se litigant and marshaling all available resources in my quest for justice. Though the journey may be arduous and fraught with peril, I am undaunted by the prospect of navigating the treacherous terrain of the legal system, buoyed by the knowledge that my cause is just and my resolve unyielding. The struggle for justice is not a solitary endeavor, but rather a collective undertaking that transcends the bounds of individual experience and unites us in a shared pursuit of truth, accountability, and reform. As we gird ourselves for the battles that lie ahead, let us never lose sight of the higher purpose that guides our actions and imbues our efforts with meaning and significance. In the immortal words of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." As we join forces in this epic struggle for truth and justice, let us reaffirm our commitment to bend that arc ever closer to its ultimate destination, forging a more just and equitable future for ourselves and generations yet to come."
I'm so tired, I haven't been able to sleep for days because I'm scared they could show up at any time. My resting heart rate has been over 120 beats per minute for the last week, blood pressure is nuts, 155/110. My alprazolam, diazepam, clonazepam nor my Seroquel are equipped to handle this nonsense. Sadly, psych says I'm at the max for benzos, lame. 60mg diazepam for stress is like pointless. Sadly, our state doesn't understand the difference between addiction and physical dependency due to your disability. Asked for something to just knock me out for a while, and I got a "Hope you get through this." reply instead of a prescription #lovely lol. Okay, I'll shut up now, no one will probably read this anyways lol.
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