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2023.03.24 07:17 throwRA_boltingasap My (28f) husband (32m) is incredibly abusive. I had plans to leave and start over, but they got messed up and now I'm confused on what to do.

This is a throw away. Not sure if he knows my username but I don't wanna risk it.
My partner of 13 years is an abusive prick. It didn't happen immediately, it was a few years in to the relationship, but my dumbass stayed. So he kept doing it. The first time he hit me, I couldn't even move. Or breath. I just sat there in shock, with the words LEAVE. RUN AWAY. NEVER COME BACK!!! Just screaming at me in my head. But I couldn't move. My legs just wouldn't listen to me. And then I just ended up breaking down and crying uncontrollably, having a severe panic attack where I legitimately was not able to breath. Well that scared him or something, I guess, idfk, and he tried to comfort me. Hold me and calm me down. And then once I settled down, he started crying, how guilty he felt, he feels so bad, etc. And I fell for it. I comforted him. I comforted the man who had just given me a black eye. I told him it was okay. And I've hated myself ever since. Can't even look at myself sometimes. And then from then on, it's happened more and more, more often now. I've had black eyes. He busted my scalp open once with a gun. Luckily, there are no longer any firearms in the house. I had an accident years ago and still have problems with my hip, it locks up sometimes if I lay on that side too long. He knows this and has intentionally tried to hurt me in that particular spot.
The verbal abusive is way more common and can even be more helpful. He knows every single insecurity you have. He know exactly what to say to hurt you the most, and he'll say it just to hurt you. Things I've begged him before to not talk about. He's bipolar and has a severe anger issue, and the verbal abuse is just about a daily occurrence. I wake up every single day terrified of what mood he will be in. When he hit my dog, my sweet, beautiful, most perfect girl in the world, Hazel, I promised her I'd get us out. And I intended to keep that promise.
He's never let me work, at least not enough to support myself full time. We have no children, thankfully, just the dog, who I will 100 percent be taking with me. I mostly just babysit or dog walk for the neighbors sometimes. I set up some of the money transfer apps for myself and got debit cards for them that I had shipped to a neighbor, that I knew would come bring them to me when she got them and he was at work. So he doesn't know about those. So I started stashing money away. $10-20 at a time. My sister lives 7.5 hours away, and has a room for me and can get me a full time job with her. The car is solely in my name, so he can't stop me from taking it. So, I saved up enough to put enough gas in the car for the drive with a little extra to live on while I start working and get settled. My sister is in a really bad financial situation too after a break up and could really use the help with the rent and such. I had everything planned out. I was gonna leave and never look back on Monday morning. He works from home mostly, but has to go in to the office on Monday. It's my only chance for idk how long.
And then Hazel got sick. She required surgery, she was having severe kidney issues and her vet was preparing me for the worst. But I couldn't NOT try. After all the times she's protected me. Thrown herself in between us and taken hits meant for me. How could I abandon her or not take care of her after she's saved my life?? He was choking me so hard one day, I genuinely thought okay well this is it. And she bit him. And he stopped. He took his rage out on her, and you know that scene in Avatar The Last Airbender when Aang realizes Appa is gone, and finds out the sand benders muzzled him? And he goes full on avatar state? Yeah. That's what happened with me. Every single ounce of strength I had came out and I knocked him down. But it was worth it. Anyway. Saving her wiped out every bit of money I had saved, except for like ten bucks. I can't go. I can't out the gas in my car. I can't get a bus ticket. I don't have a credit card, I ruined my credit at 18 and am only now working on it now. I have nothing to pawn or sell. I got a smart TV from my mom for Christmas but it's not a nice one or something, just a small 24inch off brand one, but I've posted it on fb marketplace for like $50. But that won't cover the gas. It would get me further, though. That's IF I sell it. My sister can't help, she needs me to help her out when I get there. Mom is on a very fixed income, and barely covers her own expenses. That's it as far as family. I don't have many friends at all. But I have asked. I either got ghosted or told no. I can't donate plasma. Idk what to do. I can't wait months again. I can't stand it. But I have no where to go but my sister's house. What can I do?????
Tldr had a plan to leave my husband and now it's not happy and I have no idea what to do
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2023.03.24 07:16 JyotiAmbulance1 Safest ,Fastest and Economical Air Ambulance services

With the Help of Jyoti Ambulance Service in Delhi You could be safely transferred from a foreign medical facility to a local medical facility by way of an air Ambulance service in Delhi. Your safe return home is ensured by the bedside-to-bed service provided by your medical assistance team. The clinical gathering can likewise supply clinical help while going on an outing.
If you are hurt or hospitalized while traveling abroad, you or a family member can immediately Can call the Ambulance Service in Delhi fix to arrange transportation home. Having their number with you will positively work with this methodology. The Jyoti Ambulance company could handle communication between your family, medical professionals, insurance company, airport terminals, and healthcare facility properties.
How an Air Ambulance Service Can Safely Transfer You From One Location to Another An Air Ambulance service in Delhi can safely transfer you from a foreign hospital to a local healthcare facility. Your risk-free transportation back home is guaranteed by your medical assistance team's bedside-to-bedside fix. While on vacation, the medical team can also provide medical assistance.
On the off chance that you are hurt or hospitalized while you are voyaging abroad, you or an individual from the family can call the air rescue vehicle administration directly to coordinate transportation home. Having their phone number on hand will undoubtedly make this process easier. The interaction between the residences of the healthcare facility, physicians, insurance company, flight terminals, and your family could be managed by Jyoti Ambulance company.
Include the number of an Jyoti Ambulance company in your emergency call list when planning your trip abroad. Air ambulance crews can quickly and safely prepare to take you back home if you get hurt or sick while traveling.
A problem could arise if a health issue arises while traveling, especially to another country. Do you know what to do if you or a loved one gets sick or hurt while on vacation? Ambulance Service in Delhi offer medical flights, which have the potential to successfully transport patients to safe locations for treatment. The number of providers of air ambulance services has increased recently, and you can find them in the Yellow Pages or online by searching for "air ambulance" or "medical trips."
A little preparation can go a long way. Look for Ambulance Service in Delhi that will take care of all of the details for you and will work with your insurance company to efficiently refine the case.
There are a number of factors that can influence the cost of an air ambulance ride. Examine the online rates carefully and ask questions about the total cost. You must absolutely request an itemized quote if one has not been provided to you.

Medical transportation with the help of air ambulance

By transporting patients to and from medical facilities, hospitals, and other areas that are prone to accidents, ambulances play a crucial role in saving lives. Air medical evacuation services have been established by a number of organizations and businesses for individuals who absolutely require immediate transportation. You will have access to both domestic and international air services, as well as specialists to treat patients. It is possible to provide bed-to-bed services to severely ill patients. Depending on the condition, the individual may receive high specialization and treatment.
The need for an air ambulance Jyoti Ambulance is providing emergency aircraft can transport a wide range of patients to any location. You can get good transportation from your home to the hospitals that are closest to you from Ambulance Service in Delhi . After the treatment is over, patients will be transported in a variety of ways. Depending on the circumstances, the individuals in charge of the patients will take care of their movement. You need to check to see if the ambulance drivers have the necessary equipment to provide first aid and subsequent treatment. In the event of an emergency, a member with certification and expertise will be on hand in the vehicle. During the transportation, additional medical personnel, including physicians, paramedics, and nurses, should be present in the air vehicle.
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2023.03.24 07:15 aaddriiannaa I lost my soul cat traumatically this morning…

And I am not doing well. I feel like I was robbed of time with him. He just turned 13, but honestly was in such great shape and so active you would never know..He was relatively healthy with any health concerns very under control. When he was 2, Mr. Mits had a double Pu surgery- an original and a revision. He lived a very normal life after. Last winter he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Which he was taking his medication daily and handling it very well. This morning we got up with my husband, he took his meds, ate his breakfast and we went back to sleep. I woke up and heard him in the litter.. it seems like after that he went in our bathroom where we kept his food bowl on the counter.. I heard a horrifying blood curdling meow, and found him on the floor gasping for air. I knew what was happening immediately. I got on the floor with him and cleared an airway because I thought perhaps he was choking. It did not work. He was still struggling and I was begging him to stay. I scooped him in my arms and rushed him to the vet. He did not make it there. He passed away when we were 30 seconds away. The whole thing happened fast, no longer then 5-10 minutes. They think he either passed a blood clot or had a heart attack - which is an increased risk in cats with hyperthyroidism.
I am not handling it well. I am so angry at the universe. Last night and this morning he was so full of life without any signs of anything wrong and suddenly he was gone. In my head I’m desperate to make it make sense.
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2023.03.24 07:15 ProfessionalGuess251 Blank Dialogue boxes and corrupt savegames

I've encountered a couple of issues in this load order that have me puzzled. My dialogue boxes are now showing up blank without any text. The order issue is that I'm constantly getting corrupted savegames both of the fake variety and the real ones too. Any insight into what might be doing it is greatly appreciated.
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
Enhanced Landscapes.esp
Lux - Resources.esp
Lux Via.esp
Sailable Ship.esm
Gray Fox Cowl.esm
Lux - Master plugin.esm
Smooth Weapon.esm
Expressive Facegen Morphs.esl
Immersive Sounds - Compendium.esp
Immersive Wenches.esp
EVE - Barrels with Physics VR.esp
ELFX - Exteriors.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp
Lux Via - Brighter lighting patch.esp
Lux Via - plugin.esp
Helgen Reborn.esp
Hand Placed Enemies.esp
SoS - The Wilds.esp
Embers XD.esp
Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul.esp
Hidden Hideouts of Skyrim - Merged.esp
Lux Via - Whiterun Market patch.esp
Sea of Spirits.esp
TES Blackmoor.esp
Tes Arena NorthKeep.esp
Tes Pagran Village.esp
Skyrim Dreams & Nightmares(Personalized Music plugin).esp
New Falmer Statue fixes.esp
Tes Arena Nimalten.esp
Lore Friendly Entheogens.esp
Morning Fogs SSE.esp
Unmarked Locations Pack.esp
Tes Vernim Wood.esp
TES Arena Amol.esp
True Thane.esp
TES DunstadGrove.esp
Wyvern Parish.esp
3DNPC TKAA Patch.esp
Helgen Reborn TKAA Patch.esp
Jebbalon's Feeding Predators.esp
Guard Dialogue Overhaul.esp
The Miracle of Flight.esp
[Predator] Ancient Robes.esp
COR_TheEyesOfBeauty_Compability Patch.esp
COR_Improved_Eyes_Skyrim_Compability Patch.esp
COR_Brows_Compatibility Patch.esp
COR - Teeth Patch SSE.esp
Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visuals.esp
Embers XD - Fire Magick Add-On.esp
Improved Eyes Skyrim - Serana.esp
Improved Eyes Skyrim - Vamp.esp
Improved Eyes Skyrim.esp
KS Hairdo's.esp
Nord Tribal Armor.esp
Veydosebrom Regions.esp
EmbersXD-Campfire Patch.esp
Book 'Em.esp
(SGC) SkySA.esp
Disable Turn Animation.esp
Smooth Animation.esp
Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim.esp
Fast Sprinting 10%.esp
VioLens SE.esp
Cinematic Sprint.esp
Mord Sith Cara.esp
Red Samurai.esp
Jinxxed Followers - Samus.esp
Cloaks&Capes SMP.esp
Rings of Power.esp
Breton Apparel - Imperial Renaissance.esp
Clothes Pack 4 by DonEb14n.esp
DX Pornstar SE.esp
[Zynx] Sexy Transparent Swimsuits.esp
Veil Recoloring.esp
[Vera]Cat Woman Suit.esp
Skyrim Tropical Style Suit (UNPB Standalone).esp
Tes Granite Hall.esp
TKAA Wild Child.esp
Ars Metallica.esp
Merta Assassin Armor.esp
Convenient Horses Special Edition Patch.esp
Followers Stay Close.esp
Jinxxed Followers - Sand Snake Sisters.esp
Bandit Lines Expansion.esp
Merta Black Rose Armor.esp
Immersive Diseases.esp
Purchaseable Store-Display-Items.esp
Simply Rest Anywhere.esp
At Your Own Pace - Main Quest.esp
Sexy Female Bandits.esp
Spaghetti's Cities - AIO.esp
Snowberry Lodge.esp
Reich Corigate.esp
Solitude Skyway SE.esp
bonfires of skyrim.esp
Imperial Armors and Weapons Retexture SE - Falx Carius.esp
Imperial Armors and Weapons Retexture SE - Penitus Pants.esp
DIbella's Blessing.esp
Toccata as Elisif.esp
Seraphim - PrettyCourier.esp
Race Compatibility Dialogue - Bandit Lines Expansion.esp
GR123 Knights Templar.esp
Recorder Follower Base.esp
Horses Gone Wild.esp
Haem Projects Basalt.esp
notice board.esp
ForgottenCity TKAA Patch.esp
Convenient Horses.esp
Kinky Inn.esp
Lux Via - Riverwood covered bridge patch.esp
Lux Via - Enhanced Landscape patch.esp
magic of the magna-ge.esp
Landscape For Grass mods - Helgen Reborn Patch.esp
Harem 2 AIO Armored.esp
Embers XD - Patch - ELFX.esp
Sotteta Huntress Armor.esp
Jinxxed Followers - Elvira.esp
Sparky Dog Follower.esp
JVBlack's Griffin.esp
Embers XD - Patch - ELFX Exteriors.esp
LOI - Loads Of Ingots.esp
My Home Is Your Home.esp
MHIYH - BedPatchPackageFac.esp
DVLaSS Skyrim Underside.esp
Sidequests of Skyrim.esp
Book Of Shadows.esp
dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp
dD-Larger Splatter Size.esp
dD-No Spinning Death Animation.esp
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
Odin - Ordinator Compatibility Patch.esp
Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
MMX452 Alternate Starts.esp
Alternate Start -- New Beginnings.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass mods - Alternate start Locations.esp
Lux - Water for ENB patch.esp
Lux - CC Fish patch.esp
Lux - Embers XD patch.esp
Lux - Live Another Life patch.esp
Lux - USSEP patch.esp
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2023.03.24 07:15 sunrisecoffeemug I just had an experience with someone who has epilepsy and short-term memory loss

She's an airbnb host so I booked a room in her apartment for two days. She was having some stress about her lawyers in the morning so I decided to leave her place because I just didn't want to feel her stress in my body. I left a dear plate I have carried for so many months in my luggage while traveling and thought "why not, I'll let her keep it." She also mentioned she suffers from short-term memory loss and clearly suffers from emotional regulation issues too. She also texts with misspelled words and misuses punctuation.
What's odd is that she accused me of stealing a plate, when I gave her a plate for free. I've never met someone like this before. It sounds like her epilepsy and short-term memory loss is almost fear-based? I want to know what to do in case I am accused of taking a plate that I didn't and potentially losing my airbnb account. How can I be more understanding?
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2023.03.24 07:14 Winelover123 It gets better.

This is for anyone who asks - does it get better?
I can’t speak for everyone when I say this and I know for some people, it truly doesn’t get better. I want to let you know that it’s completely okay to still feel the way that you do. This is for the ones with young children who ask “does it get better in age” My answer is, yes!
I thought my life was over for years. I hated waking up every morning, cried every single day and wished this wasn’t my life. I loved my children more than life itself, BUT I was so exhausted, mentally and physically drained for the first few years of their life that I couldn’t imagine it getting any better.
My oldest is turning 5 this year and youngest is 2. Yes, it’s still exhausting and yes, it’s still hard but it’s not as difficult as it was for me when they were younger. I look at them and that regret is completely gone. I find myself enjoying spending with them, cherishing these moments and being truly happy.
Like I said, I can’t speak for everyone here and young children can be so emotionally draining, overwhelming and much more but I hope this gives some hope to the ones needing it.
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2023.03.24 07:14 Angry_Aries9965 Research dilemma/nightmare — please advise

Research nightmare/dilemma
Hey all, hoping to get a few objective perspectives on this:
Situation — I was working on a research project through a highly competitive subspecialty dept at my home institution’s hospital. This isn’t my first clinical research project with them, and overall I’ve had a good experience with our group. They’ve taught me a lot and I’ve managed to get a few pubs from my work here and a handful of first authorships, so I’m overall really happy with this relationship/set up.
The project in question was going well until an upperclassman was added to it, and was essentially out in charge. He is probably one of the most inflexible and unprofessional people I’ve ever had to work with. I tend to get along with most people and I have a pretty long fuse after years of working in retail and as an ER tech, but this person began rattling off demands as soon as he was added to the project. I’m fairly convinced he didn’t read the proposal, nor have a full grasp of what we are trying to accomplish. It’s been nearly two years of the most irrational/erratic demands + he tends to drop off the face of the earth for months at a time (no response to email or phone/text followup for at least 3-8 months in most cases) until he finds a deadline that is 24-48 hours away and pushes for same day meetings plus a fully edited and finished manuscript that is “publishable asap”…
He’s done this at least three times now. I’ve spoken with the PI who, not only informed me he was no longer supervising the project (surprise for me), but also said he “recommended a change in leadership of this project”.
Today this student texted the four of us on the project at ~10:45/11pm after being MIA and unresponsive for > 8 months, opening with “sorry I’ve been busy with other projects”, and giving us a totally new hypothesis/trajectory for the project — again, he wants a full finished manuscript within 48 hours. He assigned me 3 sections and is “requesting” a 3-4 paragraph minimum per section. Now, I’m in dedicated at the moment, I let him know in a separate chat, which he obviously dismissed, and he tried to make it seem like I’m being unreasonable for requesting a more realistic submission deadline. I’m honestly not starving for research, and I’m leaning toward dropping this project tomorrow morning because not only do I find this behavior wildly unprofessional/disrespectful, but I have to prioritize passing this exam over a paper that’s going absolutely nowhere.
I tried reasoning with him tonight, and he’s just doubling down on his demands. Additionally, the goal/direction/leadership of this paper keeps changing hands so we (myself and the other preclinical students) keep getting conflicting feedback on the lit review/outlines that we do have.
Just wanted to get an idea if this is a universal experience and if I’m being unreasonable or not — a few friends outside of med school suggested I “suck it up” just in case it works out.
Now, I’m fully aware that the medical field is paved by taking your licks and “sucking it up” for a potential pay off layer on — that’s fine (ish) I get that it happens in every industry, but at this level? Peer to peer? Am I wrong for thinking that’s just obnoxious and ridiculous?
Feel free to be candid, if I’m out of line I’d rather know before committing professional suicide lol (plus this is a throwaway account). Thanks in advance if you’ve made it this far.
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2023.03.24 07:14 PossibilityAlone8783 Auto Claim Help

Hi! I retroactively put in a claim for an accident I was in January of last year in July of 2022. I did not know I could have my insurance cover the cost of repairs (USAA towed me to a shop and did not reach back out to me). After months of phone/chat tag I finally got on the phone with a claims adjuster on 03/23. I literally had no update on my claim and all details of it were removed from my account.
The agent informed me that the previous adjuster (who was removed from my case the day after I filed it) sent the info I had to a different department and they rejected my claim because I did not have photos showing the damage to my vehicle. I was quoted about $1.4k and my front tire popped off/axle needed to be replaced. I have an invoice from the repair shop with an itemized list breaking down the cost, which I sent to USAA. When I asked how it was possible they couldn’t reimburse me even a percentage of the cost, the agent got snippy and stated, “You need to take photos of the damage. It is in your policy packet sent out every 6 months.”
I was going to let this go, but I just checked my policy from Jan. 2022 and it states nothing about photos needing to be sent in with a claim. This was the first accident I got in where the car broke down and I did not know what to do.
Can anyone offer any advice on what I can do to fight their decision? I want to call back and point out that my old policy does not mention photo evidence as a stipulation for reimbursement. Which department should I call and/or who should I ask to speak with?
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2023.03.24 07:13 wallowsstanaccount Lonely male cat

We are college students and he (11 month old male) is usually alone from morning till late at night. We’ve only had him for two months. I’m worried he is lonely. Especially because we got him from a multiple cat household. i just had the opportunity to get another male cat (8 month old) but this cat was the only one in his household for like 5 months. Idk how it will react to another cat. I’m just worried this would be a big mistake and our cat will end up getting injured. I need advice on what to do. Another issue is the fact that my roommate might take him when she’s moving away for a few months for an internship. so i’d be left with the second cat and idk if that’ll cause depression for both of them if they’re bonded by then. idk if it’ll be better to leave our cat as a single cat.
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2023.03.24 07:13 throwtheawa7 Not even a single friend remembered my b'day

Yes, as the title says...
Today was my birthday but nobody wished me. I was, am never a person to get offend by not getting wishes or if anyone remembers it or not. I know people are very busy in their own life. Its very hard to remember sometimes.
But i felt so hurt, i dont know why, maybe cause i always remember theirs and made personal gift cards and music edits of our pictures.
Don't get me wrong i dont want any of it back. I just hoped they remembered it. We are friends for more than 10 years. So i felt very betrayed somewhat.
I even wished them in the morning about a cultural festival. They all replied but still nobody wished me lol.
I don't know if i should laugh at my situation or be sad. Nonetheless just wanted to get it off my chest.
Have a great day everyone ❤️ & Happy birthday to all those who we share this day with.
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2023.03.24 07:13 carrot_gg Scammed by If your order was never shipped like mine, please report them to Shopify.

I made a purchase on on March 11th. As of today, my order has not yet shipped. USPS shows the tracking status a "Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item", which means that only a label has been generated. I tried contacting them through their contact form twice and have got no response.
On March 21st, I decided to join their Discord server and once I posted my complaint on the general chat channel, I was contacted by the owner Chris Malson. He told me that my order was delayed because of surgery and he assured me that my order would be shipped the next day. I believed him and wished him well.
The next day, March 22nd, USPS status still shows as "Pre-Shipment". I contacted Chris Malson again on Discord and he told me "that is weird. If there is not a tracking by tomorrow morning, I will talk to me usps bc it is in their hands at the moment".
Today, March 23rd, the order has still not shipped. Once again I contacted Chris Malson on Discord about this to which he only replied "Let me check up on that for you." and I never heard from him again.
At this point I have accepted that I was scammed by but wanted to post this as a cautionary tale from anyone thinking of doing business with them. Since I posted my initial complaint on their Discord general chat, I was contacted by 2 other people asking me if I had requested a chargeback from my bank, since they have not received their orders as well.
If you have also been scammed by LoobedSwitches, please issue a chargeback with your credit card company and, most importantly, report their store with Shopify at the following link: If enough affected customers do this, Shopify might take action and suspend their merchant account.
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2023.03.24 07:11 Naive_Peak_2490 Top 5 Overrated & 5 Underrated Brawlers (IMO)

Note: This is based on Power League, and are in my personal opinions as a Mythic player.
  1. Chester: No idea why players still pick him, he's not that good in any game modes, Even tho he can handle tanks and some mid range brawlers, there's a lot more options better than him like Gus and Janet.
  2. Jessie: Yes, players still pick Jessie. She's even worse than Chester, her turret can be easily shredded if not placed correctly, and she suffers from the aggressive brawlers like stu, Sam, ash and Max. She has no way of protecting herself from those brawlers.
  3. Bibi: Surge, El Primo, Stu and bea are just a few brawlers that would thrash Bibi, there's just way too many of her counters that are meta. Plus there are way better tanks that can do a better job, like buzz, Sam and ash.
  4. Carl: Now I know Carl is pretty decent in the meta, but players just take Carl as their first or second pick. Even tho he's good, he still has his counters like Surge, Buzz and basically any brawlers that can knock him out of his super so it's best to take him as a last or even fifth pick.
  5. Colt: Right now he's suffering because of indestructible walls, and plus his a High Skill brawler. Throwers would just bully him, and since his shots are very hard to hit, the aggressive brawlers would just bully him some more throughout the match. Plus if your opponent is more experienced and know how to dodge Colt's shots, it game over.
  1. Gus: He's really good in multiple game modes like Knockout, Bounty, Gem Grab and even Hot zone. He can handle tanks just as well as he can handle those long range brawlers. He can really carry the game sometimes if you play him right.
  2. 8 Bit: He's a really good mid in Gem Grab (Hard Rock Mine) and Heist (Safe Zone and Kaboom Canyon), Really good DMG, very tank and has a star power to help with his slow movement speed, a gadget to get him out of trouble, overall a great mid lane brawler. Just watch for Bea.
  3. Bonnie: I'm really surprised that barely anyone picks her, she's basically a terrorist on most heist maps, great assassin in Knockout, super tanky, and has a huge burst damage in her second form, long range in her first form to deal with the long range brawlers, she way too good to be this underrated. Just watch out for Bea and Collete, cuz they counter her.
  4. Janet: Can you believe that throughout all my games in mythic, I haven't seen Janet? It amazes me cuz Janet is arguably the best controller brawler in the game, her super basically makes her untouchable, unstoppable and Unpredictable. She can use her super to go aggressive and push back the enemies or go to her teams base with all the gems, she can even assassinate players by landing on them and two taps them (If the enemy is low heath). Has a gadget that prevents enemies from healing, she good in Gem Grab, Hot Zone, and even bounty.
  5. Otis: Has a super that can prevent a brawler from attacking, using it's super, nor Gadgets and there you have a tanks nightmare. He counters the meta tanks like Sam, ash, El Primo and buzz. Has a gadget that's great for taking out totems behind wall, has a star power that increases his ammo, and can handle those mid range brawlers pretty easily, he's great in Knockout, Gem Grab and Brawl Ball.
Some Honourable mentions for Underrated:
Lou, Fang (As Last or Fifth pick), Meg, Grey, Squeak and Lola.
Some Honourable mentions for Overrated:
Mortis and Edgar.
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2023.03.24 07:11 carrot_gg Scammed by If your order was never shipped like mine, please report them to Shopify.

I made a purchase on on March 11th. As of today, my order has not yet shipped. USPS shows the tracking status a "Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item", which means that only a label has been generated. I tried contacting them through their contact form twice and have got no response.
On March 21st, I decided to join their Discord server and once I posted my complaint on the general chat channel, I was contacted by the owner Chris Malson. He told me that my order was delayed because of surgery and he assured me that my order would be shipped the next day. I believed him and wished him well.
The next day, March 22nd, USPS status still shows as "Pre-Shipment". I contacted Chris Malson again on Discord and he told me "that is weird. If there is not a tracking by tomorrow morning, I will talk to me usps bc it is in their hands at the moment".
Today, March 23rd, the order has still not shipped. Once again I contacted Chris Malson on Discord about this to which he only replied "Let me check up on that for you." and I never heard from him again.
At this point I have accepted that I was scammed by but wanted to post this as a cautionary tale from anyone thinking of doing business with them. Since I posted my initial complaint on their Discord general chat, I was contacted by 2 other people asking me if I had requested a chargeback from my bank, since they have not received their orders as well.
If you have also been scammed by LoobedSwitches, please issue a chargeback with your credit card company and, most importantly, report their store with Shopify at the following link: If enough affected customers do this, Shopify might take action and suspend their merchant account.
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2023.03.24 07:11 ajaktowings Where can I find towing services in Atlanta GA?

Where can I find towing services in Atlanta GA?
You’re driving down a Georgia highway when suddenly your car starts making strange noises and eventually comes to a complete stop. Or worse yet, you get into an accident, and your car is no longer drivable. What do you do next? In this situation, having a trusted towing service on speed dial comes in handy. Roadside emergencies come unannounced, and when they do, having a reliable towing service can be a lifesaver. In this article, you will explore the reasons why you should have a trusted towing service in Georgia on speed dial and how they can assist you during a roadside emergency. Read more:
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2023.03.24 07:11 ProfessionalThick521 Sudden wasp infestation in the house

I live in the US. A few days ago, I saw a wasp in my living room. Killed it and didn't think much of it after that, but starting today I've been seeing them non-stop. Killed one in my bedroom this morning, killed one in my bathroom this evening, and just now killed one in the hallway connecting those two rooms. I've never had this problem in this house before, in fact I don't think I've ever seen a wasp inside this house to begin with. I did recently bring in an old, nasty, and smelly guitar speaker cabinet that I got off of some dude for dirt cheap, so I'm thinking there could be a nest in there somewhere. Just in case, I rolled it outside a moment ago. If the wasps stop appearing after this then I guess my problem's solved, but if not then what steps should I take next? I thoroughly searched every nook and cranny of the house for a nest and didn't find the slightest sign of one, and I also sealed up all of the holes that I thought they could be coming in from. Is there anything else I can do if this keeps happening, or should I just bite the bullet and call pest control?
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2023.03.24 07:11 phantom_eyelash After two interviews, company requested a 4 hour on site interview, set a date for interview and requested time off from my current job for it, got ghosted. How to follow up from this?

I had a 30 min phone screen and then a one hour video panel with 4-5 staff/supervisors for an analyst job at a hospital. I followed up after the video panel re-expressing thanking everyone for their time and reiterating my interest for the role. I was then immediately invited for a 4 hour on site interview.
The hiring manager threw out a date in the middle of the week the following week but seeing as this wasn't enough time to request a half day off of work, I proposed the week after and we agreed. My interview was officially scheduled to be Wednesday morning and I stated that I would reach out early that week to coordinate specifics like exactly what time we would meet and exactly where in the hospital I should arrive.
When I emailed the hiring manager Tuesday morning, I didn't hear back. By Tuesday night I already knew I was being ghosted so I wasn't planning on going to the interview, how could I just show up with no clue who I was supposed to meet with, what time, and where?
I still haven't heard a thing from them. I know common rhetoric is for job seekers to follow up via email or phone call if they get ghosted, but I feel like those are instances in which they're following up in an ambiguous situation (no next steps were confirmed or scheduled, just reaching out because it's been silent for awhile).
In a situation like mine where my time was completely disrespected, a scheduled event was blatantly blown off, I'm not sure if I should follow up, and how I should word my follow up considering I need to address what they've done. I have no qualms about burning bridges with this institution as I'm certain I don't want to work for a place that treats its prospective candidates like this. Ghosting after saying "we'll follow up in a few weeks" is one thing, but ghosting after making the candidate request time off work to come on site for half a day is another. I'm torn between sending a scathing but professional email or just genuinely benignly following up (which feels pathetic honestly, I feel like I need to address how disrespectful this was).

Any advice?
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2023.03.24 07:11 Immediate_Net513 Fresh out of the ovenSingle and heartbroken.

Two days ago, I broke up with someone I've had the best relationship with. It was a fairy tale that ended because of a very sad event in our lives. And because we were not on the same page about how to go through the dramatic change. He did not talk to me about his worries about our relationship. That made his romantic love fade away with each day, however he had hope that things will get better once the life is more stable and solid. He did not take direct action to fix things on his side tho. I did all the “lets talk about us”. Right until I couldn't do it anymore.
We said our goodbye yesterday. Around 6 hours of talking, crying, laughing, remembering happy times. Best breakup I've had after a serious relationship. We want to be friends. Not sure how to be friends if I am in so much pain right now. After the goodbyes I felt sad but calm.
A new morning - and I burst out crying in a street on my way to the hotel. I have a headache, my mouth, lips and my throat hurt because I cry so loudly. If feels like my body has been turned inside out, and left to sit there in cold wind. I know I shouldn't drink or smoke. I do not want that. I do not even want to eat.
I am alone very very far from home. We came here together. Now I do not know of we can leave together. Neither of us have homes cause our home is physically unsafe.
I have no other friends here and I do not know what to do to make this transition to being single as smooth as possible. I've met ppl. But those are just charting and chilling. Plus everybody gets high where I am now. I need someone to be near me not online. And I can't go back home right away : 1) it is unsafe 2) it is expensive 3) I am not ready to get on a plane alone. Don't want to spend 10+ flight crying because I am alone and it would be my first flight solo.
This is my third serious relationship. But I have never been 100% alone in between relationships. Since 2016. Fuck. How do I learn to be single? I am writing this because I am desperate. I read articles “how to get over the ex if you still love them” because I fucking do! We broke up because I was hurting because he did not love me as I loved him. And I know this was a right decision. And I am proud I did it. But damn. I am absolutely alone. I will start therapy soon. But what do I do in the meantime? To stay alive and not harm myself because I do not want to feel this pain anymore.
I wake up in the morning and before I open my sleepy eyes i know - it is there. It sits in my chest and under my ribs. It makes the inside of me so empty yet heavy.
I've read I should go out for a walk or a hike move and not sit at home all day. But hiking was our thing. How do I get over him if I am surrounded by memories of him all around?
I want to call him up and ask him to come over and just lay next to me. Because he is the only person I know here. I do not want to get back together. I just need a friend now. Is that a bad idea? Given that I cannot access my friends right away.
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2023.03.24 07:09 CKain08 I am the glass child

TW mention of self harm and suicidal thoughts
" Glass children are those who are growing up in a home where a sibling takes up a disproportionate amount of parental energy "
Well. Disclaimer : I am not a child, alright, I am 20. But I've been thinking a lot about the last 10 years of my life, and I am, as much as it pains me, a glass child and I've been since my sister's born.
Of course, at first, it was (I thought) only because I was the first born, the big sis, you know.
But 3 years ago, my sister discovered Tik Tok. Everyone knows Tik Tok, right? Well, we all know what kind of stuff we can find on that app! I, myself, found the description of a "glass child" there. I use Tik Tok frequently.
My sister always had problems with her friends. When she was younger, she was always in the middle of some arguing between two or three girls, never really had a day where she wasn't coming home with what I call "girl's gangs" problems (you know when two best friends suddenly split and get mad and get other friends to form like alliances and stuff to b*tch on the others? Ya know, old stuff, we've all been there).
She was never wrong in those situations. She was coming home laughing about how she was the peacemaker and never creating problems of some sort. Thing is, I know my sister. Like the back of my hand. Alright? I just... know when she's lying. Still, to this day, she always brags about how good she is to manipulate people and make them do what she wants. Alrighty girl, weird flex.
Well, she got to high school (what we call secondary one in Canada), and then, she started having anxiety. Like panic attacks and all? I've had those, still do these days, so I understood. I became her protector, her therapist, calming her down when my mother critized her for exagerating. I knew what to do, and I gave up all my energy to take care of her, of her mental health, as a good old sister does.
She made it to the second year of high school (secondary 2) with difficulties. Panic attacks again and all. 3 years ago, as I said, she discovered Tik Tok. I know Tik Tok and its algorithm : there are specific fyp where you can find videos about the same topic over and over again. I suspect she was in a dark side of Tik Tok, a depressed one, where you can see all sort of sad/depressing things and stories (I know, I've been there too, now trying to avoid it as much as I can because it affects me mentally and I start spiralling).
Cutting her hair short ( I guess the "funny mentally hill" trend where you cut your hair on a headbutt and dye it, I know, been there too).
Sexuality explored too. Like she was trans for a while and wanted us to call her another name (she isn't anymore, she told me so about 3 months in). I always respected her choices and calling her what she wanted to be called at that time. She was a kid, she was 13, so she was discovering herself and her preferences and all. No problem with that.
She started hanging out with some people like that too. She had a non-binary friend, a trans one, a furry one, etc. She was having fun with them. Great people. She finally had a group.
Some of them, however, had the same experiences we all hear about on Tik Tok. You know, some of them not in a great home, or in a bad relationship with parents, depression, anxiety. Hate to say it, but you know those people on Tik Tok who (unfortunatly) are bullied on the internet for being... like... huuuuh (wondering how to say that without insulting anyone) like stereotypical? Like... you know those who wants a cat litter in a classroom in a unironical way? Some of her friend were a little extremist on that plan. Again, never really bothered me.
We have two parents, a mom and a dad. They divorced when I was 7. My sister was 3. They never fought in front of us, never heard them, it was really a suprise. They went their separate ways. Me and my sis got used to go to each of them for a week, and then go back to the other for a week. It was fine, working good. My parents are both accountants, my mom teaching it too. I had a strong disagreement with my mom in 2019 about one of her (numerous) boyfriends. The only one i really hated with all my heart. This resulted in me leaving her house for about a year. My sis was still doing 1 week/1 week. Apart of that, my parents are pretty basic ones, never abused us and we always had everything we needed.
I started college. I loved it, still do, and was finally starting my life as an adult, I started a great job, was doing good in school and... was still helping my sister and my parents with her anxiety/ panic attacks. Even learn in my degree how to deal with people who disorganize.
Then, the cutting started. A lot of her friend were doing it, she told me. And then she started having those episodes where she was cutting herself. Never with something sharp, like a knife or else. But with like compass and crayons? Then, she started having suicidal thoughts. Then, and that is where it all went down, she called 911 for suicidal thoughts. She was home alone and the police called my mom.
What had she done? Scratch herself... with a pencil.
I've had panic attacks before. And suicidal thoughts that crossed my mind but I never acted on them. Never. And I can't imagine myself doing it. I talked about it, of course, with my best friend, someone I trusted and it was making me feel better. How did I know my sister was doing that and having those thoughts? She just said it, casually, at dinner with the whole family. Like... girl? It really got the mood down, everyone worried and she was like... glowing? I don't know how to say it.
She was always a bit dramatic and had a way of making everything about herself, but it was never about negative things. More like flexing a good grade or whatever. She was always talking about how depressed she was, how she was suicidal, and the things she was saying were... like straight up a depressing tik tok. Like one day I found something she said ( I think it was like "you don't understand how this feels it is like blablabla i don't remember) WORD FOR WORD in a Tik Tok. It is like she wasn't expressing her feelings, but made up phrases you find on the Internet when you type "panic attacks" or "depression".
After a second call to 911 for taking 10 advils, she got admitted to psychiatry. At that time, I was watching my parents fall appart, running around to appointments for her, my dad having stress acnea (at 45) and both of them exhausted. It was a real drama. Everyone in the family talked about it. It was the only subject of discussion, the only thing that was on everyone's mind.
I was hanging out my seat in class with my phone on my belly to be sure to feel it vibrate if something happened. We were all in a bad place.
And then, we got a diagnosis of autism.
I'm sorry, what? Where does that come from? I mean, alright, we'll deal with that one.
But then. That's where all went down for me. Sis started therapy, changed school, went to an adapted classroom for people like her and with disabilities. My parents were still all over the place.
Except where I needed them.
I was 18, at that time, starting adulthood. I have ADHD. It is really hard for me to respect a schedule, think about every appointments I have, every homework, every luggage I can't forget to bring to mom's or to dad's. I was also giving my all in school, never missed anything, straight A's and working my ass off.
I started realising that everytime my parents texted me was to ask/talk about my sis.
Every. Single. Time.
They'd ask me to bring my sister her lunch that she forgot, to go get her when she was down, or get her to her appointments like I didn't have a whole fu**ing life I was trying so hard to keep on line.
I gave all my free time to her needs and my parents's. I educated myself on autism, defended her when my mom was thinking she was faking because I wanted to prove I was there for her. That I was the life saving good sister. I never, ever, heard her say thank you.
The only compliments my parents were giving me is "thank you for getting your sis for us. Thank you for being there for her. Thank you for doing things with her."
I went trough some stuff, at that time. I hurt my knee and was failing my physical tests. It got to the point I wasn't even sure I liked my degree anymore. I was having a really hard time. But my parents never saw my pain. I have a tendency to hide things, sure, but I was really trying to talk to them about how I was feeling. They were listening, and letting go. Why didn't they start worrying for me like they did for my sister? I don't know, don't really care now. I was having suicidal thoughts too, I wanted to yeet myself in a tree and even stopped driving so it wouldn't give me options. They left me alone, because everytime I tried bringing up the fact that I was not in a good place, my sister was disorganizing at school and they needed to go to the hospital to be both there for her while she fainted from hyperventilating. Every fcking time I was talking to my sister, she was acting like she lived trough everything and was telling me she knew more about suicidal thoughts than me cause she went to psychiatry. Excuse me miss gurl, but who was fcking there to help you trough your panic attacks hun? How do you think I know so much?
Seeing I had practically no support from my already exhausted parents, I took matters into my own hands and started going to therapy. My doctor also prescribed me with anti-depressants. I was going to be ok... on my own. I've had really bad days, real hard ones. But I got back on my two feet. At least, I think so.
School was over and it was time for summer break. I had a job I loved on a boat. I've had a blast on that boat, I wasn't jumping from a house to another, I wasn't always in luggages, I had my own room like a little appartment of my own on the ship. I slowly started to discover a backpacking/adventurous side of myself. I needed air, was travelling far from home as soon as I had a week or two off of the boat.
At the same time, my sister had stopped self-harming and having suicidal thoughts. She's was now in a school for adults to finish her 4th and 5th year of college. She wasn't in a special classroom anymore. Changed friend group.
But here's the thing. Cause there is always a "but".
I started realising how much my sister was toying with us, with my parents. As soon as the diagnosis fell, she became unsufferable. For example, when I say I hate loud noises and strong light, she says she has it tougher because, ya know, "i'm autistic". I can't say something without her saying she has autism and that's why she has it worse.
When I have a good grade or I've hit a PR at the gym, I tell my parents because I am happy. I try to see life the good way, now. I'm quite proud of all the personal work i've done.
But she can't have a normal day.
It is always "ho I hated school because the light was making a sound" or something to point out she has autism.
I talked to one of my friend who is a social worker, and he told me autism is usually apparent in children. My sis was diagnosed at 15. But, and hear me out, all the things that make her autistic according to her psychiatrist... she's never really had them before.
You remember at the beginning of this rant how I told you I know when my sister is lying?
Well. I don't think an autistic person possess the flex of "being able to manipulate people so easily to get what you want".
She's always bragging about how smart she is compared to us because, you know, "ShE cAn FeElS eNeRgiEs AnD pEoPlE AnD iT AfFeCts hEr". Well, honey, I don't think that is autism. It is always little comment about how special she is because she can't do this, or that. Like I have ADHD, alright? I'm stimming all the time. I don't point it out to people for fun, actually, i'm quite ashamed of it sometimes. She bought all those fidget toys and brings them ALL to school to show how much she needs them.
One reason of why I am mad, as you can (unfortunatly) see, is my father's attitude.
The fact that my sis had episodes of suicidal thoughts and acts traumatized him. With reasons, don't get me wrong.
But now, she's clearly living well of drama and stereotypical behavior she never had before.
My father is fucking afraid of telling her no.
Like man, I don't think that if you ask her to unload the dishwasher ONE FUCKI*NG time that she's going to kill herself. Like come on.
One time, she called him cause she fainted cause she was hyperventilating cause the cleaner at her school wore a different hat than usual. Or another time where she learn that two teachers were eating togueter at lunch and not in the cafeteria?
I know my sister. She is clearly using him. She's got him hooked with a silent threat of hurting herself or making it impossible for him to receive a phone call without thinking she committed.
And. She. Fucking. Knows. It.
She left my mother's house because my mom wasn't buying her shit.
She left with all her drama about how she could appologize but she needs her space to think about what she (mom) did.
BRUH did what?!?!?!? It was so sudden, what are you on about?
All her life, she was good at one thing : breaking people's relationship.
I know, because I'm not blind.
She's the type of person that looks at you after saying your deepest secret in front of everyone and be like : "oups teehee🤪 you know i can't keep a secret" or she plays dumb "i didn't know it was a secret oupsis" with this little dumb face that I know by heart means "I win you fuck*ng idiot".
She broke the good relationship my parents had by pretending mom told her something when it wasn't right or vice versa. When she's at dad's, she always talks about all the things mom does that sucks. When she was at mom, she was always talking about how bad it was at dad.
I was in the middle like , bruh, it isn't even that bad. And of course, my parents both being proud individuals started feeling supperior than the other and downgrading the other in front of us (wich you know my sis was repeating over and over to everyone).
But because my parents are fucking blind they let her riled them up against each others. So now they don't talk. And when they do, it is always to argue about how to take care of my sis.
To make a clear example of how she gets everything she wants :
She always tells me that she wants a Mira dog. Like a service dog. She's going to keep creating dramatic scenarios like that until my father cries and decides it is the last option we have.
But no. After the dog, it is going to be another need for neurodivergent people that she's probably going to see on Tik Tok.
Because yes, she faints and yes, she is hyperventilating. But I can create scenario in my head and make them real too (maladaptive daydreaming oups). Anxiety works like that : if I start hyperventilating for 45 seconds, my body jumps to survival mode and the mammoth thing ang boom, there you have your panic attack.
Yes. She is mentally hill.
But she's not autistic. She does not need a service dog. And she can't continue leading people on like that.
She's in need of negative attention. She hates when we compliment her, she hates when we wish her happy brithday and all. But she's always talking about how she did bad at this exam and ho people please comfort me. There's always something going on with her.
She stopped self-harming and having suicidal toughts. People started living normally.
So she restarts panic attacks but she already has a psychiatrist so she needs more.
Lets go to the hospital, something's wrong with my heart. Then she's got the pleasure of walking around school with a machine to record her heart thingy.
Nope. Nothing wrong.
People start forgetting.
Whoops now she's fainting and we don't know why.
Hospital trip yeah.
Nothing's wrong.
Then she buys a machine to keep track of her blood pressure.
Does a doctor prescribed it?
Nope. You can just buy it so she did. And she could do it like in the morning, at lunch or at night, but no, she absolutly needs to do it in front of everyone, making noise in class while the teacher is talking.
And i'm starting to get fed up.
About a year into this nightmare, 3 years ago, I stopped feeling.
I wasn't able to feel anything. And that is why, today, I can write this and unfortunatly for some, it will be controversial.
After my downfall, when my sister was in need...
I did not care.
At all.
She could do whatever she wanted to do. She could have as much trip to the hospital as she wanted.
I . Did . Not . Care .
I was going to class.
And my phone was on silent.
I don't want to know. I don't care. Don't you get it? Mom, dad, leave me alone. You did it well, right? Continue.
I am an horrible human being. My best friend tries to comfort me saying that my heart of stone is a form of self-protection, a defense mechanism that I developped 3 years to protect myself and not live trough what my sister put us trough without knowing (or caring?).
I am an egoist.
But I do not care.
You want to make me feel like a glass child?
Alright alright.
I'll deal with it.
But now the glass is fed up.
And it is about to break.
Good bye and thank you for coming all the way here.
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2023.03.24 07:09 garou213 [27/M] looking for the one!!

Please read the whole post.
Hopeless romantic here looking to hopefully find the one! Looking to find the one. I'm hoping to find someone I can stay at home with and go out to the beach, go out to places with, learn to ballroom dance, have a picnic date, stay in during a rainy night and watch movies/ tv shows together. Looking for the cliche moments from rom-coms but also more 😊. I'm also willing to chat/ hangout to be friends before we start a relationship. We can watch a movie, tv show, anime together online if you don't live near by.
Looking for someone who is open minded. 18-35 (might be open to anyone older if we vibe). Someone who is willing to meet up later in the future. I'm fine with someone who smokes Marijuana but no other drugs or cigarettes. Can be from anywhere.
A little about me:
My name is Felipe. I'm Hispanic, male, age 27, 5'9". I have photos on my profile. I'm chubby. I'm introverted at first but the longer you get to know me then I become more extroverted. I love fall/autumn weather. Currently studying architecture design. I hope to construct buildings for families in need of a home in the future. I have big ambitious goal for my career. I speak Spanish.
I'm into the arts: I love to draw, paint and create all sorts of art.
I love to play video games: All time favorite game is Skyrim, but I like to play games like BF2042, Minecraft, Smash Bros, Zelda, etc.
I also, really love to watch movies, anime, tv shows, etc: some of my favorite movies are Trick r Treat, The Dark Night, Interstellar, The Exorcist, 5 year engagement, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Harry Potter series, lord of the rings series, 10 things I hate about you, the office, the Addams family, Wednesday and many more. Favorite genres are horror and rom coms ("do you like cheese?"😄).
My favorite type of music is all genres of rock and electronic music, classical, movie music, game music, culture based music, anime music. I rarely hear rap, hip-hop, and country. Some artist I listen to is Avenged Sevenfold, Apashe, Mozart, El tri, Queen, Hans Zimmer.
My favorite holiday is Halloween. 🎃
I live in the Washington, United States. I dont smoke cigarettes. I smoke cannabis only socially (maybe like 3 or 4 times a year). I'm fine if you smoke but occasionally like me. I casually drink socially but I'm not dependent on it to have a fun time. I actually prefer having fun without the need of drinks. I love all animals 🙂. I'm vaccinated. PLEASE add "ghost" in your response so I know that you read my whole post.
This is a little bit about myself but the more we talk then the more you'll get to know me. Send me a chat if interested! I'm usually respond quickly if I'm not doing anything at that time.
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Location and Amenities Offered by Premium Flat Projects in Calicut

Finding the perfect home is all about subscribing to the right balance of elements—location, amenities, and security—all of which Calicut's premium flat projects offer in abundance.


The ideal location for your perfect home should be one that’s accessible, yet not too far removed from everything you need. As it turns out, Calicut ticks all the boxes here. Located centrally around the city and close to schools, universities, corporate centers and malls, these high-end flats offer the ultimate convenience.

Amenities Offered by Premium Flat Projects in Calicut

Calicut's premium flat projects boast a range of modern amenities designed to provide a comfortable living experience. From open green spaces and walking trails to sports facilities and recreational activities like swimming pools and gyms, you can be sure that these premium flats also have something for everyone in your family.


The best part about these premium flat projects is that they come with complete 24/7 security systems which include both manned guards and CCTV surveillance. This ensures peace of mind as these flats are well secured so you can rest assured that your family is safe.
So now you know why Calicut's premium flat projects make for an ideal choice when it comes to owning your perfect home!

Tips to Choose a Premium Flat for Sale in Calicut

If you’re looking to buy a premium flat in Calicut, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. By following this advice, you can make the right choice for your future home.


Location is key when it comes to purchasing a flat in Calicut. Take some time to research the neighborhood, explore different areas and visit local amenities. Make sure the location suits your needs and lifestyle before making any decisions.


It’s important to consider what size of flat is best for you and your family. Think about how many people will be living there, the number of bedrooms and whether you want an open-plan kitchen or dining area. Consider all factors carefully so that you make the right size decision for your home in Calicut.

Infrastructure & Facilities

When purchasing an apartment in Calicut, it’s wise to pay attention to the facilities available within the premises or near by. Does it have dedicated parking? Access to public transport and community? Are there sufficient security measures? Make sure these points are taken into account before making your decision.
Following these tips will help ensure that you find the perfect flat for sale in Calicut that fits your requirements and budget. Investing some time in researching properties can make all the difference when finding your dream home!

pentium presents the best one for you

When it comes to searching for the perfect home, why settle for less? Pentium presents the best one for you—premium flats in Calicut. Here's why a premium flat could be your dream home.


We know that location is everything when it comes to real estate. Calicut is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, the perfect backdrop against which you can build your future. With a premium flat, you can rest assured that it's situated in the prime location in order to take advantage of nearby amenities and attractions.

Design & Quality

When buying a flat, what's inside is just as important as its exterior features. Premium flats from Pentium come with top notch construction and quality materials, ensuring that you get the highest level of safety and security as well as modern designs and décor that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning buyers.
Premium flats from Pentium feature:
When you choose a premium flat from Pentium, you can be sure that you're getting only the best in terms of quality and design, so that your home will stand the test of time.


If you’re looking for your dream home in Calicut, why not come and take a look at the Premium Flats for Sale in Calicut? With spacious rooms, modern appliances and stunning views, these flats are perfect for those who want to live in comfort and style. And with our excellent location, you’ll be conveniently close to all the best amenities, making life a pleasure. So, if you’re looking for the perfect home, look no further than the premium flats for sale in Calicut.
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2023.03.24 07:06 carrot_gg Scammed by If your order was never shipped like mine, please report them to Shopify.

I made a purchase on on March 11th. As of today, my order has not yet shipped. USPS shows the tracking status a "Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item", which means that only a label has been generated. I tried contacting them through their contact form twice and have got no response.
On March 21st, I decided to join their Discord server and once I posted my complaint on the general chat channel, I was contacted by the owner Chris Malson. He told me that my order was delayed because of surgery and he assured me that my order would be shipped the next day. I believed him and wished him well.
The next day, March 22nd, USPS status still shows as "Pre-Shipment". I contacted Chris Malson again on Discord and he told me "that is weird. If there is not a tracking by tomorrow morning, I will talk to me usps bc it is in their hands at the moment".
Today, March 23rd, the order has still not shipped. Once again I contacted Chris Malson on Discord about this to which he only replied "Let me check up on that for you." and I never heard from him again.
At this point I have accepted that I was scammed by but wanted to post this as a cautionary tale from anyone thinking of doing business with them. Since I posted my initial complaint on their Discord general chat, I was contacted by 2 other people asking me if I had requested a chargeback from my bank, since they have not received their orders as well.
If you have also been scammed by LoobedSwitches, please issue a chargeback with your credit card company and, most importantly, report their store with Shopify at the following link: If enough affected customers do this, Shopify might take action and suspend their merchant account.
Thanks for reading!
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2023.03.24 07:03 xlorenaah Finding out if my crush is into woman/flirting with her

Okay so I’ve been going to the gym for a year now and everyday I would see this beautiful woman who I didn’t think much of at first. I started to go to the gym at 4 am every day and she would come up to me here and there to help me with form, she offered to even spot me whenever I needed. I would get really nervous around her, but I only thought it was because I was nervous for her to correct my form and I was embarrassed lol. Well I wasn’t very consistent at the gym at first, but fast forward to January of this year I made a promise to myself I would be more consistent for my goals. As I started to go more often and saw her every day I had a need within me to talk to her, and tell her how amazing she is for being so consistent, I finally built up the courage to do so and I asked her how she does it because I was finding it Incredibly hard to come every day at 4 am. Whatever, cool conversation. This whole time I just thought I admired how cool she was for showing up everyday! We didn’t talk much after this, we just say daily good mornings. A month later, we spoke again, I complimented her set and she complimented my outfit. I asked her how she got into fitness, and I told her my story. We both are moms, I have a 2 yr old and she has 2 children. We exchanged phone numbers, texted a little bit and also worked out together twice. Within the past month I’ve realized I have a huge crush on her but I didn’t act because I was still in a relationship with my sons father, which didn’t feel right to me and I knew I had to end it. I eventually realized I am into this woman, I think she’s really beautiful and I want to get to know her more. Last Friday I came out to my sons father and told him everything so we’ve been broken up since then and now I just want to approach her again but I just feel awkward because she obviously doesn’t know I’m into her, idk if she likes girls and I’m such a baby gay I have too much anxiety to flirt with her. 😭 😩 y’all this is nerve wrecking
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