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discord server for cocktails!
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i’ll happily take suggestions if you have any and would be good to add moderators for those who want to help manage it
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2023.06.06 18:30 tulpacat1 To Kill a Predator, Chapter 24

Hi everyone.
To Kill a Predator is a work of fan fiction set in the Nature of Predators universe originally created by SpacePaladin15 whose Patreon you should subscribe to.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Depiction does not equal endorsement.
Hope you enjoy it!
[First] [Previous]
Memory transcription subject: Thiva, Venlil Civilian
Date [standardized human time]: December 6th, 2136

Thank the Protector for Vilek.
She had stepped up in every possible way. She coached me on the right answers to give to the assessors. She worked with a Krakotl named Jarkim to keep the Exterminator’s office at bay. And she took care of answering questions from a reporter named Sharnet that reached out to me since both the humans who contacted her, mister Sinclair and Martin, had fallen prey to the Liberators.
This was the paw where I got to leave the hospital. My injuries were actually quite minor (or so they claimed), but they had kept me under observation for several paws to see if I’d display Predator Disease after everything that happened. There was a real risk that after all that, after what Martin sacrificed for me, I’d just end up in a Facility.
At first I thought I probably should be. I was happy that Renak was dead, and I wanted Vansi to die too. For the first couple of paws just thinking about being tied in that chair with Renak whistling and leaning over me with his knife and claws and teeth… it made me shake and scream, once even until I soiled myself.
Thinking about what Vansi had done to Martin made me shriek with anger and throw things and tear curtains. Vilek had stayed by my side though, and helped cover up the incidents each time. Without her I’d be in a Facility for sure.
Then she got me in contact with a human assessor over video calls, a man named doctor Johan Eriksson with ice-blue eyes and a lot of yellow fur all over his face. And just as Martin had promised, Johan was aghast at hearing about the Federation’s treatment of Predator Disease. Johan promised me that my feelings were entirely normal, and that he’d help me work through everything.

I’ve had three calls with him since then, and while every one of them ended with me in tears I always felt better afterwards. He was teaching me a system called ‘Mindfulness’. By examining my own emotions and surroundings in a neutral way, it was possible for me to significantly reduce the symptoms! And it was working, it really was. I was more able to manage my emotions. I could recognize when the world was fading into a furious orange or horrid gray, and pull myself back from the brink.
And he said there were other coping strategies to use too, that he’d be providing me with all the tools I needed to grow myself like a garden: Pruning the bad parts, watering the good, and planting the seeds of the sort of person I wanted to grow into.
The humans love their metaphors! But this one was rather beautiful, so I didn’t mind. I quite liked to imagine myself as a garden! But not the ones on Venlil Prime. One of the ones on Earth. Johan had showed me pictures. So full of different colors, dozens of types of insects, so many birds… an explosion of life and color and joy!
That’s the kind of garden I wanted to be. Someday.

Coming back home was tough. Not just because I had to pick between being woozy from painkillers or aching with all the little motions of daily life (I had settled on being woozy), but also because of all the little reminders.
Vilek had pressured the landlord into replacing the front door, but the new color reminded me of the break-in. The door to Martin’s room was entirely absent. Martin was entirely absent.
I didn’t feel safe sleeping in my bed. Vilek let me share hers. I woke up crying and feeling her claws stroking through my fur to comfort me.
I was grateful, truly grateful, for my friend. But she wasn’t the one I wanted to hold me.
A claw later I screamed when the pad rang for a phone call, and had to sit and do my mindfulness exercises while Vilek answered it.
She hung up in a hurry and rushed over to me and grasped my paw. “Thiva, we have to get to the hospital! Right now!”


Memory transcription subject: Martin Russo, Human Refugee
Date [standardized human time]: December 11th, 2136

I am in more pain than at any other point in my entire life.
Every single part of my being hurts on a level so deep I can feel it in my soul, and I don’t even believe those exist.
My tears are flowing freely and shamelessly. My mouth is open and my drool tastes alkaline, my throat trying to shield itself from the vomit that’s threatening to flow forth.
Taking a single step requires more willpower than I can even wrap my head around. Every single muscle has to be tensed manually, my brain simply refuses to pass the ‘walk’ signal to the body. My shaking limbs move in slow motion, like wading through thick non-Newtonian fluid. Like an arthritic, decrepit old man.
And always that voice. That fucking voice. That fucking voice I need to shut it up I hate you I hate you so much I hate you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

“Good job, Martin! One more step, c’mon, you can do it! Gold star!”
“fuck you… fuck you… fuck you… fuck you…” The mantra helps me manage the last step, before I collapse. First to my knees, then down to my hands. Then onto my face, on the soft and spongy floor.
Chasa, my Zurulian arch-nemesis, pads over to me fearlessly and sits down. She licks a paw before stroking it through my hair, giving me a cowlick. “Great job! I can tell you’ve been doing your exercises! Good boy!”
I can’t move my limbs right now. “hate you. hate you so much.”
She pads over to a small teddy bear-sized table and holds up my medical file. She’s had it printed out on actual paper with an actual manila folder, just for this purpose. “That’s fine! You don’t hate the gold star, though, do you?”
“…that’s for children…”
“Oh, so you don’t want it?”
I growl as menacingly as I can. It’s not particularly impressive. She holds up the little gold star sticker and wags it at me, before placing it on my file. She doesn’t seem particularly afraid of me. Though to be fair, even though she weighs maybe 20 kilos soaking wet she could probably take me in a fight.
Chasa looked up human physical therapy before taking on my case, and apparently learned about this incentive system… someplace. Each session she gives me a gold star if I manage to go above and beyond. I hate it. It’s infantilizing, condescending, and juvenile. And it works. I want the gold star. This is my fifth fucking physical therapy session and I want my fifth fucking gold star. It’s the least she can do after she makes me torture myself.
“Fantastic work! Alright, so after third-meal I want you to try and walk around your bed. Back and forth, as many times as you can. And remember to rotate your arm!”
“ah, i see. you hate me too.”
Chasa looks immensely happy and pleased as a couple of Venlil nurses get me onto a too-small gurney. She takes a little sugar and salt treat from a bowl for cubs or pups or whatever, and walks over to place it in my lap. “See you next paw, Martin!”
I will find a way to pay her back for this.

I woke up around five or six paws ago with tubes in every orifice on my body, and was very surprised to find myself alive.
The full story only came later. Slavik and Jarkim had taken out one of the Liberators, but Jarkim had gotten badly wounded as a result. As soon as they had dumped Jarkim back at the truck, Slavik double-timed it to the house. They passed Thiva and Mosun on the way, and managed to arrive in time to stop Vansi from setting me on fire. By shooting her.
Not that that would’ve mattered, considering my massive blood loss and organ damage and being stuck out in the middle of Fuckoff Nowheresota.
The fact that there was a UN army base about two dozen miles away saved me, as their helicopters showed up to take over the scene and haul all the injured to the hospital. The medics were able to get to me within the Golden Hour. Though considering the extent of my injuries it was apparently closer to the Golden Ten Minutes.
Since then I had been in a medically induced coma while the hospital grew replacements for just about every single one of my organs. To hear tell of it, I’d have had no chance long-term without the Zurulians’ almost unfathomably advanced technology. The alien teddy bears were able to salvage my broken body, even though it’s likely that my left leg, left arm, and right hand will never be the same again.
And now I get to torture myself back to health. Oh joy.

My lambchops have been showing up every day or paw or whatever for visiting hours, and staying each time until they’re chased out by the nurses.
Each time I see them enter my room it feels better than a shot of whatever the aliens use instead of morphine; the sight of them together and safe lifts my spirits and puts a smile on my face.
We spend most of our time watching movies or TV shows on the pad, while they take turns holding my hand or stroking my head. I pet them back as much as I can, but for now both that and talking for any length of time are too draining.
They’ve been showing me some of the classic works of the Venlil. I’ve been showing them classics of humanity.
“Hey Blondie! You know what you are?! Just a dirty sonofa-” Aaa-aa-aaaaa!
The lambchops whistle with joyful laughter, releasing the tension of the long finale of the finest Western of all time.
Thiva sighs with relief. “Oh Protector, I really thought he was going to kill Tuco!”
“No way, he’s ‘The good’ of the title! And it was a call-back to the first part of the film where he kept shooting him down, there’s no way they wouldn’t take the opportunity to tie it all together!”
“Yeah, I guess… Is that seriously what humans considered ‘good’ back then?”
I interject. “You could argue that Blondie is supposed to be ‘the good’, but he’s really more like the ‘least bad’. The people making the movie were living under a dictatorship, so a lot of films from the nation of Spain around that time were made from a very cynical point of view.”
Thiva leans against me and runs her claws through my hair, making me shiver. “You haven’t been showing us a lot of movies with war in them, but they’re apparently pretty common for humans?”
I give a nod. “Yes. We’ve always had a complex relationship with war and violence. You might’ve noticed that this movie took a very somber perspective, largely viewing the war as pointless. While it was a controversial conflict in the past, nowadays the common view of the US civil war is that it was a necessary conflict to end the evils of chattel slavery.”
Vilek is silent for a short bit. “So like Blondie, violence isn’t necessarily good, but sometimes it’s the least bad.”
“Oh, I like that. That’s clever.”
She wags her tail. “Alright, what’s next on the list?”
“Next… I do my exercises, before I get too tired. Can you girls help me get into the leg brace? Can’t walk at all without the damn thing.”

They help manhandle me into a standing position and latch the leg brace, and I can start my agonizingly slow and agonizingly agonizing journey around the bed and back again.
To keep my mind off of the pain, and because I can’t loudly curse my beloved lambchops out like I can my arch-nemesis Chasa, I try to talk instead. “S-So… I’ve been looking into… human universities… that’ll take both of you… and ideally… transfer your… credits…”
Vilek wags encouragingly, and helps support me on my slow journey. “That’s great! We can all head to Earth instead and I can become a human assess-no, therapist!”
Thiva sighs. “Honestly, I like the sound of that. I feel safer around humans than around Venlil at this point.”
“Great… I’ll let you know… once I hear back…” Shit that topic didn’t last long. Okay what else what else “How’s that… trial thing… coming along…?”
Thiva grumbles. “The Liberators plead guilty today… including Vansi, who was being tried as a member of the group.” She had survived, but Slavik’s plasma rifle had seared her arm off at the shoulder.
“No media’s being allowed in the courtroom, to ensure they don’t get an audience for their views. The sentence hasn’t come down yet but it looks like none of them are going to feel the free breeze again for as long as they live.”
“Can’t say… I feel bad…”
“It’s too good for them!”
“The state… shouldn’t get… to do worse… than imprison… fuck, I’m done, please help.” My leg gives out and I’m left to cling to the bed frame until the girls intervene.
They help me back onto the bed before Vilek speaks. “…Even someone like Kalsim?”

I nod, sweat covering my body in a thin sheen. I take a deep drink of water and wait a few moments before answering. “Yeah… Kalsim’s not a threat in a jail cell. The state has a monopoly on violence, and shouldn’t get to use it to kill people just because we’re upset at them.”
Thiva frowns. “What about justice, though? Don’t people deserve to see those that have hurt them get punished?”
I shake my head. “That’s not justice. See it like this… Why not eat him?”
The girls look disgusted. I press on. “See… If killing him as punishment is fine, then just beating him up has to be fine too. Right? That’s less bad than killing him. And torture, that’s still less bad than killing. And if killing is fine, how about killing him extra painfully like by setting him on fire? And at that point we might as well eat him. I mean, why not?”
Thiva protests. “Because… Because that’s barbaric! You humans don’t eat sapients, you all say so!”
I nod firmly. “Yeah, exactly. Because it is barbaric. State punishment is just barbarism, just sadism to make the worst part of us feel better. Once we agree that it’s acceptable to do that to anyone, all we’re doing is haggling over price. There was a human philosopher named Nietzsche. He said ‘Beware of those in whom the urge to punish is strong’, and I think that’s the sort of thing he meant. Not just to beware of people in power who seek out punishment for people they have power over, but… to beware that part of ourselves.”
The girls are silent for a moment. I take a slow drink of water and speak more, even though it’s really tiring by now. But this is important.
“Listen, Vilek… When you study to become a therapist, please keep something in mind. Predator Disease doesn’t exist. Not even Renak had Predator Disease.”
Vilek frowns confusedly and bursts out. “What?! But you said he was a ‘textbook psychopath’! You said he was a monster who didn’t feel empathy! You said so yourself!”
“Yes, I did. But in human society… the majority of people with that condition are not actually more dangerous than anyone else. Because they can be taught coping mechanisms, by therapists, to fit into society. Renak was a monster because Venlil society, and Vansi, failed him.”
Thiva protests. “But…”
I shake my head. “Nobody is born a monster. And even in cases where people are truly unsalvageable for whatever reason… what’s the point in punishing them for it? Thiva, I didn’t shoot your brother because he was a psychopath. I shot him to keep you safe. Slavik didn’t shoot your mother because she was an abuser, they shot her because she was about to set me on fire. If someone shot Kalsim at this point… how would that make anyone safer?”
I sigh and take another slow drink of water. “...Christ, I do not have the energy for this heavy stuff right now. Next film, girls, what’ll it be?”
They start bickering, apparently as happy to be distracted from the topic as I am. Every time it’s their turn to pick they end up fighting over it, you’d think they’d make a list ahead of time instead. “Flower-bird Red!” “Fainting for You!” “Garden in the Stars!” “Okay, yeah, that’s good. Remake or original?” “Original, obviously!” “But the remake-” “We can just show him both!” “Okay, deal!”
I don’t end up remembering a blessed thing about the film. With the girls cuddled up to me on the Mazic-size bed I’ve been given for use since they apparently lacked human-size ones, I fall asleep by the end of the opening credits.

Date [standardized human time]: December 14th, 2136

“Hey human, you got visitors.” The nurse informs me. I glance at the clock on my pad, which I had set to count down to the lambchops’ daily visit. Still half a claw out.
Instead of my cherished friends, I see two other people step into the room. A Venlil, and Robert McGinley.
“…Hey Bob. You’ll forgive me if I don’t get up.” I jest from the hospital bed. McGinley doesn’t seem to find it amusing.
“I’ve been waiting for you to show up, to be honest. Who’s your friend?”
“District Magister Vaska. Russo, we need you to sign-”
“Fuck off, McGinley.”
“If you don’t sign these documents, your refugee status can be rescinded.”
“No it can’t. Literally, there’s a list of reasons I can have my refugee status taken away, and ‘not signing hush documents’ isn’t on the list.”
McGinley gives me a tiny smile. On his blank face that might as well be an ear-to-ear grin. “But it can be if you’ve been charged with a crime in the host sovereignty.”
I nod. “Yeah, that is true. I don’t even need to be convicted.”
“So I haven’t been charged with anything yet. And if I had to guess, I’m not going to be.”
McGinley scowls. Vaska scowls beside him too.

I continue. Talking is a bit tiring, but not as bad as it was just a few days ago. “Because if I’m charged with a crime, I’ll need to take the witness stand. And I can have ex-officer Jarkim take the stand. And you don’t want that. Because the raid on the Liberators’ compound here in Greenmeadow was ‘a heroic joint operation between the UN and the Exterminators’ office, approved by Governor Tarva herself’.”
Now Vaska speaks up. His voice is trembling with anger. “A stunt that you forced us to engage in! I had to call the governor on the emergency line to get approval for it! A UN military operation on sovereign Venlil soil!”
“I’m not going to apologize for making you do your fucking job.”
McGinley takes a step forward. I don’t bother to flinch back, since I can’t exactly run anywhere anyway. Instead I just look up at him passively and wait for him to say something. “It’s in your best interests to play nice, Russo.”
“Because that worked out so well for both of us last time. Remember ‘An inferno of incredible horror’? Pretty great article, really. ‘The Liberators Unveiled: Terror and death in Greenmeadow’ was killer too. Do you really want to go for a third, about what really happened to VP’s little homegrown terrorist cell that was literally funded with the salaries of the Exterminators in it?”
The ‘Liberators Unveiled’ article had run while I was comatose, revealing the full truth of the shelter arson and the identities of the Liberators involved. However, it had neither contradicted nor reaffirmed the official government narrative about the ‘joint operation’ that took the bastards down.
McGinley is practically snarling now, putting both hands on my hospital bed and making it shake a bit. I wince with pain, while he raises his voice for the first time in either of my meetings with the man. “You can’t be allowed to just run around doing whatever you want. There have to be consequences for your actions, Russo!”
I nod solemnly. “I agree. That’s what the law is for. So charge me with a crime, or fuck off.”
He shakes the bed slightly. There’s a few beeps from some of the machinery monitoring me and making sure I’m still alive. Vaska looks a bit taken aback. “You nearly ruined the whole investigation; you almost destabilized the relationship between humanity and the Venlil!”
I take a steadying breath. He’s being overly dramatic. “So charge me with a crime, or fuck off.”
McGinley snarls and slams a bundle of papers down on the bedside table. “I’m offering you a chance to change your mind.”
I glance at the papers, then lift them up with more effort than I’d like to admit and drop them directly into the waste bin.
I wave my hand, tired of this pointless farce. “No, seriously. Fuck off, McGinley. Magister, a word of advice. If you want my silence, try offering some hush money next time. Us humans are a lot more partial to bribes than to threats.”
They storm out.
Guess I won’t be going to jail. The rest of the posse will be fine too, then.
I lean back and sigh and try to take a nap. I don’t want to still be pissed off when the lambchops show up. I have something important to show them.
Some of the universities I’ve reached out to have answered back.
[First] [Previous]
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2023.06.06 18:29 successjason Genie Script Review: Can You Really Get Rich With It?

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2023.06.06 18:29 mithodin Ah yes, just give me a few workers and I'll build a new Reddit in a weekend

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2023.06.06 18:29 TherealEqualization Ideas for goblin and draxie pranks

So, I'm going through a campaign right now, and my character is a crazy little goblin named Steve The Destroyer. He likes playing pranks during downtime, but I'm running out of ideas. So far, he's put a sleeping player's hand in a bowl of water, drawn on another sleeping player's face, and created what is probably the world's first whoopee cushion. There is also a draxie secretly following around my character, (backstory reasons) who is playing pranks of their own. I've run out of ideas for both of them. Anyone hot some ideas?
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2023.06.06 18:28 RickOShay1313 Tips for using Glorious mice for mac users

Hello! Wasn't sure the best place to post this but just wanted to get it out there for any other non-tech savvy mac users wanting use glorious mice.
Background: I am not a gamer. I work a lot on the computer and like and like having different mice/keyboards that I can cycle through to prevent RSI. I have a few ergo mice, a trackball, a trackpad, etc... I was trying out the glorious model D at a friends house and fell in love. It's so lite and snappy and fits my hand well. The only issue is it is NOT built for mac OS. This creates a few problems. First, mac automatically adds acceleration to mice. This feels weird for those used to linear acceleration. Second, you can't map the buttons with software. I need all the buttons on the mouse mapped in order for the mouse to serve my productivity needs.
So after buying a model D and and confirming i really liked the ouse itself, I quickly realized I would need to be able to fix the software issues or return it. I finally sat down and figured this out last week and though I would share for the few people out there in a similar situation hoping to use this mouse for productivity or gaming on mac.
First, to fix the acceleration issue, I use an app called Linear Mouse. This is free and works incredibly well. You can also program acceleration through the mac terminal, but this is a little clunky. Linear mouse lets you set the desired acceleration and sensitivity very precisely.
Second, I was able to map the buttons using Karabiner Elements. The side buttons are registered as mouse "button 4" and "button 5" by the mac. You can create simple rules to map these buttons to whatever you want. I use these buttons to quickly switch desktops (same as 3 finger swipe on the trackpad or control right/left arrow on the keyboard). I couldn't find a simple rule to do this within the Elements software. Fortunately, I found this complex rule that you can download and will map these buttons for you. This got me really close but was actually the opposite of how I use the buttons normally (i want button 4 to go left on the desktop, not right). I was then able to switch these two button assignments with a simple rule that assigned button 4 to button 5 and visa versa.
Lastly, for those struggling how to control the lighting of the mouse, you can do this without any software, just a different combination of button presses as outlined here.
Anyway, sorry for the book. I just was satisfied I found a solution to these issues that will hopefully help other mac users out there not totally give up on this mouse! I still cycle through my other input devices, but when i need to quickly get a lot of shit done, the glorious model D is my favorite at the moment.
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2023.06.06 18:28 Spelkult NPC Generator for Twilight: 2000

I've created a Foundry VTT module for Twilight:2000 to instantly generate vast amounts of randomized NPC characters and tokens, with random names, images, age, attributes, skills, weapons and gear.
Includes 284 token images that can easily be tweaked and expanded with your own images, as well as PDF sheets for physical printing of tokens and PDF tables of 1 200 names for manual dice rolls.
Get it for free or buy me a coffee if you like it!
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2023.06.06 18:28 penguin_press D-DAY GIVEAWAY! New book on legendary WWII war columnist Ernie Pyle

D-DAY GIVEAWAY! New book on legendary WWII war columnist Ernie Pyle
The last giveaway of this book was met with great response, so in honor of D-Day today, we are giving away 10 finished copies of David Chrisinger's new book, The Soldier's Truth: Ernie Pyle and the Story of World War II. The first 10 people to DM us will win a print copy of the book (US residents only)!
The Soldier's Truth is a beautiful reckoning with the life and work of the legendary journalist Ernie Pyle, who gave World War II a human face for millions of Americans.
At the height of his fame during World War II, Ernie Pyle’s dispatches from combat zones shaped America’s understanding of what the war felt like to ordinary soldiers, as no writer’s work had before or has since. From North Africa to Sicily, to the beaches of Normandy, and on to the war in the Pacific, where he would meet his end, Ernie Pyle had a genius for connecting with his readers. Wrestling with his own mental health struggles, Pyle was in touch with suffering in a way that left an indelible mark on his readers. Acclaimed writer David Chrisinger brings Pyle’s journey to vivid life in all its heroism and pathos, creating a moving tribute to an ordinary American hero and a powerful account of that war’s impact.
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2023.06.06 18:28 ThrowRAConfusedGF55 I (26F) am struggling to understand/help my BF (30M) regarding lying about his part trauma. How can I help him or move forward?

I'll start this off by saying that I love my boyfriend- he is sweet, caring, gorgeous, and treats me right!
I've been dating James (not real name) for 3 years now, and everything has been going great. We recently moved in together, and I couldn't be happier about our life, and I look forward to seeing how this relationship develops.
However, there is one thing that I have been hung up on (hence creating this post and seeking advice) and that is his past trauma. When I first starting dating James, I noticed that he was very reserved (and still is) and does not like talking about his past very much. As our relationship grows, he'll open up about things in his past, such as previous jobs or relationships, etc... I am a very open person myself, so I've told him all my deepest darkest secrets, fears, and dreams pretty early on in our relationship (in my mind, why hide that stuff, ya know?). One thing I recently learned, pretty much accidentally, was that James served in the Army for about 3 years when he was younger. I found out when I was helping him clean out his storage unit and I found his dress uniform.
To be honest, I was a little hurt that he hadn't mentioned this at all, since I find it to be a pretty intense thing to have done, and one that he should be proud to have done. We talked about this, and I let him know that I wished he had told me, and he apologized saying that "It was something I did, but there are some painful memories from my time in and I like to think of it in my past". I felt better about us after the conversation and let it slip from my mind.
Now that brings us to the issue I'm facing now. Around the same time every year, James leaves on a "business trip" to the West coast for about 3 days. He's done this every year as long as I've known him, and he's gearing up to do it again soon. A few days ago, we threw a house party for one of his buddies he hadn't seen in a while who is moving overseas for a new job. During the course of the party, I ended talking to this guy, Jake (also fake name) and he asked me if James was taking his trip to the West coast again. So naturally I reply, "Yes, of course, it's business related and he says he has to go every year". Jake gives me a weird look and says "I mean, I wouldn't classify it as business..." and sort of trails off. This starts ringing alarm bells in my head, but for the sake of the party I let it go.
After the party, I confront James about Jake's weirdness and demand to know what he meant. James gives me a bit of back and forth and finally says he needs to sit down and talk to me while he has a drink. So my heart drops, thinking he's about to tell me about some LDR GF he has or some secret family he forgot to mention, but instead he lets me know that his "business trip" isn't business related at all.
He goes back to the West coast to visit the family of his best friend that was killed in Afghanistan, and to pay respect at his friend's grave. I asked him why he lied to me and he told me that "It's something very personal to me, that for a long time I kept inside and I didn't want it to be a huge deal for us in our relationship. When I started going to therapy, this is something that was suggested to me as a way to move forward so I started doing it to be more at peace". I asked if I could come along on the trip, but James flat out refused, saying that it wasn't a matter of him not wanting me to be with him, it's just something that he feels he needs to do by himself.
I have no relatives or know anyone who served, so I am unsure how to process any of this. James has only ever lied to me about this (and the lie of omission about serving in the Army), but I feel like he isn't respecting me by just being honest with me. Am I going crazy? What should I say or do? I really want to go with him to be there as emotional support.
Any advice would be appreciated!
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2023.06.06 18:28 RidiculusRex Journey to 1k Users: How we Leveraged AI Communities to Grow our User Base

I'm excited to share the story of how our AI tool, Mano AI, managed to reach a significant milestone - gaining our first 1000 users.
Mano AI is a tool that integrates ChatGPT into any website, eliminating the need for tedious copy-pasting and comes with built-in agents and one-click actions.
Here are some of the marketing strategies we used to reach out and engage with potential users:
1. Engaging with AI Twitter creators: We started conversations and joined discussions with AI creators on Twitter. This expanded our network and gave us valuable insights into the needs and preferences of our target audience.
2. Reddit posting: We found Reddit to be a rich source of potential users. We posted about Mano AI on relevant subreddits, sparking interest and conversations about our tool.
3. Messaging Twitter AI creators: We didn't stop at just engaging with AI creators on Twitter. We reached out to them, introducing Mano AI and requesting them to share our tool with their followers.
4. Listing on AI web directories: We made Mano AI easily discoverable for those specifically looking for AI tools by adding our AI Tool to AI web directories.
6. Leveraging LinkedIn: As we grew, we started considering LinkedIn as a potential channel to reach out to early adopters​.
Throughout our journey, we focused on creating meaningful interactions and providing value to our audience. We believe that our success lies in the community we've built, the connections we've made, and the value we provide with Mano AI.
I'd love to hear about your experiences with growing your user base, the strategies you used, and the challenges you faced.
If you want to try our tool, I'll leave the link in the comments!
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2023.06.06 18:28 SippinPip Quick question: husband made oatmeal and left it for me. Question regarding logging

Husband said, “I left oatmeal on the stove for you”, so very sweet. He said he used a quarter cup of dry oatmeal. It made a much larger amount than a quarter cup. How do I log it?
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2023.06.06 18:28 crunchatizemythighs Whatever happened to the projected goal reached date?

I started my weight loss journey in April 2022 and logging my weight into fitbit. I clearly remember it gave me a "projected goal weight reached" date based on my weight trend. It would say something like "You should reach your goal by August 30, 2022" but if progress slowed it might change the date to December 2022 or whatever.
I fell off using fitbit and started my weight loss again but this time that feature seems to be absent? I checked the app and the dashboard. Tried searching for others with the problem but most seem to come up empty
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2023.06.06 18:28 Akaihanadigitals Classic doodle planner brushes

Classic doodle planner brushes
Ready to transform your planner into a work of art? Don't miss out on our doodle planner layout brushes for Procreate. Additionally, our brushes are compatible with Procreate's layers feature. This allows you to easily organize your elements and experiment with different layouts without affecting the rest of your design. It's a game-changer for those who love to refine and iterate their planner pages. Versatility is key when it comes to planning, and our set delivers exactly that. Whether you're designing weekly spreads, habit, and mood trackers, or monthly calendars, these brushes will cater to all your needs. They include a variety of doodle elements like banners, frames, arrows, icons, and more. You'll never run out of ideas for your planner layouts.
Visit our Shop by clicking the link in the description to get your hands on this incredible set. Remember, planning should be fun and creative; our brushes will help you achieve that!
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2023.06.06 18:28 yungphotos Are Ioniq 5 prices dropping?

Is it me or the ioniq 5 prices crashing down? I saw two on the east coast used for around $36k with around 10k mileage. Is this fair pricing or a extremely good deal?
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2023.06.06 18:27 AllanOReal Tips for creating a Terminator

I'm starting to master as a DM and I want to try something with my players in the future. If one of them messes up, they will be captured by some artificers and transformed into an infiltration unit like the T-800 from Terminator (or Marcus Wright from Salvation). The idea is that the character wakes up and doesn't notice anything strange in their body at first, and they can reunite with the players. However, all animals will be aggressive and won't want to approach the player. Only if they take damage or undergo an autopsy will they notice the metallic endoskeleton and a kind of spying amulet.
How can this transformation occur without altering the class and attributes? Edit: Sorry if the translation is bad, English is not my strong suit.
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2023.06.06 18:27 playmeforever Question about Multiple PCs?

Hey guys, I know you can log into a discord on a pc client and a mobile device simultaneously, but can me and my friend be logged into the same account at the same time on 2 different Laptops? I’ve searched this question up and couldn’t get a clear cut answer so I’m coming here to ask. Thanks In advanced for anyone who takes the time to answer.
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2023.06.06 18:27 Akaihanadigitals Classic Doodle Planner Brushes

Classic Doodle Planner Brushes
Ready to transform your planner into a work of art? Don't miss out on our doodle planner layout brushes for Procreate. Additionally, our brushes are compatible with Procreate's layers feature. This allows you to easily organize your elements and experiment with different layouts without affecting the rest of your design. It's a game-changer for those who love to refine and iterate their planner pages. Versatility is key when it comes to planning, and our set delivers exactly that. Whether you're designing weekly spreads, habit, and mood trackers, or monthly calendars, these brushes will cater to all your needs. They include a variety of doodle elements like banners, frames, arrows, icons, and more. You'll never run out of ideas for your planner layouts.
Visit our Shop by clicking the link in the description to get your hands on this incredible set. Remember, planning should be fun and creative; our brushes will help you achieve that!
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2023.06.06 18:26 RyanOskey229 3 business ideas if you have no budget

A rising trend among younger generations has emerged, particularly millennials and Gen Z.
It’s the increased humanization, or anthropomorphism, of pets.
This generation often sees their pets not just as animals, but as members of their families. With this mindset, they are increasingly focused on their pets' overall well-being, as-well as seeking high-quality, organic, and sustainably sourced pet food and other wellness products and services.
Millenials and Gen Z’s commitment to social and environmental causes further bolsters their willingness to pay more for products and services that align with these principles.
This cultural shift presents a multitude of opportunities for businesses in the Animal Wellness sector, particularly those that can meet these evolving consumer demands.
Additionally, society's growing awareness of animal emotions and cognitive abilities, further augmented by the humanization of pets, has led to extraordinary growth in the sustainable wellness industry for animals.
The demand for premium pet care products and services, which ensure not just physical, but also mental and emotional well-being of pets, is growing at an unprecedented rate. As research in animal psychology continues to enhance our understanding of animal emotions and cognition, the need for pet care products and services that address these aspects is also on the rise.
The convergence of these factors makes the present moment an ideal time for businesses to tap into this expanding market.
Heavily researched business ideas for people with no budget are sent out every Sunday right here, but all points are included below for Reddit discussion as well.

Business Idea #1

Name: Pet Nurturer
Industry: Sustainable Wellness for Animals
Problem: With the growing interest in sustainable and holistic wellness for pets, there is a gap in the market for an easily accessible, centralized platform offering tailored advice, resources, and products related to sustainable pet care and wellness. It can be a challenge for pet owners to identify appropriate resources, vetted products, and connect with experts who share a similar sustainable and wellness-focused ethos. There is also a lack of platforms that utilize AI to personalize pet wellness recommendations.
Solution: Pet Nurturer is a digital platform that offers personalized, AI-driven sustainable wellness recommendations for pets. Utilizing GPT-4 AI, the platform learns about each pet's specific needs, preferences, and health history to curate tailored advice, educational content, and product recommendations. This could include advice on diet, exercise, mental health, preventive care, and even guidance on how to deal with common pet health issues using sustainable practices.
Competitive Advantage: Unlike existing platforms, Pet Nurturer's unique selling proposition is its AI-driven personalization, focus on sustainability, and aggregation of resources. By harnessing the power of GPT-4, Pet Nurturer can offer a far more personalized and interactive user experience than competitors. It will focus on curating sustainably sourced and manufactured pet products, vetted by a team of animal wellness experts, distinguishing itself as a truly eco-friendly pet wellness platform.
Monetization: Pet Nurturer can generate revenue through several channels. Firstly, a freemium model could be introduced where basic features are free, and premium features are unlocked with a subscription. Secondly, affiliate marketing can be a source of income - when users purchase recommended products through the platform, Pet Nurturer earns a commission. Finally, Pet Nurturer could collaborate with sustainable pet product brands for sponsored listings and advertisements on the platform.
Viral Social Media Strategy: Pet Nurturer's social media strategy will leverage engaging, shareable content to drive brand awareness and customer acquisition. User-generated content will be at the forefront of this strategy - encouraging customers to share their pet wellness journey, transformations, and successes using a unique hashtag. Regular contests and challenges can be launched with sustainable pet product giveaways to boost engagement and shares. Additionally, educational content on pet wellness, sustainability, and product highlights can be shared in a visually appealing manner to further engage followers.

Business Idea #2

Name: Eco-PetBox
Industry: Sustainable Wellness for Animals
Problem: Despite the growing trend of pet humanization and the increasing awareness of sustainability, there's a lack of convenient, curated solutions that allow pet owners to access sustainable and wellness-focused products. Pet owners often have to navigate multiple online stores or physical outlets to find quality, eco-friendly products, which is time-consuming and often confusing.
Solution: Eco-PetBox is a subscription-based service that curates and delivers boxes filled with eco-friendly, wellness-focused pet products right to your doorstep. Each box is tailored to the pet's type (dog, cat, etc.), size, and any specific dietary or wellness needs. The boxes can include sustainable pet food and treats, toys, health supplements, grooming supplies, and even wellness accessories like calming pet beds or anxiety wraps.
Competitive Advantage: What sets Eco-PetBox apart from other pet subscription services is its focus on sustainable and wellness-oriented products. Every product in the box is vetted for its eco-friendliness and contribution to pet wellness. The convenience of having a curated selection of products delivered to their doorstep each month will appeal to busy pet owners who care about both their pet's health and the environment.
Monetization: Eco-PetBox operates on a subscription model, with customers paying a monthly fee for their custom box of pet products. There can also be premium subscription options that offer additional benefits, such as access to expert advice, larger product selection, or faster delivery. Another potential source of revenue could be partnerships with sustainable pet product companies that wish to feature their products in the box.
Viral Social Media Strategy: To spread awareness and create a buzz around Eco-PetBox, a strong social media campaign centered around unboxing experiences can be initiated. Encouraging subscribers to share their unboxing experiences, review products, and showcase their pets enjoying the products can create authentic and engaging content. Special promotions, giveaways, and contests can also be launched to encourage sharing and tagging. Sharing stories highlighting the sustainable impact of the products in the box can resonate with eco-conscious pet owners and further drive shares and engagement.

Business Idea #3

Name: PetFit Tracker
Industry: Sustainable Wellness for Animals, Pet Tech
Problem: As pet obesity becomes a growing issue worldwide, pet owners are looking for ways to monitor and improve their pets' health and fitness. However, solutions for pet fitness tracking are still quite limited, especially for non-dog pets.
Solution: PetFit Tracker is a wearable pet fitness tracker designed for all types of pets – not just dogs. The device tracks various data such as physical activity, sleep patterns, calories burned, and more. The data is synced with a user-friendly mobile app where pet owners can analyze their pets' health and fitness progress, set goals, and receive personalized recommendations for improving their pets' wellness.
Competitive Advantage: PetFit Tracker's main competitive advantage lies in its inclusivity for all types of pets, making it stand out in a market heavily focused on dogs. Furthermore, integrating the device with the latest AI technology, such as the GPT-4 API, can provide unique personalized insights for pet owners based on their pets' data. For instance, the AI could analyze a pet’s activity patterns and provide customized exercise or diet recommendations, detect any unusual patterns that might signal a health issue, or even provide reminders for preventative care measures.
Monetization: The primary revenue stream would be the sale of the PetFit Tracker devices. An additional recurring revenue model could be established through a premium subscription for the mobile app, which offers advanced features and more in-depth insights. Collaborations with pet wellness brands for product recommendations could provide affiliate marketing income.
Viral Social Media Strategy: User-generated content will play a big role in the social media strategy. Pet owners could be encouraged to share their pets' fitness achievements, fun moments caught by the tracker, or transformations powered by the device. These stories can be shared on the company's social media platforms, creating an engaging community of health-conscious pet owners. Additionally, collaborations with pet influencers and partnerships with animal welfare organizations could further increase brand visibility and credibility.
P.S. If you like these ideas, there's more in this free newsletter that tracks the newest trends and how you can capitalize on them. It helps you stay on the cutting edge in the time it takes to have your morning coffee.
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2023.06.06 18:26 SilverLM GMAT or GRE? Not strong in quant

Hi all! I’m considering doing a part time MBA to help with future promotions.
I am not strong at all in quant, I work full time in a semi-demanding job so studying 3-5 hours a day isn’t really a possibility for me. I could maybe manage 2 but ideally I just want to get it done and over with relatively quickly (apps open Sept. 2023).
My GPA is slightly below cutoff as I had health issues during uni. The admissions manager recommends I supplement my application with either of the tests though it’s not required. I don’t have quant experience through my work or anything else.
When I took a GMAT simulator test on a whim (without studying) my overall score was 510, 2 IR, Verbal 40 and Quant 19 (I know the quant is bad 😅). I genuinely have forgotten most high school math.
I have solid work experience at well known companies and can get great references.
I know I’ll have to study still, but would love people’s thoughts given my situation.
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2023.06.06 18:26 anonymously_a AITA for not wanting my mom to use my straw

Sorry if the format looks off I'm using my phone.
So I F20 still live with my parents due to being jobless and there aren't currently any jobs available so I clean the house and my parents pay me for it even though according to my dad I'm lazy and don't do anything the entire day.
I use 750ml tumblers with lids and straws instead of glasses to drink out of cause it keeps insects out at night (I have accidentally swallowed baby moths, mosquitos and other small insects by accident too many times in the middle of the night that's why I made the switch)
Tonight my parents got home and my dad poured him and my mom drinks that require being mixed my mom usually uses her finger or a stirrer stick. My tumbler was on the table next to her and I asked her not to use the straw since she's done it once before and my water tasted like her drink after that, legal drinking age is 18 here so it's not like I can't drink it's just that I hate the taste of it especially when I expect water. She then proceeded to take it out stir her drink with it and put it back in.
I told her I had just asked her not to do it and she said that I can just go get myself another tumbler since I have many (I have 4). My dad then said that I probably don't want to create more dishes for myself to wash to which I said it's not about that and then my mom asked who washes the dishes and I said me and I do the laundry and then she said that I shouldn't complain because I get paid to do it.
She then asked what's going on with me cause I was scratching myself (I don't know if I'm just weird but I get itchy all over my body when people use my things) Everything ended with my mom calling me an assh2
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2023.06.06 18:26 xdriver897 Pod with mixed root/rootless?

im quite new to podman/ containerland and so far follow Daniel Walsh's book "Podman in Action". I love the idea of rootless containers and systemd generation and a POD as collection of containers.
However, what I dont seem to understand is how to create a POD YAML file that has a part of root and a part of rootless.
I have 3 containers:
- nginx: needs root for port 80 + 443 - elasticsearch: no root needed - mariadb: no root needed
How would I declare this in the yaml?
Beside that: how is one supposed to keep upgradability in mind so that you can upgrade e.g.: mariadb from e.g.: 10.7.5 to 10.7.6 without change to systemd files?
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