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2023.03.24 06:17 kathylou123 Is there anyone here that went to city hall and then had the friends/family wedding years later?

I tried searching for this but I couldn’t find any other posts.
My fiancé (35M) & I (30F) have been together over 4 years, and got engaged in November. We’ve been talking a lot about wedding stuff & I’m so excited to have the celebration and all the festivities leading up to the wedding and the day itself to have all our people come together… But, I’m also SO excited to just be married to my man! I already accidentally call him my husband sometimes because in my mind, we already are. And the cost and time to plan something, and it’s not something I want to rush. I don’t give a crap about perfection but I want it to feel like us. But we want to put energy towards other things in life right now so it’s realistic that we may not get married until 2025.
But would we regret doing a city hall marriage now and then the “incentive” of having the big party would dwindle and seem unnecessary? Would it change how the lead up and actual day would feel if the big reason we’re there, we’ve already done and would be old news by then?
I’m so conflicted. Has anyone done this? Any feedback on your experience?
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2023.03.24 06:16 OneSalientOversight How my boyfriend packed up a moving box with kitchen stuff while I was at work

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2023.03.24 06:16 EntireLettuce4194 Elbow pain

I’ve had random sharp pains in my elbow the last few years and they randomly occurred once or twice every couple of weeks when I bent my elbow for too long and to get rid of the pain I have to straighten my elbow out.
The last 4 days though I have been having constant sharp pain when I bend my elbow for 30 ish seconds or more and it has happened multiple times every day (atleast like 30+ times a day).
It sucks because my job is kinda physical and I have to carry heavy things and when my elbow has that sharp pain it happens out of nowhere (but while bending my elbow which I do basically all day) I basically instinctively straighten my elbow out which I can drop what I’m carrying and it could be fragile stuff too.
I also go to gym and I’m afraid when I’m curling or doing squat bars I get the sharp pain and I’ll have to drop the bar or curling and possible tear a muscle
I’ve told my mom and asked if I can go to a doctor but she says I’ll be fine, Does anyone know why this is happening or dealing with the same thing? Any advice?
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2023.03.24 06:15 Opposite_Fun_9340 Am I being selfish?

Tl;dr would it be selfish to ask my wife to do more for me?
I (25m) and my wife (23f) have been married 2 years after dating for 2. I have always, and still do, enjoy doing things from time to time to make her day. Usually just little things, like stopping at the gas station to get her favorite ice cream on my way home from work, surprising her with a night out, or leaving a note on her mirror in the morning. I also start thinking about what to get her for her birthday/Christmas way in advance, and save my extra cash if I need to, to get her something I know she really wants. She frequently tells me that I’m the best and she’s so lucky or that she doesn’t what she did to deserve a guy like me. But for the couple years she really hasn’t done much of anything special for me. Part of me feels like it would be selfish of me to bring it up though. I still get gifts from her on all the expected days (even though it’s always an assortment of random stuff that I’ve always suspected she grabbed last minute) and we still have sex several times a week (but she hasn’t initiated it for a very long time) I’m definitely still happy in the relationship, but I do feel like there is a lot more effort coming from me. Would it be selfish of me to ask that she put more effort into the relationship? And how could I bring this up without making her feel like I’m attacking her?
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2023.03.24 06:15 MickeyRourkeLips Consistent Family Crisis Triggering Fibromyalgia Flare Ups

And it sucks. I want to be there for them but every time I turn around something is going wrong. I’ve been able to somewhat manage symptoms and flare ups but this past week has been exhausting. Working 12+ hour days, trying to complete college coursework, raise my kid and help friends and family with projects has me stretched thin. And then this family emergency happened causing my money to be affected, my time re-routed to crisis management, class work put on the back burner, my body is suffering and I’m exhausted. I’m in full emotional burnout mode. And I still have to manage to do stuff this weekend. I’m realizing maybe I can’t do it all right now. Is it selfish to ghost everybody while I recuperate or should I force myself thru it? Anyone with fibro self-care tips?
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2023.03.24 06:14 NathanMacKinnon29 Xbox Series X turns off 20s after being turned on. I’ve tried lots of things but nothing has fixed it. Power supply issue?

When I turn on my Xbox Series X, the light comes on, and after ~20 seconds, the Xbox shuts off by itself. It doesn't make any noise like it is turned on and the fan doesn't work during that 20 seconds. I've googled some stuff and I've concluded that it is likely a power supply issue, but wanted to get some other people's opinions first before I go ahead and order one and replace it.
I've had this console since December of 2020 and use it pretty frequently. Any other ideas on what I should try before I go ahead and try to fix it? I don't have a warranty to send it in, otherwise I would be willing to do that.
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2023.03.24 06:14 hazel_099 Moving across continent

I’m graduating soon and i do not want to live here. Opportunities are limited and i want to explore a lot. I want to move to states or Canada and I’m worried about my medication. My cousins and friends they all got their visa and there was stuff about medications as well. They’re taking paracetamol and stuff but apparently you have to write a letter or atleast get some kind of medical report approved. Getting your medical basically means you have your visa. I just wanted to ask what that’s about. I’m pretty sure my doctor will recommend some alternative or i can just find my regular drugs on the drug store. I’m actually just worried about getting my medical . So anyone who knows about this please let me know.
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2023.03.24 06:14 bricks-home-videos I still hold some hope for the future

I don't really have friends, only really acquaintances. Everyone who I speak to really never seems to fully be present when we talk. It's like I'm only there for between the parts of life they enjoy, or am hindering them from getting to those parts. I feel transparent. I dread any span of time where I won't see people for a while, because I know no one will reach out. I'm a little uninteresting i think, but I still try to do stuff to better myself, while also making myself more interesting. I try to talk to those I like, I'm hygienic, I show interest, the basics. I don't think people owe me their friendship, I just want to have a real friend. It feels discouraging to feel like you'll never connect with another person . I've only had one partner, and I ruined that relationship while I was at a terrible time in my life. They were the one person I really connected with, but unfortunately they've moved on, and so I've had to as well. Although I have very little hope of finding someone to be friends with, I haven't given up quite yet. I don't have a reason not to be a recluse, but I still choose not to be. It sucks to keep being lonely, but if I keep going, maybe one day I wont be.
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2023.03.24 06:12 The_Great_Baron 19 [Nb4A] anyone want to be long term fwb?

I'm an amab non-binary person here looking for pretty much anybody who won't ghost me, so if you're interested is having a new friend to mess around with hmu!
I am mostly interested in doing sexual stuff and my main kinks are petplay and pissplay, but I am 100% down to chat and be friends if we have similar interests and everything! I mostly play csgo rn but I can download another game if you wanted to play something else
I also have an rp idea I like if you wanted to do it!
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2023.03.24 06:11 Plenty_Ad3169 A bitter realization

Sometimes when I’m lonely at night, I’ll stuff a sweatshirt with blankets and cuddle it. Tonight’s one of those nights. Just whispered a good night to my crush. Then it hit me. He probably texts/calls his girlfriend every night to tell her how much he loves her and to wish her a goodnight. It’s a soul-crushing realization really. It’s not fair because I loved him before he even knew her.
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2023.03.24 06:11 Miko2231 People think I’m a home-wrecker…

So I (M24) met this girl “B” (F30) through an acquaintance “D” (M30) of mine at my workplace. I had worked with D for a while and knew him pretty well. For context this guy always talked about the same things; weed, cars, and work. Exclusively those things, any other topics thrown his way would be promptly responded to and steered back towards the other categories. Now this girl, B, had been dating D for 8yrs when I first met her. They have two kids (F4) and (M10).
The day I met her I was coming over to their house to smoke weed with D and just chill for a bit. It’s safe to say that B and I really hit it off, I mean when this girl meets somebody new she gets anxiety and talks more so by the time I had left the first day we had been talking for a while and I knew a whole lot more about her than I ever knew about D. We continued on this way for a while, me coming over to smoke with D, getting high as shit for D and B’s amusement and talking with them as I’m coming down specifically B.
As time moves on I got closer to B and we became really good friends, we talked all the time, shared our life stories, she would tell me what’s going on in different aspects of her life and I would listen, offer advice and create new conversation, it came easy. Well I noticed part of the reason B liked talking to me so much is because D was the same way at work as he is at home. Only talks about 3 things, won’t entertain any other conversations and remains difficult to talk to as a whole. Now up to this point I’ve been around these people for about 3 years and I’ve seen every aspect of how these two interact with each other. They never cuddled, they fought and argued constantly. D would yell at their kids specifically the older one with ADHD and ODD, he wouldn’t help around the house with any chores he would just sit there on the couch, smoke weed, and play his car game on his phone. Now I considered this guy my friend unbeknownst to me he didn’t feel the same way at any point in time, but regardless I saw him treating this girl poorly so I decided to lend a helping hand in hopes of him seeing me helping and him taking over himself. I played with the kids (something he never did) I helped with chores I made good conversation and I listened when B spoke and responded in turn pushing conversation forward, something he never did.
B told me she had expressed all these issues many times before and threatened to leave plenty of times because she wasn’t happy. He was caught trying to go to another girls house to do god knows what, caught watching porn in the bathroom at work (caught by B), caught sending nude photos to other girls on the internet and he called B a fat cow who’s good at giving head to the management at work which got back to me. All this to say she knew about all of this stuff (except the cow thing) and they had been through their rough patches and she told him what he needed to change and HOW to change it. He would change his actions for a week or two and then go right back to the neglectful non-conversationalist again. B had threatened to breakup with D many times over the course of 9yrs (at this point). When he realized she was serious he would break into tears and beg her to take him back and that he would change for the better. She even packed his stuff for him one time but it didn’t last, she took him back every time because she worried about what it would do to the kids and how they would take it.
When they reached their 10 year anniversary D was acting the same way that I’ve always seen him act, he never stepped in to help when I was and B had emotionally checked out from that relationship. At this point I would see them almost every other day, I was talking to B on a daily basis via text (nothing inappropriate ever), I would go for walks with B and her children and we would get groceries together on a weekly basis (I had a car, D lost his license, B doesn’t have a car or license). B and I would take our time getting groceries, we would take long drives to and from the grocery store to maximize our time together and I would even invite her to come with me to get random small items that I didn’t necessarily need just to go in the car together.
She enjoyed hanging out with me as much as I did her and she didn’t like being alone with Mr. Talksalot. At some point it clicked for B that she had been wasting a lot of her time in a relationship she was unhappy in and I was right in front of her being everything she ever expected a good man to be. We eventually confessed feelings for each other a week prior to her ending things with D and having him move out to live with his grandma. Safe to say it’s been almost a year now, B and I are happy as can be, she’s expressed to me to this day that she’s never been with anyone like me before and that I’m the man she dreamed she would one day find and I feel the same way. I watched this poor beautiful woman get treated badly for 3 years on the sidelines. All I ever wanted was to see this girl treated right and D wouldn’t do it so I did it myself.
I know that it sounds nefarious but I never had Ill intentions and I expressed to B many times how I was rooting for them to work their shit out but at some point, watching her getting treated like shit I just wanted to take care of her and love her properly. Despite everything and all of the shit this guy put her through, at work I’m am viewed as the home wrecker. I destroyed a family because I came along and helped B realize there’s better things in life than AH’s who don’t change.
Tl;dr Met a girl through a co-worker, co worker treated girl like shit, I treated the girl well. She got sick of the lack of change from her man and left him and now we’re together and happy as can be.
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2023.03.24 06:10 Konoha-Kisaragi Got some new stuff for the collection a couple days ago for my birthday, and decided to finally get around to setting it up :)

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2023.03.24 06:10 Apprehensive_Nose_38 My garbage download issues

For some reason downloading games on steam causes my internet to randomly decide to disconnect itself from my PC I have no idea why and never have the issue unless I’m installing a game even if I install other stuff it doesn’t do it it’s JUST games, I’m convinced Steam just fucking hates me.
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2023.03.24 06:10 holyjeezimaching Should I be fine with letting my girlfriend wear revealing clothes to parties and such

The way I see it as she can do whatever she wants but too me and she knows this, but if you’re gonna wear something with your entire boobs and bra out like that bothers me, for me it crosses a boundary. I don’t think it makes you a slut or hoe or anything, I trust her. For me it’s just bras and panties are something that only your partner should see or like your best friends or something you really trust and I thought we were on the same page. But now she’s saying like what’s the issue and it’s not my choice and I agree it’s not but you know my boundaries and it’s up to you if you want to break them.
And I think I’m pretty supportive of what she wears, like I love when she wears stuff that makes her body pop, I think it’s sexy and she’s sexy. I really just draw the line on like if you’re gonna go to party and get drunk and stuff I’d appreciate if you didn’t have your tits out and ass cheeks out. I guess like an example is the Britney Spears hit me baby one more time.
I’m trying not to be controlling or toxic and we usually have the same boundaries, like ultimately I know I can’t control what she wears and I’m not gonna stop her but I’m notgonna sacrifice my feelings and be push over because that just leads to manipulation
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2023.03.24 06:09 bizzok Looking to move into networking full time, what types of jobs should is start with?

Currently 25, I have been working in the live event production system engineering for the last 5 years and think I’d rather move into a more traditional corporate position as a network engineer or similar.
Most of the jobs with equivalent salaries to what I make now (60k LCOL area) seem to require more experience than I have formally, but I’m working on vetting my CCNA and have been running a rather large complicated lab/freelance environment that includes multiple routing protocols including bgp, my own ASN and IP space, and peering at an IXP through some colocated gear.
I feel like I struggle to even get past the screenings with my “on paper” qualifications, so what should I be looking for as far as positions, and is there anything I can do to boost my resume on paper to at least get the interviews to prove that I know my stuff and deserve a position?
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2023.03.24 06:08 woodythegoody My girlfriend finds my friend more attractive

For a long time I was struggling with depression and loneliness and I felt I was worthless and suicidal. I was crying out loud almost every night from the pain I had in my chest. It was all because I could see how all of my friends have had multiple relationships and slept with tons of women and I was the only 22 y/o virgin guy that has never been into any relationships and has never ever heard anyone telling him “I love you”, let alone other stuff. Few weeks ago I finally got a match on tinder and went on a date with her. She was not attractive at all and was mean a bit but I couldn’t let my only opportunity go so tried to attract her. Eventually, we went on a relationship. However, she barely wants to see me and tried to avoid any types of physical touch as she said she is traumatized from years ago which I accepted. Tonight the weather was fine after a long time so I told her to hang out and she finally accepted to come out after hours of arguing about how far she is and bringing random excuses. Anyways, we went to a restaurant and we had dinner(which I paid as always). After that I suggest to have an ice-cream which she accepted while I was so happy to have her we saw a friend of mine in that ice-cream shop. As soon as she saw him, she started saying how cute my friend is and acting like she has a crush on him right in front of me. She asked me about him multiple times and when we met she was staring at him with passion. Something I never could get from her. It shattered my heart into pieces thinking how ugly and worthless I am that even my girlfriend prefers other men. (she has never complemented me for once and keep telling me she may breakup with me for another guy as a joke) I tried to show to her that I don’t like her act but she ignored them and later because I was acting colder she got mad. I don’t know what to do. I’m tired of trying and trying again to get something everybody else has (love). By the way, I’m a normal looking man probably 6-7 out of 10 and 5’10 height. I work out everyday. I do BJJ and I have played tennis for 9 years. I come from an upper class family.I can speak 4 languages. I study in a good university and know how to play piano and drums and I paint as well. But apparently non of these could make me a man with values(I spent thousands of hours learning about how to be attractive for women and how to act to be like a man not a boy) I’m almost done please help. Thanks
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2023.03.24 06:08 Blocktane_official How to create these foley/synth sounds?

This is from laxcity's splice pack and i'd love to make my own for a song im working on, does any1 know how to get both the melodic elements and the clicky foley type stuff? (particularly the foley)
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2023.03.24 06:08 burntoutcashier Regulars who always have a fucking attitude and can’t control their kids.

There’s this couple that come into my store every few days. They have two young girls they cannot control. Barefoot, eating food off the floor, dropping it everywhere, climbing on self checkout registers, hitting each other, screaming, threatening each other, it’s absolute chaos from the minute they step into the store, until they finally leave.
The man is actually nice. He’s never been rude, and he’s told his wife to chill out when she’s either almost went off on me, or did just go off on me. She’s had an issue with me ever since something stopped getting covered by EBT, and thought I was doing something to keep it from covering it, when I have no control over any of that. Ever since then, she glares at me, fusses at me, and makes transactions an absolute nightmare.
They’re checking out at the self checkout. When you have to key your card in manually, you have to ask a SCO host because we have to verify you have the card with you. We scan our barcode and then the option appears.
Nothing was said to me before, until she yells, “It’s not letting us type our card in again!”
I go over, scan my barcode after seeing the man was holding the card, and the option appeared.
The next part is no one’s fault, our machines are shitty. It ended up freezing, the man called me over and said he didn’t know what happened, but it looked frozen. I tried scanning my barcode, pressing some buttons on the keypad.
I apologized, “I’m really sorry, it’s frozen and it won’t let me go back or cancel it. I can’t even suspend it so you don’t have to re-ring everything back up. I can help scan if you want, but I have to reboot this register.”
She starts complaining, “This happens every time we come here! Happens every single time! Now we gotta re-scan everything!”
He tells her, “Well it ain’t her fault! It’s the machines, you know they’re old.”
“Okay? And? That’s not my problem, it’s every single time we come in this store!”
I let him know to let me know when they need to key their card in, it doesn’t show up automatically. He thanks me, and they go on back to scanning. It wasn’t a buttload of stuff, it was enough to fit into a basket you carry around.
The entire time he’s scanning stuff, she’s bitching and moaning about the register, while also scoping her kids up and putting them by their register because they keep running off. Ones eating shit they dropped on the floor, screaming at the other not to touch their food, and then threatening, “I’m gonna beat you!” And absolutely smacking the everloving fuck out of the younger girl’s shoulder. The kid barely reacts, which I don’t know how to take. Is she used to having that happen? It just doesn’t phase her anymore? The older girl had to be around 6-7, the younger one had to be way younger. She’s still in pull-ups, which are often times leaking through her pants, which was the case today.
It kills me because I know they’re likely repeating what they’ve heard or been told. It also kills me because she’s clearly pregnant with another kid, while not even being able to handle the kids she has. It’s not my business, and I know I shouldn’t say anything like that, but it’s the truth.
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2023.03.24 06:08 DangerWarg Clients tell me I'm too cheap and intentionally overpay to stress the point. Should I raise prices based on this alone?

Why that information alone? Cuz nobody says a god damn thing. Even when asked or shown examples over and over. And in 12 years of looking around THIS is all I got to run by. That 60 USD, even back in 2011, was too cheap. Regardless it shouldn't be an ordeal to get even loose estimates on things people already have the answer to.
60 bucks for stuff like these... The link should contain 6 images. All of which are SFW cartoon drawings I would have done for 60 dollars.
I wish I had more to show, but I'm mostly a NSFW artist. I ain't posting that stuff here.
I had stopped taking commission for over 12 years now. And I've been getting ready on and off to get back into taking commissions. Health had gotten in the way of that too much. But settling on prices have been a major issue for me, largely because of the aforementioned feedback which only my clients gave me. SURELY something so important can be decided on more than just this, but all I got is this because nobody else will say anything. Is it suddenly a new, ultra special problem unique to only myself? NO! It's too obvious that there's people in this business who'd know what to say or even how to price their work or others'. THIS isn't a new problem. It shouldn't be this hard to get even a peep. But here I am 12+ years with no more answers than from the few who brought it up in the first place.
Can y'all help me out with this? Is it a good idea to raise prices on feedback and the frequent overpaying of clients? Is 60 bucks really too cheap???
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2023.03.24 06:08 stelerdewder relationship guys - how spontaneous is your sex?

i won't try to tramadump, not in this subreddit's pay grade, but i'm curious as my bf and I are a bit different.
I love unplanned stuff - i know anal's hard, but like random handjob or blowjobs, gropes, teasing, etc. I also have a high sex drive, but when I'm horny I'm horny, usually in the morning, after a couple days not cumming, etc. personally having to say every time "hey tonight i want to do stuff" even if it's just a blowjob seems... excessive? like 95% of my day my bf could pull my pants down and blow me and I wouldn't complain one bit.
my bf like, can't initiate. he says he wants to sometimes but has no clue how. Sometimes he can get to asking me if we want to do stuff later, but it's usually somewhat planned. He says he thinks he's more on the asexual side too. Most times I spontaneously do stuff, even teasing, he doesn't seem to enjoy it too much.
Reactive Libido vs spontaneous libido is the closest thing I can figure that that is. so which kinds are you? does this ever seem to clash?
edit : reactive and spontaneous libido isn't the exact same thing i think but still, same question
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2023.03.24 06:08 Spiritual-Tree5000 [17M] Bored outta my mind and would love a chat!

Hiya everyone, hope you're all well. My name's Jayce and I'm a 17-year-old gay guy from Portland, Oregon. I don't really talk about my sexuality much, although I am pretty gosh darn feminine, what you'd call a femboy I guessssss. Just thought I should add that because, unfortunately, some guys see that as a deal-breaker. It is what it is.
Anyways, I'm a pretty content and bubbly person. Love watching anime, reading some manga as well. Play more games than I should even admit. All the usual teenager stuff, I guess. I do also love nature, space, currently saving up for a telescope actually. Uhhh, that's about all I think. If you wanna know more, feel free to ask whatever. Thanks y'all. <3
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2023.03.24 06:07 jczz23 I feel lonely at work, yet no one understands me

 I (26M) work at a gas station thats marked red with big white letters, have been since October 2021. Ive worked at several different stores all over the area but recently i ended up at a store where I feel like I wasn't treated the best... A little about myself, im a really laidback guy. Im easygoing, usually friendly towards everyone unless given a reason not to be, i.e. assholes, bad people, generally anyone i logically shouldnt trust. I was in therapy for a little while for personal reasons, one of them being to improve on my social skills because i never had em growing up. I learned how to socialize, be more open about my feelings, and i learned that im a bit of an empath (bonus!) My therapist was the best, she tought me how to finally socialize like ive always wanted to, and i finally felt like things were going to only get better from there. I transferred to this specific store when it opened last August, and ever since then its been slowly getting to me. At first everything was ok, everyone was friendly enough, a lot of them were new and i helped them learn the ropes. I always tried to be the guy everyone could rely on for help, always trying to involve others, socialize with them, using the skills I learned I did my best to be a part of the team... but nothing i ever did felt like it was enough. I would always see how everyone else was always so hype to see each other, how they actively searched each other out while at work just to talk or hang out. Even the managers here actively tried to be a part of everyones lives... everyone except for me apparantly. For some reason, i always noticed that everyone around me acted differently towards me than they did towards each other. When one of them got sent back into the kitchen it was business as normal, everyone looks for em back there, everyone always hanging out with each other or to help them out, basically have a good time, yet when i get sent back there noone does the same for me, even though i did the same for everyone else. Even if someone gets sent back there to help me, all they would ever do was go back there, get stuff done, and leave to do something else, no talking, interaction, nothing. And yes I always tried my best to socialize with them and create new opportunities, but they never gave me those opportunities ( I would exhaust every dialogue option available, keeping my questions open ended to keep the conversation going just how they do with each other, yet i only ever got simple responses, or a singular response and nothing more, most of the time they wouldnt even try to keep it going) 
I get sent to work the register, same thing, im up there and its like i have the fucking plague, anyone else is up there and they have everyone coming up to them constantly. Even the managers were like this, thyley act all nice amd friendly, yet when i try to have a conversation with them, even if it was something related to work, they never treated me how they treat everyone else. I always got the short end of the responses yet with everyone else they have long ass conversations about who knows what? (Clearly i dont, cause otherwise none of this wouldnt have happened)
 Well as time went on and we neared valentines day, things took a turn. Valentines day is a hard day for me because its the day i lost the love of my life. Its been almost 4 years but it hasnt gotten any easier for me. During the year i can hide it no problem, but around valentines day it shows. This year was made even worse because of how everyone treated me while i was there and eventually I just couldnt hide it anymore. The month of February was when everything changed at work, i slowly stopped being so optimistic and cheerful and became more depressed, quieter and reserved. Conviniently it was right around this time that the managers started finally asking questions, unfortunately it was only cause my work was being affected and if i dont do as well as they want then the whole store loses out on a bonus. To be completely honest, i dont give two fucks about that bonus, not after the way ive been treated at this store, not after everything ive done for that store, working my ass off even when i was exhausted from life, even fucking up my left calf and literally limping away from work, after my shift ended, while still having to move around on the register (its a pretty big register area) I ivividly remember that night because as i limped towards my car from the back all i hear is "see you tomorrow jczz23!" That was the moment that i gave up on the store and ever since then ive been trying to transfer out of there or find another job. Well today the manager finally pulled me to the side to ask whats going on. I explained to her how i felt, telling her how i always felt lonely at that specific store, how from my perspective i felt like a social outcast. She really said "well its because youre so reserved, maybe if you opened up more?" Like we're really not gonna talk about the MONTHS that i was an open book for everyone yet noone made the effort. She then went on to tell me that the reason i feel like this is because of my behavior recently, like no, thats completely wrong. I told her how ive always felt like this ever since i started there, how its always been like this from my perspective. I told her about the example of me being in the kitchen and she then asked me "well did you try to talk with them while you were back there?" YES. MULTIPLE TIMES. WITH MULTIPLE PEOPLE. NOTHING. EVER. CHANGED. All she said afterwards was how she was gonna try her best to get me transferred out of there and to work with them because it could take a while... like am i going crazy or does she genuinely not see the problem here? Not just her, anyone who I explain this problem to they always tell me that its because of how reserved i am, or how quiet ive become, like no, im not reserved, if they actually knew me they would know im nothing like that... and i can actually prove it because at literally every other store i go to i never have this problem. At any other store I always feel welcomed, people always socializing with me, including me in almost everything they do, the managers actually listen to me and understand me... I dont know, am I in the wrong here? Is it me? Am i going crazy? 
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