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2022.02.08 17:01 absquatulatedunivers SturnioloTriplets

A subreddit for fans of the Sturniolo Triplets on Youtube.

2023.03.23 02:44 jay_oof10 Grimes and The Sturniolo Triplets?

I’m a huge fan of both, and The Sturniolo Triplets are making podcast called “cut the camera podcast” and one of the Sturniolo Triplets said to just ask anyone that you’re a fan of. So I thought it would be cool thinking what if Grimes went on their podcast what do you think they would talk about.
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2023.03.14 00:21 Val_Ace 19 [F4NB/F] Hi I’m Val! - NJ, US

Hi, I’m V and I’m 19, Ace, and looking for someone to be in a QPR with :)
I am a Virgo with a Gemini moon and Sagittarius rising
Some things I like:
Tv Shows I love:
Movies: - Spider-Man- ❤️❤️, Enola Holmes, Marvel movies, and more that are too many to list
K dramas: - Crash course in Romance, Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young Woo, Business Proposal, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, True beauty, The Miracle
Anime I loved watching: - Saiki K, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Toilet Bound Hanako Kun, Yuri On Ice, Assassination Classroom, Billionaire detective????, Given
If you can’t tell: I love tv
Games I have on Switch: - Splatoon, It takes two, Gang beasts, Mario Kart 8, Luigi’s mansion, Mario Odyssey, Unpacking, Fall Guys
I also have two sisters and two dogs and a cat
About me:
I feel more comfortable talking online, so I feel like my personality shows more, irl I can be quiet around people I don’t know. I have social anxiety, but when people are very open and welcoming I feel like I’m in a safe space so I am able to open up more.
Finding QPRs:
I’ve always had a best friend. I never really cared for a romantic partner as much as having a bff. I got a new best friend and she has always been there for me emotionally and always makes me feel valid. We were very close but she moved and we talked on and off with months in between, but we talk weekly now.
I found out about QPRs in October 2022 and something in my brain clicked. It was a Tiktok about “Ace Education”, I looked it up, did some research and realized that my ideal partnership is a QPR. I always wanted a best friend but I wanted it to feel and be seen as important as a romantic relationship is seen.
What I wanted was a QPR, where we are best friends and my partner would prioritize the friendship the same way a couple would with their relationship. We would love each other platonically and hug and cuddle.
What I look for in a QPR:
I want someone who wants a deep committed relationship, we talk all the time and hangout a lot. We trust each other and talk about anything while having boundaries.
I like someone who is understanding, is there for me emotionally, kind, willing to communicate and being comfortable and open with it, loves jokes, is silly, playful, loves playing games and spending time together (my love language is quality time), hugging and cuddling, someone who has genuine interest in me, likes giving and getting gifts, likes talking about magic, watch tv shows with me, movies, play games together and do fun activities.
I don’t like kissing on the lips, I’ve tried to imagine myself doing it but I don’t like it at all. I like cuddling, hugs and just being close.
DM me if you want 😄 💖💖🖤💜🤍🍰🥖
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2023.02.24 14:44 waterrmelonwarriorr my channels are litterally offset by 38😭

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2023.01.06 22:30 ducks4life001 r/sturniolo_triplets Lounge

A place for members of sturniolo_triplets to chat with each other
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2022.12.28 10:04 Typical_Alfalfa_3684 favorite YouTuber?

my top are- cody ko, the sturniolo triplets, impaulsive, jidion, sarah farrugia, david alvareezy, and the cut/jubilee videos, and SuperT
edit** i forgot my g joshua weissman
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FREDI FEASTS ON DOMINO’S PIZZA W/ ALEX JONES, SHANE DAWSON & THE STURNIOLO TRIPLETS! 🍕 submitted by rawce__ to vlog [link] [comments]


FREDI FEASTS ON DOMINO’S PIZZA W/ ALEX JONES, SHANE DAWSON & THE STURNIOLO TRIPLETS! 🍕 submitted by rawce__ to mukbang [link] [comments]

2022.12.11 11:29 Possible_Bat9702 can we have the sturniolo triplets on the pod

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2022.09.25 14:31 Bell_Anna Dylan serious question.

Do you know who the Sturniolo triplets are. Besides you they’re my favorite YouTubers. You’ve both helped me through a lot. They’re so funny and so are you so I’m just curious if you know them.
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2022.09.08 03:58 Potential_Editor_549 Sturniolo triplets

why are the Sturniolo triplet's logo always a flower like on their merch?
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2022.08.03 19:15 Val_Ace 18F Looking for friends/ relationship

Hi everyone! I’m V
I’m looking for someone who is 18-21 who wants to get to know me and is down to text any time :) I like having deep conversations and I want a true friend that is kind and caring. I am understanding, caring, considerate and love my friends very much. <3
I don’t like kissing, but I like hugging and cuddles, I don’t drink or smoke and I prefer someone who doesn’t drink or smoke. I want someone to watch movies with and to talk to about anything.
My hobbies include listening to music, watching tv shows and movies, playing ukulele, I paint but not professionally or anything, I just trace pictures and “color” them in with acrylic paint 😅.
I like going out and doing fun stuff like the pool, the beach, water parks, theme parks, fairs, movies, I like to go out at least once or twice a week.
I also love Spider-Man, ever since I saw the 2017, I’ve gotten merch, watched the older movies, Into the Spiderverse, He’s my favorite superhero and I think he has THE coolest powers.
I have two dogs and a cat.
I like watching a lot of cartoons like Owl House, Miraculous Ladybug, Ever After High, Dead End: Paranormal Park, Gravity Falls. I love watching Netflix: Stranger Things, Kdramas, Anime. I love listening to Kpop, my favorite group is BTS.💜 In the Soop, Run BTS, Vlogs, Vlive, love them. Also, YouTube! : I watch Faline San, Negative Legend, One Topic At A Time, BTS funny moments compilations, and the Sturniolo Triplets.
If you want to talk or hangout, Dm me! I would love to meet new people.
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2022.07.29 21:40 usernothinglol DAE opinions on the uk?

anyone else that lives in england think it’s so depressing?
idk how to explain it but it’s so depressing, like take a walk to feel better- where down the dirty streets💀with random middle age english men with brown teeth and a fucking bulldog tattoo
you don’t understand how much i hate the roadmen aswell like go away😭 why are all the boys my age acting like them and dressing like them need some people that dress the the sturniolo triplets honestly 🙃
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2022.07.14 04:21 kinghames the sturniolo triplets are NOT reaching gods kingdom of heaven im sorry 🤷‍♀️👼

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2022.06.05 22:43 music_obssesed i need online friends so i'm gonna write stuff about me and maybe you can contact me on here or smoething idk

people i like
  1. Harry styles
  2. Taylor swift
  3. Louis tomlinson
  4. Arctic Monkeys
  5. sturniolo triplets ( youtube )
my socials
tiktok: houaylor.nataly
insta: natie.styleswiftommo.sturniolo
shit i love
  1. cats
  2. sushi
  3. music
  4. my posters,albums....
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2022.05.29 10:52 TheGoogas_Vol2 What do you do when you're feeling alone? or when you want some company?

I watch Sturniolo Triplets on YouTube, it's like I'm with my friends. They make me feel in peace idk. I just really like them and wish they were really my friends irl.
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2022.04.23 18:54 absquatulatedunivers Friday Video Suggestions

Please add any ideas you might have for the triplet’s Friday videos by commenting on this post or upvoting those that have already been suggested. Of course, be sure to tag the Sturniolo’s on Instagram so they see what the community is interested in watching.
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