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2023.03.24 07:14 RJcametoplay What did you do with your puppy teeth?

Okay So with my last puppy I was so bummed I never found any of his baby teeth. With my now 5 month old, I missed a bunch of them and never found his teeth. Then, this week, I got lucky and got TWO! And I’m so excited. They are in an empty pill bottle right now. I have no idea why I want them but I feel sentimental about it. Looking for some ideas on what others have done with the baby teeth?
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2023.03.24 07:08 agar256 Puppy won’t listen when outdoors.

I have a 8 month old Irish doodle and he’s great indoors. My puppy can following basic commands such as sit, stay, and basic indoor exercises. However, when we’re outside he’ll ignore me and won’t listen to me. I’m having trouble getting him to “come here”. I’ll have to chase him around to get him back on the leash. Any training tips for outdoor training ?
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2023.03.24 07:04 Terrible_Effect9734 Can you solve it?

Hello guys, I have a question. I am 26 years old and I am interested in IT. To put it simply, I have created a PiHole, built a website with WordPress, and learned a pseudoprogramming language called "Karen". I have also written a small program to guess numbers, all while working as a mason. I enjoy all of this, but my English skills are not very good, so I rely on AI to help me with translations.
I am not sure if I should take a non-traditional path to enter the IT industry, and if so, what path to choose. Learning to program seems somewhat useless in the age of the rise of AI. I am the type of person who likes to find shortcuts when possible, and I don't want to be tied down to regular working hours or a specific location. I also have a broad range of general knowledge.
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2023.03.24 07:02 unknown_elemental Seeking advice on girlfriend´s pitbull

So, I´ve been dating this girl for about 4 months. I knew she had a pitbull-mix before we started dating. And up until I found this sub, I was ambivalent on the breed and the reputation but mostly airing on viewing each one as individuals just like any other breed. A month into dating she takes me home and I meet her 10-month old pup. And this is where I'm conflicted now because he's really sweet. I've never had a bad interaction with him. And after seeing her neighborhood, I was kind of glad she had a big dog to protect her. His biggest behavior issues when I met him were teething (sometimes on people, but that's normal for all puppies, isn't it?) jumping, which I could see my girlfriend was actively working on, and pulling on the leash when walking.

One time when walking him he got excited by another dog and pulled the leash hard enough to make her fall down. 4 months later he's no longer teething and the jumping is winding down. He's mostly an outside dog. He listens to me. I think I'm more strict with him than she is but she says his attachment to her makes him more excited when he sees her. He only knows 'sit' and 'come' but obeys them well. Every time I see him I practice them with him to remind him my gf and I are the bosses. I've fed him solo a few times and there's a gate that keeps him in his area of the backyard and I make him sit and wait for me to enter to give him praise and affection before grabbing his bowls after which I make him sit when I exit his area and again when I re-enter with food and water.

I feel like she was doing a good job raising him before I met her and I want to believe that because he's so young we have an opportunity to raise him responsibly but according to this sub, y'all say none of that matters because these family pets can snap in an instant. I'm not denying those stories but, I really like, dare say, love, this girl and just like you can't choose your in-laws, you can't choose the pets they had since before you met them. And on the top of that he's been nothing but a big, sweet, bumbling oaf making genuine strides thanks to responsible ownership and training.
So . . . at this point, what should I do?
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2023.03.24 06:51 Jensus_v Colors vintage sunburst vs modern sunburst

Hi guys, I was wondering why modern Fender guitars mostly have a kind of darker sunburst. When I see old Fender guitars they have this beautiful sunbursts with a warm yellow at the center. Even the new ´vintage´ guitars with intro finish are always darker it seems, more brownish of red than yellow. Is this an age thing? Will the modern guitars turn yellow by aging? Don´t get me wrong, I think the newer guitars are also beautiful but there is just something about the colors of these vintage guitars.
Btw, excuse my English
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2023.03.24 06:47 Jensus_v Vintage sunburst vs modern sunburst

Hi guys, I was wondering why modern Fender guitars mostly have a kind of darker sunburst. When I see old Fender guitars they have this beautiful sunbursts with a warm yellow at the center. Even the new ´vintage´ guitars with intro finish are always darker it seems, more brownish of red than yellow. Is this an age thing? Will the modern guitars turn yellow by aging? Don´t get me wrong, I think the newer guitars are also beautiful but there is just something about the colors of these vintage guitars.
Btw, excuse my English
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2023.03.24 06:31 StuntMedic [Ukrainian(?) to English] Old address

I'm trying to help my wife find a lead on the whereabouts of her old Ukrainian language tutor. Up until now she's been unsuccessful but recently she came across an old letter left with family which I think may contain an address or set of addresses. Her tutor taught her Russian, but it was so long ago she's entirely unable to read this.
Any help on translating would be greatly appreciated.
Letter snippet
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2023.03.24 06:17 castiell666 my ex and our never ending friendship

Hello guys, first of all, I apologize for my bad English. English is not my native language
I had a relationship that lasted 5 years but it ended 3 years ago But we could never leave each other 'Cause he was a very old friend of mine We're talking even now and I still love him But she has trust problems and a taboo against me Do you think it's possible for us to reunite with him?
He sees me as his only friend 🥲
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2023.03.24 06:14 thslifesucks AITA for not talking to one of my best friends in over two weeks?

Hello. First of all English is not my mother language, so I apologize in advance for any typos or mistakes. I have seen a lot of tiktoks of Reddits posts and people actually got good advice from it so I hope it would be the same for me. For a little bit of context, I, 22 F, was born in Cuba and lived there my whole life until last year. I know a lot of people there but only consider a few my true friends. April of 2021, I left Cuba and moved to the united states with my dad and stepmom, leaving behind my mom, the rest of my life, my boyfriend of six years and my best friends. It was extremely hard to say the very least. I wasn't used to live with my dad at all, my mom and him got divorce when I was five and haven't live together since that time. We have similar personalities and that's the reason we don't fit at all. I had awful days, was depressed and nothing would cheer me up. Regarding everything, I kept in contact with all the people important to me and when I finally started working and make my own money, I helped my dad with the house bills, I started sending money to my mom and gifts to my friends, helping the rest of my family too. I definitely felt better, being able to help them was the exact moment when all the tears payed off. December last year, one of my closest friends, 20 F, which I adore got to the US but unfortunately she lives in Texas and I'm currently on Florida. Since none of us can't travel because of immigration issues, we haven't been able to see each other again. When she got here, she started feeling everything that I went through back when I first arrive. She was sad, crying every day, deeply missing everyone and her old life. I understood pretty good because I was in the exact same position months before. Since I knew the feeling well, I did everything on my power to make her feel better. She didn't have any money because she had just arrived at the country and wasn't even working yet, so I changed my Spotify plan to a premium duo one, which is more expensive than the single one I was paying before, so she could have it too because she loves music, I bought Disney plus and gave her one profile because she also loves Disney movies and shows, I bought her a concert ticket for one band that we absolutely adore from the early years of our life that is touring this year for the first time in 15 years and is the last tour as well, therefor our only chance to see them live and I really didn't want her to miss it, I stayed up until 3 in the morning just to watch something with her over rave and keep her company, I did a lot of things that no-one did for me back then but I would had loved. She definitely started to feeling better and I was really happy. A couple of months later, another of my best friends (besides the group of 4) passed away on the same day of my friend's birthday after giving birth. I was devastated. She was the first person I called when found out and she kept me going through it. I screamed and cried my soul out. However, like a month an a half ago, she found a job (which I was truly happy fro her, because I knew how she needed the money and how good it feels when you can afford your own things) but things slowly started to change. At first, she almost didn't had the time to talk to us in the group chat when we used to do that everyday, then she missed our movie night because she needed to woke up early in the morning for work (which I understand, but I stayed up for her a lot of my works nights), then she wasn't talking to us at all and every time I texted her, she also found an excuse to postpone the conversation. I honestly just wanted to know how she was doing, nothing more, because she is one of the most important person in my life and I missed her and was worried. The thing that made me feel worst is that she came to our group chat saying that we should stop texting her when she doesn't replies because she is very upset and sad lately and she needs space. However, she was talking to other friends and hanging out with a guy that she meet at work. My other friends an I, we are a group of four, were really upset too. she told me that I should respect that she is going through a lot of changes right now, meeting new people and adjusting. I wasn't against at all of her socializing, I was even the one that suggested on the first place, but it made me feel awful because when she went to the first emotional breakdown when she got here and didn't had no-one else, I tried everything in my hands to help, and now that she is going out and meeting new people, she is throwing us away, specially when I just lost one of my closest friends and was grieving her. We had a fight about it and haven't talked to each other since then. Just to clarify, I never told her anything about the time when I tried to make her feel better. I did that from the bottom of my heart and never in a million years would throw it in her face.
This may sound like nothing for a lot of people and I admit that was a really heartbreaking time. I was hurting so much and maybe that made me said some things that I shouldn't, or maybe overreact to the situation, but she was and still is one of my dearest people and when she came to me to tell me that when I was in such a hard time, I simply snapped. My others friends in the group says I should talk to her, but im still hurt and can't do it. So AITA?
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2023.03.24 06:13 RageshAntony a short story in Old, Middle and Early Modern English

I asked ChatGPT 3.5 to write a story in Old, Middle and Early Modern English
Sure, I'd be happy to write a short story in Old English, Middle English, and Early Modern English. Here is my attempt at doing so:
Old English: Hēr wæs sumor dæg, and Ælfred cyning sæt on his heáhsetle, hine gemǽnsumian mid his rǽdum. Þa bærst seó dor ofer þæs heáhsalles gegn, and in comon ðrý wyrdcunungas, ða hátað man Wyrd, and ðás cweðað Ælfrede cyninge: "Wyrd bið ful árǽrǽd; þu scealt rícsian ymb feówer and twentig wintra." And mid þisum ðrý cwoman ut of þære duru, and Ælfred cyning wiste þæt hí wǽron ðæra gǽsta gástas.
Middle English: It was somer dai, and kyng Alfred sat upon his high-sete, communynge with his conseil. Thanne brast the dore of the halle, and in camen thre weirdes, that men clepen Weird, and thus thei seiden to kyng Alfred: "Weird is fully yset; thou schalt regnen aboute foure and twenty wynter." And with this, the thre weirdes wenten out of the dore, and kyng Alfred wiste that thei were the gostes of the yaire.
Early Modern English: It was a summer's day, and King Alfred sat upon his high throne, conferring with his advisors. Suddenly, the door of the hall burst open, and in came three weird sisters, known as the Fates, who spoke thus to King Alfred: "Fate is firmly set; you shall reign for about twenty-four winters." And with that, the three sisters left through the door, and King Alfred knew that they were the ghosts of the air.
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2023.03.24 06:02 Linstrocity I think I'm being tormented by a discarnate entity or some non-human thing (want to get rid of it).

Ok - before I tell my story, yes I realize now 14 years later I did some dumb shit when I was 18. The question is how I get it to stop, leave my family alone, as we want to have a normal life. All of this is true, no I don't think I have mental illness - I go to the VA and have been tested for all mental illnesses which doesn't check out. I was raised semi-Catholic (only been baptized, no other sacraments).
There is a preface to this story, but now that I'm older it makes a lot of sense.
I didn't sleep in my own bed until I was around 13 because I used to see things at night which scared the absolute dogshit. Like most parents they didn't believe anything I ever said:
  1. One time playing hide and seek when I was kid (around 6/7), I was hiding under the covers of my bed looking at a shelf and a saw a bin full of Lego's get tugged like someone pushed down on it. Two minutes later the bin gets pulled out of the wall by itself and my dad runs in to see what happens to which I have no explanation. I was across the room by myself.
  2. I used to see figures at night in my room. They never approached my bed, but would kind of look at me in my closet. They were real fuzzy around the edges and took on different forms. When I went to Yosemite on a camping trip, I remember being awake terrified in my bed next to my mom and there black figures walking around in hiking clothing, but no face or anything. They made no sound as they walked around our cabin at around 5:30 in the morning (I was the only one who was awake who saw it), and I can vaguely remember one standing next to my bed where my mom and I were asleep standing down looking at me.
  3. The day after I turned 13 I started sleeping in my own bed because my dad had enough - I had a radio in my room I turned NPR on at night on at for white noise so I could try to sleep. I kept the lights on a low dim and the closet door closed so I wouldn't have things "looking" at me. None of these figures ever made noises.
Ok - real story time.
I joined the Marine Corps in the infantry in 2009 at 17 years old (I became a Mortarman/0341) - by 18 I went to my duty station in Kaneohe Bay Hawaii. Those who don't know Hawaiian folklore is that Kaneohe Bay used to be the "meeting place" for Native Hawaiian tribes to do battle. The movie "Paranormal Activity" also came out that year, and we all got drunk and went to the movies to see it. There's this stupid scene where they get a Ouija Board (yes I know this is where I got stupid), and leave it on the table, and then it moves by itself.
Drunk me asks on the drive home if that stuff actually works, and we go find one the next day in Spencer's Gifts in the Windward Mall in Kaneohe, HI. We take it back to our squad bay (we stayed in open bays when we first got there), and the person "on duty" (like RA or dorm security) who is Catholic/Hispanic turns white and says "get that shit out of here right now". We laugh and go to our bay on the top floor.
We pull couches around the table and start drinking (because we're Marines and dumb) and start reading the directions on how to do it. I text my girlfriend (now wife) and she also tells me to stop messing with this stuff. She Googles it and tells me to put Sterling Silver on the board, to which I magically have a St. Michael's Medallion my mother gives me before going to Bootcamp that I had, so I put it on the board.

Again I don't believe this, none of the people participating believe this, we put our hand on the pointer and start asking stupid things like "is there anyone who wants to talk to us tonight". This goes on for a while, until all of a sudden the pointer starts moving slowly. I look at the other people and say "Stop fucking around, I want to see if it works". Everyone claims that it's not them, and it slowly moves over to yes. So we start asking if it's anyone we know, and it goes to yes again. We ask who does it know, and it says it's our friend Nathan who is sitting on a couch across the bay with a beer in his hand not touching anything. He's drunk and says "very funny guys". He sits up and says "Ok, if you know who I am who are you", and the pointer spells out Grandma. He laughs again, and says, "OK Grandma, what is your first name". This board spells out his grandma's name correctly. We look at him and say "Ok, who did you tell your grandma's name to", to which he gets kind of quiet and says no one. He starts to ask the year she died (answered correctly), her husband's name (answered correctly), his mother's name (answered correctly). He gets extremely quiet after this, and asks if she has anything she wants to say and she says "I love you" and goes to Goodbye immediately. He looks freaked out after that and it's no longer fun.

We keep talking to different "entities", but it starts to get real weird, where the board starts naming people with birth and death dates from the 1800's which we google and are all 100% correct. Then I talk to an entity who says it was my mother's unborn child which was killed with an axe. I text my mom about what I'm doing and she tells me "You need to stop immediately" (she has her own story where something tried to contact her). At this point a Wiccan Marine walks in and he says "What the actual fuck are you guys doing? This is not a fucking toy or a game and you need to give this to me right now. I need to close this fucking board." He jumps on and starts doing some weird praying/rituals, saying we are talking to all sorts of things we shouldn't be.
The same Hispanic Duty walks up to our floor and says, "Hey can you guys please stop, there's a lot of weird stuff going on down stairs and everyone's freaked out. There's weird orbs of light at the ends of the bays, and things are getting knocked over by themselves. Please stop". I'm done messing with this at the end of this, but word got around that this was going on and around 20 more 18/19 year-old Marines show up wanting to talk to spirits on the board. One guy even asked to talk to Satan, and the Wiccan Marine got pissed because he sat there the whole rest of the night to essentially babysit the board.
The next day I felt kind of weird, like there was a pit in my stomach, and I went into the bathroom and kind of started dry-heaving until I felt something leave my mouth but there was no puke or anything. I thought it was too much drinking and ignored it. I went about my business.
There was one Marine who started acting weird for a week as he took the board into a closet by himself and tried to contact his grandfather, and people in his platoon said he started acting weird and distant, and I don't really know what happened after that. I don't remember what happened to the board, but I never touched one again after that, and when a co-worker brought to work as a joke on Halloween I immediately turned and left.
We were up on a mortar range on the Big Island at a training area called PTA - and we would get thick fogs that would roll in. This is on top of a remote volcano on top of the Big Island in Hawaii with nobody except military personnel training - and everyone would hear children laughing off in the distance in the morning. We'd always ask each other "Am I the only one hearing the children laughing?". We all agreed that we heard but no one ventured out into the fog to see what it was. It usually happened in the mornings. This was my last paranormal encounter in the Marines.

OK - Fast Forward 13 years, I am married and have 1.5 year-old who is walking and talking.
We moved into our new house with no issues - it's a new house and we bought it from the original owners who are all still alive, no deaths or anything we know of. I posted about this instance before, but just about what happened next. One day my daughter is running around the house bouncing around normally like she always does, and she points to the chair sitting against a desk in our downstairs guest room (the door was sitting open) and she says, "DADDY THERE'S A MAN IN THE CHAIR!" and runs over to me immediately. I pick her up, and she looks back in the room, starts shrieking and tries as hard as she can to press herself into me saying again, "There's a man in the chair!". The only thing she knows about ghosts are that they say "Boo", and she's super friendly with people she sees all the time, so I have no idea if there was an actual person in the chair why she'd be terrified. I have no idea what she saw but I believe that it wasn't nice. She's inconsolable with crying, shrieking, and I can't comfort her. All of my childhood experiences and the Marine Corps stuff comes back to me, and I tell my wife about it, and she actually believes me. We take her to my parents' house and go into town immediately to buy a feather, incense, and other stuff to do a smudging (was recommended on here by a user), and we proceed to do the smudging throughout the entire house, while I carry around my Catholic Bible commanding all spirits to get out of my house in the name of St. Michael, Jesus Christ, and the Lord Almighty God. I don't go outside, but we go in every closet, garage, etc. We bring my daughter back with no issues and life goes on for awhile. Every now and then before we put her to bed (she's now 2), she says "Daddy there's a bad man in the house". We always misdirect and read her stories and such and she goes to sleep with no issue.

We have a hot tub in our backyard, and I go sit out there at night before I go to bed some nights when I'm tired, but one particular night I had this horrible feeling that someone/something was watching me and not only that were glaring at me as if they were angry. I think I am empathic and can feel emotions/feelings, and whatever this was was furious/angry with me, and I could almost feel it staring down at me like I angered it somehow. When I walk into my house from the backyard at night I feel like I'm being watched by something. It doesn't go into the house, but somehow I can feel it looking at me inside the rear glass slider inside. Sometimes our Heeler puppy we brought home runs out the dog door at 2:00-3:00 in the morning and just starts growling and barking for no reason, and we go down to yell at him to go back inside.

The final thing that I think because of this is I believe this entity (or entities) is tormenting me with disturbing thoughts that don't belong to me. They started about two months before my daughter was born, and up until the end of 2020 I didn't have these thoughts. I've been tested by the VA for Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Mania, Bi-polar and have absolutely none of those or any other medical disorder outside of PTSD. I have no hallucinations, seeing/hearing things that aren't there at all. I can't describe it but it feels like something has been putting these thoughts in my head and even sometimes my dreams - they definitely feel like they don't belong to me. I think whatever I contacted back in 2009 has been dormant for a long time and is now trying to come after me and my family. I am going to contact a bona-fide psychic (which is hard for Christians because the Bible strictly forbids us to do this kind of stuff) and see if they can see what's going on and hopefully do some energy management and get this things out of our lives once and for all.

I'm honestly open for suggestions/prayers/advice - I want whatever this is to go away.
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2023.03.24 05:57 Whatmate4u My take on trans people in female sports and why i think its good for mens rights.

Hey folks. First of all, english is not my primary language so don´t be to harsh on spelling and grammar.
Hardly to overlook the ongoing debate about trans people in sports. As part of intersectional feminism trans people take up some sort of lead in the victimhood hierarchy of intersectional feminsim. And who could deny it. I, for my part are incredibly glad i don´t identify as trans. Sounds like a hard life for me. Due to fetish-partys i am personal friends with some of them. Important to say, its europe. Never ever did i meet trans people who are like the ones on twitter or in US-media. Sure, they don´t like when u use their old names or refer to them in their before transition gender. But apart from that i never heard any tik-tok neopronoun stuff and hardly any claims to be a "real" women. They are such a small minority, its really hard to find them here in real life. I am really wondering why there is such a fuss about them. Sure, irreversible medical operations in young age are a topic to argue about. But that should not be part of this thread. On twitter (i know, shitty habit) i often stumble across men and women complaining about trans athlethes in sports. Some are angry that womensports is "attacked" because of the unfair advantage of the male puberty that trans athletes have. My stance is, yes male puberty is an advantage, but i heard for so long, that gender is just a social construct by the feminist side, that i support trans athletes in women sports. And the reason isn´t that noble. The reason is, that i have the feeling that men are framed as sexist, misognyistic monsters when they refer any biological topics regarding the sexes. Since my childhood i hear that men are opressors, emotional inferior, stupid, archaic shitheads. Every stance against this view gets you labled as a misogynistic twat in public. So now women get their ass beaten by trans athletes and calling for sympathy because of it. And i for my part think: Fuck it. I am doing none of this shit. Since young age i get to hear that explaining things to women is mensplaining and that men should have nothing to say or comment whatsoever about womens issues. And i for my part am very glad transpeople stir up intersectional feminism. There now is a crack between TERFS and transinclusive feminists. They get heated in debate amongst each other and are now facing the retarded arguments they are making themself. Also the shitty behavior they show when interacting with perceived enemys. And i think its great. Because i think it helps men. They now realise and come to terms with their own hypocrisy. Women are opressed and can therefore tread men like shit? Well here are people more opressed, feel how this behavior feels. Male spaces have to be torn down? Okay, now feel yourself why that feels shitty when you dont get exclusive spaces. Trans people get preferred treatment in awards like "Women of the year?" or "Miss Universe"? Oh no. Women get social punishment because the slightest disagreement makes them a transphobe and really can get you in trouble in your private life? Really? Sounds aweful and evil. I think you get what i am saying here. The revolution is eating it children and that is a good thing in my view. So lets lean back and eat some popcorn while watching. And don´t interfere, it can bring you no good, because feminism hates you because of your inmutable characteristic as being a men. Am i alone with this point of view? Do you also think as a men you should stay out of that discussion? Or am i getting things wrong here?
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2023.03.24 05:53 SymphonicFlames My Puppy Is Afraid Of An Outdoor Lead

So my puppy is 1 yr old. And up until now we've only trained her to potty in the fenced in backyard which she loves running around in. But now that she's older and more well trained we want to be able to take her my aunts house when we visit them (they live out of state). Both of them do not have a fenced in backyard but they have outdoor leads for their dogs. Now I know I know my Dad and I should've been training her with the outdoor lead (tie out whatever you want to call it) when she was a pup. But we didn't. That's our bad. But now, she is afraid of the lead. I can put it on her. Hold it like I'm holding her leash. And she'll walk around the yard and potty no problem. But if I drop it to the ground. She doesn't move. I stood five feet away from her today and tried calling her to me but she just whined at me the whole time. Now our neighbors have dogs. And one neighbor leaves his dogs out for long periods of time. They're very nice and social dogs. My dog loves them. One day I had her out there on lead. And she did run towards them. Hit the end of the lead and her collar broke. So I'm not sure if that scared her from not wanting to be on the lead or not. But ever since then we've just been using her harness with it for safety reasons so she doesn't accidentally choke herself. How can I get her to understand the tie out and not be scared of it? Because she acts like she's scared of it and doesn't move an inch if I'm not holding it.
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2023.03.24 05:39 ThrowRA_Frangipani My son (m32) won’t speak to me (f70) and I think I will die without ever knowing my granddaughter

I have never posted on reddit before. I’m sorry if I do something wrong. English is not my first language. My husband and I are in our early 70s. Our son is in his 30s.
My husband and I moved to this country more than 30 years ago when my younger son was an infant. We went through so much to give our son a good life. My son was such a sweet and precious child, but as he got older he seemed angry a lot of the time. He went to college and came back a different person who no longer shares our values. He and his father fought mostly about politics. They are both passionate people. They would fight and then my son wouldn’t talk to his father for months. Once we were supposed to travel to visit him and meet his new girlfriend (now his wife) but I must have said something to offend him and he uninvited us. I was very hurt by this. His heart bleeds for everyone but his own mother.
He never speaks to us anymore. They live across the country and I haven’t seen him in years. His wife will sometimes send us pictures and gifts but it isn’t the same as talking to my son. We used to talk every day. And then over the holidays we saw on Facebook that they were visiting her parents. They were having fun just an hour away from us and didn’t even tell us that they were in or state. They flew right past us without even thinking of us. Can it really be that her parents are so much better than us? We were devastated. I asked her why my son wouldn’t visit us his own parents who love him and she sent me a long message saying how angry they are at my husband. I couldn’t even read all of it. My husband worked so hard to give us a good life and I feel like my son is so ungrateful and holding grudges.
Now my daughter-in-law is pregnant. My husband and I already love our baby grandchild and we thought that we could all finally be a happy family like before. But when my husband wished my son a happy birthday last month they fought again and now my son and his wife aren’t speaking to us at all. We asked them to forgive us for anything we did that hurt them but they just hold grudges. It has been weeks and I don’t know how the baby is doing. My husband says he feels used and it breaks our heart to see what a hateful person our son has become. Like we failed as parents. I don’t understand how someone can just throw his own parents away.
We are old and I think I will die without meeting my new granddaughter. I feel very embarrassed asking for advice but I want to bring my family back together. I don’t know what else to do. I am thankful for any help. Thank you for listening.
TLDR I miss my dear son and I fear I will never get to meet my grandchild. I hope someone here can help me.
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2023.03.24 05:33 InformationMiddle575 Two

I have 2 Dalmatians.. a boy and a girl. Not litter mates. Both fixed. They are not for breeding they are my furry children. My boy is going to be 2 this year .. my girl will be one this year. I absolutely love them and I cant imagine not having them. Even through the chaos they bring me joy. So I currently have Five dogs and sometimes I think to myself.. why the [email protected] do I have FIVE . OMG . It all started with my BF .. he said we're getting a (Little)dog .. I said nope ... Absolutely not .. I'll be stuck taking care of it. He did the usual thing .. swore that wouldn't happen and I said NO .. so then we didn't get a dog .. we got 2 .. lol I love animals and we already had cats so why not . I'm a sucker for an animal who needs a home. So about a year later we had some neighbors who had puppies .. uh oh.. again .. sucker here .. lol this time he said no no no then one day the opportunity came along and we got one .. so now those dogs are grown and elderly .. still healthy just old. So anytime I'm asked what I wasn't for Christmas/B-day etc .. my answer.. a puppy!! 20 yrs of us together he never got me a puppy for my birthday.. lol .. so I bought myself a dalmatian and thought he was so good and he needed a play mate. My old dogs don't want to play and I don't know any dogs that are.friendly or friends with or without dogs. So I bought another dalmatian because I wanted a little girl. So now I have my two dals and that's all I need. I no longer say I want a puppy .. they cured that. I don't know that I will be doing the puppy thing again. Maybe years from now when my dogs are older or no longer here , I can foster. I love animals and dogs but I am not a crazy active person who goes on long hikes or walks .. I have a fenced in yard so my dogs have freedom.. that's all I ever wanted for my dogs. To be able to run and play free and be dogs. They have a bucket of toys in/outside. They can jump and run until they tucker themselves out. It brings me joy to see them happy. So now I'm the crazy middle aged woman with all the dogs.
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2023.03.24 05:26 omg_its_apple_juice I have no clue how to handle college prep....help please?

⚠️⚠️If you don't want to read all of this I'll post a long story short/tl;dr at the bottom⚠️⚠️
I've never resented being homeschooled until now. I loved it. I'm an introvert so it was perfect for me. But now I'm trying to get into college. It's so confusing and I have no clue what I'm doing.
For background: I'm 18F, I graduated RIGHT after turning 16. I got all the high school credits my state required me to. My mom asked me if I wanted to do a 4th year simply for the 4th English credit and 4th math credit (Math wise I'm kinda terrible at it so I only did Algebra 1 and geometry and then personal finance). I was depressed, I didn't have a plan for my life. I was 16 years old for gods sake. I didn't think I'd even make it to college. So I said no that's dumb why would I do a 4th year of school just for the English credit?
Now it's 2 years later. I finally decided what I want to do with myself and I'm so lost and confused. I don't have ACT or SAT scores. I don't have enough credits to attend the universities I'm interested in. The only thing I have going for me is an official diploma and a transcript with a 3.86 GPA.
I don't know what to do..this would be confusing enough on its own, but then add the extra requirements that most colleges have for homeschoolers, and I'm just completely done for. Its like a foreign language to me.
Too long didn't read: I graduated with more than enough credits for my state requirements, but not enough English or math credits to get into most universities. Never done an ACT or an SAT. I have no clue how to fix this.
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2023.03.24 05:23 Smister29 How to get UNinvolved in Iberia

Edit: Disregard this entire mess of a post, I realised practically immediately after posting this that I can just justify claims the old fashioned way... Leaving this up on the off chance I'm wrong again and maybe someone can give me a hand.
So here's the deal. I was recently reading up and read that one time, an English King almost (but not really, it was messy) converted to Islam, and was inspired to do a campaign where I invaded England and converted it to Islam.
I decided the best course of action would be to start as a Muwalladi Andalusian, as that way I would be almost guaranteed in diplo range of other people of my faith and culture without having to deal with frustrating pockets of land just so I can marry my daughter to some nobody duke for a cheap alliance.
Here's the issue. I have never (despite having it since it dropped) played a proper game using the Iberian struggle, and therefore have NO clue how this works. Is there a way I can become uninvolved, or do I have to end the struggle, form Hispania/Al-Andalus, and then start my campaign in like 1200?
I know if your capital is outside of the area you can be classed as like, an interloper or whatever it's called, but I can't use conquest CBs outside of Iberia. How exactly do I become uninvolved so I can just jump ship from Spain?
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2023.03.24 05:22 MIKEPENCES_THIGHGAP "Don't worry she's friendly"

I have a 3.5 month old Aussie, she's deaf and loves playing with the little kids at my apartment complex, they love her and baby her because they understand she needs a little extra help. Today I was walking my pup by the play area on my complex, letting the kids hold and and pet my sweet pup, I hear one of kids say "Oh no here it comes again" and I look up and an unleashed pit is running towards us, "Don't worry, she's friendly" the owner yells , it gets to my pup before I can pick her up, bites her ear and pins her down, the owner gets there in time to pull their shitty pit away,but not before it started to lunge and snap at the little 5 year old boy who was standing with me, as soon as I could I grabbed the boy and my dog, and took them far enough a way to check her out and calm down the little boy and his older sister. My pup is okay, pit drew blood on her ear, got her cleaned up, the shitty pit owners bailed before I could say/do anything.
I've lurked this sub, if I'm at the dog park and there's pits, I leave, not worth the risk, I thought I didn't have to worry about it where I lived because my apartments pet policy doesn't allow pits.
I'm so fucking furious that the owner just let's their fucking pit run around, ESPECIALLY besides the children's play area.
Also, this proved that I wasn't being overly dramatic when leaving the dogpark to avoid pits, my sweet special needs PUPPY who was playing with little kids 10 and under were targeted for no fucking reason. FRIENDLY MY ASS. fuck those owners
I sent a long email to the complex managers after I calmed down, I hope they deal with this or they will have a tragedy on their hands
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2023.03.24 05:16 akkshaikh No one writes to the Colonel - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"You can't eat hope,' the woman said.
You can't eat it, but it sustains you,' the colonel replied."
Near the start of the month, I found out Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born in March. I looked at my books and saw that I had 4 of his novels, but I hadn't finished even one of them. So I thought this month I'd just read the 4 Marquez books I own. Knowing my own history to commitments to reading schedules, I was a bit afraid, so I started with this novella. Unfortunately, this novella was the only Marquez book I read this month.
Well, too much context, moving onto the actual book.
This is one of Marquez's earliest works written between 1956-57 and first published in English in 1968. The novella tells the story of a retired Colonel who goes to the Post Office every Friday waiting for his pension to arrive. He has been waiting for 15 years. Him and his wife both are of poor health and live in poverty. All they have left is a fighting rooster given as an heir from their dead son.
But this is not the only storyline followed in the book. The story takes place in Macando(yes, the town from 100 Years of Solitude) years after the Civil War. Throughout the story, Marquez drops hints of what happened from the end of the civil war to the present. These hints also add to the novella acting like an epilogue 100 years of Solitude.
To me, the nameless colonel is a tragic and almost a Sisyphean absurd hero. He has waited 15 years for his pension, and in the hope of this pension, he has been pushed into extreme poverty to the point of deciding to sell his dead son's fighting rooster, his only inheritance. Yet he goes to the Post Office every Friday to check if there is any mail. But of course, no one writes to the colonel.
Even after repeated disappointments and his wife's complaints, he does not give up hope. While waiting for the mail, he sells whatever little possessions he has to buy food for the fighting rooster, hoping to use him in fights and sell him after the fighting season is over. The novella is full of layers, advocating for hope and patience, critising capitalism and authoritarian rule.
There are numerous secondary characters sprinkled throughout the story who add jist enough bits of context to keep the story interesting and focused on the Colonel. These characters also represent the various themes of the story. The doctor who attends the old couple without charge represents good health and moral character, Father Angel is the religious censorhip of the Church,Sabas the greed of capitalism and the Lawyer representing the corruption in Macando One thing I liked was the fact that the Colonel and his wife remain nameless because this is the story of countless people. People waiting for something good to happen even though they know nothing is coming.
Overall, I liked this novella. It was a quick little read that one could finish in just over an hour. It is economical in its prose, but it lacks the magical realism Marquez is known for.
8/10 No one writes to the colonel
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2023.03.24 05:14 a1209j Old English teacher grandpa fucks skinny eastern teen

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2023.03.24 05:13 tryintomovetochicago Looking for sublet off of Red or Blue line ideally under $700/mo

I'm a 27 year old man who's moving back to Chicago after 9 months of living in Australia. I have the ability to pay the entirety of a 1-4 month sublet upfront while I work on getting a job in a bar or restaurant once I get there. Or, if you you're open to me paying that extra rent upfront for a month to month or a regular rental let's talk!
A little bit about me:
Bit of a traveler, did some backpacking in western europe, taught english in Vietnam, and slung some drinks in Australia.
I was living in Logan Square a little over a year before I left for Australia, and I'm coming back to finally put down some roots and make a home for myself. Used to work at a few places in Wicker and Logan so if you're looking for some barestaurant recommendations I'm happy to help out!
I speak French! Pretty good at least. And a little spanish and german.
I'm a bit fun and goofy once I open up and you get to know me. Enjoy going to cultural events downtown including at the l'Alliance Française de Chicago, art museums but also the local stuff as well like local music shows, theater like Steppenwolf, and I plan to spend some time with friends at the park as well :)
Edit: forgot to mention, allergic to cats :( But if they're hypoallergenic then it should be fine :)
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2023.03.24 05:08 Younlu Applied Celestial Mechanics

This is one of Yoñlu's songs. A 16-year-old Brazilian artist who took his own life and made almost all of his songs available. https://youtu.be/BqBKv-HonLs
Yonlu was a highly intelligent young man who suffered from low self-esteem and depression. At the age of 4 he learned to play the drums and soon after he learned to play the guitar and piano. He could speak French, English fluently, a little Spanish and Welsh.
Since he was 8 years old, Yonlu questioned life and developed nilist views about how life was without purpose and there was no point in being alive. Through music Yonlu vented and shared his deepest thoughts and feelings that even he himself did not fully understand.
Applied Celestial Mechanics it was dedicated to a girl named Luana, who was his childhood friend that he secretly liked. The song talks about Luana's crush on her Geography teacher who didn't even know where Erechin was, a city in the state where he lived. He makes an analogy with Sol being the teacher and Luana being the girl that Sun is not able to notice.
Luana says that right after hearing this song she fell in love with Yonlu. Unfortunately, neither of them had the courage to confess to each other.

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