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The Red and White Army

2015.01.07 15:18 Eabryt The Red and White Army


2020.04.27 20:22 jamespotter22 A Song of Red and White

“A Song of Red and White” is a total conversion mod depicting the Russian Civil War and it’s impact on the former Empire. We aim to simulate the Human struggle that was so evident in these struggles, from the Czechoslovak legion’s quest to get home to the moral conflicts between the Soviets and the Anarchists. We strive to achieve historical accuracy (and ahistorical accuracy), going into the most minute of details to achieve it.

2010.09.03 02:40 Van_Houten Kansas City Chiefs: Home of the Red, White and Gold

Home of the Kansas City Chiefs Subreddit

2023.03.24 06:48 ahahahaaaahhhh Moving to a different country with Diabetes, advice?

Hello!! I’m a type 1 diabetic and I’ve been really wanting to move out of the US into another country, and I was wondering if anyone in here has a story or tips about how the move / process was like?
I’m mainly concerned about healthcare & getting my insulin and health stuff transferred. I have no idea how that stuff would work.
Thank you for your time sincerely.
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2023.03.24 06:47 dreamagooddream What's your take on which celebrity best embodies the Nikke univ.?

If Nikkes were real, who do you think would make the best first impression as a Nikke? For me, it would be Scarlett Johansson. I love Ghost in the Shell, a sci-fi movie, and I found its design and story background matches our Nikke universe pretty well.
Do you have any ideas on who would be a good fit for the role of Nikke?
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2023.03.24 06:47 SandraJohnsons Construction Safety Signs

Construction Safety Signs
A safety sign displays a clear illustration and a brief instruction to advise workers or working staff about a hazard and the preventives to take. A combination of pictographic icons or terse textbook can help cover the lives of numerous individuals. substantially the safety signs have simple instructions that serve the purpose to educate and spread necessary mindfulness.
Safety signs for construction spots are essential for having your design approved and moving forward. All construction systems need to have safety sign
Construction signs are a obligatory demand to insure your business abides with plant occupational health and safety requirements.They're used to address any hazard, peril, or other information workers and people entering the plant need to be apprehensive of.It's important to note that safety signs shouldn't be solely reckoned on and there's no cover for well trained workers. Signs have a purpose to serve as a memorial and be of use to those who are n’t familiar with your construction point or processes.
For this reason, it's necessary that safety signs are easy to understand. Simple plates or words work far better than complex instruction in allowing a person to make an immediate decision. numerous are generally recognisable, similar as the red indirect prohibition sign, but others might need to be more specific depending on the situation.
Safety signs are just one part of your wider health and safety strategy, but they're maybe one of the most important. The success of safety enterprise in the plant will depend on the extent to which safety dispatches are communicated toemployees.However, they're less likely to follow the rules and regulations as they should, If the pool is ignorant of organizational health and safety policies.However, it's important to consider why safety signs are important and how they can be used to increase norms of health and safety in your organization, If you're responsible for plant health and safety. With this in mind, there are several reasons why safety signs are important on construction spots.
Danger Signs
These signs are specific to advise of hazards or implicit hazards or dangerous goods that are likely to be life- hanging . Danger signs have black textbook and a red round on the top with the word ‘ DANGER ’ written in white.
Construction signs display everything from exigency warning signs, exits, fire cautions, and high- voltage warnings to showing direction and numerousothers.Construction signs show that you're serious about icing a safe and secure work terrain for your workers and callers. It also demonstrates that the company considers safety measures as a precedence and cares for its workers and callers.
Contact Us:-
Address : 59 Druces Road, Wiri, Auckland
Tel: 0800 175 571
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Thank You, For More Service’s Please Visit Our Websites.
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2023.03.24 06:47 established_1991 [FR] Field Report: minor Rambo results in MRP buy-in

About Me: 31yrs, together 8, engaged 3, wedding in September 2023.
Reading: TWofSM, NMMNG (to compete breaking free activities)
Physical: 5’10”, 192lbs, 5x a week gym to cut weight (running, calisthenics, boxing, yoga - all the faggotry that doesn’t include Lift)
Context: I found MRP 3 weeks ago and haven’t been this deep in a rabbit hole since I YouTube’d TuPac and Biggie conspiracy theories 7 years ago. Immediately the ideas resonated with me. I remember before meeting my fiancé how I would approach random women and lightly game every encounter. I was a man who knew what he wanted, had direction, and led his loved ones. I kept this up with my fiancé (gf at the time) and not sure how, or when, I became a drunk-blue-pill-guzzling-bitch-captain.
MRP has helped me recognize this, frustrated me in accepting this, but also provided ideas to apply, which I’ve done so successfully (minor Rambo). I traveled for work the week I found AskMRP and gamed the waitress at the restaurant. Got her number, invited her to my hotel after, she met me in the lobby and we went for a walk and I K-Closed. The following week I gamed the receptionist at the hotel lobby in passing all day in a different city and at the end of her shift I fingered her in the parking lot and K-Closed.
Now, as my shovel digs the rabbit hole deeper I realize that these two events were self-validating. Definitely the second one. But also, digging deeper has allowed me to start gaming my fiancé again, has improved my stale sex life with her, and I’ve noticed a shift in the dynamic at home. I’m leading more and she is following more. I’m also recognizing shit tests, and working on not DEERing by maintaining frame.
I did have a successful non-DEERing experience via text in which she wanted me to further explain a text which made her angry, but as I kept negging and refusing to DEER, she diffused her own emotions and realized I was being sarcastic. This was an Ah-ha! moment in my MRP experience in regards to applying what I’m learning.
I fully understand I’m still a Retard and have a lot of work to do to reap the benefits of this community. Take this Field Report as a beginners value-add.
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2023.03.24 06:47 AdPrestigious6865 Need your help! Give my subliminals a try

I'm a new subliminal maker. Can you please listen any of my subliminal and tell me if it's effective or not so I can stop making them. I wanna make subliminals and help people but nowadays nobody support a new subliminal maker. So here I am
Flat belly+ tiny waist: https://youtu.be/FbxZCGUl4g0
Extremely sharp jawline subliminal: https://youtu.be/W-tGkBqj6qY
Slim legs+ thigh gap Subliminal: https://youtu.be/Imh84NlBW6s
Learn whole syllabus in one day Subliminal: https://youtu.be/wddVpvEIyng
Red + beautiful lips Subliminal: https://youtube.com/shorts/SpYaaN_nSf8?feature=share
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2023.03.24 06:47 Janppa666 How would You explain right and left to a person who has no idea what right and left are if you had to do this via a phonecall?

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2023.03.24 06:47 ThrowawayRAcheatedon I(35M) caught my wife(35F) having sex with my neighbor(40M)

My wife(Sara) and I had been happily married for 8 years, no kids, no fights, and we have a great sex life. My neighbor(Bill) and his wife moved in across the street 3 years ago and the four of us got along pretty well.
During Covid, we did a lot of online shopping and I installed a Porch Pirate camera with a motion detector that sends me alerts while I'm at work. Yesterday I got a call from the groomer that our dog was ready to pick up and I called my wife at work to see which one of us needed to pick up the dog. Her office said that she had gone home sick at lunch, so I called her to check on her to see if she was alright but she didn't answer. About thirty minutes later the Porch camera sent me an alert and a video showing my neighbor at my door and my wife opening the door in an expensive lingerie set I bought her for Valentine's Day. I worked a lot from home during Covid and have a Remote Desktop on my personal laptop so I can access files and things from my office computer. So I ported into my laptop that was set up at a desk in our bedroom and accessed the camera. When they walked into the bedroom and she started helping him off with his clothes my heart began to pound. With full audio, I watched them make out and eventually have sex first in Missionary and then Sara got on top of him as it's easier for her to finish that way. At that point, I unmuted my work computer and turned the camera on, and said, What the hell do you two think you're doing? Needless to say, that ruined the mood.
They both turned and saw me on the screen, I told Bill that he had three seconds to get out of my house before I sent screenshots to his wife and he got out of there as fast as he could. My wife started crying and I said we would talk when I got home. I left work and drove home, when I got there she was in the shower. I saw her phone lying on the table and I picked it up and opened it up and read a couple of disturbing texts. I didn't have much time as I heard the shower quit so I changed the lock code on her phone so she couldn't erase the evidence before I had a chance to save it. She came in the living room and saw me holding her phone and the color drained from her face. She started to try and get me to listen to her but I shut her down. I turned on the TV and streamed their sex video on the tv, with sound. I asked her what part of that she wanted to explain. She had tears running down her face and she couldn't look me in the eye, I told her she needed to pack a bag and stay at her parent's house until we could sort this out. She wanted to stay and talk but I said this was really raw right now and things would get said that couldn't be taken back. She packed a bag and asked me to call her soon so we could deal with this.
She called on her mom's phone and said her phone was locked and she couldn't use it. I explained I had read a couple of conversations she had with Bill but I didn't have time to read them all so I changed her unlock code so she couldn't purge those messages. She got mad and started to yell so I sent a picture to her mom's phone, it was a great angle showing both of their faces. She got quiet and her voice was breaking really bad saying I couldn't show her family those photos. Her dad is a deacon at his church and they are very religious, Sara even teaches Sunday school to fill in sometimes. I told her that we would talk in the morning and hung up. I called my lawyer and told him what happened and told him to draw up separation and divorce papers. He gave some advice on how to proceed and said she would be served the separation papers tomorrow but the divorce papers would take a few days. I canceled all the credit cards and transferred half of our cash to an account she didn't have access to per the lawyer's advice. I was able to get a locksmith out that day and changed all the locks and the garage and security codes. Then I had a phone conversation with Bill's wife. She said that he was acting all weird when she got home and I explained why and I sent her a couple of screenshots and told her if she wanted it I had it all on video as well. She was livid and I almost worry about his safety when he gets home.
Today my wife showed up at 7:00 only to find her key didn't work. I let her in and I asked for her phone which she argued a bit before handing it over. It took about twenty minutes with her watching as I went through her phone and forwarded the texts I wanted to save to my phone and I handed it back to her. She looked at it for a minute and then at me, she had about twenty texts from her friends wanting to know what happened. I had sent out a couple of group texts to our friends canceling all of our plans and explained I had come home and caught my wife having sex with my neighbor in our bed. She couldn't believe I had outed her to all our friends and how it looked like I had no desire to work things out, and she went on for over an hour about how sorry she was and that we could get past this and go forward. I told her that there was no way I could ever trust her again and that the love I had for her was burnt to ashes as I watched her screw our neighbor in our bed. I told her to pack whatever clothes she could in a suitcase and she could come for the rest of them Saturday.
This afternoon a couple of her girlfriends reached out to me, one telling me that my wife still loved me and we should try and work it out, the other one saying I shouldn't throw our marriage out and that I might be partially to blame. I answered them by sending a screenshot to each of them but I got no response. The rest of our friends have reached out to console me and offer their support. Several of them said they were blocking Sara's number. Saturday, when she comes for her things I will tell her I filed for divorce and we can end this civilly or if she wants to fight it and get ugly I will make sure her whole family and the Youth Minister at her dad's church get a copy of the video.
I'm sorry for this long story, it has been therapeutic to put this all down. I'm still seeing red right now but I know in a day or two it's going to knock the wind out of me. After rereading what I wrote, should I listen to her side of the story as to what brought this on? If for no other reason than to maybe get some closure?

**TL;DR; : I caught my wife having sex with my neighbor on video**
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2023.03.24 06:47 nothingtoseehere642 Would you watch this?

After a decade plus of alienating myself, I think I'm finally going to give in. Same old crap everyone here is feeling I won't bore you with specifics. One problem though. My sister is having a baby months down the line, and I don't want to complicate the pregnancy. I've heard of stress causing miscarriages and I don't want that blood on my hands after spilling my own. If someone made a POV documentary about getting to this point and working up the nerve would that be entertaining? Educational? Just thinking of a way to pass the time. Lmk if this is a interesting idea or just another arrogant, pretentious delusion. Thanks
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2023.03.24 06:47 stronghup Despite OpenJDK, 70% of Java fixes and features come from Oracle, Big Red says • DEVCLASS

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2023.03.24 06:47 Lexonfiyah Who's interested in being a moderator? (Please read in full)

There's only two moderators of this subreddit, me(the creator) and another moderator who created the very essence and aesthetic of it. Isn't it beautiful? We're still working on the rules and other important things. If anyone is interested in being a moderator please reply below. I need someone who will be active, is good at starting a convo and continuing it, great at making eye catching posts, and someone who could possibly help me figure out what set of rules this community we'll need because I have no idea. Thank you!
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2023.03.24 06:46 19neo91 Another big day of shorting on $CENN with AH short volume ALMOST HIGHER than TOTAL daily volume---it's been like this for over a month, What Gives? Are the suits squeezing their own balls waiting for an ER or factory announcement?

Another big day of shorting on $CENN with AH short volume ALMOST HIGHER than TOTAL daily volume---it's been like this for over a month, What Gives? Are the suits squeezing their own balls waiting for an ER or factory announcement?
Another 70% short volume day, it's been nothing but 60's or more for over a month. See my daily market-wide short update on Twitter to get a perspective on how close $CENN is to the top of the short pile.

But what's crazy is that the 70% short volume number only represents a fraction of the total daily trade volume when the institutional dark pools are included:


Here you see one daily volume for $CENN (i.e., 1.6m shares). A different volume is found on Fintel:

Here 👆 the total volume is 1m; but on Yahoo it is 1.71m, Barron's 1.74m, etc. etc.
What's the discrepancy all about? Simply: different sites have access to different reporting groups; everyone has access to FINRA (in fact, this is all that Fintel uses); most have access to the simple public dark pools; some have access to more select dark pools, if they pay for it; no one gets to see the institutional (a.k.a, 'internalization') dark pools of Shitadel, Virtu, and the other market makers until the OTC non-ATS dark pool report is published a month later.
This is why, when you click on the info on Market Chameleon for dark pools there is a confusing disclaimer which is meant to say THIS ISN'T ALL THE INFO (in fact, all they are showing you is the FINRA info, and then not telling you where the Sweep and Block Trades data comes from):


However, it appears that reporting sites have some idea of the volume of internalization trades since it can be seen that in the report above the Volume % of total only adds up to 77.4%. Where is the extra volume (i.e., where are the 363,377 shares that are the difference between the total volume reported and the sum of the volume column)? It's within the internal 'markets' of Shitadel, Virtu, Jane St., which run as though parallel to the live Nasdaq.
So, when I say that 70% of today's volume (of the 1.02m shares officially reported by FINRA) was shares sold short, I mean 70% of the amount that retail can see.
The internalization dark pool reports NEVER say whether the shares moved by Shitadel, Virtu, Jane St., and the shadiest De Minimis Firms are longs, sells, or shorts. For a thought experiment, I'll assume that the missing amount (up to 740k shares if Barron's amount is used) is all shorts being hidden by HFs: that means that today's short volume as percent of total volume could be thought of as closer to 👉 83% short volume today 👈 (i.e.: 722,826 reported on FINRA + 740k, or just 720k x 2 = 1.44m possible shorts / 1.74m total volume per Barron's).

But that's not all. The number can go even higher when the after hours data is taken into account. The Nasdaq only lists 33k shares as today's AH volume (i.e., these are the shares that changed hands on their exchange specifically):


But the dark pools and internalization pools are open late as well and they must have been moving some heavy numbers because right before the close of trading it appears there was a flash crash of available short shares, possibly because the algo traders had a glitch (this is usually seen in the after hours, the trades are real but too fast to be caught by human traders):


So 1.2m shorts moved off and on the trading systems in the AH; well that would bring the high estimate of 👉 shorts traded today to 89% 👈 (i.e., 1.44m + 1.2m shorts = 2.64m shorts / 2.97m total volume [1.74m day volume + 1.23m AH]).

Take this high-estimate with a grain of salt, but you can see now how the 70% official FINRA short volume number is in actuality higher, perhaps even as high as ~90% of total...

But why? Are the shorts just squeezing their balls waiting on an ER or factory announcement? How can it take this much downward pressure to keep the stock trading flat as it has?
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2023.03.24 06:46 Glavurdan Do we have any idea as to what the other ten worlds of creation could have been/looked like?

In the Annotated Anuad, it is mentioned how out of the twelve worlds of creation, only two survived - the Ehlnofey and the Hist, from whom all the modern races inhabiting Nirn have descended.
But this makes me wonder what the other 10 worlds would have represented? What kind of lifeforms they could've had, that could've existed aside Ehlnofey and the Hist... Do we have any idea as to what they could've been?
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2023.03.24 06:46 Own_Virus7546 Print on demand, seller credit card billing question.

Hi. I am surprised that I can't find anyone talking about this, or maybe I just did not dig far enough.
Anyways, I was wondering since POD such as printful would charge my credit card when a customer puts through an order. lets say the customer puts through 100 items, my credit card gets charged a large sum of money. then lets say the customer returns the product because they don't like it, or because it is a prank. I have to make a loss of 100 items and there is pretty much nothing I can do about it.
Anyone have experience or ideas on how to avoid this, cushion the loss or just how to deal with this in a strategical manner?
Thanks for your thoughts!
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2023.03.24 06:46 AditirPL 5sugestion

I haven't written in a long time. and here are some things that occur to me after recent updates.
  1. Hp pots are bugged (they show how much hp we have. Should they show how much they heal us?)
    1. why there are no added appearances for the priest? (has 4 and other classes have 6)
    2. events should be added for 24h? you added an event for 12 hours per day in your time zone. but in Europe practically the whole event was at night, so in total I played it for 2 hours. (18.00-6.00) I think it lasted something like that. to be fair, I think it should be 24h so that everyone can play at the time they always play.
    3. Can eg a warrior and a priest also get the ability to cast without a selected monster? why did only the archer get this opportunity?
    4. playing on the phone in a vertical position is great, but you need to improve it. but don't leave the idea. -I would reduce the chat window slightly to make it more readable.
    5. I would move the screen slightly to fit 1 square on the side.
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2023.03.24 06:46 magical_feral_alpaca Support on stress management and not knowing when to stop hoarding work-related stuff

I feel like a moron writing this but I think I need an intervention.
I'm a teacher and after an autumn spent in a workplace that nearly drove me to burnout I got a new job on a much nicer environment. It's not perfect but I enjoy it.
A year ago I begun studying a work-related degree which seemed like a good idea when I started it. It's quite light- not that much to do, but it's all work-related and requires me to write a lot about my current place of employment after my actual workdays. And lately it has been way too much. Either I write and analyze thevplace I just spent 8 hours at, or then I feel quilty about not doing that. I'm on a deadline that is turning into a snooze.
And my body is reacting. I can't unwind anymore. I buzz and can't sleep even with sleeping aids. I have all the classical signs of overload. And my smart watch data has been wild lately- my resting pulse is high all the time, the sleep I get is not restoring enough etc.
Oh and I have multiple sclerosis, and in a few weeks I'll get results from my latest MRI. My disease is in the background, has been for 20 years now. You couldn't tell that I have it if you met me, and I'd like to keep it like that.
I know the signs of overload. I know that they're really, really bad for ms. I know that I have all of them. I have burned out twice before, in 2016 and 2020. How can I stop this cycle?
I have a feeling that I'm running all the time and that I can not stop. The degree I'm working on doesn't even make a difference with my pay- if something it might maybe, just maybe land me another job in my current field in the future. On the other hand I don't know how long can I work on this field at all- it's probable that it will get too exhausting at some point. (Which means that I should seriously consider studying something completely different in order change careers, which means that I would have to study THAT on the side of my current work 🙈)
I've been combining work and study for 15 years now and it's really taking it's toll. No amount of mindfulness meditation and nature walks and chamomile tea help, and it really shouldn't be like this. It feels like I'm either wasting my life studying or wasting my life because I don't study.
Dear coven, help me stop.
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2023.03.24 06:45 Unhappy-Offer Can anybody confirm with me what these red circled wires are for? Also those white wires neutral wires? Thanks

Can anybody confirm with me what these red circled wires are for? Also those white wires neutral wires? Thanks submitted by Unhappy-Offer to electricians [link] [comments]

2023.03.24 06:45 PictureEast5533 Fasting Therapy in Naturopathy- Sanjeevani

Fasting Therapy in Naturopathy- Sanjeevani

Fasting Threapy
Fasting therapy is a natural healing method that involves abstaining from food for a period of time. In naturopathy, fasting therapy is used to help the body detoxify and rejuvenate. Sanjeevani Kaya Shodhan is the Naturopathy Centre that offers Fasting Therapy Treatment. The idea behind fasting therapy is that by giving the digestive system a break, the body can focus its energy on healing and repair.
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2023.03.24 06:45 SoNotTheHeroTypeV2 A little help on package manager color

So im running an ArcoLinux Rolling system (I know im a poser I just like this distro) with a Spectrwm window manager, (pacman 1905)
and I got everything set up terminal looks great all my hot keys are good, but for some reason when / if I have to pull up the package manager GUI its this blinding ugly White color. its the only window that does it, and I cannot for the life of me find a way to change it.
i hope this is making sense, and im probs just missing something stupid, but I have been pouring though the docs and I cannot find what im after... so anyhelp would be amazing
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2023.03.24 06:45 SSPrintingLLC Trends in Sorority T-Shirt Design features

Trends in Sorority T-Shirt Design features
Wondering about the styling of your upcoming sorority t-shirt? Our t-shirt design specialists have compiled the top 5 trends they’re observing this academic year after studying the most recent trends in Greek garment design. A Sorority Shirt Designs that would make the day special. Utilise these cutting-edge design concepts to keep your sorority’s attire trendy.

  1. Retro Typography
Bring your style back to the 1960s and 1970s by using vintage typography and colourful hues. An easy option to make a straightforward graphic tee for your sorority that is simple to mix with other accessories is to use a vintage font in a wacky hue. So you’ll look great whether you pair it with a floral skirt or jeans.
Stay Trendy- Explore a website with free fonts to get some design inspiration for your typography and to download fonts. Or, take it a step further by hand-lettering the name of your sorority using these vintage styles as your inspiration! Don’t undervalue the influence of colour. For that 1970s vibe, reds, yellows, light blues, and pinks are excellent go-to colours.
2. Minimalist Designs
Sometimes the most elegant designs are simple and traditional. By offering simple designs that concentrate primarily on your sorority’s name, you may give your sorority’s outfit options some balance. For sweatshirts, this design aesthetic works incredibly nicely. Custom Greek Shirts is very trendy fashion in these days.
The secret to this style fad is to create something you love, then repeat it over and over. You should have at least three lines of text so that repetition appears to be deliberate, but there is no restriction on how many times you can copy and paste your artwork.
Have you ever wondered where you could purchase a Custom Fraternity Shirts or Greek Shirt Designs after seeing someone wearing one? At SS Printings, you have access to a variety of t-shirt design options! A huge selection of designs and artwork can be found among the thousands of high-quality visuals in our online design studio. You can choose from hundreds of other typefaces as well. We hope that these fashion trends have given you the motivation you need to design your next killer sorority t-shirt.
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2023.03.24 06:45 crabappleorchard What is your favorite lyrical theme? I’ll go first: promises.

you traitor, we had a pact we would never surrender. (mmm)
I'm tired of trying to outrun a promise I should have never made. (dead reflection)
and if my body makes it out, unscathed and safe from broken vows, a promise spoken leaves me holding on. (rescue)
You broke my heart, you promised me the moon and stars. (shipwreck)
all the times you promised me that everything would work out in the end, you were gravely mistaken. (waterfront)
you made me swear. (wbief)
promise me you will be there until the red light will change. promise me you will stay here until the darkness will fade. (wbief)
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2023.03.24 06:45 Top_Satisfaction5546 Amazon took a bite on my Great standings and i had no idea what went wrong

so if i were the customer and ordered in amazon and I received it and telling lies by emailing the amazon that i did not recieve it do the delivery guy get introuble for that? And will amazon cover my missing order? Bet customers does this crap
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2023.03.24 06:45 elarriero_Vance Has anyone tried to use Ad-hoc on Adrenaline?

I have 2 ps vita, one is the slim and the other is the fat version, i tried to pair them to play local multiplayer but it said "a network error has ocurred" and i couldn't get it to work even tho the Wi-Fi is ON, any ideas?
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