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2023.03.21 20:47 sopynO Renting a venue/reserving a bar for a small group event in San Jose/Surrounding Areas

I apologize if this isn't the right place to post about this. My best friend recently got married last month and a lot of our friend group couldn't make the ceremony, so a few of us are planning to throw a party in their honor next month in the San Jose area.
I'm looking for a venue or bar reservation where we can have 25-30 people hangout and drink. I have checked out peerspace but most of the places on there close by 9/10PM and we are looking for a venue that's open later till 1 or 2AM. And Airbnb is also ruled out due to the large group size and rules relating to parties.
Does anyone have recommendations or where I should be looking? Either a venue that lets us bring our own alcohol that's open till 1-2am, or reserving a section of a bar for the large group. We are mainly considering south bay (San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, etc).
Thank you for your recommendations!
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2023.03.20 20:48 Pizzi4 Can’t receive notifications while signed into Peerspace’s app; PLEASE help

So I am acting Stage Manager for a location posted on peerspace. The owner of the space has me signed into the account, but when I try to sign into the iOS app with his credentials (so I can get the notifications and talk to the clients if need be) it give me the message that's attached below. “Unauthorized Credentials” message THe original signup method IS facebook which I’ve been using to sign into the app. On my Mac, I can do it without a problem. The blacked out section is my host/owner's email. Am I not doing something right?
What I’ve tried:
Anything else that can be done? We’re also going to try have him auto-forward email notifications from peerspace to my email for a temporary solution.
I’ve reached out to Peerspace multiple times about updates on the issue. What I’m doing temporarily at the moment is I have a website icon on my phone that takes me directly to the website, but obviously i have to manually do it to see if there’s any notifications.
Thank you!
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2023.03.20 10:16 subzonaair !!

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2023.03.19 18:21 Deacon_Tyler1 Starting a minority owned location rental platform
As people of color, we are subtly and continuously discriminated against. For five years, I have been a professional location rental host and have hosted over a thousand clients. This ranges from small photoshoots to celebrities, politicians, sports figures and so many more. Our locations have been seen in magazines, television shows, and even feature-length movies around the world. But as people of color, we often receive comments that are inappropriate, or we've had guests intentionally damage our property, simply because they don't like seeing people of color in a nice place. You might remember when we had a #peerspace guest that tried to murder us, but what I don't think I mentioned is that I used to warn Peerspace that something like this was going to happen on the platform and I used to get threatening calls from Peerspace' CEO because he didn't want a black man speaking out. Something similar recently happened on #giggster as well. A guest made some racially inappropriate remarks when I tried to collect a damage deposit. When I went to Giggster for assistance in an attempt to have a Giggster location rep present to keep the peace, they instead helped the guest book another location, cancel our location, and gave them a full refund. I was then threatened with expulsion from the platform if I filed a lawsuit against Giggster to recoup the money they stole from us. I did it anyways (see Los Angeles case number 23SMSC00398) and when I mentioned to Giggster that was they were doing was racist, I was told by the Caucasian finance manager, Elena, that she couldn't be racist because she "has hired people of other ethnicities in the past". Yes, people still say dumb things like this in the year 2023. Other guests have told me that they've experienced discrimination from hosts that refuse to rent to them simply because they're people of color. Many of these guests have told me that they are afraid to rent from Caucasian hosts, out of fear that they'll be overpoliced, watched, or harassed. I made a #Gofundme #crowdfunding campaign to create a new minority-owned platform that will be designed from the ground up to better resolve instances of harassment and discrimination. One of the positive changes I have undergone over the years is that I am a lot more humble than I used to be and it's hard for me to self-promote without feeling like a narcissist. Everyone is tight on money these days, so instead, what I'm asking for is a share to your social media network.
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2023.03.18 19:04 Straight_Advisor9355 🚨 I am hosting a FREE XXXTENTACION fan memorial concert June 18, 2023 in Los Angeles, CA🚨 [Announcement #30: Venue decisions]

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2023.03.17 15:25 fotofilmatic Came back to a dirty studio after renters left

I rented out my studio to a production crew who needed a place to use as a home base.
Came back to the place left with garbage all around, leaking bags of garbage on the floors (the smell of rancid milk is… something).
They ruined a photo prop piece that’s as custom made.
Stole a bunch of clothing hangers
And I’m still finding things…
There was also major issues during their rental. They signed up for 3 hrs, asked to extend for another 2 hrs but my security camera shows they stayed an additional 6.5 hrs.
I’ve contacted PeerSpace about the additional hrs. But just got back to them about all the other damage I walked into this morning.
What actions can I take? Will PeerSpace’s insurance cover what was destroyed?
Any ideas, suggestions welcome
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2023.03.15 05:44 polishny Reasonably priced studio space in/near downtown?

Does anyone know about any reasonably priced studio space for a photo shoot in Baltimore city? I moved here from NYC and have been pretty surprised at how expensive it is to rent below to really average looking studio space. Maybe that's just the cost since the supply is lower here, but if anyone knows some spots that aren't listed on 'Peerspace', please let me know.
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2023.03.05 22:00 its-saute “Mayor of Kingstown” show in Pittsburgh to stay

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2023.02.28 05:37 TailWaterBluez How Do You Find Locations?

As the title says. How do you find your locations for filming? I’ve used many different websites like Airbnb, Avvay, Locations Hub, and Peerspace. We are in pre-pro on a film right now and having a hard time coming up with the perfect house to film in, are there any other resources that I’m missing?
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2023.02.27 01:19 IndependentCoast4938 Budget Venue Rental?

I'm trying to throw a graduation party for my grad school. We have a small (and I mean SMALL) budget. Our program is based in West LA, so I'm looking for an event rental nearby for around $1k that can accommodate 100 people. Our total budget is $5k including drinks.
I've looked at giggster, spacer, peerspace, etc but they're not that affordable. I have a quote for the CA Yacht Club that's a little high for us and I just reached out the Elks lodge. Any other venue recs? Venues are so pricey!
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2023.02.26 18:45 RemoteRocketship Peerspace is hiring a Software Engineer, Mobile in the United States

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2023.02.22 02:10 clp1023 How to scout period-accurate locations?

Hi everyone! I'm working on short that I'm very excited about, however I am getting hung up on whether or not to move onto a different project simply because of the location. The story takes place at a New England fisherman's cabin on the beach circa 1900.
My question is, when scouting for period-accurate locations (particularly one so far dated like mine), where do I begin? I've tried some websites (LocationsHub, Airbnb, Peerspace) but have had no luck. Are there other means to find these types of locations? Should I hire a location scout, and if so how do I find one?
I'll preface that although I'd like to spend as little money as possible (as would we all), I'd be willing to put down a few thousand dollars if need be. Not sure if that's enough or not, the other projects I've done took place in modern-day so finding locations wasn't an issue.
All in all, I'm truly lost with this process so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.02.21 22:28 nonooooooooooooo Potential client wants to book off the app under the table

Hi! New to location renting I currently have my space up on giggster and peerspace. Someone messaged me on giggster to rent from me for a photoshoot but wants to go off app and has been texting me off app… what do you say to someone who asks to rent off the app/sites? this guy seems like he knows more about the industry than me… I’m assuming this happens frequently but not super jazzed about it for obvious reasons (ie insurance stuff?) what do you do in this situation? And are there ways to book off the app safely? Thanks!
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2023.02.15 14:34 WXLV New Studio for Independent Musicians in Newark NJ

Check out our new studio over in Newark with competitive rates & everything you need to produce, mix & record your next project. We offer bulk hours & spots for monthly rentals!
Book your session with us through the link below & follow us on instagram @ Standardsound_Sxs
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2023.02.02 16:46 Key-Breakfast3382 Looking at a venue today 😯

We are using peerspace to find a wedding venue that fits our budget. I was wondering if anyone here has more experience and has any advice with things to look out fo questions to ask. I'm currently searching Google and feeling nervous
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2023.01.31 00:13 part-time-hand-model Equity Trade for Photo Studio Manager

Hi ! I am a photographer in Los Angeles and I have a photo studio in DTLA that I also rent out as a business - I am traveling over the next few months and looking for someone trustworthy to help run the studio for rentals, drive more rentals into the studio via online marketing etc. The perfect person would be a younger photographer looking for a space to be creative/someone who knows a thing or two about online marketing. Your responsibilities would be to manage the peerspace and gigster bookings ( The studio is self sufficient you just need to be available to tell the people how to get into the space) and to drive traffic to the studio to get more bookings.
@ twigstudios_LA

If you are interested, feel free to DM the twig instagram or message me here !

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2023.01.24 21:34 612Rapper Are there rentable concert venues for holding between 100-200 guests?

Alright, I’m pretty desperate for answers so what’s up Reddit.
I’m a musician who likes doing shows. I’m looking to do one this Spring (March-May). With covid fully being ignored at this point, it’s really hard finding venues that aren’t already filled. And if they are still open, it’s for good reason because they charge like $10,000+ for a 150-capacity venue
I can comfortably work within a budget of $2,000. Could go up but after $2,500 is starting to get more difficult (still in college)
The venue should have the concert essentials: lighting, a bar, a doorman, a stage, and standing room. If any of those are lacking, I could still consider renting/investing in what’s missing myself
So far I’ve tried: The Middle East, The Jungle, The Red Room Cafe 939, Garage B,,
Not only am I aching to perform, I see potential of a really good connect to learn from. I met a very talented local artist who’s worked with some known industry names and they want to join the setlist. As someone who’s just a college musician, I’m really hoping to make this happen
Even if you had recommendations on where to look, that’d be incredible for me. I can’t lie, I’m pretty much taking my shot at anything at this point
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2023.01.22 18:47 jogeba can i do this in after effects?
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2023.01.18 23:52 Gilbscity Weeknight Private Events // Events Platforms (Peerspace, EventUp, Etc.?)

First post here... I have a medium sized bar in lower Manhattan and am really trying to make a push to do more private events business this year. I'm curious, does anyone on here have any advice on what has worked for getting events bookings on weeknights (mon - weds)?

Also, has anyone tried or had success with the event booking platforms like Peerspace, EventUp, Etc.?
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2023.01.12 05:17 mcmlxxcvii How much should I charge a porn star for a photo shoot?

I was recently contacted by a famous porn star if I can take photos for her. She told me she loves my portfolio and would love to be able to work with me. She said she'll pay and has no budget and price isn't too big of a deal for her. I'm wondering how much should I charge her? She's in LA and taking into consideration the cost of plane tickets and the photo studio that I'm going to rent from Peerspace; what's a good rate?
I don't want to have the rate be so low, that I don't make a profit. I was thinking of $800 for 2 hours with 15 edited photos. Maybe, even $1,200 for 2 hours with 20 edited photos. I'm also wondering if I should get a contract, just in case.
I should also add that she offered her apartment for me to stay in, so I don't have to stay in a hotel
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2023.01.03 03:28 PsychologicalAd824 Peerspace/Giggster and taxes

Does anyone have experience with a great California CPA (preferably Los Angeles area) who can help with write-offs on our growing rental business? We went ahead and made an LLC in 2022 but would love a financial guru familiar with short term rentals like this. We started this business on a whim with our new house (fixer upper) and it really took off (yay! But also scary and we may be in over our heads!)
Thanks in advance!
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2023.01.02 01:36 jersace Lighting Advice

I'm getting back into shooting after dabbling it it long long ago, and was hoping to get some advice on some all-around lights
I have a music video shoot planned in an industrial space that has minimal overhead lighting, but I'd love to get a set that's flexible for other shoots.
I'm shooting FS7 and A6300 w/ Sony 18-105 f/4 and Sony 16-50 f/3.5 respectively, and know neither handle low light that well
Here's what I'm looking at: Either the 2 or 3 pack
and As secondary lights, also 2 or 3 pack
For just starting out, any thoughts on these? On a smaller budget, so looking for good value
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